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Access and Analyze Big Data at Lower Cost with Oracle Big Data Appliance X3-2
Engineered System Simplifies Big Data for the Enterprise
It is now possible to get more value from Big Data less expensively with Oracle Big Data Appliance X3-2 hardware and enhanced Oracle Big Data Connectors, jgelhaus posts. The X3-2 features the latest 8-core Intel Xeon E5-2600 series of processors, and its 18 compute and storage servers with 648 TB raw storage now offer 33 percent more processing power; 33 percent more memory per node; and up to a 30 percent reduction in power and cooling. The Oracle Big Data Connectors software suite provides Oracle SQL Connector for Hadoop Distributed File System and offers transparent access to the Hive Query language from R.
Top 10 OTN Tech Articles for 2012
Compare Your Favorites to the Readers' Choices
Among the Top 10 OTN articles of 2012 as reported by Bob Rhubart are:

  • "Getting Started with Java SE Embedded on the Raspberry Pi" by Bill Courington and Gary Collins
  • "Exploring Oracle SQL Developer" by Przemyslaw Piotrowski
  • "How to Get Started (FAST!) with JavaFX 2 and Scene Builder" by Mark Heckler
  • "How to Use Oracle VM VirtualBox Templates" by Yuli Vasiliev
  • "Tips for Hardening an Oracle Linux Server" by Lenz Grimmer and James Morris
  • "How to Create a Local Yum Repository for Oracle Linux" by Jared Greenwald

Rhubart's post provides links to all 10.

Oracle Secure Global Desktop Ensures Employee Productivity During Environmental Challenge
Results in Business Continuity During Snowstorm
During a recent heavy snowstorm, employees of one of Capgemini's customers that had deployed the Oracle Secure Global Desktop gateway were able to access corporate applications and desktops from home and elsewhere outside the office in record numbers without adversely affecting the level of service available. Oracle Secure Global Desktop assured employee productivity and business continuity in the face of environmental challenges that, in the past, would have crippled an enterprise.
Oracle Exalogic vs. IBM PureApplication System: A Dramatic Comparison
And the Winner Is ...
A post comparing Oracle Exalogic engineered systems to IBM’s PureApplication System from the customer's point of view in terms of the three critical areas of performance, simplicity and cost finds Oracle's Exalogic the clear winner. The post concludes with a lengthy graphical comparison of the two approaches that demonstrates advantage Oracle in every category. Yes, the writer concedes, IBM has adopted an engineered systems approach but was a little late in arriving at the party. While adoptions of Oracle Exalogic have taken place in 43 countries and across 22 industries, IBM was still in the development stage of its PureApplication System.
What's up with LDoms: Part 6 - Sizing the IO Domain
Overcoming the Bottleneck with More Precise Compute Resource Allocation

Continuing his series on "What's Up with LDoms," Stefan Hinker turns to Sizing the Control DomaIn and the IO Domain, asking how much CPU and memory the Control and IO-domain need to provide bottleneck-free virtual network and disk services to the guests. The bulk of the CPU resources will be used by disk services, network services and live migration. A single core on T4 for each IO domain should be sufficient. On larger systems with higher networking demands, two cores for each IO Domain might do. If your CPU resource allocation requires additional adjustment, Hinker recommends using mpstat (1M) and DimSTAT for further analysis.

IT - Storage
Storage System Trends for 2013 and Beyond
Forbes, December 27th, 2012
"In some earlier pieces in December we looked at storage device trends. In this piece we will examine trends in storage systems with some comments on the implications for some storage technologies. We see significant trends taking place that could impact common practices and architectures for digital storage for many years to come.

Storage capacity requirements are growing due to the proliferation of video cameras and sensor networks, user generated content and its use in social networks, content distribution systems as well as on-line storage to support backups and disaster recovery. Storage “in the cloud” is becoming more popular as the costs decline and as more mobile and other consumer applications access content available through the internet..."

Ten 2013 IT Predictions 2013 by Global Marketing CTO Chuck Hollis
StorageNewsletter December 28th, 2012
"Life comes at you fast. 2012 is barreling to a close, and 2013 is almost upon us. Planning season is well underway here at EMC, perhaps the same is true for you? Every year about this time, I bravely share my best guesses around the big themes we'll be seeing in the coming year. Many years ago, I joined the informal crowd of industry prognosticators who offered up their views of the year ahead. As I look back at the past years, I think I've done reasonably well in framing the hot topics that are coming at us fast. My secret? I pick trends that are already well underway, but aren't entirely mainstream yet. Just to be clear, none of these here are really "new" ideas. But, if I'm right, you'll hear a lot more about these topics during the coming year. See if you agree ..."
Data Storage in 2013: 10 Trends Shaping New-Generation Technology
eWeek December 29th, 2012
"The state of enterprise data has undergone a major transformation in the past 20 years. The way it's now accessed, processed, managed and stored is being transformed by the new-generation storage system. Not only has data become more complex, it is now the foundation for reliable business transactions. With the increasing number of data-driven workloads and unique data management requirements, IT has reached a critical point where nondisruptive operations are no longer simply "nice to have" but are now an imperative for business success.

The increase in the number of business-critical applications—both on-premises and in the cloud—depends on a reliable always-on infrastructure that is capable of handling foreseeable growth requirements. Organizations must determine if their data storage systems are capable of meeting the latest performance and scalability requirements. With information provided by NetApp, this eWEEK slide show will highlight 10 essential attributes that must be a part of an enterprise IT infrastructure capable of supporting a storage system that can run 24/7, readily scale up to meet changing needs and ensure business efficiency to drive bottom-line success..."

