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Virtualization at Oracle - Six Part Series
A Look at the Several Approaches to Virtualization in both SPARC and x86 Architectures

Links to Virtualization at Oracle - Six Part Series have been gathered in a post by Monica Kumar. Her post refers readers to the series that Matthias Pfuetzner and Detlef Drewanz of Oracle have written that go through virtualization technologies that can be used with the Oracle stack. Kumar appraises the series as good in the technical overview they present of the concepts of virtualization as well as of the Oracle's server virtualization solutions spanning both SPARC and x86 architectures.

Networking in VirtualBox: An 11-Step Procedure
Choosing the Best NIC from among Several Alternatives
Fat Bloke surveys the different ways of setting up networking in VirtualBox. VirtualBox enables the configuration of up to 8 virtual Network Interface Controllers (NICs) for each guest. The choice of NIC-type comes down to whether the guest has drivers for that NIC. VirtualBox suggests a NIC based on the guest OS-type that you specify during creation of the vm that rarely requires modification. The choice of networking mode depends on how you want to use your vm (client or server), Fat Bloke explains, and whether you want other machines on your network to see it.
How to Use Oracle VM Templates
Oracle Database Running on Oracle Linux Imported into an Oracle VM Environment.

Yuli Vasiliev has written an OTN post, "How to use Oracle VM templates," that describes how to prepare an Oracle VM environment to use Oracle VM Templates; how to obtain a template; and how to deploy the template to your Oracle VM environment. The article also describes how to create a virtual machine based on that template and how to clone the template and change the clone's configuration. Vasiliev uses the example of a template for Oracle Database that contains two disk images: an Oracle Linux system image and an Oracle Database image.

IT - Storage
4 Storage Technologies Lost To the Recession
Enterprise Storage Forum June 11, 2012
"With the end of the recession arguably in sight, now is a good time to examine some of the promising technologies that were killed, shelved or delayed because of economic woe... Whether the technologies are storage or storage related, the world would be a different place had these technologies become available when vendors said they would be and at the expected price. The "dead" technologies may be revived if the economy recovers, or maybe the world will move on to something else...
    Data Explosion and Big Data Demand New Strategies for Data Management, Backup and Recovery
    IT Director June 8, 2012
    "Businesses clearly need a better approach to their data recovery capabilities—across both their physical and virtualized environments. The current landscape for data management, backup, and disaster recovery (DR), too often ignores the transition from physical to virtualized environments, and sidesteps the heightened real-time role that data now plays in enterprise.

    What's more, major trends like virtualization, big data, and calls for comprehensive and automated data management are also driving this call for change..."

    Real-Time Compression Brings Real Benefits
    IT Knowledge Exchange June 11, 2012
    "Compression of data on primary storage has taken center stage in the storage wars now with IBM's release of Real-Time Compression on the Storewize V7000 and the SAN Volume Controller.

    Although not the first product to offer data reduction in primary storage, IBM raised the bar by doing compression inline (real-time) and without performance impact. Other solutions in the open systems storage area primarily compress data and sometimes dedupe it as a post-processing task after the data has been written..."

    Java Technology
    Java Spotlight Episode 86: Tony Printezis on Garbage Collection
    Major Contributor to Java HotSpot VM
    Java Spotlight Episode 86 features an appearance by Tony Printezis, a principal member of Technical Staff at Oracle, who has been contributing to the Java HotSpot Virtual Machine since 2006. He spends most of his time working on dynamic memory management for the Java platform, concentrating on performance, scalability, responsiveness, parallelism, and visualization of garbage collectors. Arun Gupta takes his seat on the Java All Star Developer Panel.
    IT - Technology
    Stealthy Robot Mimics Disappearing Cockroaches
    ComputerWorld June 8, 2012
    "You know how cockroaches just seem to disappear before you can squash them?

    Imagine if robots could do the same disappearing act.

