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Magic Mirror: Top Trends Looking Forward into 2013
Michael Snow Selections from The 'community of thinkers'

Michael Snow selects from the predictions the community of thinkers who publish their annual lists for the coming year:

Geoffrey Moore: 2013 – The Year of Engagement


Deloitte Top 10 Tech Trends for 2013

Gartner’s Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends for 2013


Bill Chamberlin: HorizonWatching:

  • 103 Digital Marketing Trends and Prediction Lists for 2013
  • 28 Internet of Things (IoT) Trends and Prediction Articles for 2013
  • 19 Gamification Trend Articles for 2013

Capgemini: CTO blog posts addressing the business and IT trends

Oracle Releases Oracle Exalogic VM Templates
Enable Rapid Provisioning of Oracle Applications
Oracle Exalogic Oracle VM Templates -- featuring optimized application deployment practices -- are now available for the Oracle E-Business Suite 12.1.3, Oracle’s JD Edwards EnterpriseOne 9.1, Oracle’s PeopleSoft PeopleTools 8.52 and Oracle’s Siebel CRM and 8.2.2. These are the first Oracle VM templates specifically built for Oracle Exalogic. These templates are designed to help customers decrease application deployment; speed patching with pre-built templates for Oracle Application patchsets; and consolidate business applications on Oracle Exalogic, leading to higher hardware utilization. Users can also expect to reap benefits in reduced cost and complexity of Oracle Application deployments.
Oracle VM 3.2
Oracle VM Server for SPARC 3.0 also now Available
Oracle VM Release 3.2, a key component in Oracle’s desktop to data center virtualization portfolio, is now in GA, offering improved ease-of-use and more automated processes including full command-line support. Oracle VM Manager 3.2 offers unified virtualization management for Oracle SPARC T-Series Servers running Oracle VM Server for SPARC as well as x86-based servers running Oracle VM Server for x86. Oracle VM Manager also includes MySQL Enterprise Edition for use as the management repository at no additional cost. Oracle has delivered Oracle VM Server for SPARC 3.0 as well, providing a range of important new features such as automated secure live migration.
Resource Management as an Enabling Technology for Virtualization
OTN Article by Detlef Drewanz

This article, the fourth in a series of virtualization articles, discusses IT resource management as a technology that enables virtualization.

In this article and the next, Detlef covers some enabling technologies for virtualization. The focus of part 4 is IT resource management as an enabling technology for virtualization.

Using VirtualBox Host-only Networking
Run mulriple servers in your lap

Oracle's Fat Bloke (FB) writes that, "there have been lots of people asking how to run multiple server vm's on their laptops, allowing the host to also connect to these servers too. As it happens, I recently needed just such a configuration myself so thought I'd share how I did it..."

On his Oracle Linux laptop, he would run:

  • An Oracle Linux server running Oracle VDI which includes a MySQL database, Apache webserver, and other stuff
  • A Windows Server 2012 providing DNS, DHCP and Active Directory

FB also want his Linux laptop to be able to reach these guest machines on the private network, too.

This had to be isolated to within the host machine because he was setting up a new Active Directory Domain ( and didn't want the Windows Server dishing out DHCP addresses to everyone in the office. But we did want the Linux Server to be able to talk with the Windows Server for directory services and name services...

IT - Storage
New Molecules Could Bring Super-Dense, Solid-State Hard Disk Alternatives
ComputerWorld January 23, 2013
"A recent breakthrough in storage research may someday produce a new type of solid-state device that can be used like a hard disk drive and holds 1,000 times as much data.

An international team of researchers led by a Massachusetts Institute of Technology scientist has discovered a new way of making molecular memory, which stores data in individual molecules. That breakthrough could help the technology graduate from labs to data centers and drive down its manufacturing costs..."

    Blu-ray looks ahead to 4K
    PC World January 14, 2013
    "Seven years after the Blu-ray Disc Association announced at CES that it had completed the technical specification for the format, the Blu-ray format continues to forge ahead—and its proponents must ponder its future when 4K HDTV televisions are all the rage here at this week's CES...

    As a format, Blu-ray Disc is capable of handling the necessary capacities involved in 4K. But it would need to either accommodate additional layers to add capacity to the disc, or use more aggressive video codecs to compress the video. Current Blu-ray movie discs top out at 50GB for a dual-layer disc; but today we already have BDXL media for use with up to 100GB rewritable discs, and 128GB write-once disc..."

      39 Million SSDs Shipped WW in 2012, Up 129% From 2011 January 24, 2013
      "A new generation of lower-cost and more appealing ultrabooks are expected to help cause global shipments of SSDs to more than double in 2013, according to an IHS iSuppli Storage Space Market Brief from information and analytics provider IHS, Inc.

      Worldwide SSD shipments are set to rise to 83 million units this year, up from 39 million in 2012. Shipments are set to continue to rise 239 million units in 2016, amounting to about 40% of the size of the HDD market..."

      The Cloud Storage Provisioning Roadblock
      Storage-Switzerland January 16, 2012
      "Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) and Managed Service Providers (MSPs) are faced with a unique storage challenge that many other organizations don't have to deal with; large scale provisioning of storage resources. Thanks to server virtualization, these organizations provision and manage data center wide server resources but they struggle, at least data center wide, to do the same with their storage resources. As a result storage is either massively over provisioned, wasting money or intensely and manually monitored wasting time and personnel while slowing down the deployment of new servers or applications.

      The Problem With Legacy Storage Provisioning..."