Box CEO Plan for 2013 Echoes CIO Wish-List
CIO Journal December 27th, 2012
"CIOs want more integration between the cloud-based IT services they use to run their businesses. So does Aaron Levie, the co-founder of fast growing cloud storage company Box, which says it has 14,000 active businesses as customers, including 92% of the Fortune 500. Levie tells Tech Crunch’s Leena Rao the company will spend the bulk of the year continuing to improve its core technologies, and will work on ways to integrate Box with other cloud-based technologies — as well as further expanding the company’s API into the hands of developers..."
    Java Technology
    The Java Source: 2012 in Review
    Top Articles All Concern Software Releases

    The year-end review of the most read Java Source blog entries for 2012, according to Tori Wieldt (all of them about software releases and all but the last by Wieldt), were the following:

    • "Java SE Updates"

    • "End of Public Updates for Java SE 6"

    • "Five Java Update Releases"

    • "Early Access of Java SE 8 for ARM Now Available"

    Java Spotlight Episode 114: Holiday Greetings 2012
    Holiday Wishes in 10 Languages from Java Enthusiasts Worldwide
    In Episode 114 of Java Spotlight Host Roger Brinkley extends the traditional montage of holiday greetings to his audience in 10 different languages from 13 countries from all over the world. "The Java Spotlight Podcast would like to wish Java developers around the world a special Merry Christmas and Happy New Year," Brinkley writes.
    IT - Technology
    10 most successful open source projects of 2012
    ITWorld December 27th, 2012
    "It's that time when we look back at the year that was and speculate about what's in store for the next. This is my list of the top open source success stories for 2012..."

    • Apache Hadoop
    • MongoDB
    • OpenStack
    • Pentaho
    • PostgreSQL
    • Joomla
    • WordPress
    • DotNetNuke
    • SugarCRM
    • Audacity

    Read on for details and links ...

    Technology 2012: A Year of Innovation and Confrontation
    CIO Today December 26th, 2012
    "A litigious mood was contagious in 2012, with companies including Apple, Samsung, Sony, Nokia, HTC, Motorola, and Microsoft huddling with their lawyers. In the midst of all that there were still other tech events in 2012 to catch the eye of gadget lovers. Apple led the way with the introduction of the iPhone 5 and the iPad Mini..."
    7 Technologies Poised for Failure in 2013
    CIO December 18th, 2012
    "Call them the epic fails of technology. In 2013, a few technologies will fade into an abyss, swirling around and clinging for a last gasp of air before eventually dying. For IT executives looking to make contingency plans and approve budgets, these are the technologies to avoid..."
      Smart TVs Underutilized, NPD Survey Finds
      CIO Today December 28th, 2012
      "NPD's survey of people using TVs that connect to the Internet found that less than 10 percent used them to access Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or other social media. Few used their devices to post photos or read e-mail. About 15 percent streamed music through services like Pandora. But most, just under 60 percent, accessed streaming video content..."
      Unified Communications in 2013
      Network Computing December 28th, 2012
      "I recently participated in a podcast hosted by Jim Burton with a number of my colleagues at on analysts' expectations for UC in the coming year. I'll share what they had on their minds as we head into the new year..."
      Five reasons 2012 was a great year for Linux
      ITWorld December 27th, 2012
      "The end of the year is always a good time to take stock of where things stand in any niche or field, and Linux is no exception.

      There's no doubt that there have been challenges for the free and open source operating system over the course of 2012--the Secure Boot challenge comes immediately to mind--but so, too, have there been numerous successes.

      All in all, I believe the good has outweighed the bad for Linux this past year. Here are five specific reasons..."

      Biggest Tech Fails and Flops of 2012
      CIO December 20th, 2012
      "It was a very bad year (for some)...

      Yes, tech companies do a great job of making our lives better. But since they're run by humans, none is perfect. So, just like every other year, 2012 brought its fair share of mistakes, flops, and failures. Here are 20 of the biggest tech mishaps from the past year..."

        Oracle Solaris Remote Lab (OSRL) Fact Sheet
        Available to Oracle Partner Network Gold Member ISVs

        Oracle Solaris Remote Lab allows ISVs who are Oracle Partner Network Gold members with a specialization in the Solaris knowledge zone and can apply for free access in OPN to test and qualify their applications in a self service Solaris cloud. Among the features the lab offers are:

        MySQL Newsletter
        December 2012
        This Edition's Content December 2012

        • News
        • Spotlight: MySQL for the Cloud
        • White Papers
        • Case Studies
        • On Demand Webcasts
        • Blogs

        Read on for the "December Issue".

        Cloud Computing
        Cloud Reference Architecture: White Paper
        A Guide to Matching Resources with Demand
        A new white paper in the Oracle Enterprise Transformation Solutions Series, "Cloud Reference Architecture," expands on the assertions in the Gartner article "Five Cloud Computing Trends That Will Affect Cloud Strategy Through 2015" and addresses the concerns of an enterprise seeking to attain higher levels of cloud maturity by providing a reference for building enterprise-class, highly scalable cloud infrastructures. The paper concentrates on the attributes of the hybrid cloud, one capable of integrating either with other private clouds or public clouds. Oracle solutions deliver the capabilities necessary to provide the means to implement exactly the level of resource capacity necessary for enterprise-class operations.
        Do Your Next Upgrade from the Cloud
        Save Time, Money, Reduce Risk
        Using a video that cites the experience of civil construction firm Colas in implementing JD Edwards, Yaldah Hakim offers three reasons to move to the cloud before your next upgrade. With the cloud and a focus on core business initiatives rather than the implementation of complex environments, it is easier and cheaper to scale IT resources to changing business requirements. The second reason is reducing risk by consulting Oracle Managed Cloud Services whose experts can provide guidance leading to faster, more assured implementation of business applications. Finally, reduced downtime is a certain result of employing Oracle's best practices and tools across the technology stack.
        Securing the Cloud for Public Sector: Webcast
        Panel Discusses Public Sector Cloud Adoption R, Common Challenges, Security Issues, Identity Management
        Oracle Enterprise Security Architect Spiros Angelopoulos assembled a team including himself and Darin Pendergraft, Principal Product Marketing Director, Identity Management; Glenn Brunette, Cloud Architect, Enterprise Solutions Group; and Girish Venkataraman, Sales Consulting Senior Manager, Platform Advanced, to discuss such issues involving "Securing the Cloud for Public Sector" as adoption rates for cloud in public sector, common challenges, security issues, Identity Management issues, and public vs. private cloud, just to name a few. Darin Pendergraft provides a link to a replay of the discussion.
        IT - Cloud
        Hot Trends in Cloud Data for 2013
        StorageNewsletter December 28th, 2012
        "Once again, we have reached the end of the year and the time has come to boldly predict ten cloud data trends for 2013. As anyone who has attempted to predict the future may attest, making predictions that are meaningful and also hold true is not always easy..."