    Scientists at the University of California, Berkeley are making that happen. By studying the cockroach, researchers discovered that one of the ways the pests can quickly slip from sight is by deftly flipping themselves under a ledge..."

      Tech's Biggest Flops of 2012 (So Far)
      InfoWorld June 8, 2012
      "The tech world moves so fast that you've probably forgotten about at least some of the big flops that have already happened this year. Here's a quick rundown to keep you in the loop ...

      Everyone gets caught up in the excitement over the next big thing ... Here are the biggest flops of 2012--so far..."

        Free and Open Source S/W
        Make Sure Your Company's Procurement Policies Are Not Restricting FOSS Adoptions
        The Community does not Require the Indemnification Protections Proprietary Vendors Seek
        Indemnification should not be an issue in the procurement of open source software, writes Simon Phipps, who advises IT administrators to examine their procurement policies to determine whether they contains stipulations that might inhibit the adoption of open source solutions. The open source community does not have the same stake in such matters as source code protection or right-to-use issues as a proprietary vendor and, therefore, the protections necessary in dealing with vendors of proprietary solutions need not apply when open source is the choice.
        MySQL Innovation Day from the Boss's Perspective
        Tomas Ulin Reviews User Response
        In Tomas Ulin's interview with Monica Kumar at MySQL Innovation Day, the Oracle President of MySQL Engineering announced the forthcoming MySQL Connect scheduled for September 29-30 in San Francisco. Presentations from Innovation Day, he said, are already available for download while some of the session videos will soon be made available on the MySQL Innovation Day web page. Ulin also reviewed in brief the changes to be found in the MySQL 5.6 Development Milestone Release and early access features for MySQL Cluster 7.3, providing links to download sites for both solutions.
        Cloud Computing
        Big Data Needs Strong Analytics, Says Mark Hurd
        Otherwise, It's Worthless
        Much of the information collected by Big Data is worthless, according to Oracle's Mark Hurd, that is, unless it is coupled with analytics able to sift out the wheat from the chaff. Interviewed by Madeline Bennett for V3, Hurd said, "Big data is going to be interrelated to analytics [to let firms] make a great decision at a very specific point in time that makes a dramatic change in the outcome.” Hurd also announced the imminent Oracle offering Secure Cloud, open and elastic but designed to reside behind a firewall, which he did not distinguish from the Oracle Public Cloud.
        Oracle Enterprise Manager 12 c
        The Total-control Tool for Oracle Linux

        "Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c offers the advanced capabilities to enable IT departments and end-users to take advantage of many benefits and cost savings of IaaS," writes Anand Akela on Oracle's Linux Blog. Describing Oracle Linux as the "best Linux for enterprise computing," Akela then recommends using Oracle enterprise Manager 12c as an integrated and cost-effective solution for complete Linux systems lifecycle management that delivers comprehensive provisioning, patching, monitoring, and administration capabilities via a single, web-based user interface that significantly reduces the complexity and cost associated with managing Linux operating system environments.

        Samsung to Join Linux Foundation
        Cell Phone Leader Becomes Platinum Level Sponsor
        Samsung will soon announce its membership in the Linux Foundation, reports Mikey Campbell in AppleInsider, and is prepared to pay the $500,000 fee that entitles the world's largest maker of mobile phones to Platinum level membership. A spokesman for the Linux Foundation says Samsung's membership will better enable the company to take on Apple, using both the Linux-based Android and Tizen platforms. At the very least, according to Business Insider, Samsung's investment will give the company a seat on the foundation's board and allow it greater oversight on upcoming versions of the Linux platform, including the Tizen mobile operating system.
        IT - Cloud
        Adopt the Cloud, Kill Your IT Career
        InfoWorld June 11, 2012
        "It's irresponsible to think that just because you push a problem outside your office, it ceases to be your problem ...

        It's safe to say that you receive many solicitations from vendors of every stripe hawking their new cloud services: software, storage, apps, hosted this, managed that. "Simplify your life! Reduce your burden! It's a floor wax and a dessert topping!" Some of these services deliver as promised, within fairly strict boundaries, though some are not what they seem..."

