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Slide Sets for Two DOAG Talks: LDoms and T4 Red Crypto Stack
Considering IO Ooptions for both Disk and Networking; Securing the Database

The DOAG Konferenz & Ausstellung 2012 featured two presentations by Stefan Hinker, for which he now shares the slides in an post. The first was entitled "LDoms IO Best Practices,"] in which he discussed different IO options for both disk and networking and gave recommendations on how to choose the right ones for your environment. The second, co-presented with Heinz-Wilhelm Fabry, was entitled "T4 and the Red Crypto Stack." The presenters showed how to use encryption and other security mechanisms throughout the red stack to deploy a quite well secured database.

Oracle Delivers On SPARC Promises
Richard Fichera, Forrester
When it comes to the promises made by Oracle regarding its plans for SPARC/Solaris, Gartner's Richard Fichera is satisfied that Oracle has kept its word. The suspense over the T5 aside, Fichera is persuaded that SPARC/Solaris customers can expect a long-term future of improved and very competitive performance and price-performance scaling for Oracle hardware, especially when coupled with Oracle software in its “engineered systems.” Oracle and IBM, he predicts, will remain strong competitors for performance and price-performance across a variety of workloads, and competitive pressures will ensure a decade of strong systems platforms for high-end UNIX workloads whatever the fate of HP’s Itanium platforms.
Austrailian Supermarket Group Coles Implements Warehouse Management System
Oracle Exadata Database Machine and Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c Speed Query Responses
Coles, one of Australia's largest supermarket chains employing more than 100,000 employees in 2000 stores Australia-wide has implemented Oracle Exadata Database Machine and Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c running on Oracle Linux to enable critical trend reporting during retail seasonal spikes. With this implementation, Coles now enjoys, out of the box, a 3x to 4x improvement in processes and 4 to 6x faster query performance. The intelligent software capabilities in the Oracle Exadata Database Machine give Coles the ability to store 20+ TB of trending historical data, enabling new, complex analytical reports to help better predict the needs and potential issues for Coles’ stores.
Virtualization Performance on Joyent's Public Cloud: Zones, KVM, Xen
Assessing the Options with Brendan Gregg
Brendan Gregg explains the virtualization technologies Joyent uses to run its high performance public cloud: Zones and KVM on SmartOS. He considers the performance of these technologies from the aspects of characteristics, block diagrams, internals, and results, explaining that Zones adds no overhead, whereas Xen (no longer in use at Joyent) and KVM do, which could limit network throughput to as much as a quarter of its potential. Joyent customers are therefore encouraged to deploy on Zones to ensure better performance, observability and simplicity. This may entail compiling their applications for SmartOS or, if they insist on running Linux or Windows, employing hardware virtualization (KVM).
IT - Storage
What Is RDX?
Storage-Switzerland January 15, 2012
"RDX (Removable Disk Technology) is an industry standard, mobile 2.5” SATA disk or SSD drive suspended in a removable cartridge, similar in size to an LTO tape. Invented by Boulder, Colorado-based ProStor Systems in 2004, RDX cartridges are plugged into a special dock which provides power and data connectivity. Since the drive is located inside the media cartridge, each successive generation of RDX cartridges uses the same dock. This allows users to easily take advantage of advances in disk drive capacities and performance since there’s no hardware refresh required to implement new media generations.

RDX cartridges are ESD-protected and resistant to shock and random vibration, able to sustain drops of up to one meter onto concrete without damage..."

Are All PCIe SSDs Created Equal?
Storage-Switzerland January 16, 2012
"One of the more popular approaches to implementing solid state disks (SSDs) is to implement the flash memory on a PCIe card, which is installed directly into a server. This places the high performance storage directly at the point of the storage performance problem, and eliminates potential network and storage protocol bottlenecks that can get in the way of maximum SSD performance. But all PCIe SSDs are not created equal. In fact, there are some stark differences between the various architectures in the form factor. This article will explore some of the factors to consider when comparing these popular server-side flash storage devices..."
SSDs vs. Hard Drives Vs. Hybrids: Which Storage Tech Is Right For You?
ComputerWorld January 17, 2013
"In times past, choosing the best PC storage option required merely selecting the highest-capacity hard drive one could afford. If only life were still so simple! The fairly recent rise of solid-state drives and hybrid drives (which mix standard hard drives with solid-state memory) have significantly altered the storage landscape, creating a cornucopia of confusing options for the everyday consumer.

Yes, selecting the best drive type for a particular need can be befuddling, but fear not: We're here to help. Below, we explain the basic advantages and drawbacks for each of the most popular PC storage options available today. Tuck away this knowledge to make a fully informed decision the next time you're shopping for additional drive space..."

    136 Million HDDs Shipped in 4Q12 January 14, 2013
    "TRENDFOCUS, Inc., the best source on the worldwide hard disk drive market, published its preliminary results for CQ4 2012.

    Retail/external HDD sales were solid in CQ4, but 2.5" shipments fell sharply..."

    • 3.5" Desktop/CE HDDs: 55m
    • 2.5" Mobile/CE HDDs: 67m
    • 3.5"/2.5" Enterprise HDDs: 14m

    By maker:

    • Seagate - approx. 58 million
    • Toshiba - approx. 18 million
    • Western Digital - approx. 60 million

    Read on for details.

      IT - Technology
      Gesture Computing Is Here! (And It's Out of Control!)
      ComputerWorld January 12, 2013
      "As the dust settles over Las Vegas, it's becoming clear that this year's International CES ushered in a new era of in-the-air gesture control.

      TVs, tablets, phones, cars that enable you to control them by waiving, pointing and generally moving your hands in the air were demonstrated at CES.

      As Microsoft proved with Kinect for Xbox 360, gesture control is a wonderful interface that really works. But there's one problem, possibly a fatal one for the acceptance of gesture control: There are no standard gestures.

      Every new gesture-control device makes you learn a whole new "vocabulary" of hand motions..."