        • Software-defined storage
        • Data monetization using cloud
        • Managed private clouds:
        • Turnkey DIY private clouds
        • Cloud-integrated storage
        • SSD hybrid storage
        • DR as a service in the public cloud
        • Analytics as a service in the public cloud
        • Cloud brokerages
        • Flattening of traditional storage infrastructure sales

        Read on for details.

        Cloud revolution has borne fruit, along with a few bad apples
        TechRepublic December 28th, 2012
        "Cloud computing has been around for years now and has brought benefits that never used to exist. For instance, today’s startups don’t necessarily have to invest in a room full of computers to power their IT. The startup shopping list no longer has to include the hardware the old startup was burdened with. Has the cloud revolution borne fruit for the enterprise?..."
        Mobile, Cloud to Drive IT Spending in 2013
        eWeek December 26th
        "As 2013 approaches, half of IT heads anticipate that their IT budget will increase in the coming year and the outlook is more encouraging for enterprise organizations (1,000+ employees), according to the CIO Tech Poll: Economic Outlook results for November 2012.

        While spending in many technology areas is forecast to remain flat, especially for small and midsize business (SMB) organizations (fewer than 1,000 employees), mobile and wireless, outsourced IT services (including cloud) and applications had the largest number of respondents increasing budgets since April 2012.

        The study is conducted twice a year among heads of IT to gauge technology areas that are the focus of IT in the coming year and to measure the direction of spending within those areas..."

        2012 is The Year Cloud Computing Took a Bite Out of IT
        CIO December 24th, 2012
        "When we started talking about cloud computing five years ago, it meant one thing: Services such as Amazon or Salesforce that customers could self-provision over the Internet and pay as they go. That's what we call the "public cloud" today, as opposed to the "private cloud," which refers to the application of public cloud technologies and practices to one's own data center. And guess what? The public cloud was where the action was in 2012 -- and it's where much of the action is going to be in 2013. According to IDC, businesses will spend $40 billion on the public cloud this year, rising to nearly $100 billion in 2016..."
        IT - CxO
        Top 10 IT Leadership posts of 2012
        TechRepublic December 24th, 2012
        "See what IT Leadership blog posts TechRepublic members were most interested in this year.:"

        • Will a managed print service lower costs?
        • Windows 8 infographic pros and cons at a glance
        • Create the timeline view in Microsoft Project 2010
        • Why critical path is critical to project management
        • Manual vs. autoscheduled tasks in Microsoft Project 2010
        • 15 great leadership questions
        • IT: Becoming less about tech skills, more about integration
        • CIOs may have no choice in supporting Windows 8
        • 6 essential elements for a winning business case
        • View the critical path in Microsoft Project

        Read on for details and links.

        IT shifts from owning to outsourcing data center space
        ITWorld December 24th, 2012
        "There is increasing demand for data center space in multi-tenant facilities driven by a number of trends, according to a new report.

        In the top 20 markets in the U.S., which include Northern Virginia, New York, Boston, Seattle and Silicon Valley, there is a total of 22.1 million square feet of data center operational space, according to 451 Research. Operational space is revenue-producing space in a data center.

        The amount of data center space is growing, on average, about 9% a year, the market research firm said."

        10 Practical Ways to Make Your IT System Greener, More Efficient
        eWeek December 28th, 2012
        "It's a general mandate that data center managers and IT administrators at all levels need to keep power bills as low as possible. Many new-generation data centers are models of 21st century efficiency, but even effectively run systems can always use some advice on how to do things even better.

        Minimizing power usage sets into play an environmentally- and fiscally-friendly chain of events: cooler-running data centers, a smaller carbon footprint, longer lives for capital equipment and lower power bills each month.

        Everyone wants this, of course, but the search is ongoing for the perfectly run IT system..."

          How To Choose A Data Archiving Platform
          InformationWeek December December 27th, 2012
          "At the end of the year, the topic of data archiving heats up. My last column covered different methods for moving data to that archive. This column we will take a look at storage systems that want to be your repository for storing this information. In general, no matter what your motivation for archiving data, the archive storage system needs to provide data integrity, scalability and power management -- and, of course, do so at competitive pricing..."
          5 Ways To Stay Ahead Of Consumerization Of IT
          Global CIO December 24th, 2012
          "No CIO or IT department can fulfill every business user need internally -- budgets, skills and timelines constrain even the best departments. And with the variety of third-party offerings easily available to users, it's pointless to try. Empowering users can make organizations more flexible and help employees do their jobs better. So what's the problem?

          You know the problem: Employees are bringing devices, applications and even data sources into the enterprise at a grassroots level, sometimes unknown to the business and IT leadership. How then can CIOs support employee innovation with new technologies and accelerate their impact on the organization without giving away the keys or undermining the enterprise?

