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Oracle Sun ZFS Storage Appliance: Best Choice for Oracle Database 11g R2
New Whitepaper Considers the Evidence
Ideally suited to meet the ever-changing availability, capacity and performance requirements of the enterprise, the Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance, whose architecture provides a platform with the flexibility to meet these requirements, is the likely candidate solution for the role of primary storage for Oracle Database 11g R2 environments. A newly published whitepaper, "Oracle Database 11g Release 2 and the Oracle Sun ZFS Storage Appliance," considers both the business and technical evidence to support this claim.
Gartner Magic Quadrant for x86 Server Virtualization Infrastructure
Upgrades Oracle from Niche to Challenger Quadrant
Gartner has just published its 2012 Magic Quadrant for x86 Server Virtualization, in which it names Oracle to the Challengers quadrant," an upgrade from its Niche quadrant position in earlier periods. Cinzia Mascanzoni attributes this jump to the strength of the Oracle VM 3.0 release; integrated management capabilities; and solid customer momentum over the past year. The complete report is available online.
Bridging Two Worlds: Big Data and Enterprise Data
Some Notions to Dispense With
According to Dain C. Hansen, Big Data turns traditional information architecture on its head with such new technologies as Hadoop and NoSQL. Hansen recommends three initial steps in the approach to Big Data:

  • Throw out everything you know about data management, data integration tools, and start completely over; and throw out all the business applications that do not run on Big Data
  • Then isolate big data IT systems from current, non-big data enterprise IT systems.

Hansen says users will then qualify for the first step of the journey: bridging the two worlds of enterprise data and big data.

Exalogic Elastic Cloud Software (EECS) Version 2.0.1 Is in General Availability
Ideal Platform for High-performance and Mission Critical Applications, Standardization and Consolidation

Oracle Exalogic Elastic Cloud Software (EECS) version 2.0.1, now Generally Available, gives users a platform ideal for both high-performance and mission critical applications and standardization and consolidation of virtually all Oracle Fusion Middleware, writes Juergen Kress in Oracle Daily. Exalogic hosts multiple concurrent tenants, business applications and middleware deployments with fine-grained resource management, enterprise-grade security, and extreme performance in a fully virtualized environment, he says. Additional capabilities include support for extremely high-performance x86 server virtualization and, as an IaaS management system, graphical, command line and Java interfaces for creating and managing users, virtual servers, virtual storage and virtual network resources.

Oracle Exastack Optimized Certification Status
What OracleÂ’s ISV and OEM Partners Are Saying
Ten of Oracle's ISV and OEM partners discuss the meaning of achieving Oracle Exastack Optimized Certification Status. Typical comments are Adaptive Techsoft's Mahmoud Yaseen's: " ... an ability to provide eRegister 5.0 portal users with 5 times better performance via Oracle Exadata Database Machine"; or IBIS’ CTO, Raj Krish: “Combining the rich functionality of IBISimg with the linear scalability of Oracle Exadata Database Machine ... transforms medical image data management into a state-of-the-art enterprise"; and Celestine Vettical, CEO of Performix: " ... demonstrates to our oil customers that applications have been tested and tuned to deliver maximum performance and scalability."
Evolution from the Traditional Data Center to Exalogic: An Operational Perspective
Moving Away from One-off, Proprietary Platforms to Engineered Systems

The whitepaper "Evolution from the Traditional Data Center to Exalogic: An Operational Perspective" introduces readers to the ease of managing Exalogic, a substantially less complex and error prone system than traditional systems built from individually sourced, multi-vendor components. This ease of use stems from Exalogic's design as an entity to be administered and maintained as a single, integrated system, explains Javier Puerta. The whitepaper is available to community members only but non-members can easily subscribe for access, he writes.

