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Oracle Acquires Acme Packet, Session Border Control Technology Provider
Accelerated Deployment of All-IP Networks Is Expected
Acme Packet, the leading global provider of session border control technology, has been acquired by Oracle for approximately $1.7 billion. Acme Packet enables the delivery of next-generation voice, data and unified communications services and applications across IP networks. The combination of Oracle and Acme Packet is expected to accelerate the migration to all-IP networks by enabling secure and reliable communications from any device, across any network. With the end-to-end portfolio of technologies resulting from this acquisition, Oracle Communications and Acme Packet can help meet user demand for service anytime and anywhere using the application, device, and network of choice.
Oracle Snap Management Utility for Oracle Database
Provides Snapshot-based Copies and Clones of Oracle Database

Oracle has just released Oracle Snap Management Utility which streamlines and automates critical tasks for customers using Oracle Database with Oracle’s Sun ZFS Storage Appliance. Oracle Snap Management Utility, tightly integrated with the Sun ZFS Storage Appliance, accelerates the creation and management of snapshot-based copies and clones of Oracle databases by reducing the steps required from nine to one for snapshots and 12 to one for clones. The new utility is available as a software option for the Sun ZFS Storage Appliance. Oracle Snap Management Utility is qualified and supported on Oracle Database 10g and Oracle Database 11g and on Oracle Engineered Systems.

Mazda Consolidates IT Infrastructure for Automobile Design and Development SPARC T4 Servers
Realizes Multiple Economies, Efficiencies
Mazda Motor Corporation has consolidated its Mazda Digital Innovation (MDI) system on Oracle’s SPARC T4-4 and T4-2 servers running Oracle Solaris 10. This deployment has enabled Mazda to achieve the following improvements in its IT profile:

  • 50 percent faster PDM tool response time at peak hours, even with as many as 3,500 users initiating 1 million transactions during peak hours at the beginning and end of each day
  • 40 percent reduction in monthly operational costs
  • 75 percent lower monthly server power consumption
  • 90 percent reduction in its data center footprint. Mazda reduced its MDI system from 12 racks to one
Oracle VM Manager 3.2 Now Supports Both SPARC and x86
Enables Integrated Management of Pools from a Single Browser Application
Jeff Savit posts on the support for SPARC that comes with the GA release of Oracle VM Server 3.2. This release, Savit explains, is an important step in integrating Oracle VM Server for SPARC and for x86 by uniting them with a common management interface, enabling administrators to log into a single browser application and manage pools of both x86 and SPARC servers. Savit provides an overview of Oracle VM Manager and for Oracle VM Server for both x86 and SPARC, as well as a description of Oracle VM Manager support for SPARC and instructions on how to get started with Oracle VM 3.2 Agent.
Westpac Banking Corporation Implements Oracle-based Master Data Management Applications
Oracle Exadata Database Machine and Oracle Exalogic Elastic Cloud Are at the Heart of Deployment
Westpac Banking Corporation has selected Oracle Exadata Database Machine and Oracle Exalogic Elastic Cloud to support the ongoing deployment of Oracle-based Master Data Management (MDM) applications. This implementation enables the bank to proceed with its plan to improve system performance and availability and at the same time realize significant cost savings over the next five years. Westpac’s MDM application, which underpins all of its retail banking transactions across its multi-brand organization, is based on Oracle’s Siebel Universal Customer Master (UCM) solution, whose comprehensive functionality provides Westpac with the capability to aggregate and manage customer data over the full customer lifecycle.
Exadata Operational Management: Whitepaper Series
A 'Must' for those Managing Exadata Environments

Oracle has made available a series of whitepapers on Exadata Operational Management, whitepapers that Javier Puerta, whose post announces the series, calls " ... a must for anyone involved in managing Exadata environments." The whitepapers are available for download for Manageability Community members (registration and login are required), and they cover the following topics:

  • Living with Exadata: Executive Summary
  • Managing Exadata Part 1: Operational Management Benefits, Jan. 2013
  • Managing Exadata Part 2: Administration Tasks and Tools, Jan. 2013
  • Operational Impact of Deploying an Oracle Engineered System: Exadata, Oct. 2012
New Collection of ExaLogic Reference Material
Join Oacle Partner Community for Web Logic
There is a ton of new reference material at the Exalogic Partner Demo Centers, Juergen Kress posts. Membership and registration are required for access, but membership entitles users to whitepapers, videos, Webcasts, and a variety of Exalogic OVM templates for Oracle applications. For information on membership, log in at the Oracle EMEA Partner Community for Web Logic (WLS).
IT - Storage
Preparing Storage for Increased VM Density
Storage-Switzerland February 4, 2013
"An expensive part of the virtual infrastructure is the physical servers that act as hosts to virtual servers or desktops. These physical systems, called hosts, are often ordered with maximum amounts of CPU horsepower, system memory and I/O ports to support the virtual machines (VM) that will be their guests. Since these physical servers which act as hosts are significantly more expensive than the single purpose servers they replace, a key to achieving a high return on investment (ROI) is to make sure these physical systems are hosting the maximum number of VMs, meaning that no part of their resources is underutilized.

The challenge when hosts are densely packed with VMs is that the head room that IT used to count on to cover unexpected peak load situations is eliminated. It also puts a special burden on storage I/O since each of the VMs now generates I/O requests and this I/O is generated randomly without coordination with the other VMs. To make sure these potential storage challenges don’t negatively impact overall infrastructure performance, planning is required prior to moving to a densely packed VM environment..."

Editor's Choice of Top Storage Trends for 2013
Storage Newsletter February 6, 2013
"As usual and since several decades, the amount of data continues to increase and this movement is not going to stop. In parallel the price/GB is decreasing. Nothing new. But, following the Thai flood, the cost of the crucial element of a storage system, the disk drive, increased drastically.

