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Best Practices for Securely Deploying the SPARC SuperCluster T4-4
Exploiting the Balance Between Security and Configurational Flexibility
The architectural, deployment and operational best practices for utilizing the security capabilities of the SPARC SuperCluster T4-4 are outlined in a post by Glenn Brunette, Ramesh Nagappan and Joel Weise. The authors highlight the comprehensive set of security controls in the SPARC SuperCluster platform that can be employed to meet even the most challenging security demands. They also offer guidance on where and how the SPARC SuperCluster platform can be integrated into an existing IT security environment. The SPARC SuperCluster is unique in its balance between the tight integration of its components and its level of configuration and operational flexibility.
Revision to SPARC Architecture Released
Essential to Understanding the Operation of the SPARC Processor
Darryl Gove draws attention to the release of the updated "Oracle SPARC Architecture 2011," a document essential for those interested in the behavior of a SPARC processor. This publication supersedes the SPARC v9 book, which was published in the 90s. Describing its scope, the document collects in one volume the nonprivileged (Level 1) architecture from SPARC V9; most of the privileged (Level 2) architecture from SPARC V9; and provides more in-depth coverage of all SPARC V9 features. Moreover, the book includes all of the architectural extensions (beyond SPARC V9), developed through the processor generations of UltraSPARC III, IV, IV+ and T1.
The Role of Oracle VM Server for SPARC in a Virtualization Strategy
Blog Provides Overview; Covers Hardware, OS, Desktop Virtualization

Hardware and software virtualization basics, and the role that Oracle VM Server for SPARC plays in a virtualization strategy are treated in an overview posted by Matthias Pfützner. Oracle VM Server for SPARC is fully integrated and, therefore, it is easy to deploy, manage and use, he contends. The blog considers hardware virtualization, OS virtualization, and desktop virtualization, along with the role of Oracle VM Server in SPARC functionality and the benefits it delivers.

IT - Storage
The State of Virtual Data Protection and Recovery
InformationWeek August 28, 2012
"Protection of the virtualized data center is evolving. Legacy products that were around before the dawn of server virtualization are beginning to catch up, feature-wise, with products that came about as a result of virtualization, a category that we call VM-specific backup utilities. It's no longer easy to justify a dual-pronged approach to backup that involves one product for the virtualized environment and a different one for the physical environment..."
    Java Technology
    Release of Java SE 7 Update 7 and Java SE 6 Update 35 Announced
    JRE 6 and 7 for Windows (32-bit) and JRE 7 for Mac OSX (64-bit) to Update Automatically
    With the release of Java SE 7 Update 7 and Java SE 6 Update 35 users are urged, as quickly as possible, to apply these updates. Henrik Stahl provides links to the release notes and to a security alert for CVE-2012-4681. Users of Oracle JRE 6 and 7 for Windows (32-bit) and the recently released JRE 7 for Mac OSX (64-bit) will be updated automatically, he writes.
    Java Spotlight Episode 97: Shaun Smith on JPA and EclipseLink
    Java Champion Is Principal Product Manager for Oracle TopLink
    Java Champion Shaun Smith is Roger Brinkley's guest on Episode 97 of The Java Spotlight, where the two discuss JPA and EclipseLink. Smith is a Principal Product Manager for Oracle TopLink and an active member of the Eclipse community, where he is Ecosystem Development Lead for the Eclipse Persistence Services Project (EclipseLink) and a committer on the Eclipse EMF Teneo and Dali Java Persistence Tools projects. He is also currently involved with the development of JPA persistence for OSGi and Oracle TopLink Grid, which integrates Oracle Coherence with Oracle TopLink to provide JPA on the grid.
    IT - Technology
    8 IT Lessons Learned From the 2012 Summer Olympics
    CIO August 14, 2012
    "The 2012 London Olympics weren't just about athletic prowess. This year's games saw more data leave Olympic Park and move around the world than ever before. The applications, infrastructure and technical know-how required to pull this off offers valuable lessons for CIOs as they plan IT projects."
    California Assembly OKs Bill Banning Warrantless Smartphone Tracking
    ComputerWorld August 23, 2012
    "The California State Assembly Wednesday voted to approve legislation that would prohibit state law enforcement personnel from obtaining location data from an individual's GPS-enabled mobile devices without a warrant.

    The bill still requires approval by the State Senate and the signature of California Gov. Jerry Brown, who vetoed an earlier, broader version of the legislation last year.

    The latest location privacy bill, sponsored by Democratic State Sen. Mark Leno, is one of the first of its kind in the country..."

      Supercomputers Help New Orleans Prepare for Hurricane Isaac
      NetworkWorld August 29, 2012
      "In the eight years since Katrina struck New Orleans, advances in computer power and storm surge modeling is giving the city detailed data about Hurricane Isaac's impact.

