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IPgallery Banks on Solaris SPARC
Oracle Solutions Deliver for Converged Legacy and Next-Generation-Networks Products Provider
IPgallery, a global supplier of converged legacy and Next Generation Networks (NGN) products and solutions, such as core network components and cloud-based Value Added Services (VAS) for voice, video and data sessions, leverages Oracle Solaris, Netra T4 and SPARC T4 in order to provide a competitive and scalable solution without the price tag often associated with high-end systems. Oracle solutions enable IPgallery to deliver services to its network operator and service provider customers that in turn enable them to offer advanced converged voice, chat, video/content services and rich unified social communications in a combined legacy (fixed/mobile), Over-the-Top (OTT) and Social Community (SC) environments.
Oracle Exadata X3 Launch Webcast
Available On Demand; Registration, Log in Required
Oracle’s next-generation database machine, Oracle Exadata X3, is introduced in an on-demand webcast that explains how the new solution combines massive memory and low-cost disks to deliver the highest performance at the lowest cost. Available in an eight-rack configuration, it allows users to start small and grow. Oracle calls this latest release the ideal database platform for the varied and unpredictable workloads of cloud computing. The Oracle Exadata X3 can improve performance by storing multiple databases in memory; lower power and cooling costs by 30%; and enable users to easily deploy a cloud-based database service. Registration and log in are required.
TCO Comparison: Oracle Exadata vs IBM P-Series
FactPoint Group Study Finds Exadata the Better Choice
The FactPoint Group has prepared a report that compares the TCO of the Oracle Exadata engineered system to the IBM Power 770 (P770) with SAN storage. Javier Puerta reports that the findings include the discovery that Oracle Exadata:
  • Can be deployed in 59% fewer man-hours
  • Delivers typically up to 12X performance improvement
  • Requires 40% fewer annual systems administrator hours to maintain and operate
  • Supplies a highly available, highly scalable and robust solution that results in reserve capacity
  • Over three years, the IBM hardware running Oracle Database cost 31% more in TCO than Exadata
Technical Whitepaper 'Exadata Database Machine X3'
Features Unique Scaleout Architecture
The introduction of the "Exadata Database Machine X3," is accompanied by "A Technical Overview of the Oracle Exadata Database Machine and Exadata Storage Server" a new technical whitepaper available for users who want to go deep into the technical features of the new generation of Exadata machines. The paper examines the Exadata product family and Exadata Database Machine Architecture. The scale-out architecture of the Exadata Database Machine provides not only high performance but also offers a unique technology that offloads data-intensive SQL operations into the Oracle Exadata Storage Servers, causing data filtering and processing to occur immediately and in parallel across all storage servers.
Creating and Using VM Groups in VirtualBox
Details on Group Operations in VirtualBox 4.2
Creating and using VM Groups in VirtualBox is a recent post by Fat Bloke that provides details on the nature and use of the Groups feature in VirtualBox 4.2. He explains that Groups are just ad hoc collections of virtual machines and there are several ways of creating a group. This feature, he writes, allows users to organize and manage guest virtual machines collectively, rather than individually. He writes about creating and deleting a group, multiple and nested groups, navigating groups, and then considers the possible group operations, such as start, pause, reset, close, discard saved state, show in filesystem, and sort.
IDC Client Virtualization MarketScape 2012
Analysis Demonstrates Declining Influence of IT Departments
The IDC MarketScape report "Worldwide Client Virtualization 2012 Vendor Analysis" by Brett Waldman and Iris Feng notes that IT department hegemony is being seriously challenged by the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) capability which provides users with unprecedented flexibility and agility. Rather than following the marching orders of IT departments, users now benefit from the increased governance and ability to deliver desktops, applications, and data to any device that drive IT purchases. Every vendor considered is able to provide the underlying virtual desktop provision and management capabilities the market demands. Developments in Client Virtualization noted include workspace as a service (WaaS) and mobile experience virtualization.
IT - Storage
Will we reach true storage agility in 2013?
IT Director Nov 28th, 2012
"In the past few years the barriers to quickly reconfiguring server usage have melted away. With VMware, for example, one can create a new virtual server, or remove one, in a matter of seconds - cloning another already functioning server's attributes. Consolidation to maximise physical server usage is old hat and adding physical capacity into the existing pool can be a non-disruptive off-line function. Oh that the storage to connect to the virtual machines could match this...."
Six Top Trends in Storage
Inforstor Nov 19th, 2012
"There is a lot going on in storage right now. But what are the top trends? Several analysts weighed in..."

  • Virtualization Phase Two
  • Data Protection Sophistication
  • Big Data Gets Bigger
  • Little Data Storage
  • Vendor Lock-in Concerns
  • Object Storage

Read more for details.