This bad event is now far from now but the prices of the HDDs didn't came back to what they were before the flood. It was good news for SSDs especially as their own prices continue to decline regularly.

For sure, the price/GB of SSD will continue to be higher for several years, but the trend is not in favor of HDDs, having difficulties to increase in areal density. Progressively storage systems are going to use more and more SSD as tier 1 or primary storage, with HDD, being progressively a backup media, for tier 2..."

Seeing the Storage Forest through the Flash Trees
IT Business Edge February 6, 2013
"Too often, the narrative surrounding flash and disk drives in the enterprise veers toward the combative — as if flash drive manufacturers are out for nothing less than complete domination of the professional storage market.

It seems clear, though, that the vast majority of data centers will continue to use a variety of storage technologies and platforms in an effort to more closely match increasingly varied data loads with underlying physical infrastructure. Even the vaunted 'all-flash data center' that I highlighted last month will most likely cater to specialty data services that require high throughput and support for extremely dynamic data patterns.

Make no mistake, flash will certainly make its presence known in traditional infrastructure, and that will extend to more than just raw speed, says Tintri's Ed Lee. The more virtualized the enterprise becomes, the more it has to deal with highly random I/O requirements..."

The Cost of Over-Provisioning Flash Arrays
Storage-Switzerland February 5, 2013
"All-Flash Arrays have to overcome two key obstacles when trying to gain acceptance as storage systems which can be utilized across a wide number of use cases in the data center. First, they must be durable and secondly, they must be cost effective. The challenge is that one of the most common methods for increasing durability, over-provisioning, actually increases the cost of the All-Flash Array. While valuable, this technique needs to be used sparingly so the All-Flash Array can achieve price parity with the hard disk-based enterprise solid state storage systems they are hoping to replace..."
IT - Technology
Technology to Store Up to 1PB Per Square Inch
Storage Newsletter February 5, 2013
"An international team of researchers affiliated with Gottingen University has found a way to store vast amounts of data on up to 1PB per square inch.

The scientists have succeeded in storing and reading information stored in the spin of an electron in an organic molecule and doing so close to room temperature. The results were published in the journal Nature..."

    How to Configure a Failover Guest Domain in an Oracle Solaris Cluster
    Oracle VM Server Provides Protection to Guest Domains Against Outages, Planned and Unplanned
    Venkat Chennuru posts at length in an article that provides a step-by-step example of how to deploy an Oracle VM Server for SPARC guest domain in a highly available failover setup with a two-node Oracle Solaris Cluster 4.1 with a global file system on Oracle Solaris 11.1. The post also explains how to verify that the cluster is behaving correctly by switching over the failover guest domain from the primary node to the secondary node and back. Chennuru writes that the automated failover of a guest domain through restart on an alternate cluster node enables the protection of guest domains from planned and unplanned downtime.
    Oracle Releases MySQL 5.6 to GA
    Release Features Increased Performance, Scalability, Reliability and Manageability
    Oracle has released MySQL 5.6 to general availability, featuring the increased performance, scalability, reliability and manageability that make MySQL 5.6, the world’s most popular open-source database. According to Oracle's press release, MySQL 5.6 improves developer agility with subquery optimizations, online Data Definition Language (DDL) operations, NoSQL access to InnoDB, new instrumentation in Performance Schema and better condition handling. A MySQL Technology Update webcast will discuss the new release on February 14 at 10:00 a.m. PST. For more details, join the MySQL Technology Update webcast on Feb 14 at 10:00 a.m. US, Pacific Time.
    Cloud Computing
    Solaris 11: Basic Tool for Building Your Developer Cloud
    Behind the Scenes in Designing the Developer Cloud for OPN Gold Members
    Oracle Solaris 11 is the foundation for the developer cloud designed for OPN Gold members who use it to qualify their applications on Solaris 11, Orgad Kimchi posts. This cloud platform provides an intuitive user interface for VM provisioning by selecting VM images pre-installed with Oracle Database 11g Release 2 or Oracle WebLogic Server 12c, he continues, noting the inclusion of simple file upload and file download mechanisms. Several Solaris 11 cloud technologies were employed in the building of this platform, such as Oracle Solaris 11 Network Virtualization, Oracle Solaris Zones, ZFS encryption and cloning capability, and NFS server inside Solaris 11 zone.
    IT - Cloud
    4 Non-Obvious Costs of Cloud Downtime
    Cloud Computing February 5, 2013
    "Remember when Twitter went out for 40 minutes last July? ... Glitches like this have consequences – many of which aren’t immediately obvious, and often aren’t public. Many are much more serious, because their business value is more intense for any one customer. I can think of four cautionary tales right off the bat..."

    • Silent but deadly financial claw-backs
    • Loss of confidence in your technology know-how
    • Loss of confidence in your quality controls
    • FUD for hungry competitors

    Read on for details.

      6 Steps Needed For Real Cloud Transformation
      CRN February 7, 2013
      "KPMG, the business consulting behemoth, issued an in-depth study on cloud adoption, cautioning that the gains made during the first moves to a cloud model may be short-lived unless companies truly align their business processes to a cloud model...

      For the report, titled "The Cloud Takes Shape, Global Cloud Survey: The Implementation Challenge," KPMG interviewed more than 650 senior business executives in 16 countries..."

      • Cost Reduction A Given, But Transformation Critical
      • Next Steps: Implementation And Integration
      • Confidence Grows In Cloud Security
      • On Deck: Cloud Business Applications
      • Regulatory Dark Clouds On The Horizon
      • Tax Time For The Cloud

      Read on for details.