        DNA May Soon Be Used for Storage
        ComputerWorld January 24, 2013
        "Researchers have created a way to store data in the form of DNA, which can last for tens of thousands of years.

        The encoding method makes it possible to store at least 100 million hours of high-definition video in about a cup of DNA, the researchers said in a paper published in the journal Nature this week..."

          Get Ready for the Year of the Solid State Drive
          CIO Today January 24, 2013
          "Ryan Chien, IHS analyst, said that the "fate of the SSD business is closely tied to the market for Ultrabooks and other ultra-thin PCs that use cache drives." He noted that, while SSD shipments increased by 124 percent in 2012, the projected growth had actually been higher. Ultrabooks suffered a slow start, but are expected to do better this year..."
          Acing an Audit In 30 Minutes
          Dark Reading January 18, 2013
          "I asked a client in the insurance business about its recent audit. The president of the company told me that, once again, the audit went fine. Actually, it went better than fine. As usual, it aced the audit. Zero deficiencies, zero issues, zero problems. The auditors said it was the most organized office and easiest file review they had ever seen..."
          Rethinking the Dimensions of Data Quality
          Information Management January 22, 2013
          "A few months ago, I wrote a column asking if the dimensions of data quality, such as accuracy, consistency and timeliness, are real. I pointed out that there are no generally accepted definitions for the dimensions, no generally accepted exhaustive list of them and no generally accepted methodologies for measuring each one.

          Since the column was published, I have been "encouraged" to say something a little more positive on this topic..."

            Java Technology
            Java Spotlight Episode 117: Danny Coward on JSR 356 Java API for Websocket @jcp
            Java Platform Veteran Has Contributed to Everything from Mobile to Enterprise and JavaFX
            Java Spotlight Episode 117 brings Danny Coward to the studio to discuss JSR 356 Java API for Websocket @jcp with host Roger Brinkley. Coward is a software architect for the Java Platform and has contributed to all editions of the platform from mobile to enterprise and JavaFX.
            Improvements in Image Packaging System for Oracle Solaris 11 a Welcome Change
            Tightly Integrated, Single-tier Packaging/ Patching Architecture Eases Administrative Tasks
            The Image Packaging System (IPS) for Oracle Solaris 11 is a single tier packaging architecture that replaces the previous SVR4-based dual tier packaging and patching architecture. Gerry Haskins sees it as a stellar element of the OS, leveraging ZFS Root (/), Boot Environments, SMF, Zones, and other Solaris technologies. Monthly consolidated bug fix Support Repository Updates (SRUs) now provide a regular predictable cadence of bug fix release baselines, greatly simplifying patch management. In his overview of the IPS Haskins identifies a number of the more common Solaris 11 / IPS issues that he, as a novice user, has encountered in since the release.
            How to Set Up a Hadoop Cluster Using Oracle Solaris Zones
            OTN Article by Orgad Kimchi
            This "article"] starts with a brief overview of Hadoop and follows with an example of setting up a Hadoop cluster with a NameNode, a secondary NameNode, and three DataNodes using Oracle Solaris Zones.

            The following are benefits of using Oracle Solaris Zones for a Hadoop cluster:

            • Fast provision of new cluster members using the zone cloning feature
            • Very high network throughput between the zones for data node replication
            • Optimized disk I/O utilization for better I/O performance with ZFS built-in compression
            • Secure data at rest using ZFS encryption

            Orgad Kimchi is the article author.

            Getting the Most out of MySQL Enterprise Edition
            Maximize Scalability, Security and Uptime
            Oracle's MySQL Enterprise Edition, according to Bertrand Matthelié, includes the most comprehensive set of advanced features, management tools and technical support needed to assist in reducing the cost, risk and time to deploy and manage MySQL applications. His post includes a link to the MySQL Resource Kit, where users will learn how to boost scalability by 20x with MySQL Enterprise Scalability; automatically detect and recover from failures with MySQL Enterprise High Availability; eliminate security vulnerabilities, improve replication and optimize performance with the MySQL Enterprise Monitor; and how MySQL Enterprise Backup reduces the risk of data loss with online "Hot" backups of databases.
            MySQL 5.6 Soon Available in GA
            Offers Improvements in Performance, Scalability, Availability

            The pending release to GA of MySQL 5.6 has a lot of people excited, according to Rob Young. The new version offers many improvements and new functionalities. Among the chief improvements are security features; improvements in the InnoDB storage engine and in the Optimizer, making for better query execution times and diagnostics. Young also cites enhanced application availability featuring Online DDL/Schema changes; better developer agility with NoSQL Access with Memchached API to InnoDB; improvements in the Replication capability, making for high performance and self-healing distributed deployments; and improved performance schema for better instrumentation. The MySQL 5.6 Release Candidate is now available for download.

            How to Use Signed Kernel Modules
            OTN Article by Robert Chase

            Robert Chase writes in OTN, "Loadable kernel modules allow you to add code to a running Linux kernel. Oracle's Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel provides signed kernel modules to further protect the kernel. This article explains how to use this feature.

            Robert's article begins, "What are kernel modules and why would I spend time signing them? One great feature of Linux and the kernel is that users can take the source, and modify it to add their own features, and recompile. However, when recompiling the kernel, you must be careful not to introduce changes that could render the system unbootable."

            IT - Cloud
            Save Paper and Money with 'the Cloud'
            Business 2 Community January 17, 2013
            "Today there are many cloud-based services to completely replace the traditional solutions that businesses use every day, and the cloud-based equivalents are much more cost effective and kinder to the environment.

