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Oracle Magazine November/December 2012
The Latest News on Oracle Solutions
The cover article in the November/December 2012 edition of Oracle Magazine, "Optimized Application Performance," brings readers up to date on the solutions available to consolidate, cut costs and reap the optimum benefit from these solutions on Exadata. The usual department articles are included in this issue as well, covering topics in the At Oracle, Community, Technology, and reader comment sections. Features also include pieces on the importance of the architect's role; the intriguingly titled "External Table Queries, Data Consistency and Nothing"; and "A Path to Leadership." Qualified readers can subscribe now.
'Why Ultra-Low Power Computing Will Change Everything'
ARM TechCom Keynote Address by Dr. Jonathan Koomey
Tori Wieldt reports on Dr. Jonathan Koomey's keynote address to ARM TechCom, where he noted that power consumption by computers has dropped by half every 1.5 years over the last 60 years, and battery life has made roughly a 10x improvement each decade since 1960. The major challenge facing designers at this juncture, according to Koomey, is reducing the power consumption of the computers in mobile devices. Researchers are studying light, heat, motion, blood sugar, and solar energy as power sources for these miniaturized computers. The University of Washington is developing a sensor that scavenges power from radio and TV signals, Wieldt writes.
The SPARC SuperCluster: An Overview from the Engineered Systems Point of View
Learn What Makes the SPARC SuperCluster a Unique Expression of an Engineered Approach to IT
Karoly Vegh provides an overview of the SPARC SuperCluster at a vehicle for discussing the nature of Oracle's engineered systems. He highlights the features, both improved and new, that users will find in the SPARC SuperCluster, including SPARC T4-4 Servers as complete nodes; Exadata storage cells; Infiniband; and unified storage with ZFSSA. If you'd really like to understand the meaning of "engineered systems," spend a few minutes with Karoly Vegh's illuminating discussion.
'Expert Oracle Exadata': New Title from Apress
Three Co-authors, Expert in Exadata, Share an Insider's View
"Expert Oracle Exadata" by Kerry Osborne, Randy Johnson, and Tanel Poder is a new title from Apress that the publisher describes as providing a behind-the-scenes look at how the combination of hardware and software that Exadata comprises actually works. The secret in this instance is the capability to offload SQL processing to the storage layer. The authors share their real-world experience, gained through multiple Exadata implementations, with the goal of opening up the internals of the Exadata platform. This book is written for readers who want to understand what makes the platform tick and for whom.
University of Minnesota Reduces Data Center Footprint, TCO with Oracle Exadata Database Machine
Processing Speed Jumps by a Factor of 90X
By hosting its IT environment on two Oracle Exadata Database Machine half racks, the University of Minnesota consolidated more than 200 Oracle database instances into fewer than 20, reducing floor space and TCO. The university uses Oracle’s PeopleSoft Human Resources, PeopleSoft Financial Management and PeopleSoft Campus Solutions supported by Oracle Database, Oracle Diagnostics Pack, Oracle Tuning Pack, Oracle Advanced Security and Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition. This implementation has enabled the university system to support thousands of queries per second – with up to 90 times faster processing speed – while improving disaster recovery capabilities to ensure maximum database availability for thousands of users.
Get the Latest Information on Changes in Oracle Secure Global Desktop
Videos with Mohan Prabhala, Brian Madden and Gabe Knuth, and Steven Chan
Chris Kawalek has assembled a compendium of resources to provide an overview of the news on Oracle Secure Global Desktop. The compendium includes videos with Oracle's Mohan Prabhala that provide a quick product refresher and an update on the latest new features in Secure Global Desktop. Kawalek includes webcast footage of an interview with Brian Madden and Gabe Knuth discussing Oracle Secure Global Desktop. Steven Chan explains how Oracle Secure Global Desktop works with Oracle E-Business Suite, and in his concluding comment, Kawalek assures existing Oracle Applications customers they will find Oracle Secure Global Desktop easy to use for leveraging secure application access.
IT - Storage
5 Questions to Ask When Shopping for Unified Storage
Enterprise Systems Journal Journal November 12, 2012
"Unified storage has emerged as a leading technology for data center managers because it promises to bring together three traditionally siloed types of storage into a single solution, thus streamlining the process of managing, finding, and accessing stored content. Using unified storage, IT managers can find and access a group of files (such as a batch of similar documents), an individual file (such as a Word document), or an object (such as a file with intelligent metadata) using the same management tool for each type of data storage to make the process of finding content easy and efficient. That's an invaluable service for IT to offer users in an enterprise's lines of business..."
Java Technology
JCP.Next @jcp_org Comes up for Discussion on Java Spotlight Episode 108
Patrick Curran, JCP Chair, and Heather VanCura, JCP Program Office Manager
On Episode 108 of the Java Spotlight host Roger Brinkley's guests are Patrick Curran and Heather Van Cura, who discuss JCP.Next @jcp_org. As Chair of the Java Community Process organization Patrick Curran is oversees the activities of the JCP's Program Management Office including evolving the process and the organization. Heather VanCura manages the JCP Program Office and is responsible for the day-to-day nurturing, support, and leadership of the community. She oversees the web site, JSR management and posting, community building, events, marketing, communications, and growth of the membership through new members and renewals.
IT - Technology
Busting Two Myths On In Memory Data Management
Business 2 Community November 14, 2012
"There has been surge in the demand of system computing ability as more people have access to the applications with advent of smart phones and tablets. Data needs to be both real time and fast. In Memory Data management is one approach where we achieve the aforesaid objectives. But, the general question which everyone asks about In Memory is whether it is just a technology fad and whether it has any applicability to the modern day Enterprises..."
Can Machines Really Think?
Enterprise Systems Journal November 12, 2012
"Since the birth of computer science, we have been asking the same question: can machines really think? Some have argued that artificial intelligence is impossible (Dreyfus), immoral (Weizenbaum) and perhaps even incoherent (Searle). And yet, despite the cynicism of those before him, Alan Mathison Turing, the dubbed father of computer science, posed his famous challenge in the mid-1900s: is it possible to create a machine so intelligent that we cannot discern any difference between human and machine intelligence?"
    The 10 Most Powerful Supercomputers on the Planet
    NetworkWorld November 12, 2012
    "'s latest list of, well, the top 500 supercomputers in the world was released this morning, ranking these mighty machines by their performance on the organization's demanding Linpack benchmark. Here's a quick glance at the latest top 10..."
    Toyota Testing Smart Cars That Talk To Each Other and To the Road
    NetworkWorld November 13, 2012
    "At the Intelligent Transport System test site, a Japanese facility that is the size of three football fields, Toyota is testing smart cars that talk to each other and to the roads on the 700 MHz band "with the aim of reducing traffic accidents." According to Toyota, "The site is equipped with a road-to-vehicle communications system consisting of a vehicle detection system, a pedestrian detection system, a course monitoring system, traffic signals and control devices."
    How to Update to Oracle Solaris 11.1 Using the Image Packaging System
    Procedures for Both the Solaris Release Repository and the Solaris Support Repository