      Hands-On With Corning's Bendable Willow Glass (Exclusive)
      cnet January 10, 2013
      "There's no question that flexible screens are the future, along with the bendable products that go with them. Corning, maker of Gorilla Glass 3, was kind enough to drop by our CNET booth at CES to show me Willow Glass, its take on bendable glass so thin you can curve it in a deep arc without breaking..."
        Intel Prepares to Use Lasers, Light to Shuffle Data between Computers
        NetworkWorld January 17, 2013
        "Intel is taking the first steps to implement thin fiber optics that will use lasers and light as a faster way to move data inside computers, replacing the older and slower electrical wiring technology found in most computers today.

        Intel's silicon photonics technology will be implemented at the motherboard and rack levels and use light to move data between storage, networking and computing resources. Light is considered a much faster vehicle to move data than copper cables.

        The silicon photonics technology will be part of a new generation of servers that will need faster networking, storage and processing subsystems, said Justin Rattner, Intel's chief technology officer, during a keynote at the Open Compute Summit in Santa Clara, California..."

        My Top Tech Predictions for 2013
        IT-Directory January 18, 2013
        Ruth Cheesley, MD, Virya Technologies offers her Top Tech Predictions for 2013:

        • Cloud-Based Phone Calls
        • Further Enhancements To The Shopping Experience
        • SEO Gets Personal
        • Social Signals Take Priority
        • Open Source is King
        • Responsive Website Design
        • Rising Apprenticeships

        Read on for details.

        A Procedure for Migrating Zones on Shared Storage
        Jeff Victor Advises Against Use in Production Environments

        Zones on Shared Storage (ZOSS) enables users to store Oracle Solaris Zones on shared storage, Jeff Victor posts, so that users can perform quick and easy migration of a zone from one system to another. He offers the caution that the ability to use ZOSS to store a zone on a local disk is very useful for a lab environment, but not so useful for production, advising his readers not to regularly move disk drives among computers. Victor presents the nine steps in his migration procedure and includes the commands and outputs for each of them.

        18 MySQL 5.6 Troubleshooting Improvements
        Favorites from a Support Engineer
        In anticipation of the release to GA of MySQL 5.6 Sveta Smirnova offers a list of 18 favorite troubleshooting improvements from the perspective of the support engineer. Each is presented with a brief comment on its nature and its utility. To name but a few: EXPLAIN for UPDATE/INSERT/DELETE; new InnoDB tables in Information Schema; option to log all InnoDB deadlocks into error log file: innodb_print_all_deadlocks; persistent statistics for InnoDB tables; support of backup/restore of InnoDB Buffer Pool during restart and on demand; partial images in RBR.
        Cloud Computing
        Oracle Adds Infrastructure as a Service on Premise with Capacity on Demand to Cloud Portfolio
        Enables Users to Meet Dynamic Workloads, Paying for Peak Computing Power Only When Needed
        Oracle has added Oracle Infrastructure as a Service (Oracle IaaS) with Capacity on Demand, part of its cloud portfolio, which allows customers to deploy fully integrated Engineered Systems in their data centers behind their firewall – all for a simple monthly fee. The on-premise, private cloud infrastructure provides organizations with total control and visibility over their IT environments, enabling them to meet internal and regulatory compliance and security requirements. In addition, Oracle IaaS includes elastic compute Capacity on Demand, enabling customers to easily add and remove processing capacity to meet their changing workloads, only paying for peak computing power when it is needed.
        Oracle Linux 5.9 Now in GA
        Includes Unbreakable Enterprise kernel Release 2

        With the advent of Oracle Linux 5.9, Unbreakable Enterprise kernel Release 2 is now part of the release. ISO images will soon be available from the Oracle Software Delivery Cloud, according to a post by Lenz Grimmer, and the individual RPM packages have already been published from the public yum repository. He writes further that Oracle Linux can be downloaded, used and distributed free of charge, updates and errata are freely available. A variety of support subscriptions are available. The Red Hat site announces that the release includes new functionality in the areas of virtualization, security, and networking.

        Booting Oracle Linux from a USB Stick
        Rick Ramsey Offers a How-to
        In a recent OTN post, Rick Ramsey presents a procedure for installing Oracle Linux from a USB stick. First, one must instruct the BIOS to boot from the particular USB device and bear in mind that not all hardware supports USB device booting. Next, download an ISO image of Oracle Linux from the Oracle Software Delivery Cloud; have a desktop or server system running Oracle Linux; download a script to which Ramsey provides a link; and have the syslinux package in your Oracle Linux system. Then mark partition one as bootable, and create the USB key. Finally, follow closely the directions on the BIOS boot screens.
        IT - Cloud
        Cloud Conversations: Gaining Cloud Confidence from Insights Into AWS Outages
        Business 2 Community January 12, 2013
        "In case you missed it, there were some public cloud outages during the recent Christmas 2012-holiday season. One incident involved Microsoft Xbox users were impacted, and the other was another Amazon Web Services (AWS) incident. Microsoft and AWS are not alone, most if not all cloud services have had some type of incident and have gone on to improve from those outages. Google has had issues with different applications and services including some in December 2012 along with a Gmail incident that received covered back in 2011..."
        Cloud Risks 101
        IIT Web Business January 14, 2013
        "The financial downturn has forced companies to reassess their operations and examine where efficiencies can be made without reducing productivity. The advent of cloud computing has been seen by many to offer the answer for reducing IT costs and associated outlay. While on the face of it, the cloud might offer savings, if the wrong service is selected, it could cost more than expected.

        Therefore, it is wise to look at all aspects of a cloud service to see if it offers the best return on investment and efficiencies for the business..."

        Gartner Cloud Computing Magic Quadrant Pits AWS against the World
        IT World January 14, 2013
        "The Gartner Magic Quadrant is, perhaps, the most renowned artifact in the technology analyst industry. It is controversial, to be sure, with many criticizing it as superficial, too high-level and even reflective more of vendor business relationships with Gartner than true technical and market superiority.