Oracle VM VirtualBox 4.1.18
Bug Fixes and Stability Improvements in this Maintenance Release
The release and availability of Oracle VM VirtualBox 4.1.18 -- a maintenance release containing bug fixes and stability improvements -- on both the community and Oracle download sites is announced in a post by Fat Bloke. Details are available on the changelog.
IT - Technology
10 Development Technologies That Refuse To Die
TechRepublic June 24, 2012
"The world of software development has a strange irony to it. On the one hand, technology is changing so quickly that developers are forced to constantly learn new tricks to stay current. On the other hand, existing projects and code are so hard to replace, systems can stay in maintenance mode for decades, slowly being significantly rewritten but never actually replaced. These 10 technologies are ones that software developers will be using for a long, long time, even if some are past their heyday..."
    SMAC Is the New Buzzword
    InformationWeek June 23, 2012
    "The tech community and tech savvy business users are now talking about the latest buzzword, abbreviated SMAC (Social, Mobility, Analytics and Cloud). Here is a lowdown on SMAC and how it is impacting business today.

    Business models are changing and the pace of decision making has increased. Executives across the ranks need instant access to the latest and most relevant business information. And they need to have this information on their personal devices. Remember how push email revolutionized business communications? Well, the same thing is now happening for business data..."

    Meet The MySQL Experts Podcast: MySQL Utilities with Chuck Bell
    The DBA's Weapon of Choice
    The DBA's utility of choice, blogs Wei-Chen Chiu, MySQL Marketing Manager at Oracle, is the MySQL Utilities library, which Chuck Bell, Senior MySQL Software Developer at Oracle, reviews in brief podcast that covers the highlights of recently released MySQL Utilities and how DBAs can save significant time using these utilities. Further details are available in a longer on-demand webinar that covers: Use cases for each utility, How to group utilities for even more usability, How to modify utilities for your needs and How to develop and contribute new utilities.
    IT - Cloud
    3 Reasons We Won't See a Cloud API Standard
    InfoWorld June 22, 2012
    "Look at the cloud computing services out there -- then consider the fact they all have their own definition of an API. Clearly, we need standard cloud computing APIs. Enterprises are concerned because applications built around cloud APIs are costly to construct and to change. There is currently no good path to cloud portability to protect the investment in development.

    Despite IT's desire for such standards, we won't see cloud API guidelines anytime soon. Here are the three main reasons..."

    Six Things to Expect when Moving Applications to the Cloud
    ToolBox June 21, 2012
    "If you havenÂ’t spent much time there, the Cloud can be a mysterious place. Here are some things to expect when planning to relocate business functions to the Cloud.

    The Cloud is different things to different audiences. The Cloud can be shared or rented IT infrastructure. The Cloud can be data or document storage. The Cloud can be a Development and Deployment platform for custom applications. The Cloud that I want to discuss is the Application Cloud, the automation of business functions using a shared, configurable application that includes all infrastructure, maintenance, and platform development services..."

    Gartner: 1/3 of Consumer Data Will Be Stored in the Cloud By '16
    NetworkWorld June 25, 2012
    "Consumer adoption of cloud services will continue to increase in the coming years, with one-third of personal data being stored in the cloud by 2016, Gartner predicts.

    Today, only about 7% of personal data is stored in the cloud. But, Gartner researchers say the ability for consumers to capture data on their smartphones and tablets, using cameras and video recording devices, will drive the need to store data outside of local traditional options, such as on a personal computer hard drive or an external hard drive. Plus, the advent of technology allowing data to be automatically uploaded to the cloud, will mean that 36% of consumer data will be stored in the cloud within four years..."

    Prevailing Cloud Fears Mostly Unfounded
    ZDNet June 28, 2012
    "YouÂ’d think at this late date, weÂ’d stop listening to people who say that Y2K is going to all but destroy the world as we know it, who say that the world will end in 2012 because of the Mayan calendar* and who say that Cloud-based services are inherently insecure or failure prone. I just took part in a Cloud storage Twitter chat where we discussed hybrid clouds, cloud storage and the viability of cloud computing for SMBs. There were some people in the chat session who were advising businesses to stay away from cloud storage. IÂ’m shocked but not surprised..."
    Private, Public and Hybrid Clouds Will All Need an IT Service Culture
    NetworkComputing May 15, 2012
    "Whether IT focuses on a public, private or hybrid cloud computing strategy, it's going to be measured on service like never before. As a result, more and more IT executives are focusing on service culture development.

