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Oracle Posts GAAP EPS of 52 Cents; Q3 Revenue of $9.0 B
Q3 Non-GAAP EPS up 5% to 65 Cents
Despite a 1% decline in fiscal 2013 Q3 total revenues, Oracle posted GAAP EPS of $.52 and non-GAAP EPS of $.65. New software licenses and cloud software subscription revenues were down 2% to $2.3 billion while software license updates and product support revenues were up 7% to $4.3 billion. Hardware systems product revenues were $671 million. GAAP operating income was up 1% to $3.3 billion, and GAAP operating margin was 37%. Non-GAAP operating income was down 1% to $4.2 billion, and non-GAAP operating margin was 47%. GAAP net income was unchanged at $2.5 billion, while non-GAAP net income was down 1% to $3.1 billion.
Social Media Gathers Momentum; Connects with Enterprise Bottom Line
Gartner Estimates CMO Spending on Technology will Top CIO Spending by 2017
Can you recall when the industry thought social media was a mere fad? Those days are long gone, blogs Mike Stiles in a post that asserts social media are now the principal driving force. "There’s strength in numbers, and customers have connected with each other," Stiles writes. "They’ve kicked 'word-of-mouth' into hyperdrive, with all the potential pluses and minuses that brings. Millions of conversations, many about you, happen every minute, in real time across multiple social networks. eMarketer says social is the #1 activity online. 63% of smartphone users are social networkers." Gartner predicts CMO spending on technology will exceed CIO spending by 2017.
New Releases of Oracle Virtual Desktop Infrastructure and Sun Ray Software
Feature Integration with Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c
The latest releases of Oracle Virtual Desktop Infrastructure and Sun Ray Software include integration with Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c, providing the industry’s first complete, single vendor desktop virtualization solution that spans hardware, software, and enterprise-class management. The new features in Oracle Virtual Desktop Infrastructure enable easy scaling of production installations from a single server up to a complete enterprise deployment by simply adding more servers as needed. Oracle Virtual Desktop Infrastructure now supports Windows 8 and Ubuntu 12.04 based virtual desktops. In addition, the new releases of Oracle Virtual Desktop Infrastructure and Sun Ray Software now support Oracle Linux 6 and Oracle Solaris 11.
IT - Storage
A Cloud Storage Strategy for the SMB
Storage Switzerland, March 20th, 2013
"Many large enterprises have a well defined strategy for how they are going to leverage the cloud to enhance their storage infrastructure. However, smaller organizations are either ignoring the cloud, or leveraging it in an ad-hoc fashion. Developing a cloud strategy is potentially more important for small to medium sized business (SMB) environments as these organizations have smaller data centers and often operate from no more than a server closet in one location. As such, these types of organizations potentially have the most to gain from a more formal cloud strategy..."
A Removable Disk Archive Strategy
Storage Switzerland, March 18th, 2013
"As data volumes continue to grow exponentially an increasing number of organizations are seeing the need to develop better storage optimization and archiving strategies where less active primary data is stored on less expensive media. The stated goal for many of these projects is to reduce storage costs and prolong the life of the current primary storage platform without impacting the users’ productivity or data integrity.

Tape certainly has long-term cost benefits for data archival; however, the need for faster accessibility to all data – no matter how old the information - is forcing new IT system designs. Latency in the recall or recovery process can make tape less appealing than a disk-based technology, as an archival solution..."

Deleting Data Is the Critical Step You're Likely Doing Wrong
InfoWorld, March 18th, 2013
"A key facet of the enterprise data explosion is the enormous disparity between the effort we expend on generating data compared to managing it. That isn't terribly surprising. In most business contexts, the generation of data goes hand in hand with the generation of revenue. The one element those endless piles of invoices, part drawings, production records, marketing proofs, and product photos have in common is that they were all created to chase after revenue..."
    IT - Technology
    10 Space Technologies That Help On Earth
    Information Week, March 19th, 2013
    "NASA nurtured many innovations, from a portable communications system to an ultrasound machine for telemedicine, that have made the leap from space to Earth...

    • Remote Ultrasound
    • Inflatable Satellite Communication System
    • Ultrasound Diagnostics
    • Forest Fire Monitor
    • Flexible Aerogel
    • Earth-Imaging Technology
    • Adult Stem Cell Research
    • Digital Fly-by-Wire
    • UVA-Filtering Lenses
    • Aerodynamic Design
    • Micro Algae Supplements

    Read on for details.

      Debunking 10 IT Usability Misconceptions
      HealthData Management, March 18th, 2013
      "The usability of health and other information technology systems has long been a challenge... As a first step in that process, Staggers and Chapman at HIMSS13 presented a list of the top 10 usability myths:

      • Clinicians are uncomfortable with technology
      • Health care workers want all their information on one screen
      • The system with the most features will win a purchase decision
      • If users like a feature or a function on their desktop devices, they’re going to love it on their mobile devices
      • If clinicians are allowed to customize their screens, they’ll be happy with their systems
      • Usability is subjective
      • Usability is only about a pretty face
      • Usability stifles innovation
      • Usability is the sole responsibility of the vendor
      • Meaningful Use Stage 2 is a year away

      Read on for details...

