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Oracle Magazine Sept/Oct 2012 - Security on the Move
Previews of Oracle OpenWorld, JavaOne 2012, NetBeans Connect
The September/October 2012 issue of Oracle Magazine features David Baum's article "Security on the Move," which discusses how organizations are using Oracle Identity Management solutions to secure operations in the cloud and on the go; Karen Shamban's piece "Engineered for Innovation," which whets readers' appetites for Oracle OpenWorld, JavaOne 2012, and MySQL Connect; and Chip Brookshaw, who writes in "Complete Cloud" about the Oracle Cloud, which provides subscription-based access to best-of-breed, integrated, and standards-based application, platform, and social service. All this and the usual department articles make for another interesting issue.
Linux and Solaris Under One Oracle Roof: Interview with Wim Coekearts
Keeping both Balls in the Air: More Juggling than Blending
Now that Oracle Solaris and Linux co-exist under a single umbrella at Oracle, one has to wonder how much the two teams talk to one another. Sean Kerner learned in a recent interview with Wim Coekaerts, Senior Vice President of Linux and Virtualization Engineering at Oracle, that " ... for the most part the two efforts remain two separate endeavors." Still, according to Coekaerts, syncretism is at work. "Now when we're building out new infrastructure we look at which of the two operating systems and two architectures fits the best for a deployment," Coekaerts said.
Secure Deployment of Oracle VM Server for SPARC
Revised Edition Prompted by SPARC T4-4
Stefan Hinker announces a revised version of his earlier paper, "Secure Deployment of Oracle VM Server for SPARC." The revision, he writes, was prompted by the novel hardware partitioning capabilities of the Oracle SPARC T4-4, which assigns full PCIe root complexes to domains, mimicking dynamic system domains. Hinker makes clear his intention, which was to address only those configuration options directly related to that platform and to virtualization. Hinker's Oracle technical white paper is downloadable as a pdf at the link above.
Current SPARC Architectures
by Darryl Gove
Darryl Gove explains the solution Solaris software engineers have devised to enable all generations of SPARC processor architectures to handle applications that target recent architectures. More recent applications would not work on older processors that lack the instructions provided in the new architecture. The solution? Allow the compiler to assume a "generic" architecture that is the default behavior of the compiler. Then the only flag that doesn't make the assumption is -fast, which tells the compiler to assume the build machine is also the deployment machine - so the compiler can use all the instructions the build machine provides, Gove explains.
Managing Oracle Exalogic Elastic Cloud with Oracle Enterprise Manager Ops Centerd 12c
Now Comes with Oracle Exalogic Elastic Cloud 2.0.1 in the Box
Anand Akela reports the benefits of the fact that Oracle Enterprise Manager Ops Center 12c now comes out-of-the-box with the latest release of Oracle Exalogic Elastic Cloud 2.0.1 software. This combination allows customers to manage and monitor all components inside the Exalogic rack, Akela writes, including provisioning and management of both the physical and virtualized server. Ops Center now allows customers to easily get started with creating and managing Private Clouds using the Exalogic components, he observes. Akela illustrates his post with a snapshot of the assets view showing the manageable components of a Quarter Rack with 8 Compute Nodes.
Oracle VM VirtualBox 4.1.22 Release Announced
Bug Fixes, for the Most Part; Avaialble at both Community and Oracle Download Sites
The Fat Bloke reports the release of Oracle VM VirtualBox 4.1.22, which is essentially a bug fix that is available at both the community or Oracle download sites.
Amping Up Oracle VM VirtualBox 4.2
Major Release Has Lots of New Features and New Platform Support.
Certain of the new features and improvements in the just-released Oracle VM VirtualBox 4.2 are highlighted by Fat Bloke, who identifies the improvements in VirtualBox Manager that have resulted in a more versatile product. Among them are changes in the way VM groups can be assembled; inclusion of an autostart feature allowing users to treat VMs as host services; the capability of launching the VM from the Manager; improvements in the New VM Wizard. Other features include virtual network interface cards; VLAN tagging; improvements in Guest Automation; and the ability of Oracle VM VirtualBox 4.2 to run on nearly every x86 OS.
IT - Storage
Helium-Filled WD Drives Promise Huge Boost In Capacity
ComputerWorld September 13, 2012
"For more than 50 years, hard disk drives have run on air. That's about to change.

Western Digital is preparing to launch a line of hard drives filled with helium gas that is said to drastically reduce internal friction and thus lower power consumption by 23% while increasing capacity by 40%.

The 3.5-in data center drives, developed by WD subsidiary Hitachi Global Storage Technologies (HGST), are expected to be available next year.

The hermetically sealed drives are filled with helium, which is one-seventh the density of air."

