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OpenWorld General Session 2012: Middleware & JavaOne
On-Demand Videos Available
In his one hour long remarks on Middleware at OpenWorld General Session 2012 Hasan Rizvi, EVP of Oracle Fusion Middleware and Java Development, comments on how fusion middleware aids business development, how to reach customers using mobile devices, how to use middleware in the cloud, and how to process massive volumes of data. Elsewhere in a post by Jürgen Kress, are links to the SOA Community Workplace and key Fusion Middleware presentations (community membership required), feedback from ACE Directors, a compilation of tweets from SOA Community members, and links to JavaOne 2012 Strategy and Technical Keynote and the JavaOne 2012 JavaOne Technical Keynote.
Mark Hurd Stresses Oracle's Database Expertise in the Face of Big Data Growth
Maria Bartiromo Interviews for USAToday
The volume of Big Data is projected to increase by a factor of 20X by 2020 Mark Hurd told Maria Bartiromo in an interview for USAToday. Much of that data is going to wind up in a database, he continued, and customers can be confident of the security of their data with Oracle, the company with the industry's greatest level of experience with database technology. Furthermore, with Oracle's engineered systems approach to solution design, customers will find managing their databases, whether on-premise or in the cloud, simpler and more secure, Hurd said. Oracle's five billion dollar R&D budget ensures that end, he added.
Oracle OpenWorld Presentations Available for Download
Videos of keynotes and sessions from Oracle OpenWorld 2012 are now available online, Di Seghposs reminds readers, providing a convenient link to the OpenWorld site. Even if you were there, you're bound to have missed something in a packed agenda. Here's another opportunity.
Download Oracle's SPARC T4 Servers e-Book
Introducing the Next Generation of SPARC Servers
Oracle has assembled the downloadable "SPARC T4 Servers e-Book" (registration and log in required) packed with valuable information, including:

Oracle Observes 25 Years of SPARC
Highlights of SPARC Achievements
In its web page marking the anniversary, Oracle Celebrates 25 Years of SPARC Innovation, the highlights of this powerfully disruptive technology are noted: Oracle and Solaris; on-chip encryption and the Oracle Solaris security framework; the integration of SPARC with Solaris, Oracle Database, business applications, middleware software and Oracle Optimized Solutions; improved system utilization with comprehensive, built-in no-cost virtualization capabilities. There are links in each category to whitepapers, Q&As, and videos that provide further information.
Deploying E-Business Suite on the Oracle Exastack
Whitepaper Covers Migrations to Exadata and Exalogic
Oracle's E-Business Suite Performance Team recently published a new whitepaper,"Deploying Oracle E-Business Suite on Oracle Exalogic Elastic Cloud and Oracle Exadata Database Machine," (Exastack) Elke Phelps posts on This whitepaper will assist users considering a migration to Exastack, understand sizing requirements, deployment standards and migration strategies. The paper covers the following topics:
Temenos WealthManager: Performance Improvements Achieved on Exadata Database Machine
Reponse Times Improve by 200%
Temenos Group AG is a market-leading Swiss provider of banking software systems to retail, corporate, universal, private, Islamic, microfinance, and community banks throughout the world that has chosen to run its WealthManager solution on the Oracle Exadata Database Machine and in doing so has realized performance gains of greater than two-times the average improvement in response times for six-times the number of users and data volumes. Temenos also secured a two-times gain in service-level agreements for batch and user-oriented workloads via dedicated or parallelized processing windows. The company’s WealthManager product is an integrated wealth management software platform designed specifically for private financial advisors.
Migrating from Third Party Virtualization Software to Oracle VM
Procedure Shows Steps to Manual Process

In a recent blog post, Simon Coter deals with the issue of migrating from third party virtualization software (ex. RH KVM, VMWare) to Oracle VM. He points out that support documentation states that support for Oracle products on non-Oracle VM platforms follows exactly the same stance as support for VMware and, so, the only x86 virtualization software solution certified for any Oracle product is "Oracle VM". Coter's post presents a step-by-step guide to "manually" migrate a guest machine from KVM to OVM. He promises a future post on manual migration of Virtual-Iron guests to OracleVM.