        I'm not necessarily convinced of those negative aspects of the Magic Quadrant. Issues notwithstanding, it's obvious from everyone's behavior that being in or out of the MQ is extremely important to vendors. They track who's in (and out), trumpet inclusion when it occurs and assess their strategy and technology plans in light of potential MQ inclusion..."

        4 Big Cloud Computing Trends For 2013
        Information Management January 17, 2013
        "What will happen in cloud computing in 2013? Henrik Rosendahl, senior vice president of cloud solutions at Quantum – a maker of data management, backup and recovery products – recently weighed in with some thoughts on a number of trends to watch. Based on what the company is hearing from customers, IT managers should be thinking about the following cloud “hot spots” as they plan for the coming year: "

        • Backup to the public cloud as an extension of virtual infrastructures
        • Cloud subscription models
        • Cloud-based disaster-recovery-as-a-service
        • Integrating de-duplication and cloud data protection

        Read on for details.

        Avoid Making the Cloud Your Next Legacy System
        Information Management January 8, 2013
        "It's taken me some time and effort to decode the cloud hype into a coherent value proposition for a business trying to use IT to accomplish business goals, as I’m sure many of you reading this article have had to do. Whether it's SaaS, PaaS or IaaS, what is the opportunity for businesses? What gains can be made in the real world? Here's how my analysis/thought process unfolded and perhaps some of you can relate..."
        Biggest Objections to Cloud Storage Adoption
        Storage Newsletter January 17, 2013
        "TwinStrata, Inc. announced the results of their 2012 Cloud Storage Adoption Survey.

        Conducted during the second half of 2012, the survey focuses on the attitudes and experiences of a cloud-friendly sample group as determined by their attendance at one of two cloud-focused conferences. The survey results provide an early window into how the cloud computing market in general, and the cloud storage market in particular, is maturing..."

        Vulnerable APIs Continue To Pose Threat to Cloud
        Dark Reading January 16, 2013
        "Cloud services allow third-party access to the application and data through so-called Web application programming interfaces, or APIs. Yet many application developers are failing to properly secure such access, putting the application and underlying data at risk, say security experts..."
        Cloud Conversations: Gaining Cloud Confidence from Insights into AWS Outages (Part II)
        Business 2 Community January 12, 2013
        "There is good information, insight and lessons to be learned from cloud outages and other incidents.

        Sorry cynics no that does not mean an end to clouds, as they are here to stay. However when and where to use them, along with what best practices, how to be ready and configure for use are part of the discussion. This means that clouds may not be for everybody or all applications, or at least today. For those who are into clouds for the long haul (either all in or partially) including current skeptics, there are many lessons to be learned and leveraged..."

          Cost Reduction Drives Cloud Adoption
          IT Web Business January 16, 2013
          "Most organisations rank avoiding high start-up investment as one of the key drivers for adopting cloud technologies.

          This was one of the main outtakes from the ITWeb Cloud Survey, which ran online for 14 days in November, attracting 102 responses..."

            'Rogue Clouds' Giving IT Staffs Nightmares
            IT World January 16, 2013
            "'Rogue clouds' occur if sales and marketing people, for example, order up without bothering to consult IT or set up Dropbox with outside vendors to share sensitive information. It's happening to three-quarters of those using cloud, according to the survey, and it occurs more in large enterprises (83%) than in small to midsize ones (70%)...

            "So why are organizations doing it? One in five don't realize they shouldn't," the report says about the "rogue cloud" problem. The report adds they think they're saving money through "rogue cloud" projects and believe "going through IT would make the process more difficult."

            IT - CxO
            How to Scare Off Your Best IT People
            InformationWeek January 14, 2013
            "Another talent war is shaping up for 2013, especially for highly skilled people. Demand for tech skills in particular is on the rise, according to 71% of the respondents to a recent InformationWeek survey.

            Attracting the best and the brightest is hard enough without shooting ourselves in the foot. And we regularly do that in two ways. We don't bring enough message discipline to our recruiting process, instead letting all manner of employees put out feelers on email and social networks without appropriate guidance or checkpoints. And we continue to let managers say and do stupid things, heading off any chance of retaining the best people..."

              10 Ways to Keep Your IT Staff from Jumping Ship
              TechRepublic January 13, 2013
              "Attrition can get the best of any business, but there are plenty of ways to make sure the people you hire remain faithful to your company or department. Some methods of employee retention don’t even require you to spend a single penny of your IT budget.

              And here’s the thing. Going the extra mile to ensure employee retention, in and of itself, will go a long way toward showing your employees you mean business when it comes to keeping them in your business. How can you create and maintain an environment that will encourage your staff to stick around? Let’s take a look at 10 possible steps you can take..."

              • Allow a modicum of freedom
              • Encourage growth
              • Listen to your employees
              • Sponsor team-building outings

              Read on for the rest of the list and details.

                Adopting Tenets of Art to Tackle the Business/IT Challenge
                Insurance Networking News January 9, 2013
                "There are plenty of articles on the age-old problem of aligning insurance business and IT. We tend to process the same tired information—stereotyping each side as obstinate or demanding or unrealistic.

                And although information flows are usually designed to help business and IT teams better communicate, we tend to face the same issues over and over. So it was with great relief that I happened across an entry on the Management Information Mix that at first glance had little to do with business and IT alignment, and more to do with art and science..."

                Cisco, Polycom Offer Tips on Conducting Effective Video Conferences
                eWeek December 30, 2012
                "Video conferencing is becoming an increasingly common way for business people to conduct meetings with colleagues, partners and customers. Organizations see video as an important tool for increasing employee productivity and communicating with their workers and others, as well as a way to reduce expenses, particularly travel costs... eWEEK has collected a few of these tips from Cisco and Polycom to consider when preparing for and participating in video conferences..."