    Readers intending to update to Oracle Solaris 11.1 will find a useful resource in Peter Dennis's post on using the Image Packaging System for that operation. His how-to includes detailed instructions for using both the Oracle Solaris Release Repository and the Oracle Solaris Support Repository. As an additional feature of his post, Dennis includes a list of the bug fixes that have been addressed in SRU#12.4 but will not have been addressed in Oracle Solaris 11.1 until SRU#1.

    Three Webcasts on New Features in Oracle Solaris 11.1
    Covers News about Solaris Cluster 4.1 Innovations
    Join Oracle executives Markus Flierl and Bill Nesheim for the first of three webcast sessions on all the new features to be found in Oracle Solaris 11.1. This session is entitled "Oracle Solaris 11 - Innovations for your data center." A second session features Ravi Thammaiah leading a technical discussion with Scott Michael and Edward Pilatowicz on "Oracle Solaris 11.1 Optimized for Oracle Database." Finally, Steve McKinty leads an in-depth technical discussion with Sekhar Lakkapragada on the latest innovations in Oracle Solaris Cluster entitled "Oracle Technical Session: Oracle Solaris Cluster 4.1." Participants can question the Oracle Solaris developers. Registration and log-in are required.
    MySQL for Excel Gives MySQL on Windows Users New Options
    Easy to Install, Simple to Use
    Users of MySQL on Windows now have another tool to add to their kit: MySQL for Excel. This new add-in is installed and accessed from within MS Excel’s Data tab, offering a wizard-like interface arranged to help users browse MySQL Schemas, Tables, Views and Procedures and perform data operations against them using MS Excel, Javier Treviño writes. He adds that MySQL for Excel is shipped within the MySQL Installer as one of the tools in the suite. Being an Excel Add-In there is no executable file involved after the installation, running MS Excel and opening the add-in from its Data tab.
    IT - Cloud
    Cloud Security an Issue as Adoption Grows
    eWeek November 7, 2012
    "There is a growing gap between actual business cloud practices and related IT policies that could expose businesses to an increased risk of security breaches, according to an October survey sponsored by cloud backup provider Symform. The survey found that while nearly 20 percent of businesses have no clear security policies or standards concerning employee or departmental use of "cloud," the majority do allow employees to use cloud services and access corporate data from cloud applications or connected devices."
    Companies Seek Business Value from the Cloud
    Baseline November 11, 2012
    "The cloud has emerged as far more than an industry buzzword or flavor of the month. A substantial number of IT leaders are looking to make continued investments in cloud computing to lower IT costs and replace legacy systems that have outlived their usefulness, according to a recent survey conducted by IDC and commissioned by T-Systems. And they're very interested in moving enterprise resource planning (ERP) and customer relationship management (CRM) functions to this environment..."
    Employees Engage in Rogue Cloud Use Regardless of Security Policies
    ComputerWorld November 13, 2012
    "I don't think IT realizes how much the way we live life as individuals has completely permeated the enterprise," says Margaret Dawson, vice president of product management at Symform. "This is happening whether you want it to or not."