Java Technology
Developing for Mobile Devices with Java Embedded
Abundant Opportunities Exist Now
Tori Weildt summarizes the rosy picture painted at the recent ARM TechCon in Santa Clara, CA by Fareed Suliman, Java ME Product Manager whose presentation was entitled "Modernizing the Explosion of Advanced Microcontrollers with Embedded Java." With the many billions of Java embedded devices predicted to be in service come 2020, Weildt writes, developers would do well to keep an eye on this market. Suliman presented several points in favor of developing with Java for the embedded market, including Java is a proven and open standard that provides connectivity, encryption, location, and web services APIs.
Java Magazine November/December 2012
The Latest on Innovations in Java
The November/December 2012 issue of Java Magazine is available. Tori Weildt outlines the content, which includes an article on the use by AgroSense of an all-Java open source platform for sustainable farming and precision agriculture; Hadoop's use of Java for large-scale analytics; using JavaFX in Spring; Q&A with Eclipse Foundation's Mike Milinkovich; a primer on using the lambda expressions in Java SE 8; getting Linux and Java SE for Embedded Devices to run on the Raspberry Pi. Weildt invites interested readers to subscribe to this free bi-monthly magazine for the latest technical articles on the Java language and platform; Java innovations and innovators.
IT - Technology
Say goodbye BIOS, hello UEFI; your hardware will be more secure for it
GCN Oct 31st, 2012
"PCs have changed a lot in the past four decades, but one constant has been the Basic Input/Output System, BIOS, which handles the initialization process at startup and hands off control to the operating system. Pretty much every user is familiar with the BIOS acronym, even if they long ago forgot what the letters stood for. That’s about to change. There’s a new acronym on the block, UEFI, and it’s worth getting to know..."
    Businesses Not Enthusiastic about Adopting Windows 8
    ESJ Nov. 16th, 2012
    "Forrester Research says businesses might not be as enthusiastic about adopting Windows 8 that they have been about earlier the previous version of the operating system.

    The warning signs come from a comparison of two surveys that measured responses of North American and IT hardware decision-makers. Those Forrester surveys were conducted near the time of the Windows 7 launch in 2009 and the Windows 8 launch in 2012.

    Almost half (49%) of respondents told the researchers that they expected to move to Windows 7 (though at the time they had no specific plans to do so) in the first survey, a figure that drops to just 24% in the 2012 survey about Windows 8..."

    Ten Tech Trends to Watch in 2013
    Baseline Nov 20th, 2012
    "By now, all the buzzwords, phrases and trends—the cloud, BYOD, the mobile revolution, social media, etc.—have established themselves as part of the daily tech conversation. But what affect will they have on key business drivers—such as integration, IT service management, data centers and security—in 2013? "
    Free and Open Source S/W
    Why Use Expensive Iron and Proprietary Software When White Boxes and FOSS Will Do?
    FCI President Howard Fosdick Finds Them Quite Good Enough

    Generic computers and open source software are all Howard Fosdick, President of FCI, needs for his operations. He uses inexpensive stock hardware and software, which is easily replaceable and delivers 100% availability, along with high security and good privacy. Fosdick runs resource-heavy apps like enterprise DBMS and website generators with a few GB of memory and a low-end dual core processor: essentially a five year old machine; cheap enough to keep several on hand. Fosdick advises against ever keeping all one's data on a single machine, and the same with software. File interchange is the most important inter-machine demand Fosdick makes of his iron.

    Cloud Computing
    Oracle Doesn't Get the Cloud?
    Not Bloody Likely, Writes Bob Evans in Forbes
    Oracle's Bob Evans has penned for Forbes a six-point refutation of the notion that neither Larry Ellison nor Oracle understand the cloud. The most compelling of Evans's points is that Oracle's SaaS revenue approaches one billion dollars annually, and that Oracle has long been at work on Fusion applications for both on-premise and Internet use, and Oracle is the only tech company with a full product line at all levels of the cloud: SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS. Ellison reminds readers that he founded and remains the owner of NetSuite, and that he and Marc Benioff collaborated on Internet uses for sales force automation solutions.
    RedPatch Simplifies, Speeds Up Patchng Operations
    No More Tarball, No More Reboots
    Writing for the Ksplice Team, Tim Hill announces RedPatch, which contains the source for all of the changes Red Hat makes to their kernel, one commit per fix. Users can find it on With RedPatch, Hill explains, users can access the broken-out patches using git, browse them online via gitweb, and freely redistribute the source under the terms of the GPL. For Ksplice, instead of using a giant tarball, individual updates are built for each change and rely on source patches that are broken-out. Reboots are no longer required for an already running system, Hill writes.
    IT - Cloud
    Best Practices in System Copy: Automate in the Cloud
    ESJ Nov. 12th, 2012
    "Over the years, I've talked to many hundreds of SAP system administrators and other IT leaders who rely on SAP to support critical business activities. Most of these people know that they must perform system copy frequently. It's required because SAP environments are always being changed and improved upon to adapt to changing business and customer needs. It's also needed to ensure disaster recovery and to facilitate system upgrades..."
    SaaS: The Increasing Risk of Vendor Lock-In
    Information Management Nov 20th, 2012
    "It’s a buyer’s market for enterprises and SaaS applications, though three main factors could damage your deployment plans, according to a new report from Constellation Research.

    In its new best practices report, entitled “The Enterprise Cloud Buyer’s Bill of Rights: SaaS Applications,” Constellation puts 81 percent of all new enterprise software license sales with at least one cloud deployment option. That shows a business application sector “dominated” by SaaS and cloud interest and, increasingly, enterprise involvement. Along with this off-site shift, Constellation notes that the risk for vendor lock-in with application contracts increases for three prime reasons:.."

    Managing Cloud for the Enterprise
    Information Management Nov 18th, 2012
    "Senior IT executives from enterprises adopting cloud technologies shared their experience and advice last week at a summit forum held by research and management consulting firm Saugatuck Technology.