          How to Define and Design Cloud APIs, Step By Step
          InfoWorld June 12, 2012
          "As enterprises stand up public and private cloud services, they often miss the basics around designing APIs ...

          Most cloud computing services are not consumed using visual interfaces; instead, they're consumed through nonvisual interfaces, or APIs. These APIs are typically RESTful services that provide access to fine- or coarse-grained features of the cloud -- for example, infrastructure services such as storage or provisioning, or business services such as updating a purchase order.

          Let's say you're building a cloud computing system for an enterprise, and you need to define, design, and implement the services. What are the steps? ..."

          In Defense of the Private Cloud -- Sorta
          InfoWorld June 11, 2012
          "The private cloud is oversold and often the wrong choice, but it doesn't have to be that way ...

          The notion is that the private cloud is a popular approach to cloud computing, but it does not produce the same value as the public version. Nonetheless, in a few cases, it's still the right solution... The truth is, most of the criticism that private clouds have received in the last few years is well deserved..."

          The Rise of the Private Cloud
          HelpNet Security June 13, 2012
          "More than half of North American cloud service providers (CSPs) reported that their customers are opting for the private cloud services model, while 32 percent are choosing public cloud services, according to CA. Moreover, these CSPs expect to grow their businesses by 30 percent in 2012..."
            IT - CxO
            Busting Down The Info Silos
            ComputerWorld June 7, 2012
            "Some companies have discovered that the benefits of sharing data more widely are well worth the costs and effort...

            Here's one example of why breaking down the silos paid off: A product locator on General Mills' website allows customers to find out which stores in their ZIP code area carry, say, a particular Yoplait flavor or type of cereal. They can also enter which store they prefer to shop at..."

              Don't Blame Me, I'm Just an Employee
              Dark Reading June 12, 2012
              "If you're looking for a cure for mishandling of sensitive data, then look no further than your own management team ...

              Five years ago I remember contemplating some future day when the general workforce would come to understand the importance of securing sensitive data, taking a personal interest -- and even making a personal effort -- in support of that goal. Fast-forward to last week. While reviewing the findings of a customer's data risk assessment, I came to a personal realization: The workforce will never learn..."

              IT Change Management: Follow the Four C's for Success
              CIO Insight June 12, 2012
              "For CIOs today, there's no escaping change. Technology advancements such as consumer technologies and cloud computing models are forcing IT transformation.

              Meanwhile, IT is the lynchpin for crucial business change, be it growth in emerging markets, a need for more agile business models or increased dependence on collaborative, globally dispersed teams..."

              Leadership Lessons for IT Pros in Today`s 'Hyper-Connected' World
              eWeek June 4, 2012
              "Are you a collaborative leader? A Harvard Business Review report by leadership experts Herminia Ibarra and Morten Hansen asks this question, in hopes of helping IT administrators, IT professionals, CIOs and the like to succeed in a world and a business environment that's become "hyper-connected."

              The two researchers offer advice, as well as examples from Microsoft, and Nokia, on how to change one's leadership style to create a richer, more productive corporate culture that ultimately benefits the company's bottom line..."

                What Will Today's CIOs Do Tomorrow?
                InformationWeek June 7, 2012
                "The CIO of a well-known private sector bank was asked a question by his top management: What value are you adding to the business? Unable to give a convincing answer, the poor fellow had serious doubts about his future in the company. In these tough times, companies look for ways to trim expenditure; executives are increasingly being asked to justify their existence -- salaries are a major overhead. As companies increasingly outsource the management of its infrastructure, and with executives like the CFO making purchasing decisions, what's left for a CIO to do in an organization? ..."
                vBeers  South Florida: MurphyÂs@Hard Rock, Hollywood
                Wednesday, June 27th, 2012
                Join us for the next South Florida vBeers!