    Servicing the systems and the applications you deploy would seem to be second nature, but it never has been for IT. All too often, new systems and applications have such demanding requirements that no sooner do you wrap up one project than you're off to the next one. At the end of the day, your feet get held to the fire by upper managers who want IT quickly deployed so the business can reap the benefit. There are few penalties if you skimp on support and service..."

    Some Thoughts on Transparency in the Cloud
    NetworkWorld June 26, 2012
    "Lessons learned from a cloud expert on the important of transparency, accountability, trust and other important factors of a cloud agreement...

    David Lingenfelter from Fiberlink is on enough working groups about “Cloud” to float away, if he so desired. From the Cloud Security Alliance to NIST Cloud groups, the man knows the players on the circuit.

    He recently gave a talk about cloud. I know, another talk about the bloody cloud. Will they ever stop?..."

    Top 10 Enterprise Applications for Public Clouds
    InfoWorld June 22, 2012
    "Once you address security and privacy concerns, there are a number of apps -- regardless of your business -- you can safely move to the public cloud...

    Casa and Video is a Brazilian ecommerce site that sells a variety of household goods from air-conditioners to cameras, from bed and bath products to outdoor furniture. The company runs its entire operations on the Amazon Web Services public cloud, computing to storage and running multiple instances with load balancing.

    Meanwhile, Netflix streams movies and TV programs to members across the Americas, the United Kingdom and Ireland. The company uses Amazon cloud services from many of its data centers and regions..."

    IT - CxO
    10 Things CIOs Need to Know
    CIO Insight May 30, 2012
    "There's often a disconnect in IT between what skills CIOs are looking for in their staff and what prospective employees can actually offer. Technology is changing at a torrid pace, and companies are trying to get ahead of the curve. So, you need to continually modify the IT skills youÂ’re seeking in would-be employees and find the needle in the haystack -- that rare employee who actually can do everything you need. Exclusive data provided to CIO Insight by IT jobs site reveals that meeting the CIOÂ’s desire for core IT skills is like hitting a moving target..."
    Be the Manager No One Wants To Leave
    IT World Canada June 21, 2012
    " Employees leave managers, not companies. Learn three strategies for leading and keeping your staff ...

    The idea that employees who quit their jobs are more likely to be running away from their managers than they are to be bailing out on their companies, was first popularized by two researchers from The Gallup Organization in 1999. That was the year that Marcus Buckingham and Curt Coffman published a book titled First, Break All the Rules -- What the World's Greatest Managers Do Differently..."

      CIOs Need to Evolve or Be Left in the Dust
      CIO June 22, 2012
      "The centralized IT function of old is under tremendous pressure from trends such as cloud computing, proliferation of consumer-focused mobile devices in the enterprise and Big Data analytics. According to a report by The Economist, as these trends erode the entrenched IT structure, CIOs and their teams must better align themselves with business needs or find themselves put out to pasture..."
      Lessons from the Military: Your Risk is My Risk, Too
      Harvard Business Review June 25, 2012
      "Success requires facing inherent risk, regardless of your profession. As an Army field artillery officer who has commanded at the company and battalion levels, I've faced my share of risk. And while there are arguable differences between the risks of daily life on Wall Street and those inherent in military combat, there are actually some very striking similarities and lessons to be learned. First, not everyone is prepared to lead in risky environments. Second, as leaders who are assessing risks, we need to have skin in the game; otherwise we are only pretending to lead. Third, character matters just as much as any knowledge or skills acquired from training and education..."
        Most Business Leaders Have No Faith in IT
        IT World Canada June 21, 2012
        "The majority of European business leaders do not believe that IT is a facilitator for achieving their business priorities.

