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Oracle OpenWorld Keynotes Now Available as On-demand Videos
Executives from Oracle, EMC, Infosys, Fujitsu from the Podium
On-demand videos of all the keynote speeches from Oracle OpenWorld 2012 are now available. Hear Larry Ellison, Mark Hurd, Juan Loaiza, Thomas Kurian, Joseph Tucci of EMC, John Fowler, and many others. If you need your memory jogged about a point or two or, if you were unable to attend in person, here is the next best thing to having been there.
Larry Ellison Has a Passion for Microchips
And the More Powerful They Are, the More Passion He Invests in Them
"SPARC at 25: Oracle's Larry Ellison a chip zealot?" by Sylvia Barak writing for EETimes summarizes the history of SPARC development handily in a mere two pages, explaining further that Sun's history has become Oracle's future, a future in which Larry Ellison can logically and comfortably focus on increasingly powerful microchip technology. Barak found confirmation of her supposition in the comments of both Mark Hurd and John Fowler who, in their remarks at the SPARC anniversary celebration, attested that, "Yes, Larry likes hardware."
Oracle Plays SPARC Cards Close to the Vest
Fujitsu Deals from a Deck of Its Own
Fresh from Oracle OpenWorld 2012, Timothy Prickett Morgan tries to unscramble what has been made available for public consumption concerning Oracle's and Fujitsu's plans for processor production. Once partners (of sorts) Oracle and Fujitsu are seen by Prickett Morgan as proceeding down separate paths with Fujitsu banking on its 16-core Athena Sparc64-X processor and Oracle publishing a T-series and and M-series processor roadmap. The writer concludes that both Oracle and Fujitsu may be ramping up for a competitive fight with IBM over a larger share of the Unix server market. And competition in that arena, Prickett Morgan remarks, would be a welcome thing.
Engineered Systems: Oracle's Optimized Approach to IT Infrastructure
Outperform Proprietary, Un-optimized Solutions Any Day
Continuing the culinary metaphor in Bob Evans' article, the author spills the beans on the "secret sauce" that gives Oracle a distinct edge in the age of big data. What is that secret sauce? Engineered systems, as the world of IT is becoming aware. Even IBM's piecemeal Pure Systems response appears to acknowledge that proprietary, un-optimized systems are no longer the way to go, Evans suggests. "At Oracle, the strategy is all about designing IP-rich hardware and software that are engineered from the ground up to work together, says Juan Loaiza, Oracle senior vice-president for systems technologies," Evans writes.
Oracle VM VirtualBox 4.2.2 Released
Download Now, Check the Changelog
Oracle VM VirtualBox 4.2.4 has been released, Fat Bloke announces, providing readers with links to the changelog and to both the community and the Oracle download sites.
IT - Storage
Are the Dimensions of Data Quality Real?
Information Management November 1, 2012
"A recurrent theme in data quality is the idea of "dimensions," such as accuracy, consistency and timeliness. The fact that these dimensions actually exist is rarely, if ever, questioned. Indeed, the benefits of the dimensions are regularly discussed, and are commonly thought to include:

  • Allowing the complex area of data quality to be subdivided into areas, each of which has its own particular way of being measured
  • Being able to correlate dimensions with specific impacts on business areas
  • Having specific remediation approaches, rather than a one-size-fits-all methodology

There may also be additional benefits.

    Cleaning Out the Data Pipes
    IT Director October 23, 2012
    "Parkinson’s Law states that work expands so as to fill the time available. Something similar could be said about network bandwidth; left unchecked, the volume of data will always increase to consume what is available. In other words, continually increasing network bandwidth should never be the only approach to network capacity provision; however much is available it still needs to be used intelligently..."
      IT - Technology
      China Building a 100-Petaflop Supercomputer
      ComputerWorld October 31, 2012
      "As the U.S. launched what's expected to be the world's fastest supercomputer at 20 petaflops, China is building a machine that is intended to be five times faster when it is deployed in 2015.

      China's Tianhe-2 supercomputer will run at 100 petaflops (quadrillion floating-point calculations per second), according to the Guangzhou Supercomputing Center, where the machine will be housed..."

        Moore's Law: About To Fail Or Ticking Along Nicely?
        TechRepublic October 26, 2012
        "For over 50 years, progress has been powered by the exponential growth of integrated circuits and the industries they power. Will that trend continue or reach an abrupt end?..

        Every so often we see a clutch of reports pronouncing the imminent end to Gordon Moore’s law, which says the number of transistors on integrated circuits doubles roughly every two years.