IT - Technology
Three SMB tech trends to watch in 2013
TechRepublic Nov 30th, 2012
"In 2012, initiatives such as Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) and the growth of Communications-as-a-Service (CaaS) continued to create a level playing ground for large enterprises and SMBs. Here’s what I believe SMBs can expect in the coming year..."
Free and Open Source S/W
List of Free and OpenSource Software in Oracle Solaris 10, 11.1 at OTN
230+ FOSS Packages
Oracle Solaris 11.1 contains number of Free and Open Source packages. The Oracle has a web page which contains 230+ important FOSS packages with their versions available in this latest Oracle Solaris release.
Oracle Solaris 11.1 Blog Post Roundup
Posts by Many Hands
The release of Oracle Solaris 11.1 has prompted numerous posts, some of which have been collected by Larry Wake, including such bloggers as Darren Moffat, Glynn Foster, Alan Coopersmith, Karoly Vegh, Tim Foster, Bart Smaalders, and Peter Dennis, whose contributions extend from "What's New in Solaris 11.1?" through "Solaris 11.1: Changes to included FOSS packages," to "IPS changes in Solaris 11.1, brought to you by the letter P."] Wake provides links to each of his selections and a link to Markus Weber's list of interesting posts about Oracle Solaris 11, as well as his own shortcut on searching for Solaris posts by tag.
Cloud Computing
Oracle Takes Its Cloud Services Portfolio on the Road
Oracle CloudWorld Debuts in Dubai in January
Oracle is about to debut "Oracle CloudWorld," a road show that will tour cities around the world, including: London, Los Angeles, Mexico City, Mumbai, Munich, New York City, Singapore, Sydney and Tokyo. Oracle President Mark Hurd will kick off Oracle CloudWorld on January 15, 2013 in Dubai. Keynote sessions will highlight Oracle’s strategy and roadmap for cloud and social. Subsequent tracks for line of business executives will focus on Sales and Marketing, Customer Service and Support, HR and Talent Management, and Finance and Operations. There will also be tracks focused on how to use the Oracle Database and Java Cloud Services.
Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c and Utilization Management
Implementing Chargeback Measures in the Enterprise
"Enabling self-service without some form of chargeback is like opening a shop where all of the goods are free," writes Anand Akela in "I.T. Chargeback: Core to Cloud." It is essential, he maintains, for enterprises to switch from an admin-driven provisioning model to a user-driven model that allows users to see the costs for each IT service charge incurred by their respective departments. Akela cites the Oracle white paper "Enterprise Manager 12c Cloud Control Metering and Chargeback," which explains that chargeback can help ensure the use of IT resources for activities that deliver business value and improve the overall utilization of IT infrastructure.
IT - Cloud
New Global Tech Hubs Emerge In Surprising Locations
Wall Steet & Technology Nov 30th, 2012
"Silicon Valley has had this coming for a while. But now, its crown as the undisputed global tech hub is definitely under attack. More countries are actively trying to lure tech companies to set up headquarters in their tech centers, or foster local talent through start-ups, according to CNBC.

As a result, a number of cities around the world that were formally quiet on the tech front are now making a stand. Below are some of the most surprising..."

    5 Considerations for Your Move to the Cloud
    Enterprise Systems Journal Nov 16th, 2012
    "Enterprise organizations are eager to explore how to leverage cloud technology. Even government and military organizations are exploring moving to the cloud, driven by the Office of Management and Budget's Cloud First Initiative and the promise of significant IT cost savings. As many enterprise IT professionals have learned the hard way, it is not necessarily an easy path. There are many different approaches to the cloud, and the technology is definitely not 'one size fits all.'"
    6 Questions for Cloud Services Providers
    Virtualization Review Nov 1st, 2012
    "While the decision to offload certain workloads to the cloud is a good one, spotting and understanding the fine print of what each services provider offers will be the determining factor between a successful cloud project and a disappointing one. So what are the questions you should be asking your cloud services providers? Here are a few I think are imperative..."
      8 Cloud Tools For Road Warriors
      InformationWeek Nov 27th, 2012
      "It's not easy being a road warrior. As daunting as a day in the office can be, working while on the move presents an almost inexhaustible list of challenges. Remotely accessing important documents, collaborating with co-workers hundreds of miles away, keeping track of clients while on the go, capitalizing on unexpected opportunities, staying productive while at the airport or on a plane -- the process is basically a beefed-up version of most on-site difficulties combined with the complexity of working outside an IT-controlled environment."
        IT - CxO
        Federal CIOs Say Enterprise Architecture Needs Better Business Focus
        CIO Nov 30th, 2012
        "Amid an ongoing overhaul of federal IT, top government leaders stress the need to align enterprise architecture with the mission of departments and agencies. This may mean it will be necessary to bring together two groups that speak fundamentally different languages..."
          Policies your IT consultancy should deploy
          TechRepublic Nov 30th, 2012
          "IT policies aren't just for clients. In order for your IT consultancy to run smoothly, you should be adopting certain basic policies and procedures, too.

          The old proverb that the cobbler’s children have no shoes is what comes to my mind when I hear about IT consultancies that don’t have policies in place for their own operations.

          IT consultancy engineers, technicians, and support personnel will perform the same tasks myriad ways. For instance, some clients’ systems and networks will receive documentation, while others will not. Some engineers may find it acceptable to complete billing and invoicing tasks a couple times a week, while others might fulfill the responsibility monthly, if at all..."

            A Proposal For IT: Set Just One Goal For 2013
            InformationWeek Nov 28th, 2012
            "If I've set a really good goal for myself, and I stop to think about what it'll take to get there, it creates a physical reaction. A long exhale. A few sleepless hours. A queasy feeling in the gut.

            It's a physical reaction to what my brain is saying about the goal. Can I really do it? Can I change the actions I take every day, that I've been doing for years, in all the ways needed to accomplish this new goal? Will the toil and expense pay off? Is it even the right goal?"

              10 Employee Issues to Watch for This Holiday Season
              CIO Insight Nov 28th, 2012
              "With the holiday shopping season fast approaching, the time has come once again for CIOs to worry. Each year, the shopping season arrives and delivers all types of security and productivity-related problems to the average CIO’s inbox. Employees spend too much time thinking about holiday shopping while in the office than actually getting their work done. And as CIOs know all too well, the end result is the company’s loss..."
              Five key business-tech trends in 2013 for enterprises
              Net Security Nov 27th, 2012
              "The new year will see greater adoption of advanced technology to meet changing demands of enterprises while increasing productivity and creating new experiences for customers, according to Verizon's top business-tech trends for 2013..."
                4 Key Elements: Strategic IT Plans
                InformationWeek Nov 27th, 2012
                "Regardless of what our minds conjure when we think of air travel, one thing that we can readily observe is that although the weather, the mechanical condition of the aircraft, the experience of the flight crew, and the destination of the flight are all variables, the actual system of getting an aircraft from one place to another -- in one piece -- is extraordinarily reliable...