                • Provide an Agenda
                • Look for an Uncluttered Background
                • Check the Room Lighting
                • Eliminate Background Noise
                • Speak in a Normal Tone
                • Check the Endpoint Position
                • Adjust the Camera Position
                • Start With Introductions
                • Make Eye Contact
                • Limit Side Conversations
                • Avoid Nervous Gestures
                • Mind the Microphones

                Read on for details.

                Overcoming the fear of risk in Enterprise Collaboration
                TechRepublic January 16, 2013
                "After conducting a survey in 2011, speaking with clients, and researching hundreds of companies; I've concluded that fear of failure and inability to manage risks are two of the main reasons why executives hesitate to invest in enterprise collaboration platforms and strategies.

                So what can be done to help?..."

                  CIOs Agree: Digital Technologies Are Top Priorities
                  HelpNet Security January 16, 2013
                  "Enterprises realize on average only 43 percent of technology's business potential, according to a global survey of CIOs by Gartner's Executive Programs. That number has to grow for IT to remain relevant in an increasingly digital world.

                  The worldwide survey was conducted in the fourth quarter in 2012 and included 2,053 CIOs, representing more than $230 billion in CIO IT budgets and covering 36 industries in 41 countries..."

                  Game-Changers Ahead for Enterprise Content Management
                  Internet Evolution January 14, 2013
                  "Social integration, mobility, and the cloud -- with a side dish of social media -- are becoming evermore critical elements of enterprise content management (ECM).

                  As the use of mobile devices rises, coupled with the popularity of cloud environments and unstructured content such as videos, organizations must look at the business case for upgrading their ECM systems, according to experts..."

                  Ready, Set, Compete: The Benefits of IT Innovation
                  ComputerWorld January 14, 2013
                  "A few years ago, Hertz learned that innovation isn't just a luxury to be taken out for a test drive now and then, but rather a business imperative. Without new ideas constantly in the pipeline, the car rental giant would get run over by its competitors...

                  Here's a look at how four IT executives have learned to "fail fast and move on" with innovation while maintaining a competitive advantage in a cutthroat marketplace..."

                    States Crack Down on Employers Demanding Passwords
                    Baseline January 8, 2013
                    "Five states have enacted password protection laws that prohibit employers from asking candidates for their social media and email passwords...

                    Last year, a major controversy emerged after several media outlets, including the Associated Press and NBC News, reported that a growing number of employers were forcing job applicants to hand over their Facebook, Twitter and other social media passwords so that organizations could peruse their accounts and review what they posted before hiring them. In many cases, candidates who refused were automatically rejected..."

                    Longer-Term Outsourcing Contracts Gain Favor
                    InformationWeek January 14, 2013
                    "Longer-term, single-supplier IT outsourcing contracts are becoming increasingly widespread because multi-sourcing arrangements have failed to deliver.

                    This is according to U.K.-based IT analyst firm Ovum, which has set out its predictions for IT buyer priorities in a report, "2013 Trends to Watch: Bundled Outsourcing." It claims that, despite the growing requirement for agility and for companies to deliver quick wins from current IT projects, there is recognition that, unless they do the groundwork, organizations won't achieve the strategic transformations they seek.

                    IT - DR
                    Ten Disasters That Could Crush Your Company
                    Baseline September 12, 2012
                    "If you need any more proof that you should take the threat of disasters seriously, consider this: Companies lose as much as $90,000 for every hour of downtime due to systems disruptions, and the survival rate for companies without a disaster recovery plan is less than 10 percent. No organization is immune because both natural and man-made sources can trigger these incidents. With that in mind, Janco Associates has come up with a list of the top 10 disasters that affect organizations..."

                    • Weather
                    • Fires
                    • Earthquakes
                    • Water Pipe Breaks
                    • Fiber/Communications Lines Cut
                    • Power Outages
                    • Human Error
                    • Inside Jobs
                    • Data Corruption and Loss
                    • Cascading Systems Failure

                    Read on for details.

                    IT - PM
                    Five Networking Tips for IT Project Managers
                    TechRepublic January 15, 2013
                    "One of my goals for this year is to do more professional networking in the project management community. You’ll notice I didn’t say New Year’s resolution, as goals are actionable while resolutions are declarative statements that are often forgotten by the third week of the year...

                    Professional networking and learning about new trends and project management tools and comparing processes across different companies can inject new ideas into your work. Below are actionable ideas for improving your professional networking this year..."

                    • Connect with other project managers in LinkedIn forums
                    • Explore #PMOT and #PMChat on Twitter
                    • Attend a conference
                    • Form an online community of practice
                    • Ask your favorite blogger how you can help

                    Read on for details.

                    7 Must-Have Project Management Skills for IT Pros
                    NetworkWorld January 16, 2013
                    "Just because someone has the title of "project manager" does not mean he knows how to effectively manage projects, as many CIOs and other IT executives have learned the hard way.

                    So how can you tell a good project manager from a bad one? surveyed project management experts and executives to learn what skills are required to successfully manage projects--that is, to ensure that projects are kept on track and stay on budget.

                    Here are seven skills project managers need in order to be effective and successful:"

                    • Be highly organized and a good multi-tasker
                    • Take charge and know how to lead
                    • Be an effective communicator
                    • Know how and when to negotiate
                    • Be detail-oriented
                    • Recognize and solve problems quickly
                    • Possess the necessary technical skills

                    Read on for details.

                    IT - Networks
                    SDN: From Slideware to Software in 2013?
                    NetworkComputing January 10, 2013
                    "In a game of IT buzzword bingo, SDN would be near the top of anyone's list for 2012. But aside from ample quantities of tradeshow talk, most of the action was in the halls of finance, not on the floors of data centers. VMware's acquisition of SDN darling Nicira, for a mind-blowing $1.26 billion, served notice that the concept of a software-controlled network has legs. But if analyst predictions and vendor roadmaps are to be believed, 2013 should mark the point when SDN moves from being a debate topic to a serious technology alternative for network upgrades and redesigns..."
                    IPv6 and the Internet of Things
                    TechRepublic January 14, 2013
                    "Nick Hardiman explains why the switch to IPv6 will further enable the world of connected devices.

