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Oracle Introduces Exadata X3 Database In-Memory Machine
Eighth-rack Configuration Offers Low-cost Entry Point
Oracle has announced the latest in its family of Oracle Exadata Database Machines: the Oracle Exadata X3 Database In-Memory Machine, which, with its eighth-rack configuration, is ideal for high-end OLTP, large data warehouses, and database clouds at a low-cost entry point. Oracle Exadata X3-2 Database In-Memory Machine and Oracle Exadata X3-8 Database In-Memory Machine can store up to hundreds of terabytes (TB) of compressed user data in Flash and RAM memory, virtually eliminating the performance overhead of reads and writes to slow disk drives and making Exadata X3 systems the ideal database platforms for the workloads of cloud computing.
What's up with LDoms: Part 4 - Virtual Networking Explained
Physical vs. Virtual Switches and Networking: Not so Diffrerent After All
Stefan Hinker continues his "What's up with LDoms" series with part 4: which concentrates on virtual networking -- the capabilities of virtual switches and virtual network ports. Hiniker demystifies his subject by citing the similarities between virtual and physical switch hardware and cabling, demonstrating that the differences are minimal. His discussion covers assigning MAC addresses; using Jumbo Frames and sizing MTU throughput rates; and VLAN tagging for consolidation of traffic. He also advises users in a concluding note to assign each vnet device an explicit device-id that will preserve the configuration of guest systems.
UPMC Implements Oracle Health Sciences Applications to Power Enterprise Healthcare Analytics Initiative
Delivers Improved, Personalized Care with Better Outcomes
UPMC, a $10 billion integrated global health enterprise, has selected Oracle Health Sciences applications and Oracle technology and hardware as a key part of its new five-year, $100 million enterprise healthcare analytics initiative. UPMC will deploy Oracle Health Sciences applications such as Oracle Enterprise Healthcare Analytics, Oracle Health Sciences Network, Oracle Fusion Analytics, and Oracle Fusion Middleware, such as Oracle Hyperion Profitability and Cost Management to support cost-based accounting and Oracle Identity and Access Management Suite Plus. The hardware foundation for this new implementation at UPMC is Oracle Exadata Database Machine.
IT - Technology
14 Amazing DARPA Technologies On Tap
InformationWeek September 28, 2012
"Go inside the labs of the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency for a look at some of the most intriguing technologies they're developing in computing, electronics, communications, and more..."
    Researchers Study Bee Brains To Develop Flying Robots
    ComputerWorld October 2, 2012
    "University researchers are studying the brains of honey bees in an attempt to build an autonomous flying robot.

    By creating models of the systems in a bee's brain that control vision and sense of smell, scientists are hoping to build a flying robot that can do more than carry out pre-programmed instructions. Such a robot would be able to sense and act as autonomously as a bee..."

      Free and Open Source S/W
      Bossie Awards 2012: The Best Open Source Databases
      Much More than MySQL
      MySQL is far from the only game in town InfoWorld proclaims in its announcement of the Best of Open Source Software (BOSSIE) 2012 Awards for Open Source Databases. This year's 11 nominees include:

      • Hadoop, Cascading and Scalding, MySQL and MariaDB, Adminer, Cassandra, MongoDB, Couchbase, Neo4j, Riak, Redis

      Read more to learn about these winners.

      Bossie Awards 2012: The Best Open Source Desktop Applications
      Given the Choices, Hardly Any Reason to Pay for Desktop Apps

      The ballots are in and InfoWorld has announced the 16 winners in BOSSIE 2012, the Best of Open Source Software awards for desktop applications:

      • Ubuntu, LibreOffice, OpenOffice, OpenOffice Templates, AbiWord, Scribus, Chromium, Firefox, GIMP, Inkscape, CamStudio, Audacity, VLC, KeePass , 7-Zip, WinDirStat

      Read more for details for these winners.