    Analysis: Does 'Shadow IT' Lurk in Your Company?

    Gartner's State Of Cloud Security: Outages Are Bigger Risk than Breaches
    NetworkWorld November 14, 2012
    "Security remains a chief inhibitor to enterprise adoption of cloud computing resources and one Gartner analyst says the biggest concern should not be that data could be compromised in the cloud, but rather that there may be a cloud outage that could lead to data loss.

    There's a perception, says Gartner cloud security analyst Jay Heiser, that the most significant risk in using the cloud is that sensitive data can be leaked. But there's been little evidence of that, he says. Sony suffered a compromise of potentially tens of millions of customers in 2011 related to its cloud, and there have been a handful of other breaches of personally identifiable information being leaked from the cloud..."

    Lock It Up: Managing Security Risks in Public Clouds
    Internet Evolution November 12, 2012
    "Public clouds are powerful but dangerous tools. Used incorrectly, public clouds expose enterprises to risks of data loss and legal and regulatory liabilities.

    But smart management makes it possible to get the benefits of public clouds while minimizing risks, and that's the subject of the latest Big Report from Internet Evolution: Look Out! The Biggest Dangers of Public Clouds."

    Nine Security Controls to Look For In Cloud Contracts
    NetworkWorld November 14, 2012
    "To help ease the concerns of cloud security, which Gartner says is still a chief inhibitor to enterprise public cloud adoption, buyers are looking to contracts and service-level agreements to mitigate their risks.

    But Gartner cloud security analyst Jay Heiser says SLAs are still "weak" and "unsatisfying" in terms of addressing security, business continuity and assessment of security controls..."

    Report Advocates for Cloud, SaaS Buyers' 'Bill of Rights'
    ComputerWorld November 12, 2012
    "With SaaS (software as a service) having become a preferred deployment model for new software purchases, customers should be entitled to a clear-cut set of rights and expectations from vendors, a new report from analyst firm Constellation Research argues.

    Despite a perception of SaaS being easy to acquire, cloud contracts require all the rigor and due diligence of on-premise licensed software, analyst Ray Wang [cq] wrote in the report..."

    IT - CxO
    Does Your Enterprise Search Engine Stink? Here's Why.
    Federal Computer Week November 13, 2012
    "Search is so ubiquitous that the Oxford English Dictionary recognizes “Google” as a verb. There is not a single person who uses a computer who does not use a search engine on a regular basis. Search has changed the way we think, the way we research and even the way we process memory. From Lycos to Ask Jeeves, Yahoo, Bing and Google, we have been conditioned to believe that search will do the thinking for us.

    That belief, however, is an illusion..."

    Face it: Employees Rule IT
    CIO Insight November 9, 2012
    "It's remarkable that some CIOs still question and debate the value of the bring-your- own-device (BYOD) movement. At this point, the train has already left the station, and any organization that isn't riding this express is rapidly heading toward obsolescence. The issue isn't only about giving employees the choice to use their own devices; it's about embracing the opportunities these devices provide.

    Once upon a time, running an IT department was a lot simpler. You installed enterprise systems, made sure they were running smoothly and forced everyone to use them as the business saw fit. BYOD has turned this paradigm upside down and inside out. Essentially, the inmates run the asylum and dictate the terms..."