                    The Internet of Things means the continued growth and development of an open, global Internet. The tool that is going to make that possible is IPv6, and organizations from the IEEE to ISOC have been pushing it (World IPv6 Launch Day was June 6, 2012). But what is it good for? Is it just about replacing IPv4 addresses like with weird looking IPv6 addresses like 2001:41c8:51:27e::10? ..."

                    IT - Operations
                    Dire Warnings Don't Yield Better Critical Infrastructure Security
                    NetworkWorld January 15, 2013
                    "The Department of Homeland Security finds critical systems still lacking basic protections, despite years of warnings...

                    The warnings of possible catastrophic cyberattacks on critical infrastructure in the U.S. have been issued for more than a decade. They were frequent and insistent in 2012, from high-ranking government officials and others..."

                    Ten Priorities for Data Center Managers
                    Baseline January 11, 2013
                    "The theme that will dominate the top of the to-do list of data center professionals in 2013 can be summarized in one word: power. Specifically, how to use less of it, according to a recent survey from the Uptime Institute Network. The resulting report, "Top 10 Data Center Technology Priorities for 2013," covers a wide range of issues affecting the industry, but those addressing power-related challenges loom largest, as data centers account for 2 percent of all electricity used in the United States..."

                    • Power Efficiency
                    • Cooling Systems Efficiency
                    • Monitoring and Metering
                    • Data Center Infrastructure Management
                    • Automation and Building Alert
                    • Cloud Computing
                    • Consolidation and Rationalization
                    • Virtualization
                    • Diesel Generation and Regulations
                    • Modular, Container or Prefab

                    Read on for details.

                    Passing PCI DSS external vulnerability scans
                    TechRepublic January 16, 2013
                    "In my first TechRepublic post about the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), I described the steps our company took to gain initial compliance by passing external scans and completing a self-assessment questionnaire. In my second post about PCI DSS, I wrote about successfully tackling the causes of external vulnerability scan failures. As I suggested back then, changes to your systems and the scanning algorithms, coupled with the ever-evolving threat landscape, mean that passing the scans can never be taken for granted..."
                    IT - Security
                    Best Practices To Mitigate DDoS Attacks
                    NetworkWorld January 10, 2013
                    "Why would someone attack a website? Some people, like Cyber Fighters, use DDoS to make a political statement. Others do it to extort money, holding the website hostage via an outage until a ransom is paid. Unscrupulous people use DDoS to disable a competitor. Some security experts believe that DDoS attacks are often a smokescreen to cover up other illicit activity...

                    How can you protect your company's Web presence? Here are a few tips on what you can do now to head off a potential problem later..."

                    • Don't count on a firewall to prevent or stop a DDoS attack
                    • Bake DDoS into your business continuity and disaster recovery plan
                    • Know the signs of an active attack
                    • Know your customers and lock out unexpected transactions.
                    • Measure the financial impact of being offline for a period of time
                    • If you are the victim of a DDoS attack, look for fraud, data breaches or other criminal activity
                    • Know who to call to stop an attack

                    Read on for details.

                    Data Breaches Erode Trust in Business
                    HelpNet Security January 11, 2013
                    "Recurring data breaches over the past five years have undermined public trust in the ability of both private firms and Government organisations to safeguard personal information, according to Check Point.

                    Despite this erosion of trust, and public demands for better data security, a significant number of people are still risking data breaches through unsafe computing practices in the workplace..."

                    Privilege Management Could Cut Breaches -- If It Were Used
                    NetworkWorld January 16, 2013
                    "It is well established that human error, ignorance and/or malice are more of a threat to online enterprise security than flaws in technology. An employee who falls victim to phishing or puts an infected USB drive into a workstation can let an attacker easily defeat the best security system.

                    But experts say technology can at least partially trump those human weaknesses. It just has to be deployed, and deployed properly..."

                    Security Holy Grail Anyone?
                    NetworkWorld January 17, 2013
                    "It sometimes feels like the entire planet is working on some sort of security technology to protect the networked world from insiders, outsiders and just plain nasty ne'er do wells.

                    The researchers at the government's "high-risk, high-payoff research" group, Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity (IARPA) want to go beyond the mundane security research and development and get right to the groundbreaking stuff.

                    Does it exist? We'll see..."

                    Should 'Good' Hackers Be Protected By Law?
                    Christian Science Monitor January 15, 2013
                    "A Dutch MP who brought to light a security gap on a medical site is himself being accused of hacking crimes, pulling him into an ongoing debate in the Netherlands over 'ethical hacking.'"

                    "Mr. Krol is facing criminal charges of "digital trespassing" in the Netherlands, thanks to his efforts to bring to light a security hole in a medical research center website. That act has put him squarely amid a Dutch debate over whether to protect "ethical hackers": hackers who act to find and report security holes to server owners..."

                    Top Security Threats for 2013
                    IT Business Edge January 16, 2013
                    "Venafi, a market leader in enterprise key and certificate management (EKCM) solutions, recently released its cybersecurity and vulnerability predictions for 2013. At the top of its predictions list is that organized cyber criminals and hackers will leverage digital-certificate-based attacks to infect enterprise IT systems with state-developed malware such as Flame and Stuxnet. The results will impact business operations adversely, and could lead to data breaches and brand damage..."

                    • Cyber criminals using state-developed techniques to invade the enterprise
                    • 4G-driven mobility and BYOD compliance will cause security and audit nightmares
                    • MD5 and other weak encryption algorithms will cause breaches
                    • The cloud becomes a serious target
                    • Security budgets will rise
                    • Enterprises will realize that they are responsible for ensuring trust and will develop effective continuity and recovery plans

                    Read on for details.