        Recently, we’ve been told it is the limits of lithography, power density, feature definition, and the approaching quantum limit that are sounding its death knell..."

          Getting Started with Automated Installer in Oracle Solaris 11
          Hands-on Lab by Isaac Rozenfeld from Oracle OpenWorld
          The slide set is now available online for Isaac Rozenfeld's hands-on lab at Oracle OpenWorld on Large Scale Installation and Deployment of Oracle Solaris 11. Rozenfeld writes that the lab was designed to build awareness and instill confidence in users facing the challenges of rolling out and maintaining traditional Solaris installations across the enterprise. He covers recently introduced package management innovations and reviews the built-in tools provided for transitioning to Oracle Solaris 11, commenting along the way on the specific technical projects in Oracle Solaris development that have become the foundation for solidifying the installation and lifecycle management capabilities of Oracle Solaris 11.
          Oracle Solaris Cluster 4.1 Now Availabile
          Includes Virtual Cluster Capabilities, Expanded and Faster Disaster and Application Recovery Features

          Oracle Solaris Cluster 4.1 is available with the following new features:

          • New Oracle Solaris 10 Zone Clusters: customers can now consolidate mission critical Oracle Solaris 10 applications on Oracle Solaris 11 virtualized systems in a virtual cluster

          • Expanded disaster recovery operations: Oracle Solaris Cluster now offers managed switchover and disaster-recovery takeover of applications and data using ZFS Storage Appliance replication services in a multi-site, multi-cluster configuration

          • Faster application recovery with improved storage failure detection and resource dependencies management

          Some Advice on Updating to Solaris 11.1
          Changes to Included FOSS Packages Require Special Attention

          Before upgrading from Oracle Solaris 11.0 to 11.1, Alan Coopersmith advises users to have a look at "How to Update to Oracle Solaris 11.1 Using the Image Packaging System" by Peter Dennis. Still, Coopersmith writes, updating Solaris 11 is much easier than updating Solaris 10. Coopersmith includes a detailed side-by-side list that shows most of the changes to the FOSS packages between Solaris 11.0 and 11.1. Some were excluded for clarity, he notes, or to reduce noise and duplication, adding that the FOSS packages whose version numbers did not change in their packaging info are not included.

          Slide Set for MySQL Cluster Presentation at MySQL Connect
          Details on MySQL Cluster Architecture, Basics of MySQL Cluster Configuration, Administration
          The slides for Santo Leto's hands-on lecture presented at the recent MySQL Connect gathering are now available online, along with most of the commands needed to install and connect to a MySQL Cluster and the code examples Leto used in the presentation. The lab was designed, he explains, to familiarize attendees with MySQL Cluster, specifically by demonstrating the basics of MySQL Cluster Architecture; the basics of MySQL Cluster Configuration and Administration; and by showing how to start and connect to the Management Server and to an SQL Node; and connecting by means of the NoSQL NDB API and the Connector J.
          Cloud Computing
          Overview of Oracle Private Cloud Solutions
          Get the Lowdown on Private Cloud Management Products
          Oracle's private cloud offerings, which include Oracle Cloud applications, the Oracle Cloud platform, and the Oracle Cloud infrastructure, enable customers to have complete control and visibility over security, compliance, and service levels, as well as to build, deploy, and manage their own cloud environments. Learn more about Oracle Enterprise Manager and the capabilities it puts in your hands when your enterprise ventures into the private cloud.
          Using DTrace Scripts Written for Solaris on Linux 6 Without Modification
          Lavor Saving Capability for Sysadmins
          In a video just over six minutes long Wim Coekaerts, VP of Engineering for Oracle Linux, discusses using DTrace scripts written for Oracle Solaris on Oracle Linux without modification, explaining how this capability of DTrace, the zero downtime updates enabled by KSplice, and other performance and stability enhancements, have made Oracle Linux 6 popular with sysadmins, more than 10,000 customers so far. Part of the reason for this popularity, Coekaerts says, is that the Linux experience has been made as much as possible like the Unix experience.
          IT - Cloud
          Cloud Growth: Strategy, Not Cost-Cutting
          Bank Systems and Technology October 30, 2012
          "Cloud computing no longer can be considered an emerging technology or unproven platform. According to Gartner, this year the public cloud services market will grow 19.6 percent to total $109 billion worldwide. Business process services/business process as a service (BPaaS) are the largest segment, accounting for about 77 percent of the total market, while infrastructure as a service (IaaS) is the fastest-growing segment of the public cloud services market and is expected to grow 45.4 percent in 2012, Gartner reports."
          IT - CxO
          How to Be a Leader Even If You're Not in Charge
          Baseline October 26, 2012
          "Stringent corporate hierarchies are rapidly becoming a thing of the past, and you don’t have to worry about climbing the corporate ladder anymore if you want to have a rewarding career. Showing yourself to be a solid team leader can take you far. In her new book, "The Titleless Leader: How to Get Things Done When You're Not in Charge" (Career Press/available now) author Nan S. Russel asserts that building influence without regard to formal position is now a workplace necessity..."
            9 People You Must Remove From Your Inner Circle
            Inc. October 15, 2012
            "You are what you eat, and you definitely are whom you associate with. The people closest to you make all the difference--in a good and a bad way.