      How 7 Strange Tech Terms Got Their Names
      CIO, March 18th, 2013
      "Tech terms can be funny things. Think about it: What does "Bluetooth" actually mean? Why do we call a piece of code that tracks us a "cookie"? And what for the love of GOOG is a "wiki"?

      So where did some of the strangest sounding tech terms come from, and how did they get their unusual names? ...

      • Bluetooth
      • Wi-Fi
      • Troll
      • Ping
      • Spam
      • Cookie

      Read on for details.

        The Latest Fashion - Wearable Computers
        IT Business Edge, March 18th, 2013
        "One of the next big things, wearable computers, actually has been with us for quite some time. It is only with the coming of Google Glass and the rumored wearable glasses from Apple that this slow revolution has achieved a high profile.

        ABI Research predicted that wearable computers will 'explode in popularity' during the next five years, and the expectation is that 485 million devices will be sold annually by 2018..."

        • Google Glass
        • Pebble watch
        • Sony SmartWatch
        • Neptune Pine
        • Gesture Control Armband
        • MOTOACTV
        • e-textiles
        • Computer garments
        • Oculus Rift

        Read on for details.

        Oracle Releases Oracle Learn Cloud 13A
        The Perfect Tool for Managing Multinational Enterprise Training Needs
        Oracle Learn Cloud 13A, the latest version of the learning management system (LMS), is a comprehensive solution for delivering, tracking, managing and reporting on all types of formal and informal workforce training. Using a single platform to access online, virtual and on-the-job training, organizations can design tailored user experiences through highly configurable learning portals with a unique user interface to manage learning globally. Oracle Learn Cloud 13A features an expanded global reach with additional time zones, languages and date format preferences, along with usability updates to help increase adoption and convenience.
        Oracle Solaris Cluster 3.3 3/13 Upgrade Integrates with Oracle Solaris at Kernel Level
        Offers Faster, More Accurate Failure Detection and Mitigation
        Oracle has just released Oracle Solaris Cluster 3.3 3/13, an update specifically designed for use with Oracle Solaris 10, Larry Wake posts. The update features an expanded disaster recovery solution with ZFS Storage Appliance replication; new agents for Oracle Web Tier for Oracle Fusion, PeopleSoft Job Scheduler, and SAP NetWeaver; multi-cluster dependency management for Oracle Database 11g through Oracle External Proxy; automated set up and configuration for application agents through configuration wizards for PeopleSoft and WebLogic Server; faster deployment of virtualized HA configurations via the zone cluster configuration wizard; and faster failure detection and failfast for storage devices.
        MySQL Connect 2013 Call for Papers
        Call Ends April 12; Event Takes Place September 21-23 in San Francisco
        Organizers of MySQL Connect 2013 have issued a call for papers, which extends until April 12, 2013. The event, September 21-23 in San Francisco, will include five tracks: Performance and Scalability, High Availability & Replication, Cloud & Big Data, Database Administration & DevOps, Architecture and Application Development. In his announcement of the call for papers, Bertrand Matthelié invites members of the MySQL Community to avail themselves of this opportunity to address not only long time MySQL users and highly experienced professionals but also newer and eager MySQL customers traditionally attending Oracle OpenWorld. Don’t miss this opportunity and submit your sessions today.
        IT - Cloud
        8 Great Cloud Storage Services
        Information Week, March 20th, 2013
        "If you need personal or enterprise cloud file storage -- or more of it -- it's not just a Dropbox world anymore. Use our guide to choose wisely...

        • Microsoft SkyDrive: Remote Office App Action
        • Egnyte: Enterprise Emphasis
        • JustCloud: A Lot Of Bang For Your Bucks
        • Carbonite: A Storage And Backup Marriage
        • YouSendIt: Beyond File Transfers
        • Google Drive: Gmail Integration
        • SpiderOak: Security At The Next Notch
        • SugarSync: Affordable, Sync-Centric, With Offline Features

        Read on for details.

        CIA's $600M Amazon Award Heralded As Game-Changer
        Washington Technology, March 19th, 2013
        "Did the CIA give Amazon Web Services a $600M cloud contract?

        That's been the question around the office for the last couple weeks, and apparently it is true.

        FCW's Frank Konkel broke the story last night, after doggedly chasing it and running into no comments left and right from official CIA and Amazon sources..."

        Worried your cloud service will die? Get open source insurance
        InfoWorld March 22nd, 2013
        "By killing Reader, Google may have done us a favor, focusing attention on the power of open standards and open source in protecting us against the whims of service providers...

        A collective moan arose from users following Google's inexplicable announcement that it plans to shutter its popular and widely used Google Reader service in July. No suprise that when Google launched another service, a note-taking add-on to Google Drive called Keep, many were skeptical about using it..."

        10 Must-Have Apps for Cloud Storage
        CRN, March 19th, 2013
        "With so many cloud storage services to choose from -- all claiming that they keep data secure -- deciding which one is most deserving of our businesses often comes down to the access client and its integration with existing workflow. The CRN Test Center has looked at dozens of cloud-based storage solutions. As part of Storage Week 2013, here are 10 of our favorites..."