      Hurricane Katrina disaster recovery lessons still popping up

      Computer models have already mapped, on a continuing basis as weather data changes, how the storm surge will invade coastal regions and neighborhoods..."

      Free and Open Source S/W
      Licensing Open Source Code in the Modern, Post-revolutionary Era
      Cantrill Maintains GPLv2's Days are Numbered
      Peace reigns in the open source arena, Bryan Cantrill maintains in his post on the need to move from GPLv2 licensing to the more open-source friendly MPLv2. The experience of VLC, which recently relicensed its core software to LGPLv2 to allow it, as Cantrill writes, " ... to be more readily shared with other projects," bears this out, he explains. A new generation of developers are convinced that open source has won the battle with proprietary software. There was general agreement with his position at Forum Internacional Software Livre in Brazil, where he first voiced his thoughts.
      Blog Explains Parallel Backup Operations in MySQL Enterprise Backup v3.8.0
      Pipeline Processing Enables Parallelism, Speeds Backups
      In a post on parallel backup in MySQL Enterprise Backup (MEB) v3.8.0 jothir (Hema Sridharan) explains how read/write operations are now performed in parallel using pipeline parallelism. The post explains that the pipelined parallel execution of read, process (if requested) and write operations is achieved by invoking multiple threads for different operations and usage of buffers. Each operation is split into segments, and threads operate on different segments from different iterations concurrently. Each segment is assigned one or more worker threads and in-queue buffers which store the work to be processed by that stage. The post provides an example.
      Cloud Computing
      Oracle Collaborates on Drafting Specifications for Cloud Management Standards
      Two Specification Drafts Issued: PaaS and IaaS Service Models
      Oracle has collaborated with a number of leading technology vendors in the IT industry to draft two key specifications for cloud management standards, Anand Akela reports. One focuses on the Platform as a Service (PaaS) model; the other on the Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) model. The collaborators announced that their "Cloud Application Management for Platforms" (CAMP) will be submitted to OASIS for consideration in an effort to ensure interoperability for deploying and managing applications across cloud environments. Akela also notes the release by the Distributed Management Task Force ( DMTF ) of the new Cloud Infrastructure Management Interface (CIMI) specification.
      IT - Cloud
      5 Signs Your Cloud Service Provider Can't Handle Tier 1 Apps
      CIO August 24, 2012
      "Migrating mission-critical applications to the cloud is fundamentally different from migrating less critical applications and processes to the cloud. Picking the right cloud hosting provider is among the most important decisions you'll make when planning the migration of your Tier 1 applications. After all, cloud providers that typically focus on developer services can quickly find themselves out of their depth when dealing with production applications..."
      Cloud Computing Confusing to Many: Survey
      eWeek August 28, 2012
      "Most Americans are confused by the term “the cloud” and do not associate it with the IT business, according to a new survey.

      The national survey by Wakefield Research, commissioned by Citrix, showed that most respondents believe the cloud is related to weather, while some referred to pillows, drugs and toilet paper. However, even those who don’t know exactly what the cloud is recognize its economic benefits and think the cloud is a catalyst for small-business growth, the survey showed..."

        How the Cloud Changes the Virtual Desktop Landscape
        IT World August 27, 2012
        "While cloud computing and virtualization, along with a focus on small and midsize businesses, are expected to be major trends at this year's VMworld show, the virtual desktop infrastructure players are looking to make some news this week as well.

        Three big players - Citrix, Dell and HP - each made announcements last week regarding virtual desktop offerings, including new software from Citrix and new hardware components from Dell and HP. At least one analyst says the preparation for VMworld shows the growing importance of VDI technology in an increasingly cloud and mobile world."

        IT - CxO
        How to Recharge Your Leadership Mojo
        Baseline August 27, 2012
        "It’s been a grueling five years. On the global stage we’ve seen bailouts, rampant unemployment, sluggish consumer confidence, declining home values and rising prices. For those lucky enough to be still employed, all this doom and gloom has manifested itself as insecurity, fear, stress and overwork. We may be technically in recovery, but at this point, employees are over it. They’ve been “harassed into productivity” for so long that they’re either actively seeking new jobs or running on autopilot and hoping things will change..."
          4 Reasons IT Leaders Hate Giving Performance Reviews
          InformationWeek August 27, 2012
          "Dread sitting down with your IT employees to review job performance? Recognize the pitfalls and appraisals will be less troublesome.

          Programmers and systems analysts aren't the only ones who dread employee performance reviews. IT leaders loathe them just as much--but for reasons all their own.

          "IT managers look at performance reviews as a necessary evil," said Robert Keahey, founder of SummaLogic, an IT consultancy in San Francisco, Calif. Keahey would know. "I've probably done a thousand of them in my career so I'm very familiar with the process."