                Meet with local Virtualization enthusiasts and talk about technology, theory, politics of the industry or whatever else gets your propeller spinning.

                This is a great opportunity to meet with other virtualization enthusiasts and professionals and enjoy discussing all things virtualization, and in fact anything else that comes up in conversation.

                This vBeers event is sponsored by Nexenta Systems. Come meet the new South East regional manager for Nexenta, Adam Wick. Find out why the register says, “Exabyte era nigh for Nexenta”

                Location: Murphy’s Law Irish Bar

                Address: 1 Seminole Way, Hollywood, FL 33314 USA

                Date:Wednesday, June 27th

                Time: 6pm to 9pm — arrive and depart any time

                Free parking. Enter parking from State Rd 7. Park as far to the west as you can. Elevators will drop you off right next to Murphy’s.

                IT - PM
                Ten Ways to Eliminate Drama from Projects
                Baseline January 18, 2012
                "Unrealistic expectations. Impossible deadlines. Fickle managers. No wonder big projects stress everyone out. A certain amount of tension is to be expected, given that only one-third of IT projects are considered successful and one-quarter get canceled before they’re completed. So why add to the excitement? In the book, No-Drama Project Management: Avoiding Predictable Problems for Project Success (Apress/available now), author Bart Gerardi focuses on the human side of projects, from top-level managers to the folks in the trenches..."
                When is it Time to Create a Project Management Office?
                Project Manager May 2, 2012
                "A Project Management Office (PMO) is a department or group of people that defines and maintains the standards related to project management, within an organization. As an extension of defining and maintaining these standards, a project management office is more importantly, responsible for the successful execution and implementation of projects that fall under their jurisdiction..."
                IT - Networks
                Deploy IPv6 If You Haven't, and Prepare for the New Normal
                NetworkComputing June 11, 2012
                "No more excuses," said Vint Cerf, Google's chief Internet evangelist. "You have to be able to run IPv4 and IPv6 at the same time." ... Cerf was one of many high-ranking executives from leading technology companies including Google, Cisco, Yahoo and Akamai who participated in a live online event hosted by the Internet Society (ISOC) after last week's World IPv6 Launch day..."
                IPv6 Arrives, But Not Everywhere
                Dark Reading June 7, 2012
                "This week marked a major milestone as IPv6 went live on the Internet -- a look at some potential security hurdles for enterprises ...

                Only about 1 percent or so of the Internet is now running on IPv6 the day after the switch to the new protocol was flipped permanently. But that's actually a big jump, with 150 percent growth in IPv6 over the past year, according to Google, which estimates that half of all Internet users will be online via IPv6 in the next six years..."

                Leading Internet Prognosticator Still Pessimistic About IPv6
                NetworkWorld June 12, 2012
                "Geoff Huston, an Australian researcher whose predictions about IPv4 depletion dates have proven uncannily accurate over the years, is still not certain that IPv6 will get deployed in time to avert an addressing crisis across the Internet...

                Huston says there hasn't been enough market momentum surrounding IPv6 to declare it a sure thing. While Huston concedes that the event caused a rise in IPv6 usage to about 1% in the United States, he says the protocol needs to be at a 20% usage rate to ensure that it will succeed..."

                  World Ipv6 Launch Boosts Morale but Traffic Levels Remain Tiny
                  TechWorld June 7, 2012
                  "Despite widespread publicity for World IPv6 Launch day earlier this week, the protocol’s presence on the Internet remains painfully modest next to the domination of IPv4, Internet monitoring companies have reported.

                  From early 6 June numbers, the Internet Society’s World IPv6 Launch test might be educating the network community about its importance without actually convincing that many to use it in anger..."

                  IT - Operations
                  Is Your IT Architecture Up To Code?
                  InfoWorld June 13, 2012
                  "When it comes to developing sound enterprise technical architecture, we probably should have chosen a different word. What we mean by "architecture" has too little in common with what real architects -- the people who design buildings, that is -- do.

