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Oracle Tuxedo 12c Released; Provides Enhanced Scalability and Performance
Optimized for Use with Oracle Exalogic Elastic Cloud
With the release of Oracle Tuxedo 12c, a solution for the development, rehosting and deployment of C/C++/COBOL applications in traditional data centers, engineered systems and enterprise clouds, users are in possession of a solution optimized to run on Oracle Exalogic Elastic Cloud and tightly integrated with Oracle Fusion Middleware, Oracle Database 11g and Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c. Oracle Tuxedo 12c provides mainframe-class scalability and performance for mission critical enterprise applications, Oracle's press release proclaims. A new feature, Oracle Tuxedo Message Queue 12c, provides transaction management, enhanced performance and improved availability of enterprise messaging applications.
Oracle Releases Exalogic Elastic Cloud Software 2.0
Delivers Performance Increases, Faster Provisioning, High-speed Communication Fabric
With the newly released Oracle Exalogic Elastic Cloud Software 2.0 customers can expect performance increases of up to 10x for Oracle Applications, Java-based applications and other business applications and up to 6x faster application provisioning. Oracle Exalogic supports virtualization of mission-critical business applications with near native performance through Oracle VM integration; provides a high-speed communication (I/O) fabric with Oracle Exabus; delivers true elasticity at the application level with Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c; supports consolidation of multiple applications on the same system as a private cloud; and integrates Oracle Traffic Director for secure management and routing large volumes of application traffic.
Versace Adopts Oracle VM for Faster Deployment of Business Applications Faster
Reduces Virtualization Costs by 50 Percent with Oracle VM; Increases Datacenter Efficiency
Adopting Oracle VM for x86 has enabled Versace, the international fashion house, to reduce virtualization-related costs by 50 percent, while doubling the number of cores in production. Versace's new Oracle VM-based architecture, which also leverages Oracle Linux, has also enabled the company to reduce its physical number of servers by 40 percent, rack space by 25 percent and power consumption by 45 percent. Using the Oracle VM Template for Oracle E-Business Suite with Oracle Enterprise Manager for full stack management, Versace can now deploy a fully-managed enterprise application in development, test, and production environments in hours, jumpstarting their ERP upgrade.
Getting VirtualBox 4.1.18 Up and Running on Mountain Lion (Mac OS X 10.8)
Some Tips from Fat Bloke
Even though VirtualBox 4.1.18 is not yet commercially supported, some users will want to run it with Mountain Lion (Mac OS X 10.8). Fat Bloke provides some tips for getting things to work. First of all, don't expect clicking on the VirtualBox.mpkg icon to work unless you alter the default security settings to check "Anywhere" as a source for downloads (remembering, of course, to recheck the default settings when you're finished). You can also hold down the Control key and click the .mpkg and chose "Open" for a similar result. All of this opens the Mountain Lion door to VirtualBox.
Java Technology
Java Spotlight Episode 93: Discussion of JavaFX 2.2 UI Controls
With Java Evangelist Jonathan Giles
On Episode 93 of the Java Spotlight Host Roger Brinkley welcomes Jonathan Giles for a discussion of JavaFX 2.2 UI controls. Giles is a Sun certified Java programmer who specialises in Java, Swing, JavaFX and Client-Server development. A Java evangelist, he is currently the tech lead at Oracle in the JavaFX UI controls team.
IT - Technology
Eye Candy for IT: 25 Award-Winning Designs
NetworkWorld July 26, 2012
"IT and communications products won big in this year's red dot design awards. The international awards program, which dates back to 1955, is among the world's most prestigious design competitions. This year, judges pored through 4,515 entries to find the best product designs across 19 categories that span architecture, IT and communications, auto engineering, fashion and life sciences. Here are 25 of our favorite tech-related winners..."
    No More Jumpstart: Automated Installer Is the Tool to Use
    Integration with Oracle Solaris 11 Technologies Enables a Truly 'Automatic' Installation

    The new software deployment architecture feature automated installer in Solaris 11, capable of everything Jumpstart could perform while also able to create, configure and install Oracle Solaris Zones; install onto a root ZFS pool; install software with automatic dependency checking from remote-network-based package repositories -- all as a result of its tight integration into the various technologies in the operating system itself -- frees admins from the labors Jumpstart required. Glynn Foster recommends Isaac Rozenfeld's guide "How to Set up Automated Installation Services in Oracle Solaris 11" as a starting point for readers new to the automated installer feature.