      Oracle Solaris 11.1
      Best Performance, Availability and I/O Throughput of any UNIX Platform Running Oracle Database
      Oracle Solaris is now available in version 11.1, which features the newest round of enhancements for the latest database technology, delivering the best performance, availability and I/O throughput of any UNIX platform used to run the Oracle Database. Improvements include:

      MySQL 5.6 Release Candidate Now Available for Download
      Offers Increased Performance, Scalability, Reliability and Manageability
      Oracle announced the availability of MySQL 5.6 Release Candidate featuring increased performance, scalability, reliability and manageability to help users meet the most demanding Web, Cloud-based and embedded application requirements. With this Release Candidate, users can experience simplified query development and execution, better transactional throughput and application availability, flexible NoSQL access, improved replication and enhanced instrumentation. MySQL 5.6 RC provides enhanced linear scalability, helping users to leverage modern hardware capabilities. MySQL 5.6 RC includes additional enhancements and is a feature-complete aggregation of the Development Milestones Releases Oracle previously delivered to the MySQL community.
      Oracle Anounces Development Mileston Release of MySQL Cluster 7.3
      New Features Include Foreign Keys, Workload Optimization, Auto Discovery

      A significant announcement at the recent MySQL Connect Conference concerned the Development Milestone Release (DMR) of MySQL Cluster 7.3, which is available now to the MySQL Community. MySQL Cluster is an open source, write-scalable, real-time, ACID-compliant transactional database for new generation web, cloud, social and mobile applications that now features native support for Foreign Keys. Oracle is also delivering early access to features under development including a new Node.js NoSQL API and a new MySQL Cluster Auto-Installer. MySQL Cluster now also features Workload Optimization and Auto-Discovery.

      Cloud Computing
      Oracle Expands Cloud Services Portfolio
      Adds Seven New Services; Offers Simple Pricing Model

      Oracle has enhanced its cloud services portfolio to include the following seven new cloud services: Planning and Budgeting, Financial Reporting, Data and Insight, Social Sites, Developer, Storage and Messaging. These new services augment Oracle's already comprehensive portfolio comprising Platform Services, Application Services and Social Services. The monthly subscription pricing model for Oracle Cloud services is simple, predictable, and available for customers on either a month-to-month basis or with longer term contracts. Oracle has developed a comprehensive new set of enablement resources and Oracle Cloud partner programs to help partners accelerate time to market with these new cloud-based services.

      Procedure for Installing Oracle Enterprise Linux 5 on VMWare
      How-to Illustrated with Copious Screenshots
      Installation of Oracle Enterprise Linux 5 on VMWare is illustrated by a series of screen shots (there are very many) as a blogpost on the Oracle E-Business suite Customization Development site. Tufekcioglu is Senior Technical Consultant in Turkey OCS team.
      IT - Cloud
      3 Ways to Improve Cloud Performance
      InfoWorld September 28, 2012
      "Performance issues hold back some cloud computing efforts. This happens because many of those who stand up cloud-based applications did not account for the latency systemic to many cloud-based systems.

      For the most part, these performance issues are caused by the fact that cloud-based applications are typically widely distributed, with the data far away from the application logic, which itself may be far away from the user. Unless careful planning has gone into the design of the system, you're going to run into latency and even reliability issues..."

      A CIO Blueprint for Cloud Migration
      Search CIO October 3, 2012
      "Better, faster, cheaper -- three words that could make any CIO cringe.

      Charged with applying these words to a new email system, however, University of Nebraska CIO Walter Weir accepted the challenge and upped the ante. Within a year's time, his IT team moved 13,000 staff and faculty members from an on-premises legacy Lotus Notes system to a cloud-based solution. The cloud migration cut the cost to IT of providing and supporting email nearly in half, and will save the university an additional $2 million over the next five years. The bonus? In the six months since those 13,000 people started on the new system, Weir has fielded exactly four complaints..."

      Buyers Say the Cloud Is Already Tired Out
      InfoWorld October 2, 2012
      "Why is there not larger adoption of cloud computing? A joint survey by the CSA (Cloud Security Alliance) and ISACA (previously known as the Information Systems Audit and Control Association) tries to answer that question.

      Of course, government regulations and international data privacy rules are on the list of concerns that hurt confidence in cloud computing, the survey shows. However, a lack of innovation and maturity in cloud computing itself are larger concerns, slowing widespread cloud adoption. In fact, 24 percent of respondents said there is little to no innovation in the cloud market. Meanwhile, only 33 percent who say the level of innovation is significant..."