                  While the choice of words may seem a minor detail, the distinction tells the larger story. For those involved in enterprise technical architecture, the punchline may not be pretty. In many ways, we share a lot more characteristics with the bureaucrats who regulate buildings than those who create them..."

                    The Next-Generation Data Center: What's Inside?
                    Washington Technology June 12, 2012
                    "The Internet is dotted with stories about cool, futuristic data center designs. There are photos of thatch-covered roofs and walls that reduce cooling costs, diagrams of modular enclosures that make it easy to add space to a data center (and take it away), and aerial photos of data centers covered with solar panels. However, these design features, while exciting and innovative, are outliers. The average data center isn’t going to be adding any of the above anytime soon. That's not to say that there aren’t great things coming to a data center near you in the near future. Below, experts provide a look into what’s innovative and mainstream in data centers today..."
                      Three Vendors Are Better Than One, Say Users
                      ComputerWorld June 7, 2012
                      "he idea of a heterogeneous environment remains a very powerful force in IT.

                      Where a heterogeneous environment years ago may have been multiple Unix systems, today it could include two or more types of hypervisors on x86 systems. In the cloud era, being heterogeneous will mean using multiple clouds for compute and storage.

                      Even Hewlett-Packard, at its big user conference here this week, bowed to that reality, and announced it would support Amazon's hosted system as well as its own through its cloud management systems and services..."

                      IT - Security
                      16 Security Problems Bigger Than Flame
                      InfoWorld June 12, 2012
                      "Flame has proven a complex piece of malware, but if it were to disappear today, the Internet would just as insecure ...

                      Flame's man-in-the-middle hash-collision attack is very interesting, I won't deny. It's an incredibly complex, chained exploit using MD5 collision, weak vendor digital certificate, WPAD (Web Proxy Auto-Discovery Protocol) vulnerabilities, and signed malware. This is one for the history books..."

                        Germany Readying Offensive Cyberwarfare Unit, Parliament Told
                        TechWorld June 7, 2012
                        "Germany has set up a cyber-warfare unit designed to carry out offensive operations, the country's Defence Ministry has admitted for the first time in a parliamentary report to legislators.

                        According to German reports, the Bonn-based Computer Network Operations (CNO) unit had existed since 2006 but was only now being readied for deployment under the control of the country's military..."

                          How to Monitor and Control Privileged Users
                          Dark Reading June 9, 2012
                          "Top executives, power users, and IT administrators may have access to more than they should. Here are some tips for keeping them in check ...

                          Network administrators, PC support, engineers, server administrators -- they all do a great job of keeping our applications up and our data accessible. So what happens when they go rogue or inadvertently cause harm? The past 20 years of computer history is speckled with cases of internal sabotage, inadvertent losses and outright betrayal by those we trust the most -- our privileged users..."

                            Password Security, One Step at a Time
                            HelpNet Security June 13, 2012
                            "Last week we saw millions of passwords leak from LinkedIn, eHarmony and Much has been written over the last twenty years about how to create strong passwords, but no matter how strong your password is, if your favorite website is hacked, you’re likely to lose your password.

                            If the perpetrators have managed to download a site’s passwords to their computers, they can spend as much time as they like, using a growing number of highly sophisticated tools to crack them..."

                              The Importance of Interviews in Insider Investigations
                              Dark Reading June 12, 2012
                              "Whether it is an exit interview upon termination or resignation, or just a simple question-and-answer session during an investigation, employee interviews are critical to handling insider incidents, IT forensics experts say.

                              'If you [don't have] a procedure to formally interview people and to do it properly and record it, you're not doing your job right,' says Steve Santorelli, director of global outreach at Internet security research group Team Cymru..."