    Oracle Announces New Migration Tool for Microsoft SQL Server to MySQL
    Helps Lower Database TCO up to 90 Percent ; Requires No Prior MySQL Technical Knowledge
    Oracle has announced a new migration tool that allows users to easily and quickly migrate data from Microsoft SQL Server to MySQL, along with a a new “MySQL for Excel” application plug-in that enables data analysts to seamlessly access and manipulate MySQL data within Microsoft Excel, without requiring prior MySQL technical knowledge. An enhanced version of the MySQL Installer for Windows is also available. Oracle claims users will appreciate database TCO reductions of up to 90 percent in using MySQL over Microsoft SQL Server 2012. These new tools will be featured at the MySQL Connect Conference on September 29-30.
    MySQL Cluster Performance Best Practices: Q & A
    On-demand Webinar, Performance Guide Now Available
    Developers looking for a solution that will scale both read and write traffic with ultra-low latency and fault tolerance on commodity hardware need look no further than MySQL Cluster, Mat Keep blogs. He suggests that developers do need to think a little differently about data access patterns along with schema and query optimizations in order to get the best possible performance from this distributed database, however. He suggests logging in to the on-demand Performance Essentials webinar, which is accompanied by the newly published Guide to Optimizing the Performance of MySQL Cluster.
    MySQL Enterprise Backup 3.8 Employs Multi-threaded, Parallel Processing for Performance Gains
    Improvements Range from 20-100% Depending on Size and Nature of Data Involved

    The development team behind MySQL Enterprise Backup (MEB) has released MEB 3.8, which, as team member Rob Young explains, provides a substantial improvement in backup operation performance by implementing parallel processing during backup of related internal operations such as reading/writing data, compression/decompression, and page checksum validation. Parallel execution, Young continues, takes advantage of multi-threading, and the resulting performance increase is particularly evident when backing up to or restoring from RAID and SSD storage, and when using compressed backups. Internal benchmarks show that performance gains range from 20% to 1000% depending on the size and content of the data involved.

    IT - Cloud
    3 First Steps In Building Your Own Cloud Services
    InfoWorld August 2, 2012
    "Enterprises are standing up cloud services in support of new business opportunities, such as better supply chain integration, better customer service, or even the ability to charge a subscription fee for access to bits and pieces of their existing information systems that may be of value to outside users. In doing so, they may also gain a client list that includes partners, customers, or even unknown users leveraging these services for a fee..."
      Cloud Computing: 10 Ways It Will Change By 2020
      ZDNet July 31, 2012
      "Right now we are in the early days of cloud computing, with many organisations taking their first, tentative steps. But by 2020 cloud is going to be a major — and permanent — part of the enterprise computing infrastructure.

      Eight years from now we are likely to see low-power processors crunching many workloads in the cloud, housed in highly automated datacentres and supporting massively federated, scalable software architecture..."