            Of course, it can be tough to find great new connections and friends to add to your inner circle; people who will support you, help you, and encourage, motivate, and inspire you.

            It's a lot easier to spot the people in your inner circle who are holding you back.

            If you have people like these in your inner circle, remove them ..."

              10 Ways for IT to Survive a Merger
              TechRepublic October 29, 2012
              "Mergers are a fact of corporate life. They also require IT to play a major role because different systems must be consolidated. The work IT performs in mergers is so mission-critical that if it’s determined that systems can’t be readily consolidated and made to work together, the merger might be called off. Needless to say, performing IT work for a merger is risky — not only technically but politically. Here are 10 things to think about if you are tasked with IT for a merger..."
              Flash Crashes, Kill Switches, and 10 Million Easy Buttons
              Wall Street & Technology October 26, 2012
              "What's wrong with our markets? Rogue algorithms force exchanges to break trades. Old code causes the near collapse of a global broker. Glitches scuttle one IPO and create millions of dollars in losses for another. This isn't supposed to happen! What is going on?

              Have we forgotten how to write code, or have the markets become too complex for our testing scripts? Perhaps the rush to turn over code is so intense that we're bypassing best practice for software development procedures..."

                Gartner: How Big Trends In Security, Mobile, Big Data and Cloud Computing Will Change IT
                NetworkWorld October 31, 2012
                "When you go to a Gartner conference one of he main things you'll notice is the sheer volume of data they can generate on just about any IT topic. Last week's Gartner Symposium/ITxpo in Orlando, Fla., was no different. The conference, attended by some 9,000 executives focused on the changes security challenges, mobile computing, big data and cloud will be bringing to IT in the near future...

                So here goes. From the Gartner analysts, presentations on:.."

                Mining Your Organization for Ideas
                ComputerWorld October 29, 2012
                "Idea management can help your organization stay competitive...

                Whether or not your organization has a formal innovation program in place, it's very likely you've already implemented some form of idea management. This could be as simple as an online suggestion box or as sophisticated as an ideas module that's part of a corporate innovation management suite tied to a global initiative..."

                Toronto's Open Data Surprise
                IT World Canada October 31, 2012
                "In 2009, Toronto’s mayor made a dramatic announcement: The city was immediately adopting an open data policy. Not only that, it was going to start posting data on the Internet in a month.

                The announcement was made “to the surprise of staff,” Daphne Gaby Donaldson, Toronto’s executive director of corporate information management services, told a municipal open data conference here Tuesday.

                Fortunately, she added, the IT department had been talking to developers about the idea and were somewhat prepared..."

                What is Your IT Organization's Strategic Maturity Score?
                Accelerating IT Success November 1, 2012
                "As a CIO do you have a method to measure the effectiveness of your IT organization’s ability to work as part of a business team? Is your IT organization viewed as a strategic partner or as the department to call when a computers fails or a business application goes awry? You might want to seriously begin thinking about this if you want to keep your job..."
                When Independent Contractors Harass, Are You Liable?
                Business Management October 11, 2012
                "Don’t you have enough to worry about with employees sexually harassing each other? But wait. There’s more. As a new ruling shows, employers can also be held liable for the behavior of third-party independent contractors in the workplace—even though they are NOT employees. Now, do we need an extra set of eyes and ears? Yes, indeedy it seems we do!"
                  Why CIOs Hire Bad Employees
                  CIO Insight October 25, 2012
                  "We’re sure at one point you’ve looked at one of your workers and thought, “How the heck did he ever end up in my IT department?” Every IT department has a couple of bad apples. In fact, 46% of rookie hires won't survive their first 18 months on the job, according to industry research. And 22% of turnover occurs within the first 45 days. These failures come at a high price: The cost of a bad hire can range from 1.5 to 3.5 times the salary of the employee in question. Clearly, this is something you’d like to avoid, but too many CIOs fall into the same, classic traps that keep them from making good recruitment decisions..."
                    5 Ways to Build Better IT Outsourcing Relationships
                    CIO October 26, 2012
                    "IT leaders may be well-versed in the latest technologies and service provider offerings, but they may need help building a long-term relationship that addresses such ever-changing criteria such as innovation and performance. Here are five key levers that can impact outsourcing costs and lead to a healthier relationship..."
                    IT - DR
                    Down For The Count: 9 High-Profile Cloud Outages
                    CRN October 30, 2012
                    "Despite the sophistication of the technology that powers cloud infrastructure and services and the vast sums of money involved, the cloud is still disturbingly vulnerable to outages that can close an online business down for hours, and even days, or cause it to lose precious data.