                              What IT Can Do Now That User Passwords Aren't Safe
                              InfoWorld June 11, 2012
                              "The parade of revelations of passwords stolen from online services -- LinkedIn (where poor implementation meant nearly two-thirds could be descrypted), eHarmony, and most recently -- has many workers and IT pros alike questioning the security of the cloud and the most prevalent way they have to secure access to accounts: passwords..."
                              What You Need to Know About Password Strength
                              Internet Evolution June 12, 2012
                              "News reports have been filled with stories about security breaches spurred by password thefts. For example, the GOP presidential hopeful Mitt Romney reportedly had his personal Hotmail and DropBox accounts hacked.

                              It turns out that Romney violated one of the most basic rules of creating passwords: Do not make your password easy to guess. According to Gawker's John Cook, Romney used his favorite pet's name for his password..."

                              When Is A Breach Not A Breach?
                              Dark Reading June 7, 2012
                              "When most people think of security monitoring, they think of external attackers breaking into systems, or they think of insider fraud. But there's a whole spectrum of monitoring cases that security groups have to deal with, and they're not all Threat Level Orange.

                              Sometimes the team is asked to investigate a suspicion of a suspicion -- to determine whether it's worth anyone’s time to dig further. Sometimes the "breach" is actually a turf war between departments, branch offices, or system administrators, when someone uses a root password that they weren’t supposed to have. And sometimes the monitoring is just for distasteful behavior that, strictly speaking, isn’t security-related..."

                              Who Owns Customer Information?
                              Baseline June 7, 2012
                              "A new risk has developed in the data privacy and security environment—one that is reflected in the difference between data ownership and data stewardship...

                              A fundamental change is in store: Companies and data aggregators will soon need to make a shift from thinking that they are owners of captured personally identifiable information (PII) data to viewing themselves as custodians of that data. Therefore, companies will have to revise their operations and security to avoid adverse business and legal consequences..."

                              IT - Careers
                              High School Commencement Speech: Now Isn't That Special?
                              NetworkWorld June 8, 2012
                              "We dutifully presented to you recently the line-up of college commencement speakers from the world of technology, from Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak to IBM chair Sam Palmisano to Google chair Eric Schmidt. They all had inspiring things to say, working in various levels of company promotion.

                              But the commencement address that seems to be getting more play than any other actually comes from English teacher David McCullough, Jr. (yes, his dad is the noted author/historian), who told students last week in the wealthy town of Wellesley, Mass., about how "you're not special." Some have taken the tone of the talk to be a scolding, while others have interpreted it more as a helpful lesson..."

                              How to Speak IT Support's Language
                              NetworkWorld June 8, 2012
                              "Support technicians work with some irate customers as well as customers with very complex issues. When the problem isn’t a quick fix, we often end up communicating with the customer via email so they don’t have to stay on the phone with us while we sort out the problem. This saves the customer time and gives us a chance to concentrate on the problem. When this happens, there are a whole new set of etiquette rules for working with support..."
                                Ten Ways to "Get Physical" at Work
                                Baseline June 7, 2012
                                "Do you feel sluggish and out of shape after spending hours parked at your desk? It's a common concern--one with serious potential consequences for your health and well-being. Health problems like diabetes and poor cardiovascular fitness cost companies $1.1 trillion a year, according to a study from the Milken Institute...

                                Given this, how can you incorporate more physical activity into your daily desk-bound routines? The following suggestions are compiled from resources including the Arnold School and the Mayo Clinic. Even if you incorporate just one or two of these practices, you'll likely find your energy and engagement levels increasing..."

                                IT - Social Media
                                MPs Debate New Measures to Identify Internet Trolls
                                TechWorld June 12, 2012
                                "Websites such as Facebook and Twitter could be forced to unmask so-called internet trolls, under new government proposals in the Defamation Bill.

                                The bill, which is being debated in the House of Commons today, will allow victims of online abuse to discover the identity of their persecutors and bring a case against them. The move also aims to protect websites from threats of litigation for inadvertently displaying defamatory comments.

                                'As the law stands, individuals can be the subject of scurrilous rumour and allegation on the web with little meaningful remedy against the person responsible,' said Justice Secretary Ken Clarke..."