          Consider these five approaches..."

          Top 10 risks found by your auditor
          Help Net Security, December 26th, 2012
          "KirkpatrickPrice offers a list of the most common risks they find:"

          • No formal policies and procedures
          • Misconfigurations
          • No formal risk assessment
          • Undefined incident response
          • Lack of disaster planning
          • Lack of testing
          • Insecure code
          • Lack of monitoring/audit trails
          • Data leakage
          • Lack of training

          Read on for details...

          SOPA blowback, and other tech predictions for 2013
          Computerworld December 26th, 2012
          "he most controversial tech issue taken up by the outgoing Congress was, by far, the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA). This legislation drew a humongous public outcry that prompted a wholesale retreat by its supporters. But thanks to the lessons learned from SOPA, there may be new opportunities for lawmakers in the next Congress, which takes office in January.

          Millions of people protested SOPA in online forums, in emails, on Twitter, on Facebook -- and in old-fashioned telephone calls. They emerged with the power of a special interest group, like the AARP or the NRA. It was a grassroots "Netizen" uprising..."

          Is Vulnerability Management Broken?
          Dark Reading December 27th, 2012
          "If the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results, then are today's IT security departments just a little nutty about vulnerability management? Some security experts think so, claiming that the vulnerability management process is flawed at most organizations today.

          "It's what we call the security insanity cycle," says Anup Ghosh, founder and CEO of Invincea, "which is that cycle of scan your network, patch your vulnerabilities, detect the intrusions, and wash, rinse, and repeat. We keep doing it thinking that somehow this is going to get better, and it doesn't. Vulnerability management as a strategy isn't working -- that method is fundamentally flawed."

          It's Not All About the Cloud: Why Hybrid ITSM is Here to Stay
          CIO December 24th
          "'Cloud-based' might be the most overused marketing term of 2012. Vendors of all stripes seem to believe an edict has been handed down to enterprise IT management who now want all cloud all the time.

          There's one problem: It's not true. While cloud computing certainly makes sense in certain situations for certain applications, the fact is most companies will employ a hybrid model that combines cloud and premise-based applications for years to come, if not forever..."

          How to deal with DDoS extortions
          TechRepublic December 26th, 2012
          "It's a scene out of a movie script. You own a small business on a quiet street, and happily serve your customers day after day. But then one day, a couple of thugs walk in and stand in the doorway, arms crossed, while their boss approaches you at the counter. He demands to be paid protection money so that your business doesn't suffer an unwanted incident, and so you can keep serving your customers.

          This is a scary scenario for any business owner, and perhaps if you live in Russia, it may be something you would have to contend with. But no western business expects this scene to unfold in a quiet American town - certainly not without a quick call to the local police station.

          Unfortunately, the digital equivalent is all too real for businesses all over the world, and there’s little that law enforcement can do to stop it when the trouble starts. Fortunately, there are things you can do to protect yourself, and make sure your online shop isn't affected..."

            IT - PM
            New Year's resolution-setting tips for IT consultants
            TechRepublic December 28th, 2012
            "The end of the year is the best time for IT consultants to review past performance — weigh what’s gone well and study failures — and then make adjustments for working more effectively, productively, and profitably. If you can leverage a few well-chosen resolutions for your business, the results can deliver handsome rewards. Here’s how to start the process..."
            IT - Networks
            Network Computing's Best Stories of 2012
            Network Computing, December 28th, 2012
            "It's been a busy year in technology. Clouds, both public and private, continued to dominate the conversation about where and how IT can provide services to business users. The mobile invasion carried on with its relentless march into the enterprise. Microsoft released a new OS in an effort to keep Windows relevant during the long, slow decline of PC dominance. SSDs gave storage admins a new angle to argue over in the price vs. performance debate. And software defined networking swallowed entire industries from San Francisco to San Jose.

            Our bloggers and reporters covered these and other topics in great detail. Here's the best of their work from the past year, including analysis and how to's..."

            Where SDN Is Going Next
            Light Reading December 26th, 2012
            "Software-defined networking (SDN) rapidly expanded to take up nearly all of tech-industry journalism this year, at least in the networking sphere. Rather than make a year-end list out of it, I thought I'd share a few of the trends I'll be watching for.

            For a more granular look at the subject, check out the SDN questions recently posed by Heavy Reading analyst Graham Finnie. I'll be watching the technology at the nuts-and-bolts level as well, but I kept this list rather high-level, looking mostly at business implications..."

              IT - Security
              Hacker Warns of State Spying at Chaos Computer Club
              CIO Today December 28th, 2012
              "Jacob Appelbaum, a hacktivist and Wikileaks volunteer, opened Europe's largest annual hacker meeting, the Chaos Computer Club conference, by warning that state security services are quickly building up their surveillance networks. He warned that U.S. data center "wants to spy on all of us," calling such surveillance an attack on human dignity..."
              Most unique viruses of 2012
              Help Net Security December 27th 2012
              "PandaLabs outlined its picks for the most unique viruses of the past year.

              Rather than a ranking of the most widespread viruses, or those that have caused most infections, these viruses are ones that deserve mention for standing out from the more than 24 million new strains of malware that emerged..."

                10 Biggest Information Security Stories Of 2012
                Network Computing, December 28th, 2012
                "On the information security front, 2012 has featured nonstop takedowns and arrests, breaches and data dumps, and hacktivist-launched distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks. Early in the year, notably, hackers breached Stratfor, while the FBI arrested alleged Anonymous and LulzSec ringleaders. By year's end, hacktivists were still out in force -- this time supporting Syrian rebels and targeting picket-happy Westboro Baptist Church. In between, there were a plethora of hacks, defacements, leaks, arrests, mass surveillance, privacy violations and numerous other high-profile information security happenings. Here are the highlights from 2012:..."
                A walking tour: 33 questions to ask about your company's security
                CSO December 12th, 2012
                "Get out of the office, look around, and get a fresh perspective on protecting employees, assets, and data..."