      Cloud Savings Piling Up
      Information Management October 3, 2012
      "Management consulting firm Navint Partners LLC has released a report and white paper documenting the success of cloud computing adoption when it comes to cost savings. The key finding: 90 percent of participants in a survey reported they had received 100 percent of forecasted savings when their companies adopted cloud technology..."
      Critical Factors for Successful Cloud Journey
      InformationWeek October 3, 2012
      "Rising adoption of cloud services by enterprises, mid-market companies and startups is signaling that ‘Cloud services’ has finally transformed from hype to a market reality. The increased maturity of cloud technologies in transparency, security and best practices of use and adoption have been the key enabler of this growth. Cloud services have matured significantly and become mainstream with the market stepping forward from the ‘Test and Experiment’ phase to the ‘Adoption’ phase, from “what” to “how” phase..."
      Getting Cloud Services to the Little People: A Dilemma for IT
      TechRepublic October 3, 2012
      "Every enterprise needs to keep out the bad guys. An array of firewalls, proxies, web filters, VPNs and access tokens form an IT barrier that keeps the business secure. It also protects the dwindling empire of the IT department and stifles innovation. It hinders the work of the guys on the ground by keeping them away from the cloud service toolbox.

      It’s easy to make a business case for the cloud if it helps the bottom line. If it’s a choice between 300 days of project time to revamp the in-house AD system, or just throw it away and pay Okta to use their cloud-based AD system instead, a case can be made for breaching the IT barrier..."

      ICO Says Companies Are Responsible For Customer Data in the Cloud
      TechWorld September 27, 2012
      "Companies that pass customers' personal data to cloud network providers remain responsible for how that data is treated, the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) has confirmed.

      Cloud computing is becoming an increasingly attractive option for companies, thanks to the economies of scale it offers and the access it provides to a range of computer technologies and expertise that would be difficult to afford in-house..."

      Lingering Barriers to Cloud Confidence
      Information Management September 27, 2012
      "A new study of cloud computing users in 50 countries finds that organizations remain concerned about many issues related to service providers, chiefly governmental regulations, exit strategies and data privacy..."
      Managing the Risks Associated With Cloud Computing
      Continuity Central September 27, 2012
      "A recent survey by KuppingerCole showed that cloud security issues (84.4 percent) and cloud privacy and compliance issues (84.9 percent) are the major inhibitors preventing organizations from moving to a private cloud. But are the fears justified? Can an organization trust an IT service provided through the cloud?"
      New Cloud Data Protection Guidelines
      HelpNet Security September 29, 2012
      "The Information Commissioner’s Office published guidelines that underline organisations’ sole responsibility for the protection of data, even if it has been outsourced to third party cloud network providers.

      The guidelines include tips** for businesses, including securing assurances from cloud service providers on how data will be kept safe, as well as suggesting the implementation of a written contract between both parties involved..."

        Think Big To Leverage Cloud, Mobility, CIOs Told
        IT World Canada September 27, 2012
        "CIOs have to be more creative to tap the tremendous potential of mobility and the cloud, Canadian IT leaders have been told.

        “We are in a remarkable era of change,” Patrick Howard, global leader of technology strategy at IBM Global Services told the Tech Outlook conference in Toronto. 'The question is for you and your enterprises, where are you?'

        Many organizations are using cloud services and mobile applications, he said, but it isn’t happening in a large scale. The reason, he suggested, is that CIOs aren’t thinking big enough..."

        IT - CxO
        Easy Risk Management Can Prevent Costly Errors (Ask United Airlines)
        CIO September 5, 2012
        "A roundtrip flight to Hong Kong for less than $50 may sound too good to be true, but a glitch on the United Airlines website back in June let customers get a ticket for just four miles points, plus fees. Three simple tips that any company can apply to risk management could have prevented this glitch and the PR nightmare that followed..."
        Why Kill Switches Won't Kill Risk
        Wall Street & Technology October 3, 2012
        "The benefits of kill switches have been much buzzed about in the financial industry, particularly since the technology disaster that almost wiped Knight Capital off the map in August. But kill switches might not be all they are cracked up to be. TD Ameritrade CTO Lou Steinberg says he is wary of using systemic kill switches and even less comfortable with the concept of automated kill switches..."
          5 Dysfunctional IT Relationships -- And How To Repair Them
          InfoWorld October 1, 2012
          "In large technology departments, dysfunctional relationships breed like mushrooms in a dank basement. Your dev and ops teams are no longer on speaking terms, while your junior and senior developers can't seem to agree on anything. IT and legal are constantly at each other's throats. Storage wonks are ready to declare war on the database admins, while sys admins seem to be on everyone's bad side..."
            8 Hiring Tips for Identifying Superstar Developers
            CIO September 18, 2012
            "Hiring a developer can be a make or break decision for your business--hiring the wrong one can ruin your project or end up costing you later. What can you do to cut through all the noise and spot the standouts from the stand-ins? Learn how to uncover the secrets of finding a 'superstar' developer..."
              8 IT Mistakes: Must-Have Lessons From Top CIOs
              InformationWeek October 3, 2012
              "The best companies stare their IT mistakes straight in the eye. They don't tiptoe around them. They don't rename them "teaching moments" or "issues." They don't play blame games. They lay their mistakes bare so that their teams can improve.