                    IT - Careers
                    Top 11 Metro Areas for Tech Jobs
                    NetworkWorld January 16, 2013
                    "Looking for a new IT job? Or a change of scenery? Across the U.S., companies are looking for IT pros with skills that can drive profits -- such as data analytics, software development and project management. But where is demand highest? Modis, which operates in 70 cities in North America and Europe, ranks the 11 U.S. cities where IT hiring is hottest..."

                    • Omaha
                    • Raleigh
                    • Denver
                    • Los Angeles
                    • Boston
                    • Charlotte
                    • New York City
                    • St. Louis
                    • Minneapolis
                    • Washington, D.C.
                    • San Francisco

                    Read on for details.

                    Pay for CIOs and IT Staff on the Rise
                    CIO Insight January 17, 2013
                    "Pay for IT professionals has risen from about $77,770 to more than $79,300 over the last year, according to an annual tech salary survey from Janco Associates. Translation: Compensation levels are now back to pre-Great Recession levels. And CIOs at large enterprises are clearly benefiting from this as their overall mean compensation, including bonuses, has climbed more than 6 percent within this time period..."

                    • More for CIOs
                    • Big Numbers at Big Places
                    • Executive Action
                    • Middle Men (IT Middle manager)
                    • Rank and File
                    • Unhealthy Diagnosis (health insurance to tech staff)
                    • Savings Summary (401(k) programs)
                    • Flexible Arrangements
                    • Individual Recognition
                    • Group Effort

                    Read on for details.

                    Best IT Resolutions for 2013
                    NetworkWorld January 2, 2013
                    "We've talked to CIOs, IT analysts and other industry experts about the major trends for 2013 to come up with our own list of suggested IT resolutions..."

                    • Embrace BYOD.
                    • Strengthen your IT bench.
                    • Get your financial house in order.
                    • Become buddies with the CMO.
                    • Accelerate your move to SaaS.
                    • Mine your unstructured data for strategic advantage.
                    • Use IT to slash business costs.
                    • Measure IT system configuration compliance.

                    Read on for details.

                    IT - Social Media
                    Driving the Social Media Pickup Truck
                    The Brainyard January 16, 2013
                    "In the pursuit of clarity, I thought I'd use a simple metaphor: a pickup truck. What does a pickup truck have to do with social business? Glad you asked.

                    A pickup truck can be fantastic just like it is. Just like a car, you can show it off to your friends, it can get you from point A to point B. It's great.

                    Social media is great, too. You can use it to show off your company to your customers, you can engage with them and connect them from point A to point B. It serves a perfectly useful function right off the showroom floor. If that's all you want to use it for, that's fine..."

                      Is Social Networking Dominating E-Mail?
                      InformationWeek January 16, 2013
                      "According to survey results, social media is emerging as a preferred mode of communication, whereas e-mail communication has depreciated and is limited to only record-based communication

                      Connecting with people around the world was never so easy and manageable compared to the way it is today. The evolution of Internet made people to reach out each other across the globe, with just a click of a button. Postal mail might have been the first generation of communication channel, but with advent of computers, e-mail has really brought a transformation in the way people communicate today. Perhaps, e-mail is now under menace due to rise of different forms of communications like Simple Messaging Service or Social Networking..."

                        IT - Compliance
                        Top 10 Information Governance Strategy Tips For Compliance Pros
                        Search Compliance January 14, 2013
                        "Implementing data management strategy and processes is a huge task, and one made more complicated when compliance is taken into account. The numerous (and rapidly multiplying) compliance regulations organizations face require looking beyond just information governance strategy from a risk management perspective...

                        Here are our top ten tips examining the latest information governance trends to assist your data management strategy while also helping you keep pace with compliance regulations..."

                        IT - Email
                        9 Things That You Did Not Know About the Indian Cyber Law
                        InformationWeek January 14, 2013
                        "Cyber law and security expert, Adv Prashant Mali, points out 9 things about the Indian cyber law which can get you punished with imprisonment of up to three years.. ' If an employee keeps forwarding all his official emails from his official email id i.e from to his personal email id i.e to' ..."
                        Leslie Daigle, Chief Internet Technology Officer, Internet Society on How the Internet Has Evolved In 30 Years
                        InformationWeek January 16, 2013
                        "Daigle shares the details of the switchover to the TCP/IP network 30 years back and how the Internet has evolved today, where IPv6 is the new normal...

                        Exactly 30 years ago, on January 1, 1983, the Advanced Research Projects Agency Network (ARPANET) switched from using Network Control Protocol to Transmission Control Protocol and Internet Protocol or TCP/IP – the basic foundation or the backbone for the Internet. Leslie Daigle, Chief Internet Technology Officer, Internet Society shares the details of the switchover to the TCP/IP network and how the Internet has evolved today.

                        Here is Leslie Daigle in her own words:.."

                        Vint Cerf, Father Of The Internet And Chief Internet Evangelist For Google, On How The Internet Was 30 Years Back
                        InformationWeek January 14, 2013
                        "Vint Cerf, Father of the Internet and Chief Internet Evangelist for Google, on how the Internet was 30 years back

                        Co-creator of the Internet, Vint Cerf, who made the Internet possible by developing the Transmission Control Protocol, shares his view on how the Internet was 30 years back..."