            For example, take the humble fax machine. Incredibly, the fax machine received its first patent in 1843 although its popularity surged from the 1980s onwards. For security and compliance reasons, fax remains a ubiquitous and universal communication tool. However, today there is a much more efficient, cheaper and eco-friendly, cloud-based solution called Internet fax..."

            Beware the Coming of the ROGUE CLOUDS
            Channel Register January 23, 2013
            "With one eye on Larry Ellison's Oracle in 2011 Salesforce chief Marc Benioff attacked 'fake clouds' saying they aren't the future.

            Oracle - late to clouds - threatened to challenge Benioff's message of using public clouds that house your data next to other customers' data in a secure, multi-tenant model with the idea of keeping things snugly private - on, say, an Oracle virtual stack.

            Now we have 'rogue clouds' where firms are buying online services without meaning to or having any control over them, thanks to well-intentioned and cost-conscious employees looking to cut costs..."

            Embracing BYOD Means Understanding Cloud and Application Security
            HelpNet Security January 17, 2013
            "Company policies supporting Bring Your Own Device are being widely embraced as a win-win initiative that improves employees’ experience and reduces IT costs, according to Frost & Sullivan. At the same time, information security managers admit that companies must do more to understand the security of the technologies behind the trend, particularly for cloud-based systems and applications..."
            How Cloud Computing Is Disrupting Businesses Everywhere
            Business 2 Community January 24, 2013
            "Cloud computing is a catalyst for faster development, delivery of information, and pretty soon it will become a standard rather than a breakthrough technology. I've written frequently on how cloud is a disruptive technology, but now let’s talk about how it's altering your business.

            Now I know what you’re thinking, this doesn't or won’t ever affect me. In reality, cloud computing isn't just changing the role of developers; it is changing the role of your marketers, your sales force. And in the coming years, even the roles that having seemingly nothing to do with cloud will be affected. There are of course the skeptics, but here are a few ways it’ll transform the business..."

            The Cloud Is Fundamental To the Internet of Things
            TechRepublic January 16, 2013
            "The concept of the Internet of Things relates to the ever growing number of objects that, in addition to containing internal sensors and processors, are also directly connected to the web, streaming their data online. While home automation is probably the “top of mind” application for this concept - the refrigerator that orders milk from the grocery store whenever its running out - the scope is, in fact, much larger. We could have toys that interact with each other independently, offices that automatically order new supplies as needed, without our intervention, even sensors on our clothing and bodies streaming our health data to our doctors in real time. This kind of machine-to-machine (M2M) communication is at the crux of the Internet of Things..."
            How a Private Cloud Saves Money and the Environment
            ComputerWorld January 18, 2013
            "Five years ago, after numerous acquisitions, the IT environment at Ricoh Europe was spiraling out of control--running 26 ERP instances was just one issue. "We reached a point in the journey where we had to tackle three things: Make ourselves more efficient internally, make ourselves more effective for our customers and [make our IT function less hazardous to the environment]," says Ian Winham, CIO and CFO for Ricoh Europe. "We work with customers on improving their infrastructure, and it came to a point where we had to start doing that for ourselves."
            Skills Necessary for Cloud Success
            Business 2 Community January 17, 2013
            "In 2012 cloud computing really came into its own. It has revolutionized how things are done in business. The marketing department is using budget not for the new ad campaign, but for the third party service provider who can make their job easier. All this is happening without IT's involvement.

            Even when it does happen the traditional way, with IT as the lead, there are a few things you need to be aware of with cloud.

            It's pervasive and not only changing the way we collaborate with our colleagues. It’s changing the skills essential to internally manage the transformation..."

            Why the Cloud Ecosystem Needs Common Standards?
            InformationWeek January 23, 2013
            "With a plethora of cloud computing service providers defining their offerings in their own distinct terminologies, Indian CIOs tell us why there is a strong need for developing common standards for cloud computing service delivery and propose key areas where standards should be framed...

            Since its inception, cloud computing has undoubtedly been the one buzzword that has kept the market captivated about a radical new IT service delivery model that brings in several benefits, including shifting cost models from CAPEX to OPEX, greater agility and reduced complexity..."

            IT - CxO
            Tips from the Experts on How to Implement Criminal Background Checks
            National Retail Federation January 16, 2013
            "'This guidance is as clear as mud,' said Thomas L. McCally, Esq., equity member of the Washington, D.C. law firm Carr Maloney P.C. discussing the implications of the April 2012 guidance from the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) on employers’ use of criminal background checks..."

            • Develop company-wide policies on criminal background checks that are clear and concise
            • Develop strong job descriptions that detail every job function and responsibility
            • Everyone involved in hiring decision-making should know the policy and abide by the policy to avoid EEOC action
            • Take into account the severity of a given crime and the length of time since the offense when conducting background checks
            • Eliminate any criminal background check that excludes individuals with a criminal offense or past

            Read on for details ...

              Training, Not Outsourcing, Is Key to Success Say CIOs
              TechRepublic January 16, 2013
              "IT leaders who focus on training and retaining staff are generally more successful than those buying in talent from outsourcers, a global survey of more than 2,000 CIOs finds.

              CIOs who focus on training staff to meet their skills’ needs tend to run more successful IT operations than those who rely on buying in talent, a global study has found.

