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Four New Podcasts Available on SPARC T4
Featuring Rob Ludeman, SPARC Product Management; Thomas Ressler, WWA&C Alliances Consultant
Four new podcasts that focus on SPARC are announced by Cinzia Mascanzoni, who provides a list by topic:

  • How SPARC T4 Servers Open New Opportunities
  • SPARC Roadmap and SPARC T4 Architecture Highlights
  • SPARC T4 For Installed Base Refresh and Consolidation
  • SPARC T4 – How Does it Stack up Against the Competition?

Read on.

What's up with LDoms: Part 2
Creating a first, simple guest
In part one of his LDoms series Stefan Hinker discussed the basic concepts of LDoms and configuring a simple control domain. In part two Hinker creates a simple guest domain, creating the network port by attaching a virtual network port to the vswitch that was created in the primary domain. For the boot disk, we'll need two things: A physical piece of storage to hold the data, called the backend device in LDoms speak. And then a mapping between that storage and the guest domain, giving it access to that virtual disk using a ZFS volume for the backend.
Using the VBoxHeadless Tool to Run Virtual Machines With VirtualBox 4.1
Installed on a Headless Ubuntu 12.04 Server
In the post "VBoxHeadless: Running Virtual Machines with VirtualBox4.1 on a Headless Ubuntu 12.04 Server" Falko Timme explains the use of the VirtualBox tool VBoxHeadless, enabling management of the virtual machines over a remote desktop connection that overcomes the inability to manage a server through the VirtualBox GUI. It is necessary to install the extension pack that supports remote desktop connections in VirtualBox4.1. Timme then shows how to create a VM on the command line using the VBoxManage command. This done, one can then either import an existing VM or create a new one and then start it with VBoxHeadless.
Amazon AMIs and Oracle VM Templates
Similarities and Differences
Oracle VM templates and Amazon Machine Images (AMI) are compared in a post by llaszews, who finds striking similarities in their functionality and capabilities. AMI is a special type of pre-configured OS and virtual application software, the post continues, used to create a virtual machine within the Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2). Oracle VM Templates offer pre-installed and pre-configured software images for deploying a fully configured software stack, thus eliminating installation and configuration costs and reducing ongoing maintenance costs. Finally, the post notes that a further advantage of both is that there are hundreds of MySQL AMIs (AWS MySQL AMIs).
Choosing the Best Tool to Manage Various Virtualization Technologies
Recommendations for an Informed Choice

Recommendations on the appropriate interfaces and tools for setting up and managing Oracle resources for virtual compute, memory, operating system, network, and storage are provided by Ginny Henningsen. She frames the post in terms of: what does the virtualization product or technology do; what administrative interfaces can you use to implement and manage virtualized resources; and where can you go to learn more? Henningsen cites Oracle Enterprise Manager Ops Center and suggests users become familiar with the Oracle utility OCDoctor that can qualify systems to see whether they meet the necessary prerequisites for Oracle Enterprise Manager Ops Center installation.

IT - Storage
4 Crucial Steps To Manage Data
Federal Computer Week July 9. 2012
"Managing data according to ever-changing regulatory and compliance policies is complex. Enormous volumes of sensitive files and e-mail messages are scattered about every organization. That data flows through massive networks and is clustered away in proprietary repositories and archives, which makes access even more of a challenge. As a result, information management strategies are nearly impossible to design and deploy...

Those policies and regulations have motivated government agencies to rethink how they manage user files and e-mail. Agencies need to understand what data exists, develop a plan to manage it, and take action to protect the organization from long-term risk and liability. Here’s how your organization can create a sound and flexible platform that can adapt to new strategies and environments..."

Digital Information Costs Businesses $1.1 Trillion Annually: Symantec
eWeek July 6, 2012
"Digital information is costing businesses of all sizes a bundle, and poorly protected data is a major challenge.

From confidential customer information, to intellectual property, to financial transactions, organizations possess massive amounts of information that must be collected, retained and analyzed to keep the business competitive, but it comes at a huge cost, according to security specialist Symantec’s 'State of Information Survey.' Digital information costs businesses worldwide $1.1 trillion annually, the report found, but also makes up 49 percent of an organization’s total value..."

