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Oracle Sun ZFS Storage Appliance: Best Choice for Oracle Database 11g R2
New Whitepaper Considers the Evidence
Ideally suited to meet the ever-changing availability, capacity and performance requirements of the enterprise, the Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance, whose architecture provides a platform with the flexibility to meet these requirements, is the likely candidate solution for the role of primary storage for Oracle Database 11g R2 environments. A newly published whitepaper, "Oracle Database 11g Release 2 and the Oracle Sun ZFS Storage Appliance," considers both the business and technical evidence to support this claim.
Gartner Magic Quadrant for x86 Server Virtualization Infrastructure
Upgrades Oracle from Niche to Challenger Quadrant
Gartner has just published its 2012 Magic Quadrant for x86 Server Virtualization, in which it names Oracle to the Challengers quadrant," an upgrade from its Niche quadrant position in earlier periods. Cinzia Mascanzoni attributes this jump to the strength of the Oracle VM 3.0 release; integrated management capabilities; and solid customer momentum over the past year. The complete report is available online.
Bridging Two Worlds: Big Data and Enterprise Data
Some Notions to Dispense With
According to Dain C. Hansen, Big Data turns traditional information architecture on its head with such new technologies as Hadoop and NoSQL. Hansen recommends three initial steps in the approach to Big Data:

  • Throw out everything you know about data management, data integration tools, and start completely over; and throw out all the business applications that do not run on Big Data
  • Then isolate big data IT systems from current, non-big data enterprise IT systems.

Hansen says users will then qualify for the first step of the journey: bridging the two worlds of enterprise data and big data.

Meet The MySQL Experts Podcast: MySQL Utilities with Chuck Bell
The DBA's Weapon of Choice
The DBA's utility of choice, blogs Wei-Chen Chiu, MySQL Marketing Manager at Oracle, is the MySQL Utilities library, which Chuck Bell, Senior MySQL Software Developer at Oracle, reviews in brief podcast that covers the highlights of recently released MySQL Utilities and how DBAs can save significant time using these utilities. Further details are available in a longer on-demand webinar that covers: Use cases for each utility, How to group utilities for even more usability, How to modify utilities for your needs and How to develop and contribute new utilities.
Exalogic Elastic Cloud Software (EECS) Version 2.0.1 Is in General Availability
Ideal Platform for High-performance and Mission Critical Applications, Standardization and Consolidation

Oracle Exalogic Elastic Cloud Software (EECS) version 2.0.1, now Generally Available, gives users a platform ideal for both high-performance and mission critical applications and standardization and consolidation of virtually all Oracle Fusion Middleware, writes Juergen Kress in Oracle Daily. Exalogic hosts multiple concurrent tenants, business applications and middleware deployments with fine-grained resource management, enterprise-grade security, and extreme performance in a fully virtualized environment, he says. Additional capabilities include support for extremely high-performance x86 server virtualization and, as an IaaS management system, graphical, command line and Java interfaces for creating and managing users, virtual servers, virtual storage and virtual network resources.

Oracle Exastack Optimized Certification Status
What OracleÂís ISV and OEM Partners Are Saying
Ten of Oracle's ISV and OEM partners discuss the meaning of achieving Oracle Exastack Optimized Certification Status. Typical comments are Adaptive Techsoft's Mahmoud Yaseen's: " ... an ability to provide eRegister 5.0 portal users with 5 times better performance via Oracle Exadata Database Machine"; or IBIS¬í CTO, Raj Krish: ¬ďCombining the rich functionality of IBISimg with the linear scalability of Oracle Exadata Database Machine ... transforms medical image data management into a state-of-the-art enterprise"; and Celestine Vettical, CEO of Performix: " ... demonstrates to our oil customers that applications have been tested and tuned to deliver maximum performance and scalability."
Evolution from the Traditional Data Center to Exalogic: An Operational Perspective
Moving Away from One-off, Proprietary Platforms to Engineered Systems

The whitepaper "Evolution from the Traditional Data Center to Exalogic: An Operational Perspective" introduces readers to the ease of managing Exalogic, a substantially less complex and error prone system than traditional systems built from individually sourced, multi-vendor components. This ease of use stems from Exalogic's design as an entity to be administered and maintained as a single, integrated system, explains Javier Puerta. The whitepaper is available to community members only but non-members can easily subscribe for access, he writes.

Earth Rangers Chooses OracleÂís Pillar Axiom 600 Storage System
Solution Allows for Additional 20 Terabytes of Storage Capacity per Year
Earth Rangers, a charitable organization educates children about biodiversity loss and empowers them to take action to protect animals and their habitats, has implemented Oracle’s Pillar Axiom 600 Storage System to replace its legacy storage system. The solution is designed to support Earth Rangers' rate of storage growth projected at an additional 20 terabytes of data each year of educational Web content. The Pillar Axiom 600 Storage System’s advanced storage management capabilities enable Earth Rangers to achieve significant power savings in its data center.
OpenStorage Summit EMEA 2012
Summit Videos Now Available
Below you'll find links to the keynote presentations and breakout sessions from OpenStorage Summit EMEA 2012. If you'd like to view even more OpenStorage Summit videos from previous years in San Jose and Palo Alto, California, please visit the official OpenStorage Summit YouTube Channel and don't forget to subscribe.