              IT leaders who favour training and retaining staff reported completing a greater proportion of IT projects on budget and time, as well as greater range of business success than their peers, according to Gartner's 2013 CIO Agenda report, it’s annual survey of more than 2,000 CIOs..."

              5 Points CIOs Must Consider While Implementing an Enterprise Social Network
              InformationWeek January 18, 2013
              "Katyayan Gupta of Forrester Research details key points CIOs must consider to build a successful enterprise social network..."

              • Develop a strategy around ESN
              • Integration of corporate directory with ESN
              • Personalization
              • Analytics and need for a Content Monitoring Team
              • Integration with UC and enterprise applications

              Read on for more details.

              Lessons from the 100 Best Companies to Work For
              Washington Technology January 17, 2013
              "Want a great place to work? You might want to try the health care industry.

              A perusal of Fortune’s annual 100 Best Companies to Work For list shows that health care companies are the dominant picks, with 15 companies in either the health care or biotech/pharmaceutical categories.

              But 19 technology companies (my definition, not Fortune’s) made this list, two of which scored the top two spots -- Google at No. 1 and SAS at No. 2. The companies were scattered among multiple categories from IT to professional services, to manufacturing for one..."

              Five open source tools to help you manage your customers
              TechRepulic January 23, 2013
              "Jack Wallen has found five tools to make your customer relationships more efficient and flexible.

              Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a tool that many small, medium, and large businesses depend upon for the efficient management of clients and customers. Without these tools the ability to keep solid records and communication with external resources becomes a challenge that can immediately affect bottom line. The good news is you don’t have to spend a fortune to have a powerful tool to keep your client base happily connected. The open source community has plenty of web-based CRM tools to that run the gamut of features and power. I have found five such tools to make your customer relationship efficient and flexible..."

              • X2 CRM
              • Sugar CRM
              • Dolibarr
              • Vtiger
              • OpenCRX

              Read on for more details.

              5 Ways Business Still Fails the IT Organization
              InformationWeek January 18, 2013
              "I've received a lot of responses to my recent column, '6 Ways IT Still Fails The Business.' ... partly on your feedback, I offer some of the ways business leaders fail their IT organizations..."

              • Treat IT As Irrelevant To Customers
              • Don't Even Try To Get Marketing Working With IT
              • Have No Plan, Or Don't Share It With IT
              • Treat Data Security As IT's Problem
              • Not Hiring, Or Keeping, Great IT People

              Read on for details

              Ten Ways to Kill Innovation
              CIO Insight January 23, 2013
              "Do you feel like your organization 'talks a good game' when it comes to innovation, but fumbles when it comes to execution? Ever wonder why you and your teams spend so much time laboring on routine, process-based IT tasks rather than putting new, creative ideas into action? The book , The Innovative CIO: How IT Leaders Can Drive Business Transformation, presents a pragmatic guide to overcoming the many barriers to successful innovation..."

              • Unhealthy Internal Competition
              • Inconsistency in Rewards
              • A Culture of Intimidation
              • No Organizational Framework for Innovation
              • The Pursuit of Perfection
              • Protection Obsession
              • Inbox Overload
              • Voluntary Isolationism
              • Clinging to Legacies
              • No Strategic Focus

              Read on for details.

              Secret CIO: 5 Steps to That CIO Title
              InformationWeek January 23, 2013
              "Feeling overlooked for a big title adjustment? Read on.

              Dear John: I can't believe the timing and relevance of your recent column, 'Don't Get Taken for Granted.' Don't get me wrong: I work for a great company, and my bosses (CEO and CFO) have given me great freedom. However, when I was asked (told) to take over IT four years ago as the IT director after being in finance for 10 years, I thought I'd be in a different place by now..."

                Oracle Announces 400GB Flash Accelerator F40 PCIe Card Support
                Accelerates Storage Intensive Applications on Sun Server X3-2L System
                Oracle has announced the Flash Accelerator F40 PCIe card support for Sun Server X3-2L Systems. The F40, which is ideal for running Oracle databases with Smart Flash Cache feature available in Oracle 11gR2 and above, has been designed as a high-performance 400GB (Gigabyte) PCIe Flash Card able to accelerate storage intensive applications with random I/O workloads and improve server efficiency by reducing storage latency and increasing I/O throughput.
                IT - PM
                Top 10 Trends in Project Management for 2013
                IT Business Edge January 23, 2013
                "ESI International, a leading project management training company, recently announced the release of its top 10 trends in project management for 2013. The 2013 trends reveal that expert leadership is lacking in all areas of project management, portfolio management and program management...

                • Organizations will continue to call for strong project leaders but will focus on investments in hard skills.

                • Agile implementation will be viewed in some organizations as a failure, but for the wrong reasons.

                • Project management is not just for project managers anymore.

                • Large projects pose unique challenges that are increasingly tough to overcome.

                • PMOs will focus on proving their worth and driving innovation.

                • The U.S. government will upgrade its PM certification in the face of rising criticism.

                • Improving vendor management practices will top the list of skills for project managers.

                • Continued poor project performance in many organizations will result in more PMOs being terminated.

                • Portfolio management will take on a greater role as funding continues to tighten and the number of projects grows.

                • Organizations will adopt agile to accelerate time to market but what they ultimately achieve may be a different story.

                Read on for details.

                IT - Operations
                Infected USB Drive Idled Power Plant for 3 Weeks
                USA Today January 16, 2013
                "A USB drive tainted with 'crimeware' infected a turbine-control system at a U.S. power plant in early October and delayed its restart by three weeks, according to the Homeland Security Department.