          4 Strategies for Managing Junior IT Professionals
          NetworkWorld August 28, 2012
          "Spring and summer school sessions have ended, and, if you're like a number of organizations around the globe, you have a giant pile of resumes and just a handful of openings for some fresh faces to join your firm at the bottom rungs of the corporate ladder. Hiring the right person is a difficult process, but managing the new employees--or, let's be honest, managing any employee--is even more challenging. Nobody sets out to be a bad manager, but that transformation can happen over time if your policies and your behavior are left unchecked..."
            Don't Take Incumbency For Granted
            Washington Technology August 23, 2012
            "It’s a fact; being the incumbent is an advantage. The incumbent knows the customer, has the people on staff already, knows the technology and represents minimal transition risk.

            Depending on how you crunch the numbers (in this day of multiple-award contracts, task-order bids after you win the basic contract, schedule contracts, set asides and sole source contracts, calculating a win ratio might not be as straightforward as it once was), the incumbent wins 60 percent of the time.

            But that also means that the incumbent loses 40 percent of the time. Why is that? ..."

              What Keeps Information Security Leaders Awake At Night
              HelpNet Security August 28, 2012
              "In this interview, Herbert 'Hugh' Thompson, Program Committee Chair for RSA Conferences and Chief Security Strategist at People Security, talks about challenges faced by information security leaders, privacy issues, social networking, and RSA Conference Europe 2012..."
              Not Your Grandfather's Outsourcing
              ComputerWorld August 28, 2012
              "Outsourcing has become a bit of a dirty word this election season, too often used synonymously with offshoring, which is really only one of many outsourcing strategies. However, from a CIO’s perspective, outsourcing may be in fact what enables U.S. companies to compete, thrive, and otherwise move the economy out of the doldrums..."
              Facing IT Risk Head-on
              The Internal Auditor August 2012
              "If you dined on spaghetti and meatballs in 1982 and paid with a credit card, your server likely took the card to the manager’s office and looked up the 16-digit account number in a several-hundred-page publication to see if it had been reported lost or stolen. The whole process took several minutes, and if the number appeared in the listing, which was updated every month and mailed to every merchant that accepted the card, the server had to call a credit card company representative to determine whether to process the charge or confiscate the card..."
                Risk Management Now Driven By 'Fear', Not Strategic Enough
                ZDNet August 3, 2012
                "Risk management policies should be more "strategic and proactive", instead of "tactical and fear-driven", according to security watchers, who note despite the growing awareness over the importance of IT security, its approach can still be improved.

                According to Ang Poon-Wei, ICT security market analyst at IDC, in the past, due to the costs incurred by IT security, many organizations often leave it out of discussions until the last minute or unless it is mandatory for government, risk and compliance. Today, the need to include IT Security in risk management discussions is becoming apparent to organizations of all sizes and verticals, he noted..."

                Imagine Having NFL Players as Your Co-Workers
                Baseline August 22, 2012
                "If it’s August, that means the NFL preseason is already under way and 'football withdrawal' is fading. But as you plop down in front of a big-screen HD TV to watch the season kickoff on Sept. 5 (the Giants against the Cowboys, on NBC), have you ever wondered what it would be like if top NFL players and coaches worked in your IT department? ..."
                  IT - DR
                  Reducing Wildfire Risks to Business Premises
                  Continuity Central August 24, 2012
                  "Dozens of fires sparked by high temperatures, severe drought conditions and strong winds have blanketed the western part of the US, including Washington, Montana, Oregon, Idaho, Nevada and California, making this fire season one of the worst in history for this area. According to the National Interagency Fire Center (NIFC), nearly 43,000 fires burning 6.4 million acres have been reported across the West since January, and officials predict more wildfires will erupt due to continued dry heat and increased thunderstorms across the region..."
                    6 Ways to Utilize Social Media before a Disaster Strikes
                    Emergency Management August 8, 2012
                    "Before an emergency or disaster strikes is the optimum time for emergency managers to engage their community in public education, community preparedness activities, training, exercises and advocacy. Traditionally these components are handled in very resource-heavy ways, including educational booths, printed materials, public talks and similar processes. While these types of programs are somewhat effective, they often take a tremendous amount of staff time; they cost money to generate; and they’re not necessarily environmentally friendly..."
                      How To Prepare Your Company For A Hurricane
                      CRN August 29, 2012
                      "It's hurricane season and with the possibility of a storm hitting many areas in the United States, CRN asked Mike Semel, a business continuity expert and consultant to both VARs and end users, to compile a checklist of things to do before, during and after a storm to make sure your business can survive. Here's the checklist..."
                      IT - PM
                      10 Ways to Avoid Mistakes during Project Development
                      TechRepublic February 22, 2012
                      "You may have heard the phrase “Be proactive, not reactive.” It’s certainly appropriate when discussing how to best deal with mistakes. The idea, of course, is to prevent mistakes before they occur. But how exactly do you do that?” In this article, I will detail 10 real-world ways you can preempt mistakes during project development.