    Among the day’s events was a panel of CIOs from News Corp, The Washington Post and Pitney Bowes, who discussed the inevitable tread of the service economy into the enterprise..."

    Seriously, What is PaaS?
    Information Management Nov 20th, 2012
    "Off the top of my head I'd almost raised my hand instinctively. I’d have said PaaS is all the developer tools and services for creating and/or customizing IT and integrating software for folks who want to use hosted computing rather than own it. PaaS might be the whole spectrum of activity that falls between simple turnkey multitenant apps and a pure developer lab for building and bridging something substantial from ground up.

    But Bill raised a point I hadn’t thought through, and he was right..."

    Cloud Security Not Really Slowing IT Adoption
    CIO Nov 20th, 2012
    "Cloud security has been discussed ad nauseum for years, and it's often cited as the biggest barrier to enterprise cloud adoption. Such conversations are misguided, columnist Bernard Golden says, and ignore the larger challenge of cloud adoption: accommodating developers."
    Gartner: Platform-as-a-service market to see sharp growth
    Computerworld Nov 19th, 2012
    "The PaaS (platform as a service) market will grow to US$1.2 billion this year, up from last year's $900 million take, as vendors and customers seek easier ways to create new applications and customize existing ones, according analyst firm Gartner.

    PaaS spending will rise to $1.5 billion in 2013, while reaching $2.9 billion by 2016 ..."

    IT - CxO
    Making Metrics Matter to the C-Suite
    CSO Nov. 19th, 2012
    "Too many information security executives struggle to sell their metrics efforts to the C-suite.

    What's the problem?

    The way the information security industry currently thinks about metrics needs an overhaul.

    We try to sell operational metrics when we should sell strategic metrics. But here's the deal: The C-suite listens and reacts only to metrics that mirror its own strategic goals for the organization..."

    Top Ten IT Things to Be Thankful For in 2012
    IT Business Edge Nov. 22nd, 2012
    "There’s no doubt that the last year has been one of the most challenging inside and out of IT in recent memory. Nevertheless, even in the most trying of times there are still plenty of IT things to be thankful for, the top ten of which we’ve identified in this slideshow.

    The good news is that no matter how challenging things get, IT professionals can be thankful that IT has never been more integral to this business than it is today..."

      Web-Facing and Traditional Enterprise: A Tale of Two Data Centers
      IT Business Edge Nov. 23rd, 2012
      "The inner workings of the data infrastructures of the top cloud providers has long been a source of fascination in the IT industry, primarily because it eschews traditional vendor designs for a high degree of customization. But does this represent the future of the data center or merely a side development that caters to Web-facing operations?"
        HP, RIM, AMD Among 10 Prominent IT Turkeys of 2012
        eWeek Nov 22nd, 2012
        "As does the rest of the world, the IT business in all its forms moves on to its particular successes and failures. We all like to read about the progress IT makes in personal computers, smartphones, servers, storage, networking, the cloud, big data—and all the rest—and the failures (security breaches, premature products, buggy software and so on) mostly get their due as well. This year certainly wasn't without its technical turkeys, be they products, services or entire companies. In this slide show, eWEEK takes a look back at this past year to remind us all of how it all went..."
        Why your data center TCO and location matter
        ITWorld Nov 19th, 2012
        "Selecting a good location for your data center is a critical element of data center planning, as deciding where to build and maintain a facility directly impacts the total cost of ownership (TCO) over the lifetime of the data center.

        In looking to either purchase an existing facility or build a new data center, there's an exhaustive list of factors to be weighed and analyzed before you select a site. To that end, spoke to industry leaders to learn more about considerations that range from the probability of basing your data center in an area where a natural disaster could occur to the availability of utilities and the cost of energy..."

        Ten Top Priorities for State CIOs in 2013
        CIO Insight Nov 20th, 2012
        "They are being asked to do more with less. Yet, at the same time, they're directed to continue finding newer and better ways to pursue tech—to maximize its value as a cost-savings and efficiencies-creating tool. And if this sounds familiar, it should: The priorities of CIOs within our state governments remain very closely aligned to those of their private-industry counterparts. That's why it's always valuable to check out this annual Top Ten list of state CIO priorities from the National Association of State Chief Information Officers (NASCIO)..."
        CIOs Struggle With Relevance of Role to Business
        CIO Insight Nov 20th, 2012
        "Many businesses are taking control over their IT teams in a way that may eliminate the need for a CIO, at least in the form most organizations would recognize...

        At the 2012 Chief Information Officer Leadership Forum this week, CIOs from across the business spectrum debated not only the future role of the CIO, but whether the position would continue to exist. That’s not to say someone doesn’t need to manage IT, it’s just that IT is becoming so embedded as to be indistinguishable from the business process.

        To make matters even more troubling for CIOs, in the wake of the consumerization of IT and increased reliance on external “Shadow IT” services, business units now regularly do end runs around the IT department, which is making it increasingly difficult for CIOs to stay relevant."