    How Organizations Can Benefit By Adopting a Converged Approach to Storage
    InformationWeek September 11, 2012
    "To gain a competitive edge, an organization needs to have IT infrastructure that is simple, manageable, scalable, flexible and energy- and cost-efficient. That’s where converged storage comes in...

    Digital information is rising at an explosive rate. Every second, we are adding to it in the form of documents, applications, photos, videos, games, etc. As businesses scale up, managing data and its storage becomes one of the biggest challenges on the way to growth. Add server virtualization and cloud technology to the mix and you have a many-tentacled monster that needs taming..."

    SSD Can Now Achieve HDD Price Parity
    Storage Newsletter September 12, 2012
    "When will the data center's storage infrastructure become predominantly solid state based?" is a common question regularly posed to analyst firms like Storage Switzerland. While there are many factors, the most realistic answer is "when flash systems achieve raw price parity with HDD based enterprise systems". At that point there is no longer a cost justification that needs to be made and the all solid state data center begins to emerge..."
    Data Migration Project Planning: 10 Best Practices to Implement
    eWeek September 5, 2012
    "Data integration involves combining and reconciling data residing in different storage areas, which could be on site or in the cloud, and giving users a unified view of this data. This process becomes a significant undertaking in a variety of situations, which include both commercial (when two similar companies need to merge their databases) and scientific (combining research results from different bioinformatics repositories, for example) domains. Data integration issues are increasing in frequency as the volume, the number of file formats and the need to share existing data explodes. It has become the focus of extensive theoretical work and numerous open problems remain unsolved..."
      Java Technology
      Java Veteran Shares Insights on JavaFX for Embedded Systems
      Java Spotlight Episode 99: Daniel Blaukopf
      Host Roger Brinkley welcomes Daniel Blaukopf, Embedded Java Client Architect at Oracle, to Episode 99 of the Java Spotlight. Throughout his 14 years of working on Java projects, Blaukopf has consulted with device manufacturers to port and tune all levels of the Java stack to their hardware and software environments. His particular interests are graphics, performance optimization and functional programming.
      IT - Technology
      Computers In A Grain Of Sand: How 'Speckled' Computing Will Change The World
      TechRepublic September 12, 2012
      "The advent of increasingly low-power processors is ushering in an age where computing power is routinely embedded in the world around us. TechRepublic looks at some pioneering research into this area in the UK..."
        IT Helps Passengers, Crew Navigate Gigantic Cruise Ship
        ComputerWorld September 7, 2012
        "Approaching Oasis of the Seas from the parking lot of Port Everglades in Fort Lauderdale, Fla., and then entering the ship, you are overtaken by its size.

        Almost 1,200 feet long, 210 feet wide, and rising 213 feet from the water line, it is the world's largest cruise ship -- about five times the size of the Titanic.

        It features 16 passenger decks, 24 passenger elevators and more than 2,700 rooms. At full capacity, the 225,282-ton ship can carry about 6,300 passengers and 2,100 staffers..."

          Supercomputers Aid Hurricane Prep
          NetworkWorld September 10, 2012
          "Thanks to advances in computing power and storm surge modeling systems, Louisiana officials bracing for Hurricane Isaac's arrival last month had more detailed data about the storm's potential impact than they had seven years earlier when they were preparing for Hurricane Katrina.

          Researchers at university supercomputing centers in Texas and Louisiana used real-time data to inform emergency workers about what would happen once the hurricane sent water into canals, levies and neighborhoods..."

            You Don't Bring A 3D Printer to a Gun Fight -- Yet
            cnet September 6, 2012
            "Welcome to the dark side of 3D printing.

            The hobby is best known for creating colorful toys and trinkets, but some enthusiasts are working on design files that would allow anyone to print a working gun. These don't exist yet, but some believe it's only a matter of time.

            Why would a 3D-printed gun be appealing? For one, it could potentially be cheap..."

