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What's up with LDoms: Part 1 - Introduction & Basic Concepts
Stefan Hinker Updates the Documentation on Oracle VM Server for SPARC
Stefan Hinker has launched a primer series updating the earlier LDoms Admin Guide and Tony Shoumack's 2007 "Beginner's Guide to LDoms" in which he explains how hypervisors running on x86 hardware differ from those embedded in SPARC firmware, which is to economize on the number of OS threads assigned to CPUs in order to concentrate on their principal function: maintaining isolation between guests. Hinker demonstrates the configuration of the control domain and the freeing up of considerable amounts of CPU and RAM for guest systems while also creating the necessary infrastructure that allows guests system interaction with the outside world.
Garmin Positions Itself on Oracle Exadata Dataase Machine
Experiences 50% Boost in Performance
Garmin International has migrated its infrastructure that powers the company’s Oracle Advanced Supply Chain Planning and the Garmin fitness segment to Oracle Exadata Database Machine. The latter segment provides customers with an online platform to store, retrieve, and interact with data captured using Garmin fitness products, according to Javier Puerta. The environment, which is built on an Oracle Database, processes approximately 40 million queries per week.Garmin moved to Exadata, Puerta writes. Customers had begun experiencing reliability issues with Garmin's legacy infrastructure, which prompted the company's migration to Oracle Exadata Database Machine.
Updates Now Available for Oracle VM Server
Both x86 and SPARC
Oracle VM Server updates for both x86 and SPARC are now available, reports Honglin Su, who provides detailed instructions for the downloads on an post.
IT - Storage
Growing the New Data Culture
ComputerWorld July 2, 2012
"Our most successful business leaders have often had one thing in common: an innate instinct for the direction of their organisations that has repeatedly enabled them to make the right calls.

But we are fast approaching a time when the idea that business decisions are based on instinct rather than data will seem quaint and anachronistic..."

    Managing and Protecting Business Information
    Baseline July 2, 2012
    "It's certainly not a news flash that digital information is overtaking the enterprise. A remarkable number of processes and transactions now take place online, and organizations are adopting collaboration tools and other digital systems at a rapid rate. Yet, despite the growing importance and value of this data, many organizations aren't leveraging their information as effectively as they could, and some aren't protecting it adequately, according to Symantec's “State of Information” report..."
    Total Information Stored by All Businesses: 2.2ZB
    Storage Newsletter July 5, 2012
    "Symantec Corporation announced that information costs businesses worldwide $1.1 trillion annually, according to its State of Information Survey...

    From confidential customer information, to intellectual property, to financial transactions, organizations possess massive amounts of information that not only enable them to be competitive and efficient - but also stay in business.

    In fact, the survey revealed that digital information makes up 49% of an organization's total value..."

      IT - Technology
      10 Reasons Java Has Supplanted C++ (and 5 Reasons It Hasn`t)
      eWeek June 25, 2012
      "At the QCon New York 2012 conference, Cameron Purdy, VP of development for Oracle’s application server group, gave a keynote in which he described the current climate as one ripe with opportunity for developers, given that the "perfect storm" of mobile, cloud and HTML5 is coming together at just the right time to cause a major shift in the development landscape..."
      Magnetic Memory with One Bit Per Molecule
      Storage Newsletter July 5, 2012
      "One bit of digital information stored on a hard disk currently consists of about 3 million magnetic atoms. Researchers from Karlsruhe, Strasbourg, and Japan have now developed a magnetic memory with one bit per molecule.

      By an electric pulse, the metal-organic molecule can be switched reliably between a conductive, magnetic state and a low-conductive, non-magnetic state..."