                At another plant, government computer experts discovered 'common and sophisticated malware' on several workstations, including two that were critical to the plant's operation. There was no mention of whether the infection might have come from individuals or other governments..."

                Supply Chain Uncertainties Complicate Security
                Dark Reading January 23, 2013
                "Supply-chain security has become a growing concern for national governments and large enterprises, but the degree to which compromised technology is a threat remains uncertain, especially since backdoors are hard to detect and, once found, deniable.

                In November, the acting chief information officer of Los Alamos National Laboratory reported in a letter to the National Nuclear Security Administration that the lab's technicians had removed two network switches made by a subsidiary of network giant Huawei Technologies, based in Hangzhou, China, according to a Reuters report published earlier this month. The letter came after the House Armed Service Committee requested information on supply-chain risks from the Department of Energy..."

                Tape Storage Finds New Life in the Enterprise and Beyond
                CIO January 23, 2013
                "On location in Africa, a movie crew wraps up the day's shooting on a nature documentary and camera operators shut down their rigs. NAND flash cards are removed from the cameras and the scenes that were just shot are transferred to another medium for delivery to a post-production facility. Magnetic tape, the oldest form of storage in digital computing, goes to work. Long considered slow and outdated, tape is holding on in many enterprises that need cost-effective, long-term storage, and it's even finding new applications in the virtualized and increasingly video-centric world of IT..."
                Why Your Data Center Costs Will Drop
                InformationWeek January 23, 2013
                "A recent Intel study shows that the compute load that required 184 single-core processors in 2005 now can be handled with just 21 processors, where every nine servers gets replaced by one.

                For 40 years, technology rode Moore's Law to yield ever-more-powerful processors at lower cost. Its compounding effect was astounding: One of the best analogies is that we now have more processing power in a smartphone than the Apollo astronauts had when they landed on the moon..."

                IT - Security
                Sony Fined $395,000 for Poor Security in Data Breaches
                CIO Today January 23, 2013
                "The European fine against Sony was long overdue and should have been much larger, said security analyst Evan R. Keiser. 'Not only did Sony fail to use firewalls to protect its networks, it was using outdated versions of the Apache Web server with no patches applied on the PlayStation Network during the time of the breach,' Keiser said..."
                4 Steps for Proactive Cybersecurity
                InformationWeek January 21, 2013
                "In our dive into the theory behind offensive cybersecurity, Gadi Evron summarized the legal and ethical problems of fighting back against an attacker. There are also some purely tactical problems: How do you know you're not blasting some grandmother in Akron whose PC is a zombie? Are you prepared to come under the glare of organized criminals?..."
                  Avoiding a Breach by a Third-Party Data Recovery Services Provider
                  Search Security January 22, 2013
                  "A recent report by the Ponemon Institute found that of the 83% of organizations that experienced a data breach within the last two years, 19% said that the breach occurred when a third-party data recovery services provider had control of a drive. Could you provide some key criteria for enterprises in the process of selecting a third-party data recovery services provider? Would you recommend not allowing third-party providers to handle certain data under any circumstances, despite the business hardships that may cause?"
                    Google Looks to Kill Passwords, But Experts Say Not So Fast
                    NetworkWorld January 18, 2013
                    "Google's security team is experimenting with ways to replace passwords for logging in to websites. But while acknowledging passwords alone are no longer enough to protect users, security experts believe they shouldn't be tossed.

                    Google is testing device-assisted security as a possible password replacement. Ideas include a small Yubico crytographic card that could be inserted into a USB reader to log in to a Google account or some other supporting website, reported Friday. Such a mechanism would have to be supported by the Web browser..."

                    The SCADA Patch Problem
                    Dark Reading January 15, 2013
                    "If you think database patching is onerous and fraught with risk, then try patching a SCADA system that's running a power plant. With post-Stuxnet paranoia pressuring major SCADA vendors like Siemens to regularly respond to vulnerability finds with software patches, utilities and other organizations running industrial control systems (ICS) face some serious decisions over where and when to patch -- if at all.

                    Many do not..."

                    Tips for Securely Implementing Evasion Prevention
                    IT Business Edge January 24, 2013
                    "One of the most worrisome and potentially crippling threats to next-generation infrastructures is Advanced Evasion Techniques (AETs), which are being used more and more by cyber criminals because AETs leave no trace to current management and monitoring systems, logs or reports – leaving the devices blind and creating an illusion of continued security..."
                    What Makes A Good Information Security Professional?
                    HelpNet Security January 21, 2013
                    "Information security is a very competitive industry, and one of the very few that kept doing fine even during the recession. It's also a dynamic field that promises a lot of fascinating work, so it's no wonder that so many individuals want to break into it.

                    "The infosec market has changed dramatically over the past decade. Changes in regulations, such as SOX, PCI DSS and Data Protection, and increased threats from online criminals have raised the profile of information security. At the moment, infosec in many regions is an industry with little or no unemployment and the market itself is predicted to grow to about $120.1 billion by 2017, double than the $63.7 billion size in 2011," says Brian Honan, infosec consultant and head of Ireland's CSIRT..."