Java Technology
Available on the Java YouTube Channel
Low-Latency Applications, JavaFX on Raspberry PI, and More
If you have not logged in recently to the Java YouTube Channel, then you've missed some interesting features, including:

  • Understanding the JVM and Low Latency Applications (picture)
  • JavaFX on the Raspberry Pi
  • 55 New Java 7 Features: Part 3 – Concurrency
  • Properties and Binding with JavaFX 2 Intro
  • Java @ Maker Faire 2012
IT - Technology
Video Technologies Close Communications Gaps
Baseline July 2, 2012
"With the use of mobile devices in the workplace skyrocketing, managers confess that it's getting difficult to communicate with workers when they're on the road, according to a recent survey from Qumu. One solution? Video technology solutions. Given its role as a webcasting/video delivery company, Qumu obviously has a stake in the survey results. Still, with products that support smartphones and tablets, companies can deliver information about practically anything to staff members—no matter where they are..."
    Watch Scientists Try To Explain Higgs Boson (3 Videos)
    IT World July 5, 2012
    "While most of us yesterday were chomping down hot dogs or sitting by a lake or watching 15-second fireworks displays, a bunch of scientists in Switzerland were announcing the discovery of the Higgs Boson particle (sort of), which most lazy journalists (and TV reporters) called "The God Particle", which annoyed all of those scientists even more..."
      Free and Open Source S/W
      What's the Truth about Open Source
      Sorting out the True from the False in Current Thinking
      On mission to dispel (or confirm) some of the current myths concerning open source, Wenjia Zhao of Forbes tackles the subject with sufficient candor to admit his own level of misinformation. Zhao consulted Karl Fogel of Open Souce Initiative, to whom he put these questions:

      • Open source means that the source is open to view
      • Open source software is free
      • Open source software cannot be commercial
      • Open source software is crowd-sourced and vice versa

      Fogel confirmed that one of the "myths" is true, the other three false. Test your open source belief system against the expert.

      Oracle Solaris 11: Tools For System Archival and Image Creation
      Podcast also Considers Distro Constructor Feature
      Isaac Rozenfeld, Principal Product Manager for Oracle Solaris, and Jesse Butler and Drew Fisher, both Senior Software Engineers on the Oracle Solaris team join host Charlie Boyle for a discussion of new system archival and recovery procedures for Oracle Solaris 11, using built-in ZFS filesystem capabilities in this episode of the "Oracle Solaris: In a Class By Itself" podcast series. Discussion also covers the distribution (or distro) constructor, a new tool that allows you to built deployable Solaris 11 images and media fairly easily.
      NoSQL Java API for MySQL Cluster: Q&As
      Webinar Followup on Building Java-based Services
      During the recent webinar conducted by the MySQL Cluster Engineering Team on ClusterJ and ClusterJPA NoSQL APIs for MySQL Cluster and how these can be used in building real-time, high scale Java-based services that require continuous availability, some insightful questions were raised that Mat Keep has now compiled for consideration. The webinar itself is available on demand. Keep precedes the Q&A with a brief account of why the team developed these APIs and why they are interesting to Java developers.
      New Oracle E-Business Suite 12 Certifications on Linux 6 Platforms
      Oracle Linux 6 32-bit; RHEL 32- and 64-bit; Novell SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 64-bit
      Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12 (12.1.1 and higher) is now certified on not only Oracle Linux 6 but on these additional Linux x86/x86-64 operating systems as well, John Abraham reports: Oracle Linux 6, 32-bit; Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6, 32- and 64-bit; and Novell SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES) version 11 (64-bit). Abraham adds that new installations of the E-Business Suite on these operating systems require version 12.1.1 of the Release 12 media, and that cloning of existing 12.1 Linux environments to this new OS is also certified using the standard Rapid Clone process.
      IT - Cloud
      3 Ways to Prep for A Move to the Cloud
      InfoWorld July 10, 2012
      "A move to the cloud requires a certain amount of prep work in the enterprise. If you listen to the spin from those who provide cloud services and technology, it's no big deal. I'm here to tell you it is. To ready your enterprise for public and private cloud adoption, you need to focus on three key areas: ..."
        Agencies Find a Cloud Commitment Easy To Make, Hard To Implement
        Federal Computer Week July 9. 2012
        "The good news is that the conversation over cloud computing in government has gone beyond basic questions about what the cloud is and on to a more specific examination of how government can take advantage of it. The not-so-good news is that most agencies are still hesitating to commit fully to the cloud.

        And that means that government is not wringing the kinds of efficiencies and cost savings it could from the cloud. A study published in April by market researcher MeriTalk, the result of a survey of 108 federal CIOs and IT managers, found that agencies were saving less than half the costs they could have..."

        Amazon Cloud Outage Caused by Storms, Worsened by Software Glitches
        eWeek July 3, 2012
        "Amazon Web Services’ lengthy outage over the weekend after powerful storms through the Mid-Atlantic region knocked out power has put renewed focus on the risks of cloud computing and how users can minimize those risks going forward.

        It also has generated promises from Amazon at a time when competition in the booming infrastructure as a service (IaaS) space is growing, as the likes of Google—which in June unveiled its Compute Engine—look to make inroads.

        The storms that blew through the Mid-Atlantic region June 29 hit Virginia particularly hard, knocking out power to hundreds of thousands of people. The storms also cut off power to one of Amazon Web Services’ (AWS) 10 data centers on the East Coast, a situation that was exacerbated by problems with backup power at the Virginia facility as well as unexpected software issues that arose during the recovery efforts..."