      Cloud Conversations: Public, Private, Hybrid and Community Clouds
      Business 2 Community February 1, 2013
      "Common community cloud conversation questions include among others: Who defines the standards for community clouds? The members or participants, or whoever they hire or get to volunteer to do it.

      Who pays for the community cloud?

      The members or participants do, think about a co-op or other resource sharing consortium with multi-tenant (shared) capabilities to isolate and keep members along with what they are doing separate..."

        Smart Customers Squeeze Cloud Comrades
        IT Web Business February 5, 2013
        "How can a local service provider hope to compete with Amazon, Rackspace or any one of a number of advanced cloud providers around the world? Local vendor representatives say they're doing well by concentrating on things that overseas Web sites cannot do: local touch, focused delivery and learning from the mistakes of others. For Richard Vester, director of cloud services at EOH, he's seeing success from the basics..."
        U.S. And U.K. Show Cloud Adoption Divide
        InformationWeek February 6, 2013
        "When it comes to Joe Q. Public, it seems Main Street U.S.A. is a lot weaker on its cloud understanding than its British High Street peers.

        The issue that's embarrassing many U.K. cloud mavens is that despite that disparity, it's in the Land of the Free, not Her Majesty's domain, that actual cloud projects seem to be getting done.

        A new poll from European cloud supplier Webfusion of 1,000 U.S. citizens found 31.8% claimed to have no understanding of the term 'cloud' at all, and only 25% said they had a clear grasp of the topic. In terms of age groups, 25 to 34-year-old people performed best on this question, with 33.8% claiming to know what cloud computing is..."

        IT - CxO
        3 CIO Considerations from IDC's 3rd Platform
        ComputerWorld February 6, 2013
        "The 3rd platform is IDC's term for the convergence of disruptive trends in the IT industry which is 'built on mobile devices and apps, cloud services, mobile broadband networks, big data analytics, and social technologies', representing a new technology platform for growth and innovation. According to IDC, 'By 2020, when worldwide ICT spending reaches $5 trillion ($1.7 trillion larger than it is today), at least 80% of ICT industry's growth will be driven by these 3rd platform technologies'..."
        12 Common IT Hiring Mistakes and How to Avoid Them
        CIO January 31, 2013
        "Bringing a new hire into you IT department is a double-edged sword. On the one hand, he could be just the right fit to boost your output and help reach business goals. On the other hand, he could have a negative effect that results in missed deadlines or a decline in morale of your entire IT team.

        That's why finding the right candidate is so important. As a hiring manager, you need to do everything you can to minimize the risk throughout the hiring process. Here are 12 common mistakes IT managers make, along with advice on how to take a more successful approach..."

        • Not being well-prepared for the interview
        • Not performing a phone interview
        • Having an interview instead of a discussion
        • Not getting programmer candidates to demonstrate their coding prowess
        • Not having career paths for employees
        • Restricting your search to job boards or recruiters
        • Not motivating everyone in your organization to refer candidates, and not giving employee referrals special attention
        • Setting the bar too high for a new hire
        • Taking too long to hire a new employee
        • Creating a poor job description
        • Not making recruiters your best friend
        • Ignoring the culture fit

        Read on for more details.

          CIO Master Class: Choose Your Public Speaking Style
          InformationWeek February 1, 2013
          "Anybody who manages people has to have some ability to figure out what motivates them. In fact, playing psychologist is one of the most important tasks C-level executives must perform -- CIOs probably more than most, because IT touches almost every part of modern business.

          So, Mr. CIO, how well do you read people? Probably not as well as you'd like, says Art Kleiner in the January issue of Strategy+Business. "The ability to read a room and act accordingly is considered a rare and special gift, innate and not teachable," he writes. "Many people who have this gift admit that they don't know how to teach it to others." ...

          Who is the Decision Coach on Your Business Team?
          Information Management January 31, 2013
          "The best leaders I've worked with and for are not only good decision-makers, they are effective decision-coaches. They understand the importance of teaching their teams how to navigate the pitfalls and complexities of decision-making in pursuit of the best results for the organization..."
            Your First 100 Days as CIO: Must-Do Items
            InformationWeek February 6, 2013
            "So, you've just become a CIO. You've got 100 days, tops, to make your mark, according to McKinsey consultants Michael Bloch and Paul Willmott. Just like the President, and new CEOs, that first three months on the job might well define your legacy.

            The main takeaway of McKinsey's article: Start your first 100 days when you're interviewing for your job..."

            Global Bank IT Spend to Reach $118.6 Billion in 2013
            Bank Systems and Technology February 4, 2013
            "IT spending by banks globally will reach $118.6 billion in 2013, according to U.K. analyst group Ovum.

            Ovum says this spending increase is directly tied in to bank CIOs focusing on customer satisfaction and revenue growth.

            Overall, the analyst firm predicts North American banks will increase their IT spending by 3.3 percent in 2013, ahead of their European counterparts (1.8 percent) and second to Asia (5.1 percent)

              IT - DR
              Automated Disaster Recovery: 10 Facts and Fiction Data Points
              eWeek February 1, 2013
              "In the wake of recent natural disasters such as Hurricane Sandy, disaster recovery—as might be expected—has become a particularly hot topic among IT administrators. DR certainly has always been crucial, not only in defending against natural disasters but also against human error and equipment failure, both of which are far more prevalent. Whatever the cause, after disaster strikes, IT administrators can spend hours following complex steps packed with reboots to get their organizations back up and running..."