                    When to Call For Help after a Data Breach
                    NetworkWorld January 10, 2013
                    "In spite of best practices, it is likely your organization will experience a serious data breach at some point. Once the initial shock wears off you'll be faced with numerous decisions, the most significant of which is whether to seek help from outside professionals such as attorneys, computer forensics investigators, information security consultants, privacy consultants and law enforcement..."
                    IT - Careers
                    Lessons Learned from Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg
                    Baseline January 16, 2013
                    "While attending Harvard, he helped start Facebook as a fun college project and transformed it into a social media giant with more than 1 billion users, 42 million pages and 9 million apps--and counting. He's been named a Time magazine "Person of the Year."

                    • False Starts
                    • Making an Impact
                    • The Power of Trust
                    • Keeping It Real
                    • Constructive Destruction
                    • Hiring and Culture
                    • Hiring and Passion
                    • Transparency
                    • Building a Brand
                    • Innovation

                    Read on for more details.

                    Ten Business Trends for 2013 - And Four Ways They Affect You
                    TechRepublic January 16, 2013
                    "Here we are in a world that is far faster, chaotic, and reactionary than just five years ago. Where is it going in the long term? No one knows! In fact it is hard to see the short term with any certainty.

                    A full-on economic collapse followed political and social mayhem perhaps? Personally, I am far more optimistic and see great change in technology and business. So here are my top tips for 2013. The need for greater flexibility and agility in a tougher world market will see changes including:..."

                      Truth in IT Job Postings: What Those Want Ads Really Mean
                      NetworkWorld January 17, 2013
                      "Job postings are kind of like online dating profiles: They give you broad overviews, sure, but much of what they say should be taken with a grain of salt. Just like daters who describe themselves as "curvy" or "young at heart," employers love using euphemisms to make reality seem a bit more rosy than it actually is...

                      Click through the following translations to see some of our favorite euphemisms from IT job postings -- and what those phrases really mean..."

                      • "Team player"
                      • "Energetic applicants"
                      • "Innovative environment"
                      • "Identify strategic opportunities"
                      • "Problem-solver"
                      • "On time and on budget"
                      • "Long-term opportunity"
                      • "Dynamic 24/7 environment"
                      • "Ability to communicate"
                      • "Detailed reports"
                      • "Very little supervision"
                      • "Understand your role"

                      Read on for more details.

                        IT Job Prospects Looking Good for Finance Tech Pros
                        Wall Street and Tehnology January 25, 2013
                        "Despite the generally dour mood on Wall Street as firms face new regulations and continued scrutiny from regulators, it seems that things are looking up for technologists in financial services.

                        Two reports this week point to an improved hiring market for technologists and for risk management professionals. According to, financial firms say technology and risk oriented skills are in demand, much more than other skills inside of financial services..."

                        IT - Social Media
                        10 Tips For Effective Social Media Shares For Content Marketing
                        Business 2 Community January 16, 2013
                        "Just create great content. That’s the clearest most useful advice anyone can give you about content marketing. The better your content the more effective it will be. The thing is, not only is that a lot easier said than done, it’s only half the battle. For your content to really work for you, it needs to be seen. The best way to get it seen is to make effective social media shares. Which is something many content marketers forget. So, how do you share effectively?..."
                          CIOs Clueless About Social? Maybe Not
                          The Brainyard January 22, 2013
                          "A few days ago, The Wall Street Journal cited a Gartner survey where CIOs ranked "social" as their 13th priority for 2013, and declared in a headline, CIOS Ignoring Impact Of Social.

                          As you can imagine, Twitter lit up with approbation. Those clueless CIOs!

                          Actually, They Might Have Good Reasons..."

                          Everyone Sees You on Facebook: Act Accordingly
                          Internet Evolution January 22, 2013
                          "There is a service you can now retain to help you with your anonymous social network stalking. The company, once contracted, will assume a cover identity; friend, follow, or otherwise connect with your desired target; and then publish a daily report regarding your mark and his or her Internet-enabled comings and goings.

                          Now, obviously this concept was first conceived, and quickly used, by a jilted adolescent lothario stalking his ex-girlfriend..."

                            Social Media Infamy: 10 Tips for Avoiding Very Public Mistakes
                            CIO Insight July 13, 2012
                            "Whether it's an inappropriate photograph of oneself taken in a locker room mirror or an off-the-cuff remark that goes viral, what you post on social networks can take on a life of its own. So when it comes to your company and its messaging, it's important to set policies and follow best practices to avoid shameful or brand-killing incidents. In his new book, "Social Marketology: Improve Your Media Processes and Get Your Customers to Stay Forever"), author Ric Dragon examines classic traps that can turn off social media users - i.e. your customers - and even cause damage to brand reputation..."
                              IT - Email
                              New BYOD Threat: Email That Self-Destructs
                              InformationWeek January 24, 2013
                              "As the BYOD movement infiltrates the enterprise, IT managers have more to worry about than ever. The latest challenge: Employees who use apps to send messages that "self-destruct."

                              The possibility of employees dropping company secrets into Dropbox already worries IT managers, but at least such actions leave behind a trail that can be traced. What happens when employees send messages to each other and to others outside the organization that are deleted by default?..."

                              IT - Database
                              You Still Stink At Patching Databases
                              Dark Reading January 23, 2013
                              "Only about a fifth of organizations patch their databases within three months, and that number is unlikely to get better anytime soon, experts say Last week's quarterly Critical Patch Update from Oracle fixed only one issue in the software giant's core database product, which is pretty fortuitous for most enterprises because even after years of warnings about it, database patch cycles still continue to lag. In fact, the numbers show that enterprises may actually be getting worse at patching databases rather than improving..."
                              IT - Mobile
                              10 Mobile Technology Trends Sure to Impact Your Work, Life in 2013
                              eWeek January 23, 2013
                              "The mobile market has dramatically changed the IT industry. While deskbound PCs were once the most important products in the industry, smartphones, tablets and even lightweight notebooks are now on top. Desktops and heavier laptops have lost favor to highly mobile devices that generate excitement among consumers and even enterprise users. Given the importance of the mobile device market today, many buyers are likely wondering what they can expect from products built by Apple, Samsung, Nokia, HTC and others..."