              Interview about MySQL Connect
              with Lenz Grimmer
              Some year and a half since his responsibilities shifted from MySQL to his current assignment as a member of the Oracle Linux product management team, Lenz Grimmer nonetheless maintains a keen interest in MySQL. In an interview with Keith Larson, he discusses the MySQL Connect conference and applauds Oracle's decision to hand over the gathering to the MySQL Community. Grimmer said he regards MySQL 5.6 as a "very promising release," and recommends Oracle Linux as the ideal choice for running MySQL. He also highlights several MySQL Connect sessions that strike him as especially attractive.
              Reviewing Some of the Advanced Features of the Btrfs File System in Oracle Linux
              Redundant Configurations, Data Integrity Options, Compression, Snapshots, Performance Enhancements
              Referring to the version of Btrfs available in Oracle Linux 6 with the Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel Release 2 (Version 2.6.39) Margaret Bierman and Lenz Grimmer discuss a number of advanced capabilities available in Btrfs such as those that can be used easily and have immediate benefit to users, such as redundant configurations, data integrity options, compression, snapshots, and performance enhancements. The authors explain that with Btrfs users no longer need to use mdadm to create mirrored volumes or complex RAID configurations, as these capabilities are built into the file system.
              IT - Cloud
              IT Doesn't Matter: What Every IT Pro Needs to Know to Survive In the Cloud Era
              NetworkWorld September 11, 2012
              "Nearly 10 years ago, Harvard Business Review published the now infamous report, "IT Doesn't Matter." IT pros the world over were disgusted by the perceived inference; however for business leaders, this article and the principles it shared were an epiphany they have continued to build upon to this day. To me, this statement is the epicenter of business/technology alignment - any IT pro wanting to survive and advance his or her career in the cloud era needs to understand exactly what it is about IT that many business leaders feel just doesn't matter..."
                Making A Business Case For The Cloud
                TechRepublic September 11, 2012
                "In my post, “Like it or not, it’s time to get a cloud strategy,” which was really just a call to action, I spoke to how organizations need to stop making the same old excuses, or stop believing the falsehoods, as to why the cloud isn’t an plausible approach to computing, and start to adopt a cloud strategy. In order to remain competitive, principally speaking, an organization needs to constantly devise ways to reduce cost and increase its ability to scale and develop with the business — not against it..."
                  Sponsored Link - Overcoming The Cloud Storage Roadblock (Video)
                  Storage Switzerland September 10, 2012
                  "The appeal of Cloud Storage is in its potential to reduce on-site storage, power and cooling costs in the face of ever escalating capacity demands. These are demands brought about by virtualization, big data, increased data retention and the “copy data” created by the protection process. However, cloud storage faces some significant roadblocks in the areas of latency and bandwidth, and as a result, has been limited to data protection and retention..."
                  Enterprises Need to Teach the Facts of Cloud Computing
                  Internet Evolution August 31, 2012
                  "Cloud service providers have done a great job hyping the concept of cloud computing -- so much so that many Americans think cloud computing is important, even though they don't know what it is...

                  In a survey of 1,000 American adults, just 16 percent associated the term cloud computing with what it actually is -- in the survey's words, "a computer network to store, access, and share data from Internet-connected devices."

                  Five Steps to Solid Cloud and Mobile App Delivery
                  NetworkComputing September 7, 2012
                  "While the idea of an enterprise app store may appeal to enterprises for a number of reasons, most organizations still need to lay a considerable amount of groundwork to ensure the success of their initiatives.

                  Natalie Lambert, a former Forrester analyst and one of the thought leaders responsible for pushing the acronym BYOD into the limelight, said she believes organizations need to go through five stages to reach app-delivery nirvana. We take a look at some of her recommendations, along with commentary from other industry pundits discussing the challenges of supporting an environment that consolidates the best in mobile and cloud technology..."

                  Laugh all you want at 'the cloud' - it'll be worth '$100bn by 2016'
                  The Register September 11, 2012
                  "Some $100bn will be slurped up by public IT cloud services by 2016, according to the crystal-ball gazers at IDC.

                  Spending is set to peak at $40bn this year but is forecast to expand more than 26 per cent on a compound annual growth basis over the next four years – five times faster than the total industry average..."

                  Why Johnny Doesn't Understand Cloud Computing
                  InfoWorld September 7, 2012
                  "Thanks to a nationwide survey conducted by Wakefield Research and commissioned by Citrix Systems, we now know what most people in the United States think about the "cloud": not much, it turns out. Indeed, 95 percent of respondents claimed they've never used the cloud. Worse yet, 29 percent thought the cloud is a "fluffy white thing in the sky." ..."
                    Gartner: 5 Things a Private Cloud is NOT
                    NetworkWorld September 13, 2102
                    "The National Institute for Standards in Technology has a definition of what cloud computing is that's fairly agreed upon within the industry. But research firm Gartner says there's still a lot of cloud-washing, or market confusion on exactly what the technology is. Today, the firm released a list of five things the cloud is not..."
                    Top Cloud Use Cases
                    TechRepublic September 12, 2012
                    "The cloud holds many promises for companies, such as the possibility of optimizing costs by paying for computing resources on an “on-demand” basis, improved reliability, lower administration costs, and others still. At the same time, many issues still remain. There is still a lot of confusion related to the security of cloud solutions, both in terms of data security, that is, the capacity of cloud providers to protect their customer’s data, as well as in terms of legal security for the stored information, which is the compliance with legislation (many times from multiple countries) and the legal risks associated with it..."
                    The 8 Most Important Skills Needed for Cloud Computing Today
                    Forbes August 27, 2012
                    "The constant promise we hear about cloud computing is that it is supposed to lift many of the burdens of information technology management away from companies, and out to some service provider. However, the promise is always a lot sweeter than the reality. And that reality is that new types of skills are required to successfully manage today’s cloud environments.