                      For the sake of simplicity, I’ve lumped all errors into one category: mistakes. The items listed here are specific to developers, but other IT roles can also benefit from many of them..."

                        Project Management for High-Performing Lazy People
                        Venture Beat August 6, 2012
                        "Project management sucks. Yet without it, we fall apart. Dealing with it has historically been an absolute nightmare for me, and my guess is it is for you too.

                        Prior to launching my latest crowdfunding startup,, I had launched eight Web companies over the past two decades. This gave me tons of opportunities to test project management systems. I’ve tried everything from super complex, expensive systems to the latest lightweight Web apps. Time and time again, they failed me..."

                        Top 5 Habits of Highly Effective Project Managers
               2, 2012
                        "Our story last week on project disasters drew a slew of reminiscences from techie types who'd been involved in them directly, watched them unfold or helped mop up the mess afterwards.

                        Although it's not a guarantee of success, having the right person at the helm can mean the difference between a project that meets its goals and one that ends up out of time, over budget and on the autopsy table.

                        So what are the key traits of a kick-ass ICT project manager?"

                          IT - Networks
                          Colocation Facilities - The Hidden Enabler of the Next-Generation Enterprise WAN
                          NetworkWorld August 27, 2012
                          "Last time we covered the network benefits to the enterprise WAN of server virtualization. While WAN Virtualization is the newest technology of the key components of the Next-generation Enterprise WAN (NEW) architecture, and WAN Optimization the most recognized, here let's cover perhaps the least well understood component of the NEW architecture: colocation. Colocation facilities, whether used by enterprises directly, by newer WAN services providers who leverage them, or both, are set to play a critical role in next-generation enterprise WANs because they hold the potential to lower the price/bit of WAN bandwidth, to help address several of the key WAN factors affecting application performance, including the "chattiness" issues of certain applications, and to improve application performance and predictability for both intranet applications as well as access to SaaS and cloud-based services..."
                          Take a Look At Software-Defined Networking
                          Processor August 24, 2012
                          As happens with many emerging technologies, SDN (Software-Defined Networking) has generated significant interest based on its promise, particularly in terms of programmability. The following tips will help gain a better understanding of SDN and what it offers.

                          Bob Laliberte, senior analyst at Enterprise Strategy Group, says SDN is basically "the ability to separate the control plane from the forwarding plane in a network device," with the idea of being able to centralize control and enable third-party applications access to the entire network.

                            Virtualized Network Services Will Be Game Changer for Enterprise IT
                            NetworkWorld August 28, 2012
                            "An old colleague of mine, Current Analysis’ Brian Washburn, hit it right last week when he blogged about how virtualized services will be a game changer for managed network service providers. The same is true for enterprise IT organizations. Here’s why..."
                              Software-defined Security?
                              NetworkWorld August 23, 2012
                              "Security continues to be a major hurdle for server virtualization and cloud computing so we are likely to hear a lot of cybersecurity buzz coming out of VMworld this week.

                              Leading up to the show, I’ve heard a few people pushing a new marketing term into the mix – Software-defined Security (SDS?). Now I certainly get why this term makes sense in terms of product branding. Software-defined Networking (SDN) is all the rage, especially after the Cisco ONE/COPE announcements along with the ridiculously over-priced Nicira acquisition by VMware..."

                              IT - Operations
                              12 Pieces Of Advice For IT Service Desks - From A Customer!
                              Forrester June 28, 2012
                              "Following the recent announcement of Forrester’s Voice of the Customer winners and while we wait for the release of a new Forrester book on Outside-In thinking, it seemed an opportune moment to look at the IT service desk from the perspective of its customers (or end users if you are still that way inclined). So the main body of this blog has been written by such a customer – they don’t work in IT they are just heavily dependent upon IT to do their job. This is how they feel ..."
                                Facebook`s First Open Compute Project Data Center Is Now Complete
                                eWeek August 17, 2012
                                "Facebook, which is closing in on 1 billion registered users and is pounded by billions of transactions each minute, realized early on that it was going to need to build its own data centers. Its first one, located in the north central Oregon town of Prineville, about 80 miles south of the Columbia River and the Washington border, opened in April 2011 after a two-and-a-half-year construction period. It is custom-built for Facebook's purposes and uses the company's Open Compute Project architecture..."
                                  Minimize Energy Costs by Following the Moon
                                  Enterprise Systems August 27, 2012
                                  "Many organizations operate redundant data centers to satisfy business continuity needs, but very few take full advantage of this powerful configuration. Having multiple, strategically-located data centers enables application workloads to be shifted to where power is currently more stable and less expensive. Because power is invariably most abundant and least expensive at night, such a “follow the moon” strategy can result in considerable savings.