    How IT Leaders Can Best Plan for Disaster
    NetworkWorld November 6, 2012
    "Hurricane Sandy left devastation in its wake, first pounding the Caribbean and then pummeling the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast regions of the U.S. People and businesses are now struggling to get back on their feet. As a CIO or IT leader, you need to ask yourself: Will your organization be prepared for the next disaster?"
    Organizations Fail To Realize the Implications of a Data Breach
    HelpNet Security November 13, 2012
    "New research by the Ponemon Institute revealed that 54 percent of respondents have experienced at least one data breach in the last year, with nearly a fifth (19 percent) experiencing more than four.

    Perhaps more worryingly, those that have so far avoided a data breach demonstrated a real lack of awareness of the financial and long-term damage that a breach can have on a company..."

      Policies Protect Employers against Privacy Intrusion Claims
      Internet Evolution November 15, 2012
      "Employees don't just use the Internet to get sports scores and play games anymore. Their medical records and financial information are readily available online, and while employees may use the Internet at work to confirm their cholesterol test results or verify that their direct deposits went through, others might use it for more nefarious purposes.

      But even if workers' online use is completely innocent, employers need to guard themselves against claims of invasion of privacy and discrimination, according to experts..."

        Ten 'Sins' That Can Destroy Your Alliances
        Baseline November 11, 2012
        "No IT department operates in a vacuum. To deliver on key goals, you and your tech colleagues must work with other departments, outside vendors and partners. Without such alliances, even the most talented IT team amounts to little more than a collection of untapped intellectual assets. The book Paid to Think: A Leader's Toolkit for Redefining Your Future, is a hefty tome that covers a broad range of topics and strategies to improve your enterprise thinking potential..."
          IT - DR
          Getting the Business Continuity Management System Audit Right
          Continuity Central November 5, 2012
          "You are implementing a business continuity management system (BCMS) for the first time and you discover that one of the requirements is to conduct ‘internal audits’. What do you do? Who should be the auditor? Do they need to be trained? All valid questions (along with scores of others which you will doubtless ask yourself) which invariably will be rushed through without much thought into what is trying to be achieved (apart from a tick in the BCMS/certification box)..."
          IT Lessons Learned From Hurricane Sandy
          Baseline November 9, 2012
          "After years of discussion about disaster recovery (DR) and business continuity (BC) best practices—with events such as Hurricane Katrina in 2005 and the massive Tohoku earthquake and tsunami in Japan in 2011 serving as exclamation marks—prevailing wisdom would dictate that businesses would adequately prepare for disruptions and ensure that IT systems are designed to avoid downtime, as well as security breaches.

          Unfortunately, human nature combined with the complexities of IT preparedness serve as a formidable barrier to effective DR and BC..."

          Weathering the Storm: Hurricane Sandy Validates Philadelphia Insurance Companies' Business Continuity Plan
          Insurance Technology November 15, 2012
          "After a strong performance during Hurricane Irene in 2011, PHLY made further improvements to ensure that Hurricane Sandy caused no interruption of normal business, relates CIO Alfred Goxhaj...

          The business continuity plan (BCP) has always been an essential part of Philadelphia Insurance Companies’ (PHLY, a Tokio Marine Group company) enterprise risk management. Three years ago, our IT department was charged with the task of creating, maintaining and advancing a formal BCP."

          Diary of A Disaster: Living Off the Grid After Superstorm Sandy
          ComputerWorld November 12, 2012
          "I live in Pelham, N.Y., a sleepy suburb about half an hour north of New York City that was torn apart by the superstorm Sandy in late October and early November. While my wife, my son and I remained high and dry, we did lose power -- and it didn't return for more than 10 days.

          We're not survivalists by any means, but we did prepare for what we thought would be the worst. A day before the storm was forecast to arrive, I collected bottled water, gassed up the family station wagon, got cash and gathered all the flashlights along with spare batteries.

          It was a start, but as it turns out, not nearly enough. Here's our day-to-day story of living off the grid..."