                    Cloud providers suffered some embarrassing services failures this year. Jeff Kaplan, the founder of Thinkstrategies, has some simple advice that never grows old when it comes to cloud availability..."

                    Incorporating Cloud-Based Recovery into Business Continuity Plans
                    InformationWeek November 1, 2012
                    "Chief Information Officers (CIOs) in Asia have a particular need to ensure their business is prepared for natural disasters such as flood, fire and earthquakes to protect organizational vulnerability. In a new era of information management, many data recovery plans are now outdated, rigid and are incapable of adjusting to constant market changes. As cloud-based data storage and data recovery (DR) evolves, it is time for many organizations to rethink disaster recovery to improve cost savings, collaboration and efficiencies..."
                    Huge Customer Effort Keeps Flooded NYC Data Center Running
                    ComputerWorld November 1, 2012
                    "When seawater flooded streets in lower Manhattan Monday night, it filled the bottom floors of the basement of an office building at 75 Broad St. and its lobby up to four feet. This was not a good development for the data center operated by Peer1 Hosting.

                    Customers and others helped lug fuel up 17 floors to keep the rooftop generator at 75 Broad St. in New York City running and a data center in the building humming. Peer1's data center had smoothly switched over to generator power, but when Con Edison cut electric power to lower Manhattan, the rooftop generator couldn't access the 20,000 gallon fuel tank in the flooded basement. Its pumping system was disabled by storm waters from Hurricane Sandy..."

                      Hurricane Sandy Delivers Tricks, No Treats, to Tech Infrastructure
                      NetworkComputing October 31, 2012
                      "For the second year in a row, immense forces of nature made Halloween a real scare for those who rely on our technology infrastructure for work and play. Like a horror movie sequel, Sandy raged over major population centers almost a year to the day that a massive snowstorm buried the mid-Atlantic and the East Coast in an nor'easter some dubbed 'Snowtober.'"
                      Superstorm Sandy Underlines Importance Of Datacentre Resilience Requirements
                      v3 co uk October 31, 2012
                      "As Superstorm Sandy headed towards the east coast of the US on Monday evening, preparations centred on ensuring the safety of as many citizens as possible. This involved the government and emergency services doing all in their power to pass on information and help out wherever they could. Sites like Twitter were used as key information distribution points, while the authorities urged residents to ensure their phones had fully charged batteries as the storm approached so they could access information..."
                        Tips for Data Disaster Preparedness
                        Information Management October 29, 2012
                        "Hurricane Sandy spans 900 miles and may unleash dangerous surges along the Atlantic Ocean from Virginia to Massachusetts. As much as $20 billion in economic damage and losses are anticipated over the next day...

                        The safety of people in the storm’s path is the most important thing, and Hurricane Sandy reminds us of the necessity ongoing and enforced disaster preparedness, on a personal and enterprise level. The following are six perennial tips for data center and business operations disaster preparedness, first offered last year by IBM ahead of Hurricane Irene..."

                        IT - Networks
                        Cisco Network Really Was $100 Million More
                        NetworkWorld October 26, 2012
                        "The $100 million price differential between the Alcatel-Lucent and Cisco proposals to refresh California State University's 23-campus network that we wrote about earlier this week was based on an identical number of switches and routers in various configurations.

                        CSU allowed Network World to review spreadsheets calculating the eight-year total cost of ownership of each of the five bidders for the project..."

                        Datacentre Traffic Will Grow Four Times By 2016, Predicts Cisco
                        ComputerWeekly October 24, 2012
                        "Global datacentre traffic will grow four times by 2016 to reach a total of 6.6 zettabytes annually, Cisco Systems’ Global Cloud Index has forecast.

                        Cisco Systems’ Global Cloud Index also predicted that cloud traffic – a major component of datacentre traffic – will see the fastest and highest growth with a six-fold growth in four years..."