                                  Social Media, Mobile Strategies Still Evolving
                                  Baseline June 6, 2012
                                  "Companies know they need to have a strategy in place when it comes to social media and dealing with mobile consumers, but many of them aren't sure how to engage potential customers using these tools. In fact, there's widespread disagreement within organizations about who bears responsibility for using and developing strategies around this new wave of customer communications techniques, according to a recent report from Genesys..."
                                    IT - Virtualization
                                    Gartner: Network Virtualization Will Lead To Security Control Changes
                                    NetworkWorld June 12, 2012
                                    "Gartner analyst Neil MacDonald's specialty is security, and he not only keeps a close eye on what security vendors are doing, but he's an advocate for change as fundamental network technologies evolve. Virtualization is having an enormous impact, leading to questions about the role of physical security appliances in a virtual world. MacDonald predicts by 2015, 40% of security controls in the enterprise data center will be virtualized, up from 5% in 2010. In a recent interview with Network World, MacDonald talked about the future of security in the virtual world..."
                                    IT - Mobile
                                    Dictate The Mobile Device Or Let The User Decide?
                                    NetworkWorld June 7, 2012
                                    "The list of benefits for the Bring Your Own Device movement is long, but so is the list of associated risks. Is the time right to connect employee gadgets to the company network, or should we be more circumspect? ..."
                                      Mobile Devices Bring Cloud Storage -- And Security Risks -- To Work
                                      ComputerWorld June 8, 2012
                                      "Dropbox made headlines this week when was the first to report that an unnamed hacker broke into Mitt Romney's hotmail account with the same password used for a Dropbox account also associated with the GOP presidential candidate.

                                      That followed on the heels of a decision last month by IBM to rollout a bring-your-own-device (BYOD) policy that bans the use of Dropbox..."

                                      Mobile Device Policies Evolve
                                      Baseline June 6, 2012
                                      "The rapid adoption rate for mobile devices has created both new opportunities and new challenges for IT departments and businesses. According to a June study conducted by IT market research firm IDC, more than three-quarters of businesses still provide corporate-liable smartphones to employees, but about half have transitioned to a bring-your-own-device (BYOD) approach to tablets..."
                                      NASA: Moving To Mobile Is Win-Win
                                      GCN June 8, 2012
                                      "Adopting a new model of computing such as using mobile devices sometimes involves giving up something to get something. But NASA sees its move to mobile as win-win.

                                      "It's not really a trade-off," said Sasi Kumar Pillay, the agency’s chief technology officer for IT. "Usually, when you talk about engineering, there’s talk of trade-offs. But this is one of those unusual situations in which almost everything that I’m talking about is for the benefit..."

                                        IT - Big Data
                                        10 Big Data Ideas That Will Help Your Company Thrive In 2012
                                        Wall Street Technology June 12, 2012
                                        "With data volumes set to grow 800% in the next five years, big data is – or should be – at the heart of every IT discussion on Wall Street...

                                        And as the Dodd-Frank Act and other new regulations push firms to be more transparent with their data and operations, financial institutions have been busily consolidating data traditionally managed in silos so that they can more efficiently analyze risk and comply with regulatory demands... here are the 10 trends that will shape the financial industry and all Big Data initiatives in 2012, according to SunGard..."

                                        Data Explosion and Big Data Demand New Strategies for Data Management, Backup and Recovery
                                        from IT Director June 8, 2012
                                        "Businesses clearly need a better approach to their data recovery capabilities—across both their physical and virtualized environments. The current landscape for data management, backup, and disaster recovery (DR), too often ignores the transition from physical to virtualized environments, and sidesteps the heightened real-time role that data now plays in enterprise.

                                        What's more, major trends like virtualization, big data, and calls for comprehensive and automated data management are also driving this call for change..."