      How to Choose an IaaS Provider
      NetworkWorld July 23, 2012
      "Close your eyes and think of the cloud. Odds are Amazon quickly comes to mind -- for good reason. By some estimates, Amazon Web Services holds 70 percent of the IaaS (infrastructure as a service) market, providing compute, storage, and networking services, usually on a pay-per-use basis, to hundreds of thousands of customers. Amazon's cloud has become an extension of many organizations' infrastructure, often for application development and testing, but also for compute-intensive analytics and even ongoing production workloads. Credit Amazon for popularizing IaaS and making it affordable, accessible, and broadly relevant to the current generation of IT..."
      Migrating To the Cloud Means More Work than You Think
      InfoWorld July 25, 2012
      "Taking advantage of the cloud -- IaaS and PaaS, in particular -- requires a lot more work than most IT departments realize. And before you roll your eyes at yet another column about the cloud, it gets worse: I'm going to do something we geezers in training do a lot of. That is, I'm going to explain that the young whippersnappers who think they know it all need to learn from our experience..."
      Staying Competitive Means Moving To the Cloud
      InformationWeek July 31, 2012
      "In December 2011, market researcher International Data Corporation (IDC) noted that spending on the IT industry's next dominant platform, built on mobile computing, cloud services, social networking, and big data analytics technologies, is growing at about 18 percent per year and is expected to account for at least 80 percent of IT spending growth through 2020..."
      The Danger of Believing In Silver Bullets
      Washington Technology July 31, 2012
      "Whether it is losing weight, getting rich or managing government IT, it seems we can’t resist the lure of a silver bullet. The magic pill. The easy answer.

      Ten or 12 years ago, I remember a lot of talk about leasing and reverse auctions, and how they were going to transform everything..."

        IT - CxO
        Setting IT User Policies That Work
        NetworkWorld August 1, 2012
        "The wave of new age technologies that are invading the enterprise has spurred the debate on who sets IT user policy and how organizations cancontrol it. Richard H. Thaler, a Professor of Behavioral Science and Economics, in his paper- "Test, Adapt, Learn: Developing Public Policy with Randomised Controlled Trials" cites two principles that help policymakers create good policies that work for normal people ..."
          Top CIO Challenges: Cloud, BYOD, Big Data
          CIO Insight July 30, 2012
          "Google CIO Ben Fried, Juniper Networks CIO Bask Iyer, PG&E CIO Karen Austin and Wal-Mart CIO Karenann Terrell gathered at a Churchill Club event July 24 in Palo Alto to share their list of priorities as IT -- and the role of the CIO -- continues to experience a period of unprecedented transformation..."
          IT - DR
          4 Tech Trends In IT Disaster Recovery
          ComputerWorld July 19, 2012
          "As we've seen in recent years, natural disasters can lead to long-term downtime for organizations. Because earthquakes, hurricanes, snow storms or other events can put data centers and other corporate facilities out of commission for a while, it's vital that companies have in place a comprehensive disaster recovery plan.

          Disaster recovery (DR) is a subset of business continuity (BC), and like BC, it's being influenced by some of the key trends in the IT industry. Foremost among these are ..."

          10 Disaster Preparedness Questions to Ask Your Cloud Services Provider
          "Amazon Web Services (AWS) recent storm-related outage, which left Web sites including Netflix, Pinterest, and Instagram inaccessible, is just the latest in a string of costly cloud failures. Since 2007, a total of 568 hours of downtime at 13 major cloud services providers had an economic impact of $71.7 million dollars, according to the International Working Group on Cloud Computing Resiliency (IWGCR). Average down time has been 7.5 hours per year, according to IWGCR, an availability rate of 99.9 percent well below the required reliability for mission critical systems..."
          IT - Networks
          A Phased Approach to IPv6 that's So Easy, You'll Almost Think You're Still Ignoring It
          NetworkWorld July 30, 2012
          "Remember when you were a kid and you got so tired of your parents nagging you to clean your room, you finally just stopped listening?

          It's kind of that way with IPv6.

          IT departments are weary of hearing how they urgently need to move to IPv6 because IPv4 addresses aren't available anymore. The truth is, many U.S. companies still have enough IPv4 addresses to last them several years, so no problem, right? ..."