                Consider how strange it seems, then, that thousands of IT projects begin every single day, but more than one third crash before they get off the ground..."

                  What's behind enterprise insourcing of IT?
                  TechRepublic Nov 26th, 2012
                  "Some U.S. companies are making moves towards bringing formerly insourced jobs back in house. What’s behind this decision? ...

                  One of them is General Motors, which announced in 2012 its plans to insource 90% of its IT jobs within three years. The goals are higher productivity from onshore staff, reduced travel, lower management burdens, better cultural fits and most importantly, the ability to directly command technology expertise for new product innovation and speed to market that will drive revenues and to also give the company a competitive edge since technology expertise is now a major defining competitive factor in most industries..."

                  Realize Your Data Center.s Full Potential
         Nov 30th, 2012
                  "Green computing is all the rage. Manufacturers are touting their latest wares with messaging that promotes saving energy. And data center managers are working hard to make sure the equipment they purchase meets “green” goals set by higher-ups. But in the race to meet those goals, it’s easy to overlook the data center itself and what can be done to realize the full potential of the capital investment you’ve made without putting the IT service at risk..."
                    10 ways automated tools can help you meet the tech challenges of 2013
                    TechRepublic Nov 28th, 2012
                    "Cloud computing, virtualization, Big Data, and high profile network vulnerabilities made IT headlines in 2012. In 2013, we will continue to see growth in the network — including servers, applications, and storage — resulting from the continuation of these trends. Relief in dealing with these challenges probably won’t come from an increase in headcount, but certain automated solutions can help. Here are some tips (and price estimates) to guide you in selecting the tools you need to respond to these trends in the year to come..."
                    How to set up, manage and maintain remote offices
                    IT World Nov 29th, 2012
                    "Branching out is never an easy proposition. Whether it's a new location or employees telecommuting, there are many questions you need to answer. Where do you start? How do you get set up? How will your employees communicate effectively and more. talked to Michael Rosenbaum, founder and CEO of Catalyst IT Services, a provider of Agile outsourcing services, to find out what it takes to branch out and maintain in this brave new world..."
                    12-Step Plan to Slash Software Costs
                    InformationWeek Nov 28th, 2012
                    "Controlling non-discretionary spending is a perennial top priority for IT, and the cost of software licensing, operations and maintenance is a particularly sore topic. In our InformationWeek 2012 Enterprise Applications Survey, we asked respondents to rate their satisfaction with nine aspects of on-premises enterprise application technologies. Ongoing maintenance and support came in dead last; initial cost didn't fare much better..."
                      10 hard truths IT must learn to accept
                      InfoWorld Nov 29th, 2012
                      "In a perfect world, your network would suffer no downtime and be locked down tight. You'd be in perfect compliance with all government regulations, and your users would all be self-supporting. The cloud would take care of nearly all your infrastructure needs, and there wouldn't be a single device accessing the network you didn't first approve of and control.

                      Also: You'd finally get the respect and admiration you truly deserve..."

                      Beware the Commoditization of IT Outsourcing
                      CIO Nov 30th, 2012
                      "To find real value from outsourcing, IT customers and service provider must approach deal-making more thoughtfully--and not focus solely on price. talked to Edward Hansen, partner in the outsourcing practice of Baker & McKenzie, about the dangers of what he calls the 'over-commodization' of IT services..."
                      The Top 10 Priorities for CIOs in 2013
                      CIO Nov 30th, 2012
                      "As we head into the new year, IDG Enterprise CEO Michael Friedenberg pairs his list of favorite quotes with questions to spark your thinking..."
                        How to Become a CIO (Chief Innovation Officer)
                        AITS Nov 28th, 2012
                        "Innovation may seem like a broad and vague term. However, as Neil McEvoy notes in a two-part article, innovation can really be like any other function of business. Therefore, the evolution of the CIO (Chief Information Officer) into the CIO (Chief Innovation Officer) toward a more strategic business leader is indeed possible. McEvoy stresses this in Part I of his article:

                        For example could it be the technology director who takes on this innovation role? Or is this simply too much of a stretch for a role that is dealing with operational level detail?"

                        You Have No Choice But To Look Up To These 17 Tech Execs
                        Business Insider Dec 1st, 2012
                        "If you're familiar with Malcolm Gladwell's "Blink", then you're aware of the Warren Harding Effect, which suggests most powerful people are tall, which gives them an advantage in business. Gladwell found that most male CEOs were a shade under six feet. That means most male bosses about three inches on other men; the average height of men in the US is 5'9"
                          IT - DR
                          Disaster Recovery Lessons You Might Have Missed
                          Network Computing Nov 27th, 2012
                          "Plenty has been written about the disaster recovery and business continuity lessons learned from Hurricane Sandy – backing up your data, testing your preparedness plan and the like. Basically, it's the sort of stuff we all know. What's been interesting to me are some of the lessons you might not have considered..."
                          Mitigation is necessary, but not cheap
                          Emergency Management Nov 29th, 2012
                          "Why don't more people embrace hazard mitigation? Answer: It costs more money and they generally think they can get away without doing anything. That is the honest truth. Then, when reality sets in and there are consequences for the choices made--people want an out..."
                            IT - PM
                            53% of Projects Cost 189% More than Estimated
                            PM Hut Nov 29th, 2012
                            "... found that around 31% of application development projects are cancelled, 53% cost 189% more than their original estimates, and only one third of projects are completed on time and on budget. This backs up some already well known facts that indicate the high failure rate of projects. Can you imagine the outrage if cars, electricity or other things failed at this astonishing rate?"
                              5 Steps to Being a Trustworthy Virtual Team Leader!
                              project times Nov 28th, 2012
                              "As a virtual project manager, you have probably come across this question an innumerable amount of times: Do you trust your project group? This question presents a valid concern, but what is equally, if not more important is the other side of this question: Does your virtual project group trust you?