                    For one, many clouds are internal to organizations, developed, hosted and managed by IT or another part of the enterprise – thus requiring many of the same skills that an Amazon Web Services or IBM need to keep their offerings going..."

                    IT - CxO
                    5 Steps to Kicking Your IT Outsourcing Addiction
                    InfoWorld September 10, 2012
                    "You hear it time and again, outsourcing strategies that backfire or hinder a company's ability to remain competitive in a fast-paced marketplace. Needs change, and yesterday's strategic panacea becomes tomorrow's roadblock to innovation.

                    Count General Motors among the companies reassessing -- and in the automaker's case, actually reversing -- its sourcing strategy. That's right, one of the biggest consumers of outsourcing services is in the process of shifting away from IT outsourcing and bringing much of its technology work back in-house..."

                      6 Uncomfortable Questions IT Teams Should Ask
                      InformationWeek September 12, 2012
                      "I always get inspired by our InformationWeek 500 ranking, research, and reporting. But our annual profiles of the most innovative users of business technology always deliver a swift kick in the pants as well. That pants-kicking feeling was particularly strong this year. I kept thinking about the hard questions that our profiles of various innovative companies should raise for anyone reading them. I settled on six, but I'd love to hear yours as well..."
                        A Decade of Devaluation in IT
                        Gartner September 7, 2012
                        "In a prior post — When Frugality Fails — the topic was what do you do when just cutting costs is not enough to define success. This topic looks at what a decade of flat IT budget investments really means. IT budgets have been essentially flat according to the results of the Gartner Executive Programs CIO Survey over the last 10 years..."
                        Are You Working With Stupid KPIs?
                        Information Management August 23, 2012
                        "In my last rant, on business analytics and the pathetic state of dashboards, I pointed out significant flaws in business intelligence software created by technology providers and in how it is being deployed by business and IT. Now I want to follow up with some insight on disconnects to a critical asset that is essential to the success of business analytics. I mean key performance indicators (KPIs), a term used in inaccurate ways that have diminished the value of the concept for business..."
                        Firefighters See Problems, CIOs Must See Opportunities
                        InformationWeek September 10, 2012
                        "There are two types of business technology organizations: those whose main mission is to create and pursue opportunities, and those preoccupied with putting out fires and solving problems. Opportunities are the stuff of growth and success: more revenue, fatter profits, happier customers. Problem solving is more about upkeep and survival: system maintenance, software patches, security plugs.

                        All are critical responsibilities, of course, so it's a question of emphasis ..."

                        Gamification of the Enterprise
                        NetworkWorld September 10, 2012
                        "Can badges and scoreboards really make employees work harder, for no extra pay? Or will IT departments be stuck spending time and money "gamifying" work processes - only to have to undo everything once the fad has run its course?

                        According to Gartner analyst Elise Olding, 25% of all redesigned processes will include some form of gamification by 2015..."

                        How to Become a Better Communicator With Your IT Staff
                        CIO September 6, 2012
                        "Do you find that you or your IT team members aren't communicating as well as they could or should? If you said 'yes,' here are two powerful techniques you can apply to significantly improve the way you communicate and the impact you achieve..."
                          Software Defined Doomed
                          NetworkWorld September 11, 2012
                          The IT industry is littered with acronyms and buzz words that change at such a rapid pace that few can actually keep up with what they truly mean. Just as one settles in to our conversations, another one pops up to keep us on our toes. IT professionals can be bombarded by these terms, leaving them with a great buzz-word bingo fodder, but not with any meaningful value.

                          For example, cloud computing is being worked into nearly every IT conversation at every level within a company, including end-users, executives, and IT. True, the cloud can be murky by definition, but the term works and it is leading to great IT strategic conversations across businesses and the IT industry as a whole. Then comes the term "Software Defined X." OMG!

                          The Open Source Model for Managing Virtual Offices
                          InfoWorld September 7, 2012
                          "Both Businessweek and the Wall Street Journal have fresh articles about Automattic, the company sponsoring and developing the open source content management system WordPress and a range of related products. Both articles echo an item in Fortune from over six years ago about the database company MySQL. The subject of all three articles is how to run a virtual office.