              They talk about their IT mistakes in the way CenterPoint Properties CIO Scott Zimmerman describes his team's first mobile application development. "We had to refactor because our egos caused us to forget the golden rule of software development: Always involve the users," Zimmerman says..."

              CIO Focus: Paradigm Shift Ahead!
              Accelerating IT Success October 4, 2012
              "In the recent CIO Survey 2012 Harvey Nash, a global consulting firm with 4,000 professionals in 40 offices across the USA, Europe and Asia interviewed approximately 2,400 plus CIOs and senior IT Executives with a combined IT spend of 140 billion dollars. What they found was consistent with what we’ve heard at conferences and reading in journals. CIOs are more strategic than ever before. They spend more time working with business peers to focus on future ways to enable business success using information technology. Following are four key areas that the survey uncovered..."
              Eight Reasons Why Business Plans Fail
              Baseline May 14, 2012
              "Many companies talk about their commitment to innovation, but when it comes time to offer up ideas and launch a game-changing business plan, things wilt and die. In the book, "The Business Model Innovation Factory: How to Stay Relevant When the World is Changing," (Wiley/available now) author Saul Kaplan argues that many organizations have grown complacent..."
                How to Build a High-Performance IT Team
                InformationWeek September 21, 2012
                "Despite a national unemployment rate of more than 8%, the IT job market remains tight, with less than 4% unemployment. The jobless rates for IT specialties such as networking, security, and database management are even lower. Meantime, IT pros are less likely to switch companies than they once were, making it all the more difficult for employers to fill open positions and find new talent. So how do you build or sustain your high-performance IT team?..."
                Ten Strategic CIO priorities for 2013
                ZDNet September 27, 2012
                "The best list I have seen on issues facing innovative CIOs for the coming year..."

                "I was pleased when Bob Evans, senior vice-president of communications for Oracle Corp, alerted me to his take on this well-worn topic. Instead of a boring list showing endless software and hardware spending statistics, Bob developed a meaningful collection of strategy areas for innovative CIOs.

                Here is Bob Evan's list of "Top 10 Strategic CIO Issues For 2013..."

                The Risks and Rewards of Using Startups
                CIO September 14, 2012
                "CIOs say that partnering with no-name vendors can lead to a big payoff (more innovation) or a total bust..."

                "Several years ago, Rob Duchscher took a chance by signing a contract with a startup vendor of test automation software. Duchscher, now the CIO of Starkey Industries, the largest hearing-aid manufacturer in the United States, did his due diligence. The financials were in order, the company's leaders had a track record of success, and the startup's technology blew the competition away... A few years in, the company was shut down. And Duchscher was left to pick up the pieces..."

                What Happened To Tulsa's CIO Could Happen To You
                CSO Online October 3, 2012
                "Tulsa CIO Tom Golliver kind of reminds me of Chief Brody in the second JAWS movie. He sees what he thinks is a Great White, yells at everyone to get out of the water and fires away at what turns out to be a school of bluefish. In this case, the shark Golliver saw was an apparent data breach, and the school of bluefish was a security company that was merely testing the city's network for holes.