                                  The cost of electricity now represents 25-40 percent of all operational expenditures in data centers, so CIOs are doing everything they can to minimize the utility bill. Or are they?"

                                  IT - Security
                                  10 Security Reasons to Bring Outsourced Services Back Home
                                  Internet Evolution August 24, 2012
                                  "Have you noticed some new words creeping into the business vernacular recently? Words such as insourcing, inshoring, and reshoring are becoming more common, prompting me to think about their meaning in the context of cybersecurity.

                                  In simple terms, insourcing is the process of bringing contractual and outsourced services back into the organization. Inshoring, or reshoring, brings back contractual and outsourced services or manufacturing from overseas to the US..."

                                    10 Tips for Protecting Mobile Users
                                    Dark Reading August 27, 2012
                                    These days, every user is mobile. Laptops, smartphones, tablets, and constant connectivity have unshackled all of us from our desks. And thanks to the ready availability of apps and cloud services that blur the line between consumer and business tools, we're also unshackled from controls over company data. Many IT departments are having a hard time keeping up--mainly because they've failed to adapt as quickly as their users to the new reality.
                                      'Big Security' a Natural, Necessary Extension of Big Data
                                      ComputerWorld August 23, 2012
                                      "There's no question, we're at an inflection point in the digitization of our world. In every domain and dimension, the substitution of digital for analog is racing ahead.

                                      A couple recent examples illustrate the power of this trend..."

                                        Don't Base Security on Hunches
                                        Internet Evolution August 29, 2012
                                        "Bruce Schneier, a security expert, posted a characteristically stimulating think-piece on his blog yesterday. Ostensibly, its purpose was to promote an acceptance of "security engineering" as a specialist discipline. Its effect, however -- on me, at least -- was to underline how much we remain slaves to our gut instincts, both when it comes to IT security and on other pressing technological issues.

                                        It's high time we checked our hunches at the door..."

                                        Doomsday Malware: It's Only a Matter of Time
                                        InfoWorld August 28, 2012
                                        "One of the few benefits of being old is that even if your memory is starting to fade, you can still remember more history than the youngster next to you. That's why I'm always sent the latest malware reports by friends, coworkers, customers, and other reporters, then asked to gauge the seriousness of the latest supposed superthreat.

                                        For example, a friend recently brought my attention to a detailed rundown on the ZeroAccess/Sirefer malware program. It's a doozy -- besides being a rootkit botnet program, it creates its own hidden partition on the hard drive and uses hidden alternative data streams to hide and thrive. I'm impressed ... sort of..."

                                          Five Ways to Sell Management on Security
                                          IT Business Edge August 30, 2012
                                          "As you know, security is often seen as a tradeoff with business agility. But it doesn't have to be. When practiced correctly, information security shouldn't slow down the business, but actually complement it and even improve agility. This slideshow features five tips, identified by AlgoSec, on how to make sure management buys into your information security program..."
                                          Is Two-Factor Authentication Worth the Potential Headache?
                                          InfoWorld August 27, 2012
                                          "You might know by now, or at least have heard about, how hard Mat Honan got hacked. All his devices, his email, his photos, all his social accounts—all gone, in large part because Amazon and Apple let him down. Immediately after his sci-fi-level erasure, the more helpful aspects of the web came out to suggest that you, the next potential target, do a few things to improve your security with remote services. Chief among them? Turn on two-factor authentication for your Google account, and any other service that offers two-factor security..."
                                          IT's 9 Biggest Security Threats
                                          InfoWorld August 27, 2012
                                          "Years ago the typical hacking scenario involved a lone attacker and maybe some buddies working late at night on Mountain Dew, looking for public-facing IP addresses. When they found one, they enumerated the advertising services (Web server, SQL server, and so on), broke in using a multitude of vulnerabilities, then explored the compromised company to their heart's content. Often their intent was exploratory. If they did something illegal, it was typically a spur-of-the-moment crime of opportunity.

                                          My, how times have changed..."

                                          Lesson from Toyota Hack: Threats Can Be Internal, Too
                                          CIO Today August 30, 2012
                                          "People do, of course, leave jobs all the time and most of them would never dream of logging back in to their old place of work," said security researcher Graham Cluley. "But it only takes one bad apple to wreak havoc. So make sure your defenses are in place, and that only authorized users can access your sensitive systems."
                                          Lessons in Campus Cybersecurity
                                          Dark Reading August 28, 2012
                                          "What universities are doing -- and should be doing -- in response to increased cyberthreats, and how students can protect their suddenly very valuable IDs

                                          The University of Nebraska had just deployed a new security information event management (SIEM) system when an undergraduate student there apparently broke into the school's student information system, exposing sensitive information of 654,000 students, alumni, and employees..."