              • FICTION: Automated DR Cannot Be Tailored to Your Environment
              • FACT: Automated DR Can Handle Recovery in Heterogeneous Environments
              • FICTION: Automated DR Needs Multiple Sources to Recover Data
              • FACT: Automated DR Can Recover All Data in One Process
              • FICTION: IT Can't Fully Test Automated DR
              • FACT: Automated DR Can Be and Should Be Fully Tested
              • FICTION: Automated DR Doesn't Allow IT to Recover Multiple Systems at Once
              • FACT: Automated DR Can Recover Up to Five Systems at a Time
              • FICTION: Distances Between Data Centers Can Impact an Automated DR System
              • FACT: More Emphasis Is Placed on Recovery Than Backup

              Read on for details.

              IT - Networks
              Covering A 40k-sf Warehouse with One Access Point
              Cabling Installation & Maintenance December 12, 2013
              "One of the most difficult indoor spaces to fully illuminate with wireless (WiFi) signals is the typical large, multi-aisle warehouse. The product racks between aisles look like variably reflecting and partially leaking walls to the passage of 802.11b WiFi signals in the 2.4-GHz industrial, scientific and medical (ISM) band. Many WiFi companies suggest dividing the floor area by 4,000, or even 3,000, to estimate the number of access points needed—assuming that 'RF (radio frequency) overkill' will be necessary to get signals through products on racks..."
                IT - Operations
                In the Data Center or Information Factory, Not Everything is the Same
                Business 2 Community February 6, 2013
                "Sometimes what should be understood, or that is common sense or that you think everybody should know needs to be stated. After all, there could be somebody who does not know what some assume as common sense or what others know for various reasons. At times, there is simply the need to restate or have a reminder of what should be known.

                Consequently, in the data center or information factory, either traditional, virtual, converged, private, hybrid or public cloud, everything is not the same..."

                  Top 10 Tech Upgrades To Make Your Small Business Run Faster
                  IT World February 4, 2013
                  "If you run a small business, you know that things happen faster than they do in the corporate world. Thats all the more reason to make sure your technology is up to date and is able to keep up with you and your employees.

                  If you're lucky enough to have extra funds in this year's IT budget, or if you're planning to invest in incremental improvements, here are 10 tech upgrades that will help your employees get things done faster in 2013..."

                  • Switch to 802.11n Wi-Fi
                  • Upgrade to Network Attached Storage
                  • Consider Gigabit Networking
                  • Use a Docking Station With Your Ultrabook or Laptop
                  • Deploy Multiple Monitors
                  • Upgrade Your RAM
                  • Upgrade to Solid State Drive
                  • Get Faster, More Robust Internet Connectivity
                  • Store Data in the Cloud
                  • Use a Faster USB Flash Drive

                  Read on for details.

                  Alternate Outsourcing Models Gain Popularity
                  CIO Insight February 5, 2013
                  "As the cost advantages of offshore outsourcing wane, companies are looking at insourcing, selective multisourcing, captive offshore centers and more."

                  "In this model, the service provider retains ownership of the outsourced activities, while reducing the burden of offshore-centric processes and increasing customer responsiveness and flexibility for the selected activities. Contractually, it is easier to negotiate this type of change than insourcing as there is little overall scope reduction for the service provider (and even a potential increase in its revenue)..."

                  IT - Security
                  Data Breach Security from A to Z
                  CRN February 5, 2013
                  ""Companies face daily threats from cybercriminals, hacktivists and nation-state-sponsored hacking groups. Financially motivated cybercriminals typically use automated tools to spread a wide attack campaign, gaining as many victims as possible.

                  Hacktivists are politically motivated and often use distributed Denial-of-Service attacks as a weapon to cripple or bring down a website.

                  Nation-state-sponsored hacking groups choose a specific target and stealthily conduct cyberespionage activities on a network over extended periods of time. Their aim is to steal intellectual property, email and other sensitive documents..."

                    Document Shredding: The Why and the How
                    HelpNet Security February 4, 2013
                    "Tim McBride serves as the Vice President and General Manager of Secure Destruction Services for Recall North America. He is focused on driving improvements in safety, security, service and efficiencies, and is responsible for exploring potential new opportunities and emerging technologies within this service line. In this interview he talks about the practice and requirements of document shredding, and the risks of doing it wrong..."
                    Federated single sign-on to dominate by 2016
                    Help Net Secuityj February 4, 2013
                    "A well-executed single sign-on (SSO) strategy reduces password-related support incidents and provides users with improved convenience and more-efficient authentication processes, according to Gartner.

                    A sound SSO strategy will give users fewer reasons to write down passwords. However, one password providing access to all in-scope systems can lead to compromised access to those systems..."

                    10 Trends Driving IT Security Spending In 2013
                    CRN February 6,.2013
                    "Security is always an important topic in IT, in part because threats are constantly evolving and changing. It's an area in which solution providers -- and their customers -- constantly need to be proactive. With that in mind, Dell SonicWall recently released its annual list of 2013 security trends, along with tips on how to prevent some of the threats from happening..."

                    • Advanced Attack Toolkits
                    • Botnet Communications
                    • Ransomware
                    • Mobile Malware
                    • Mobile Biometrics
                    • Hardened Mobile Devices
                    • Network Access Control
                    • Near Field Communications Attacks
                    • Social Media Threats
                    • Cyberterrorism

                    Read on for details.

                    11 Ways to Detect Fraud Scams against Your Business
                    CRN February 1, 2013
                    "Solution providers both large and small are getting victimized by fraud scams. The results can be devastating, especially for a small VAR. What can solution providers do to protect themselves against a potential six-figure loss? Gary Bares, president of Verifraud, a company that specializes in identifying channel fraud, offers some tips on how to spot a potentially fraudulent order..."

                    • Check That Email Address
                    • Check The History
                    • Product Type
                    • Phone Numbers
                    • How Old Is The Website?
                    • Domain Registration
                    • Talk The Talk
                    • Aggressiveness
                    • Map It Out
                    • Credit References
                    • Go Beyond The Credit Report

                    Read on for details.