        Cloud Computing Moves from Fad To Foundation
        InfoWorld July 8, 2012
        "As hype dies down, companies are seeing real success in their cloud deployments, and money is pouring in ...

        Despite some setbacks, such as the recent Amazon Web Services outages, cloud computing is beginning to cross from the experimental phase to production systems that businesses can rely on. This has not been an overnight occurrence: Enterprises have been quietly getting smart about cloud computing technology and applying it where appropriate.

        Despite years of cloud hype by vendors, you rarely hear about enterprise successes. That's because when enterprises make cloud computing work, they view the application of the technology as a trade secret of sorts, so there are no press releases or white papers. Indeed, if you see one presentation around a successful cloud computing case study, you can bet you're not hearing about 100 more..."

        Cloud Contracting Checklist: 10 Aspects to Consider
        Federal Computer Week July 9. 2012
        "Although cloud computing is considered just another way of acquiring IT services, the fact is that is represents a new way for agencies to consume IT and will also require a new way for agencies to think of how to procure them.

        In a publication released in February — “Creating Effective Cloud Computing Contracts for the Federal Government” — the CIO Council and the Chief Acquisition Officers Council (CAOC) jointly came out with a list of best practices that they said highlights the unique contracting requirements of cloud computing..."

        Cloud Spending: A Reality Check
        InfoWorld July 12, 2012
        "Break down those numbers, and a couple of interesting facts emerge. First off, when you remove the technology service providers, colos, and telcos from the sample, leaving only traditional enterprise verticals (financial, manufacturing, government, and so on), cloud computing drops off significantly. "This provides a reality check of sorts: A apart from technology companies who are arguably eating their own dog food, the survey indicates that the broader market is less sanguine about cloud," according to the Uptime Survey..."
        Five Things You Can Do To Avoid Paying Too Much For Cloud Services
        TechRepublic July 9, 2012
        "If the proper steps aren’t taken, organizations can find that they’re spending way more on cloud services than they originally planned.

        While cloud computing has many benefits for businesses - such as increased flexibility - the biggest reason companies are moving to the Cloud is to help lower IT costs.

        In a survey conducted by IDG Enterprise earlier this year, 71% of organizations said they planned to increase their spending on cloud services in 2012. The biggest motivator: cost savings..."

        The 7 Most Common Challenges To Cloud Computing
        NetworkWorld July 11, 2012
        "It's no secret that agencies core to the U.S. government have a central plan -- known as Cloud First -- to move most operations toward a cloud computing service. In the process of course is a never-ending evaluation by other agencies to talk about how those cloud implementations are doing..."
        Washington Post CTO Wants a Cloud Exit Strategy
        CIO Insight July 10, 2012
        "Yuvinder (Yuvi) Kochar is dissatisfied with the take-your-data-and-go that attitude cloud vendors have regarding buyers who want to switch to a competitor. To tell the truth, he's not so sure that even Google's proclaimed desire to help people migrate is worth the air used to voice it. He wants options, people! ..."
        IT - CxO
        CIOs In Search Of IT Simplicity
        IT World Canada July 3, 2012
        "No company sets out to create convoluted processes supported--sometimes thwarted--by layers of overly complicated technology. But too often, that's what we face. Applications that require days of training but still generate streams of calls to the help desk. Databases and tools too old for vendors to support, but too vital for CIOs to shut down. Data centres choked with servers and wiring, connected to more just like it..."
          How Ford Reimagined IT from the Inside-Out to Power Its Turnaround
          TechRepublic July 9, 2012
          "Ford has successfully transformed its image from a lumbering, outdated behemoth of a bygone era into a forward-looking, highly-technical twenty first century enterprise. The company that Henry Ford built earned this revitalized reputation mostly from the launch of Ford SYNC technology across its product line, the constant nods to technology from CEO Alan Mulally, and, above all else, the fact that people are buying enough of its vehicles that it’s profitable again."
            I'm A 'Tech Savvy' Pro, But Am I CIO Timber?
            InformationWeek July 9, 2012
            "Dear John: I am a 54-year-old, tech-savvy leader in my field, and I aspire to be more. Since the dawn of information technology, I have studied and watched the industry with great interest. During that time, I also raised a family, cultivated a marriage of 24 years, and became an expert in the packaging industry. I have led teams of individuals as small as seven and as large as 125. Can you point me in the right direction as to resources or education I might require to break into a CIO position? I also have a bachelor's degree in communications.--Looking for Guidance ...":
            Work from Home: Why Your Employees Hate Coming to the Office
            CIO Insight July 2, 2012
            "With constrained budgets and a relatively low number of people employed at individual companies, getting more out of employees -- whether home or in the office -- is an absolute necessity. No one knows this more acutely than the CIO. A recent study from Wakefield Research, while not exclusive to IT employees, reveals notable attitudes about traditional office life versus working from home that have relevance for any IT leader..."
            What Food Trucks Can Teach IT Pros
            InformationWeek July 12, 2012
            "One of the hottest spots for startups isn't in the cubicles and incubators of Silicon Valley. It's on the streets nearby. Literally. As in where the Goodyears meet the macadam. And for the price of lunch, you can gain the same glimpse that the high powered venture capitalists get into emerging technologies, market trends, and business models as they blend, bake, and stew into commerce as it's coming to be..."
              IT - DR
              Severe Weather Intensifies Focus On Disaster Planning
              ComputerWorld July 9, 2012
              "Severe thunderstorms knocked out power to 1.2 million homes in the D.C. area. Wildfires ravaged more than 2 million acres in the Rockies. Two-thirds of the country is in drought conditions, and flooding is expected to get worse as the time between rainstorms lengthen and, in turn, grow more intense.