            Finding Out What's Flowing Over Port 80 on Your Network
            ComputerWorld July 26, 2012
            "The history of TCP port 80 started a long time ago when the IANA assigned TCP port 80 for HTTP activity and TCP port 443 for secure HTTP (HTTPS). HTTP was designed as a protocol to transport requests and data between clients and web servers. Using this information, you could then lock down your firewall to only allow TCP port 80 and 443 so that other applications would be blocked..."
              The Consequences of WAN Service History
              NetworkWorld July 30, 2012
              "In our last few columns, we looked at the history of the Enterprise WAN, with the key takeaway being that reliable but very expensive private WAN services Frame Relay and now MPLS have been the dominant technologies for almost 20 years now, and we looked at the key factors affecting application performance over the WAN: bandwidth, latency, and packet loss, as well as "chattiness" issues and some of the reasons for latency and packet loss on the WAN..."
              What to Do About the Scarcity of IPv4 Addresses
              NetworkComputing July 17, 2012
              "It was bound to happen. The value of IPv4 addresses is going up as they become scarcer. In fact, the scarcity is making its way into acquisition deals as companies look to capitalize on the shortage.

              My first reaction is to say that clinging to IPv4 addressing is fundamentally wrong-headed and only puts off the inevitable move to IPv6..."

                IT - Operations
                10 Key Actions to Reduce IT Infrastructure and Operations Costs
                InformationWeek July 20, 2012
                "IT infrastructure and operations costs represent 60 percent of total IT spending worldwide. Here are 10 key actions that can help you bring down the expenses by 10 percent in 12 months ...

                During the recession, many major IT infrastructure and operations (I&O) upgrade projects were deferred, slowed or cancelled. Many IT organizations believe these projects need to be resurrected soon, whether to meet business needs or to ensure that I&O does not create serious downtime situations..."

                Eleven Skills Every IT Pro Needs to Succeed
                Global Knowledge July 2012
                "One of the interesting aspects of the IT industry is the continuous need to update current skills and learn entirely new ones. There are far too many skills for an IT Pro to even attempt to master, however . there are some skills that IT Pros who are serious about managing their career should know. The following list includes some of the key IT skills, and while there are 11 skills mentioned in this article, this list should not be considered as all-inclusive..."
                  10 Steps to Outsourcing Success for Insurers
                  Insurance Technology August 1, 2012
                  "Outsourcing has become increasingly complex, with more options, more potential benefits and also new kinds of risks. What do insurers need to do to make sure their outsourcing arrangements are successful? ..."
                    IT - Security
                    Database Security: At Rest, But Not At Risk
                    CSO Online July 30, 2012
                    "Data at rest is data at risk, as the old saying goes. These database security tools and strategies can help you fight back...

                    Database security is starting to show up on the radar of C-level execs, and no wonder. According to Verizon's "2012 Data Breach Investigations Report," 174 million corporate records were compromised in 2011 (the highest since 2004, according to the company), and in a survey by the Independent Oracle Users Group, 31 percent of respondents anticipated a major data breach this year..."

                    Learning Passwords You Can Use But Not Remember
                    HelpNet Security July 20, 2012
                    "How can you make sure that you'll never share your password with anyone, even under threat of bodily harm, or other illegal and illegal type of coercion? The answer is simple: don't actually know your password..."
                      IT - Careers
                      4 Tips on Leaving Your IT Job Gracefully
                      InformationWeek July 27, 2012
                      "Marissa Mayer, one of Google's top executives, resigned from the search engine giant to become Yahoo's CEO. Mayer's much-publicized resignation happened without a hitch, but not all company departures are quite so seamless. From hurt feelings to hacked systems, parting ways can have a disastrous impact if not handled properly..."
                      How to Be a Leader Even If You're Not in Charge
                      Baseline July 26, 2012
                      "Stringent corporate hierarchies are rapidly becoming a thing of the past, and you don’t have to worry about climbing the corporate ladder anymore if you want to have a rewarding career. Showing yourself to be a solid team leader can take you far. In her new book, “The Titleless Leader: How to Get Things Done When You're Not in Charge” (Career Press/available now) author Nan S. Russel asserts that building influence without regard to formal position is now a workplace necessity..."
                        The 9 Most Endangered Species In The IT Workforce
                        InfoWorld July 30, 2012
                        "Darwinism is no stranger to IT. Given the pace of innovation, today's plum post is almost always one shift away from becoming tomorrow's pink slip. But the trends currently taking hold of IT organizations may have a broader impact on IT employment than we've seen in years..."
                          IT - Social Media
                          11 Most Common Grammar Gaffes on Social Media
                          InformationWeek July 30, 2012
                          "When good people make bad language choices on social media, it's not pretty.