                              • Big Screens…VERY Big Screens
                              • 4G LTE
                              • Android Everywhere
                              • NFC
                              • Slim and Light
                              • Bigger Tablets
                              • Better Tablet Covers
                              • Better Small Tablets
                              • Heavy Investment in Ultrabooks
                              • Business Focus

                              Read on for more details.

                              Enterprise Mobility Minute #2: Think Strategy First
                              Business 2 Community January 18, 2013
                              "In today's world of technology-driven transformation, the ability to adopt new technologies quickly – without unduly disrupting the business – is key to remaining relevant, today and in the future.

                              But when many breakthrough technologies emerge and converge at record speed, how do you make the right decisions to mobilize your business? How can you foresee the impact that your choices will have on the business of your company?..."

                                Warning Signs That You're Addicted to Tech
                                Baseline January 12, 2013
                                "Sure, we're all constantly on our computers and other devices. We may even jokingly confess that we're addicted to our smartphones. But there's actually a clinical term for an unhealthy attachment to mobile technology: Nomophobia. In California, the Morningside Recovery Center announced the first-ever recovery group program to deal with this dependency. In fact, as many as two-thirds of the population may suffer from its effects, research shows..."
                                  Smartphone Market Up 43% in 2012
                                  CIO Today January 25, 2013
                                  "Another report released this week from industry research firm IDC also showed a growing smartphone market, but those increases were not as impressive as in the Strategy Analytics report. IDC said 545 million smartphones were shipped last year, representing a 10 percent growth over 2011. That contrasts with Strategy Analytics' tally of 700 million sold..."
                                  IT - Big Data
                                  3 Tips for Getting Started With Big Data
                                  InformationWeek January 22, 2013
                                  "So your organization is ready to take the big data plunge -- perhaps invest in an on-premise Hadoop platform, or use a cloud service to mine social media streams? Whatever your goals, it's important to ease into big data and avoid being overly ambitious at the start.

                                  That's according to Mare Lucas, chief marketing officer and big data evangelist for GCE, a cloud services provider with a large footprint in the in the government realm. Its GCE Big Data and Analytics Cloud, a scalable platform for storing and managing data, provides tools for consumer-friendly data search and analysis..."

                                  Big Data Security Challenges
                                  NetworkWorld January 17, 2013
                                  "According to ESG Research, 47% of enterprise organizations collect 6TB of security data or more on a monthly basis to support their cybersecurity analysis requirements. Furthermore, 43% of enterprise organizations collect 'substantially more' security data then they did 2 years ago while an additional 43% of enterprise organizations collect 'somewhat more' security data then they did 2 years ago.

                                  Just what types of data are they collecting? Everything..."

                                  Bigging Up Big Data: Why the Hype Is About to Stop
                                  ZDNet January 24, 2013
                                  "Big-data hype has reached its peak and the concept is likely to plunge into the 'trough of disillusionment,' according to analyst group Gartner.

                                  Businesses are exploring the use of big data to analyse and understand the vast amounts of information they have stored. But according to Gartner, big data has now reached the peak of inflated expectations.

                                  According to Gartner's hype-cycle model, technologies reach a point where they are completely overhyped, after which users become disillusioned, only later to actually find a realistic business use for the technology..."

                                  On-Demand Big Data Analytics: An Emerging Trend
                                  InformationWeek January 18, 2013
                                  "Emerging trend of on-demand analytics is enabling businesses of all sizes to avail supercomputing power on a pay-per-use model and analyze complex data sets to derive business-critical information, says Dr Matt Wood of Amazon Web Services...

                                  Organizations have known about the benefits of analyzing data for some time. However, with the increase in availability of data within an organization, and beyond, traditional, static methods of capturing, storing, analyzing and collaborating around that data have acted as barriers to unlock those potential benefits..."

                                  Revealing Big Data's Secrets
                                  Information Management January 17, 2013
                                  "Managing the access, storage and use of data effectively can provide businesses a competitive advantage. Last year I outlined what the big deal is in big data, as the initial focus on the volume, velocity and variety of data – what my colleague Tony Cosentino calls the "three V’s" – is only one small piece of how organizations should evaluate this technology..."
                                  The Internet of Things, Huge Data, and Starbucks
                                  NetworkWorld January 23, 2013
                                  "This week in Gearhead I cover an application that's related to the concept of The Internet of Things, but applied to a novel area: Citizen-driven air quality monitoring.

                                  As I was writing that column I got a call from a friend and I was telling him about the product and the technologies used. I went on to claim that connecting monitoring devices to "things" and, in turn, connecting those devices to the 'Net was the way of the future; that we can expect anything and everything to eventually be connected and that we'll be tracking the minutiae of what happens in the real world..."

                                  The Soft Benefit of Big Data Analytics: Thinking Differently
                                  Business 2 Community January 21, 2013
                                  "It's an exciting time we live in. New markets are opening, innovative applications are reshaping the IT landscape, and social shifts are driving changes once considered unimaginable. Adapting to these transformations requires a new approach to seeing and thinking.