        Market research firm Vanson Bourne questioned 650 business and IT leaders across Europe and found that 72 percent of the business leaders had no faith in IT helping them to hit their business targets.

        In addition, two-thirds of the IT leaders acknowledged the lack of faith, with 67 percent saying they do not believe "that the business considers IT systems a help."

        In the survey executives cited improving customer service and engagement (70 percent), cutting costs (70 percent) and being more productive by "doing more with less" (67 percent) as their top priorities for 2012..."

          Most Senior Managers Don't Know Where Their Data Is
          HelpNet Security June 25, 2012
          "67% of respondents say that senior management in their organizations either donÂ’t know where all company data resides or are not sure, according to Varonis.

          In addition, 74% of organizations reported that they do not have a process for tracking which files have been placed on third party cloud digital collaboration and storage services..."

          Ten Ways to Get What You Want at Work
          Baseline June 20, 2012
          "When you state your case for a raise, do you usually get the increase you seek? If you're trying to get better prices, products or services from a vendor, does the vendor immediately say "yes" to everything you request? What about when you're trying to convince co-workers to commit to something they're on the fence about? In the working world, gaining competitive advantage is all about skillful negotiations. 'The Influence Game: 50 Insider Tactics from the Washington, D.C., Lobbying World that Will Get You to Yes' promises to take your negotiating game to the next level..."
            Wasting Time at Work: 10 Leading Culprits
            CIO Insight June 15, 2012
            "You have an issue. As more and more technology comes into the workplace, the sheer number of ways that employees can distract themselves is growing at a rapid rate. From social networks to online games, there are far too many options available in the office that can impede productivity. Of course, trying to change that is extremely difficult. Like it or not, your employees really do need their computers, smartphones and tablets to do their jobs. Trying to filter out select Web sites isnÂ’t really effective..."
              IT - DR
              Colorado Fires Threaten IT Businesses, Remind Them about Disaster Recovery
              CRN June 27, 2012
              "Massive wildfires scorching huge swaths of Colorado have local IT firms and solution providers looking over their shoulders -- and out their windows -- wondering how their business, and that of their clients, will be impacted...

              IT companies both large and small are being impacted by the fires, which so far are only about 5 percent contained and which could continue to with rising temperatures..."

              The Art of the Disaster Simulation
              Continuity Central June 22, 2012
              "Art - definition: skill acquired by experience, study, or observation (i.e. the art of making friends)

              No simulation is perfect. There are technical details that get missed. There are uninvolved and disinterested parties. There are complete no-shows. There are overzealous leaders who threaten to hijack the event. There are challenges to the scenario. There are rabbit-holes that waste time and activities that are poorly executed. ThereÂ’s equipment that doesnÂ’t work. ThereÂ’s food that fails to arrive. Schedules get thrown off and individuals go missing-in-action. Coordinators get second-guessed and late arrivals demand to be brought up-to-speed..."

                IT - PM
                Inside The SEC's Tech Department
                Wall Street Technology June 25, 2012
                "Something has been quietly changing at the SEC, the agency whose reputation was savaged by the financial crisis when regulators were accused of being asleep at the switch, and also took a severe beating for failing to seize multiple opportunities to stop Bernie Madoff before he bilked investors out of $65 billion.

                While many have derided the Commission for being out-of-touch, poorly staffed, and slow to react to market forces, the SEC has been quietly shaking things up in its technology department..."

                  IT Migration Makes Company More Competitive
                  Baseline June 21, 2012
                  "Managing information technology is an enormous challenge for any geographically dispersed organization. There are enterprise systems to oversee, collaboration tools to manage and myriad technologies to integrate.