                          Its great too be able to communicate with all you're friends on social media.

                          Do you see anything wrong with the first sentence of this story? If not, I'm talking to you..."

                            How to Build A Private Social Network That Employees Will Actually Use
                            InfoWorld July 30, 2012
                            "NASA could land humans on the moon and put exploratory rovers on Mars, but in the last three years, the agency just couldn't find a way to build an internal social network that would encourage its employees to collaborate.

                            Initially launched in early 2009, "SpaceBook" was supposed to be a place where NASA workers could go online anytime to get feedback, learn from others' experiences, collaborate on projects and get to know each other better. But NASA ultimately squashed the effort this June, taking it offline for good..."

                              IT - Virtualization
                              Virtualization: A First Step to the Cloud
                              Federal Computer Week July 20, 2012
                              "For most agencies, server virtualization is a first step toward cloud computing. If you do virtualization right, a move to the cloud is that much easier. However, if you make a mess of it, your journey to the cloud could be tougher ..."
                              IT - Compliance
                              California to Get Tough On Online Privacy
                              ComputerWorld July 19, 2012
                              "California's top legal official has put the tech industry on notice that she intends to get tough on digital privacy.

                              Attorney General Kamala Harris said Thursday she is forming a new group within the state's Justice Department, the Privacy Enforcement and Protection Unit, to oversee privacy issues and prosecute companies that run afoul of the state's strict privacy laws.

                              The new unit's impact could extend beyond California ..."

                                IT - Database
                                Which Freaking Database Should I Use?
                                InfoWorld August 2, 2012
                                "In the era of big data, good old RDBMS is no longer the right tool for many database jobs. Here's a quick guide to choosing among NoSQL alternatives ..."
                                IT - Big Data
                                7 Deadly Sins of Big Data Users
                                InformationWeek July 30, 2012
                                "Sloth, negligence, gluttony...and that's just the beginning. Consider these common mistakes organizations make when assessing the meaning of large amounts of data.

                                We're swimming in a vast sea of data that's rising every year. And according to Josh Williams, president and chief science officer of Kontagent, a social and mobile analytics company, companies that collect, analyze, and interpret data accurately--and act upon it quickly--have a significant competitive advantage..."

                                Big Data Means Big Storage Choices
                                InformationWeek July 27, 2012
                                "Big data can improve the operational efficiency of companies using it by as much as 26%, according to a report released this month from Capgemini North America. That's a huge leap that will grow even larger--to 41%--within three years, if opinions of the 600 C-level executives and senior IT people Capgemini surveyed for the report are to be believed..."
                                Why Big Is Bad When It Comes To Data
                                InformationWeek July 20, 2012
                                "Too bad the IT terms we coin stick like a price tag to a cheap trinket. Once they're on, you can't claw them off. Or when you do, they leave that ugly residue....

                                Database and analytics vendors are glomming on to it for the cachet it gives their marketing efforts..."

                                IT - BYOD
                                Email in Security Hot Seat with Rise of Cloud, BYOD
                                InfoWorld July 24, 2012
                                "For most enterprises it is not enough to make sure their own email platform is secure. If their suppliers are not equally secure, they can be as vulnerable to criminal hackers and data leaks from human error as the weakest link in their supply chain.