                      DDoS Attacks Spur Concerns over Infrastructure Weaknesses
                      Dark Reading February 5, 2013
                      "The ongoing distributed denial-of-service attacks on banks have some security professionals worried about the attacks moving to less prepared industries"

                      "The financial industry has always been the business sector most prepared for Internet attacks and malware campaigns aimed at siphoning money from its customers. Yet the unrelenting distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks aimed at U.S. banks continue to cause headaches..."

                      How to Create a Strong Password in Wake of Twitter Hack Episode
                      NetworkWorld February 4, 2013
                      "Twitter's warning about hackers is another reminder about the importance of password protection.

                      Here's a guide to creating a strong password and keeping out of the clutches of those who would do your computer and personal information harm...."

                        Malware: The Next Generation
                        Dark Reading February 4, 2013
                        "If January is anything to go by, then 2013 should be another doozy of a year for malware-plagued businesses. The year started off with the exploitation of a previously unknown Java vulnerability -- a spot-on example of why malware attackers are so successful these days.

                        The assault put millions of Java users at risk, as in many recent malware attacks, by taking advantage of flaws in a popular client-side application. In this case, it was Java's browser plug-in. But attackers often target other plug-ins, such as Flash, and document applications like Word and Adobe Reader..."

                        New Threats, New Solutions: Combatting Cyber Attacks
                        Wall Street & Technology February 1, 2013
                        "Financial institutions of all sizes have found themselves the victim of advanced cyber attacks, with the most recent threats targeting small to mid-sized financial institutions. The FBI, in conjunction with Financial Services Information Sharing and Analysis Center (FS-ISAC) and the Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3), has issued a fraud alert warning that criminals are using a multi-vector attack to compromise financial institution networks and initiate fraudulent wire transfers..."
                          Penetration Testing: Pros and Cons Of Attacking Your Own Network
                          GCN February 4, 2013
                          "Penetration testing (or pen-testing) is a term common to most information security professionals, and is defined by (ISC)2 as, 'A method of evaluating internal and external technical security controls through a methodically planned simulated attack that imitates threats from malicious outsiders and malicious insiders to understand the security weaknesses in a system and/or network.'

                          More tangibly, it represents the coordinated, controlled, professional exploitation of network, system and process vulnerabilities within any enterprise IT environment. Also used synonymously to describe the practice of mimicking attackers is the term red-teaming, which often indicates a group of pen-testers working together..."

                          Safeguard Your Code: 17 Security Tips for Developers
                          ComputerWorld February 4, 2013
                          "Online threats grow as growing numbers of breaches expose personal financial records by the millions"

                          "The scary stories from the Web are getting worse. First there were a few stolen credit card numbers. Then there were a few thousand. Now we hear about millions of financial records being exposed by security breaches, and we grow numb to the potential threat. Credit card numbers barely scratch the surface of what the bad guys are after, and there are more dangerous stories that come out of the labs studying cyber war..."

                          DOE Data Breach Came After Warnings
                          Federal Computer Week February 5, 2013
                          "A cyberattack on Energy Department networks that compromised confidential data apparently came weeks after two reports from DOE’s inspector general highlighted vulnerabilities at the agency.

                          The data breach occurred in January but was disclosed to DOE employees in Washington on Feb. 1, according to Reuters. The breach did not compromise classified information, authorities said. Instead, personally identifiable information of employees and contractors was hacked by unknown sources. DOE has not said which of its components were targeted in the attack..."

                            Lesson Learned In Cyberattack on The New York Times
                            NetworkWorld February 1, 2013
                            "The New York Times' description of a cyberespionage campaign waged against the news media company by Chinese hackers demonstrates the importance of assuming criminals will eventually break into a computer system, and the best defense is to detect the intrusion as soon as possible.

                            On Wednesday, The Times disclosed that hackers had persistently attacked its computer systems for four months, and had stolen passwords for reporters and employees. Rather than boot the hackers immediately, The Times chose to study their movements in order to build better defenses against them..."

                              IT - Careers
                              12 Effective Habits of Indispensable IT Pros
                              InfoWorld January 17, 2013
                              "How do you keep your job -- or get a better one -- in an era when hiring is in a freeze and budgets are perpetually squeezed? Follow these 12 maxims and find out.

                              Some of these ideas are practical advice you've probably heard before (and ignored). Being familiar with the business objectives and how technology can improve the bottom line is more important than ever. But so is expanding your portfolio of IT skills. Mastering cloud services or data management will help ensure your relevance in a rapidly changing work environment..."

                              • Get down to business
                              • Keep your eye on the bottom line
                              • Keep your head in the cloud
                              • Broaden your tech horizons
                              • Teach your co-workers to speak geek (and learn to talk biz)
                              • Ditch the slackers, find a mentor
                              • Do it with data
                              • Take on jobs no one else wants
                              • Don't be a jerk
                              • Go public
                              • Don't become literally "indispensable"
                              • Know when to fire yourself

                              Read on for more details.

                              2013's 25 Geekiest 25th Anniversaries
                              NetworkWorld February 1, 2013
                              "Network World’s 7th annual collection of the year’s '25 Geekiest 25th Anniversaries' includes the invention of Doppler Radar, the introduction of IBM’s AS/400, the scourge of the Morris worm, the publishing of Stephen Hawking’s "A Brief History of Time", as well as 'America’s Finest News Source:' The Onion. Also, there was the addition to the lexicon of the phrases 'global warming' and, sorry, 'eating your own dog food.' When done feel free to take a look at the first six installments of this series: 2012; 2011; 2010; 2009; 2008; and 2007.