                          What these articles seem to overlook is that both companies have simply formalized the practices of successful open source communities all over the world. Who better to do that than two successful, open source-based businesses?..."

                          IT - DR
                          Ten Disasters That Could Crush Your Company
                          Baseline September 12, 2012
                          "If you need any more proof that you should take the threat of disasters seriously, consider this: Companies lose as much as $90,000 for every hour of downtime due to systems disruptions, and the survival rate for companies without a disaster recovery plan is less than 10 percent. No organization is immune because both natural and man-made sources can trigger these incidents. With that in mind, Janco Associates has come up with a list of the top 10 disasters that affect organizations..."
                          Disaster Dozen: 12 Myths of Disaster Preparedness
                          Emergency Management September 7, 2012
                          "Hurricane Katrina and other disasters have given us a series of emergency preparedness wake-up calls. Do we pay attention now or continue to hit the snooze button?

                          Let's look at the most important part of a comprehensive emergency readiness plan: the preparedness levels of individuals and families..."

                            IT - Networks
                            The Benefits of Colocation Facilities for the Next-Generation Enterprise WAN
                            NetworkWorld September 4, 2012
                            "With the WAN Virtualization approach, you deploy an appliance at each enterprise location and at the colo facility, and use multiple diverse Internet links of any type, which for branch offices will typically be broadband (DSL, cable, perhaps 4G). There are many benefits to this approach, including maximum bandwidth, lowest cost/bit, better-than-MPLS reliability and predictability, and the ability to augment and/or replace an existing MPLS network a site at a time. You are building your own highly reliable WAN as an overlay leveraging the public Internet..."
                              Better Monitor Your Network
                              Processor September 7, 2012
                              "The importance of network monitoring can’t be overstated. The livelihood of a business literally rides on smooth, consistent network performance.

                              'Uptime, quick response times, available resources, and both consistent and reliable service' might seem like marketing buzzwords, but they undoubtedly matter, says Michelle Warren, president of MW Research & Consulting. "Without them, the business users will experience reduced productivity times, increased frustration, and resentment toward IT."

                              To avoid such negatives and others, consider the following..."

                              Five Handy Network Apps for Your Portable Toolkit
                              TechRepublic September 10, 2012
                              "Having all your networking tools in one place certainly makes your job easier. Luckily, there are plenty of networking tools that require zero installation and can fit on a USB flash drive. Here are five handy portable network tools that you can add to your on-the-go toolkit..."
                              Aging Hardware Drives Core Router and Switch Upgrades
                              NetworkWorld September 12, 2012
                              "Core router and switch upgrades are the top project priorities for network managers, followed by wireless implementations, according to new research from TheInfoPro. IT departments are grappling with aging network equipment while juggling demand for newer network initiatives, such as mobile device management, fueled by IT consumerization and BYOD trends..."
                              IT - Operations
                              Data Center Cooling: From Seawater to Oil
                              Wall Street Technology September 7, 2012
                              "As data center engineers continue to search for new, more efficient ways to cool down their power-guzzling servers and facilities, last year, Google announced that it was using seawater to cool a data center which it opened on the coast of Finland.

                              Now, Intel has announced it has just completed a year-long test submerging a rack of servers in mineral oil, with powerful results..."

                              The 12 Most Dreaded Help Desk Requests
                              InfoWorld September 13, 2012
                              "Working on an IT help desk can feel like an endless case of déjà vu. Let's face it: Computer users are damn predictable. If you've heard a problem once, you've heard it a thousand times before.

                              Some things, though, have been said so many times that they've practically become help desk clichés -- and the very sound of them is enough to make any IT pro want to smack his or her head with the nearest blunt object."

                                IT - Security
                                4 Reasons Security Policies Fail, And 7 Steps to Make Sure They Don't
                                Insurance Technology September 11, 2012
                                "Unless IT security is a core element of someone's job, it is not necessarily considered a skill that is part of his or her ongoing development needs. All too often new employees get just an initial presentation on security from the IT department when they start, and they are expected to remember it and keep up to speed with (and adhere to) ever-changing IT security policies and procedures.

                                The average loss in brand value for a company that experiences a data breach can be anywhere from $184 million to more than $330 million, according to PwC. And the collective loss of consumer trust in the industry can be even more costly..."

                                39% of IT Staff Can Get Unauthorized Access to Sensitive Information
                                HelpNet Security September 11, 2012
                                "IT professionals are allowed to roam around corporate networks unchecked, according to a survey of more than 450 IT professionals by Lieberman Software.

                                It found that 39% of IT staff can get unauthorized access to their organization’s most sensitive information – including the CEO’s private documents – and one in five has already accessed data they shouldn’t..."