        Rice Cooks Up Spray-Paintable Battery
        ComputerWorld June 29, 2012
        "Shocking news of battery technology research reaches us from Rice University, Houston. An energetic team has found a way to spray-paint rechargeable Li-ion cells onto almost anything. It may have great potential for portable devices and solar applications. However, it's still a long way off. In IT Blogwatch, bloggers charge towards the future..."
          Sorry, Moore's Law: Multicore Is the New Game In Town
          CRN July 4, 2012
          "Not long ago, dual-core processors were considered cutting-edge and were found mainly in servers and high-end workstations. Today, dual-core CPUs are the new minimum for most midrange PCs and laptops, quad-core chips are standard in many new Apple (NSDQ:AAPL) MacBooks, and Apple's desktops can be had with as many as 12 processor cores.

          Heck, virtually all new smartphones now come with two cores, and some even have four..."

            Three Technologies Ready to Disrupt the Market
            Washington Technology June 29, 2012
            "Dragon Naturally Speaking has had this ability for years, and within the last three years in particular, Dragon has greatly improved the voice recognition element of their dictation software. However, an intelligent voice command system such as Siri which has the added benefit of a cluster of serves that act like a brain, has the potential altering a cool, almost gimmicky feature into an unstoppable disruption.

            This technology offers perhaps the largest potential for disruption within the government. A migration toward an intelligent voice or text command system could, for starters, impact every FAQ or public portal. Companies like MyCybertwin that allow you to create an intelligent virtual human, capable of learning and remembering questions and answers for future use was used by NASA, and can be applicable to almost every public agency in the United States..."

            Free and Open Source S/W
            Downloads of Apache OpenOffice 3.4.0 Soar
            More than 5 million in a Mere Six Weeks
            Within six weeks of its release, downloads of Apache 3.4.0 Open Office have exceeded five million, reports, phenomenal for software that is no longer installed by default on Linux distros. Apache Open Office is the renamed LibreOffice, reminds readers, and was the first version released since it became an Apache Software Foundation (ASF) incubating project., and coding continues on 3.4.1, scheduled for release in late July. Following the release of 3.4.1, ASF is contemplating either a slower, more incremental merge of Symphony enhancements into OpenOffice, or a more rapid rebasing of OpenOffice on top of Symphony.
            Using the Integrated Load Balancer in Oracle Solaris 11
            Example Illustrates Setting up Virtual Server Across Two Oracle Solaris Zones
            The OTN article "How to Set Up a Load-balanced Application Across Two Oracle Solaris Zones," begins with an overview of the Integrated Load Balancer (ILB) feature of Oracle Solaris 11. The author proceeds to an example of setting up a virtual Apache Tomcat server instance in the half-NAT mode, in which the ILB, as traffic hits it, re-writes the destination IP address of the real server, preserving the source IP address. Incoming traffic is load-balanced to the virtual server across two zones, each running the Apache Tomcat Server while the load balancer itself is configured as a multihomed zone.
            Unraveling Thread Placement Policies on NUMA Systems
            There's Been a Change since Solaris 10

            Blogger Dave Dice takes issue with the view that initial thread placement onto resources is process agnostic. He describes an experiment that suggests it is not thread creation time, but rather process membership that determines thread placement. Dice continues, reporting that the Solaris team explained that the kernel is no longer using a simple maximum dispersal policy, but instead thread placement is now process membership-aware. Even with a policy that allows process-aware packing, however, placement reverts to spreading threads onto other nodes if a node becomes too saturated, he points out.

            Oracle ACE Director Ronald Bradford on MySQL Connect
            Comments as well on MySQL 5.6
            Ronald Bradford, an Oracle ACE Director, explained to interviewer Keith Larson what his plans are for future MySQL Connect events and commented on the benefits to both the community and to Oracle of having MySQL content at events like Oracle Open World. With respect to MySQL 5.6, Bradford praised the optimizer trace feature for its capability in making exposed information visible, both in itself and in the capability of applying information discerned for optimizing SQL statements in earlier versions of MySQL. He was also enthusiastic about the improvements in instrumentation in the Performance Schema and the numerous replication features.
            Oracle Cluster File System 2 (OCFS2)
            A Brief History and a Glance at the Future

            When users of the first version of the Oracle Cluster FileSystem (OCFS) began demanding the sort of features found in a normal native filesystem, (a real general purpose cluster filesystem), OCFS2 was the result, according to Wim Coekaerts. OCFS2 is very easy to use, he writes, in part because of the simple text file that contains the node information (hostname, node number, cluster name) and a file that contains the cluster heartbeat timeouts. OCFS2 today, in the mainline kernel, is pretty much feature complete in terms of integration with every filesystem feature Linux offers, Coekaerts avers.

