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Oracle OpenWorld Keynotes Now Available as On-demand Videos
Executives from Oracle, EMC, Infosys, Fujitsu from the Podium
On-demand videos of all the keynote speeches from Oracle OpenWorld 2012 are now available. Hear Larry Ellison, Mark Hurd, Juan Loaiza, Thomas Kurian, Joseph Tucci of EMC, John Fowler, and many others. If you need your memory jogged about a point or two or, if you were unable to attend in person, here is the next best thing to having been there.
Getting Started with Automated Installer in Oracle Solaris 11
Hands-on Lab by Isaac Rozenfeld from Oracle OpenWorld
The slide set is now available online for Isaac Rozenfeld's hands-on lab at Oracle OpenWorld on Large Scale Installation and Deployment of Oracle Solaris 11. Rozenfeld writes that the lab was designed to build awareness and instill confidence in users facing the challenges of rolling out and maintaining traditional Solaris installations across the enterprise. He covers recently introduced package management innovations and reviews the built-in tools provided for transitioning to Oracle Solaris 11, commenting along the way on the specific technical projects in Oracle Solaris development that have become the foundation for solidifying the installation and lifecycle management capabilities of Oracle Solaris 11.
Oracle Solaris Cluster 4.1 Now Availabile
Includes Virtual Cluster Capabilities, Expanded and Faster Disaster and Application Recovery Features

Oracle Solaris Cluster 4.1 is available with the following new features:

  • New Oracle Solaris 10 Zone Clusters: customers can now consolidate mission critical Oracle Solaris 10 applications on Oracle Solaris 11 virtualized systems in a virtual cluster

  • Expanded disaster recovery operations: Oracle Solaris Cluster now offers managed switchover and disaster-recovery takeover of applications and data using ZFS Storage Appliance replication services in a multi-site, multi-cluster configuration

  • Faster application recovery with improved storage failure detection and resource dependencies management

Some Advice on Updating to Solaris 11.1
Changes to Included FOSS Packages Require Special Attention

Before upgrading from Oracle Solaris 11.0 to 11.1, Alan Coopersmith advises users to have a look at "How to Update to Oracle Solaris 11.1 Using the Image Packaging System" by Peter Dennis. Still, Coopersmith writes, updating Solaris 11 is much easier than updating Solaris 10. Coopersmith includes a detailed side-by-side list that shows most of the changes to the FOSS packages between Solaris 11.0 and 11.1. Some were excluded for clarity, he notes, or to reduce noise and duplication, adding that the FOSS packages whose version numbers did not change in their packaging info are not included.