                The comparison ends there. Unlike Brody in JAWS 2, it's far from certain that the real menace -- an actual breach -- will ever surface to vindicate Golliver as the shark did in the movie. By all accounts, the city seems to be doing the right things as it investigates what happened. Here's the basic story from Tulsa World:"

                IT - DR
                Finding Data Deduplication Solutions for DR
                Search Disaster Recovery September 28, 2012
                "Data deduplication reduces the amount of data to be stored by identifying and eliminating duplicate files and blocks of data. Finding the right data dedupe solution allows you to not have to back up as much data to a storage..."
                  IT - Networks
                  Don't Sweat 802.11ac Wi-Fi - Because 802.11ad Will Knock Your Socks Off
                  IT World October 3, 2012
                  "While the Wi-Fi world is rightly abuzz over the rapidly approaching large-scale deployment of the new 802.11ac standard, experts at an Interop NY panel said today that the 802.11ad standard is likely to be even more transformative.

                  "802.11ac is an extension for pure mainstream Wi-Fi," said Sean Coffey, Realtek's director of standards and business development. "It's evolutionary. ... You're not going to see dramatically new use cases."

                    Tips for Troubleshooting 802.1X Connections
                    NetworkWorld September 24, 2012
                    "Implementing 802.1X authentication, which includes everything from setting up a RADIUS server to keeping end users connected, isn't easy.

                    Using 802.1X complicates the connection process, opening your network up to many more potential connectivity issues. For example, the extra exchange of packets for the 802.1X authentication increases the time it takes to connect and to roam across different wireless access points..."

                      The Dangers of Corporate WiFi & How to Sidestep Them
                      Internet Evolution September 27, 2012
                      "Recently, I visited a good-sized company, and I needed to access my email. I flipped open my laptop, found the network, and easily guessed the password -- the name of the company. Sure, it’s convenient for visitors who have good intentions, but what about passersby who are looking for a hotspot to use for less innocuous purposes?

                      Most of the time, unaware individuals or mom-and-pop cafes offering free WiFi are the culprits, but corporations leave themselves vulnerable by creating wide-open hotspots, too. Here are five things that can go horribly wrong for any organization (or individual) leaving its wireless networks open:..."

                      What You Need to Know About the Move from IPv4
                      eWeek September 21, 2012
                      "The Number Resource Organization said the world officially ran out of IPv4 addresses in February 2011, and according to the Internet Society, the reasons for moving to IPv6 vary from community to community. For example, IPv6 will unlock a range of opportunities for network operators in terms of service provision continuity, growth and innovation. In addition, it will result in network management efficiencies and savings..."
                      Why More Bandwidth Won't Save Your Network
                      HelpNet Security October 3, 2012
                      "A Vanson Bourne Omnibus survey of 100 IT managers in large UK enterprises revealed the trends that will affect the WAN over the next few years as the performance of the WAN, the foundation of the globally connected enterprise, comes increasingly under threat as networks choke with data..."
                      IT - Operations
                      4 Ways To End Your IT Break-Fix Rut
                      InformationWeek October 3, 2012
                      "IT leaders, this year's Interop keynote speakers pushed one common theme. If you can't get out of being the break-fix department, you will see your budget and your status in the company disappear. What can you do now to end the cycle? Here are four ideas drawn from the Interop show in New York this week..."
                        10 Tips for Testing Apps for the Real World
                        TechRepublic September 27, 2012
                        "The beauty of Internet-enabled applications is that it’s easy to add value with rich media, real-time monitoring, and other features. But with this flexibility comes new responsibilities for testing the “goodness” of applications in real-time situations."
                        Emerging Technologies Reshape the Data Center
                        Baseline September 29, 2012
                        "Symantec's '2012 State of the Data Center Survey' casts a light on what IT executives are thinking … and what they are actually doing. Symantec, in conjunction with ReRez Research, surveyed 2,453 IT professionals at organizations in 32 countries and found that 79% of respondents are facing greater complexity in the data center..."
                          When IT Services are Free, Guess the Consequences
                          Information Management October 3, 2012
                          "What do some diners do at an all-you-can-eat buffet? They gorge themselves. What might you do if there are free items at an exhibitor booth at a conference? You might take more than one. It is human nature that, when something is free, one is less attentive to how much one consumes (perhaps even to the point of not caring), no matter what the item or service may be.

                          How is this different when an organization’s IT services are free to internal departments? "

                            Why Data Centers Need a Performance Review
                            Enterprise Systems Journal September 24, 2012
                            "Performance evaluations are a key productivity driver in any organization, but employees shouldn't be the only targets. Businesses should consider conducting performance evaluations on their IT infrastructure, too. An objective analysis can identify specific strengths and weaknesses and will help extract the highest possible level of efficiency and performance.