                  However, few organizations face the challenges of Diversified Agency Services (DAS), a New York City-based holding company that operates more than 100 advertising, marketing and specialty communications firms across 700 offices in 71 countries. In March, the company, a division of Omnicom Group, began an 18-month migration of business-critical data to three state-of-the-art data centers in Atlanta, Phoenix and London..."

                    Successful Projects Don't Just Happen
                    IT Web May 22, 2012
                    "One of the hallmarks of an effective IT organisation is its ability to successfully implement projects. As a result, project management has become an important tool for implementing an organisation's business strategy.

                    Forward-thinking IT leaders have realised that the commodity functions of IT, like keeping the network up and the servers humming, are now a baseline expectation. Increasingly, projects are becoming the yardstick through which success or failure is measured. Managing IT projects can be a mammoth undertaking, especially those with six-figure budgets and ambitious roll-out schedules..."

                    IT - Networks
                    Aging Enterprise Networks Face Security Risks, Obsolescence
                    InfoWorld June 26, 2012
                    "The majority of enterprise networks are plagued with outdated, insecure, and improperly configured devices that are ill-prepared for supporting BYOD, VDI, and video technologies, according to a newly released report titled "2012 Network Barometer Report" from ICT services company Dimension Data.

                    The findings point to a "disproportionate focus" on endpoints such as laptops, tablets, smartphones, and virtual machines as they move to embrace mobility, virtualization, and other bandwidth-intensive projects..."

                    Data Center Fabrics Catching On, Slowly
                    ComputerWorld June 25, 2012
                    "When Government Employees Health Association (GEHA) overhauled its data center to implement a fabric infrastructure, the process was "really straightforward," unlike that for many IT projects, says Brenden Bryan, senior manager of enterprise architecture. "We haven't had any 'gotchas' or heartburn, with me looking back and saying 'I wish I made that decision differently.'..."
                    Five Needs Driving SDNs
                    NetworkWorld June 25, 2012
                    "Five trends in network are driving the transition to software defined networking and programmability. They are:

                    • User, device and application mobility;
                    • Cloud computing and service;
                    • Consumerization of IT;
                    • Changing traffic patterns within data centers;
                    • And agile service delivery.

                    The trends stretch across multiple markets, including enterprise, service provider, cloud provider, massively scalable data centers..."

                    IT - Security
                    Businesses Urged to Prepare for IT Security Threats during London 2012 Olympics
                    v3 co uk June 20, 2012
                    "In May Cabinet Office minister Francis Maude warned that the UK is likely to come under increased attack by cyber criminals during this summer's Olympics. The Beijing Olympics saw 12 million cyber security incidents during the event, he said, and that was four years ago - cyber criminals have become more sophisticated in their attacks since then.

                    Even after Maude's speech the UK government has yet to offer any specific guidance to the public or private sector on the kind of security precautions they should take during this summer's Olympics..."

                    Cloud Computing Pros and Cons for Security
                    Search Cloud Provider June 19, 2012
                    "Not too many decades ago, computers were easy to secure because they came in their own large well-guarded rooms. The "high priests" of the computer room would take in punch cards at the glass window control point, and as long as the paper holding the code was not folded, spindled or mutilated, it might be read by a Hollerith reader and run on the machine. Only one program ran at a time. Of course if your code had a bug in it, it would be rejected from the room to be debugged hours or days later when the high priests gave it back..."
                      Hiring Hackers? Tread Carefully
                      Internet Evolution June 28, 2012
                      "A news story on Bloomberg Businessweek reports that companies and vendors in Europe are turning to "white hat hackers" -- the stereotypically grimy and obsessed young turks of the Web -- for help with growing security development needs.

                      "Recruiters are turning their backs on resumes, diplomas, suits and ties as they work to attract atypical, sometimes marginal profiles that fit into a different set of rules," noted authors Marie Mawad and Jonathan Browning yesterday. And they cite an ad posted recently on Facebook's site: 'seeking a passionate hacker who derives purpose in life by revealing potential weaknesses and then crafting creative solutions to eliminate those weaknesses.' ..."