                        IPv6 Is Not an All-or-Nothing Proposition
                        NetworkWorld October 29, 2012
                        "I have recently met many people who are under the impression that an organization must transition directly from IPv4 to IPv6. Thankfully, this is not the case. You can run IPv4 and IPv6 side-by-side during the interim stage of migration. Only after a long period of running both will you eventually be able to start to disable IPv4. A decade or more from now, IPv6 may be the only network-layer protocol used..."
                        IT - Operations
                        10 Mistakes You Might Be Making With Your Data Center
                        TechRepublic October 30, 2012
                        "If you’re a small to midsize business, you may be thinking about migrating your servers to a data center — either by renting space in an existing data center or building your own. Regardless of which route you take, it is imperative that you avoid falling into the traps that have caught many before you.

                        Thankfully, because others have made those errors, you can avoid them all together. But how do you know what to avoid? Here are 10 common pitfalls to watch out for."

                          10 Tricks, Treats And Frights for the Cabling Industry In 2012
                          Cabling Installation & Maintenance October 29, 2012
                          "Last year at this time we brought you a report we called 'Skeletons in the Telecom Closet,' which highlighted the 10 scariest things we’d encountered over the previous year. You can check it out here if you haven’t already ...

                          Because of that report’s popularity, we’ve been determined to repeat it this year. But we ran into some good news/bad news as we worked to compile this year’s list. The good news and the bad news are both the same: This doesn’t seem to have been quite as scary a year as last year..."

                            IT - Security
                            20 Notorious Worms, Viruses and Botnets
                            CSO Online October 30, 2012
                            "The earliest worms and viruses were created for geeky fun and did little harm - oh, how times have changed. Here are 20 worms, viruses and botnets that show the evolution of malware, from Creeper to Flame..."
                              Get Smarter About Log Data
                              IT Director October 23, 2012
                              "Resellers charged with making sure their customers’ use of IT is secure face an on-going challenge; is the security in place good enough to counter today’s threats and, if not, can the customer be convinced to invest more? Research commissioned by LogRhythm and included in a recent Quocirca report entitled “Advanced cyber-security intelligence” underlines the scale of the problem; only 19% of the organisations surveyed said security spending was increasing as proportion of overall IT spending."
                              Is a Greater Risk of Data Loss the Trade-Off for Convenience?
                              Dark Reading October 30, 2012
                              "Interviewed by the Chicago Sun Times in the days following the recent Barnes & Noble PIN pad data breach Jacob Furst, a professor at DePaul University, specializing in information security, offered up at least one defense against data breaches&#8213;pay cash.

                              OK, that’s one way to stop data theft, but in the real world, especially online, that outcome just isn’t practical.

                              Then there’s this observation (delivered, apparently, without tongue firmly in cheek), 'Generally, the more convenient something is, the less secure it is.'"

                              Line Blurs Between Insider, Outsider Attacks
                              NetworkWorld October 25, 2012
                              "The insiders strike again. But this time it's not the malicious insider, but insiders' access to corporate data, and it is for sale in the cybercrime underground.

                              Security experts have been saying for years that while technology is a key element in protecting enterprises from online attacks, human insider carelessness, vulnerability or hostility can always trump it.

                              One of the most destructive examples of that in recent months was the cyberattack in August on the state-owned oil company Saudi Aramco, which erased the data on about 30,000, or three quarters, of the company's corporate PCs..."

                              New Threats Necessitate Shift Toward Security Architecture, Risk Management
                              Dark Reading October 29, 2012
                              "It's time for security organizations to step back and look at the bigger picture, according to a new report published today.

                              A new threat environment -- and continuing breaches in the enterprise -- are combining to overwhelm the mix of single-function security systems and applications that most organizations currently rely on, according to Ernst & Young’s Global Information Security Survey 2012 report."

                              Ready for a Data Breach? How to Develop Your Response Plan
                              NetworkWorld October 25, 2012
                              "It seems that not a day goes by when we don't read about a data breach of some sort. It could be a headline-grabbing whopper like the recent Barnes & Noble situation involving 63 store branches, or a smaller but still problematic incident like a stolen laptop with sensitive information on it.

                              The Identity Theft Resource Center (ITRC) has reported 347 breaches for this year as of Oct. 23. The number of potentially exposed records, as best as could be determined, exceeds 10 million..."

                                Security Researcher Shares Blow-By-Blow Account of Advanced Persistent Threat
                                IT World October 31, 2012
                                "Hackers are brazenly infiltrating corporate networks to steal valuable data for purposes of sharing it with other companies or nation-states -- and they're getting away with it, say security researchers sharing war stories at the Hacker Halted conference in Miami this week.