                              By being a project manager in a faceless workplace, building trust is arguably the most significant part of a successful team..."

                                Why Manage Your Projects Online
                                PM Hut Nov 30th, 2012
                                "People often question why we advocate for managing projects online. I like to reply with an example from my own experience, and say I wasn't meant to be born any earlier than I was, for I've been able to enjoy the fun of the disco era and now the benefits of the technology age. We can laugh over those back-in-the-day disco queen stories, but talk about what that era meant for project managers and you quickly understand it was not a picnic..."
                                  How to Save a Failing Project and When to Walk Away From One
                                  AITS Nov 19th, 2012
                                  "When considering the fate of a project, one should think back to pre-school and the glitter and glue art projects. You envision a nine point snowflake with starburst sparkles at each point. Next, you take out your glue to create your design. You end up with a shape that is somewhere between a stop sign and a Muppet. When you pour out your glitter, you realize that you used way too much glue. Your partner sneezes as you try desperately to pick out individual pieces of glitter in a last ditch effort to save your design. With glitter in your hair and tears in your eyes you carry your project to the garbage bin. This is the first, and far from the last, time that you will learn that some projects that began with the best of intentions sometimes need to be dropped..."
                                    Feds Fall Short On IT Project Management
                                    InformationWeek Nov 28th, 2012
                                    "The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and Health and Human Services (HHS) are doing a mediocre job of following Office of Management and Budget (OMB) IT investment guidelines, while the Department of Defense (DoD), the Treasury and Veterans Affairs (VA) have fallen short when it comes to developing policies and performing analyses of ongoing IT investments, according to a new report released by the Government Accountability Office (GAO)..."
                                    Why Projects Succeed: Take Corrective Action
                                    PM Hut Nov 30th, 2012
                                    "Everyone has a plan, until they get punched in the mouth." —Mike Tyson

                                    "Maybe you've heard the project manager axiom 'plan the work, work the plan,' which suggests there’s value in both creating a plan and then closely managing that plan. But to Mike Tyson’s point, shouldn't you also have a plan for when the original plan unexpectedly doesn't work?"

                                      IT - Networks
                                      Five easy to use and free desktop social networking tools
                                      TechRepublic Nov 28th, 2012
                                      "Businesses cannot escape the fact that social networking has become a necessity. Not only to spread the word about your product or service, but for keeping your own finger on the pulse of the consumers in your market. It’s free PR with serious payoff.

                                      Here’s the problem - the standard browser-based clients don’t always offer all of the features you might want or need. From aggregation to easy photo posting, in order to make the most efficient use of your social networking efforts, you need clients that make the job easy. I have found five desktop social networking clients that are not only easy, but free too..."

                                        Why We Need Network Abstraction
                                        Network Computing Nov 26th, 2012
                                        "The move to highly virtualized data centers and cloud models is straining the network. While traditional data center networks were not designed to support the dynamic nature of today's workloads, the fact is, the emergence of highly virtualized environments is merely exposing issues that have always existed within network constructs. VLANs, VRFs, subnets, routing, security, etc. have been stretched well beyond their original intent. The way these constructs are currently used limits scale, application expansion, contraction and mobility..."
                                        Spotlight on software-defined networks
                                        IT World Nov 30th, 2012
                                        "Software defined networks are getting a lot of attention these days, even though the technology is still developing. Already a few new vendors have surfaced as major players, and a couple big companies have begun making the switch to SDN. Here is what you need to know about software defined networks..."
                                          Get Ready For Gigabit Wi-Fi
                                          InformationWeek Nov 28th, 2012
                                          "Post enterprise 802.11n wireless LANs deliver speeds between 450 Mbps and 600 Mbps -- not too shabby. But this is one area where you can't rest on your laurels.

                                          To meet our ever-growing need for speed, the IEEE is working on Enhancements for Very High Throughput for operation in bands below 6 GHz, commonly known as the 802.11ac Wi-Fi standard. Wi-Fi certified products based on a draft of this standard will likely emerge by mid-2013, boosting maximum data rates above 1 Gbps..."

                                            Businesses Lack Insight Into Network Activity
                                            CIO Insight Nov 26th, 2012
                                            "Enterprises are increasing their investment into network-centric computing to improve end-user productivity, manage costs and increase IT efficiencies. But these advancements are also adding to the overall lack of visibility into ongoing network activity, according to a recent survey from Endace. The 2012 Network Visibility Survey reveals that the visibility issue is creating bottlenecks on the IT support-desk front..."
                                              IT - Operations
                                              Evaluate Your Disaster Recovery Plan
                                     Nov 30th, 2012
                                              "If you want to understand the importance of having a solid disaster recovery plan, look no further than Hurricane Sandy. 'With Hurricane Sandy, there were a lot of data centers in lower Manhattan that were flooded,' says Roberta Witty, research vice president at Gartner, noting that there’s a lot that companies have to plan for before something happens.

                                              As you can imagine, experiencing an event as devastating as Hurricane Sandy and having a proper disaster recovery plan in place would be bad enough. But if you don’t prepare ahead of time to know exactly how you’ll respond to a disaster, you could be putting your business in jeopardy..."