                        FAIR Health Selects Oracle Exadata Database Machine and OracleÂs Sun ZFS Storage Appliance
                        Experiences 14x Reduction in Physical Space Required for Data Storage and Backup
                        FAIR Health, a provider of healthcare charge information, has selected the Oracle Exadata Database Machine with a cluster of Oracle’s Sun ZFS Storage 7420 appliances to support its database of more than 15 billion claims. An additional Sun ZFS Storage Appliance supports remote disaster recovery and development. Using Oracle Exadata’s Hybrid Columnar Compression technology, FAIR Health achieved an average of 14x reduction in physical storage space for its primary Oracle Database storage, database backups, and disaster recovery site. The Sun ZFS Storage Appliance’s direct InfiniBand connection to the Oracle Exadata enables FAIR Health to reduce their backup windows and increase resources available for production workloads.
                        Two New Drive Enclosures, Disk Options for ZFS Storage Appliance
                        Both Enclosures Scale to 20 or 24 HDDS
                        Among the product enhancements coming from the Oracle shop recently are new drive enclosures and additional disk options for Sun ZFS Storage 7120, 7320, and 7420 appliances. The DE2-24P drive enclosure is for 2.5" SAS-2 disks configurable with either 300GB or 900GB 10,000 RPM HDDs in 2U. The DE2-24C drive enclosure is for 3.5" SAS-2 disks configurable with 3TB 3.5" 7,200 RPM HDDs. Both enclosures scale up to 24 HDDs or, if configured with write caching, 20 HDDs with 0-4 SSDs. The DS2 disk shelf configurations will continue to be available for new sales via the configurator and expansion to existing systems.
                        Oracle Sun Storage 2500-M2 Array
                        Delivers 2X Performance Improvement over Previous Products
                        The new Sun Storage 2500-M2 Array couples the latest fibre channel and SAS-2 technologies with Oracle's intuitive Sun Storage Common Array Manager software to create a NEBS Level 3 certified SAN solution. The ability of the 2500-M2 Array to scale to 192 drives ensures growth as needed without the need to commit to an expensive initial purchase of multiple drives. The Sun Storage Common Array Manager simplifies management with an easy-to-use and intuitive interface while the performance enhancer software provides up to 2x performance improvement over previous generation arrays. The Sun Storage 2500 M2 Array is fully integrated with Oracle's sun Netra product portfolio.
                        IT - Big Data
                        Big Data Will Play Key Role In Security's Future, Study Says
                        Dark Reading January 17, 2013
                        "Big data is coming to security, RSA says, and it will change the face of today's security technology and practices.

                        In a report issued Wednesday (PDF), the security company offered a look at how data analytics will be applied to IT security, and how enterprises can ride the new wave..."

                        Can't Hire Big Data Staff? Try Enterprise Crowdsourcing
                        InformationWeek January 14, 2013
                        "A big data management system, whether on-premises or in the cloud, often requires significant startup costs, and not just in hardware and software. Companies also need people to perform data-related tasks, but may be unable (or unwilling) to hire staff employees to do the job.

                        That's where enterprise crowdsourcing comes in. What is it? A recent high-profile example of big data crowdsourcing was demonstrated by The Human Face of Big Data project, in which organizers used a mobile app to collect personal information from volunteer participants around the world. In a big data crowdsourcing model, an organization might distribute tasks -- not jobs -- to workers who have online access anywhere in the world. The goal would be to complete tasks quickly and with high quality, at a much lower cost..."

                        Get Your Big Data Ducks in a Row
                        Big Data Republic January 14, 2013
                        "While analyst firms are predicting fairly modest growth in IT spending for 2013, we're still talking about a bucket load of money pouring into hardware, software, and IT staff, when you consider that Gartner estimates the global IT spend at $3.7 trillion this year.

                        Gartner predicts a 4.2% IT spending increase over 2012, while Forrester Research places the increase at 5.4%.

                        Heck,that leaves plenty of room for companies to pay for their big data initiatives, right? Not necessarily..."

                        Big Data Will Transform Security Approaches and Technologies By 2015
                        InformationWeek January 16, 2013
                        "Security experts from Booz Allen Hamilton, Northeastern University and RSA predict Big Data will likely transform nearly all core technology segments in information security within the next two years...

                        Big Data is expected to dramatically alter almost every discipline within information security. The new Brief predicts Big Data analytics will likely have market-changing impact on most product categories in the information security sector by 2015, including SIEM, network monitoring, user authentication and authorization, identity management, fraud detection, and governance, risk and compliance systems..."

                        How to Use Big Data to Make Faster and Better Business Decisions
                        ComputerWorld January 14, 2013
                        "Large enterprises, especially financial services firms, are adopting Big Data at a more rapid pace than expected, according to a recently released study by Big Data consulting firm NewVantage Partners. But how are organizations using Big Data to make better business decisions? Success, it turns out, is as much an art form as it is a technology solution..."
                        What's In A Good Wine?
                        Business 2 Community January 13, 2013
                        "I want to start this piece off by admitting something important: I know absolutely nothing about wine....

                        As far as I was concerned, every year was a great year for wine, and no matter what the person would suggest, I was a huge fan! I could narrow it down to the fact that I liked red and wasn't a huge fan of white, but to talk intelligently beyond that was deep water for me.

                        That's when I turned to Predictive Analytics..."

                        IT - Mobile
                        Smartphone Users Seek Instant Satisfaction
                        CIO Insight January 16, 2013
                        "More people now own a smartphone in the U.S.—45 percent of adults—than own a cell phone, according to a recent Pew Internet & American Life poll. Smartphones will account for a $320 billion market by 2016, industry research reveals, compared to $150 billion in 2011. While the ubiquitous nature of these devices is clear, we're still figuring out what impact they are making on our use of technology. To lend insight here, Harris Interactive has come up with the following breakdowns of differences of our behavior on smartphones..."

                        • Instant Gratification (text)
                        • In-Box (e-mail)
                        • Seeking Direction
                        • Sharing Opinions
                        • Game Time
                        • Researching Products
                        • Social Trends
                        • Social Sharing
                        • Absolutely Free
                        • Face Time

                        Read on for details.