                                          Preparing for Your First Security Breach
                                          HelpNet Security August 31, 2012
                                          "So you've finally accepted it's just a matter of time before you experience your first major breach. Despite all the work you've put in to your monitoring and response program, the long hours chasing down those last unidentified systems on the network, the endless meetings with department stakeholders and the uncountable hours optimizing your SIEM's correlation rules, you've come to terms with the reality of "when, not if"."
                                          Re-evaluating Security and Privacy Practices
                                          Baseline August 27, 2012
                                          "While most companies have security controls and privacy policies in place, many don't have systems in place to make sure those policies are being followed, according to a new report from PwC US. Enterprises need to stay on the forefront of data security practices, ensuring that new and evolving threats are met with equally robust security practices. In Fortifying Your Defenses: The Role of Internal Audit in Assuring Data Security and Privacy, PwC US examines the state of data security and reveals how internal audits can play a critical role in keeping data safe..."
                                          The Attacker's Trade-Off: Stealth versus Resilience
                                          Dark Reading August 23, 2012
                                          "Trade-offs are a fact of life for network defenders, but attackers have to abide them as well. Understanding attackers' problems can help companies better use them to their advantage...

                                          Information-security managers always have to deal with trade-offs in securing their company's data, systems, and networks. Dedicating too much time and budget to the wrong areas could leave their business vulnerable.

                                          Attackers have trade-offs, as well: A common one pits the stealthiness of an attack versus how well it can withstand the countermeasures used by defenders..."

                                          Vast Majority of Firms Already Victims of Advanced Malware Attacks
                                          v3 co uk August 29, 2012
                                          "Businesses are failing to address advances in cyber criminals' techniques, with firms now suffering an average of 643 successful infections per week, according to security firm FireEye.

                                          The company claimed this means a whopping 95 percent of companies have already fallen victim to new forms of advanced malware, in its H1 2012 Threat Report.

                                          The worrying statistics mark a 400 percent increase in the number of successful infections detected in the same period last year. The increase is reportedly due to advances in cyber criminals tactics..."

                                          IT - Careers
                                          Ten Signs You're About to Get Fired
                                          Baseline August 28, 2012
                                          "With the employment picture remaining stagnant, you need to remain constantly aware of the classic trouble signs that often lead to a termination. For workers, the reversal of fortune can be so sudden that you could win that "Employee of the Month" plaque in August and get sent packing in September. So better to get the hint sooner rather than later. That would give you more time to prepare for a graceful exit. With that in mind, consider these 10 possible developments as a wake-up call that trouble is brewing, and it might be time to dust off your résumé and try to get out before you're thrown out. These signs are compiled from resources such as and"
                                            IT - Social Media
                                            3 Reasons Why There's No Measuring ROI on Social Media
                                            Forbes August 28, 2012
                                            "Though the French philosopher, Voltaire, and Uncle Ben from Spiderman have both spoken these words, this expression is especially true of social media. While we all acknowledge its power, we expect it to be accountable for itself. We expect that social media ought to be able to justify why it deserves increasing marketing attention, and by extension, budgets..."
                                              10 Social Lessons IT Should Teach
                                              InformationWeek August 28, 2012
                                              "IT departments might not have championed and initiated the use of social media technology at their organizations--indeed, the first reaction of many was to block the technology's use entirely--but IT can and should play an important role as social networking goes from grass-roots movement to business driver. One of the most important elements of that role is ensuring that end users stay safe--and keep the company safe--while using internally and externally facing social technologies..."
                                                10 Online Reputation Management Tips for Businesses
                                                NetworkWorld August 27, 2012
                                                "That's not exactly breaking news, of course, but it's worth repeating. So many businesses don't pay full attention to their online reputation-how good (or bad) they look in Google searches.

                                                The key to protecting your brand, according to online reputation management experts, is to be proactive, optimize your content appropriately, monitor your search results regularly, be ready to spring into action if something negative shows up and, above all, be realistic about the outcome of your efforts..."

                                                Social Media at Work: Not Our Biggest Time-Waster
                                                CIO Insight August 29, 2012
                                                "If you think that your IT staff fritters away too much of their time at work using Facebook and Twitter, guess again. Social media ranks very low on the list of work distractions, according to a recent survey conducted by Amplitude Research Inc. for TrackVia, a vendor that helps non-tech business people design, build and deploy secure, reliable cloud-based applications..."
                                                  Yes, Facebook Can Get You Fired
                                                  IT World Canada August 23, 2012
                                                  "It's one of those things that we were warned about years ago but didn't really take heed of: in today's world, you have a lot less privacy. People have unprecedented opportunities to humiliate themselves more easily and to a much wider audience than ever before. And increasingly, it's costing them their jobs.

                                                  It's hard to estimate exactly how many big companies actively do research into a candidate's social media background before a hiring decision (or as a reason to fire), but it's a safe bet to assume that a very large number do..."