        • Bitcasa Infinite Drive
        • Cubby
        • SugarSync Manager
        • DropBox
        • Google Drive
        • Carbonite
        • SpiderOak
        • JustCloud
        • SkyDrive

        Read on for details.

        CIOs Consider Skipping Private Cloud
        Information Week, March 18th, 2013
        "Is cloud just a way to outsource low-risk, low-return business processes to save money, or a potentially revolutionary new way of working?

        That's the kind of question one might expect of a hard-core cloud convert or cloud services provider. But according to Mark Tonsetic, practice manager in the IT practice at CEB, a member-based global advisory organization, it's a question that blue chip CIOs are beginning to ask..."

          Cloud Services Can Save You Money - If You're Careful
          ComputerWorld, March 18th, 2013
          "The key to earning a positive return on investment when adopting cloud services -- including software-as-a-service and infrastructure-as-a-service -- is carefully studying costs and benefits to ensure that such a shift will pay off.

          Sounds like many of the other IT projects you've shepherded, right? But it turns out it's incredibly complex to determine whether a move to the cloud will pay off for a given application. When done in haste, that analysis can lead companies to adopt the cloud for the wrong reasons, leaving them with higher costs or an inferior product when compared to an on-premises installation..."

          Four Ways to Solve Cloud Integration, for Better or Worse
          IT Business Edge, March 18th, 2013
          "Integration continues to be a major challenge for both cloud adopters and cloud vendors. A recent KPMG survey found that of approximately 350 executives, nearly a third found cloud to be harder and more expensive than they anticipated, in large part because of integration problems.

          There are four basic options for solving cloud integration. Keep in mind that your cloud service provider may offer these options for free or as an add-on, but your organization can also handle the integration separately with a third-party provider or by building it yourself..."

            How Should We Measure Clouds?
            Information Week, March 20th, 2013
            "There isn't a simple answer to the above question.

            First of all, cloud computing is hidden behind a fog of abstraction. Whereas IT organizations could once instrument every element of an application, today's applications are like Descartes' brain in a jar -- we're never quite sure if they're real or virtual..."

            The Best (and Worst) Countries for Cloud Computing
            CIO, March 7th, 2013
            "With its promise of remote storage and delivery of services and applications, cloud computing by its nature is a technological framework without borders.

            But unlike the virtual realm, the world that appears on a map poses a long list of challenges both to the adoption of cloud computing and the extent to which service providers are willing or able to take their operations global and open up data centers or other operations in new and emerging markets.

            In an effort to make sense of that patchwork, the software trade group BSA today is releasing its second annual global cloud-computing scorecard, an evaluation of 24 countries' laws and regulations on a host of issues that bear on a company's decision to open shop in a new market..."

            IT - CxO
            IT Getting Tough on March Madness Activity
            CIO Insight, March 18th, 2013
            "While it's fun, the upcoming March Madness college hoops tournament clearly can disrupt your IT operations. In fact, four of ten IT pros say the resulting streaming downloads and other content demand will impact network traffic, according to previously reported research from Modis. Of those affected, 37 percent report their networks have slowed down, while 34 percent report the activity has essentially shut down their networks for a period of time..."
              7 Paths to Spotting and Spurring Hidden IT Talent
              InfoWorld, March 18th, 2013
              "Everyone knows the secret to business success is to hire great talent. But some of the most talented employees around might already be working for you -- and you may not even know it.

              'Not enough time is spent identifying talent within companies, let alone grooming them for senior-level positions,' says Iman Jalali, president of TrainSignal, an online IT training platform. 'Looking inside doesn't just build morale, but is good for business, too. Sometimes you'll identify individuals that are emerging talent that need to be coached, trained, and groomed for future senior positions.' ..."

              • Host hackathons
              • Create showcase projects
              • Resurrect the suggestion box
              • Chew the tech fat
              • Do the employee shuffle
              • Bring out your rock stars
              • Push your best employees out of the nest

              Read on for details.

              CEOs Worry about the Economy and Fickle Customers
              Baseline, March 19th, 2013
              "If it seems as if your CEO is wearing that furrowed-brow look more than ever, you're not mistaken. Those worry wrinkles stem from an overall lack of confidence in the global economy and substantial concerns about government regulation, market shifts and rapidly changing customer preferences, according to a recent survey from PwC. The resulting report, 'Dealing with Disruption: Adapting to Survive and Thrive,' doesn't paint an entirely pessimistic picture. Overall, long-range growth prospects are actually encouraging..."
                CIO Employment Contract Negotiations
                CIO, March 15th, 2013
                "Here's a fairly common phenomenon:

                During their interviews, CIO candidates talk about vision and growth and innovation and strategy, and everyone is happy and excited. One lucky CIO is awarded the job and then, soon after he starts, he informs the executive committee that he has done an in-depth assessment, and has discovered that the infrastructure is in rough shape and in need of some major improvements. Everyone is annoyed, frustrated, and nervous about the big-ticket investment required for the turnaround, and the CIO has already failed at expectations management..."