            Oracle Linux 6 update 3
            OL6.3 contains UEK2 kernel-uek-2.6.39-200.24.1

            Oracle Linux 6.3 is now available online, Wim Coekaerts posts on his blog, including both base channels and the latest channels, and the repositories as well. Source RPMs (.srpm), Coekaerts reports, are also being uploaded. Oracle Linux 6.3 contains Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel 2 kernel-uek-2.6.39-200.24.1, he notes, adding that complete source, complete changelog, complete checkin history, both mainline and our own, are now available in a single spot. Coekaerts announces another upcoming feature, which is a boot iso for OL6.3 that boots up uek (2.6.39-200.24.1) as install kernel and uses btrfs as the default filesystem for installation.

            IT - Cloud
            Your Corporate Data Needs To Be In the Public Cloud -- Starting Now
            InfoWorld June 29, 2012
            "Looking for your first cloud computing project? Chances are you're considering a very small, very low-risk application to create on a public PaaS or IaaS cloud provider.

            I get the logic: It's a low-value application. If the thing tanks or your information is hacked, no harm, no foul. However, I assert that you could move backward by hedging your bets, retrenching further and further into the data center and missing out on the game-changing advantages of the cloud..."

            Virtualization or a Private Cloud?
            TechWorld July 4, 2012
            "Two great strategies for cutting IT overhead - What you gain on the swings, you may lose on the roundabout...

            Since the mid 2000s one of the prevailing trends in the IT world has been to move networks, data, operating systems and servers into an environment where they are not tied to a specific piece of hardware.

            In the early days the emphasis was on virtualisation. Organisations concentrated on increasing the number of servers on one machine using a hypervisor program with the activities kept in-house..."

              IT - CxO
              Employees Have Tough Time Taking Vacation
              Baseline June 29, 2012
              "Workers are facing significantly greater challenges than their bosses in taking vacations this year, according to a survey from CareerBuilder. In many cases, employees simply can't afford a summer getaway. In others, they feel too pressured by work obligations to use all their time off — or to travel somewhere without remaining connected to the office. Whatever the reasons, companies should encourage staffers to take their well-earned time off..."
                4 Essential Steps for Successful Incident Management
                IT Process Automation June 28, 2012
                "It never hurts to go back to basics. Recently, we were surprised at the confusion of some organizations about the process of incident management, so we thought – why not to put a quick incident management primer down on paper?

                For successful incident management, first you need a process – repeatable sequence of steps and procedures. Such a process may include four broad categories of steps: detection, diagnosis, repair, and recovery..."

                20 Surefire IT Mistakes
                NetworkWorld June 16, 2012
                "Cost overruns, missed deadlines, lost jobs -- we all like to think we learn from mistakes, whether our own or others’. And while the technical landscape advances quickly, one thing remains the same: IT's capacity to fall prey to misguided practices, given the complexity of the responsibilities involved.

                So in the spirit of "forewarned is forearmed," we bring you 20 mistakes IT managers would do well to avoid. Names have been changed to protect the guilty, but the lessons learned are plain to see. Don’t get caught falling prey to these all-too-common blunders..."