                "When's the last time you took a walking tour of your company? Do you have the right security measures in place at each stop? Here's a reminder of where to look (and what you might find) when you get out of your office and into corners of the organization.."

                Security in 2013: The rise of mobile malware and fall of hacktivism
                ITworld December 28th, 2012
                "It's always fun this time of year to look back on the year we're about to leave behind, and to make some predictions about what we might expect the year ahead to look like. We already have a comprehensive look back at the biggest security stories of 2012, and now here's a look at some trends to watch for 2013.

                These prognostications come from McAfee--the respected information security and antimalware company, not its international man of mystery founder. McAfee is one of the companies with a global presence and the skills and knowledge required to distill evolving trends and determine where things are headed..."

                7 Top Information Security Trends For 2013
                InformationWeek December 27th, 2012
                "What's in store for security in 2013?

                On the information security front, 2012 was notable in numerous ways: for Muslim hacktivists launching distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks against U.S. banks, the FBI busting alleged LulzSec and Anonymous leaders, eccentric antivirus founder John McAfee's flight from justice, the apparent data security missteps of the former director of the CIA, as well as a nonstop stream of website hacks, defacements, and data breaches..."

                Phishing techniques, consequences and protection tips
                Help Net Security, December 24th, 2012
                "In this interview, Rohyt Belani, CEO at PhishMe, illustrates the magnitude of the phishing threat. He discusses techniques, consequences and protection tips.

                What happens once your identity gets stolen? How exactly does a phisher benefit from gaining access to your sensitive information? What can he do?

                Of course it depends on the information stolen, and the goal of the hacker, as to what can be done with sensitive information..."

                  The Risk of Mobile Malware Is Growing
                  Baseline December 26th, 2012
                  "The FBI warns that mobile users should be alert for attacks directed at their devices, which are susceptible to malware delivered through e-mails and text messages...

                  As the post-PC era takes shape, and smartphones and tablets go mainstream, these devices are rapidly becoming a target for malware and spambots that have in the past infected personal computers. In October, the FBI issued a warning that mobile users should be on alert for attacks directed at their devices, which are susceptible to malware delivered through links in e-mails and text messages..."

                    The Only Security Prediction That Matters
                    Dark Reading December 26th, 2012
                    "As we tie the bow around 2012 and take a breather before diving headlong into 2013, there are still plenty of folks willing to offer predictions for what we'll see in 2013. Most involve some kind of dire situation where attackers launch new attacks, defenders get caught flat-footed, and corporations lose data in record quantities. You know, the typical FUD prediction that circulates to keep security websites full, even when practitioners should be spending time with their families, not reading meaningless predictions.

                    Not that the folks making the predictions are wrong..."

                    Global Scans Reveal Internet's Insecurities in 2012
                    Dark Reading December 28th, 2012
                    "In late 2011, security researcher HD Moore scanned a small, but significant, fraction of the Internet looking for addresses that responded to the specific protocol used by video conferencing systems. Then, he dialed those systems.

                    The scan of 3 percent of the Internet found 5,000 systems--150,000 systems when extrapolated Internet wide--that were set to automatically answer any call, potentially allowing any attacker to snoop on meetings and peer around conference rooms. The research, presented in early 2012 by Moore and Rapid7 CEO Mike Tuchen, set the tone for the year..."

                    The 5 Coolest Hacks Of 2012
                    Dark Reading December 27th, 2012
                    "Nothing was sacred -- the nation's airspace, home power meters, videoconferences, and, in an ironic twist, popular cybercrime tools..

                    It's common knowledge nowadays that pretty much any device with a network interface -- or a USB port -- is hackable. As soon as a new technology or gadget arrives, some inquisitive security researcher starts to hammer away at it in a race to find flaws in it before the bad guys do. This year was no exception..."

                    Cybercriminals are just businessmen at heart
                    Network World December 26th, 2012
                    "Cybercrime today is a full-fledged business with executives, middle managers and workers who depend on a variety of service providers to keep the illicit operations humming, a new study shows.

                    Supporting these criminal enterprises that mirror legitimate commercial enterprises is a shadow underground of chat rooms, Web portals and marketplaces for finding and hiring people and buying or leasing malware, exploit code and botnet-building tools, says the 2013 Cybercrime Report from Fortinet.

                    Also ready to lend a hand are tech consultants and hosting providers ready to turn a blind eye in return for payment..."

                      McAfee Says Beware of Ransom-Ware Attacks in 2013
                      CIO Today December 28th, 2012
                      "Due to many uncoordinated and unclear operations and false claims, McAfee predicts the Anonymous hacktivist movement will slow down in 2013. Anonymous' level of technical sophistication has stagnated and its tactics are better understood by its potential victims, and as such, the group's level of success will decline, McAfee said..."
                        IT - Careers
                        How IT pros can improve their interpersonal skills
                        ITWorld December 25th, 2012
                        "Looking to help your IT team members improve their interpersonal skills? Technology professionals can refine their ability to communicate with business colleagues by participating in interdepartmental meetings, moving into business units and joining Toastmasters.

                        Here are three ways IT pros can improve interpersonal skills:.."

