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White Papers for Applications on Engineered Systems
SAP, EBS,PeopleSoft, Siebel

Oracle has published a number of papers on running business applications on Engineered Systems:

  • SAP on Exadata
  • SAP on Exalogic
  • SAP on SuperCluster
  • EBS on Exadata
  • Oracle Applications on Exalogic
  • PeopleSoft on Exadata
  • Siebel on Exadata

See on-line version for the links to the articles.

Oracle Virtualization Newsletter
July 2012

Oracle has published the July 2012 edition of our Virtualization Newsletter. It is full of new content including:

  • Analyst Report: Oracle VM Named a "Challenger: in Gartner 2012 Magic Quadrant
  • 3-minute Video on how Achieves 100% Uptime with Oracle VM
  • New: Oracle VM Template for Oracle Secure Global Desktop
  • Oracle Magazine: Virtually Everywhere
  • Oracle Desktop Virtualization at BriForum London and Chicago
  • "All Things Virtualization" at Oracle OpenWorld 2012
  • Customer Success: Catholic Education South Australia Leverages Oracle Secure Global Desktop
  • Webcasts, White Papers, Events, and more...

Read it and subscribe on-line.

IT - Storage
IT Execs Explain Their Moves to Solid-State Storage
ComputerWorld August 6, 2012
"Fred Abounader, a performance systems engineer at chip maker AMD, recently deployed a 6TB all-NAND flash storage array into a virtual server test environment.

The result, he said, was astounding..."

The Pros and Cons of Cloud Storage
Continuity Central August 8, 2012
"Storage requirements are growing exponentially and, as a result, companies are looking for alternatives to traditional tape-based solutions. The cloud can provide a cost-effective storage alternative, but it may not be the right solution for every case. Logicalis, an international IT solutions and managed services provider, has provided a list of the top pros and cons to a cloud-based storage solution to help organizations determine whether this cost-effective alternative to tape will work for their specific requirements:..."
IT - Technology
Most Americans Don't Trust the Internet
Baseline July 30, 2012
"Most Americans don’t trust information they find on the Internet, and many say they are not as satisfied as they’d like to be with the information they find online, according to the results of a recent survey commissioned by, a Website for sharing business information. The survey finds that heavy-handed advertising and outdated information can damage a Website’s credibility..."
    Why We Don't Need Internet Rights But Do Need A Level Playing Field
    NetworkWorld August 3, 2012
    "On July 2 this year a manifesto appeared called the "Declaration of Internet Freedom," which you can find at (I quote the URL for reasons that will be clear in a minute).

    This document is short and, after the preamble, argues for a free and open Internet based on five basic principles: ..."

      Why Good Technology Fails
      Washington Technology August 1, 2012
      "Recent studies show that IT may not be top of mind for many federal executives.

      According to a study by Meritalk, the bigger concern for 52 percent of federal non-IT executives is streamlining business processes. Thirty-nine percent point to cutting waste.

      More than half of the federal executives surveyed see IT as a cost, not an opportunity..."

        Cloud Computing
        Cloud Architecture for Dummies
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        Cloud computing can improve your business agility, lower operating costs, and speed innovation. The key to making it work is the architecture. Learn how to define your architectural requirements and get started on your path to cloud computing with the 42-page e-book, Cloud Architecture for Dummies.

        Topics covered in this quick reference guide include:

        • Cloud architecture principles and guidelines
        • Scoping your project and choosing your deployment model
        • Moving toward implementation with vertically integrated engineered systems

        Learn how to architect and model your cloud implementation to drive efficiency and leverage economies of scale.

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        IT - Cloud
        Wozniak: Cloud Could Create 'Horrendous' Problems
        NetworkWorld August 6, 2012
        "Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak says he's worried about the continued adoption of cloud computing, which he contends does not give users enough control of their data.

        "I really worry about everything going to the cloud," Wozniak was quoted as saying this weekend, according to news service AFP. "I think it's going to be horrendous. I think there are going to be a lot of horrible problems in the next five years." ...

        5 Hidden Costs of Cloud Migration
        CRN August 6, 2012
        "Cloud computing has business executives salivating at the savings potential and demanding that their CTOs jump on the bandwagon and get to the cloud.

        But, managers should make sure they understand the hidden cost involved, according to a study by the Information Systems Audit and Control Association (ISACA), called "Calculating Cloud ROI: From the Customer Perspective." ...