                                The combination of a chain of usually small- to medium-size suppliers, the expansion of cloud-based email services and the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) trend among workers has created what Richard Parris, writing for BCW, calls a "complex melting pot of security challenges surrounding the secure transfer of sensitive data via email..."

                                Six Ways to Embrace IT Consumerization
                                Search Consumerization July 26, 2012
                                "Consumerization is a cat and mouse game between IT and end users, and neither side will really benefit until they change their approach.

                                Users need to realize the potential threats of circumventing IT's controls, but IT pros need to loosen the reins and stop doing the same things they've always done, said Matt Kosht, IT manager at SEMCO Energy Inc. in Port Huron, Mich..."

                                  The Easy, Low-Cost, Secure Plan for Enabling BYOD
                                  InfoWorld July 27, 2012
                                  "You'd think it was 2010 with the reports and studies raising fear of unbridled IT costs, massive loss of corporate secrets, and general Armageddon, all for supporting mobile and home users. That was the year the iPhone phalanx broke through the IT barricades in the BYOD (bring your own device) movement, as enough company executives stopped backing fearful IT managers, saw the capabilities in the iPhone and Android platforms, disproportionately started buying Macs for home, and -- the clincher -- noticed the then-new iPad could revolutionize sales, customer support, and knowledge workers of all types..."
                                  Top Ten Articles for last few Issues
                                  Vol 172 Issues 1, 2, 3 and 4; Vol 171 Issues 3, 4 and 5
                                  We track how frequently each article is viewed on the web site to determine which the readers consider the most important. For last week, the top 10 articles were:

                                  • Oracle Licensing and Support on VMware vSphere
                                  • GreenBytes to Make ZEVO Community Edition a Free Download
                                  • Finding the Path from RHEL 6 to Oracle Solaris 11
                                  • Determining Block Size of Created Files in ZFS
                                  • How to Manage ZFS Data Encryption
                                  • Oracle Identity Management 11g Release 2 Now Available
                                  • Buying Intention Survey Finds Fibre Channel SAN Declining in Popularity
                                  • Oracle Releases NetBeans IDE 7.2
                                  • Introducing Regular Expressions
                                  • Navis Expands Oracle Footprint; Deploys Oracle’s Pillar Axiom Storage System

                                  The longer version of this article has list of top ten articles for the last 8 weeks.

                                    IT - Encryption
                                    Tools Released at Defcon Can Crack Widely Used PPTP Encryption in Under A Day
                                    InfoWorld July 30, 2012
                                    "Security researchers released two tools at the Defcon security conference that can be used to crack the encryption of any PPTP (Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol) and WPA2-Enterprise (Wireless Protected Access) sessions that use MS-CHAPv2 for authentication.

                                    MS-CHAPv2 is an authentication protocol created by Microsoft and introduced in Windows NT 4.0 SP4. Despite its age, it is still used as the primary authentication mechanism by most PPTP virtual private network (VPN) clients..."

                                    IT - Server
                                    Forecast for Systems Administrators: Cloudy
                                    ComputerWorld August 2, 2012
                                    "When Donald Roper found himself in the job market earlier this year, he quickly learned how high the bar had been raised in his profession.

                                    A senior systems administrator with 28 years in IT, an MBA and seven certifications to his name -- including one in virtualization -- he discovered that wasn't always enough..."

                                      Installing sar on Your System: A Getting-started Guide
                                      Includes Information on Running sar in Solaris 11
                                      Users concerned about system performance data will find Sandra Henry-Stocker's post on "Getting started with sar" a helpful guide. She shares her experience of using yum install sysstat to install sysstat on a Fedora 17 system. (She recommends apt-get install sysstat as an alternative.) With sar installed, Henry-Stocker's Fedora 17 is enabled to collect performance data every ten minutes with daily summaries available shortly before midnight. Other components that are part of the sar package include sadc, sa1, and sa2. Henry-Stocker also writes about how users can get sar (installed by default) up and running on Solaris.
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