                                "Unfortunately, IDS [intrusion-detection systems] didn't detect them," said Gianni Gnesa, security researcher at Ptrace Security, based in Switzerland, who described a recent attack on a Swiss firm to steal important data..."

                                The Anatomy of Cyber Security Exercises
                                HelpNet Security October 26, 2012
                                "In its new report, the EU’s ’cyber-security agency’ ENISA (the European Network and Information Security Agency) examines 85 national and international cyber-exercises between 2002 and 2012.

                                Information on national and multinational cyber-exercises was gathered worldwide and analysed in this report. We found that a total of 22 European countries were conducting national cyber-security exercises during the last years..."

                                The State of Data Security, Compliance, and Why Your Company May Be at Risk
                                Enterprise Systems Journal October 29, 2012
                                "DataMotion's CTO, Bob Janacek, discusses a recent survey the company conducted on corporate e-mail and file transfer habits, what's working and what's not, and the dangers of an all too-prevalent approach of rolling the dice when it comes to compliance.

                                Industry and government regulations require many enterprises to secure sensitive data when transmitting it electronically. Yet, breaches are routinely reported. What are organizations doing to protect data and e-mail as it moves through the Internet? Are they taking advantage of developments in encryption? Are employees following policies or putting their companies at risk?"

                                IT - Careers
                                10 Things You Should Know About Working with Technical Writers
                                TechRepublic October 26, 2012
                                "Integrating technical writers into your development team can add a valuable new perspective to your team and to your projects. By virtue of their different background, experience, and education, technical writers may see project events differently from other team members. But gaining this perspective isn’t always easy. As a longtime technical writer, I am the first to say that a lot depends on the chemistry and trust between the technical writer and the team. Here are 10 things to keep in mind to get the most benefit from your technical documentation."
                                  12 Effective Habits of Indispensable IT Pros
                                  NetworkWorld November 1, 2012
                                  "How do you keep your job -- or get a better one -- in an era when hiring is slow and budgets are squeezed? Follow these 12 maxims.

                                  Some are practical advice you've heard before (and ignored). Being familiar with how technology can improve the bottom line is more important than ever. But so is expanding your portfolio of IT skills. You'll also want to reach out and communicate with your colleagues across the organization, and take on dirty jobs nobody else wants. Eventually it may even mean leaving the comfort of a big organization and branching out on your own..."

                                    Want a Target On Your Forehead? Accept a Counter Offer
                                    Stafflink October 25, 2012
                                    "Congratulations. You accepted a counter offer. Now you have a target on your forehead and your big red flag on your resume.

                                    Taking a counter offer is almost NEVER in your best interest. It’s a gut reaction by your current employer that almost never works out in favour of the employee in the long run..."

                                      IT - Social Media
                                      Employers, Beware of Social Media-Based Hiring & Firing
                                      Internet Evolution October 18, 2012
                                      "Damned if you do and damned if you don't. That is the place employers may be speeding toward as they get wildly conflicting demands regarding job applicants' social media postings.

                                      Postings on social sites certainly can and have gotten some employees fired. Presumably, they have persuaded some hirers to pass over job applicants -- sometimes with what seems good reason. For instance, after having his real identity exposed on Gawker, the Reddit troll Michael Brutsch was abruptly fired recently by his Arlington, Texas, employer, a payday loan shop..."

                                        IT - Virtualization
                                        IBM Moving To Replace Silicon with Carbon Nanotubes In Computer Chips
                                        NetworkWorld October 29, 2012
                                        "IBM has hit a milestone in its quest to come up with a successor to silicon computer chips.

                                        The company said Sunday its research into semiconductors based on carbon nanotubes, or CNTs, has yielded a new method to accurately place them on wafers in large numbers. The technology is viewed as one way to keep shrinking chip sizes once current silicon-based technology hits its limit.

                                        IBM said it has developed a way to place over 10,000 transistors made from CNTs on a single chip..."

                                        Virtual Desktops: User Tips from the Trenches
                                        InfoWorld October 19, 2012
                                        "The lure of virtual desktop infrastructure -- less costs for endpoints, reduced power requirements, lower management costs, better security -- is compelling but mastering the environment is tricky, say users that have embraced the technology.

                                        VDI is not for everybody, customers agree, but despite its pricey initial costs and the need to tweak in order to keep performance high, interest in the technology is growing, says IDC, with sales of virtual client computing to grow from an actual $2.3 billion in 2011 to a projected $3 billion-plus by 2015, a third of that specifically VDI."