                            Your data center is a critical part of your IT infrastructure; it is the engine that drives and facilitates the delivery of applications and services throughout your organization. Here are the top five things IT managers and CIOs should ask themselves when evaluating their data center's performance..."

                            IT - Security
                            5 Simple Steps to Thwart a Data Thief
                            ComputerWorld October 1, 2012
                            "Anywhere you look these days, it seems you can find a news story in which some poor IT guy explains how his company’s systems were hacked and its data stolen. These cyber crimes run the spectrum from teenage kids trying to recreate a scene from the movie “War Games”, to something more sinister, like the hacker group Anonymous trying to bring down the U.S. economy. Computerworld covers these stories often, as it did recently in the article, “Leaked Apple UDIDs were stolen from digital publishing firm.” ..."
                            In Security Response, Practice Makes Perfect
                            NetworkWorld October 2, 2012
                            "We've heard it many times in many forms -- expect to be breached, expect that you've been breached, expect that you are being breached.

                            The unfortunate reality is that most organizations don't even know that they've been compromised and therefore don't do anything to block spreading of the malware, control the damage, prevent loss of information, or even recover from the technical problems associated with the compromise..."

                              Passwords Re-Used By Six Out Of Ten Consumers
                              TechWorld September 27, 2012
                              "Passwords remain a brittle security blanket when wielded by many consumers, a new survey has found. Despite routine web breaches, six out of ten continue to re-use the same few passwords over and over.

                              The survey results from US fraud-detection vendor CSID shouldn’t be surprising. As well as risky password re-use which makes multiple sites vulnerable from a single breach, 54 percent of respondents had only 5 passwords or fewer while 44 percent changed these once a year or less..."

                              Take Responsibility for Your Security
                              NetworkWorld September 27, 2012
                              "In this political season we are hearing a lot about how individuals need to take responsibility for their own lives. We don't want a society that is dependent on the government (or maybe we do, I don't know) for support. Well, in information security this issue is of critical importance. If you are not responsible for the consequences of your actions around security, why would you ever take them seriously?"
                              The World Ended and No One Noticed
                              Dark Reading October 2, 2012
                              "Catastrophic denial-of-service attacks by a foreign power against our largest financial institutions. An actively exploited 0day vulnerability in the world's most-used Web browser. The infiltration of one of technology's largest consumer and enterprise software vendors, resulting in the hijacking of their infrastructure to distribute digitally signed malicious software. The deep compromise of a major supplier of control software to utilities providers -- one with remote access to its customers control systems. New vulnerabilities in Java affecting all major platforms. The release of a tool that, for $20, can rapidly crack one of the most popular types of virtual private networks. The breach of an extremely common open-source Web application tool's servers and insertion of back doors.

                              All in two weeks..."

                              User Authentication Challenges, Best Practices, and the Future
                              Enterprise Systems Journal October 1, 2012
                              "Usernames and passwords are no longer enough to secure your data. We explore the benefits and costs of more advanced end-user authentication.

                              Mobile computing is challenging security administrators in new ways. Usernames and passwords are no longer enough to protect your data. We explore the benefits and costs of more advanced end-user authentication for both mobile and desktop devices with Terry Hartmann, vice president for security portfolio and mobility solutions at Unisys..."

                              IT - Careers
                              Ten Sites to Enhance Your Networking
                              Baseline October 2, 2012
                              "If you avoid professional networking events like the plague, you could be damaging your career. In fact, research shows that at least 60 percent of job offers are obtained through this face-to-face approach. Though online professional networking via sites such as LinkedIn is beneficial, it’s not enough..."
                                IT - Compliance
                                Compliance: The Boring Adult at the Security Party
                                Dark Reading October 1, 2012
                                "I’ll say it. “Security is exciting.” Security is where the fighting with the bad guys takes place. It is where spies (malware) operate, attacks take place (denial of service, breaches), and the kingdom is heroically defended (firewalls, access control, passwords)... Meanwhile, most would say that compliance is boring..."
                                10 Free Governance Risk and Compliance Tools
                                Dark Reading September 27, 2012
                                "While expensive risk management products can certainly help a GRC program, any organization can get started measuring risk and making more disciplined decisions using these tools and templates..."