              Intensifying weather patterns threaten businesses as global warming raises the temperatures of the oceans. Disaster recovery plans that include only backing up data regionally may need to be rethought, experts say..."

              IT - PM
              10 Hot Project Management Trends
              Baseline January 10, 2012
              "Collaboration is a key to managing successful projects; project teams, stakeholders and executives must pull in the same direction. Also essential: resource management, training, tailored strategies, and innovation, says ESI International, an Arlington, VA company specializing in project management, business analysis and contract management training..."
              Register for the Oracle Optimized Storage Launch
              Features Unveiling of StorageTek SL 150 Tape Library
              Register now for the Oracle Optimized Storage Launch - July 18, 2012, to join Mark Hurd and John Fowler as they unveil the latest advances in Oracle optimized storage. Cinzia Mascanzoni announces the event, which will include:
              • The unveiling of "Oracle optimized storage" messaging - storage that helps customers cut IT cost and complexity so they can unleash business innovation
              • A roundtable discussion with Oracle's NAS, SAN &Tape VPs of Engineering
              • Four new customer testimonial videos
              • The announcement of the new StorageTek SL 150 Tape Library
              • Live Q&A chat throughout the event with Oracle experts

              Register for the event.

              IT - Networks
              Behind Every Great Athlete Is a Nervous Network Engineer
              The Register July 6, 2012
              "Had there been a functioning mobile network in Greece in 490BC, the messenger Pheidippides wouldn’t have had to run from Marathon to Athens, only to breathe his last as he delivered news of victory over the Persians.

              The modern reenactment of his feat in the Olympic marathon would have been a much shorter event, although the sight of 100 puny men competing to send a text message might not be the spectator attraction the broadcasters require.

              Easier to get corporate sponsors, though..."

                Cisco Continues To Battle Cloud Burst
                NetworkWorld July 6. 2012
                "Continuing to face a backlash on the nuances of its Linksys routers, Cisco this week updated a blog post attempting to clarify its intent on sending users to its cloud-based administration service. Late last week and earlier this week, users voiced outrage that Cisco had automatically updated their Linksys EA series routers to take them to the Cisco Connect Cloud service for administration and management.

                That was one irritation - some users had not requested an update in the first place and did not want to administer their routers through the cloud service. The cloud administration tool had a limited interface that lacked some of the management features they were accustomed to with local management software..."

                Cisco Shows True Face In Ugly Bait And Switch
                InfoWorld July 8, 2012
                "You may have heard about Cisco's shenanigans last week, in which an automatic firmware update for several models of the company's Linksys home wireless routers forced users to create and log into a Cisco cloud service account to manage their router. In addition, some previously available functionality disappeared in the update. I cannot fathom how a company whose reputation is built on its tech savvy could concoct such a disaster of a scheme. And it gets worse.

                The terms of service users are required to accept (in order to operate a router they've already bought) gives Cisco the right to monitor and track information about your Internet usage. The language also hints that if you download copyrighted files, or obscene or pornographic images, Cisco could potentially brick your router..."

                The AC/DC Lesson: Why IPv4 Will Be With Us a Long Time
                GCN July 6, 2012
                "June's World IPv6 Launch Day was generally regarded a success. Several large content providers, Web destinations and carriers enabled the new Internet Protocols in their networks and millions of users were able to connect with no disruptions.

                The IT world today faces a shortage of trained, experienced workers to manage Version 6 of the Internet Protocols. But if today’s IPv4 managers wait around long enough, they might find themselves in demand again.

                The transition to IPv6 still has a long way to go, especially in this country..."