        Five Steps to an Energy-Efficient IT Environment
        Baseline Nov 21st, 2012
        "If you’re an IT professional, a data center owner or operator, or are focused on issues of server power management, it’s likely that you’ve considered taking steps to make your IT environment more efficient and sustainable. The benefits—lower energy usage, more efficient operations and reduced costs—are reason enough to investigate how your company could become more energy smart..."
        5 Innovative Ideas For Enterprise CIOs
        InformationWeek Nov 19th, 2012
        "The role of the CIO is changing rapidly. These innovations could help you keep pace and increase the value of your business..."

        "I recently moderated a CIO panel at the E2 Innovate conference. Based on discussions from that panel, here are five enterprise innovations I'm convinced are about to become a big deal..."

        Collaboration: An Unexpected Advantage of Engineered Systems
        Team Approach, Involving Users, Results in Quicker Fixes

        There are unexpected benefits, collaborative in nature, in the use of engineered systems, contends User 12244672, citing two examples of such advantages. These involve solving a node eviction issue running Oracle Database 11g R2 with Solaris 11 SRU 12 under extreme load on the ExaLego test system. The fix went into all Solaris releases just 10 days from initial discovery. In the second example a customer experienced sporadic performance degradation, and a number of contributing factors were discovered, including tunable parameters. A collaborative investigation identified the root cause to be a CPU bound networking thread being starved of CPU cycles under extreme load.

        IT - DR
        Don't Reinvent The Wheel: Leveraging 'non-business Continuity' Tools And Methodologies
        Continuity Central Oct. 19th, 2012
        "A critical and foundational element of business continuity planning is a clear understanding of the business environment, together with the critical products and services and processes that contribute to the creation of business value. To recover successfully, an organization must connect its critical products and services to the key elements that produce them... Even better, how can the business continuity professional leverage tools and methodologies in use by other disciplines to improve performance throughout the organization?"
        The 3 R's Of Resilience For Small Businesses
        Continuity Central Nov. 13th, 2012
        "Business continuity is coming into the mainstream as a core part of business strategy for the small business owner and small or satellite operations. Just this month, Hurricane Sandy gave a number of small business operations a big challenge with its destruction of the critical infrastructure, interruption of lifeline services and the resultant social crisis for the communities it hit. Whether you are an owner, investor, operator, supplier, employee or customer of a small business, you are a key stakeholder in that business’ business continuity management strategy. Here are some things to consider..."
        Paper outlines emerging threats to the United States
        Continuity Central Nov. 16th, 2012
        "The National Homeland Security Consortium (NHSC) has released a white paper entitled ‘Protecting Americans in the 21st Century: Communicating Priorities for 2012 and Beyond’ which highlights the emerging threats which ‘require a national focus.’

        The key areas of concern are:..."

        Best Practices for Creating an Effective Business Continuity Plan
        ESJ Nov. 5th, 2012
        "The goal of a business continuity plan (BCP) is to minimize operational risk in the face of a natural or man-made disruption. There are three key components to creating an effective BCP – people, infrastructure and processes -- and we'll take a look at each in this article. Although all three pieces are equally important to the BCP puzzle, it is critical that you first focus on your people..."
        IT - Networks
        Upgrade Data Center Networking Equipment - Where To Start? Nov. 16th, 2012
        "Core router and switch upgrades are among the top priorities for enterprise level IT network managers in the coming year, according to data that TheInfoPro (a division of 451 Research) recently published as part of its Networking Reference Reports. Performing general technology refreshes ranked third among respondents’ priorities. All these priorities relate to aging hardware, which the network managers surveyed identified as a top pain point.

        Here are tips and advice to help identify the considerations and issues you should focus on when making upgrades in these areas..."

        3 Tips for Next-Generation Firewalls: Sizing and Deployment
        ESJ Oct. 29th, 2012
        "Increased use of applications, mobility, virtualization, and network security consolidation as well as the growth of sophisticated threats has driven the evolution of the traditional stateful firewall to what is referred to as a next-generation firewall. One of the highlights from Gartner's IT Market Clock for Infrastructure Protection 2011 is that next-generation firewalls will increase the commoditization of stateful firewalls within the next couple of years."

        "Before you implement a next-generation firewall, follow these three tips to ensure project success..."