                                  CSO Security Standard, Lesson One: Build Something You Can Easily Adapt
                                  CSO Online September 10, 2012
                                  "Bank of America CISO Patrick Gorman was first up at the CSO Security Standard this morning. His main message: Companies need to build a security program that adapts quickly to new threats.

                                  "What we're seeing is a convergence of threats," he said. "Attacks are no longer just the work of nation states, hacktivists, criminals and malicious insiders. They are all working together."

                                  Data Breach: Who's to Blame?
                                  IT Business Edge September 12, 2012
                                  "In looking at the line of business manager, the reason the fingers are sometimes pointed in their direction is because they are ultimately responsible for the data in their area from a compliance standpoint. Think of the CFO, for example: They are responsible for the financial data, the accuracy of the data and reporting it to the board of directors, and likely the SEC, if they are a publicly traded company, and so on. Ultimately, they should be the ones who are consulted on who in the company can access the data in question. Do they know that a bunch of end users have access to the data they are responsible for? Do all of those people use that data or even need that access? ..."
                                    Discovering Security Breaches within Organizational Setups
                                    InformationWeek September 10, 2012
                                    "Uncovering a security breach depends primarily on the method of discovery, as some methods inherently take longer than others. This also depends on the maturity of a security program implemented in an organization that directly reflects the ability of an organization to detect and respond to threats. It is important to remember that speed is not the only critical factor in incident response as execution of a well conceived plan is equally critical while detecting and responding to breaches..."
                                    FBI's Password Stance Has Enterprise Implications
                                    Internet Evolution September 12, 2012
                                    "One thing that's been overlooked in coverage of the FBI's increasingly hawkish attempts to obtain smartphone passwords is that it's not just the smartphone owners' personal data that is at stake.

                                    As Julia Angwin reported in the Wall Street Journal last week, law enforcement and tech companies are increasingly at loggerheads over whether the former can obtain users' passwords from the latter..."

                                      Gartner: Prepare for Context-Aware Security
                                      ComputerWeekly September 11, 2012
                                      "Cloud computing, IT consumerisation and the evolving threat landscape are forcing IT departments to rethink security.

                                      Analyst Gartner has predicted context-aware security will be the preferred method for IT to evolve enterprise security to be able to cope with emerging threats and evolving business requirements for greater openness..."

                                      Got Next-Gen Security? The FBI Does
                                      CIO Today September 10, 2012
                                      "Software developed at Carnegie Mellon can take data from front and side views, create a 3D model, and then rotate the model as much as 70 degrees to create a 2D match with the image in the crowd or security system footage. Researchers at Carnegie Mellon have said that computer-based facial recognition can be as good or even better than human facial recognition..."
                                      Scientists Provide a Measure of Uncertainty
                                      The Register September 10, 2012
                                      "A group of Canadian PhD researchers claim to have obtained information beyond the “Heisenberg limit” using a technique called “weak measurement”.

                                      Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle limits the amount of information that can be known at the quantum level: the more you know about the position of an object, the less you can know about its momentum. As this article at puts it, “any attempt to measure a particle’s position must randomly change its speed”..."

                                        Security Manager's Journal: DLP Tool Is Suddenly Blind To Email
                                        ComputerWorld September 10, 2012
                                        "We had been making good progress in demonstrating the value of our still limited deployment of data leak prevention (DLP) technology until a setback a couple of weeks ago. Ironically, the setback was due to an expansion in the use of encryption, something that I would normally embrace wholeheartedly..."
                                        The 3 Biggest Mistakes Made By Security Pros
                                        InfoWorld September 11, 2012
                                        "Last week, I discussed the three biggest mistakes senior management makes in computer security. This week, let's examine the three biggest mistakes computer security engineers commit -- and have to answer for when they deal with senior management. You'll notice a resemblance between last week's post and this installment. No coincidence there; the issues are similar, though they differ in the details.

                                        Let's take a look at the problems..."