                                        IT - Compliance
                                        Best Practices from Healthcare and Compliance Experts
                                        HelpNet Security October 26, 2012
                                        "Data breaches in healthcare are raising alarm. Nearly 20 million patient health records have been compromised in the past two years, according to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS)...

                                        The American Hospital Association brought together senior executives from healthcare, information security, compliance, and legal disciplines to discuss best practices around creating a culture of patient privacy compliance. The panel was clear in their direction—build a team and leverage an interdisciplinary incident response team..."

                                        Privacy Compliance Laws: Why the European Commission Finally Got It Right
                                        HelpNet Security October 29, 2012
                                        "The debate about privacy compliance has always been a heated one. Add to the mix new European Commission legislation and you have a recipe for not only a lively debate but also a controversy about the interference in privacy of a European bureaucracy.

                                        The recent European Commission cookie law guidelines not only reignited controversy about privacy compliance in Europe and prompted furious debates in the trade press, quality press and tabloids, but also ignited considerable international interest..."

                                          Putting the Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance Through Its Paces
                                          CRN Reviews the Solution out of the Box

                                          The Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance comes under the scrutiny of CRN's Edward J. Correia, who tested a pair of Oracle ZFS 7420 Storage Appliance nodes integrated with an Oracle Database Appliance. Correia recounts the six-step process involved in setting up the appliance, remarking on the ease of implementation. He singles out for commendation the ability the appliance's GUI-based analytics tool gives DBAs to look at file-level performance statistics such as IOps and disk utilization, without needing to access any of the appliance's storage or other features. Correia also found the price point of the ZFS Storage Appliance an attractive attribute.

                                          IT - Big Data
                                          4.4 Million IT Jobs Created to Support Big Data by 2015
                                          Storage Newsletter October 30, 2012
                                          "WW IT spending is forecast to surpass $3.7 trillion in 2013, a 3.8% increase from 2012 projected spending of $3.6 trillion, but it's the outlook for big data that is creating much excitement, according to Gartner, Inc.

                                          "By 2015, 4.4 million IT jobs globally will be created to support big data, generating 1.9 million IT jobs in the United States," said Peter Sondergaard, SVP at Gartner and global head of Research. "In addition, every big data-related role in the U.S. will create employment for three people outside of IT, so over the next four years a total of 6 million jobs in the U.S. will be generated by the information economy."

                                          Big Data in Law: Cloud Challenge, Analytics Opportunity
                                          Forbes October 31, 2012
                                          "The legal profession may have begun on Mount Sinai, where Moses delivered The Ten Commandments. But today, it’s heading into the cloud, where the privacy and security of big data are dramatically changing the legal landscape—especially internationally.

                                          A good illustration came recently, when European Union regulators ordered Google to bolster its privacy policy. The EU put the search giant on notice, saying it must alter the way it discloses and uses personal information collected over the Internet. It also voiced concern that Google may be gathering more data than it really needs..."

                                          Big Data: Moving From Strategy to Tactics
                                          TechRepublic October 22, 2012
                                          "Now that business analytics are here and enterprises are grappling with their own “big data,” it’s time to set some technical strategies in motion to harness these assets. Fortunately, solutions for the data center that can deliver both high performance computing (HPC) and big data analytics are becoming increasingly scalable and affordable–even for medium-sized businesses."
                                          How Organizations Can Unlock the Value of Data with In-Memory Analytics
                                          InformationWeek October 23, 2012
                                          "Organizations responding to changing market conditions require proactive insights into their business operations, however, responding to such conditions often causes unacceptable lag times due to volumes of data. Managing Big Data becomes a bottleneck for many organizations leading to delays in critical business decisions affecting the overall business process. In-memory analytics is a way to resolve such critical bottlenecks with products like SAP HANA, which are largely driven by business users themselves, where the structured and unstructured volumes of data is modeled in such a way that access to valuable business information as per the business needs for key decision makers becomes real-time."
                                          IT - Mobile
                                          Ernst & Young's IT Security Survey Shows Struggle to Control Cloud Computing, Social Media and Mobile Risks
                                          NetworkWorld October 29, 2012
                                          "Many CIOs and chief information security officers are struggling to adapt security practices to a changing environment that includes cloud computing, social media and tablets , according to a survey of 1,850 such IT pros.

                                          The Ernst & Young 2012 Global Information Security Survey published today found cloud computing to be one of the main drivers of business model innovation and IT service delivery, with 59% of respondents saying they use or plan to use cloud services. But 38% admitted they have not taken any measures to mitigate risks."