                Ten Tips for Recruiting IT Talent
                CIO Insight, March 7th, 2013
                "The IT industry, like so many others, was hit hard by the economic downturn commonly known as the Great Recession. People across the globe were laid off or watched as their companies crumbled. It was unfortunate and took years to start to turn around.

                Now, though, things are looking up. The IT industry is hiring more and CIOs are finding that they have the budgets to add staff. It's a good thing for IT professionals and an even better thing for companies that want to extend the overall success of their operations. As CIOs know all too well, IT is central to the average company's prospects for success..."

                  Does Your Security Data Mesh With Risk Metrics?
                  Dark Reading, March 19th, 2013
                  "With so much data streaming real-time from network logs, vulnerability managers, infrastructure monitoring tools, and security appliances across the enterprise, sometimes one of the most difficult first steps IT risk managers must make in developing a security metrics program is indexing that data into a set of consistent risk scoring that makes sense in the board room..."
                  Death of an IT Salesman
                  GIGAOM, March 18th, 2013
                  "In the traditional enterprise IT sales scenario, big companies cough up six or seven figures for new software licenses, server and/or networking gear every year and then spend the next nine months deploying that stuff. Or maybe not deploying it — the amount of “shelfware” at big accounts is probably mind boggling.

                  But companies go through the motions because a: that’s what they've always done and b: they want to stay legal. That model may not be dead yet, but its days are numbered, at least according to some observers..."

                    The Art of Being a Great IT Leader
                    CIO Insight, March 20th, 2013
                    "In my last two CIO Insight articles, I first called out to all IT professionals to become IT leaders and next described the four roles of the new IT leader. But what does that word—leader—really mean? Leadership may be both the most written about and most discussed term in the modern business lexicon—and yet the most widely misunderstood..."
                    IT - DR
                    Business continuity benefits growth too
                    Supply Mangement, March 20th, 2013
                    "Companies have been urged to implement business continuity strategies to strengthen their ability to respond to opportunities as well as deal with threats.

                    The British Standards Institution (BSI) says there is 'huge potential' for organisations to benefit from business continuity management (BCM) – a risk mitigation tool to ensure the continued operation of a business if faced with unexpected events and adversity..."

                    IT - PM
                    13 Tips for Keeping IT Projects under Control
                    CIO, March 18th, 2013
                    "Scope creep. Team members who don't understand what's expected of them. Poor inter-departmental communication. These are just some of the problems project managers constantly face.

                    So how do you keep projects under control? asked dozens of project managers and project management experts to find out. Here are their top 13 suggestions for dealing with the challenges all project managers face at one time or another--and for keeping projects in check...

                    • Appoint the right project manager for the job.
                    • Support the project manager with the right team
                    • Understand the strengths and weaknesses of your project team.
                    • Scope out the project then strip it down.
                    • Prioritize tasks and come up with guidelines for when priorities conflict.
                    • Actively monitor projects, as well as your team.
                    • Use project management software.
                    • Hold weekly meetings.
                    • Manage change
                    • Take a hard line against scope creep
                    • Create milestones for every member of the team--and celebrate them when met.
                    • Consider using agile methodology.
                    • Track time

                    Read on for details.

                    Ten Uncommon Habits towards Successful Project Management
                    Information Week, March 18th, 2013
                    "The success and failure of a project is not just project management but things outside its preview as well, articulates DD Mishra, Former Head - IT, Governance & Outsourcing at Vodafone..

                    Here are ten uncommon habits that I have tried to articulate from my experience:

                    • Diversity
                    • Stakeholders & Sponsor
                    • Change Management
                    • Networking
                    • Innovation
                    • Negotiations
                    • Center of Gravity (COG)
                    • Appreciate Threats
                    • Not everything is Black and White
                    • Useful Weakness

                    Read on for details.

                    Webcast Announcing New SPARC Servers with the WorldÂs Fastest Microprocessor
                    Larry Ellison and John Fowler in Live Webcast, March 26
                    Larry Ellison and Oracle EVP, Systems, John Fowler are featured in a live Webcast scheduled for Tuesday, March 26, 1:00 p.m. - 2:30 p.m. PT, for a discussion of the breakthrough speed and power of Oracle SPARC, which can transform enterprise computing by igniting innovation and driving results. Log-in and registration are required for this Webcast.
                    IT - Networks
                    When Moving to IPv6, Beware the Risks
                    GCN, March 20th, 2013
                    "Opening up networks and systems to the next generation of Internet Protocols entails some risk, which agencies should be aware of and prepared to mitigate as they comply with Office of Management and Budget Mandates to enable IPv6...

                    The U.S. government is leading the transition to IPv6 and use of the new protocols is growing; one observer predicts IPv4 will be obsolete by the end of the decade. Read more.

                    The National Institute of Standards and Technology identifies the likely risks and remedies in its Special Publication 800-119, 'Guidelines for Secure Deployment of IPv6.'..."