                                • GLPI, Practical Threat Analysis, SOMAP ORICO, OSSIM, Risk Management Templates, Assetmng, SIGVI, Tech/404 Data Loss Calculator, OpenFISMA, Consensus Assessments Initiative

                                Read on for details.

                                IT - Backup
                                Understanding Your Options for Virtual Tape Library Solutions
                                Search Databackup October 3, 2012
                                "Shopping for a virtual tape library can be overwhelming: The sheer number of choices available can make it difficult to make a purchasing decision.

                                One of the best ways to narrow down the purchasing decision is to start..."

                                IT - Big Data
                                The Big Data Fairy Tale
                                IDG Connect September 27, 2012
                                "Fairy tales usually start with ‘Once upon a time ...' and end with ‘... And they lived long and happily ever after'. But nobody explains ‘how' the heroes live long and happily ever after. Big data (analytics) promise to transform your business, but just as in fairy tale endings, big data will not explain ‘how' to transform your organization. In my view, big data might spark some behavioral change or open people's minds, but it will not transform organizations. At best, big data evolves organizations. Let's look at the concept and a concrete example to draw conclusions..."
                                The Plural of Data Is Not Analytics
                                Dark Reading September 30, 2012
                                "One of the terms most recently in danger of becoming a buzzword has been "analytics." Put it together with the words "big" and "data," and it starts reaching critical mass. Everyone claims to be doing it; figuring out what's real is harder..."
                                Start Small To Succeed With Big Data
                                Federal Computer Week October 3, 2012
                                "A new report on big data in government urges federal agencies to start small, but start now -- and calls for the creation of a Chief Data Officer position in each agency and also government wide.

                                The report, released Oct. 3 by the TechAmerica Foundation at a Capitol Hill briefing held with the Congressional High-Tech Caucus attempts to define "big data" and its value, and offers 10 case studies to illustrate how big-data projects can serve critical government missions. Half of those examples showcase federal projects -- at NASA, the IRS, the National Archive and Records Administration, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, and the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services..."

                                IT - Mobile
                                5 Lessons We've Learned About 'Homegrown' Mobile
                                Field Technologies Online October 1, 2012
                                "Over the past several years organizations have had to find creative ways to cut costs. Some ideas have worked well; others have not. One strategy often seen in the “not” category has been the “homegrown” mobile solution where companies attempt to plan and then support their own mobile infrastructure of devices, apps and mobile workers. After 29 years of working with enterprises and their mobile deployments, we’ve seen many deployments quickly exceed their allocated budgets and fall far behind schedule. The reasons for this are many, but a few key lessons hold true for most..."
                                Six Tips for Navigating the MDM (Mobile Device Management) Jungle
                                InformationWeek October 1, 2012
                                "Revenue from mobile enterprise management software is expected to reach USD 1.8 billion by 2016, according to a recent IDC report. The marketplace expansion comes with good reason: Juniper Research projects that the number of employee-owned smartphones and tablets in the workplace will swell to 350 million devices by 2014, up from an already substantial tally of 150 million, and a RIM study concluded that businesses recognize the challenges this influx will bring, with 84% of polled executives stating employee-liable devices are a significant concern..."
                                Spotlight on Mobile Device Management
                                IT World September 28, 2012
                                "Half of the workforce is expected to use smartphones by 2013, and while using mobile devices presents undeniable advantages, helping employees stay connected anywhere, anytime, there is also increased security risk. Here's what you need to know about mobile device management in the enterprise..."
                                You're Nobody Without Your Mobile Device
                                Dark Reading October 3, 2012
                                "The mobile device explosion within the enterprise has opened up countless new technology opportunities, but one that is just now starting to be explored is the idea of turning a mobile device into the ultimate biometric hardware. Apple's pending $356-million acquisition of biometrics hardware manufacturer AuthenTec got pundits' tongues wagging about the proposition of a new wave of mobile-enabled biometric use both inside and outside the enterprise. But a surge in enterprise mobile biometric authentication will depend on how well these controls can be managed and centralized within organizationwide identity and access management (IAM) systems..."
                                IT - BYOD
                                BYOD Cheers Up Staff, Boosts Productivity - And IT Bosses Hate It
                                Channel Register October 3, 2012
                                "Costs, security headaches and battles to get different technologies working with each other are stalling Bring-Your-Own-Device schemes in UK offices, according to new figures.