                                              Spot Data Center Inefficiencies
                                     Nov 30th, 2012
                                              "One of a data center and IT manager’s most important responsibilities is not only spotting data center operations that are running inefficiently but knowing the best ways to avoid them in the first place. This is particularly true where power and cooling are concerned. Here are tips and advice for spotting inefficiencies and resolving them..."
                                                Data Centers: Get 'Em Hotter and Wetter
                                                Network Computing Nov 28th, 2012
                                                "Heat and humidity are bad for data centers, right? Maybe not as much as we thought. A recent white paper from the Green Grid, the same non-profit organization that first put forward the Power Use Efficiency (PUE) metric, explains the benefits of allowing data centers to run hotter and with more humidity than is common.

                                                You don't just have to take the Green Grid's word for it: the white paper brings together and summarizes work by the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) and other researchers. The report provides clear explanations of why hotter and wetter is something you should consider..."

                                                  IT - Security
                                                  7 Risk Management Priorities For 2013
                                                  dark Reading Nov 28th, 2012
                                                  "As CISOs and risk management pros gear up for a new year, they'll be tasked with sheltering their organizations from a highly dynamic threat environment through a renewed sense of discipline as regulators, executives, and shareholders increasingly turn the microscope on their IT security practices. In order to improve and coalesce security practices, it'll take work to line them up with maturing risk management philosophies. According to risk management experts, consultants, and practitioners, enterprises are likely to turn to the following risk management priorities in 2013 to achieve their security objectives..."
                                                  Study: Half Of Companies Unaware Of Most Current Threats
                                                  dark Reading Nov 28th, 2012
                                                  "About half of IT professionals are unaware of current threats that may affect their companies, and nearly half of companies say they don't feel prepared to combat cybercrime. According to a survey conducted by B2B International on behalf of Kaspersky Lab (PDF), half of companies are not knowledgeable about the potential security threats they may face. Some 31 percent of respondents admitted they had never heard of any of the cyberepidemics that recently pose direct threats to their organizations, the study says..."
                                                  How to build trust into your network
                                                  FCW Nov 28th, 2012
                                                  "The public sector is increasingly reliant on large-scale networks to support government services, military operations and critical infrastructures. However, unlike legacy networks, many devices and operating systems now rely solely on patching and virus protection, which is not enough. In today’s mobile world, network security must incorporate visibility, trust and resiliency..."
                                                  Strategy: Security at Today's Network Speeds
                                                  Information Week Nov 16th, 2012
                                                  "Switch vendors make it sound so appealing and easy: Slap the latest 10 or 40 Gbps Ethernet switch into your rack, add some inexpensive PCIe adapters to your servers and magically boost application performance by double-digit percentages.

                                                  It's a great story, if the only things on your network are servers and switches..."

                                                  Pen Test vs. Vulnerability Scan: You know the difference, but do they?
                                                  infosec island Nov 29th, 2012
                                                  "Small business owners often don't have the luxury of an on-site technical expert, let alone someone who is versed in network security. So when they are told they need a 'network penetration test' to comply with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), many small business owners will contact one or more of the growing number of companies offering inexpensive testing services.

                                                  While the PCI DSS clearly states that a penetration test is required, the methods by which a penetration test can be performed are somewhat left to interpretation..."

                                                  Building a fortress in the cloud for your critical data
                                                  IT World Nov 26th, 2012
                                                  "Businesses are in the crosshairs as military and spy organizations around the world step up their cyber-snooping techniques, and the shift to cloud is only exacerbating the risks. How can you be sure your cloud partner is capable of protecting your data from cyberattacks?

                                                  Most cloud providers agree that security is the paramount, but in reality many do not possess the fundamentals to protect your data. Just because a cloud provider has performed a baseline security assessment does not mean the vendor is truly capable of protecting your data..."

                                                  10 Top Government Data Breaches Of 2012
                                                  dark Reading Nov 29th, 2012
                                                  "SQL injection, post-phishing privilege escalation, and poorly secured back-up information all played their part in exposing sensitive government data stores this year...

                                                  With federal and local government agencies suffering the brunt of Anonymous protests, targeted phishing attacks leading to privilege escalation, and highly effective SQL injection attacks granting wide-scale access to information, citizen privacy definitely took a hit in 2012..."

                                                  IT - Careers
                                                  Revenge of the Nerds: Banks See Risk, Compliance Hiring Boom
                                                  Wall Steet & Technology Nov 27th, 2012
                                                  "Tough regulations aimed at banks have jolted demand for compliance, risk and legal officers, creating one of the few bright spots in an otherwise dismal job market for the financial industry.

                                                  Traditionally one of the least glamorous jobs in the sector, these staff are in hot demand at a time when nearly all other parts of the banking industry are getting cut.

                                                  "It used to be a really tough job to sell as people saw it as boring," said Sonia Fuller, director of recruitment firm KS Consulting in Singapore, who said some risk and compliance candidates are asking for raises of up to 50 percent when they change jobs..."

                                                    To Get the Job, Send Hiring Pro a Thank-You Note
                                                    TechRepublic Nov 26th, 2012
                                                    "Do you show proper appreciation after a job interview by sending thank-you notes? This step has traditionally been considered a given in the process, along with wearing professional attire, shaking hands firmly, providing a résumé and accepting a business card. To the chagrin of workplace etiquette experts, however, the thank-you note is no longer the norm for many candidates..."
                                                      What CIOs Want In Their Successors
                                                      Information Week Nov 28th, 2012
                                                      "So you aspire to become a CIO, or at least move well up the chain of command. It's a complex job that requires a range of technical and business skills and experience. Just understanding the nuances of "the business" isn't enough -- it's long past time for CIOs to move beyond the "alignment" rhetoric and get on with creating customer-focused business opportunities powered by technology..."
                                                      Infographic: What is your preferred method of wasting time at work?
                                                      TechRepublic Nov 27th, 2012
                                                      "If you think the biggest time-waster at work is the Internet, you’d be wrong. Take a look at this infographic and see where productivity is most often lost.