                  Corporate Marketing Success Depends on the CIO
                  CIO Insight June 29, 2012
                  "More than ever, CIOs must work closely with chief marketing officers (CMOs) to maximize IT support for marketing initiatives targeted at customers, according to a recent survey of marketing professionals from IBM, “The State of Marketing 2012.” But a lack of cooperation and coordination with the tech department remains the primary obstacle to reaching customers more effectively, the survey finds. CMOs are facing challenges from many fronts..."
                  MDM as Mobile Strategy, Career Necessity
                  InformationWeek June 28, 2012
                  "CIOs would like to be champions of the next big data analysis project, shuttling their companies toward that next customer insight. They would like to be the brains behind a coherent cloud strategy, the cornerstone of a plan to create an agile and efficient infrastructure. Those accomplishments would be nice, but today's most urgent CIO project is mobile device management (MDM), a product category normally relegated to the rank-and-file IT department..."
                  Ten Questions to Help You Rate Your Boss
                  Baseline July 2, 2012
                  "You may spend nearly as much time with your boss as you do at home, so it’s important to have a good one, right? Unfortunately, too many managers make life miserable for employees. In fact, three out of four employees say dealing with their immediate supervisor is the most stressful part of their job, industry research reveals. Among complaints that workers have expressed about bosses: They’re disrespectful. They have no concept of privacy and boundaries. They play favorites..."
                    IT - DR
                    Can Your Data Center Withstand Another Derecho?
                    Washington Technology July 2, 2012
                    "With government and IT contractors moving to the cloud and storing information in data centers, violent storms such as this past weekend’s 80-mile-an-hour weather pattern known as a derecho can cause severe and sometimes prolonged interruptions.

                    While most organizations are able to use their secondary data centers or co-located backups at an external facility, it is critical to strategically plan and assess what are the vulnerabilities and threats that may pose catastrophic risk that would compromise your data center functionality and, most importantly, affect users who depend on this data for real-time operations..."

                      Data Center Disaster Preparedness Sometimes Requires a Dose of Robert Burns
                      eWeek July 2, 2012
                      "There is no substitute for detailed planning, testing and redundancy when it comes to making sure your data center can weather any storm. But sometimes even the best planning isn’t good enough.

                      Calamity descended from the skies around Washington on June 29 in the form of a derecho, a type of weather system so rare most people have never even heard of it. This unusual complex of extremely severe weather had never been known to cross a range of mountains such as the Alleghenies. But this time it happened, and disaster planning went out the window..."

                        IT - Networks
                        7 Security Threats Circling Your Network
                        CRN June 25, 2012
                        "Which network security threats are top-of-mind for your customers these days? A recent survey of more than 3,700 IT professionals shows there are several of them.

                        The Information Systems Audit and Control Association (ISACA), an international provider of industry information and certifications, has issued the results of a recent survey of the global security landscape, including perceptions of the most dangerous network security threats..."

                        IT - Operations
                        5 IT Process Automation (ITPA) Challenges and How to Overcome Them
                        IT Process Automation February 28, 2012
                        "IT Process Automation (ITPA) delivers many benefits to over-busy IT teams. Reduced human errors, faster response to mission-critical system problems, and freed-up time for other IT tasks are just some of the advantages mentioned. However, achieving these benefits isn’t always trivial.

                        In complex IT environments – particularly when systems are virtualized or cloud based – implementing IT process automation can be challenging. You may need to spend quite a lot of efforts to integrate with multiple IT systems – which brings up the question of calculating ROI..."

                        IT - Security
                        Do Passwords Matter?
                        HelpNet Security June 29, 2012
                        "You don't have to look very hard to find an article discussing password breaches. Recently, there was a lot of buzz around LinkedIn,, and eHarmony, three very large sites suffering from passwords being leaked to the public. This is not a new phenomenon (earlier this year everyone was all up in arms about the Zappos password breach), but one that continues to garner attention in the media..."
                          Dutch Government Unprepared For SSL Hack, Report Says
                          ComputerWorld June 28, 2012
                          "The Dutch government was unprepared to handle an SSL hack that caused the its communication infrastructure to be vulnerable for months, the Dutch Safety Board said in a report on Thursday. Because the government was unable to replace the certificates immediately, citizen and company data was left unsecured, the board said..."
                          LinkedIn Breach: Leading CISOs Share 9 Protection Tips
                          InformationWeek June 29, 2012
                          "In the wake of this month's LinkedIn password breach, rumors began circulating on Twitter that the social network lacked a chief information security officer (CISO), leading many commentators to posit that the company hadn't treated its information security program with sufficient respect. LinkedIn, however, quickly clarified that while it didn't have a CISO--or synonymous chief security officer (CSO)--job title on its org chart, there was indeed a senior-level employee in charge of its information security program..."
                          Real Security Is Built In
                          IT World Canada June 27, 2012
                          "The Pentagon’s been robbed recently of data. So has the US National Intelligence establishment. Not to mention most large financial institutions and many high technology manufacturers in aerospace, biosciences, IT and the like.