                                          BYOD: A Comprehensive Guide
                                          NetworkComputing October 24, 2012
                                          "According to the InformationWeek 2013 Mobile Device Management and Security Survey associated with Culver's report, just 26% of the 307 business technology professionals queried had actually deployed some sort of MDM product. Another 17% reported being in the process of deployment, while an additional 39% of organizations were still evaluating these products. Additionally, 12% said they had no plans to deploy and 6% didn't know what their deployment plans were."
                                          MDM: It's Not about One Version of the Truth
                                          Information Management October 26, 2012
                                          "The number one reason I hear from IT organizations of why they want to embark on MDM (Master Data Management) is for consolidation or integration of systems. Then, the first question I get: how do they get buy in from the business to pay for it?"
                                          Gartner: Mobile Device Management Tech Set To Take Off
                                          NetworkWorld October 26, 2012
                                          "With the tsunami of mobile devices infiltrating the enterprise, companies will adopt Mobile Device Management technologies in record numbers over the next five year.

                                          That was one of the major mobile trends Gartner analysts presented this week at the firm's Gartner Symposium/ITxpo. Specifically in the next five years 65% of corporations will adopt MDM to address security concerns from smartphones and tablets..."

                                          Top Ten Articles for last few Issues
                                          Vol 176 Issues 1, 2, 3 and 4; Vol 175 Issues 1, 2, 3 and 4
                                          We track how frequently each article is viewed on the web site to determine which the readers consider the most important. For last week, the top 10 articles were:

                                          • Download Oracle Solaris 11.1
                                          • Using DTrace to Understand What's Happening to VMWare's VM I/O in Real-time
                                          • IDC White Paper Finds Growing Customer Comfort with Oracle Solaris Operating System
                                          • SPARC 25th Anniversary at Computer History Museum in San Francisco on November 1, 2012
                                          • Epsilon Easily Manages 40% Annual Data Growth Rate with Oracle Solutions
                                          • Oracle Announces StorageTek Virtual Storage Manager 6
                                          • Oracle White Papers on SPARC SuperCluster
                                          • With LTFS, Tape Is Gaining Storage Ground
                                          • Oracle Releases MySQL for Excel 1.1.0 GA
                                          • Java Spotlight Episode 105: Mark Reinhold on the Future of Java

                                          The longer version of this article has list of top ten articles for the last 8 weeks.

                                            IT - Server
                                            Four Commands To Spook A Sys Admin
                                            IT World October 30, 2012
                                            "Is there an IT systems administrator in your life? Would you like to give him (or her) a good scare this Halloween? Well, forget horror movies, black cats or kids jacked up way too many Whoppers and consider throwing a fright into him by tossing out a command that could cause his heart to skip a beat.

                                            Now, I’m not talking about commands written and executed by malicious people who know what they’re doing and are trying to do harm. No, I’m talking about commands that could be issued innocently enough by people in the organization who either don’t know what they’re doing, should know better or are a little too careless but which could bring a server, database or application to its knees.

                                            Here are four classic and dangerous commands to spook your loved one with..."

                                              Making Security Trade-Offs
                                              Dark Reading October 25, 2012
                                              "I recently saw a research report from another analyst firm that espoused the benefits of application whitelisting (AWL). You know, the technology that defines a list of applications that are allowed to run on an endpoint and blocks anything else. It's basically default deny for endpoint devices. In concept, AWL is a great idea. Most malware probably isn't authorized to run (compromised Windows or Adobe updates excepted), so locking down the device can prevent many malware infections..."
                                              The Document Foundation Releases LibreOffice 3.6.3
                                              LibreOffice Is Becoming de facto Solution for Migrations to Free Office Suites
                                              The Document Foundation (TDF) has released LibreOffice 3.6.3, for Windows, MacOS and Linux. LibreOffice has quickly become the de facto standard for migrations to free office suites, including such entities as the City of Munich and the French Government, which are migrating from to LibreOffice; and the largest furniture manufacturer and retailer in Romania, with 1,000 Windows and GNU/Linux desktops. LibreOffice 3.6.3 is available for immediate download; extensions are also available.
                                              Security Capabilities and Design in Oracle Solaris 11
                                              Video Captures Three Big Guns in Solaris Security
                                              Host Rick Ramsey of OTN captures Alex Barclay, Glen Brunette, and Darren Moffett for an off-the-cuff chat on Oracle Solaris security at Oracle OpenWorld 2012. Barclay comments on compliance reporting and extended policy; Brunette on security mandates, access control and immutable zones; and Moffett on the design of security protocols and achieving management of extended policies and administrative interfaces, and integration of the Solaris audit trail and the Oracle Audit Vault.
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