        SDN Is Business, OpenFlow Is Technology
        Network Computing Nov. 15th, 2012
        "Many people don't understand the difference between OpenFlow and software-defined networking (SDN). This isn't surprising because the two technologies are closely related. However, they aren't interchangeable. OpenFlow is protocol that configures network switches using a process like an API. SDN is a term that describes providing programmable interfaces within a network infrastructure to enable a high degree of automation in provisioning network services. The SDN term is being abused by marketers who want to apply it to a wide range of technologies..."
        IT - Operations
        Hot Aisle/Cold Aisle Containment Nov. 16th 2012
        "If your data center is considering a move toward hot aisle/cold aisle containment, it’s not alone. Where improving energy efficiency in a potentially effective manner is concerned, this approach is rapidly becoming more popular, and for a good reason. By controlling air flow so that hot and cold air don’t mix, data centers are lengthening the lifespan of their equipment while improving equipment performance. Further, cutting energy costs, increasing server density, and other benefits are possible. When considering installing such a setup, give the following tips some thought..."
        Continuous monitoring: A piece of the IT security puzzle
        GCN Nov 16th, 2012
        "Continuous monitoring is replacing periodic certification of government information systems as the federal standard for IT security, but it is a means to an end rather than an end in itself, say government security pros. “Continuous monitoring is a tactic in a larger strategy,” said Ron Ross, senior computer scientist at the National Institute of Standards and Technology..."
        IT - Security
        Does the Enterprise Take Security Seriously?
        CIO Insight Nov 20th, 2012
        "The enterprise has been worried about security for about as long as anyone can remember. Like it or not, there are malicious hackers and cyber-criminals around the world who would like nothing better than to take sensitive corporate data and exploit it. CIOs and their staff have been charged with safeguarding their corporate networks from any and all threats. Sometimes, they succeed; other times, they don't. Unfortunately, it appears that those "other times" are happening more than many companies would like to admit..."
        Cyber threats forecast for 2013
        Continuity Central Nov. 15th, 2012
        "2013 will feature new and increasingly sophisticated means to capture and exploit user data, escalating battles over the control of online information and continuous threats to the US supply chain from global sources. Those were the findings made by the Georgia Tech Information Security Center (GTISC) and the Georgia Tech Research Institute (GTRI)in the Georgia Tech Emerging Cyber Threats Report for 2013. The report was released at the annual Georgia Tech Cyber Security Summit, a gathering of industry and academic leaders who have distinguished themselves in the field of cyber security..."
        Online Privacy Threatened, But Risky Behaviors Persist: ISACA
        eWeek Nov 24th, 2012
        "Web users are still making risky decisions when using the Web, while the BYOD trend continues to pose major security challenges for IT departments.

        Many U.S. consumers persist with actions and attitudes that put their online privacy and security at risk, despite the fact that 90 percent of those who use a computer, tablet PC or smartphone for work activities feel their online privacy is threatened, according to a survey the nonprofit IT association ISACA.

        The organization’s 2012 IT Risk/Reward Barometer, which looked at online privacy for the first time, found consumers mistrust corporations more than they do fellow Internet users... "

        Making sense of computer forensics
        TechRepulic Nov 20th, 2012
        "Information security organizations usually have very detailed plans to prevent incidents like security breaches or employee misuse of resources. However, they also need to be prepared for the possibility that an incident could occur that will have significant legal implications or lead to a criminal investigation. In this type of case, data stored in the organization’s systems may be critical evidence that could make or break a legal case.

        Converting digital information into usable legal evidence presents some unique challenges..."

        Empowered Employees Might Increase Security Woes
        CIO Insight Nov 20th, 2012
        "The corporate world is increasingly encouraging CIOs to put power in the hands of employees. In the past, employees were expected to toe the line with company-provided technology, but nowadays the business side wants you to hand over more access to devices, cloud services and networks. The business side reasons that with such increased access, employees will be more productive.

        However, a new study from CompTIA, a not-for-profit organization that supports the IT industry, says that giving employees more power creates greater security issues in the office..."

        What's the most coveted target for cyber attackers?
        Help Net Security Nov 21th, 2012
        "Despite repeated warnings, organizations are still failing to lock down the primary target of most cyber-attacks – privileged access points.

        Cyber-Ark labs analyzed a string of recent, high-profile cyber-attacks, including the malware attack against Saudi oil giant Aramco and the Subway restaurant breach, and concluded that the common denominator of each breach was the exploitation of privileged access points..."

          The Business Of Commercial Exploit Development
          Dark Reading Nov 20th, 2012
          "Over the past 15 years of cybersecurity discussion, it's doubtful that you'll have failed to notice the biannual flare-ups concerning vulnerability disclosure. Whether it's due to the slow fuse of a software vendor silently patching a legacy vulnerability, or the lightning strike of a zero-day being dropped at a security conference, these brushfires rage with fury for a short period until the tinder and media gets exhausted ... until the next time..."
          Top lessons learned from recent high profile hacks
          TechRepulic Nov 19th, 2012
          "Organizations we assume have all their ducks in a row when it comes to network security often don’t. These six incidents, and the lessons to be learned from them, are examples of why it’s so important to take security seriously..."
          IT - Careers
          Eight IT Certifications Trending Up for 2013
          IT Business Edge Nov. 22nd, 2012
          "The nature of IT is to stay ahead of the curve in all things related to technology. Today, the expectation is that IT professionals will have a measure of capability, if not proficiency, in everything from wireless networking and security to mobile app development and maintaining a cloud-based infrastructure. However, IT pros can't be everywhere at once. By developing skillsets in certain areas, both entry-level and accomplished IT veterans can remain current with changing trends and adapt to new ones..."
          Quarterly IT Skills Demand: What.s Hot, What.s Not
          IT Business Edge Nov. 20th, 2012
          "If you like to do a deep dive into pay for specific skills, Foote Partners’ quarterly reports provide plenty of fodder.