                          All of them have traditional information and communications technology setups. Logins and passwords, check. Must change passwords, must be strong passwords, can’t reuse passwords, check. Hardened firewalls, locked-down computers, data held server side, check..."

                          The Safety and Hazards of Outsourcing Security
                          Dark Reading July 5, 2012
                          "New Dark Reading report offers a look at the benefits, pitfalls of using cloud and security service providers ...

                          Cloud and managed security services are all the rage and help defend against denial-of-service attacks, but surrendering your data and applications to third parties comes with some risks of its own. In a new retrospective of recent news coverage, Dark Reading takes a look at the security of cloud and security services. Among the stories covered in the report ..."

                          IT - Careers
                          10 Things I Wish I'd known before Becoming an IT Consultant
                          TechRepublic July 1, 2012
                          "Takeaway: Careful research, thoughtful planning, and honest self-assessment can help you make a successful leap into the IT consultant role. But the realities of the job will still surprise you.

                          Before opening an IT consultancy, I did my homework. I interviewed lifelong consultants. I read books. I even took personality tests to confirm that my psychological constitution matched the challenges I’d face as an entrepreneur owning and operating my own business..."

                            Are You a Tech Addict?
                            CIO Insight June 26, 2012
                            "Are you constantly tweeting and texting and and posting status updates on Facebook? Does your online life seem more real to you than your real one? If your friends and family have stopped trying to spend time with you because you're so deeply involved with your social media that you can't get through dinner without checking Twitter, you might be a technology addict. The recent book, "#Hooked: the Pitfalls of Media, Technology, and Social Networking" (Siloam/available now), takes a serious look at the potential toll the digital universe is taking on our lives..."
                              EU Parliament Crushes ACTA Copyright Treaty by 478 votes to 39
                              TechWorld July 4, 2012
                              "MEPs have rejected the controversial Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement by 478 votes to 39, the biggest ever legislative defeat in the European Parliament.

                              The result had been widely expected internationally and means that the agreement cannot become law in the European Union or any of its member states. The vote came after a last-ditch attempt by the European People's Party to have it delayed was shot down..."

                                IT - Virtualization
                                The Long Life and Slow Death of the Virtual Server
                                InfoWorld July 2, 2012
                                "As we continue to move wholesale into a world where virtual servers are the rule, we're starting to see just how different this new environment is. Server farms are evolving in unexpected ways, creating situations we didn't encounter prior to the widespread adoption of virtualization. One of these oddities is the seemingly eternal server. How do you manage the lifecycle of a machine that never dies?..."
                                  IT - Compliance
                                  Compliance Officers Live in Fear of Mobile Devices
                                  Wall Street Technology July 1, 2012
                                  "As a growing number of financial services firms allow employees to bring their own mobile devices to work, compliance officers are scrambling to mitigate risks to their firms, according to a new survey from Smarsh, a provider of email archiving and compliance solutions.

                                  More than half of firms now allow iPhones, iPads, Android phones and tablets on the corporate network, Smarsh reported in its second electronic communications compliance survey report.

                                  Last year, FINRA issued Regulatory Notice 11-39, stating that firms are required to retain, retrieve and supervise business communications regardless of whether they are conducted from a work-issued device or personal device...."

                                    The Secret World of Compliance Auditors
                                    Dark Reading June 30, 2012
                                    "Working with an auditor can be a harrowing experience -- or a good one. Here are some tips for making things go well...