        A Clear View of Cloud Security
        Baseline August 8, 2012
        "As organizations migrate to the cloud, they need to confront new and different security concerns. At the heart of the matter are two key questions: Who is responsible for data protection in the cloud, and how can an organization achieve a best-practice approach?..."
        About Half of Organizations Use Cloud-Based Services for Sensitive Data
        NetworkWorld August 7, 2012
        "About half of the information technology and security professionals asked whether they use external cloud-based services for sensitive or confidential data said they did -- but their approaches to encrypting data in the cloud vary widely, according to the findings of the survey published today..."
        Businesses at Risk When Moving Sensitive Data to Cloud Storage
        eWeek August 8, 2012
        "More than eight in 10 businesses have moved or plan to move sensitive or confidential data to a cloud-based platform, according to a global survey of 4,000 business and IT managers conducted by security research organization Ponemon Institute and commissioned by information systems and communications security specialist Thales..."
        Get Ready for the Personal Cloud
        InfoWorld August 3, 2012
        David Linthicum writes, "A few types of personal clouds are gaining traction. One type covers the exclusive use for an individual, not a business; I'll call these "public/personal clouds." Another type covers clouds that exist in a home or a business and are managed by an individual; I'll call these "private/personal clouds..."
          One More Harsh Lesson In Cloud Security
          IT World August 6, 2012
          "The travails of former Gizmodo writer Mat Honan may illustrate the dangers of the consumerization of the cloud, and serve as a reminder that when it comes to security, the human factor may still be the weakest link.

          Honan's story is pretty frightening: in the course of 15 minutes Friday afternoon, a hacker was able to access his Apple iCloud account, obtain access to his Gmail account by executing a password reset request, and then--after obtaining access to many of Honan's other accounts, including his access to the Gizmodo Twitter account--proceeded to remotely wipe the data from Honan's iPhone, iPad, and MacBook, using those devices' Find My feature..."

          IT - CxO
          10 Signs of a Bad Work Environment
          Baseline July 25, 2012
          "More than one-third of workers hate their jobs, researchers say, and a fourth of the haters cite their employers as the primary problem. Of course, there will always be malcontents. But many companies really are difficult places to work. If you’re harboring intensely negative feelings about work, take an objective assessment of your conditions and decide whether the problems start with you or the entity for which you toil..."
            Sorry, But Outsourcing Isn't Evil
            InformationWeek August 3, 2012
            "Outsourcing is the polarizing IT management issue of our time. Few if any IT practices are so widely embraced at the highest corporate levels, yet so widely derided by the rank and file, especially when the work that's outsourced is moved offshore.

            On the message boards, outsourcing is blamed for everything from Dreamliner delays at Boeing to the second-quarter loss at Microsoft (despite the fact that a one-time, $6.2 billion financial write-down was the real cause). Outsourcing providers and customers are portrayed as miscreants and dolts..."

            Death by Promotion
            TechRepublic August 6, 2012
            "While you may feel that you’re rewarding a high-performing employee by offering a promotion to a management or leadership role, if you don’t equip them with the skills to success you’re doing the employee and your organization a grave disservice..."
            Does 'Shadow IT' Lurk In Your Company?
            NetworkWorld August 8, 2012
            "Business divisions are bypassing the IT department, making their own decisions to buy cloud-based application services or use mobile devices, raising the specter of so-called "shadow IT" that's outside the knowledge or control of the CIO and the IT staff.

            "The data is suddenly not in the organization anymore," says Chris Curran, principal for technology strategy and innovation at the PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) consultancy ..."