Want to keep up-to-date on the OpenStorage industry and news regarding the Summit hosts ¬ó Nexenta Systems? Sign up to receive the monthly newsletter.

Every OpenStorage Summit features the greatest minds in the OpenStorage industry. You can watch videos of Keynote presentations from the brilliant presenters at OpenStorage Summit EMEA 2012:

  • Storage Industry Trends ¬ó Evan Powell, CEO, Nexenta

  • Public & Private Clouds ¬ó Randy Bias, CTO, Cloudscaling

  • Nexenta Roadmap ¬ó Narendar Shankar, Sr. Dir. Prod. Mgmt., Nexenta

There are also videos of a number of breakout sessions.

Top Ten Articles for last few Issues
Vol 172 Issues 1, 2 and 3; Vol 171 Issues 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5
We track how frequently each article is viewed on the web site to determine which the readers consider the most important. For last week, the top 10 articles were:

  • After Oracle, OpenSolaris rises again
  • VMware Cookbook, Second Edition Released by O'Reilly
  • Building Private IaaS with SPARC and Oracle Solaris
  • Direct IO Enhancements in OVM Server for SPARC 2.2 (a.k.a LDoms2.2)
  • Survey says: Java Technology the Top Developer Choice in Eclipse Survey at 79%
  • Summary of the Solaris 11 Webcast's Livechat Q&A session
  • Oracle Q42012 GAAP Total Revenues up 1% to $10.9 billion
  • z/Scope Anywhere v7.0 Delivers Secure Web Access to IBM Mainframes, AS/400, and Unix Systems
  • The Defensive Patent License
  • MySQL Enterprise Backup v3.7.0

The longer version of this article has list of top ten articles for the last 8 weeks.

    Putting Together a Patching Strategy for Oracle E-Business Suite
    The Right Strategy Makes Things Easy

    A powerful enterprise solution is at its best only if it is kept current with a patching strategy. Oracle E-Business Suite users can find some useful suggestions toward the implementation of such a strategy in the post "Having a Proactive patch Plan in Place is the way to Go." Readers are referred from that post to another, "Patching & Maintenance Advisor: E-Business Suite 11i and R12," which covers such aspects as how to plan ahead for system downtime; patching tools in E-Business Suite; how to identify patches; and how to properly test your patching plan and move to production.

    Oracle VM 3 Templates Available for Oracle Secure Global Desktop (SGD) 4.62
    Drastically Reduce the Evaluation and Deployment time for SGD

    In his post "Oracle VM 3 Templates Available for Oracle Secure Global Desktop 4.62" Mohan Prabhala explains that users of Oracle VM 3 can easily import the supported operating system (Oracle Linux 5.7) and the Oracle Secure Global Desktop 4.62 product, which are packaged together into a template and clone them as a virtual machine in Oracle VM 3. This improvement frees users from needing to download, install and configure the supported operating system and the Oracle product(s) individually.

    Oracle VM VirtualBox 4.1.18
    Bug Fixes and Stability Improvements in this Maintenance Release
    The release and availability of Oracle VM VirtualBox 4.1.18 -- a maintenance release containing bug fixes and stability improvements -- on both the community and Oracle download sites is announced in a post by Fat Bloke. Details are available on the changelog.
    Java Technology
    Java Spotlight Episode 87: Nandini Ramani on Java FX and Embedded Java
    Arun Gupta Joins Java All Star Developer Panel
    On Java Spotlight Episode 87 Host Roger Brinkley discusses JavaFX and Embedded Java with Nandini Ramani, Vice President of Development at Oracle in the Fusion Middleware Group, where she is responsible for the Java Client Platform. Arun Gupta, the Java EE Guy, is on the Java All Star Developer panel.
    New Java Tutorials Updated
    Available for Kindle, iPad and Other ePub Format Readers
    Hinkmond Wong makes a brief but enthusiastic post on the updating of the Java tutorials, which have had their Generics lesson completely reworked and which are now available in two ebook formats: mobi ebook files for Kindle; and ePub ebook files for iPad, Nook and other eReaders that support the ePub format.
    Java Spotlight Episode 88: HTML 5 and JavaFX 2 with Gerrit Grunwalt
    Software Engineer at Canoo Engineering, Expert on Java Desktop

    HTML 5 and JavaFX 2 are under discussion in Java Spotlight, Episode 88. Gerrit Grunwalt, who works as a software engineer at Canoo Engineering AG (Basel, Switzerland), where he is responsible for visualizations of all kinds, joins Host Roger Brinkley. Grundwalt's technical interests include Java desktop development and specifically the subareas - JavaFX, Java Swing and HTML5 controls. Arun Gupta is the panelist on the Java All Star Developer Panel.

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