                                                      While Americans put in some of the longest hours of workers around the globe, how many of those hours are really spent helping their employers? If you’re in charge of managing your company’s bottom line, you may not want to know the answer.

                                                      Here's an infographic that explores the various ways employees spend their time when they're at work, but not working..."

                                                        Career-harming scandals: Why do smart people do such dumb things?
                                                        TechRepublic Nov 26th, 2012
                                                        "As the year is winding down with a brand new sex scandal in the news, it’s forced me to take a look at why these things keep happening. I know that some people are just depraved, or act that way sometimes. I know that some people have egos that can’t be punctured. What I don't get is how an otherwise intelligent person does disgraceful things without understanding the possible fallout..."
                                                          Effect of cloud computing on future IT jobs
                                                          IT World Nov 27th, 2012
                                                          "Rick Chapman, the Founder of SaaS University, managing editor of Softletter and author of the just released book SaaS Entrepreneur: The Definitive Guide to Success in Your Cloud Application Business, and I spoke earlier this week. Our discussion centered around the use of SaaS within IT and its future effect on IT jobs. Rick's belief is that the number of jobs within IT will decrease over the next ten to twenty years..."
                                                          Ten Differences Between Star Employees and Duds
                                                          Baseline Nov 28th, 2012
                                                          "Have you ever wondered what separates company stars from office duds? (We're pretty sure you've worked with both at some point in your career.) In the book The Young Professional's Guide to the Working World: Savvy Strategies to Get In, Get Ahead, and Rise to the Top", author Aaron McDaniel presents many defining traits of underachievers and top-notch performers..."
                                                            How to leave your job the right way
                                                            IT World Nov 26th, 2012
                                                            "Who hasn't wanted to throw up their hands and just walk out of the office? Don't do it. Learn the proper etiquette for leaving your job and ensure that your career and reputation remain intact after you leave your current position...Be honest with yourself and try to be objective. Just saying this job is terrible and I want to move on-- while it may be true-- isn't necessarily helpful. Think hard about your reasons and try to remove your emotions from the equation. Understanding these reasons will help you in your job search and career-planning strategies..."
                                                              Surviving Digital Disruption
                                                              Information Management Nov 23th, 2012
                                                              "Continuous and escalating demands have put terrific pressure on IT to answer ongoing business demand and also evolve in an era of digital disruption, said a panel of senior analysts at an Orlando conference held by Forrester ...20 to 40 percent of businesses at this conference won’t be here in five to 10 years ... The ones that disappear are the ones not able to stabilize back office activities that don’t differentiate them competitively..."
                                                                Ten Questions to Ask a Recruiter (And One to Avoid)
                                                                IT Business Edge Nov 29th, 2012
                                                                "Every once in a while the phone rings and it’s a recruiter on the other end. While you might not be interested in what he is offering, you have to admit that it’s flattering to get the call...

                                                                Once you get past the initial compliment, though, you have to get down to the serious business of determining if you are interested. The recruiter wants to know about you, but before you turn over your resume, there are things you should know about him.

                                                                Here are 10 questions to ask a recruiter and one question to avoid, as identified by Andrea Sobel writing for TheLadders. See if you can figure out which is which..."

                                                                  IT - Social Media
                                                                  Avoid Vague Social Media Policies
                                                                  InformationWeek Nov 30th, 2012
                                                                  "A recent decision by the National Labor Relations Board, the first social media case the NLRB has decided, provides employers with some guidance on which types of social media policies may not be appropriate.

                                                                  In Karl Knauz Motors Inc., the key issues were whether the employer (a) lawfully terminated an employee for comments he made on Facebook about an automobile accident involving a customer at his employer's dealership ..."

                                                                  How Social Media's 10 Cs Can Change Your Business
                                                                  Baseline Nov 27th, 2012
                                                                  "Remember when employees got fired for posting content and photos on social media? Such incidents now seem like a relic from a different age. Today, executive leaders within all segments of industry are trying to figure out "the social media thing"—with varying degrees of success. As complicated it can get to understand how to communicate on Facebook, Twitter, etc., and compile and analyze community commentary, it is likely to get more complex in future generations..."
                                                                  IT - Database
                                                                  Threats And Security Countermeasures
                                                                  dark Reading Nov 28th, 2012
                                                                  "How do you secure a database? I get that question a lot. After 15 years of people asking, my reaction is almost instinctual.

                                                                  "How do you secure Big Data environments?" is the new question people ask. The first time someone asked me this, my gut reaction was to consider what security features we have in relational systems, how they protect data and the database, and then show which facilities are missing from big data clusters..."

                                                                  IT - Big Data
                                                                  Data's New Look: Demand for Visualization Tools Is Coming
                                                                  Wall Steet & Technology Nov 28th, 2012
                                                                  "Data, data and more data. All we seem to hear about is how data is growing exponentially... seriously, however, data is becoming a larger challenge for all companies and especially for financial services organizations. They traditionally have been able to handle large amounts of market data. As data volumes increase, which they have been doing for years, and as new types of data get thrown into the data analysis mix, financial firms are facing additional challenges. For instance, what can they actually do with all of the data?"
                                                                    Choosing a Big Data vendor
                                                                    TechRepublic Nov 29th, 2012
                                                                    "After establishing your core Big Data team in-house, it might be time to bring in an outside vendor for assistance. Will Kelly offers tips on choosing a Big Data vendor.