                                                    IT - Virtualization
                                                    Overcome Storage Virtualization Challenges
                                                    Processor August 24, 2012
                                                    "Virtualized storage is growing more and more common in the IT industry. Companies are finding new and creative ways to save storage space or at least efficiently utilize the space they have available. But the move to virtualization can sometimes be a difficult one and there will more than likely be challenges along the way. Here we’ll show you a few things to keep in mind as well as a few tips that should help you get through the virtualization process unscathed..."
                                                      IT - Compliance
                                                      Map of State Data Breach Notification Laws
                                                      HelpNet Security August 28, 2012
                                                      "Current state data breach notification laws are strikingly similar but vary in compliance requirements for businesses, with all laws highlighting the need for companies to deploy methods for closely storing, protecting and controlling sensitive information.

                                                      Imation used publicly available sites (including information obtained via the National Conference of State Legislatures) to analyze state compliance laws in the 46 U.S. states that have such laws, as well as in Puerto Rico, the District of Columbia and the U.S. Virgin Islands. ..."

                                                        IT - Database
                                                        Buzz Grows Around Graph Databases
                                                        InfoWorld August 29, 2012
                                                        "Graph databases, which store and query connected information, are starting to emerge as a way of dealing with data delivered in a nonrelational format, such as social networking data.

                                                        With a graph database, the focus is on the connections between data..."

                                                          IT - Mobile
                                                          Get Things Done: 10 To-Do Apps for Android and iOS
                                                          ComputerWorld August 30, 2012
                                                          "In today's over-scheduled society, a solid task-management app can help keep you on top of your to-do list -- and prevent last-minute panics. For example, it can help you meet milestones for a work-related project, or remind you while running errands that your dry cleaning is ready for pick-up.

                                                          Most task management apps work similarly, abiding by the "Getting Things Done" (GTD) principles of time management..."

                                                          Who's Leading Mobile App Efforts? Not IT
                                                          InfoWorld August 27, 2012
                                                          "Demonstrating increased independence, individual business units -- and not IT -- have been taking the lead in paying for mobile application projects, a new report reveals. Meanwhile, the march toward BYOD (bring your own device) continues, the same report said.

                                                          In the report published by mobile application management vendor AppCentral, 36 percent of respondents to a survey said business unit budgets, rather than IT, were the main funder of mobile projects..."

                                                          IT - Big Data
                                                          Big Data Analytics Today Lets Businesses Play 'Moneyball'
                                                          InfoWorld August 24, 2012
                                                          "Hype continues to surround big data analytics. But hype or not, data-driven decision-making is becoming central to management decisions at most enterprises. They are taking inspiration from Billy Beane, the general manager of the Oakland Athletics baseball team that turned to data analytics (known as Sabermetrics in baseball and made popular in the movie "Moneyball") to assemble a competitive baseball team despite the organization's limited financial resources.

                                                          Today, enterprises are no longer merely trying to get their heads around what the term big data means; the overwhelming number of enterprises are now seeking to leverage data insights and adopt data-driven processes."

                                                          Big Data Deserves IT's Attention
                                                          ComputerWorld August 29, 2012
                                                          "Perhaps you've heard that the next new thing in IT is "big data" and concluded that the hype-cycle machine is turning out another attention-getter. I'm not big on predicting paradigm shifts, so I won't in this case. But I will say that if you're an IT professional, you ignore big data at your peril. I believe this one is all it's cracked up to be and more.

                                                          First, a word of caution. As with the cloud (the last new thing), we are now in the definition stage. New and often conflicting definitions abound as vendors attach their own meanings to the term big data..."

                                                          'Big Security' a Natural, Necessary Extension of Big Data
                                                          ComputerWorld August 23, 2012
                                                          "Big data is poised to grow well beyond the enterprise - and anything we can imagine today. Think of how the assembly line changed the automobile and, consequently, our lives. Keeping big data secure will require an equally innovative approach. columnist Bernard Golden calls it 'big security,' and he doesn't think the industry is ready for it yet..."
                                                          Data Scientists: Meet Big Data's Top Guns
                                                          InformationWeek August 31, 2012
                                                          "The profession of data scientist is one that requires expertise in multiple technical disciplines, including computer science, analytics, math, modeling, and statistics. It involves analyzing massive data sets for meaningful insights, and then communicating these insights to an organization's management team..."
                                                          IT - BYOD
                                                          3 Rules for Doing BYOD Right
                                                          InfoWorld August 24, 2012
                                                          "With these three basic guidelines, BYOD can work for everyone without unfairly burdening IT...

                                                          It's a compelling statistic: 83 percent of companies now allow employees to use their own mobile devices for work -- the quintessential definition of "bring your own device" -- according to the most recent data from Aberdeen Research. Once you factor out the very-high-security industries such as defense, you're left with, in essence, all companies..."