                          Need Work? Learn Cloud Computing: 7 Mil Jobs by 2015
                          CIO Today December 24th, 2012
                          "Looking for a tech job in the new year? Cloud computing could be your ticket. Cloud-related skills represent virtually all the growth opportunities in IT employment worldwide and demand for cloud-related positions is expected to grow by 26 percent annually through 2015. Yet, lack of training prevents many cloud job positions from being filled..."
                          Top 10 Career Management blogs of 2012
                          TechRepublic December 24th, 2012
                          "TechRepublic had a lot to say about the state of their careers this year, as you can tell by the comments in the top 10 Career Management blogs of 2012:

                          • Top IT skills wanted for 2012
                          • Six lines your boss should never cross
                          • Questions you should never ask in an interview
                          • Four things that make your resume look dated
                          • Sitting at your desk could be killing you
                          • Four email types that can drive you crazy
                          • What is the best font to use in a resume?
                          • Certifications most likely to land you a new job
                          • Infographic: The tell-tale signs of an overworked employee
                          • The three most dangerous management behaviors that you probably don’t know you’re doing

                          Read on for details ...

                          As Mobile Work Rises, 9-to-5 Jobs Decline
                          Byte December 24th, 2012
                          "My job is a full-time journalist, where I sit behind a desk and type up my stories — occasionally taking breaks to interview sources.

                          For knowledge workers, work means sitting at a desk, drinking coffee — and checking their mobile phone to see the latest status update on Facebook. It rarely involves physical labor. But that's set to change. Due to mobile phones and broadband availability, the future of work may look less like sitting behind a desk, and more like my ride to work this morning..."

                          Ten Ways to Bring Out Your Inner Boot Camp Leader
                          CIO Insight December 25th, 2012
                          "Boot camps are all the rage these days. In fact, the American College of Sports Medicine has listed these military-themed physical training sessions as one of today’s top fitness trends. So, if this approach gets people in shape, why not use it for developing your CIO leadership potential?

                          With this in mind, the American Management Association has come out with a book, AMA Business Boot Camp: Management and Leadership Fundamentals That Will See You Successfully Through Your Career ... the book covers the range of tasks, competencies and responsibilities required to steer your IT department to organizational success. The following 10 must do’s are taken from a section on honing up critical leadership traits. The AMA specializes in talent development through classroom sessions, online seminars, webinars, podcasts and other programs..."

                          Top 12 IT career stories of 2012
                          Infoworld December 28th, 2012
                          "As 2012 winds down, it's time to take one more look back at the year in IT careers. Articles on tech jobs are always among the most popular on, but here is a list of the 12 most-read IT career articles of 2012. So before you get ready to celebrate the holidays, check out these 12 articles that focused on how and where to find the best IT jobs."

                          • The Best Cities for Finding IT Jobs in 2012
                          • The World's Best (and Worst) IT Cities to Work and Play
                          • 8 Recession-Proof IT Careers
                          • 10 Best U.S. Cities for IT Jobs with Tech Startups
                          • 5 LinkedIn Tips for Career Success in 2012
                          • 15 LinkedIn Tips to Improve Your Job Search
                          • 8 Best Cities to Find Cloud Computing Jobs
                          • How to Retool Your IT Skills for the Cloud
                          • 10 Hot IT Skills for 2013
                          • 8 Hiring Tips for Identifying Superstar Developers
                          • 10 Time Management Tips for IT Professionals
                          • 7 Hottest IT Healthcare Skills

                          Read on for details.

                          9 IT career resolutions for 2013
                          ITWorld December 26th
                          "Even if you are happy with your current IT job or role, there is a chance you might find yourself looking for a new position this year due to downsizing, outsourcing or reorganization.

                          According to recent statistics, the average worker has been in their current position for no longer than 4.4 years, a number that has been on the decline for decades. The days of working for one employer for your entire career, it seems, are over. So what can you do to shield yourself from the turmoil and layoffs that swirl through IT? Be ready for anything. You can't stop progress; the only choice is to evolve with the technology or get left behind.

                          With that in mind, here's our list of nine career-related resolutions to make for 2013..."

                          IT - Social Media
                          Social Media Search: How To Find It
                          InformationWeek December 27th, 2012
                          "Facebook and Twitter search leave a lot to be desired, but there is more available than you might realize.

                          Until recently, I thought of Facebook as a search-free zone -- a fine place for browsing and sharing content, but an impossible place to find much of anything. Yes, there is a search blank at the top of the screen, but I'd never found it to be good for much besides a search for people or companies on Facebook. There seemed to be no provision for searching for conversations on a given topic or doing a LinkedIn-style search for people by employers or specialties..."

                          IT - Compliance
                          Is Your Data Secure With Third-Party Vendors?
                          CIO Insight December 24th, 2012
                          "The issue of data security is something the business and IT sides don’t always agree about. The differences between the two sides are made abundantly clear in a new study commissioned by nCircle, an information risk management company, about data security and business partners. Whereas the IT side is consistently thinking about price as well as security, the business side doesn’t care as much about security. Value is, well, valued differently by the business side, and by the look of things, that won’t be changing anytime soon..."
                          Governing the Corporate Jewels
                          Baseline December 28th, 2012
                          "In 2008, Sony Mobile Communications AB, then known as Sony Ericsson, was putting out new versions of some 25 different mobile handsets each year—all based on the (now nearly obsolete) Symbian mobile operating system. But a seismic change in the market that began the previous year was forcing Sony to consider abandoning Symbian.

                          That change? The arrival—and huge success—of Apple's iPhone and Google's Android mobile OS..."

                          IT - Email
                          Email Overload: Disease Or Symptom?
                          Network Computing, Decembeer 27th, 2012
                          "Email overload is a symptom of larger management dysfunctions. Why are your employees spending so much time covering themselves for every little thing?...

                          We all say we want less email. But, do we really mean it? I think we're saying: I want less irrelevance in my life. Much in the same way we complain about time-wasting meetings -- instead of focusing on creating fantastic and nimble work sessions -- I'm not sure we're focusing on the right problem..."