                                  Fortunately, organizations can masterly navigate the changes transforming their markets and industries. With Big Data analytics (aka predictive or advanced analytics) software, decision makers gain, David Smith – VP of insurance solutions at Igate Patni – explains, 'a powerful tool for managing the performance of the organization, both in avoiding risk and recognizing and capitalizing on opportunities.'"

                                  What Big Data is Really About
                                  TDWI January 22, 2013
                                  "Big data isn't hype, but it is being hyped. There is substance to the technology shift happening in the broader data management market of which both business intelligence and big data are a part. The real question to ask is "what's different?"

                                  The constant drone of the "three Vs of big data" we keep hearing in the media doesn't explain much. This focuses on a literal interpretation of big data, explaining it in terms of bigness (except when the data isn't big), variety (except when there isn't any variety in the data), and velocity (except when the data is processed in batch). So you can have big data without any of the three Vs, making this an empty definition..."

                                  IT - BYOD
                                  Big Changes Ahead for the Military's BYOD Strategy
                                  DefenseSystems January 23, 2013
                                  "The Defense Department’s game plan of allowing mobile devices in the workplace includes exploring mobile device management (MDM), a strategy that could potentially turn some defense employees off to the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) concept, DOD and industry sources say.

                                  This year could spell big changes on the BYOD front in the DOD workplace. The agency made its first official overture toward embracing BYOD in late October, when the Defense Information System Agency (DISA) put out a solicitation for MDM capabilities, as well as a Mobile Application Store. The MDM capability, according to DISA, should provide a user “traffic cop” to enforce policy by defining functions allowed on mobile devices..."

                                  BYOD Policies Can Contribute to Cloud Sprawl
                                  eWeek January 16, 2013
                                  "Without proper management and strategies in place, moving to the cloud in an unchecked manner will result in cloud sprawl, the report warns...

                                  The rise of bring-your-own-device initiatives is creating a variety of security and logistical challenges for IT departments as they grapple with privacy policies, secure access and remote lock and wipe functionality in case a device is lost or stolen. IT solutions and managed services provider Logicalis warns 'cloud sprawl,' or individual departments finding and deploying their own cloud solutions, could also pose a major problem for businesses..."

                                  Embrace BYOD or Die
                                  HelpNet Security January 23, 2013
                                  "Dell Quest Software announced the results of a global survey of IT executives to gauge the level of organizational maturity with existing BYOD strategies, along with realized and anticipated benefits and problems.

                                  The findings conclude that approximately 70% of companies believe BYOD can improve their work processes and help them work better in the future, while an estimated 59% believe they would be at a competitive disadvantage without BYOD..."

                                  Top Ten Articles for last few Issues
                                  Vol 179 Issue 1, 2 and 3; Vol 178 Issue 1, 2,3 and 4 ; Vol 177 Issue 4
                                  We track how frequently each article is viewed on the web site to determine which the readers consider the most important. For last week, the top 10 articles were:

                                  • Oracle Delivers On SPARC Promises
                                  • Virtualization Performance on Joyent's Public Cloud: Zones, KVM, Xen
                                  • Oracle Linux 5.9 Now in GA
                                  • Two New Drive Enclosures, Disk Options for ZFS Storage Appliance
                                  • Booting Oracle Linux from a USB Stick
                                  • A Message from Joerg Moellenkamp: Upgrade Java Now!
                                  • Oracle Adds Infrastructure as a Service on Premise with Capacity on Demand to Cloud Portfolio
                                  • A Procedure for Migrating Zones on Shared Storage
                                  • Oracle Sun Storage 2500-M2 Array
                                  • Slide Sets for Two DOAG Talks: LDoms and T4 Red Crypto Stack

                                  The longer version of this article has list of top ten articles for the last 8 weeks.

                                    IT - Encryption
                                    Encrypt (Almost) Anything
                                    ComputerWorld January 18, 2013
                                    "It's all too easy to neglect data security, especially for a small business. While bigger organizations have IT departments, service contracts, and enterprise hardware, smaller companies frequently rely on consumer software, which lacks the same sort of always-on security functionality.

                                    But that doesn't mean that your data is unimportant, or that it has to be at risk..."

                                    How to Steal Encryption Keys off Hardware Chips and Smart Cards
                                    NetworkWorld January 17, 2013
                                    "Cryptography Research, known for its crypto system-breaking stunts, will be at it again at the RSA Conference in San Francisco next month when it shows a way to steal encryption keys off hardware chips and smart cards...

                                    According to Cryptography Research technical director of hardware security solutions Pankaj Rohatgi, researchers will demonstrate "leaky crypto" associated the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) on a field-programmable gate array (FPGA) approved under the National Security Agency (NSA) Suite B program. NSA Suite B has been approved for use in top-secret communications in defense applications, he noted..."

                                    Gartner Positions Oracle as Identity Management Leader
                                    Honors Oracle as well in User Administration/Provisioning Magic Quadrant
                                    Once again, Gartner has included Oracle in the Magic Quadrant for Identity and Access Governance and in the Magic Quadrant for User Administration/Provisioning, for the fifth and second year, respectively. The honor recognizes that Oracle Identity and Access Governance Suite, a key component of Oracle Identity Management 11g Release 2, provides customers with an integrated and complete solution to automate Identity Audit and Compliance with its Access Request, Provisioning, Certification and Privileged Account Management capabilities.
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