                  The IPv6 Bandwagon Has Left the Station, But Who Is Onboard?
                  NetworkWorld July 11, 2012
                  "The IPv6 movement has been years in the making. So many years, in fact, that it has hardly been a movement at all. While a handful of regions, primarily in Asia and pockets of Europe, have embraced IPv6, it has been otherwise largely ignored, something to be considered later while we exhaust IPv4 assets. This thinking has clearly stunted the growth of IPv6, presenting opportunities to early adopters and IPv6 facilitators and indigestion for the procrastinators..."
                    The Olympics and WAN Traffic Prioritization: Are You Ready?
                    NetworkComputing July 6, 2012
                    "With the 2012 Summer Olympics games right around the corner, it's a good time for IT to assess network traffic and data center technologies, as well as re-prioritize bandwidth: Will increased use of cloud services require a reallocation of bandwidth for essential applications? ..."
                      IT - Operations
                      How Not To Plan a Data Center
                      InformationWeek July 12, 2012
                      "An entire floor at the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency's new Technology Center has sat vacant for the past three years, the result of poor planning and communications and the challenge of forecasting an intelligence agency’s data storage needs. The project is getting rebooted with $54.6 million in defense funding, but it's anyone’s guess how it will end up..."
                        Top Skills For IT Asset Management Leaders
                        HelpNet Security July 12, 2012
                        "The evolving and growing role of IT asset management (ITAM) is driving both increased demand for existing skills and a new requirement for augmented financial, commercial and legal skills, according to Gartner.

                        Gartner has identified six skills that are considered priority skills for ITAM leaders..."

                        10 Signs Your Outsourcing Provider Will Dump You
                        IT World Canada July 5, 2012
                        "Some of the biggest IT service providers have programs in place to extract themselves from relationships with the bottom 10 percent of profitability. "Providers today are much less likely to live with bad deals or money-losing accounts," says Stan Lepeak, KPMG's director of research for advisory services ...

                        But breaking up is hard to do. The termination clauses of a contract may make it prohibitively expensive for unilateral provider pullout. So the vendor may back away from the account in more subtle ways, either to protect its margins or nudge the customer toward termination--or both..."

                          GM To Move Away From IT Outsourcing
                          IT World Canada July 11, 2012
                          "According to reports, General Motors is about to reverse its strategy of largely outsourcing its IT and bring it in-house. This represents a massive turnaround in policy for the U.S. carmaker, which owned the outsourcing giant EDS, until it was spun off in 1996 and has continued to use it for IT services even after it was acquired by HP in 2008. According to a report in InformationWeek, the carmaker will reverse the 90 per cent outsourced, versus 10 per cent in-house arrangement under the direction of CIO Randy Mott, who joined GM last February, from Hewlett-Packard Co..."
                          What's In Your Contract? 6 Steps to Creating a Better Outsourcing Partnership
                          Insurance Technology July 9, 2012
                          "As technologies advance, the outsourcing solutions and strategies that are enabled by such technologies are transforming as well, striving to keep pace with and embrace the new functionalities and capabilities that such advances can offer. The next generation of outsourcing is looking to advances in cloud computing, mobility, virtualization and business intelligence to drive faster, more responsive and more cost-effective solutions. Insurance companies are exploring outsourcing solutions that leverage technology advances to support increasingly mobile, remote workforces and to take advantage of on-demand technologies, real-time communications and enhanced data analytics capabilities..."
                          IT - Security
                          10 Crazy IT Security Tricks That Actually Work
                          ComputerWorld July 9, 2012
                          "Network and endpoint security may not strike you as the first place to scratch an experimental itch. After all, protecting the company's systems and data should call into question any action that may introduce risk. But IT security threats constantly evolve, and sometimes you have to think outside the box to keep ahead of the more ingenious evildoers...."
                          BYOD Security: Are Agencies Doomed To A Permanent Game Of Catch-Up?
                          GCN July 6, 2012
                          "With the growing popularity and usefulness of mobile devices, the era of Bring Your Own Device in the workplace is either imminent or already upon us, depending on whom you’re talking with.

                          'BYOD is here, and everyone is working to make sure we can deliver things' through that channel, said John Harrison, group manager at Symantec Security Response..."

                          Do You Need a Honeypot?
                          HelpNet Security July 11, 2012
                          "It might seem like a strange question, but I wonder how many readers are running a honeypot network in their infrastructure? If you’re not then let me be the first to say that you really should.

                          This could be a slightly controversial view as, all too often, honeypots are misunderstood and mistrusted. People across the IT security space are very good at raising concerns about why they shouldn’t be used and why they’re not a good idea, but I really couldn’t disagree more I’m afraid! I firmly believe that honeypots have a key role to play in any organization’s security arsenal..."

                          Ease the Need for IT Security Pros by Writing More Secure Code
                          ComputerWorld July 6, 2012
                          "There are about 2.2 million people working as information security professionals today, says Hord Tipton, executive officer for security education and credentialing organization (ISC)2 and former CIO of the U.S. Department of the Interior. That number is expected to grow to 4.25 million by 2015--assuming there are enough skilled security professionals to meet demand.