                    Five Ways to Better Hunt the Zebras in Your Network
                    Dark Reading, March 8th, 2013
                    "For the cybercriminal lions out on the Internet, your company is full of zebras. Defenders should not just protect the herd, but pay attention to those who stray, experts argue.. At the recent RSA Conference in San Francisco, Chris Larsen, a malware researcher at Web security firm Blue Coat Systems, talked about zebras -- not the kind that roam the African savannah, but the kind that sit at computers behind the corporate firewall..."
                    How (and Why) To Set Up A VPN Today
                    PCWorld, March 18th, 2013
                    "Marissa Mayer made Yahoo's VPN famous by using it to check on the work habits of her employees. Lost amid today's VPN conversation, however, is the fact that virtual private networks are much more than just pipelines for connecting remote employees to central work servers.

                    And that's a damn shame, because VPNs can be helpful tools for protecting online privacy, and you need not be an office drone to enjoy their benefits..."

                    Improved Networking Could Save Dollars
                    DefenseSystems, March 13th, 2013
                    "The Army is looking at restructuring its information and communications networks so that they might drive efficiencies in a time of shrinking budgets, Army CIO Lt. Gen. Susan Lawrence said at AFCEA NOVA’s Army IT Day March 13.

                    But as the service puts more emphasis on its networks, it is running into capacity issues as demand outstrips capacity. 'We are peaking out,' Lawrence said..."

                    Will IPv4 Be Obsolete Sooner Than Expected?
                    GCN, March 19th, 2013
                    "The U.S. government is leading the transition to IPv6 in the Western Hemisphere, and use of the new generation of Internet Protocols has increased sharply in the last year. And although the volume of IPv6 traffic remains small, one observer predicts that the current IPv4 protocols will become obsolete earlier than expected..."
                    IT - Operations
                    Next Steps In Data Center Security
                    Information Week, March 18th, 2013
                    "When IT security is a focal point of the State of the Union address, as it was in President Obama's February speech, government IT pros had better take notice. Foreign adversaries are "seeking the ability to sabotage our power grid, our financial institutions and our air traffic control systems," the president warned. "We cannot look back years from now and wonder why we did nothing in the face of real threats to our security and our economy."
                    The World's Most Efficient Data Center
                    Datacenter Knowledge, March 21st, 2013
                    "After you've built one of the most efficient data centers on earth, how do you make it even better? One refinement at a time, as Microsoft has found in its data center in Dublin, the primary European hub that powers the company's online services throughout the region.

                    When the $500 million Dublin facility came online in 2009, it was an early example of a data center operating with no chillers, relying almost totally upon fresh air to cool thousands of servers in the 550.000 square foot facility, which powers the company's suite of online services for tens of millions of users in Europe, the Middle East and Africa..."

                    IT - Security
                    Shifting from Compliance-Based IT Security to a Risk-Based Model
                    Security InfoWatch, March 18th, 2013
                    "In the ever evolving threat landscape that is IT security, some security executives have become so focused on taking an approach that meets compliance requirements that their attention has become diverted away from some of the actual risks facing their respective organizations. Obviously complying with rules and regulations set forth is important, but some organizations are making it the primary guiding principle of their security program..."
                    9 Classic Hacking, Phishing and Social Engineering Lies
                    InfoWorld, March 21st, 2013
                    "In 9 dirty tricks: Social engineer's favorite pick up lines, Chris Nickerson, founder of Lares, a Colorado-based security consultancy, explains why this old social-engineering trick is often still successful. He should know, he uses it frequently as a pen tester.

                    Scammers often take advantage of a timely event, like a high-profile piece of malware that is infecting many computers. The average, non-computer savvy employee gets nervous with the technicality of what the "IT person" on the phone is telling them...

                    • This is Bob from IT. Your computer is infected.
                    • I’m trapped in London! Help!
                    • Can you hold the door for me?
                    • Have you seen this blog about you?
                    • Your account has been closed
                    • Donate to the hurricane recovery efforts
                    • I’m late and in a hurry! Please just let me in!
                    • Get a free Starbucks gift certificate!
                    • #popefrancis

                    Read on for details.

                    DoD Security Panel Calls for New Cyber-Defense, Offense
                    Search Security, March 14th, 2013
                    "Amid budget cuts and growing cyber-tensions with China, a Pentagon advisory panel has recommended beefing up U.S. cyber-defenses while creating a new offensive cyberwarfare capability.

                    "The adversary is in our networks," warned the unclassified version of a Defense Science Board (DSB) report, Resilient Military Systems and the Advanced Cyber Threat.

                    The 18-month study warned that the U.S. IT infrastructure is ill-equipped to handle cyberattacks launched by "full spectrum" adversaries using cyber-capabilities, along with military and intelligence assets...."