            How to Survive A Merger: 6 Tips for IT
            InformationWeek August 2, 2012
            "... mergers and acquisitions can create new opportunities for IT professionals with the expansion of a company's products and services. But sharing precious IT resources with complete strangers can also lead to everything from culture clashes to poorly integrated systems..."
              IT - DR
              90% of Organizations Think Their Data Vulnerable in Event of Disaster
              Storage Newsletter August 3, 2012
              "According to the survey, 90% of IT decision makers think their data is vulnerable in the event of a disaster. While only a 3% increase in perceived risk from Quantum's 2010 survey findings, this is particularly notable considering all of the focus on improving DR over the last few years. 27% experienced some form of data security incident in the last year, only 15% of which were due to natural disasters..."
              IT - Networks
              Five Free Tools to Ease Network Monitoring Chores
              TechRepublic March 28, 2012
              "If you’re a system or network administrator, you need monitoring tools. You have to know, at all times, the status of your systems so you can optimize performance and head off potential problems. Thankfully, plenty of tools are available to help you stay in the know about your systems. Some of these products are costly and do quite a lot. But others are free and do just as much — and in some cases, more..."
              IT - Operations
              10 Things You Can Do To Make Remote Support Easier
              TechRepublic August 2, 2012
              Jack Wallen says, "I spend much of my day doing remote support for numerous clients. Over the years, I’ve managed to make this process fairly painless and easy. Most remote support engineers assume the biggest roadblock to success is the end user. That is not always the case. It is our job to not only fix remote issues, but to make the task simple for all parties involved..."
                Containerized Data Centers: 10 Ways They Reduce IT Costs, Solve Problems
                eWeek July 31, 2012
                "Modular data center deployments are expected to increase 65 percent in one year, from 144 installed units in 2011 to about 220 installed units in 2012, according to industry research firm IDC. Tier 1 IT providers, such as Hewlett-Packard, Rackable, Cisco Systems, Oracle and Microsoft, are deeply invested in this growing sector. These portable data centers come in standard 40- by 8-foot and smaller 20- by 8-foot shipping containers for transport on ships and trucks. All the necessary servers, storage and networking equipment are crammed into these containers..."
                IT - Security
                Beyond Passwords: Biometrics Continue To Evolve
                TechRepublic August 6, 2012
                "...many companies and security researchers have been looking at various other means, either to replace passwords, or to add something to them. The use of biometrics isn’t a new idea, but it has been evolving greatly over time. Just like passwords, the technology has its pros and cons. Let’s examine some of the ways biometric authentication is being used for security purposes..."
                Car-Hacking: Bluetooth and Other Security Issues
                ComputerWorld August 6, 2012
                "A disgruntled former employee of Texas Auto Center chose a creative way to get back at the Austin-based dealership: He hacked into the company's computers and remotely activated the vehicle-immobilization system, which triggered the horn and disabled the ignition system in more than 100 of the vehicles. The dealership had installed the system in their cars as a way to deal with customers who fell behind on their payments..."
                  Don't Become Cats Chasing Mobile Security Laser Pointers
                  Dark Reading August 3, 2012
                  "Mobile device security threats are certainly real and the exploits demonstrated last week at Black Hat warrant some attention from CISOs as they look over the horizon. But when it comes to solid risk management, most organizations would do well to re-examine their entire IT infrastructure for solid footing in the fundamentals before they get too distracted by mobile security, some experts warn..."
                  Don't Buy That Security Software!
                  IT World July 26, 2012
                  "Open source doesn't have to mean free of cost, but thanks to the generosity of open source developers many thousands of great applications are free. Why spend money when you don't have to? Though if you like and depend on an app, nothing says thanks like clicking the "Donate" button..."
                  EPA Data Breach Highlights Worrying Trend
                  NetworkWorld August 7, 2012
                  "In the war over government data security, the statistics indicate the bad guys are winning. And some security experts say any hope of reversing that trend will take "a whole new paradigm" in IT security.

                  The U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO) reported last week that federal data breaches involving unauthorized disclosures of personally identifiable information increased by 19%, or about 13,000 to 15,500, from 2010 to 2011..."

                  Massive Payment Card Upgrade Has Mixed Results in Australia
                  ComputerWorld August 5, 2012
                  "Despite a years-long upgrade of Australia's payment systems, fraudsters are still profiting, leaving a questionable record for a vast program to equip debit and credit cards with new security features.

                  For several years, Australia has been transitioning to EMV (Europay, MasterCard, Visa) payment cards, which have a microchip with advanced cryptographic capabilities designed to deter fraud. The security changes are intended to reduce use of the black magnetic stripe on the back of the cards, which can be copied to create counterfeit ones...."

                  Measuring Risk: A Security Pro's Guide
                  Dark Reading August 7, 2012
                  "Every organization has valuable information assets -- whether it’s intellectual property; commercially valuable information and IT systems; or data on employees, customers and suppliers. An IT system failure, therefore, will adversely impact the organization to some degree.

                  IT professionals are charged with the often-daunting task of providing an assessment of the risk -- and potential damage -- associated with specific threats to company information systems. Complicating the task is the need to explain to senior management how a risk, and the likelihood that it will cause harm to the organization, was calculated..."