                          Already, access to enough IT staff with security expertise is particularly tricky for organizations of all sizes. In a study released earlier this year, IT industry association CompTIA found 41 percent of organizations reported moderate or significant deficiencies in security expertise among IT staff. On average, CompTIA says, organizations were about 30 percent short of their headcount devoted to security..."

                          Network Firewalls, Mainframes Are Still Security Favorites
                          IT World Canada July 3, 2012
                          "Network firewalls and mainframes are old technology, but despite calls over the years to do away with one or the other, they remain in widespread use. As to why, just ask IT professionals who manage large networks. "We have three times the amount of firewalls than seven or eight years ago," says Andrew McCullough, lead infrastructure security architect in the information security and compliance department at Motel 6, which has motels across the U.S. and Canada..."
                          IT - Careers
                          10 Things You Can Do To Keep From Looking Stupid
                          TechRepublic July 6, 2012
                          "You might be the brightest person in the world, but you can still come across as a bit dim. Calvin Sun shares 10 tips for making a smarter impression.

                          Like it or not, your co-workers, clients, and bosses form an impression of you based on what you say and do. And if you come across as stupid, your career is likely to suffer. Here are a few tips to help keep that from happening..."

                            Eight Rules for Dating a Co-worker
                            Baseline July 3, 2012
                            "Office romances are alive and well, according to research compiled by At least one-third of all American workers have either had a romantic relationship at work or know someone who has. More than seven out of 10 professionals say they’re open to dating at work under the right circumstances. Clearly, stigmas are breaking down, thanks in part to the ever-increasing blending of workers’ professional and personal lives..."
                              Remembering Nikola Tesla: Lessons for Today's IT Leaders
                              CIO Insight July 10, 2012
                              "Nikola Tesla was born 156 years ago on July 10. Tesla’s contributions to the world of technology are vast, including the Tesla coil, modern radio, the induction motor, and most famously the alternating current (AC) electrical supply system that powers the world. His life and experience hold lessons for all aspiring technologists who, just like Tesla, are eager to bring the benefits of technology to a large community of people..."
                                Slimeball Boss Learns You Don't Mess With IT
                                InfoWorld July 11, 2012
                                "Honesty is always the best policy -- unless, it seems, you work in the upper echelons of the corporate world, in which case all too often honesty becomes optional based on cost analysis and the impact on the bottom line. They usually get away with it. But not always.

                                Case in point: The events of the summer of 2008 when I worked for the world headquarters of a well-known corporation. As it happened, most of the senior managers were based at the same site..."

                                  Stop It! You're Working an Extra Unpaid Day A Week
                                  InfoWorld July 6, 2012
                                  "It's wonderful to be able to work from anywhere and at any time. However, for many employees, that means working from everywhere all the time. You're tethered to your job, able to see the latest emails and status updates -- and you're expected to act on them. If you work at a national or global company, a workday that can circle the clock, and a recent survey by mobile management provider Good Technology shows that's what people are doing.

                                  In fact, they're working on average seven more hours per week -- unpaid, of course. That means they're working six days a week but paid for five..."

                                  The 10 Most Demanding Jobs in IT
                                  NetworkWorld June 26, 2012
                                  "What are the 10 most demanding jobs in IT?

                                  Well, according to a survey by Emerson Network Power, a provider of high-availability data center infrastructure management products, they are:

                                  • Executive director/administrator
                                  • IT procurement
                                  • CIO
                                  • IT manager/director
                                  • IT operations
                                  • Data center manager
                                  • Engineering
                                  • IT security
                                  • Applications/software development
                                  • Database management "

                                  read on

                                  Why Mark Zuckerberg Is a Bad Role Model
                                  IT World Canada July 3, 2012
                                  "Want to run a successful high-tech company? Don't drop out of college. The myth of the brilliant Ivy League student who starts a business in his dorm room, drops out of school, and goes on to run a successful high-tech start-up for many decades to come is essentially just that: a myth..."
                                    IT - Social Media
                                    5 Mistakes To Avoid When Deploying An Enterprise App Store
                                    InfoWorld July 6, 2012
                                    "As personal mobile devices flood the corporate workplace, you'd think every company would have its own app store, right?

                                    Not so fast. Despite the obvious benefits of efficiently and securely distributing mobile apps to employees to use their personal iPads, iPhones, and Android smartphones, enterprise app stores are not widely in use. In fact, only an estimated 10 percent of enterprises have their own stores -- though it's worth noting that Gartner predicts that by 2014, private app stores will be deployed by 60 percent of IT organizations..."