            IT - Networks
            Review: 6 Slick Open Source Routers
            NetworkWorld November 14, 2012
            "Apart from smartphones, routers and wireless base stations are undoubtedly the most widely hacked and user-modded consumer devices. In many cases the benefits are major and concrete: a broader palette of features, better routing functions, tighter security, and the ability to configure details not normally allowed by the stock firmware (such as antenna output power)..."
            IT - Operations
            Emergency Generator Selection, Installation Require Careful Planning
            eWeek November 6, 2012
            "Emergency backup generators come in a variety of sizes and configurations, and can be put to a variety of uses. Here's a look at what you'll have when you have one installed. When it comes to your business, planning and executing an emergency generator installation is a job for the pros..."
              What's Next for Data Centers and Their Operators in 2013?
              Information Management November 12, 2012
              "Virtualization and the cloud will continue to chip away at traditional data center spending and operations in the year ahead, with a new breed of data center operators making big strides along the way, according to reports from Ovum Research..."
                IT - Security
                What's your Total Cost of Risk (TCOR)?
                ComputerWorld November 12, 2012
                "If you don't know, you need a better connection to your company's risk managers, who measure risk by what can be insured and what it costs to do so. While the measurement of operational risks is still a bit of a puzzle for CSOs, risk managers have used TCOR for ages..."
                  12 Scams of Christmas
                  HelpNet Security November 12, 2012
                  "A Harris Interactive study, conducted online among over 2,300 U.S. adults, investigates the online habits and behaviors of Americans, including those who indicate that they will engage with the Internet and mobile devices while shopping this holiday season.

                  While Americans have become accustomed to shopping online, and will do so in droves, they are also using their mobile phones for more of their everyday activities..."

                    2013's Biggest Security Issues: Cloud Botnets, Search Poisoning and Mobile Attacks
                    IT World November 14, 2012
                    "Researchers from the Georgia Tech Information Security Center today released their official 2013 cyberthreats forecast, detailing what they say will be the most serious computer security issues in the coming year..."
                    Puzzle Logic
                    Dark Reading November 9, 2012
                    "Authentication is an enduring mystery, but solving authorization puzzles may be a better use of your security resources ...

                    Access control is all about who are you and what you are allowed to do. As it turns out, one of those questions is easy to reliably answer, and the other basically impossible. Malcolm Gladwell wrote on the difference between puzzles and mysteries:..."

                    Ransom Malware Gangs Making Huge Profits, Symantec Discovers
                    TechWorld November 9, 2012
                    "The problem of ransom malware has reached epidemic proportions and could be extracting fraudulent payments from as many as 3 percent of victims, a Symantec report has calculated.

                    In a world already afflicted by botnets, banking Trojans and established problems such as keyloggers and spam, ransomware – programs that ‘lock’ victims’ computers or files until a ransom payment is made - has grown into a major problem, with surprisingly little coverage from security vendors until recently..."

                    Shareholders Kept In the Dark on Data Breaches
                    NetworkWorld November 9, 2012
                    "It happened more than three and a half years ago. So it presumably would be old news that Chinese hackers broke into soft drink behemoth Coca-Cola's computer systems and stole confidential files relating to its effort to acquire the China Huiyuan Juice Group for $2.4 billion.

                    But it is just coming to light now, through a report earlier this week in Bloomberg Businessweek. The story said the FBI contacted Coke executives on March 15, 2009, and told them hackers had been inside their system for a month. The attempted deal for Huiyuan collapsed three days later."

                      Traditional Faxing Still Reigns Supreme, Putting Data at Risk
                      IT Business Edge November 15, 2012
                      "GFI Software recently announced the results of a new survey about the faxing habits of U.S. office workers, which show that by an overwhelming margin, faxing continues to be an important form of office communication for most businesses. However, concerns exist about the privacy of data when transmitted over a paper-based fax system..."
                        IT - Careers
                        10 Things to Consider Before Leaving IT for the End Business
                        TechRepublic November 7, 2012
                        "If you are employed in any enterprise where IT is not the end business, you will find IT is a support function. There’s nothing wrong with making an IT career in companies like this — unless you aspire to be the CEO. Companies almost always look for someone with experience in sales or in a line of business to fill that role. That’s why many IT’ers who have enterprise CEO aspirations decide to leave IT for a functional area that is considered strategic to the business."
                          The Dangers of Accepting a Counteroffer
                          TechRepublic November 13, 2012
                          "You may think that getting and accepting a counteroffer from your company is flattering. You may have to think again.

                          It’s pretty tempting to think you’re quite the valuable commodity when your company offers you a higher salary to keep you from leaving to go work for another company. Not so fast, hot stuff. Here are a couple of things to think about before you accept that offer.

                          You will be looked on here on out as a bit of a traitor..."