                              • 'Eating your own dog food'
                              • IBM’s AS/400
                              • The Morris Worm
                              • A Brief History of Time
                              • Doppler Radar
                              • Timex Indiglo
                              • First transatlantic fiber-optic cable
                              • Huawei
                              • Mystery Science Theater 3000
                              • 'Climate change'
                              • Oncomouse
                              • Laserphaco Probe
                              • Eudora email client
                              • Space shuttle flights resume
                              • Richard Feynman dies
                              • Apple sues Microsoft and HP
                              • The Onion
                              • The Video Privacy Protection Act of 1988
                              • Business Software Alliance
                              • Super Mario Bros 2
                              • Nintendo Power Pad
                              • Plutonium-238
                              • Microsoft passes Lotus
                              • Stand and Deliver
                              • Human-powered flight record

                              Read on for more details.

                              Four CIA Secrets That Can Boost Your Career
                              Wall Street Journal February 4, 2013
                              "If only Hollywood's depiction of life as a CIA officer were true, I'd have a faster car, a better wardrobe, and a tool shed full of state-of-the-art gadgets left over from my years working for the clandestine service. There is nary a biometric device in my garage, however, and my career keepsakes are far more bureaucrat than they are Bond..."
                                8 Steps to Winning Friends, Influencing People, and Getting Any Thing You Want
                                Forbes December 2, 2013
                                "Sooner or later every leader realizes that most of the people he needs to be successful don’t report to him. Business success as well as personal success relies on persuasion. Here are the 8 persuasive secrets from the most persuasive person I’ve ever met..."

                                • Seize the initiative
                                • Anticipate the Objection
                                • Don’t Over Rely on a Business Case
                                • Action Bias
                                • Seize the Moral High Ground
                                • Don’t Forget Politics
                                • It is Better to Ask for Forgiveness then Permission
                                • Theory of Mind

                                Read on for more details.

                                  15 Tips for Landing - And Acing - A Job Interview
                                  NetworkWorld February 5, 2013
                                  "Talk about teamwork, be prepared to discuss your weaknesses, don't forget to interview the interviewer, and more advice..."

                                  • Write a great resume to open the door
                                  • Keep phone interviews brief
                                  • Wow them face-to-face
                                  • Listen carefully
                                  • Maintain personal integrity
                                  • Know yourself
                                  • Rehearse selected interview topics
                                  • Articulate how you can contribute
                                  • Research corporate and risk culture
                                  • Use LinkedIn for research appropriately
                                  • Prepare business and technical questions
                                  • Interview the interviewer
                                  • Don't put the interviewer on the spot
                                  • Stay sharp from beginning to end
                                  • Follow up after the interview

                                  Read on for details.

                                    The Privacy Cliff and How Not To Fall Off It
                                    HelpNet Security February 5, 2013
                                    "We are all hearing the phrase 'fiscal cliff' considerably more times than is useful. So far, however, nobody's mentioned a 'privacy cliff.'

                                    They should: it's a very big deal.

                                    Moving in opposite directions on protecting the future of consumer privacy online, the U.S. and Europe nevertheless are both heading toward the same cliff—and dragging with them billions of dollars and Euros in e-commerce along with the confidence of consumers..."

                                      The Worst IT Addictions (And How to Cure Them)
                                      NetworkWorld February 7, 2013
                                      "Are you a jargon junkie? Got an insatiable appetite for information? Do you rule over your company's systems with an iron fist, unwilling to yield control until someone pries the keyboard from your cold, dead hands?

                                      You're going to have to face it -- you're addicted to tech. It's not an uncommon problem, but it can lead to bad decisions, lost productivity, wasted money, and data breaches, to name just a few downsides.

                                      Fortunately, there are cures. Consider this your first step on the long road to recovery..."

                                      • IT addiction no. 1: Jargon
                                      • IT addiction no. 2: Power
                                      • IT addiction no. 3: Data
                                      • IT addiction no. 4: Old methods
                                      • IT addiction no. 5: New machines
                                      • IT addiction no. 6: Illusions of security
                                      • IT addiction no. 7: Delusions of grandeur

                                      Read on for more details.

                                      25 Techie Valentine's Day Gift Ideas
                                      NetworkWorld February 6, 2013
                                      "Treat your Valentine to a cool gift with a techie vibe. Some of our ideas are sweet (personalized bracelets), some savory (a bacon-infused chocolate pig), and the geekery quotient ranges from subtle to blatant..."

                                      • Retro sound
                                      • Global connection
                                      • Elemental expressions
                                      • Chocolate + bacon
                                      • Bedside lamp


                                      Read on for more.

                                        Stupid User Tricks 6: IT Idiocy Loves Company
                                        InfoWorld January 23, 2013
                                        "You'd think we'd run out of them, but technology simply hasn't advanced enough to take boneheaded users out of the daily equation that is the IT admin's life.

                                        Whether it's clueless users, evil admins, or just completely bad luck, Mr. Murphy has the IT department pinned in his sights -- and there's no escaping the heartache, headaches, hassles, and hilarity of cluelessness run amok..."

                                        • Stupid user trick No. 1: The itchy clicking finger of fate
                                        • Stupid user trick No. 2: The dirty back end
                                        • Stupid user trick No. 3: Welcome to the thunderdome
                                        • Stupid user trick No. 4: Developers do the darnedest things
                                        • Stupid user trick No. 5: Meatballs -- IT's revenge
                                        • Stupid user trick No. 6: Self-service IT gets sticky

                                        Read on for details.

                                          IT - Social Media
                                          The Difference and Deficit with Enterprise Social Networks
                                          Information Management February 1, 2013
                                          "In terms of true adoption and returns, enterprise social networking seems well behind its counterpart trends of mobile BI, cloud and advanced analytics. According to a new Gartner Research market assessment, only 20 percent of social business efforts will bring about their intended benefits over the next three years..."
                                          The Human Cost of Interface Failure
                                          CIO Insight February 4, 2013
                                          "The Web as we know it is almost two decades old. You would think that by now designers would have a pretty good idea of how to create functional websites and online services. Unfortunately, you would be wrong.