                          Security is Final Hurdle to Mass Mobile Payments Adoption
                          Bank Systems and Technology January 14, 2013
                          "A paper by the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston finds that the ultimate broad adoption of mobile payments will be largely correlated with the security of each mobile platform; and that consumer education and stakeholder collaboration will be equally crucial to promoting widespread adoption..."
                          IT - BYOD
                          Five apps to make the BOYD transition easier
                          TechRepublic January 18, 2013
                          "Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) - it’s not only becoming an important element for end users, it’s becoming a necessity for businesses. BYOD offers up a possible cost savings for companies and more mobility for users. But with the possibilities of BYOD, comes hurdles to leap. Some of those hurdles (such as security) fall into the hands of the company. Other hurdles, such as ease of transition, fall squarely on the shoulders of the end user. Although the inherent mobility of many devices make for easy transition, it is necessary to take advantage of applications to make switching between home and office easy.

                          Here are five possible applications that can aid in your transition. These application vary in platform, but all should help make BYOD a user-friendly task..."

                          • SpiderOak
                          • Divide
                          • TrueCrypt
                          • Keepass
                          • LibreOffice

                          Read on for details.

                          BYOD Encounters Yet another Hurdle
                          Federal Computer Week January 11, 2013
                          "While federal agencies seem willing to communicate with each other about what is and is not working in bring-your-own-device policies, those in industry appear unwilling to do the same, according to Tom Suder, co-chair of the Advanced Mobility Working Group within the American Council for Technology/Industry Advisory Council.

                          'Behind the scenes, a lot of government folks are sharing ideas,' Suder said. 'But in talking with larger integrators, they are uncomfortable sharing these policies – corporations are touchy about it. ' Companies are intent on maintaining their competitive advantage, he said, and thus reluctant to share information with each other..."

                            Top Ten Articles for last few Issues
                            Vol 179 Issue 1 and 2; Vol 178 Issue 1, 2,3 and 4 ; Vol 177 Issues 3 and 4
                            We track how frequently each article is viewed on the web site to determine which the readers consider the most important. For last week, the top 10 articles were:

                            • Oracle Exalytics Toe-to-toe with SAP HANA
                            • ZFSSA Users Get New Drives, Code to Run Them
                            • Peering Inside the Oracle Cloud
                            • Top 10 Java Tech Articles Published by OTN in 2012
                            • Upgrading an Oracle Solaris 11 Repository with 11.1 Packages
                            • Nintendo SVP Comments on How Exalogic and Exadata Platform Enable Company to Scale
                            • Report on the Status of the Solaris 11.1 FIPS 140-2 Evaluation Process
                            • Using Oracle VM API to Configure Oracle Linux VM Running on Top of Oracle VM 3
                            • Telenet Improves Internal Services with Oracle Identity Management
                            • Oracle Pillar Axiom 600 Storage System and Earth Rangers

                            The longer version of this article has list of top ten articles for the last 8 weeks.

                              IT - Server
                              Ask This and Kiss Your Data Strategy Goodbye
                              Information Management January 11, 2013
                              "The number one question I get from clients regarding their data strategy and data governance is, “How do I create a business case?”

                              This question is the kiss of death and here is why..."

                                Open Compute Project Releases Motherboard Tailored for Financial Services Firms
                                Wallstreet & Techology January 14, 2013
                                "An open source server motherboard specification designed specifically for financial services organizations has been released by the Open Compute Project and AMD at the Open Compute Summit today.

                                The specification, formerly known as Roadrunner, was started on the back of a napkin at a café in October 2011 at the New York Open Compute event, according to Bob Ogrey, engineering fellow and cloud technical evangelist at AMD. Today, the motherboard specification is known as AMD Open 3.0.

                                It is designed to provide gains in computing flexibility, efficiency and operating cost by simplifying motherboard design with a single base product to address multiple enterprise workloads, including high-performance computing, cloud infrastructure and storage. Fidelity and Goldman Sachs are currently evaluating AMD Open 3.0. Don Duet, managing director and global co-chief operating officer of the technology division at Goldman Sachs, is on the board of directors for the Open Compute Project..."

                                Facebook hands motherboard designs to Open Compute Project
                       January 17, 2013
                                "Facebook has agreed to add its designs for a new common slot architecture specification for datacentre motherboards into the Open Compute Platform (OCP) initiative.

                                The "Group Hug" board is a datacentre motherboard that can run using a variety of system on chips (SOCs). Originally made by Facebook, the board's designs will be available for equipment makers and enterprises via the OCP.

                                "We are establishing a common slot for any SOC creator in the world to create a chip for a common socket," chairman of the OCP and Facebook vice president of hardware design and supply chain operations Frank Frankovsky at the OCP Summit in Santa Clara, CA..."

                                Choosing Blindness with Business
                                Information Management January 9, 2013
                                "Data quality practitioners often complain that business leaders are blind to the importance of data quality to business success, or that they deny data quality issues exist in their organization. As much as we wish it wasn't so, often it isn't until business leaders bump into enough of the negative effects of poor data quality that they begin to feel that something is amiss..."
                                  IT - Encryption
                                  Security Manager's Journal: When technologies collide
                                  ComputerWorld January 14, 2013
                                  "My efforts to protect sensitive company data recently got a boost when we introduced encryption for files and emails to several key groups, including the human resources, finance, sales and legal departments. I was delighted to see how readily many employees in those groups were adopting encryption, since its use means that files and email can be read only by the intended recipients. Then we ran smack into the law of unintended consequences..."
                                  Changes in Hierarchy Window of NetBeans IDE 7.3
                                  Geertjan Wielenga Assesses Improvements
                                  The improved hierarchy window in NetBeans IDE 7.3 is a welcome change, Geertjan Wielenga posts. The supertype and subtype information, shown in previous releases only in modal dialogs, is now shown in the window. Several small helpful related changes, he continues, include integration with the Javadoc window, which updates itself based on what is selected in the Navigator, Hierarchy window, or editor. A screen shot of the window that he provides makes Wielenga's point that the cleaner user interface, with all related information immediately and contextually available in the IDE's supporting windows, is a big improvement.
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