                                                                    After building your organization’s core Big Data expertise in-house, there are going to be scenarios where you may need to bring in an outside vendor for assistance. It’s important to choose your Big Data vendors with the same care that you built your internal Big Data initiative..."

                                                                    OpenStack: An Overview
                                                                    Network Computing Nov 27th, 2012
                                                                    "Back in July 2010, Rackspace Hosting and NASA jointly launched a new open-source cloud initiative known as OpenStack. The ultimate goal was to enable any organization to create and offer cloud computing services that run on standard hardware. Since that date, approximately six revisions of OpenStack have been released, and more than 150 companies have signed up to support the platform.

                                                                    Simply put, OpenStack is a "cloud operating system" designed for the data center. What's more, OpenStack is also viewed as the kernel for cloud operations, on which vendors can build all sorts of software to run on in the cloud..."

                                                                    "The Human Face of Big Data" offers a geek-out-worthy coffee-table book
                                                                    Network Computing Nov 30th, 2012
                                                                    "The Human Face of Big Data" is an ambitious and attractive new large-format book that aims to give readers, through photography and short articles, a glimpse of how powerful new data processing capabilities are changing people's lives. Author Rick Smolan is a photographer who gained fame for his "Day in the Life" series, which included an edition focused on the Internet in 1996, "24 Hours in Cyberspace." He says that his latest work is based on the premise that "our planet is beginning to develop a nervous system."
                                                                    Big data is Singapore's new 'natural resource'
                                                                    ZDNet Nov 30th, 2012
                                                                    "Big data can help companies gain a competitive advantage, but knowing the context behind the data collection is important to avoid making spurious decisions.

                                                                    "For [Singapore], it's a new natural resource--which we don't have much of," said Janet Ang, managing director of IBM Singapore. "For companies, data is the competitive advantage. We've heard that slogan for a long time, but big data will give you another level of insight."

                                                                    Researchers promise to boost big data performance
                                                           Nov 29th, 2012
                                                                    "A project from the University of California Berkeley is aiming to revolutionise the big data analysis space. A team of university researchers have developed a set of platforms and systems which aim to dramatically lower the search and analysis times associated with the analysis of large stores of unstructured data.

                                                                    Speaking at the 2012 re:Invent conference, UC Berkeley researchers Michael Franklin and Matei Zaharia showcased "Spark" and "Shark," a pair of software platforms designed to one day take over the for the current Hadoop big data structure. The researchers said that the platforms, which make better use of machine learning and low-latency search functions, can perform tasks up to 100 times faster than current Hadoop implementations..."

                                                                    How To Select The Most Accurate Data Visualization
                                                                    Wall Steet & Technology Nov 28th, 2012
                                                                    "Today, zettabytes (1 zettabyte equals 1 billion gigabytes) of data are produced every year. In fact, it's projected that in 2014 approximately 7.2 zettabytes of digital data will be created. With the world's information doubling every two years, understanding large data sets and making intelligent technology and methodology choices are more important than ever. These also remain key challenges. How will companies and users weed through the big data deluge and effectively use it to make better decisions?"
                                                                    Big data projects make it to the drawing board, but no further
                                                                    TechRepublic Nov 30th, 2012
                                                                    "Big data – finding the useful information hidden inside the vast piles of unstructured data that businesses have been hoarding for years – has been a hot topic this year. And while many vendors are keen to discuss the benefits of big data projects it seems that right now CIOs are happy to listen – but not spend big..."
                                                                    Beyond hype: 70 percent will use data analytics by 2013
                                                                    TechRepublic Nov 29th, 2012
                                                                    "TechRepublic and ZDNet members to take our Analytics/Big Data survey. Worldwide over 1,300 people responded, sharing their company’s current strategy, future plans, and expectations.

                                                                    The results reveal a widespread use of data analytics, but a limited deployment of big data platforms. This may change, however, given that our analysis also shows a growing expectation that data analytics and big data will have a major impact on businesses’ performance in the next two years..."

                                                                    IT - Mobile
                                                                    How Mobile Devices Are Impacting the Enterprise
                                                                    CIO Insight Nov 27th, 2012
                                                                    "Mobile devices are infiltrating the enterprise at an astounding rate. From smartphones to tablets, the corporate world is being inundated with products that are designed to keep employees working while they're away from the office. Most companies believe the effort works. In fact, the sheer number of smartphones and tablets entering the enterprise seems to indicate that without mobile products, many companies believe that they wouldn't be able to compete as effectively in the marketplace.

                                                                    A new study from iPass, the Global Mobile Workforce Report, examines mobile products’ impact on the enterprise..."

                                                                      Mobile devices will drive IT spending in 2013, IDC says
                                                                      Computerworld Nov 30th, 2012
                                                                      "More than half of next year's expected 5.7% increase in global IT spending will be driven by sales of smartphones, tablets and e-readers, IDC said in a forecast published Friday.

                                                                      IDC projects that mobile device sales will make up "an incredible" 57% of overall IT spending growth expected in 2013. Without the mobile spending, the IT business would grow by 2.9%, about the rate of GDP growth worldwide, IDC noted.

                                                                      Mobile devices were also the biggest segment of IT spending growth in 2012, IDC said..."

                                                                      Why Mobile Will Be More Secure Than Online Banking
                                                                      Bank Systems & Technology Oct 26th, 2012
                                                                      "As Bank Systems & Technology detailed in our Sept. digital issue, the rise of mobile banking will inevitably lead to a rise in fraudsters' interest in the mobile channel. Malware attacks are already showing up in the mobile space. Fortunately, there are a number of security attributes inherent in modern mobile devices that have the potential to make the mobile channel more secure against fraud than the online channel has been..."
                                                                      IT - BYOD
                                                                      Nearly half of IT shops ignore BYOD
                                                                      Computerworld Nov 29th, 2012
                                                                      "The results of a multinational employee survey published today by public research firm Ovum, shows 46.1% of respondents believe their IT shops ignore the use of personal mobile devices for business purposes.