Why 4K? Â George WilsonÂs ZFS Day Talk
The Task Is Getting a Handle on the Problem, then Removing the Culprit Code
Advanced Format. 4K Sectors. Are there problems? Well, yes, when drives present themselves as something they are not, creating problems that impact write performance and result in the need for read-modify-write operations for any misaligned or partial writes that are issued. Other storage platforms may also provide LUNs that present themselves as 512 byte addressable devices when, in fact, they use a 4K sector size internally. ZFS has built-in support for 4K sectors, but cannot automatically deal with the misrepresentations. George Wilson spoke at ZFS Day about methods that have been developed to work around these misrepresentations and discussed the challenges and drawbacks of using 4K sectors.
Slide Set for MySQL Cluster Presentation at MySQL Connect
Details on MySQL Cluster Architecture, Basics of MySQL Cluster Configuration, Administration
The slides for Santo Leto's hands-on lecture presented at the recent MySQL Connect gathering are now available online, along with most of the commands needed to install and connect to a MySQL Cluster and the code examples Leto used in the presentation. The lab was designed, he explains, to familiarize attendees with MySQL Cluster, specifically by demonstrating the basics of MySQL Cluster Architecture; the basics of MySQL Cluster Configuration and Administration; and by showing how to start and connect to the Management Server and to an SQL Node; and connecting by means of the NoSQL NDB API and the Connector J.
Cloud Computing
Overview of Oracle Private Cloud Solutions
Get the Lowdown on Private Cloud Management Products
Oracle's private cloud offerings, which include Oracle Cloud applications, the Oracle Cloud platform, and the Oracle Cloud infrastructure, enable customers to have complete control and visibility over security, compliance, and service levels, as well as to build, deploy, and manage their own cloud environments. Learn more about Oracle Enterprise Manager and the capabilities it puts in your hands when your enterprise ventures into the private cloud.
Using DTrace Scripts Written for Solaris on Linux 6 Without Modification
Lavor Saving Capability for Sysadmins
In a video just over six minutes long Wim Coekaerts, VP of Engineering for Oracle Linux, discusses using DTrace scripts written for Oracle Solaris on Oracle Linux without modification, explaining how this capability of DTrace, the zero downtime updates enabled by KSplice, and other performance and stability enhancements, have made Oracle Linux 6 popular with sysadmins, more than 10,000 customers so far. Part of the reason for this popularity, Coekaerts says, is that the Linux experience has been made as much as possible like the Unix experience.
Engineered Systems: Oracle's Optimized Approach to IT Infrastructure
Outperform Proprietary, Un-optimized Solutions Any Day
Continuing the culinary metaphor in Bob Evans' article, the author spills the beans on the "secret sauce" that gives Oracle a distinct edge in the age of big data. What is that secret sauce? Engineered systems, as the world of IT is becoming aware. Even IBM's piecemeal Pure Systems response appears to acknowledge that proprietary, un-optimized systems are no longer the way to go, Evans suggests. "At Oracle, the strategy is all about designing IP-rich hardware and software that are engineered from the ground up to work together, says Juan Loaiza, Oracle senior vice-president for systems technologies," Evans writes.
Larry Ellison Has a Passion for Microchips
And the More Powerful They Are, the More Passion He Invests in Them
"SPARC at 25: Oracle's Larry Ellison a chip zealot?" by Sylvia Barak writing for EETimes summarizes the history of SPARC development handily in a mere two pages, explaining further that Sun's history has become Oracle's future, a future in which Larry Ellison can logically and comfortably focus on increasingly powerful microchip technology. Barak found confirmation of her supposition in the comments of both Mark Hurd and John Fowler who, in their remarks at the SPARC anniversary celebration, attested that, "Yes, Larry likes hardware."
Oracle Plays SPARC Cards Close to the Vest
Fujitsu Deals from a Deck of Its Own
Fresh from Oracle OpenWorld 2012, Timothy Prickett Morgan tries to unscramble what has been made available for public consumption concerning Oracle's and Fujitsu's plans for processor production. Once partners (of sorts) Oracle and Fujitsu are seen by Prickett Morgan as proceeding down separate paths with Fujitsu banking on its 16-core Athena Sparc64-X processor and Oracle publishing a T-series and and M-series processor roadmap. The writer concludes that both Oracle and Fujitsu may be ramping up for a competitive fight with IBM over a larger share of the Unix server market. And competition in that arena, Prickett Morgan remarks, would be a welcome thing.
Putting the Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance Through Its Paces
CRN Reviews the Solution out of the Box

The Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance comes under the scrutiny of CRN's Edward J. Correia, who tested a pair of Oracle ZFS 7420 Storage Appliance nodes integrated with an Oracle Database Appliance. Correia recounts the six-step process involved in setting up the appliance, remarking on the ease of implementation. He singles out for commendation the ability the appliance's GUI-based analytics tool gives DBAs to look at file-level performance statistics such as IOps and disk utilization, without needing to access any of the appliance's storage or other features. Correia also found the price point of the ZFS Storage Appliance an attractive attribute.

Top Ten Articles for last few Issues
Vol 176 Issues 1, 2, 3 and 4; Vol 175 Issues 1, 2, 3 and 4
We track how frequently each article is viewed on the web site to determine which the readers consider the most important. For last week, the top 10 articles were:

  • Download Oracle Solaris 11.1
  • Using DTrace to Understand What's Happening to VMWare's VM I/O in Real-time
  • IDC White Paper Finds Growing Customer Comfort with Oracle Solaris Operating System
  • SPARC 25th Anniversary at Computer History Museum in San Francisco on November 1, 2012
  • Epsilon Easily Manages 40% Annual Data Growth Rate with Oracle Solutions
  • Oracle Announces StorageTek Virtual Storage Manager 6
  • Oracle White Papers on SPARC SuperCluster
  • With LTFS, Tape Is Gaining Storage Ground
  • Oracle Releases MySQL for Excel 1.1.0 GA
  • Java Spotlight Episode 105: Mark Reinhold on the Future of Java

The longer version of this article has list of top ten articles for the last 8 weeks.