                                                          Best BYOD Management: Containment Is Your Friend
                                                          ComputerWorld August 29, 2012
                                                          "Anthony Perkins wants employees at BNY Mellon to bring their personal smartphones to work and use those instead of company-issued BlackBerries to access business email, applications and data.

                                                          But there's a catch: Not all employees are comfortable with the prospect of having their personal phones locked down and controlled as tightly as the BlackBerries that Perkins would like to phase out. That's where the notion of containerization comes in..."

                                                            BYOD is Not for Every Company, Or Every Employee
                                                            HelpNet Security August 28, 2012
                                                            "The rise of bring your own device (BYOD) programs is the single most radical shift in the economics of client computing for business since PCs invaded the workplace, according to Gartner. Every business needs a clearly articulated position on BYOD, even if it chooses not to allow for it.

                                                            BYOD is an alternative strategy that allows employees, business partners and other users to use personally selected and purchased client devices to execute enterprise applications and access data. For most organizations, the program is currently limited to smartphones and tablets, but the strategy may also be used for PCs and may include subsidies for equipment or service fees..."

                                                            When BYOD Is a Productivity Killer
                                                            CIO August 24, 2012
                                                            "Executives sure love their consumer gadgets, from Android smartphones to iPhones to iPads. They use them for work and play under newly crafted corporate polices called BYOD, or bring-your-own-device.

                                                            BYOD basically means the user owns the device. In order to access company data, email and apps, the user frequently has to give up some rights to the device, such as the company having authority to wipe the device if it is lost or stolen. In turn, a company will provide a monthly stipend to cover wireless bills..."

                                                            18 Great IT Tools for Android
                                                            InfoWorld August 29, 2012
                                                            "I've long wanted to love Android tablets because of the huge variety of apps available to do just about anything I could possibly want. These include network sniffers, SNMP MIB browsers, port scanners, and even some SSH tools. Unfortunately, a few of these tools require root-level access to your device, and on many Android devices, rooting can be a nasty and mysterious ordeal. But for these killer tech apps, it's worth it..."
                                                              Top Ten Articles for last few Issues
                                                              Vol 174 Issue 1,2,3 and 4; Vol 173 Issues 1, 2, 3 and 4
                                                              We track how frequently each article is viewed on the web site to determine which the readers consider the most important. For last week, the top 10 articles were:

                                                              • Oracle IT Storage Is Edging Out NetApp, EMC
                                                              • Is Oracle Taking Good Care of Java?
                                                              • Creating Oracle Solaris 11 Zones with Oracle Enterprise Manager Ops Center 12c
                                                              • Oracle Solaris Cluster 4.0 and Oracle Solaris 11 Software Supported on Third Party Storage
                                                              • Managing the Solaris 11 Firewall in the Cloud
                                                              • Oracle Execs Tout Oracle x86 M3 Servers, System Management Software
                                                              • Sun Server X3-2: Most Versatile Two-socket Server for Enterprise Data Centers
                                                              • Etisalat Nigeria Implements Oracle Data Model, Exadata Database Machine X2-2
                                                              • Java Champion Johan Vos on Java Spotlight Episode 96
                                                              • JFrog Developer Advocate Appears on Java Spotlight Episode 95

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                                                                IT - Server
                                                                Six Ways to Protect Against the New Actively Exploited Java Vulnerability
                                                                NetworkWorld August 28, 2012
                                                                "Security researchers have proposed several methods for users to protect their computers from ongoing attacks that target a new and yet-to-be-patched vulnerability in all versions of Java Runtime Environment 7.

                                                                Most of the proposed solutions have drawbacks or are applicable only to certain system configurations and environments..."

                                                                The Document Foundation Announces LibreOffice 3.6.1
                                                                Now Offered in More than 100 Languages
                                                                The Document Foundation (TDF) has announced the release of LibreOffice 3.6.1 for Windows, Mac and Linux. LibreOffice 3.6.1 is now offered in over 100 languages, covering all the countries of Europe and the Americas, and many countries in Africa and Asia/Pacific. The growing number of adoptions of LibreOffice attests the improvements to the old code by TDF, thanks to over 500 developers. While preparing the next major version, the LibreOffice community continues to work on the current 3.6 series of its software, and has also produced another maintenance release for the previous 3.5 series. LibreOffice 3.6.1 is available for immediate download.
                                                                Creating an Active/Active IPMP for Solaris 11
                                                                Procedure Explains Network Auto Magic Service

                                                                User 20121221 blogs on how to create an active/active ipmp configuration with Solaris 11, in which automated network configuration is managed by a Solaris service called "nwam" or "Network Auto Magic". The nawm service is turned on by default, the post explains, and must be disabled before you make changes to the settings for static IP addresses. One must also employ the "default" physical networking service and be aware that this disables the ipv6 on the interfaces, which persists across reboots. The post notes that the ipadm command is the preferred tool to manage the configuration of the interfaces.

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