                          IT - Database
                          Manage MySQL from Windows with these five apps
                          TechRepublic December 28th, 2012
                          "MySQL is one of the most popular database servers on the planet. It’s free, open source, and as powerful as any other database around. MySQL is also cross-platform; and, like with Linux, there is no built-in GUI tool for Windows. However, that’s not really an issue because there are plenty of GUI tools available that can manage your MySQL database - even from the Windows environment. These tools can connect to both local and remote databases; so it doesn’t matter of your MySQL server is on the Windows machine or a Linux server.

                          I have found five outstanding MySQL managers for you to examine. Of these five, you will certainly find one that will help you manage all aspects of your MySQL databases..."

                          Don't Throw Away Your DAM Money
                          Dark Reading December 27th, 2012
                          "After being in the technology vendor space for a long time, Caleb Barlow had an attitude adjustment coming when he started meeting with customers of IBM's Guardium database activity monitoring (DAM) product. He found that their biggest complaint wasn't about what isn't in the product, but what is there -- and they just don't know about yet..."
                          IT - Mobile
                          Top Apps for Smartphones and Tablets in 2012
                          CIO Today December 30th, 2012
                          "What useful and fun apps for smartphones and tablets have you been missing? The smartest of smartphones and tablets are loaded up with gems such as Action Movie FX, Songza, Google Maps and Snapguide. Oldies but goodies are out there too; even if they didn't make their debut in 2012, consider them essentials for your smartphone or tablet..."
                          More Americans Are Turning Page to E-Books, Pew Survey Finds
                          CIO Today December 28th, 2012
                          "The Pew survey reports that 75 percent of Americans aged 16 and older said they had read a book on any platform in the previous 12 months. Pew said that was not statistically significantly different from the 78 percent who in late 2011 said in a survey they had read a book in the previous 12 months. But e-readership rose seven percentage points..."
                            Beware: Android Virus Uses Phone To Spread Spam
                            CIO Today December 26th, 2012
                            "A new Android phone spam attack has been discovered, arriving as a free offer for popular games. If victims don't have an unlimited texting plan, the next phone bill could be a whopper because each infected phone can blast thousands of viral text messages a day. If you see a suspicious text message, forward it to 7726, a free service to eliminate spam..."
                              Landlines Left Behind as American Households Go Wireless
                              eWeek December 28th, 2012
                              "The number of American homes with only wireless telephones continues to grow, as more than one-third of American homes (35.8 percent) had only wireless phones during the first half of 2012, an increase of 1.8 percentage points since the second half of 2011, according to the Centers for Disease Control's National Health Interview Study.

                              The report also found nearly one of every six American homes (15.9 percent) received all or almost all calls on wireless telephones despite also having a landline telephone..."

                              Tablet Devices Owned by One-Quarter of Americans
                              eWeek December 28th, 2012
                              "A new survey suggested an increasing number of Americas have access to ebooks, but a dismal percentage of citizens are actually reading literature.

                              As the number of ebook-reading devices proliferates, the population of ebook readers continues to grow, according to the findings of the Pew Research Center's latest Internet & American Life survey.

                              An estimated 25% of Americans owns a tablet device such as an Apple iPad or an Amazon Kindle Fire, up from 10% who owned tablets in late 2011, according to the Pew survey, which was conducted from Oct. 15 to Nov. 10 among 2,252 Americans aged 16 and older. The study also showed that 19 percent of survey respondents reported owning an e-reader..."

                              6 steps IT can take to bring business into tablet decisions
                              IT World December 26th, 2012
                              "Tablets are the darlings of hypermobile employees and business leaders looking to improve their processes. Because each tablet-enabled business scenario is different, only business people--those meeting with customers, inspecting stores or sitting in decision meetings, for example--know what they really need from their tablets.

                              However, a critical concern has come to light: IT dominates the tablet decision process--and it shouldn't.

                              IT can't intuitively divine everything needed for tablet success in every business scenario. Even simple things like screen size, not to mention big choices like which platform, could make or break the strategy.

                              To avoid these problems, we have identified six steps that IT should take to show it's making a concerted effort to involve employees and business leaders. We call these "decision flash points" to emphasize how important they are:.."

                              Detecting mobile devices on your network after the holiday season
                              Computerworld December 27th, 2012
                              "It’s that time of the year again when a lot of us exchange gifts with our loved ones. For some of the lucky ones, smartphones and tablets are a popular choice again this year. While this is great for the end-users, it may not be great fun if you manage a network and some of these devices start connecting to your network after the holiday season. Mobile devices are causing more and more problems on networks. While data loss is still the greatest fear with mobile devices, more and more people are concerned that BYOD is becoming the main source of malware on their networks..."
                              IT - Big Data
                              Before you hand things over to a Big Data vendor, do this
                              TechRepublic December 24th, 2012
                              "The good news about Big Data is that when you say the word, potential vendors will be lined up at your door, each claiming to be able to handle the mass of data you propose to send them. But before you jump to vendor selection, do this..."
                              The value of big data in security
                              IT Director December 24th, 2012
                              "One of today's buzzwords is big data. Volumes of information generated are increasing rapidly, driven in part by increased take up of mobile technologies and the growing number and range of machine-to-machine communications as ever more equipment, such as industrial sensors, is connected to networks. Increasingly, organisations are looking to understand how information, events and behaviours impact the overall goals and objectives of the business. Making use of that information is critical as it provides valuable insights that can be used for improving operational performance and business decision making..."
                              5 Big Data Predictions For 2013
                              Information Week December 27th, 2012
                              "What will 2013 bring for big data vendors and users? Hey, your guess is as good as ours. But 'tis the season for pugnacious prognosticators to don their soothsayer caps, and it seems some companies have a predilection for prophecy, or something like that.