                                                                      The October survey of 3,796 full-time employees from corporations in 17 countries revealed 28.4% of employees believe their IT shops are aware of their mobile device use but ignore it, while 17.7% say their IT departments simply don't know it goes on..."

                                                                        BYOD: Why Mobile Device Management Isn't Enough
                                                                        InformationWeek Nov 28th, 2012
                                                                        "Nine out of 10 technology pros think smartphones and tablets will become more important to business productivity in the next couple of years. Seventy-two percent expect to offer more bring-your-own-device options so that employees can access company data with their personal gadgets.

                                                                        But IT doesn't necessarily see mobile device management software as essential to coping with this proliferation of devices in the workplace. Only 26% of respondents to the InformationWeek Mobile Device Management and Security Survey say their companies have implemented MDM software, and another 17% say they're in the process of deploying it..."

                                                                        5 top tools for BYOD management
                                                                        Computerworld Nov 30th, 2012
                                                                        "What a difference a year makes. When we tested mobile device management (MDM) last year, products were largely focused on asset management. This year's entries have much stronger controls of specific smartphones and mobile operating systems, plus features like location-based tracking, usage tracking, two-factor authentication and sandboxing of personal and corporate identities. Read on for our take on 5 useful tools for managing mobile devices in the enterprise."
                                                                        Good Technology MDM Review: Tight Grip On Data
                                                                        InformationWeek Nov 28th, 2012
                                                                        "Good Technology's sandbox approach is similar to the approach of most MDM providers in that it requires servers that sit in front of a company's email infrastructure and interact with mobile devices directly. But the agent Good installs on mobile devices does much more than enforce policies. It includes email, contacts, a calendar and a Web browser. Some complain that Good makes people learn a new email interface, but it's not a steep learning curve..."
                                                                        The BYOD battle. and the ITSM war
                                                                        Nov 26th, 2012
                                                                        "BYOD is an increasingly inevitable feature of the business landscape and its reach is only set to grow. In this current scenario IT departments are under growing pressure to support devices which fall outside of their traditional remit; whilst this presents a challenge, the alternative is a serious impact on the productivity and bottom line of an organisation.

                                                                        It shouldn't be a shock that people prefer using the smartphones, tablets and mobile devices that they know and are familiar with at work. What is surprising is the number of businesses that are failing to deal with BYOD..."

                                                                        Top Ten Articles for last few Issues
                                                                        Vol 177 Issues 1,2 and 3; Vol 176 Issues 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5
                                                                        We track how frequently each article is viewed on the web site to determine which the readers consider the most important. For last week, the top 10 articles were:

                                                                        • Download Oracle's SPARC T4 Servers e-Book
                                                                        • Oracle Doesn't Get the Cloud?
                                                                        • Developing for Mobile Devices with Java Embedded
                                                                        • Oracle Observes 25 Years of SPARC
                                                                        • Temenos WealthManager: Performance Improvements Achieved on Exadata Database Machine
                                                                        • Deploying E-Business Suite on the Oracle Exastack
                                                                        • Oracle OpenWorld Presentations Available for Download
                                                                        • Procedure Demonstrates Storage of Solaris Zones on Shared Storage
                                                                        • RedPatch Simplifies, Speeds Up Patchng Operations
                                                                        • How to Use Automated Install Server to Simplify Non Global Zones Setup

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                                                                          IT - Encryption
                                                                          Encryption Should Be Default for Sensitive Data
                                                                          Internet Evolution Nov 28th, 2012
                                                                          "Here we go again. Sensitive, personal information stolen -- and the files weren't encrypted. The negligent organization this time? NASA. Yes, the very same NASA that defeated a legal challenge last year to intrusive background checks, based in part on privacy concerns:

                                                                          'Justice Alito said that the plaintiffs' privacy concerns should be allayed because the Privacy Act imposes strict restrictions on how the government could use the information it obtained.'

                                                                          Nothing stopped it, however, from leaving personal information, in unencrypted form, on a laptop in a parked car..."

                                                                            IT - Tape
                                                                            LTO-6 tape with up to 6.25TB capacity ships
                                                                            Computerworld Nov 26th, 2012
                                                                            "Tape media and drive companies have begun shipping the sixth generation of linear-tape open (LTO) technology, which like previous generation upgrades, significantly increases the capacity and data throughput capabilities for backup and archive applications.

                                                                            In separate announcements over the past week, Tandberg Data, Imation and Fujifilm announced shipments of LTO-6 cartridge and drive products. The new LTO-6 drives offer 400MBps performance or, using a 2.5:1 compression ratio, up to 1.4TB of data transferred per hour..."

                                                                            Would You Leave the Keys in Your Parked Car's Ignition?
                                                                            Why Offer the Same Opportunity to Hackers Interested in Your Database?
                                                                            According to the recent Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report, 98% of breached data originates from database servers and nearly half are compromised in less than a minute, notes Troy Kitch, Senior Manager, Database Security Product Marketing, Oracle, in a post announcing the webcast on November 28, 2012, "Gone in 60 Seconds: An Insecure Database Is an Easy Target" that has been recorded for on-demand access. The webcast, for which registration and log-in are required, details the evolving threats to databases that have resulted in over 1 billion stolen records and explains how organizations can mitigate risks by adopting a defense-in-depth strategy.
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