                    Honeypot for Phony Waterworks Gets Hammered On Internet
                    NetworkWorld, March 15th, 2013
                    "An experiment in which a Trend Micro researcher set up two instances of an Internet-based simulation of an industrial-control system (ICS) for a nonexistent water-pump facility in rural Missouri found the simulated system was targeted 17 times over about four months in ways that would have been catastrophic if it had been a real waterworks operation..."
                      Ignore Cloud Security Assessment at Your Own Risk
                      CIO, March 13th, 2013
                      "Companies that deploy software-as-a-service often don't know everything about the security provisions their SaaS providers and partners have in place. Experts say it's because they don't know what to ask, they don't know what to test and they no longer know what's standard for a cloud service provider contract..."
                      Security Appliances Are Riddled With Serious Vulnerabilities, Researcher Says
                      PCWorld, March 18th, 2013
                      "The majority of email and Web gateways, firewalls, remote access servers, UTM (united threat management) systems and other security appliances have serious vulnerabilities, according to a security researcher who analyzed products from multiple vendors.

                      Most security appliances are poorly maintained Linux systems with insecure Web applications installed on them, according to Ben Williams, a penetration tester at NCC Group, who presented his findings Thursday at the Black Hat Europe 2013 security conference in Amsterdam. His talk was entitled, 'Ironic Exploitation of Security Products'..."

                      South Korea Cyberattacks Hold Lessons for U.S.
                      ComputerWorld, March 18th, 2013
                      "Companies and government agencies can learn from the large-scale disruptions that have simultaneously hit several banks and media outlets in South Korea in the last 24 hours.

                      Early analyses by security firms suggest that the attacks were carried out using previously known vulnerabilities and exploits..."

                      IT - Careers
                      5 Tips for Ensuring Your Blog Doesnt Get You into Legal Trouble
            , March 13th, 2013
                      "More and more small companies are using blogging to promote their business. In fact, in 2012, 'small business' was one of the fastest growing categories in Technorati, a global blog search engine, with 20 percent growth that year alone (source: Small Business Blogging Proved Effective for the Year 2012 by Rahul Manekari).

                      Why? Blogs are a great tool for connecting with your customers and sharing your expertise. They also improve your company's search engine rankings. Search engines love fresh, relevant and local content—and blogs deliver on this need.

                      • Don’t Get Slammed for Copyright Infringement
                      • Don’t Bash the Competition
                      • Be Careful When Mentioning Customers by Name
                      • Be Truthful About Any Claims You Make About Your Business
                      • Understand Third Party Blog Terms of Service

                      Read on for details.

                        Top 10 Most Always-On IT Jobs
                        CRN, March 15th, 2013
                        "In the 'Most Always-On IT Jobs' survey conducted by Emerson Network Power, a Columbus, Ohio-based division of Emerson Electric Co., of nearly 800 IT professionals from the U.S., Latin America, Europe and Asia, Emerson's Business-Critical Continuity experts found that on average, IT professionals are required to be available between 119 and 168 hours per week..."

                        • Database Management
                        • Application/Software Development
                        • IT Security
                        • Engineering
                        • Data Center Manager
                        • IT Operations
                        • IT Manager/Director
                        • CIO
                        • IT Procurement
                        • Executive Director/Administrator

                        Read on for details.

                        IT Age Discrimination: You're Not the Dinosaur
                        Information Week, March 12th, 2013
                        "In response to my last column, in which I suggested there's a big difference between employer age discrimination and employees' failure to keep their skills current, I heard from quite a few readers who insisted I was missing the point. Their prevailing viewpoint: There's an "open secret" that big companies tailor their hiring and layoff practices to replace senior IT staffers with less expensive ones, irrespective of the talent they're losing..."
                          IT - Virtualization
                          Cost Effectively Increasing VM Density
                          Storage Switzerland, March 21th, 2013
                          "The initial return on investment (ROI) of server virtualization projects has been impressive. Ten-fold (or greater) reductions in physical servers have been common and led to significant cost savings for data centers of all sizes. In reality however, this has only scratched the surface of the savings potential for virtualization, there is more ROI to uncover. The cost of designing a storage infrastructure to respond to the random I/O of an increasingly consolidated architecture remains a key limitation..."
                          IT - Compliance
                          An Auditor's Thoughts on Access Control
                          Dark Reading, March 18th, 2013
                          "Regardless of whether it's for PCI, HIPAA, SOX, or GLBA, chances are high that if an auditor's bound for your organization, your access control is about to go under the microscope. With so many compliance-driven mandates around separation of duties and user monitoring dependent on strong access control regimes, it's no wonder that this is one of the key areas that auditors will focus their efforts...

                          • Multidimensional Authorization And Authentication
                          • Role-Based Access Control
                          • Privileged User Protections
                          • Filtering And Parsing User Activity

                          Read on for details.

                          Genesco Lawsuit Could Shake PCI Compliance Regime to Its Core
                          Dark Reading, March 21th, 2013
                          "As the security industry digests the news that for the first time a merchant is taking a major card brand and its payment processor to court over PCI noncompliance fines, speculation has started to fly about the long-range impact the case could have on the PCI compliance ecosystem. On its face, the $13 million complaint from Tennessee-based retailer Genesco against Visa seems like pretty standard business litigation. But according to some, the suit has the potential to disrupt PCI's influence in the merchant community..."
                          IT - Email
                          10 Web Threats That Could Harm Your Business
                          Dark Reading, March 1tth, 2013
                          "SQL injections accounted for about 7% of Web attacks in 2011 and looked to be petering out, according to security services vendor Trustwave. Then last year those exploits jumped to 26% of Web attacks, hitting companies that could have easily protected themselves.