                      How Useful Is Antivirus Software?
                      ComputerWorld June 23, 2012
                      "It goes without saying that antivirus software can't catch everything. But, does it catch 10% or 90% of the malware targeted at Windows users?

                      In a recent user group presentation, malware expert David Perry, of Comodo, said there are between 200,000 and 300,000 new viruses discovered every day (here "virus" is a generic term encompassing dozens of types of malware). They are built from kits and most circulate in the wild for a very short time, perhaps only a day. In other words, by the time they are detected, they're often out of circulation..."

                      Information Security: Views of CEOs, CISOs Diverge Sharply
                      CIO Insight June 21, 2012
                      "CEOs and CISOs don't always see eye-to-eye on information security. That's perfectly understandable, as the CEO is (and should be) removed from the specifics of the threats hitting the details of the network and defenses that have been established by the CISO. However, a recent survey released by Core Security highlights just how far apart these two C-Suite executives can be over their company's security posture. Core Security received responses to its survey from 100 CEOs and 100 CISOs in the United States in April 2012. The numbers are eye opening..."
                      ISO 27001 Standard: Breaking the Documentation Myth
                      HelpNet Security June 22, 2012
                      "Dejan Kosutic is the founder of the Information Security & Business Continuity Academy. In this interview he discusses the future of compliance, ISO 27001 documentation, audit preparation, and much more.

                      Many entering the information security industry wonder about the basics, so what does it mean to be compliant? What are the pros and cons of making sure you adhere to a certain standard?..."

                      MI5 Describes Astonishing Level of Cyber Attacks
                      HelpNet Security June 26, 2012
                      "MI5 has admitted that it is working to counter astonishing levels of cyber-attacks on UK industry. Head of MI5, Jonathan Evans, commented that vulnerabilities on the internet are currently being ‘exploited aggressively not just by criminals but also states’.

                      He also revealed MI5 is investigating instances of cyber attacks in more than a dozen companies and that one major London business has suffered £800 million in losses following an attack – something that terrorists could exploit in the near future..."

                        Password Security: 11 Common Sense Steps That Help Protect Personal Data
                        eWeek June 19, 2012
                        "June has been a bad month for data breaches, and the month is only half over. Over the last two weeks or so, the industry has seen the business social networking site LinkedIn get hacked and some 6.45 million hashed but unsalted passwords posted on a Russian Web forum. Soon after, the online dating site eHarmony suffered a similar incident, with about 1.5 passwords stolen and posted on a similar Web forum. Streaming music site last.FM reported another incident in which 2.5 million passwords were put at risk. Blame certainly can be targeted at the Websites themselves, but the incidents also should serve as a reminder to users of the importance of good password practices..."
                          The Firewall Threat You Don't Know
                          InfoWorld June 25, 2012
                          "The corporate data leaving your network through the firewall might be more troubling than what's trying to get in...

                          What a firewall is and what it does are widely known to technophiles and technophobes alike. The purpose of a firewall has been burned into the head of just about every person who uses the Internet, and the thought of functioning without protection from the bad people is sheer lunacy.

                          However, nearly all firewalls are unidirectional. They may protect you from nefarious pokes and prods from the nether regions of the Internet, but they'll happily ship out any data you send from the inside. Only at the higher levels of enterprise IT do you see active filters for data leaving the network..."

                          The Intersection between Cyberespionage and Cybercrime
                          Dark Reading June 21, 2012
                          "Chinese cyberspies and traditional cybercriminals are relying on some of the same malware tools -- and some cyberspies even appear to be moonlighting...

                          Traditional cybercriminals increasingly are using the same hacking tools that cyberespionage attackers employ in order to maintain a stealthy foothold inside a victim organization so they can maximize their spoils and profits..."

                            The Two Most Feared Attacks and How to Avoid Them
                            InfoWorld June 26, 2012
                            "Large organizations with ample resources quake in their boots over two common security threats. Here's your best defense...