                              Anyway, we've compiled a prediction-palooza of five 2013 big data projections that have come our way in the past week or so. What do you think? Are these shrewd speculations, obvious observations, or foolish forecasts?..."

                              An Inside View of Big Data at Big Companies
                              CIO Insight December 27th, 2012
                              "Big data is a big issue for CIOs. With an increasing amount of data hitting their servers, CIOs need to find a way to crunch it, analyze it, and ensure it can become actionable for the business side. For many CIOs, that means relying on Hadoop and Hive, trying to determine what the future might be and staying ahead of competitors that are also crunching their own big data. It’s no small feat. And it’s something that CIOs think about often as they’re aligning their strategies and assigning cash to different sections of their IT budgets.

                              A new study titled “Big Data: How Real is it?” from Actuate Corporation attempts to gain a better understanding of big data and its impact on large enterprises..."

                              Making Big Data small: Big Data in smaller businesses
                              TechRepublic December 27th, 2012
                              "On first glance, Big Data seems to be the domain of only the largest of enterprises. The technologies are new and complex and the implementation costs staggering. Even the staff seemingly needed to run a Big Data operation is hopelessly out of reach of most smaller businesses, with data scientist salaries cracking the $300,000 US mark, a figure many businesses owners only dream of paying themselves, let alone a data scientist. Like many other technologies, however, Big Data need not be the sole province of the big guys..."
                              IT - BYOD
                              BYOD Acceptance Allowing IT Managers to Control Security, Data Access
                              eWeek December 27th, 2012
                              "Enterprise IT managers are discovering that it makes more sense to embrace the bring-your-own-device trend rather than try to keep it out of their organizations.

                              But with this acceptance IT managers and employees have to agree to a tradeoff. If employees want the freedom to use their favorite smartphones and tablets at the office they are going to have to cooperate by accepting some controls and adhering to security policies. Corporate BYOD acceptance is increasing because pragmatic IT executives realize there is no effective way from preventing employees from using their mobile devices at work..."

                              A post Christmas BYOD checklist for your new tablet
                              TechRepublic December 27th, 2012
                              "If Santa brought you a new tablet, you’re probably thinking of bringing it into work after you return from Christmas vacation. While the post Christmas Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) rush focuses on IT directors, it’s also a good time for tablet users to ask the right questions before committing their personal devices to their employer’s BYOD program..."
                              BYOD challenges for large organizations
                              Help Net Security December 28th, 2012
                              "Alexander Haväng is the CTO at Procera Networks and in this interview explains enterprise challenges with BYOD.

                              BYOD is one of the biggest buzzwords in recent years. In reality, how big of a challenge is BYOD for large organizations?

                              The challenges are somewhat nuanced. Computing and communication are still fundamentally the same, but the typical IT department provides support based on a common build practice. Under the old paradigm, when a user called, the helpdesk knew what they were dealing with. Most large companies have standardized hardware and software platforms and that made troubleshooting pretty straightforward..."

                              BYOD Policies Need Implementation, Enforcement
                              eWeek December 27th, 2012
                              "A Globo survey finds 14 percent of respondents do not know if their company currently has a BYOD policy.

                              Despite the risks inherent in adopting a bring-your-own-device initiative, which allows employees to use personal mobile devices like smartphones and tablets for work, IT departments are not making employees aware of their BYOD policies, according to a report from business software products and services provider Globo..."

                              Top Ten Articles for last few Issues
                              Vol 178 Issue 1, 2 and 3 ; Vol 177 Issues 1, 2, 3 and 4; Vol 176 Issue 5
                              We track how frequently each article is viewed on the web site to determine which the readers consider the most important. For last week, the top 10 articles were:

                              • Analyst Report - Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c : The First Year of Adoption
                              • Re-sizing Your VirtualBox Virtual Disk
                              • Underground PHP and Oracle Manual Available on OTN
                              • Nike Achieves Scalability and Performance with Oracle Coherence & Exadata
                              • Oracle NoSQL Database 2.0 Available for Download
                              • Oracle Exalogic Elastic Cloud: Advanced I/O Virtualization Architecture for Consolidating High Performance Workloads
                              • NoSQL Now Interfaces Directly to the InnoDB and MySQL Cluster (NDB) Storage Engines
                              • Oracle Big Data Appliance X3-2 and Enhanced Oracle Big Data Connectors Are Released
                              • MySQL 5.6.9 Release Candidate Available: Download Now
                              • Oracle Reports Q2 GAAP EPS up 24% to $.53; Q2 NON-GAAP EPS up 18% to $.64

                              The longer version of this article has list of top ten articles for the last 8 weeks.

                                Libre Office: Linux Journal Best Office Suite 2012
                                LibreOffice Writer Tops in Its Category
                                With a modest amount of chest thumping, The Document Foundation announces the preference, by a wide margin, for LibreOffice as the best free office suite of reference for the Linux environment, and LibreOffice Writer as the best single office program. LibreOffice Writer shares the top spot with OOWriter. The results come from the Linux Journal.
                                Increase Performance and Agility with Oracle's Data Center Fabric Solutions: Oracle Webcast
                                Register for On-demand Link to S.K. Vinod's Presentation
                                If you missed the December 11, 2012, Oracle Webcast "Increase Performance and Agility with Oracle Data Center Fabric Solutions" with S.K. Vinod, Senior Director of Product Management, Oracle Virtual Networking products, register to receive the on-demand link. Vinod shows viewers how the fast, simple, and agile architecture of Oracle Fabric Interconnect provides dynamic network and storage connectivity to thousands of servers. He demonstrates as well how to use Oracle Software Defined Network (SDN) to connect any resource on the data center fabric quickly—without incurring downtime or requiring network reconfiguration.
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