                          The Trustwave data proves what hackers have known for years: Even though application vulnerabilities are well known and can be fixed or blocked, many companies don't implement secure coding practices and regularly test their applications to find them...

                          • Bigger, Subtler DDoS Attacks
                          • Old Browsers, Vulnerable Plug-Ins
                          • Good Sites Hosting Bad Content
                          • Mobile Apps And The Unsecured Web
                          • Failing To Clean Up Bad Input
                          • The Hazards Of Certificates
                          • The Cross-Site Scripting Problem
                          • The Insecure 'Internet Of Things'
                          • Getting In The Front Door
                          • New Technology, Same Problems

                          Read on for details.

                          Email Addiction: Why the Enterprise Can't Break Free
                          ComputerWeekly, March 19th, 2013
                          "Atos CEO Thierry Breton caught a lot of flak last year when he announced he wanted his employees to give up email, but he may have been on to something.

                          Kids these days don't use email -- digital market research company comScore found that use of Web-based email dropped 31% among 12- to 17-year-olds and 34% among 18- to 24-year-olds in the period between December 2010 and December 2011.

                          And consumers are off email as well..."

                            IT - Database
                            No, not every database was created equal. Here's how they stand out
                            Information Management, March 18th, 2013
                            "The usability of health and other information technology systems has long been a challenge.

                            And there are a number of common misconceptions as to why the problem persists, according to Nancy Staggers, RN, a professor of Informatics at the University of Maryland’s School of Nursing, and Lorraine Chapman, Director of Use Experience Research at Macadamian Technologies, a user experience design and software development firm that does work in the health care field... a list of the top 10 usability myths..."

                            • Clinicians are uncomfortable with technology
                            • Health care workers want all their information on one screen
                            • The system with the most features will win a purchase decision
                            • If users like a feature or a function on their desktop devices, they’re going to love it on their mobile devices
                            • If clinicians are allowed to customize their screens, they’ll be happy with their systems
                            • Usability is subjective
                            • Usability is only about a pretty face
                            • Usability stifles innovation
                            • Usability is the sole responsibility of the vendor
                            • Meaningful Use Stage 2 is a year away – we have time to develop new systems

                            Read on for details

                            IT - Backup
                            What Cloud? U.K. University Tries Tape For Backup
                            Information Week, March 18th, 2013
                            "Harvey Ditchfield and his boss, Graeme Cappi, spent years hemming and hawing about whether they should buy an archive for all that data growing bigger and bigger in the corner. Finally, they gave in -- and say it was one of the best decisions they've ever made..."
                              Cloud Backup: MSPs Must Demand Choice - Amazon, Google & More
                              MSPmentor, March 21st, 2013
                              "When it comes to backup and disaster recovery (BDR) services, many MSPs are locking their customer data in proprietary clouds managed by small vendors. But what happens if that small vendor changes its channel strategy? Or worse yet: What if the small proprietary cloud provider goes out of business? The wiser path, I believe, allows MSPs to link their backup and recovery services to proven public clouds like Amazon Web Services, Google Storage, Rackspace, Windows Azure and more. Here's how to get started..."
                              IT - Big Data
                              Big Data Roadblocks Will Slow Driverless Cars until 2040, Analyst Says
                              Network World, March 15th, 2013
                              "The excitement over recent advancements in autonomous vehicle technology has elicited some optimistic expectations.

                              Google, whose driverless car prototype has driven more than 300,000 miles without an accident, says it hopes to get the cars on the road within three to five years. Others in the industry have been more realistic in their predictions. Bill Ford, executive chairman of Ford Motor Co., says fully autonomous vehicles will be a common sight on roads in the U.S. by 2025..."

                              Eight Big Data Mistakes and How to Avoid Them
                              Baseline, March 19th, 2013
                              "The big data market will trigger $34 billion in IT spending this year, according to a Gartner forecast. Most of that investment will pay for upgrades of traditional systems to better gather and analyze data coming from Website traffic, social networks, sensors and customer interactions. But are organizations getting the most out of their investments in big data? Apparently not..."
                              What is the Philosophy of Data Science?
                              Information Management, March 18th, 2013
                              "Ever since Melinda Thielbar helped me demystify data science on OCDQ Radio, I have been pondering my paraphrasing of an old idea: Science without philosophy is blind; philosophy without science is empty. And data needs both science and philosophy..."
                                IT - Mobile
                                Tips and Advice for Removing Data from Old Mobile Devices
                                BusinessWire, March 12th, 2013
                                "AVG Technologies N.V., the provider of Internet and mobile security to 146 million active users, today released valuable tips on how consumers can remove their personal data before they recycle or throw away their old smartphones. In an era of frequent and seamless device upgrades, it's easy to ditch an old handset and move on to the next. However, chances are the old device has personal information lingering on it, putting consumers at a greater risk of identity theft..."
                                IT - BYOD
                                6 Steps to Address BYOD: A Security Management Roadmap
                                CRN, March 18th, 2013
                                "Managed security service provider Solutionary created a BYOD timeline in its 2013 Threat Report. Failing to address BYOD is one of 5 costly security weaknesses, according to the firm's report. The firm's timeline begins with policy creation, includes user education, policy enforcement and deploying some form of mobile antivirus. A policy to force data encryption and remote wipe capabilities should also be implemented, the firm said. The SANs institute, a security research and education organization, provides mobile security policy templates for further guidance.