          The latest report on “pay premiums” for specialized skills finds market value for 308 non-certified skills up 0.1 percent between July and October, continuing the rise of the first two quarters this year. It reports employers aggressively reconfiguring their enterprise IT capabilities as they adopt cloud computing, Big Data, analytics and mobile platforms.

          Among the changes:.."

          Mobile Demand Fueling App Developer Shortage
          Internet Nov. 21st, 2012
          "If you ask digital directors at leading organizations what the next evolutionary step is for the Internet, they probably don't actually talk about the Web. Instead, they most likely talk about applications and devices. They also probably say that app developers are becoming worth their weight in gold.

          That is certainly the case with Cameron Clayton, president of the digital group at The Weather Channel in Atlanta. The Weather Channel has the second most downloaded app on the iPad and the fifth most downloaded app on the iPhone. Clayton obviously knows the demand for mobile application development -- and developers..."

            How to Hire, Manage and Even Appreciate Millennial IT Workers
            CIO Nov 20th, 2012
            "A recent survey reveals that hiring managers are far more likely to hire IT pros from Generation-X or baby-boomers than they are to hire from the millennial generation. Find out what's behind this trend and why you have to learn to stop worrying and love millennials..."
              The renaissance IT professional
              ITWorld Nov 19th, 2012
              "Maintaining a day job and keeping pace with technology is an ongoing challenge. Demand for mid- to senior-level IT professional with expertise in multiple IT disciplines is on the rise. Meanwhile, junior-level positions are being eliminated, automated or removed from the core environment, limiting the ability to grow talent. The upshot: IT professionals will need to adopt a renaissance mentality..."
                8 IT healthcare trends for tech job seekers in 2013
                ITWorld Nov 14th, 2012
                "he healthcare sector of IT walks a tightrope consisting of privacy, data security and the need to grow and update the infrastructure. HIT faces more challenges with HIPPA laws and privacy concerns then most other areas and with the convergence of mobile technologies, cloud computing, virtualization, clinical analytics and the upcoming IDC-10 (International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems), HIT could be the most active area within the IT sector next year. To help you hone in on where the career opportunities lie, here are eight HIT trends for 2013..."
                Workers Go to Extremes to Get a Job
                Baseline Nov 15th, 2012
                "It can be a tough hiring market out there, but how far are you willing to go to stand out in a crowd of competitors? Apparently, some job applicants are willing to go a bit too far, according to a recent survey from OfficeTeam. Whether buying breakfast for interviewers or "stalking" the highest levels of the corporation, candidates occasionally make unorthodox decisions to distinguish themselves..."
                  IT - Social Media
                  The Role of Social Networks in the Enterprise
                  ESJ Nov. 12th, 2012
                  "Your employees are comfortable with social networks. How can those networks be turned to your business advantage?"

                  "More employee time is being spent on social networks -- whether for personal or business use. Are social networks the next communication tool? For perspective on the growing use of social networks in the enterprise, we contacted Curtis McEntire, founder of Mazree, a B2B social network that combines free, essential, B2B collaboration tools and social capabilities to be launched November 13..."

                    IT - Virtualization
                    Cloud Computing Security: 10 Tips for Protecting Virtual Systems
                    eWeek Nov 21st, 2012
                    "More and more enterprises are moving to server and desktop virtualization to conserve power, cooling, rack space, computing power, storage, and networking—all the things eWEEK has been writing about for years. The broadest trend in all of IT during the last decade is about "smaller but more powerful, more efficient, and easier to use." As one might imagine, security becomes even more strategic as enterprises move from physical to virtual spaces and more business is done in the cloud. But, as with most disruptive IT, there are strings attached..."
                    Little fanfare for important cloud standard OVF
                    ITWorld Nov 21st, 2012
                    "I was suspicious earlier this week when both Citrix and Microsoft blogged about their support of Open Virtualization Format... In case you aren't familiar with OVF, it's a specification for packaging software so that it can run on any virtual machine. It addresses the dreaded vendor lock in problem and is an important enabler for workload portability among clouds that use different hypervisors."
                    IT - Compliance
                    The State of Data Security, Compliance, and Why Your Company May Be at Risk
                    ESJ Oct. 29th, 2012
                    "DataMotion's CTO, Bob Janacek, discusses a recent survey the company conducted on corporate e-mail and file transfer habits, what's working and what's not, and the dangers of an all too-prevalent approach of rolling the dice when it comes to compliance..."
                      IT - Database
                      How-to: get started with MySQL
                      ITWorld Nov 17th, 2012
                      "Long a staple of open source computing, MySQL serves as the database back end to a massive array of applications, from network monitoring frameworks to Facebook. To those uninitiated in how databases work, setting up MySQL for the first time can be somewhat daunting. Nevertheless, with a few pointers and concepts, you can quickly get a new MySQL instance up and running, ready to deploy your application..."
                      IT - Mobile
                      Mobile App Use High but Satisfaction Low
                      ESJ Nov. 14th, 2012
                      "Quickbase, an enterprise cloud database offering from Intuit, released the results of a survey of 448 "information workers" from companies with at least 100 employees about their use of cloud applications.