    The Document Foundation Releases LibreOffice 3.6.3
    LibreOffice Is Becoming de facto Solution for Migrations to Free Office Suites
    The Document Foundation (TDF) has released LibreOffice 3.6.3, for Windows, MacOS and Linux. LibreOffice has quickly become the de facto standard for migrations to free office suites, including such entities as the City of Munich and the French Government, which are migrating from to LibreOffice; and the largest furniture manufacturer and retailer in Romania, with 1,000 Windows and GNU/Linux desktops. LibreOffice 3.6.3 is available for immediate download; extensions are also available.
    DevOps for Developers
    Michael Hutterman
    A New Way of Thinking Possibilities for Collaboration Between Two Competing Realms

    "DevOps for Developers" by Java Champion Michael Hutterman is a book that Tori Wieldt describes as bridging " ... the gap between development and operations by aligning incentives and sharing approaches for processes and tools ... broaden[ing] the usage of Agile practices to operations to foster collaboration and streamline the entire software delivery process in a holistic way." Hutterman bolsters his argument with real-world use cases, giving the readers the tools required to reform development and operations processes.

    How Customers Are Using Oracle Solaris 11 Features
    ZFS Is Turning Out to Be a Great Favorite
    Marcus Flierl, VP Solaris Core Engineering, comments on how Oracle Solaris 11 customers are taking advantage of the Image Packaging System and the snapshot capability of ZFS to run more frequent updates of not only the OS, but also the applications, and how they're using the network virtualization capabilities in Oracle Solaris 11 to isolate applications and manage workloads in the cloud. He cites examples of innovative uses customers are employing with Solaris 11, such as using the new patching system on top of ZFS. Updates are easier, he contends, with these new capabilities, especially ZFS snapshots that enable system restore.
    Oracle VM VirtualBox 4.2.2 Released
    Download Now, Check the Changelog
    Oracle VM VirtualBox 4.2.4 has been released, Fat Bloke announces, providing readers with links to the changelog and to both the community and the Oracle download sites.
    Java Technology
    Talking about Java Security Update @spoofzu
    Java Spotlight Episide 106 with Milton Smith and Bruce Lowenthal
    Milton Smith and Bruce Lowenthal are that guests of Roger Brinkley on Java Spotlight Episode 106, where Java Security Update @spoofzu is up for discussion. Milton Smith leads the security program for Java products at Oracle where his responsibilities span from tactical to strategic: definition and communication of the security vision for Java; working with engineering teams and researchers and the industry at large. He has over 20+ years of industry experience with emphasis in programming and computer security. Bruce Lowenthal is the Senior Director of Security Alerts at Oracle Corporation.
    JavaOne 2012 and the JavaFX DEMOgrounds
    Post Lists Q&As, Demos from the Conference
    As evidence of the progress Oracle has made over the past year in refining JavaFX, Janice J. Heiss has put together a brief list of Q&As directed to and answered by the JavaFX team. She also includes a list of the several JavaFX Demos that were on display at JavaOne 2012. These include:

    • JavaFX Ensemble: over 100 JavaFX samples
    • FX Experience Tools: utilities to create new skins
    • JavaFX Scene Builder: visual layout tool lets users quickly design UI without coding
    • Scenic View: shows current state of application UI
    • Conference Tour
    • FXMediaPlayer: displays different media functionality
    Security Capabilities and Design in Oracle Solaris 11
    Video Captures Three Big Guns in Solaris Security
    Host Rick Ramsey of OTN captures Alex Barclay, Glen Brunette, and Darren Moffett for an off-the-cuff chat on Oracle Solaris security at Oracle OpenWorld 2012. Barclay comments on compliance reporting and extended policy; Brunette on security mandates, access control and immutable zones; and Moffett on the design of security protocols and achieving management of extended policies and administrative interfaces, and integration of the Solaris audit trail and the Oracle Audit Vault.
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