                                        When It Comes To Data Security, You Don't Need a Silver Bullet, You Need A Framework
                                        CSO Online September 12, 2012
                                        "There is truth to the meme, “data is the new oil”. Data is the lifeblood of today's digital businesses, and for economic and even political gain, highly skilled cybercriminals are determined to steal it. Meanwhile, customers around the globe have become highly sensitive to how organizations track, use, and store their personal data and it's very difficult for security pros to stay one step ahead of changing privacy laws and demands. Plus, as data volumes explode, it's becoming a herculean task to protect sensitive data and prevent privacy infringements (today we talk in petabytes, not terabytes)..."
                                        IT - Careers
                                        Are MBA's Worth It for Tech Pros?
                                        CIO Insight September 11, 2012
                                        "An IT professional with an MBA could have a distinct edge over competitors looking to land that perfect position, according to a report from online technology jobs site Dice. Among current MBA holders with technical expertise (9 percent of survey respondents), higher pay was the top reported impact of their degree, but other benefits included moving into management within the technology department, obtaining employment at a preferred company or helping to land work in a new, business-oriented technical role..."
                                        Office Politics: Rampant in the Workplace
                                        Baseline September 7, 2012
                                        "Far away from the White House campaign trail, office politics is alive and well at your organization, according to a survey from Robert Half. For example, though many businesses claim to maintain a culture of complete transparency and integrity, stealing credit remains a favorite tactic of would-be cubicle politicos. The obvious advice is to stay out of it, but, in many cases, politics is unavoidable..."
                                          IT - Social Media
                                          Gartner: 93 Percent of All Mobile Apps Will Be Free By 2016
                                          InfoWorld September 11, 2012
                                          "Of the 45.6 billion mobile applications people will download this year, nearly 90 percent will be freebies, according to new research from Gartner. Though not surprising, that tidbit of information may help guide developers in their quest to release the next big mobile app -- and to strongly consider embracing the in-app purchase model.

                                          All told, Gartner estimates that free apps will account for 40.1 billion of all downloaded mobile apps, while paid-for downloads will total five billion. Gartner expects that come 2016, customers will download a total of 309 billion applications, 93 percent of them free..."

                                          Is Your Mobile Strategy Ready For Consumer Devices?
                                          Field Technologies Online September 2012
                                          "Ninety percent of organizations have already deployed mobile enterprise devices, with smartphones the top choice. Eighty-six percent will deploy tablets this year. The complexities involved to plan, deploy and manage these solutions often go underestimated; if you must hire full-time personnel to manage them, you’d better rethink your mobility strategy..."
                                            IT - Virtualization
                                            Implement Server Virtualization
                                            Processor September 7, 2012
                                            "Virtualization is a great way to use your physical servers more efficiently and effectively. You can also consolidate your existing servers to save money and space inside your data center. But there are right and wrong ways to go about server virtualization, and there are multiple approaches that may not be a fit for every company.

                                            As with any technology adoption, you should research virtualization as much as possible to educate administrators and employees on how to best use it. We’ll give you a head start and show you what you need to know about server virtualization, how to implement it, and how to make server virtualization an integral part of your data center for years to come..."

                                              IT - Compliance
                                              5 Steps to Ensure Your Cloud Provider Is Ready for eDiscovery
                                              CIO September 7, 2012
                                              "Businesses need to be prepared when an ediscovery request is made pertaining to data being stored in the cloud. Here are five steps IT leaders can take to ensure that their cloud computing vendors don't get them into hot water when responding to electronic data discovery requests..."
                                              IT - Email
                                              Email Gaffes: Four Ways to Stop Messages Coming Back to Haunt You
                                              TechRepublic September 10, 2012
                                              "Ill-judged emails can cost businesses more in reputational damage than in actual litigation. Yet most companies lack even an email policy for new joiners.

                                              How much did the Dude emails really cost Barclays Bank? On paper, there’s the figure of £290m ($450m) in fines for manipulating the inter-bank lending rate (Libor). But on top of that tangible financial punishment lies the hidden cost of the reputational damage compounded by the traders’ emails..."

                                                IT - Database
                                                10 Ways Developers Put Databases At Risk
                                                Dark Reading September 12, 2012
                                                "Many of today's Web applications rely on enterprises' most sensitive data stores to keep order systems running, partner companies collaborating, and internal users in touch with important business information no matter where they are.

                                                While such easy access to business-critical data has greatly improved worker productivity and loosened the pocketbooks of customers, it has also opened up that data to considerable risk. Unfortunately, much of the risk is introduced by developers who lack the resources to code these applications without vulnerabilities that open databases to compromise -- be it time, money, education, or support from executives..."

                                                  IT - Mobile
                                                  87% Have Something to Hide on Their Smartphones
                                                  HelpNet Security September 10, 2012
                                                  "When it comes to the almost weekly reports of celebrity phone hackings and leaks, more than half of consumers believe these are merely stunts to garner publicity.

                                                  In the end, however, these photo faux pas serve as an excellent reminder that everyone should take action to protect themselves from mobile threats. Yet according to a recent survey from NQ Mobile, few do. Only 53 percent of smart phone owners reported even securing their devices with a passcode..."

                                                    20 Great Ideas to Steal In 2012
                                                    InformationWeek September 12, 2012
                                                    "InformationWeek 500 winners share all sorts of bright ideas with us--ones they use to solve problems, make their employees more productive, and bring in more business. We've cherry-picked the best of them for you, particularly the ideas that have applicability beyond just the company and business where they originate..."
                                                      The QR Code: A New Frontier In Mobile Attackability
                                                      HelpNet Security September 12, 2012
                                                      "A single poisoned link is all it takes to expose an entire organization to a full-scale attack.