                  The Perfect Trojan Horse
                  InfoWorld August 6, 2012
                  "Six weeks ago, I wrote about the challenges of controlling data ingress and egress on a normal business network and offered a frightening scenario based on the possibility of creating an all-but-undetectable back door in a network firewall with the use of common technologies. As if that weren't enough to worry about, it seems that evil could also be lurking in the nearest power strip...."
                    Undead Data Haunt the Enterprise
                    Baseline October 12, 2011
                    "Every device your company issues to employees will die someday, but the data on it can live forever – unless you know what to do about it. Each year companies buy millions servers, laptops, smartphones, and so on, many of them to replace machines aging out of service. It’s as important to have an end-of-life process as it is to build a business case for buying hardware in the first place..."
                      What You Need To Know About Firmware Attacks
                      InfoWorld August 7, 2012
                      "A security researcher's recent proof of a BIOS firmware attack has many readers concerned about the future of firmware attacks. Here's the reality.

                      First of all, I'm assuming you know what firmware is: software written to a rewriteable chip, such as the BIOS chip, a hard drive controller chip, and so on. Almost every electronic device today has a rewritable firmware chip..."

                      IT - Careers
                      5 Questions Great Job Candidates Ask
                      Inc. August 8, 2012
                      "Many of the questions potential new hires ask are throwaways. But not these....

                      Great candidates ask questions they want answered because they're evaluating you, your company--and whether they really want to work for you.

                      Here are five questions great candidates ask:..."

                        Ten Commandments of Office Etiquette
                        Baseline October 21, 2011
                        "Proper office etiquette often comes down to common sense and common courtesy, but people still have questions. Is it OK to tend to your personal grooming if the cubicle walls are high enough to shield you from view? When food sits in a shared office refrigerator, is it appropriate to consider it a communal resource (meaning yours to swipe)? ..."
                          The Greatest Tech Battles Ever
                          InfoWorld August 3, 2012
                          "Oracle. Apple. Google. Facebook. Microsoft. SAP. We've seen some of the biggest names in some of the nastiest battles over the years. The balance of power shifts, markets move, and there's a disturbance in the Force. Call it Tech Wars..."
                          IT - Social Media
                          Businesses Must Use Social Media Wisely: Gartner
                          CIO Insight August 7, 2012
                          "As customers turn to social networking platforms to interact with businesses, management should have a game plan for how to respond...

                          The rise of social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and others means businesses run the risk of irritating customers, who are becoming used to the instant contact such platforms provide, if they don't adequately respond to their requests and complaints, according to a report from IT research firm Gartner..."

                          Eight Rules for Corporate Social Media
                          Baseline July 27, 2012
                          "Once feared by corporations, social media sites like Facebook and Twitter now are integral to branding and public relations. The paranoid approach was unsustainable; as the saying goes, you need to fish where the fish are, and customers cluster on these popular platforms. But doing something and doing it right are different things. In a recent book, 'Reputation Rules: Strategies for Building Your Company’s Most Valuable Asset' (McGraw-Hill/available now), author Daniel Diermeier considers reputation maintenance in the digital age..."
                          IT - Virtualization
                          Five Tips for Effective Data Protection In Virtualized Environments
                          Continuity Central August 8, 2012
                          "As midsized IT environments increasingly adopt server virtualization, administrators are challenged to find appropriately featured backup to protect their investment. VM architectures require more advanced backup and recovery processes than traditional server architectures, but these need not be complicated to select, configure and use – if appropriate consideration is given to the potential problems..."
                            IT - Compliance
                            10 Ways to Fail A PCI Audit
                            Dark Reading August 7, 2012
                            "Retailers and other companies that accept credit card payments have had to comply with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard for over six years now. Included in PCI DSS are the 12 major requirements and 221 subrequirements that businesses must meet to protect credit card data from data theft. But even after years of refining these standards, undergoing exhaustive training, and facing the threat of financial penalties from the card brands, many businesses still fail to comply with the basic requirements..."
                            A Security Pro's Guide to Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC)
                            Dark Reading August 8, 2012
                            "Organizations today are being asked to comply with a host of regulatory requirements—from federal laws such as the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, to state laws covering areas such as breach disclosure, to industry requirements such as the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS), to specific contractual obligations..."
                            Compliance and Proofreading: A Fresh Perspective Is Required
                            Dark Reading August 3, 2012
                            "Think about how often someone proofreading your writing finds a mistake. The exact same idea applies to the far more complex processes and procedures required for robust security and compliance.

                            In a recent assessment project, our client’s IT staff had done a fine job of considering security issues and compliance processes for the company’s computer systems. They had documented the technical tasks, had a regular review process, and continually considered appropriate security issues..."

                            Current Laws Miss Key Points in Protecting Data
                            Federal Computer Week August 2, 2012
                            "Current federal privacy laws fail to protect sensitive information and need amendments to keep pace with the evolving technology landscape, according to the Government Accountability Office.