                                          Somewhere between blue sky and bean counting lies the very real world of how people use websites and services. Apple has made a fortune building devices that just work. A couple of years ago, while I was in a small Chinese village, a friend handed a 3-year-old an iPhone and the girl swiped through photos and listened to songs without anyone offering any assistance.

                                          Yet many sites and services—particularly those built by government and educational institutions—are next to impossible to use..."

                                            IT - Email
                                            5 Insurance Impacts of The Internet Of Things
                                            Insurance & Technology February 1, 2013
                                            "When I&T sister site InformationWeek went to this year's Consumer Electronics Show, a major theme was the "internet of things" — a big jump in the number of networked devices.

                                            Intel's CTO talked about wearable technology, while Cisco's CTO of emerging technologies noted that "the marginal incremental cost to adding connecting or computing power is getting smaller and smaller."

                                            While some remain skeptical about if this massive increase in connectivity truly serves the public, insurance industry observers see it as an opportunity to get a clearer picture of risk... Following are several examples of the kind of connected devices that insurers might explore down the road:"

                                            • Appliances
                                            • Carpets
                                            • Thermostats
                                            • Water pumps
                                            • Workout equipment

                                            Read on for details.

                                            IT - Database
                                            Unlock the Value of Data: Share It
                                            InformationWeek February 5, 2013
                                            "Information becomes more valuable when somebody can make a good decision based on it. A list of winning lottery numbers may be worth millions before the drawing and nothing afterward. The correct information at a doctor's fingertips may save a patient's life.

                                            To discover, generate, collect, store, protect, mash up, analyze, distribute and retire information, we use technologies to manage the information lifecycle. Notice that we just defined information technology..."

                                              Restarting Database Security
                                              Dark Reading February 6, 2013
                                              "How do we put together a database security program?"

                                              "That has been the most common database security question I've received in the past nine months. I've been surprised by the number of firms that have asked for my assistance with setting up a database security program -- mostly because large firms are the ones that already have parts of a program in place. More to the point, both large and midsize firms, which have at one time bought database security products and have some database security processes, see they have a problem..."

                                              IT - Backup
                                              Backup Databases: The Data Security Achilles' Heel
                                              Dark Reading February 5, 2013
                                              "The same sensitive information on production databases resides on backups -- protect them accordingly"

                                              "If production databases contain regulated information or valuable intellectual property, then it follows that backup copies of those data stores carry the same risky information. And yet, while many organizations spend the time and investment in hardening live databases, they frequently fail to adequately protect their backup databases..."

                                                IT - Big Data
                                                Big Problems for Big Data
                                                CIO Insight February 6, 2013
                                                "Memo to CIOs: Your IT teams really want to help you tackle big data. After all, such projects serve an essential purpose in supporting organizational goals. And, yes, knocking this kind of undertaking out of the park looks great on your resume. But, unfortunately, most of these big data efforts never get completed, thanks to a myriad of unresolved issues. For starters, companies too often fail to accurately determine the project’s scope, and leave CIOs and IT departments with inadequate resources and staffing to get the job done..."
                                                How Information Excellence Can Be a Competitive Advantage
                                                TDWI February 5, 2013
                                                "Some day, companies may talk about 'information excellence' as a key competitive differentiator, but what does a commitment to information excellence mean?"

                                                "Industry veteran William McKnight says he looks forward to a day when companies talk about 'information excellence' as a key competitive differentiator. Not 'data management,' not "information management," but information excellence..."

                                                Ovum: Big Data Collection Colliding With Privacy Concerns
                                                NetworkWorld February 6, 2013
                                                "A recent push in the IT industry to collect and monetize big data is headed for a clash with privacy concerns from Internet users and potential regulation from some governments, according to tech analyst firm Ovum.

                                                Internet advertising networks and other companies that depend on the collection of personal data online should prepare for a 'rebalancing' of the relationship between themselves and Web users, with Web users having more control of their data, said Mark Little, principal analyst at the U.K. tech and business analysis firm..."

                                                Petabytes of Data? Analyzing Endless Data to Create Value
                                                Wall Street & Technology February 1, 2013
                                                "As the size of the data warehouse grows, Wall Street firms must invest as heavily in data analytics as they do hard disks."

                                                "Gigabytes, terabytes, petabytes? (You lost me at gigabyte, by the way.) Financial firms are scrambling to handle terabytes and even petabytes of data. But why?

                                                Many don't know exactly why they're ramping up their storage capabilities, other than because they've been told that using all the data that's available will provide insight that will help them make better business decisions, and ultimately lead to happier customers and a healthier bottom line..."

                                                The Increasingly Blurry Line between Big Data and Big Brother
                                                GIGAOM February 1, 2013
                                                "Is the world of big data one in which information about us allows us to personalize services and benefit from that personalization, or is it one in which our data is used against us by companies and governments?"

                                                "The potential benefits of “big data” have been well described, both by us and others: the ability to spot flu trends earlier and potentially save lives, for example, or to make it easier for companies to provide services in a more personalized way. But these same tools could also be used for more disturbing purposes..."