                                                      Hackers write sophisticated browser-based attacks that operate quite stealthily. Now, they're going after our mobile phones, which are soon to be the number one way we access the web.

                                                      As QR codes have evolved, they now can offer users – and thieves - unlimited information within seconds of scanning. And we scan them voluntarily..."

                                                        IT - Big Data
                                                        Data Quality Reboot Series for Big Data: Part 2 Persistence vs. Disposable Quality
                                                        Forrester September 7, 2012
                                                        "We last spoke about how to reboot our thinking on master data to provide a more flexible and useful structure when working with big data. In the structured data world, having a model to work from provides comfort. However, there is an element of comfort and control that has to be given up with big data, and that is our definition and the underlying premise for data quality..."
                                                        Finding the Business Value In Big Data Is A Big Problem
                                                        ComputerWorld September 12, 2012
                                                        "For all the promise that big data holds, the fundamental challenge with collecting massive volumes of data from different sources is finding new business uses for it, according to several IT managers at Computerworld's BI & Analytics Perspectives event here this week.

                                                        Technology vendors and industry analysts tout the enormous business benefits that enterprises can gain from mashing up traditional structured data with unstructured data from the cloud, mobile devices, social media channels and other sources. But business executives have little idea of how to take advantage of big data or how to articulate their requirements to IT, according to several executives at the show..."

                                                        Predictive Analytics: Making Little Decisions with Big Data
                                                        Information Management September 13, 2012
                                                        "As organizations invest in analytics, predictive analytics is becoming a focus area. These advanced, mathematically based approaches are a powerful tool for leveraging data.

                                                        Meanwhile, organizations are tackling the challenges of big data, handling more data in more formats that arrives and changes more quickly than ever before. As this tidal wave of data comes crashing down, traditional approaches to storing and managing data are being challenged. So, too, is the mindset that data must be queried and reported or visualized to be used. This combination of predictive analytics and big data should create new opportunities for more specific, future-oriented analysis of large amounts of data which, in turn, leads to actionable insight..."

                                                        SAS: Big Data Strategy Is Key to Business Success
                                                        eWeek September 11, 2012
                                                        "There is a strong correlation between successful businesses and a well-defined data strategy, according to a survey sponsored by business intelligence and analytics solutions provider SAS.

                                                        The global survey, Big Data: Lessons From the Leaders, was conducted by the Economist Intelligence Unit and looks at where the more than 700 companies surveyed stand in their efforts to implement a data strategy. It also identifies how to exploit the massive amounts of data companies collect..."

                                                        IT - BYOD
                                                        Dell CIO: Delivering on the BYOD Promise
                                                        CIO Insight September 12, 2012
                                                        "Adriana Karaboutis is in the IT driver’s seat as Dell works to evolve from a being a hardware vendor to being a provider of end-to-end solutions for companies of all sizes. As the company’s Global CIO, Karaboutis is working to transform the company’s foundation, based on fulfillment of hardware orders, to one capable of handling software and Software-as-a-Service offerings.

                                                        Her goal: To create a highly mobile, efficient information environment for the company’s 103,300 employees..."

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                                                        • Security Concerns Prompt Oracle to Release Out-of-Cycle Security Patch for Java 7
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                                                          IT - Server
                                                          Software Updates: The Good, The Bad, And The Fatal
                                                          InfoWorld September 10, 2012
                                                          "A big part of IT management is handling upgrades and updates of all systems, critical and otherwise. Just about every aspect of IT, every piece of hardware and software, will need to be updated at some point along the line. It may be applying a firewall firmware upgrade or installing patches to an operating system or application stack. In every single one of those cases, there will be some degree of chance that the update blows up everything.

                                                          From a purely logistical point of view, there are only three possible outcomes to a firmware or software update:..."

                                                          NetBeans Podcast #61: A Preview of NetBeans Community Days at JavaOne 2012
                                                          Interviews with Toilers in the NetBeans Fields
                                                          An impressively full and engaging schedule awaits listeners to NetBeans Podcast #61, where they will hear about the NetBeans events at the upcoming JavaOne 2012 Conference. The podcast also features interviews with Ça&#287;atay Çivici, the lead architect and founder of PrimeFaces; Timon Veenstra, the architect behind Agrosense, an open-source farm management system built on the NetBeans platform; and Jarda Tulach, who discusses API Design. All this in under 40 minutes. Listeners' interest in NetBeans will be well repaid.
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