                      Forty percent of respondents say they use a mobile device for work; most of these were mid-level managers. On average, respondents say they use five mobile business apps to manage their day-to-day business tasks; 58 percent of their mobile apps come from their company’s IT department, another 37 percent were purchased or downloaded from an app store. However, a third of these users said the apps don't adequately meet their needs..."

                        Fragmentation Issue Looms Large for Android
                        IT Business Edge Nov. 20th, 2012
                        "One of the time-ticking time bombs for Google’s Android — sort of its version of demographics and the Republican party — is fragmentation.

                        The problem is pretty simple. The Android operating system (OS) is used by many manufacturers and many different types of devices. At the same time, Google releases new versions of the OS on a fairly regular basis. The result is, in a highly technical engineering parlance, a mess. More specifically, the multiplicity of types of devices (“form factors”), variants of Android and large number of manufacturers.."

                        Mobile's Unexpected and Innovative Turn
                        Information Management Nov 20th, 2012
                        "It seems like every time I set out to discuss a new technology, an even newer one has popped up. It has been an epic year for news and new gadgets for all of us. This coupled with my discussions with insurers in recent weeks on the subject of BYOD and the increasing number of mobile platforms has provided a different perspective on this growing complexity..."
                        How Mobile Apps Developers Can Best Target Geolocation
                        CIO Nov 20th, 2012
                        "In the late 1990's, organizations began moving sales brochure information to the Web. Business processes moved next, then social and collaborative work.

                        Today the push is for mobile applications. With such technology, your refrigerator can message your cell phone when it's time to buy milk. If the application is location-aware, it could do this while you pass, or are at, the grocery store.

                        The next frontier for software development may just be geolocation. There are problems, though. While GPS capabilities are standard in smartphones, how applications interact with those GPS features is not..."

                          Mobile Strategies Can Fuel Business Success
                          Baseline Nov 21st, 2012
                          "Memo from the marketing folks: We need to do a better job of reaching mobile users, and we need to do it now! Given that IT is playing a larger role in cross-departmental initiatives, the technology staff should learn how to work more closely with other departments on mobility projects. A new survey report , "Engage at Every Stage: Using Mobile Relationship Marketing (MRM) to Put More Interaction in the Hands of the Customer" from the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Council, makes a strong case for the urgency of this issue..."
                            IT - Big Data
                            Getting the right ROI on Big Data
                            TechRepulic Nov 23rd, 2012
                            "Some organizations are obsessed with spending money on Big Data without any concern for the value it represents. John Weathington tells you what sequence of actions to follow to mitigate this..."

                            "Obsessive-Compulsive Big Data (OCBD) is an organizational anxiety disorder wherein leaders have unwanted and repeated thoughts, ideas, and behaviors that compel them to spend money on big data for no rational reason. This condition has been growing at an alarming pace in organizational America..."

                            How to Organize a Data Science Team
                            Information Management Nov 16th, 2012
                            "As the saying goes, good help is hard to find. When it comes to the loosely defined qualities of a data scientist, locating and organizing expert help among the dearth of candidates may seem closer to impossible."

                            "A few experts in this emerging field served up their perspectives on selecting data scientists and organizing teams for the right approach on analysis of huge and varied data sets Wednesday as part of the Chief Data Scientist Summit in Chicago held by BI event organizers *IE.

                            Before you start looking to hire a data scientist, you need to know what you’re looking for. Aron Clymer, data scientist at, oversees a team of about a dozen data scientists and business analysts for the SaaS vendor’s product lines that touch on about 1 billion behavioral data transactions per day..."

                            6 Problems Big Data Will Make Worse
                            Information Management Nov 16th, 2012
                            "The concept of big data carries lofty business hopes for unearthing nuggets of hidden data and patterns. Before we start stacking up the ROI, let’s take a look at possible growing pains with the tech and strategy of big data implementations.

                            Here are half-dozen problems big data will probably make worse in the near-term..."

                            IT Pros Need Right-Brain Thinking for Big-Data Success
                            Internet Nov. 20th, 2012
                            "Many IT departments are scrambling to find people with the right technical skills for big-data. They are looking for people with strong backgrounds in statistics, business analytics, search algorithms, natural language processing, or other specialized skills (on the software side), along with Hadoop and/or data storage skills (on the hardware/infrastructure side). Such specialists are being snapped up fast and paid exorbitant salaries..."
                            Tips on mining Big Data in a small business environment
                            TechRepulic Nov 23rd, 2012
                            "I believe Big Data has reached critical mass for most small businesses. When the volume, variety, and velocity of data that your business stores exceeds your capacity to make accurate and timely decisions, you have reached a tipping point. To successfully mine Big Data, your small business will need to do a lot of experimentation and exploration. Here are several factors to consider and approaches to mining this data..."
                            Use Big Data to gain insight about small business customers
                            TechRepulic Nov 23rd, 2012
                            "Author Frank Moss defines Big Data as the explosion of structured and unstructured data about everyone and everything. The spectacular success of social networks like Facebook and Twitter and the growing machine-to-machine connections have given birth to what is commonly referred to as the Internet of Things, where computers, GPS devices, smartphones, and embedded microprocessors and sensors are generating data every minute of the day. Every time you send a tweet, post a blog comment, use a credit card, or update your social network profile, you leave behind a footprint of digital data, which is not only accessible but can be used to determine consumer behavior..."
                            Big Data Classes for CXOs
                            InformationWeek Nov 20th, 2012
                            Teaching C-suite executives the fundamentals of big data, a topic once confined to the rarefied world of computer scientists, is becoming a growth industry. "