                                In an Insight poll of 232 IT managers in Blighty, 79 per cent said they aren't implementing strategies to allow employees to buy their own kit for both personal and business use..."

                                BYOD Taking the Enterprise by Storm
                                CIO Insight September 27, 2012
                                "The Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) craze is sweeping across the enterprise. From large companies to small firms, employees are learning it's not just ok, it's expected that they bring in their personal devices and use them in the office. Upon doing so, the IT side needs to ensure that those products sport the latest and greatest security features and have all of the corporate bells and whistles workers need to do their jobs..."
                                Concerns about Employee Privacy for BYOD Exposed
                                HelpNet Security September 28, 2012
                                "Business users are alarmed about employers' ability to access and collect personally identifiable information (PII) through mobile devices, such as iPhones, iPads and Androids, according to a Harris survey..."
                                  Top Ten Articles for last few Issues
                                  Vol 175 Issues 1, 2, 3 and 4; Vol 174 Issue 2, 3, 4 and 5
                                  We track how frequently each article is viewed on the web site to determine which the readers consider the most important. For last week, the top 10 articles were:

                                  • Scott McNealy Advises Opting for Open Source
                                  • Java Spotlight Episode 100: JavaOne 2012 Part 1
                                  • Two New Java Embedded Products to Debut at JavaOne 2012
                                  • Applying DoD Guidelines to Oracle SPARC SuperCluster
                                  • Oracle Achieves Record TPC-C Benchmark Result on 2 Processor System
                                  • Six-minute Demo on Oracle Exalogic Elastic Cloud
                                  • Outsourcing Inc., Major Japanese Employment Firm, Implements Oracle SPARC SuperCluster T4-4
                                  • OurSQL Hosts Appear on Meet the MySQL Experts
                                  • Migrating Oracle Solaris 8 P2V with Oracle Database 10.2 and ASM
                                  • Oracle Releases Optimized Solution for Oracle E-Business Suite for Mission-Critical Environments

                                  The longer version of this article has list of top ten articles for the last 8 weeks.

                                    IT - Server
                                    5 Bad Things IT Administrators Do (Video)
                                    HelpNet Security September 29, 2012
                                    "Philip Lieberman is the President at Lieberman Software Corporation and in this video talks about five awful things that IT administrators do and offers ways to fix these actions..."
                                      Save Our Servers: The Next Extinction Begins
                                      InfoWorld October 4, 2012
                                      "Everyone loves the cloud. You can't go to a user convention like this week's Oracle OpenWorld without being absolutely barraged with talks, pitches, demonstrations, and handouts aimed at convincing you that the entire future of IT is floating far above the skyline. One message, of course, is that a business can save big bucks by outsourcing its infrastructure to public clouds built and hosted by the likes of Oracle and, not to mention Hewlett-Packard, Rackspace, and many others.

                                      What surprises me, though, is the failure of so many cloud mavens to ask a very simple question: What effect does the cloud have on server sales? I believe the answer to that question is one word: damage..."

                                      The Document Foundation Announces LibreOffice 3.6.2
                                      LiboCon to Take Place in Berlin October 17-19
                                      The Document Foundation has announced LibreOffice 3.6.2,for Windows, MacOS and Linux, with bug fixes and fixes for regressions and improved stability of the program for corporate deployments. The latest public administration to migrate to LibreOffice is the city of Limerick, Ireland’s third largest city, where LibreOffice is now used on all 450 desktops in the city’s six main locations including the three public libraries, the fire department, the municipal museum and the City Gallery of Art. The community behind LibreOffice will gather in Berlin for the second LiboCon from October 17 to October 19. Registration for the conference ends on October 8.
                                      Oracle Announces NetBeans IDE 7.3 Preview Release
                                      Now Features Advanced HTML5, JavaScript and CSS Development Capabilities
                                      The preview of NetBeans Integrated Development Environment (IDE) 7.3 is available for download, featuring new advanced HTML5, JavaScript and CSS development capabilities that enable rich Web and mobile applications to be developed faster and easier. Users can now employ HTML5 editing with code completion for new HTML5 elements; the new JavaScript editor and debugger; and the code completion feature for jQuery built into the editor. The release also features support for responsive design-based applications and code completion for new CSS3 rules; deep integration with both Google Chrome and a WebKit-based internal browser; and JavaScript client generation from existing Java REST services.
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