                                    10 Reasons Why I Avoid Social Networking Services
                                    TechRepublic July 9, 2012
                                    "Social networking has had a huge impact on how we communicate and interact — but some people refuse to get caught up in the trend. Alan Norton explains why he’s one of them:

                                    I have a confession to make. I don’t do social networking. That’s not that unusual for someone my age. Just 8% of all Facebook users fall into my age group. Nonetheless, according to the Pew Internet & American Life Project, social networking is popular and still growing. While only 8% of adult Internet users used social networking sites in 2005, that number had grown to 65% by 2011. Why then do some people in general and older Internet users in particular avoid social networking services? I can give you 10 reasons why this experienced ancient one doesn’t use them..."

                                      IT - Compliance
                                      Being Compliant Is Not Only Training and Rules, It's Culture
                                      Dark Reading July 9, 2012
                                      "In high school, we all took the basics: language, math, and science. Now that a few years have passed (OK, more than a few for some of us), who could pass the final exams in those classes right now? Probably very few. Education fades from our memory unless regularly reinforced. But education and training alone are not enough. The habits we develop determine and drive what we are good at.

                                      Just like individuals, organizations have habits as well -- cultural habits. Ever go to a restaurant with several horrible waiters? Odds are there were no great waiters in the place; the standard of service is simply not very high. It is likely that great waiters who happen to get hired will eventually either leave or become lazy waiters themselves.."

                                        E-discovery Tools Aid Compliance, Save Money
                                        Baseline July 11, 2012
                                        "When it comes to the electronic discovery of documents, less is more.

                                        This concept is driving corporations and law firms to tap into a new generation of e-discovery tools designed to help them more effectively focus their document searches. It's an issue that strikes right at the bottom line: The more documents handed over to attorneys for review, the more expensive the discovery process is..."

                                          MLC SSD Reliability Deep Dive
                                          Getting More Life out of MLC with Controller Technology
                                          George Crump of Storage Switzerland and Scott Switzer of STEC conduct a YouTube deep dive on MLC SSD Reliability that illustrates using controller technology to make MLC SSD devices more reliable and enterprise ready. STEC has extended the cycle life of MLC technology through "cell care" to the neighborhood of 60K cycles. The key to this extension is the controller, Switzer maintains, which STEC had designed to talk to the inside of the FLASH chip through multiple channels, enabling higher throughput rates. STEC employs fine grained control of individual cells that economizes erase-write-read activity, thereby lengthening cell life.
                                          IT - Database
                                          10 Free Database Security Tools
                                          Dark Reading July 11, 2012
                                          "While expensive products such as database activity monitoring suites and database encryption tools may be the only option for highly regulated organizations required to comply with security mandates, some organizations with no database security in place may find that free tools can be a great way to reduce security risks. Dark Reading takes a look at a wide range of free security tools that can help organizations discover, scan, assess, and protect their databases from attack..."
                                          IT - Big Data
                                          Ford's Big Data Chief Sees Massive Possibilities, But The Tools Need Work
                                          ZDNet July 5, 2012
                                          "While Big Data is arguably the hottest buzz phrase in tech in 2012, there is a shockingly scarce amount of information about how real companies are using Big Data to do big things. We recently sat down with Ford, one of the world’s most data-driven and data-rich companies, to talk about how the revived U.S. automaker is using Big Data analytics for real world stuff and what kinds of possibilities it sees for the future of this red-hot segment of IT..."
                                          What Are Big Data Techniques And Why Do You Need Them?
                                          GCN July 10, 2012
                                          "Big data is a new term but not a wholly new area of IT expertise. Many of the research-oriented agencies — such as NASA, the National Institutes of Health and Energy Department laboratories — along with the various intelligence agencies have been engaged with aspects of big data for years, though they probably never called it that. It’s the recent explosion of digital data in the past few years and its expected acceleration that are now making the term relevant for the broader government enterprise..."
                                          IT - BYOD
                                          BYOD Era Requires Software-Based Authentication Platforms
                                          Baseline July 5, 2012
                                          "Businesses should switch to software-based authentication platforms in an era of increased worker mobility, the report said...

                                          Demand for safe, authenticated access to enterprise applications in an era of bring your own device (BYOD) initiatives is growing--and so is the cost of implementing authentication strategies, according to a report from authentication specialists Encap. The study found enterprises with around 3,000 employees could save more than $165,000 by shifting to smart device-based software from hardware-based solutions for vital authentication in a BYOD era..."

                                          BYOD Means Soaring IT Support Costs for Mobile Devices
                                          ComputerWorld July 11, 2012
                                          "Annual IT costs for managing smartphones will soar by 48% next year compared to 2011, a new survey by Osterman Research shows.

                                          The increase is mainly due to the need for better security and management as workers bring consumer smartphones to use at work, according to the survey.