                                    "Compliance" is often treated as a dirty word, evoking images of glum-faced auditors walking around with a clipboard and grimly ticking off items on a long and convoluted checklist. Companies complain that becoming and staying compliant is expensive, time-consuming and difficult to maintain..."

                                      IT - Backup
                                      Backup, Disaster Recovery System Cost Justification: 10 Convincing Tips
                                      eWeek July 1, 2012
                                      "Data and files have to be counted among any organization's critical assets along with products, cash, securities, raw materials and intellectual property. That makes disaster recovery (DR) and continuity of operation (COOP) systems the insurance policies that protect data assets from loss. Corporate and government executives understand this. Yet all too often, they are still unwilling to allocate adequate budgets to their IT departments to protect their data..."
                                      Fishworks and Me: A Brief History of Sun Microsystems (from the Inside)
                                      Deirdré Straughan Takes Off the Wraps
                                      As Deirdré Straughan opens yet another closet door on the history of Sun, further skeletons come tumbling out. Among them, Amber Road, Fishworks, and the "Sun Schism." For readers who were not party to the drama, reading Straughan's account will be the next best thing to being there.
                                      IT - Big Data
                                      I/O Performance, Storage Infrastructure Lead Big Data Issues List
                                      Search Storage July 3, 2012
                                      "Successfully managing “big data” requires a thorough understanding of the conventional capabilities of IT when challenged by exceedingly large data sets. To give storage pros an in-depth look at the latest big data issues, Enterprise Strategy Group senior analyst Terri McClure discusses factors such as transaction volume, data size, volume of content, storage architectures and Hadoop ..."
                                      IT - Mobile
                                      Dilemma: The Fast Pace of Consumer Tech Turnover
                                      InfoWorld June 28, 2012
                                      "User-facing products now get orphaned in a few years or even in a few months, as in the case of Nokia's Lumia

                                      One reason users like to bring in their own technology: They typically get the latest and greatest, and they can keep up with the pace of change as they prefer, finances permitting. That's the opposite of how companies typically plan out their capital expenses, which for accounting reasons often need to be spread out over three or five years so that computer equipment is replaced no sooner than it is capitalized..."

                                        MDM as Mobile Strategy, Career Necessity
                                        InformationWeek June 28, 2012
                                        "CIOs would like to be champions of the next big data analysis project, shuttling their companies toward that next customer insight. They would like to be the brains behind a coherent cloud strategy, the cornerstone of a plan to create an agile and efficient infrastructure. Those accomplishments would be nice, but today's most urgent CIO project is mobile device management (MDM), a product category normally relegated to the rank-and-file IT department..."
                                        Men and Women Checking Email Everywhere Says New Survey
                                        Dark Reading July 3, 2012
                                        "In a survey of US working adults sponsored by Good Technology, more than 80 percent of people continue working when they have left the office - for an average of seven extra hours each week – almost another full day of work. That's a total of close to 30 hours a month or 365 extra hours every year. They’re also using their cell phones to mix work and their personal life in ways never seen before..."
                                          The Two Faces of Social MDM: The Frightening One
                                          IT Business Edge June 28, 2012
                                          "Social master data management (MDM)is raising concerns among privacy groups and some analysts, and to be honest, I completely relate to their concerns. Then I received a briefing on an actual social MDM product, and learned that there’s actually two faces to social MDM: one clever and revolutionary; the other also revolutionary, but a bit frightening.

                                          When people talk about social MDM, they usually mean the mining and integration of social media data into MDM. This sounds great from a corporate perspective. You can use social data to correct data in your MDM and use it to expand what you know, then turn that knowledge into a sales pitch. Someone posted that they need a new computer? Great, let’s spam them with ads — but for individuals, it’s a bit menacing, a bit too “up in my business.” ..."

                                          IT - BYOD
                                          Why BYOD Scares Me
                                          InfoWorld July 3, 2012
                                          "BYOD is an epic battle in the ongoing war of usability against security -- and usability is winning out...