                            IT - Social Media
                            3 Big Social Business Implementation Challenges
                            InformationWeek November 13, 2012
                            "The value of social business products and practices is becoming better recognized by organizations, but many face cultural and organizational issues that limit their ability to take advantage of those new capabilities. That's the word from a new IBM Institute for Business Value study, "The Business of Social Business," based on responses from more than 1,100 individuals and interviews with more than two dozen executives..."
                            Social Networking is the #1 Risk to Information Security
                            HelpNet Security November 9, 2012
                            "The consumerisation of IT has made security far more difficult to manage according to research published by McAfee at its Security Summit in London. This is exemplified by the introduction of personal devices, the growth of social networking and the explosion of employee-created and managed data. Nearly 62% of respondents cited social networking as a significant threat to information security in their organisation, while the growth of emails and other unstructured data came a close second with 59% acknowledging it as a serious risk..."
                            IT - Email
                            12 Ways to (Not) Screw Up Your Website
                            NetworkWorld November 7, 2012
                            "A lot can go wrong when it comes to building a business Website. To find out some of the biggest mistakes companies make when redesigning their website--or launching a new surveyed Web developers, Web designers and customer experience experts We cite the 12 most often problems, as well as how you can fix or prevent them..."
                            Oracle Releases Sun Storage Archive Manager (SAM) 5.3 and Sun QFS 5.3
                            Now Users Can Enjoy End-to-end Data Integrity Validation
                            The release of Oracle’s Sun Storage Archive Manager 5.3 and Sun QFS 5.3 makes Oracle the first tape vendor to offer end-to-end data integrity validation. Users can now employ SAM-QFS to command data verification within the Oracle StorageTek T10000C Tape Drives themselves rather than needing to transfer the data back to the server. Oracle’s Sun Storage Archive Manager streamlines data management processes with policy-based storage tiering to help customers reduce storage cost and complexity. In addition to support for Data Integrity Verification in StorageTek T10000C Tape Drives, Oracle’s SAM-QFS environment provides new tiered storage support.
                            IT - Database
                            The Root of All Database Security Evils = Input
                            Dark Reading November 15, 2012
                            "Some of the most embarrassing database breaches of the past few years boil down to one big root cause: poor input validation and sanitization imposed by developers who create Web applications that tap into these data stores. In the rush to get code compiled and out the door, developers create input fields that allow users to type in anything they want. That's fine for most users who just need to type in their usernames, a search term, or an address and phone number. But when the bad guys get their hooks into these unchecked input fields, they're one step closer to hacking the database..."
                              IT - Backup
                              How to Protect Your Data with Reliable BDR Storage Alternatives
                              Business 2 Community November 14, 2012
                              "Do you have a back-up system that you can count on? How recently did you verify that you can actually recover data from it? How quickly could you get your system up and running again after a failure? Since your business depends on having a functioning system and access to data, planning for emergencies is critical. Even more important, in some ways, is how quickly you can get your business up and running again after a disaster since down time can rack up significant costs..."
                                Hurricane Sandy Shows Why Businesses Need Reliable Backup Power
                                eWeek November 4, 2012
                                "Sometimes the lines stretch for miles. People come from far away to get the one precious commodity that they need to make life livable—gasoline. People carry containers for their home generators and they arrive with empty tanks in their cars. On the way, they pass dozens of darkened service stations that have plenty of fuel to sell, but they lack one essential thing—electricity..."
                                IT - Mobile
                                Resistance Is Futile: CISOs Talk About Embracing Change
                                CSO Online November 6, 2012
                                "During a recent panel discussion at the Information Systems Security Association (ISSA) conference in Anaheim, Calif, leading CISOs agreed big changes are afoot in their organizations -- and resistance is futile.

                                Among other things, they expressed concern with the tight IT security job market and how millennials are forcing a major cultural shift in the enterprise..."

                                Companies Need Defenses against Mobile Malware
                                Dark Reading November 9, 2012
                                "With the past month's parade of quarterly threat reports, one pattern seems clear: Mobile malware is on the rise. In a report released late October, security firm Trend Micro found 175,000 different malicious and suspicious packages targeting the Android operating system by the end of the third quarter, a fivefold increase over the previous quarter. Antivirus firm F-Secure saw a similar jump, finding more than 50,000 malware packages targeting Android mobile devices in the third quarter, a tenfold increase compared to the prior quarter..."
                                IT - Big Data
                                6 Problems Big Data Will Make Worse
                                Information Management November 15, 2012
                                "The concept of big data carries lofty business hopes for unearthing nuggets of hidden data and patterns. Before we start stacking up the ROI, let’s take a look at possible growing pains with the tech and strategy of big data implementations.

                                Here are half-dozen problems big data will probably make worse in the near-term..."