                                          Osterman's survey was based on interviews with 117 mid-sized and large companies and funded by Azaleos, a cloud services company..."

                                          DDI Addresses the Dark Side of BYOD
                                          NetworkWorld July 10, 2012
                                          "Fewer than 20% of companies now oppose BYOD. That means more than 80% have to deal with it on their networks...

                                          I’m not sure what happened to the IT mindset this year but it seems BYOD has gone from something that most IT departments are trying to avoid to something that tops most IT priority list. Perhaps it’s the result of better MDM tools, pressure from the business leaders, or maybe just a willingness to admit that it’s the way things are now.

                                          Whatever the case, a switch flipped, and ZK Research shows that fewer than 20% of companies actually oppose BYOD. That means for every five companies out there, four are embracing it..."

                                          Don't Count On BYOD Cost Savings, Experts Say
                                          Search Consumerization July 2, 2012
                                          "At its core, the bring your own device (BYOD) trend is designed to make users more productive. But the mere act of connecting an iPhone, iPad or Android device to the corporate network won’t achieve that goal. Organizations need strategies, polices and technologies in place to enable users securely, but many jump into BYOD without considering those issues.

                                          “They will rationalize it with the thought that this is going to save them money,” said Dan Croft, CEO of Mission Critical Wireless, LLC, a mobile solution provider in Lincolnshire, Ill...."

                                          How to Have BYOD and Security, Too
                                          InfoWorld July 10, 2012
                                          "I've been working with quite a few companies over the last two years, helping them craft sensible BYOD policies. One fact is abundantly clear: BYOD will require a different security framework than traditional computing.

                                          Last week I discussed many of the challenges of BYOD. This week I'm presenting my solution, which is basically a framework any organization can use to gain insight into the heart of the BYOD problem..."

                                          They Know Who You Called Last Summer
                                          InfoWorld July 9, 2012
                                          "If you secretly suspected that nifty mobile device in your pocket was spying on you, your paranoia has just been richly rewarded.

                                          As the New York Times reports, a Congressional inquiry into cell phone surveillance reveals that U.S. law enforcement agencies requested data from wireless carriers more than 1.3 million times last year -- or nearly 500 times the number of wiretaps approved over the same period..."

                                            When BYOD Goes Wrong
                                            ComputerWorld July 11, 2012
                                            "I have had a tremendous reaction to my previous blog posts on BYOD. In the first I looked at the basics of putting a BYOD policy together for your network, and my last blog post looked at remote access technologies in a BYOD era. A common question that I have been asked is what happens when BYOD goes wrong? It is inevitable that mobile devices will be lost, and in some cases they may fall into the wrong hands. When this happens you need to ask three questions..."
                                            Top Ten Articles for last few Issues
                                            Vol 173 1; Vol 172 Issues 1, 2, 3 and 4; Vol 171 Issues 3, 4 and 5
                                            We track how frequently each article is viewed on the web site to determine which the readers consider the most important. For last week, the top 10 articles were:

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                                              Delegation of Solaris Zone Administration
                                              Enabling Management of Distinct Zones by Particular Admins

                                              In Delegation of Solaris Zone Administration, Darren Moffat blogs that, with the Zone Delegation feature built in to Solaris 11, users delegate management of distinct zones. Moffat uses the example of zones named zoneA through zoneF and three admins to each of whom it is necessary to grant a subset of the zone management. One can either add the admin resource to the appropriate zones via zonecfg(1M) or store data directly in the RBAC database, showing all three admins and zones. One can also create an RBAC profile that then assigns the appropriate degree of administrative responsibility to each admin.

                                              Download NetBeans 7.2 RC1
                                              Many New Features Including Support for PHP 5.4, Symfony2
                                              NetBeans 7.2 is now available and can be downloaded. Ondre Brejia outlines the new and improved features, which are:

                                              • Support for PHP 5.4
                                              • PHP editing: Fix Uses action, annotations support, editing of Neon and Apache Config files and more
                                              • Support for Symfony2, Doctrine2 and ApiGen frameworks
                                              • FTP remote synchronization
                                              • Support for running PHP projects on Hudson
                                              Oracle ESSO Reduces Videotron Help Desk Call Volume
                                              Enterprise Single Sign-On Enables Customers to Manage Their Own Passwords
                                              Videotron deployed Oracle Enterprise Single Sign-On Suite Plus across its entire enterprise. Now, with Oracle Enterprise Single Sign-On, Videotron’s users have access to all of their authorized applications through a single authentication event with an initial network login that also provides self-service password management. Within just four months, Oracle Enterprise Single Sign-On was implemented across more than 75 applications for Videotron’s 6,000 users, and within two months of completing its deployment, Videotron realized significant improvement with more than 29,000 passwords authenticated per day by Oracle Enterprise Single Sign-On instead of individual, manual entries.
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