                                                The Top Five Reasons Big Data Means Big Business in 2013
                                                IT Business Edge February 6, 2013
                                                "Big Data may not be a term often discussed outside the CIO’s office today, but according to experts at ICC, a leader in business technology services with a focus on Big Data and application development, that will change in 2013. That’s the year Big Data will find its way out of the data center and back rooms – typically populated by statisticians and business analysts – and into the offices of the chief financial officer (CFO), chief marketing officer (CMO) and chief sales officer (CSO), who are charged with growing revenue..."
                                                An Unstructured Approach
                                                CIO Insight February 1, 2013
                                                "Getting closer to your customer is the mantra of every retailer. But when Gary King, CIO of Chico's, addresses the concept, he takes a highly unstructured view. Although the clothing chain diligently stores records of customer transactions in a conventional database and maintains profiles of customer preferences, it also taps into a growing stream of unstructured data, including social media, clickstream information and online behavior analysis. 'We are achieving an entirely different view of our customers and using it to build better relationships and greater loyalty,' King explains..."
                                                Cowboy Analytics and Other Reasons to Grow Data Governance
                                                IT Business Edge February 1, 2013
                                                "In 2012, companies began in earnest to address data governance as a business issue. At the same time, several trends from the past year created new conditions for how organizations use data and what they expect from it.

                                                The result? In 2013, data governance needs to evolve in ways that address those trends, according to John O'Brien, principal and CEO of Radiant Advisers. In a TDWI article, 'Impact of 2013 Data Strategies for Data Governance,' he suggests specific issues to cover under data governance. Here’s a summary:..."

                                                  Big Data Security Discussion
                                                  Dark Reading January 31, 2013
                                                  "Last week I participated in 'a "tweet jam" to discuss security of big data clusters. That use of social media is pretty interesting as it's an open forum to any/all who have interest. It's a great way to get some community involvement and buzz, but at the same time, 140 characters is insufficient to answer complex questions. You can portray an idea, or a facsimile of an idea, but it's insufficient to flesh out the nuances of a subject as complex as securing bi data clusters..."
                                                  IT - Mobile
                                                  At Least 80% of Mobile Apps Have Security and Privacy Issues That Put Enterprises At Risk
                                                  NetworkWorld February 1, 2013
                                                  "Surveys show that 3 out of 4 organizations allow BYOD (bring your own device) in the enterprise. Because of the rapid growth of the BYOD phenomenon, businesses struggle to understand their risk exposure from mobility. IT is in the uncomfortable position of playing catch-up to ensure that security isn't sacrificed in the name of employee productivity..."
                                                  What Clients' BYOD Policies Mean To Consultants
                                                  TechRepublic February 4, 2013
                                                  "Chip Camden explores how the BYOD trend can benefit consultants. He also looks at several different ways BYOD policies could apply to consultants compared to employees."

                                                  "BYOD, which stands for Bring Your Own Device, refers to the growing trend of employing personally owned devices in the workplace, usually connecting them to a workplace network. Those of you who consult in network administration and security probably cringe when you think about the possible security implications of that..."

                                                  10 Mobility Trends CIOs Should Watch
                                                  InformationWeek February 5, 2013
                                                  "Mobile technology will continue to remake corporate technology use in 2013, but in some ways that may surprise and even delight CIOs.

                                                  The surprise: tablet use will flatten out, at about 30% of employees. So said Yankee Group analyst Chris Marsh, who listed his predictions for 2013 in a webinar on January 29. Marsh said his data 'suggest that employees still prefer laptops or desktops, even smartphones over tablets, for a range of business tasks, like learning about or purchasing business apps, making payments and doing social messaging. The tablet comes out as third or even fourth place preferred device for a lot of these tasks' ..."

                                                    How BYOD Saved VMware $2 Million
                                                    NetworkWorld February 1, 2013
                                                    "It seems counter-intuitive, but last year, Aberdeen Group found that the costs for a company with 1,000 mobile devices go up by $170,000, on average, when they adopt BYOD. Why? Hidden costs. Premiums go up because employees no long have access to volume discount rates. The number of expense reports processed skyrockets, meaning more processing costs. Then there are setup, security and compliance costs and more..."
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                                                    • Scott McNealy on How to Keep Your Balance: Lessons and Mistakes
                                                    • Critics of Oracle's Cloud Portfolio Miss the Mark
                                                    • New and Enhanced Virtual Desktop Client Solutions for Mobile Devices
                                                    • Oracle's SPARC T4 Servers Exhibit 4X Adoption Rate Year-Over-Year
                                                    • Oracle's New Resources Help Dramatically Speed Transformation to Enterprise Private Cloud
                                                    • Read All About It: Oracle Virtualization Newsletter
                                                    • Over 3 Exabytes of Media for StorageTek T10000C Tape Drives Shipped
                                                    • Philippine Telco Globe Telecom Implements Oracle Fusion Middleware, Oracle Exalogic Elastic Cloud
                                                    • Jan/Feb Java Magazine: Java Embedded
                                                    • Pillar Axiom 600 Storage System Enables SaaS Provider Avero to Accelerate Application and Data Warehouse Performance

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                                                      IT - Server
                                                      Fed Hack Highlights Software Patching Problem
                                                      NetworkWorld February 7, 2013
                                                      "The recent hack of a Federal Reserve's website highlights an ongoing problem many organizations face in trying to keep software up to date with security patches, experts says.

                                                      The Fed acknowledged on Tuesday that hackers stole non-critical information. The Anonymous group OpLastResort claimed responsibility for the break-in, which occurred on Sunday night. The group claimed the personal data of 4,000 bank executives was taken..."

                                                      Security Newsletter January 2013 Issue Now Available
                                                      Features on Top Three Security Trends, IDM Predictions for 2013

                                                      The January 2013 issue of Security Inside Out Newsletter is now available, Tanu Sood posts, noting that the issue features an interview with Graham Palmer, director of Information Security for Oracle’s EMEA Operations and Oracle’s resident expert on cyber security, who discusses the top three security concerns currently shaping organizational security strategies. Also featured is an interview with Vadim Lander, Oracle’s Chief Identity Architect, who discusses the key trends expected to shape Identity Management in 2013.

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