                            These days when I'm consulting with big businesses, governments, and other organizations, two main topics come up over and over: pass-the-hash attacks and hacktivism. One government client put it thusly: "Our department considers pass-the-hash attacks our No. 1 threat, above all other computer threats." A lot of things are broken in the security world, so to pick out one and call it the greatest threat is saying something, especially since the customer has what most readers would consider nearly unlimited funds, a multitude of competing vendor partners, senior management support, and a horde of experts with whom to discuss the problem..."

                            IT - Social Media
                            7 Steps To Social Media Stardom
                            NetworkWorld June 25, 2012
                            "Social media is taking up more and more of our time, both at home and work. Many enterprises have even started to treat social media tools as mission-critical, meaning that if you don't start mastering them, your lack of knowledge could impede your career.

                            However, since social media is so new, there really aren't established best practices built around it. It's hard to determine what works and what doesn't, and it's easy to be blind to social media risks. Here are 7 social media tips and tricks that will help you better protect your privacy, attract more followers, and increase your reach and influence..."

                            Earth Rangers Chooses OracleÂ’s Pillar Axiom 600 Storage System
                            Solution Allows for Additional 20 Terabytes of Storage Capacity per Year
                            Earth Rangers, a charitable organization educates children about biodiversity loss and empowers them to take action to protect animals and their habitats, has implemented OracleÂ’s Pillar Axiom 600 Storage System to replace its legacy storage system. The solution is designed to support Earth Rangers' rate of storage growth projected at an additional 20 terabytes of data each year of educational Web content. The Pillar Axiom 600 Storage SystemÂ’s advanced storage management capabilities enable Earth Rangers to achieve significant power savings in its data center.
                            IT - Backup
                            Who's Afraid of Cloud Backup and Disaster Recovery?
                            Virtualization Review June 25, 2012
                            "Even with advancements in cloud- and virtualization-based BDR solutions, companies are prone to choose traditional BDR approaches...

                            Last year was full of tragic natural disasters and widespread political turmoil that directly affected millions of people around the world. Everything from the destructive flooding in Australia, Brazil and Thailand, to the deadly earthquakes in New Zealand and Turkey, and the devastating tsunami in Japan all shocked businesses into the understanding that it could happen to them. Despite this realization, research shows a lag in businesses' backup and disaster recovery plans and procedures, especially within the U.S. financial services sector..."

                            OpenStorage Summit EMEA 2012
                            Summit Videos Now Available
                            Below you'll find links to the keynote presentations and breakout sessions from OpenStorage Summit EMEA 2012. If you'd like to view even more OpenStorage Summit videos from previous years in San Jose and Palo Alto, California, please visit the official OpenStorage Summit YouTube Channel and don't forget to subscribe.

                            Want to keep up-to-date on the OpenStorage industry and news regarding the Summit hosts — Nexenta Systems? Sign up to receive the monthly newsletter.

                            Every OpenStorage Summit features the greatest minds in the OpenStorage industry. You can watch videos of Keynote presentations from the brilliant presenters at OpenStorage Summit EMEA 2012:

                            • Storage Industry Trends — Evan Powell, CEO, Nexenta

                            • Public & Private Clouds — Randy Bias, CTO, Cloudscaling

                            • Nexenta Roadmap — Narendar Shankar, Sr. Dir. Prod. Mgmt., Nexenta

                            There are also videos of a number of breakout sessions.

                            IT - Big Data
                            Putting Predictive Analytics to Work
                            ComputerWorld June 27, 2012
                            "The Orlando Magic's analytics team spent two years honing its skills on the business side.

                            "Eighteen to 20 months ago, we knew virtually nothing about predictive analytics," says Anthony Perez, director of business strategy for the National Basketball Association franchise. While his team was in fact working on predictive analytics well before that, Perez added, their tools weren't powerful enough to give them insights they needed, and the group needed to scale up its efforts. So Perez brought in new, more powerful software from SAS and began climbing the learning curve..."