                            The public sector consistently uses IT to collect, store and transmit personal information on individuals. But recently lawmakers and privacy advocates have raised the alarm that existing legislation for protecting that data may no longer be enough. What adds to the problem is agencies’ reliance on IT, which can put sensitive personal information at risk for leaks or misuse..."

                              IT - Big Data
                              Does IT Really Care About Big Data?
                              InformationWeek August 3, 2012
                              "Recent surveys show IT and business unit managers are more worried than eager about big data analytics-- but those surveys are probably misleading, according to at least one expert.

                              There are rafts of surveys showing the huge market potential of big data analytics and the desire of many companies to get their hands on answers they can't get any other way, according to Daniel Castro, senior analyst at the Information Technology and Innovation Foundation (ITIF), whose focuses are cybersecurity, e-government, and IT in healthcare..."

                              Big Data: Why CEOs Should Care About It But Don't
                              Forbes July 10, 2012
                              "With a nod to Allen St. John and Ainissa Ramirez’s article on the Higgs boson, one of the conclusions I’ve reached is that, despite the best efforts of product, marketing, and PR people, the Big Data industry does a really poor job explaining what Big Data is and why you should care..."
                              Companies Expect Big Data to Significantly Impact Sales
                              Destination CRM August 7, 2012
                              "While big data has been linked to everything from supply chain management to logistics, using insights from multiple data sources in order to drive sales growth is still a nascent area.

                              In "Why Big Data Should be a Big Deal for Sales," a research report conducted by independent research firm CSO Insights on behalf of Lattice Engines, it's estimated that 71% of companies expect big data to have a significant impact on their sales..."

                              IT - BYOD
                              BYOD Security: 8 Steps Enterprises Can Take to Limit Risks to Company Data
                              eWeek August 6, 2012
                              "Enterprises, after some initial resistance, are embracing the bring-your-own-device (BYOD) trend. According to a survey released in May by Cisco Systems, 95 percent of respondents said their organizations allow employee-owned devices in the workplace, and that 76 percent said BYOD was positive for their companies and challenging for their IT departments..."
                              BYOD Initiatives Grow, but Security Remains a Challenge
                              eWeek August 3, 2012
                              "The bring-your-own-device trend is gathering steam but posing challenges to IT departments, which are trying to figure out how to secure the various smartphones and tablets employees are using to connect to corporate networks, according to findings in OnForce’s Q3 Confidence Index, a poll that reflects the opinion of more than 500 technology service professionals..."
                                Top Ten Articles for last few Issues
                                Vol 174 Issue 1; Vol 173 Issues 1, 2, 3 and 4; Vol 172 Issues 2, 3, 4
                                We track how frequently each article is viewed on the web site to determine which the readers consider the most important. For last week, the top 10 articles were:

                                • No More Jumpstart: Automated Installer Is the Tool to Use
                                • Getting VirtualBox 4.1.18 Up and Running on Mountain Lion (Mac OS X 10.8)
                                • Oracle’s StorageTek Tape Storage Solutions Enable Deep Data Archiving at CalTech
                                • Installing sar on Your System: A Getting-started Guide
                                • Java Spotlight Episode 93: Discussion of JavaFX 2.2 UI Controls
                                • Oracle Announces New Migration Tool for Microsoft SQL Server to MySQL
                                • Oracle Tuxedo 12c Released; Provides Enhanced Scalability and Performance
                                • Oracle Releases Exalogic Elastic Cloud Software 2.0
                                • Versace Adopts Oracle VM for Faster Deployment of Business Applications Faster
                                • MySQL Enterprise Backup 3.8 Employs Multi-threaded, Parallel Processing for Performance Gains

                                The longer version of this article has list of top ten articles for the last 8 weeks.

                                  IT - Encryption
                                  Always-On Encryption Justified, Say Analysts
                                  IT World Canada August 1, 2012
                                  "Insisting data be encrypted on all corporate portable devices won't be a hardship for organizations say two analysts ...

                                  The call from Ontario’s privacy commissioner for organizations to always encrypt data on any mobile device staff use -- whether they handle personal information or not -- may not be welcome by executives..."

                                    IT - Server
                                    The State of Server Technology: 2010 to 2012
                                    NetworkComputing August 9, 2012
                                    "As more companies turn to virtualization and private clouds, they're also taking a look at the server technology in their data centers. This is leading to a boost for the server market. Find out why in this look at the state of server technology, from 2010 to 2012..."
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