                                          This battle carries major security implications. I've yet to meet the end-user who wants to be bothered by authentication, from CEOs to low-level employees to my own daughters. No one wants to fuss with a log-on of any type. They'll accept security as long as it doesn't get in their way. Every CEO I've encountered has asked me to get rid of nagging password log-ons so that they can get down to real business..."

                                          Top Ten Articles for last few Issues
                                          Vol 172 Issues 1, 2, 3 and 4; Vol 171 Issues 2, 3, 4 and 5
                                          We track how frequently each article is viewed on the web site to determine which the readers consider the most important. For last week, the top 10 articles were:

                                          • Gartner Magic Quadrant for x86 Server Virtualization Infrastructure
                                          • Oracle Sun ZFS Storage Appliance: Best Choice for Oracle Database 11g R2
                                          • Oracle VM VirtualBox 4.1.18
                                          • Bridging Two Worlds: Big Data and Enterprise Data
                                          • New Java Tutorials Updated
                                          • Oracle VM 3 Templates Available for Oracle Secure Global Desktop (SGD) 4.62
                                          • Evolution from the Traditional Data Center to Exalogic: An Operational Perspective
                                          • OpenStorage Summit EMEA 2012
                                          • Meet The MySQL Experts Podcast: MySQL Utilities with Chuck Bell
                                          • Java Spotlight Episode 88: HTML 5 and JavaFX 2 with Gerrit Grunwalt

                                          The longer version of this article has list of top ten articles for the last 8 weeks.

                                            IT - Server
                                            11 Helpful Tech Tools for Vacation
                                            eWeek July 3, 2012
                                            "Now that the mid-summer vacation is here, IT folk are asking for time away from the J-O-B. That’s why eWEEK set out to create an "IT Summer Suitcase" list of products IT administrators can take advantage of when they’re on the go. Even with folks heading out of town or away from work, many still need to be available to work remotely or attend to crises occurring back at the office or data center..."
                                              15 Incredibly Useful (and Free) Microsoft Tools for IT Pros
                                              NetworkWorld July 19, 2011
                                              • WSCC – Windows System Control Center
                                              • RichCopy 4.0
                                              • Microsoft Attack Surface Scanner
                                              • Microsoft Standalone System Sweeper Tool
                                              • NoReplyAll add-in for Outlook 2007 and 2010
                                              • VMMap – A peek inside your PC's memory
                                              • Disk2VHD
                                              • Joulemeter
                                              • Microsoft Image Composite Editor
                                              • Microsoft Windows Performance Toolkit
                                              • Speed Launch
                                              • Screen Recorder
                                              • TCPView
                                              • Autoruns
                                              • Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit 2.0

                                              Read on for details.

                                              IT - Tape
                                              How to Maximize Your SSD Investment
                                              InformationWeek June 29, 2012
                                              "Some servers benefit from solid state drives more than others. An SSD deployment strategy will help you get the biggest bang for your buck.

                                              At least 60% of the conversations I have with end users are about solid state drives (SSDs). The focus of the conversation is no longer "should I use SSD?" but "how can I best use SSD?"

                                              An increasing number of IT managers deal with IT performance problems, and they are willing to pay a premium to make those problems go away. Like anyone who pays a premium price for a service, they want to make sure they maximize the investment. Designing the perfect SSD architecture is an elusive goal, but having an SSD strategy is an excellent idea..."

                                              'Red Hat Enterprise Linux to Oracle Solaris Porting Guide': OTN White Paper
                                              Covers Information Useful for Users of Debian, Suse, Ubuntu or Centos as well
                                              Commenting on the recently published Oracle white paper "Red Hat Enterprise Linux to Oracle Solaris Porting Guide," available on OTN, Joerg Moellenkamp describes it as an "interesting document" that covers not only RHEL but contains as well information helpful to users of Debian, Suse, Ubuntu or Centos. He writes that the paper covers what one should consider when you want to port your application (or just script) from RHEL to Oracle Solaris 11. Admins, he says, will find the section that describes where the gnu tools are located and the differences between Solaris native commands and their gnu counterparts.
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