                            IT - Mobile
                            Enterprise Mobility: Three Principles For Success
                            InformationWeek June 25, 2012
                            "To succeed and gain a sustainable advantage from enterprise mobility, enterprises have to take a more comprehensive approach, says Sumanth Tarigopula of HP ...

                            Everyone is rushing to implement mobility. IT departments in India are no exception, as local smartphone penetration continues to ascend and the cityÂ’s consumers and citizens increasingly demand instant gratification.

                            This is a fundamental shift in IT focus, considering that the majority of todayÂ’s IT budget goes toward maintenance and operations. But this eagerness to quickly generate cool apps for the newest mobile devices can compromise efficiency, security and user experience..."

                            IT - BYOD
                            iPhone Turns 5 as Enterprises Struggle With the BYOD Chaos It Launched
                            eWeek June 24, 2012
                            "Five years ago, at the end of June 2007, the world of mobile IT changed forever, although few realized it at the time. Who could have guessed that the sales of the first iPhone would ultimately lead to significant productivity gains, new lines of business and new headaches for IT? At first all that the iPhone seemed to be was an upgraded iPod music player.

                            But over time, as more and more people realized that their iPhones could do more than make phone calls, browse the Web and play music, the demand to make them part of the enterprise became too much for IT departments to resist..."

                              Removing the Fear Factor from BYOD
                              HelpNet Security June 27, 2912
                              "In May, HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) said that it would ignore the governmentÂ’s advice on BYOD (bring your own device) because of concerns around the security of the devices that employees might connect to its network. HMRC takes the view that because it can not guarantee that its employeesÂ’ devices would be secure, it would rather stay away from BYOD altogether. HMRC deals with plenty of sensitive data, although it is far from alone in that respect, and in fact increasing numbers of organizations are taking a different view..."
                              Top Ten Articles for last few Issues
                              Vol 172 Issues 1, 2 and 3; Vol 171 Issues 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5
                              We track how frequently each article is viewed on the web site to determine which the readers consider the most important. For last week, the top 10 articles were:

                              • After Oracle, OpenSolaris rises again
                              • VMware Cookbook, Second Edition Released by O'Reilly
                              • Building Private IaaS with SPARC and Oracle Solaris
                              • Direct IO Enhancements in OVM Server for SPARC 2.2 (a.k.a LDoms2.2)
                              • Survey says: Java Technology the Top Developer Choice in Eclipse Survey at 79%
                              • Summary of the Solaris 11 Webcast's Livechat Q&A session
                              • Oracle Q42012 GAAP Total Revenues up 1% to $10.9 billion
                              • z/Scope Anywhere v7.0 Delivers Secure Web Access to IBM Mainframes, AS/400, and Unix Systems
                              • The Defensive Patent License
                              • MySQL Enterprise Backup v3.7.0

                              The longer version of this article has list of top ten articles for the last 8 weeks.

                                IT - Server
                                Managing Swap Space On Linux Systems
                                InfoWorld June 18, 2012
                                "When your Linux server starts feeling sluggish, you might benefit from looking at your swap space and gauging whether it's adequately sized for your system's workload. Fortunately, Linux has some handy commands for helping you get a good picture of your system's behavior.

                                Setting your swap space to be twice the size of your RAM is a good rule of thumb, but systems with very large amounts of memory likely won't likely need anywhere near that amount of swap. Besides, adding it later is easy if you have adequate disk space..."

                                IT - Tape
                                Tape Is Back and Ready For Backup
                                InformationWeek June 26, 2012
                                "Tape has been making a comeback of late. As we will discuss in an upcoming webinar, the tape industry has focused on its advantages in the archive market, but we are also seeing a resurgence of tape for backup. There are certainly areas where disk has a clear advantage over tape, but don't assume that it will totally replace tape. Tape can increase the retention of your backups and reduce your investment in the disk front end..."
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