                            "No longer an arcane topic of conversation among computer scientists and academics, big data is now discussed in executive boardrooms everywhere. But do CEOs really understand what big data means? And if they don't, where can they go to learn?"

                            IT - BYOD
                            Create A BYOD Policy - Take Steps Make Sure It Works For Your Company
                   Nov. 16th 2012
                            "Creating and implementing a BYOD policy is a sure sign an enterprise recognizes the benefits of employees using their own devices in the workplace. BYOD policies are also an indication that enterprises recognize the importance of securing the company assets employees are accessing with those devices.

                            But when it comes to BYOD policies, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. You need to create the policy that’s best for your enterprise, based on balancing employee needs and the needs of the company..."

                            IT and Employees See BYOD Security (Much) j
                            CIO Nov 20th, 2012
                            "IT organizations continue to struggle with the details when it comes to enabling BYOD for applications beyond email, and a new study finds that while employees are eager to access corporate resources from their mobile devices, they have little tolerance for controls IT wants to impose."
                            Three Common Strategies to Support BYOD
                            Network World Nov. 23rd, 2012
                            "The easiest way to secure the network and protect company data is to simply not allow mobile devices to access company resources at all. Of course, that's a highly impractical policy, and one that ignores the many benefits mobile devices bring to the table. You can block non-managed devices from connecting to the network, and you can lock down USB ports on company PCs, but it's virtually impossible to ban employee-owned devices altogether..."
                              Top Ten Articles for last few Issues
                              Vol 177 Issues 1 and 2; Vol 176 Issues 1, 2, 3, 5 and 5; Vol 175 Issue 4
                              We track how frequently each article is viewed on the web site to determine which the readers consider the most important. For last week, the top 10 articles were:

                              • Move Over Oracle Solaris 11: Here Comes OmniOS
                              • Why Ultra-Low Power Computing Will Change Everything
                              • Oracle Releases Sun Storage Archive Manager (SAM) 5.3 and Sun QFS 5.3
                              • MySQL for Excel Gives MySQL on Windows Users New Options
                              • Three Webcasts on New Features in Oracle Solaris 11.1
                              • The SPARC SuperCluster: An Overview from the Engineered Systems Point of View
                              • How to Update to Oracle Solaris 11.1 Using the Image Packaging System
                              • Basic Operations with the Image Packaging System
                              • Darren Moffat Explains the new ZFS Encryption Features in Solaris 11.1
                              • How to Know Whether T4 Crypto Accelerators Are in Use

                              The longer version of this article has list of top ten articles for the last 8 weeks.

                                IT - Encryption
                                After theft, NASA orders laptops encrypted, but is that enough?
                                GCN Nov 16th, 2012
                                "After an agency laptop PC was stolen from an employee’s car on Halloween, NASA is requiring that all laptops containing sensitive information be protected by full-disk encryption as soon as possible. The agency has ordered CIOs at its facilities to have as many laptops as possible encrypted by Nov. 21, and all of them protected by Dec. 21, according to a notice from NASA headquarters.

                                After Dec. 21, no laptop without full-disk encryption will be allowed out of a NASA facility ..."

                                How to Use Automated Install Server to Simplify Non Global Zones Setup
                                Hands-off Procedure Enables Creation, Configuration

                                Orgad Kimchi has written a nine-step procedure for automating Solaris 11 Zones installation using the Automated Install server. As Kimchi writes, the paper demonstrates the benefits of using the Automated Install server to simplify the Non Global Zones setup, including the creation and configuration of the global zone manifest and the Solaris Zones profiles. He shows how to set up the Automated Install server to provide a hands-off installation process for the Global Zone and two Non Global Zones located on the same system. All the code samples and several screen shots accompany the text.

                                Procedure Demonstrates Storage of Solaris Zones on Shared Storage
                                Employs New Solaris Zones Feature: ZOSS
                                Jeff Victor posts a blog entry that describes and demonstrates the use of Zones on Shared Storage (ZOSS), which, he explains, is a significant new feature of Oracle Solaris Zones that enables the storage of Solaris Zones on shared storage. This makes for quick and easy migration of a zone from one system to another. Victor notes that VirtualBox is essential to this procedure and that it is better suited to a laboratory environment than to a production environment. There are 15 steps in Victor's procedure, for which he provides all the necessary code samples.
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