                                10 Roadblocks to Implementing Big Data Analytics
                                TechRepublic November 12, 2012
                                "Before you jump on the Big Data bandwagon, make sure you understand exactly what you’re getting into.

                                Big Data and business analytics are two of the most exciting areas in business and IT these days — but for most enterprises, they are still developmental. Although the opportunities are boundless, the road to an effective Big Data operation is fraught with challenges. Here are some of the obstacles companies are encountering — and some ways to get around them..."

                                Big Data Bonanza: But Is IT Capable of Mining It?
                                TechRepublic November 9, 2012
                                "I have just read a consultancy report that says the world is short of at least 150,000 analysts with the skills to take on the upcoming challenge of big data. Seems to me they have the wrong end of the stick. It will be the machines doing the analysis.

                                If you want to see big data just lift the lid on any mobile operator, retail chain, bank, investment house, insurance company, utility, government department, manufacturer or big business. They’re all knee deep in data and generally wondering what to do with it..."

                                Big Data CIOs: Don't Look for Aliens That Aren't There
                                The Register November 14, 2012
                                "CIOs have been urged to pull their collective fingers out when it comes to Big Data projects, with experts warning that excessive planning can delay initiatives to the point where the intelligence they generate is useless to the business.

                                Speaking at IDC’s Asia Pacific Business Analytics Conference 2012 in Hong Kong, emerging tech research director Claus Mortensen presented the results of a pre-event survey of attendees..."

                                Hurricane Sandy: Big Data Predicted Big Power Outages
                                InformationWeek November 12, 2012
                                "Hurricane Sandy followed by the November nor'easter delivered a one-two punch that rival the Kathryn Hepburn hurricane of 1938 and the 1821 Norfolk-Long Island storm that temporarily created North and South Manhattan Islands. These back-to-backs provide a silver lining: a chance to showcase Big Data Analytics (coupled with catastrophe models) in forecasting events, assessing their impacts and mitigating future events..."
                                Sandy Makes the Case for Big Data
                                Washington Technology November 8, 2012
                                "If there are any doubters left about the value of big data and analytics, Hurricane Sandy has surely blown them away...

                                Three-days out, forecasters predicted within 10 miles where landfall would occur. Twenty years ago, they may not even have known that the storm would have taken its unconventional turn left. In 1992, the result would have been much more devastating because there would have been little to no warning..."

                                IT - BYOD
                                Businesses Admit To Losing Data through BYOD
                                HelpNet Security November 12, 2012
                                "Businesses are putting their corporate security at risk, with one in three organisations (33 per cent) allowing their staff unrestricted access to corporate resources from their personal smartphones, according to a survey conducted by B2B International on behalf of Kaspersky Lab.

                                The research revealed that 38 per cent of companies apply some kind of restriction on smartphone use, such as bans on access to certain network resources..."

                                BYOD Threats Have Infiltrated Organizations
                                HelpNet Security November 13, 2012
                                "The vast majority of organizations that allow employees to BYOD are experiencing high rates of mobile threats, including lost or stolen devices, malware, and compromised company data.

                                Conducted by Webroot, the study exposes that the popular trend of allowing employees to use their smartphones and tablets at work is causing a significant drain on IT resources while at the same time putting corporate data at risk..."

                                BYOD Will Encourage Self-Support
                                ComputerWeekly November 12, 2012
                                "During the Gartner Symposium, earlier in November the analyst firm predicted that IT departments will be expanding their budget to support bring-your-own-device (BYOD).

                                As Computer Weekly previously reported, Gartner expects IT budgets will grow 1.4% driven by the take-up of mobile technology like smartphones and tablet computers.

                                There is likely to be increased helpdesk costs if IT expands desktop PC support to other devices. However, Gartner thinks many users of smartphones and tablets will develop their own support communities..."

                                Warning Signs That You're Addicted to Tech
                                Baseline November 12, 2012
                                "Sure, we're all constantly on our computers and other devices. We may even jokingly confess that we're addicted to our smartphones. But there's actually a clinical term for an unhealthy attachment to mobile technology: Nomophobia. In California, the Morningside Recovery Center announced the first-ever recovery group program to deal with this dependency. In fact, as many as two-thirds of the population may suffer from its effects, research shows, and reports of nomophobia are up 13 percent in recent years..."
                                  Top Ten Articles for last few Issues
                                  Vol 177 Issue 1; Vol 176 Issues 1, 2, 3, 5 and 5; Vol 175 Issues 3 and 4
                                  We track how frequently each article is viewed on the web site to determine which the readers consider the most important. For last week, the top 10 articles were:

                                  • SPARC T5 Deep Dive
                                  • Oracle Solaris 11 System Administration: The Complete Reference
                                  • Clustering Basics and Challenges: A Primer
                                  • Get the Details on the OS Built for the Cloud: Solaris Cloud Datasheet
                                  • SPARC T4-4 Delivers New World Record Performance
                                  • Talking About the Design of the SPARC T4 and T5 Chips
                                  • Post Provides List of 36 Documents on Exadata
                                  • How to Migrate Oracle Database 10 From Oracle Solaris 8 to Oracle Solaris 11
                                  • A Technical Overview of the Oracle Exadata Database Machine and Exadata Storage Server
                                  • Oracle Solaris Cluster 4.1 Released

                                  The longer version of this article has list of top ten articles for the last 8 weeks.

                                    IT - Encryption
                                    Neighboring Virtual Machine Able to Sniff Out Encrypted Data
                                    eWeek November 12, 2012
                                    "Despite logical isolation, a malicious virtual machine could sniff out significant information from a targeted VM running on the same platform, according to an academic research paper.

                                    Virtualization may provide logical barriers that protect systems running on the same server, but such architectural protections are not foolproof, according to an academic research paper..."

                                      Basic Operations with the Image Packaging System
                                      Summary of Commands, Overview of IPS Installation, System Updates

                                      In a recent post Ginny Henningsen lists the commands for controlling the Image Packaging System and demonstrates how to use them in performing basic operations. Her post expands on the recently issued "Oracle Solaris 11 Cheat Sheet for the Image Packaging System" by reviewing basic IPS concepts. She covers package installation and system updates, adding as well an explanation of how the Fault Managed Resource Indicator functions and concludes with a list of miscellaneous commands.

                                      NetBeans Podcast #62 Recaps Events of the NetBeans Community at JavaOne 2012
                                      Beta Download; Videos, Governance Board Election Results ... Almost as Good as Being There
                                      News abounds on NetBeans Podcast #62 with hosts Geertjan and Tinu, who provide links to recaps of the NetBeans Community events at JavaOne 2012. Also included is an announcement of the outcome of the elections to the NetBeans Governance Board, with congratulations to new members Anton Epple and Hermien Pellissier. There is a download link to NetBeans IDE 7.3 Beta and to videos of HTML5 support in NetBeans and an event-packed NetBeans Calendar for this fall. Comments from various NetBeans community members are also available on video links, as are the two parts of Reflections on JavaOne 2012 by the NetBeans Community.
                                      Darren Moffat Explains the new ZFS Encryption Features in Solaris 11.1
                                      Labels them 'Small but Significant'
                                      Darren Moffat introduces the new ZFS encryption features in Oracle Solaris 11.1. He begins by explaining the function of the new readonly keychangedate and continues with comments on the new restrictions placed on the size of the wrapping key needed to match the size of the data encryption key, noting the exception to this operation when the keysource property sets the format to be 'passphrase' in which case the wrapping key size and data encryption key size will always match. He adds the comment that the pam_zfs_key module has been updated so that it allows you to specify encryption=off.
                                      Security Inside Out Newsletter: November Edition now Available
                                      Features Highlights from Oracle OpenWorld
                                      The November edition of the Security Inside Out Newsletter is now available, Tanu Sood posts, featuring highlights from Oracle OpenWorld, noting the record-breaking registration for this year's conference. Also included in the current issue is an interview with Amit Jasuja, Senior Vice President, Security and Identity Management at Oracle, who discusses the key trends in the industry and how these have helped shape innovation in the latest release of Oracle Identity Management solution set. Readers will also find links to webcasts on identity management and database security and links to resource libraries as well.
                                      How to Know Whether T4 Crypto Accelerators Are in Use
                                      Some Advice on Choosing the Optimal Crypto Instructions
                                      Dan Anderson posts a means for determining whether the non-privileged crypto instructions included in the T4 processor are in use. He shares a DTrace script written by Chi-Chang Lin that can show whether T4 crypto instructions are being executed, and he includes instructions for learning whether t4 engine optimization is in use, providing a chart that shows optimization availability. He also provides suggestions regarding the best use of hash algorithms. Anderson reminds users that, using the latest update, Solaris 11.1, provides the best set of optimized algorithms, but alternatives are often available, sometimes slightly slower, for releases back to Solaris 10 08/11 (U10).
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