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illumos tools for observing processes
tools useful to both developer and administrator
illumos, with Solaris before it, has a history of delivering rich tools for understanding the system, but discovering these tools can be difficult for new users. Sometimes, tools just have different names than people are used to. In many cases, users don’t even know such tools might exist.

In a recent post Dave Pacheco describes some tools he find most useful, both as a developer and an administrator. This is not intended to be a comprehensive reference, but more like part of an orientation for users new to illumos (and SmartOS in particular) but already familiar with other Unix systems. This post will likely be review for veteran illumos and Solaris users.

Pre-Flight Checker for Solaris 11 Now Available in New Version
Free Download at Solaris Download Page
The Pre-Flight Checker tool designed by Stefan Schneider, et al., at Oracle Systems ISV Engineering, is now available in a new version. The tool, which is available for free download from the Solaris Download page, lets users know whether a particular app will work on Solaris 11 without modification. Included in the latest version are such features as: Fully globalized product, currently with support for English, Simplified Chinese, and Japanese; detectors for issues due to static linking of system libs and mutex alignment; kernel checker to reveal usage of private kernel interfaces (binary as well source scanner)
Cloud Computing
Ellison on the Oracle Cloud
Top 10 Reasons You'll Want It
"We’re trying to do for the data center what Apple did for the consumer," said Larry Ellison at the recent All things D conference. Oracle SVP for communications Bob Evans summarized Ellison's argument promoting adoption of the Oracle Cloud solutions in a post on, where he lists the 10 points the Oracle CEO sees as compelling reasons for customers to make the move. As Ellison sees it, Evans writes, cloud computing represents a fantastic opportunity for technology companies to help customers simplify IT.
Oracle OpenWorld 2012 and JavaOne 2012
September 30 - October 4, 2012
Oracle OpenWorld 2012 and JavaOne 2012 scheduled, respectively, for September 30 - October 4, 2012, at the Moscone Center in San Francisco and September 30 - October 4, 2012, at the Zone (Hilton Union Square, Hotel Nikko, and Parc 55 Wyndham) in San Francisco, will feature more than 2,000 educational sessions - led by Oracle experts, customers and partners - on the hottest topics driving business growth and success, including analytics, big data, cloud, customer experience, and human capital management. Some 400 partners will exhibit at this year’s show, providing a content-rich networking and learning environment. Register now.
Top Ten Articles for last few Issues
Vol 174 Issue 1 and 2; Vol 173 Issues 1, 2, 3 and 4; Vol 172 Issues 3, 4
We track how frequently each article is viewed on the web site to determine which the readers consider the most important. For last week, the top 10 articles were:

  • Cloud Architecture for Dummies
  • Basic and Advanced System Services Administration in Oracle Solaris 11
  • The Offspring of OpenSolaris Continue to Emerge: OmniOS Is among the Latest
  • Getting to Know the Oracle StorageTek SL150 Modular Tape Library
  • Enabling 2 GB Large Pages on Solaris 10 8/11
  • White Papers for Applications on Engineered Systems
  • illumos and ZFS Training from Joyent
  • Oracle Virtualization Newsletter
  • Adam's new DTrace Favorite
  • Intermediate Perl: 2nd Edition: New from O'Reilly

The longer version of this article has list of top ten articles for the last 8 weeks.

    LibreOffice 3.6 Released by The Document Foundation
    New Features, Tweaks Abound
    The Document Foundation has announced the release of LibreOffice 3.6, which provides a number of new features and incremental improvements over previous versions. Innovations range from features such as improved performance and interoperability to user interface tweaks, where theming has improved to more closely match current design best-practice. A full list with screenshots is available. Some of the innovations are a new CorelDRAW importer; integration with Alfresco via the CMIS protocol and limited SharePoint integration; color-scales and data-bars in spreadsheet cells; improved auto-format function for tables in text documents; high quality image scaling; and Microsoft SmartArt import for text documents.
    Free and Open Source S/W
    Proprietary Vendors Finding Open Source Development an Attractive Course
    VMware and Microsoft Are Prime Examples
    In the recent corporate behavior of VMware and even Microsoft, Jay Lyman, writing in LinuxInsider, finds a more accepting stance toward free and open source software in the proprietary community. These proprietary stalwarts, and others, says Lyman," ... talk bullishly about their integration with, contribution to, and support for open source software, which is a far cry from belittling open source as a hobby or demonizing it as not enterprise-ready." For all of that, he concludes, there remains a marked difference between VMware, for example, and Red Hat, which has been, and remains, solely open source from the start.
    Oracle Virtual Desktop Infrastructure Aligns with the Experts.
    Briforum 2012 Presentation Recommends Hybrid Storage Arrays
    In his post on Oracle's virtualization blog, Jeff Reilly cites the BriForum 2012 presentation by Ron Oglesby of Unidesk, who addressed the issue of optimizing storage in VDI so as to deliver the IOPS required for desktop workloads, a requirement that is often is in conflict with the goals of reducing the CAPEX investment of implementing VDI. Oglesby recommends the use of hybrid storage arrays to provide a combination of larger controller memory, Solid State disk for high IOPS, and lower cost array disks. Reilly points out that a ready-made solution exists to do exactly that: Oracle Virtual Desktop Infrastructure.
    Oracle Secure Global Desktop 4.7 Released to General Availability
    Provides Access to Applications Hosted in the Data Center from a Wide Variety of Client Devices
    Oracle has released Oracle Secure Global Desktop 4.7. This highly scalable, reliable application access solution provides secure, browser-based access to applications hosted in the data center from a wide variety of client devices. It improves user experience through support for multi-monitor configurations, richer graphics and audio; delivers out-of-the-box security; expands the list of supported server operating systems and Internet browser versions; and supports faster deployment through Oracle VM Templates. Oracle Secure Global Desktop 4.7 bi-directional audio; support for microphones and other audio input devices enabling the use of dictation, conferencing, training, etc.; plus enhanced Linux and UNIX graphics display.
    Oracle Exalogic Elastic Cloud Handbook
    New from Oracle Press
    Oracle Press has just published "Oracle Exalogic elastic Cloud Handbook" by Tom Plunkett, T.J. Palazzolo, and Tejan Joshi, a guide to transitioning to a private cloud computing infrastructure and achieving unmatched performance. The handbook shows readers how to plan, implement, and maintain a private cloud, explaining such steps as how to set up components, deploy Java applications, maximize redundancy and throughput, and migrate legacy workloads. Examples, screenshots, and diagrams are included throughout this comprehensive resource. The book is divided into two sections:
    Java Technology
    Java SE 7 Update 6, JavaFX 2.2 and JavaFX Scene Builder 1.0
    Operating System Support now Includes Full Mac OS X Release
    With the release of Java SE 7 Update 6 on Mac OS X, including the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) and the Java Development Kit (JDK), as well as the JavaFX 2.2 rich client platform and JavaFX Scene Builder users will soon be able to download the JRE for Mac OS X from, just as they do for all other operating systems, and Oracle will provide auto-updates for Mac OS X at the same time as for Windows platforms. Downloads, learning resources and tutorials for these releases are available.
    Top 10 New Features in NetBeans IDE 7.2
    By Geertjan Wielenga
    Geertjan Wielenga writes, "Start spreading the news! NetBeans IDE 7.2 is out with, as always, its clean and neat user interface."

    Here's are some of the top 10 features you'll find in this release:

    Static code analysis support, in particular, FindBugs integrtion; Smoother startup and faster project scanning; New, better, and faster tools throughout the Java Editor; Enhancements for Java EE developers, such as JPA code completion and PrimeFaces 3.2.

    Read on for all 10.

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