                                • Conduct A BYOD Assessment
                                • Conduct User Awareness Training
                                • Keep Up With Patch Management
                                • Prohibit Jailbroken Devices
                                • Restrict Corporate Network Access
                                • Remote Wipe Is Necessary

                                Read on for details.

                                Embrace BYOD and Manage the Risks
                                ComputerWeekly, March 18th, 2013
                                "Everyone wants to have the latest technology and the coolest device. Consequently, we are breaking our corporate perimeter, and we will keep doing that, bringing disruption in what once was the preserve of the business: information technology.

                                This is the era of consumerisation, with devices that are as capable and powerful as – or even more powerful than – the computers in the office..."

                                  Has BYOD Peaked?
                                  ComputerWorld, March 21st, 2013
                                  "Expect enterprises to start instituting stricter policies to make BYOD a more secure and cost-effective policy...

                                  It is now the majority of enterprises that have adopted bring-your-own-device, or BYOD, policies, at least for certain classes of workers within the overall population, according to our recent research.

                                  But BYOD is not without its challenges (including data security, device manageability, support, apps and TCO), and I expect significant adjustments to BYOD policies at many organizations..."

                                  Top Ten Articles for last few Issues
                                  Vol 181 Issues 1 and 2; Vol 180 Issues 1, 2, 3 and 4; Vol 179 Issues 4 and 5
                                  We track how frequently each article is viewed on the web site to determine which the readers consider the most important. For last week, the top 10 articles were:

                                  • SPARC/Solaris OS 9 System Runs for 3737 Consecutive Days
                                  • Oracle VM step-by-step Hands-on Labs
                                  • Best Practices for Deploying Oracle Solaris Zones with Oracle Database 11g on SPARC SuperCluster
                                  • Take a Second Look at Unix Features: vim
                                  • Configuring a Basic LDAP Server + Client in Solaris 11
                                  • JSR 352 Batch Applications for the Java Platform: Java Spotlight Episode 124
                                  • Cloud Conversations: An Anthology from OTN Architect Day
                                  • On-Demand Webcast: DataCenter Storage Trends for 2013 with IDC
                                  • Updated Java Tutorial Features Information on Java SE 8
                                  • Snap Clone: Instant, Self-serviced Database-on-demand (DBaaS)

                                  The longer version of this article has list of top ten articles for the last 8 weeks.

                                    IT - Server
                                    Killer Open Source Admin Tools
                                    IT World, March 18th, 2013
                                    "Sysadmins are a unique breed. Like many of our IT brethren, we must be jacks of all trades. Mail relays, file sharing, websites.... It's a lot to shoulder, but don't fret. Open source is here to help..."

                                    • Process Hacker
                                    • Adminer
                                    • Postfix Admin
                                    • phpSysInfo
                                    • Ntop
                                    • Expect
                                    • ISPConfig
                                    • Swiss File Knife
                                    • Artica
                                    • RackTables
                                    • Rsnapshot
                                    • ISP Control Panel
                                    • UNetbootin

                                    Read on for details.

                                    Virgin Media Takes Identity Management Underground
                                    Oracle Identity Management Gave Virgin Media the Security and Control to Provide Free Wi-Fi to Millions
                                    Learn how Virgin Media, the UK’s first combined provider of broadband, TV, mobile, and home phone services, used Oracle Identity Management, Oracle Virtual Directory, and Oracle Entitlements Server to serve more than 10,000 new users daily as the 2012 Olympics brought millions of athletes, support crews, vendors, and spectators into London. The infrastructure also supported up to 800,000 sessions every day—which peaked at 24,163 simultaneous users, to which one must add millions of tweets, Facebook posts, and more. A Webcast shows how Virgin Media leveraged successfully leveraged back-end legacy systems that were never designed to be externalized. Log-in and registration required.
                                    Security Inside Out Newsletter
                                    Includes Link to White Paper by Ontario Information and Privacy Commissioner Dr. Ann Cavoukian
                                    The current Security Inside Out Newsletter features the following articles:

                                    • Q&A: Ontario Commissioner and Leading Privacy Expert Dr. Ann Cavoukian

                                    • Virgin Media Relies on Oracle Identity Management to Secure Wi-Fi Service in the London Underground

                                    • Oracle Named a Leader in Gartner Magic Quadrant for Data Masking Technology

                                    • White Paper: Privacy and Security by Design: A Convergence of Paradigms (link to download) and announcement of a live Twitter conversation with author Commissioner Dr. Ann Cavoukian on April 4 at 10 a.m. PT/1 p.m. ET.

                                    Webcasts on Identity Management and Database Security are included as well. Interested readers can subscribe.

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