                                        IT - BYOD
                                        BYOD, File-Sharing Causing Headaches for IT
                                        CIO Insight June 11, 2012
                                        "With the rise of bring-your-own-device (BYOD) initiatives and free, cloud-based file-sharing changing the way businesses are operating, IT administrators are largely unable to police the use of these tools within their organizations, according to a SkyDox report that surveyed more than 4,000 employees who handle or distribute information in the United States and the United Kingdom..."
                                        CIOs Have One Safe Option for BYOD
                                        Internet Evolution June 13, 2012
                                        "The positive features of the BYOD concept are many. Organizations no longer have to deal with the expense of providing and supporting a variety of mobile devices. They avoid the additional expense of upgrading to the latest and greatest model of smartphone. Nor do they have to deal with the expense of replacing stolen or lost devices...

                                        So how have organizations embraced BYOD? Essentially there are three camps: ..."

                                        Top Ten Articles for last few Issues
                                        Vol 172 Issue 1; Vol 171 Issues 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5; Vol 170 Issues 3 and 4
                                        We track how frequently each article is viewed on the web site to determine which the readers consider the most important. For last week, the top 10 articles were:

                                        • Networking in VirtualBox: An 11-Step Procedure
                                        • Virtualization at Oracle - Six Part Series
                                        • Three Recommended Methods for Moving Files Between Unix and Windows Systems
                                        • Procedure for Setting Up a Load-Balanced Application Across Two Oracle Solaris Zones
                                        • Jumpstart Enterprise Toolkit 4.9.4 Now Available for Download on OTN
                                        • Samsung to Join Linux Foundation
                                        • What is DevOps? Infrastructure as code
                                        • Oracle Enterprise Manager 12 c
                                        • Big Data Needs Strong Analytics, Says Mark Hurd
                                        • Java Spotlight Episode 86: Tony Printezis on Garbage Collection

                                        The longer version of this article has list of top ten articles for the last 8 weeks.

                                          IT - Server
                                          To Patch or Not To Patch
                                          InformationWeek June 11, 2012
                                          "Keeping the system updated with the latest patches is an important cyber security advice. But have you ever thought what would happen if the update service is compromised?

                                          Cyber security advice generally consists of three things -- use a strong password, use up-to-date anti-virus software, and most important, always keep your system updated with the latest patches. And since there is hardly any software that does not need patches, it has become an accepted and routine task..."

                                          Why You Should Push Your Servers to the Limit
                                          InformationWeek June 8, 2012
                                          "Optimal server utilization is the key to making your data center more efficient. With the increased need to provide on-demand services, today’s data centers face the challenge of consolidating applications on to fewer resources to enable better utilization of the organization’s existing resources. Servers are also expected to operate in multi-vendor technology environments, and deliver technical innovations to power organization's infrastructure for adapting to cloud or traditional deployments. In this story, we will discuss some of the data center server expectations and challenges faced by the CIO and ways through which they can overcome these challenges..."
                                          Three Recommended Methods for Moving Files Between Unix and Windows Systems
                                          Secure Copy; Shared Drives; Rsync

                                          The methods of moving files between Unix and Windows fall into three categories, writes Sandra Henry-Stocker in ITWorld. These are secure copy; shared drives; and file synchronization. She focuses on scpl and sftp commands; Samba; and Rsync, respectively. In the secure copy category, Henry-Stocker prefers pscp, which she says "works like a charm." In the category of shared drives, the writer recommends Samba, an implementation of the SMB/CIFS networking protocols. Rsync appears to be a favorite of hers for its ability to copy only the changes to a particular file, working equally well in Unix and Windows, she reports.

                                          Jumpstart Enterprise Toolkit 4.9.4 Now Available for Download on OTN
                                          Changes Include Capability to Specify Slot Locations

                                          The JET bundle is now available for download on the Oracle Technology Network writes Mike Ramchand in his blog. JET 4.9.4, the latest version contains a number of updates, the most significant of which is the ability to specify slot locations instead of the traditional cXtYdZsN nomenclature, Ramchand notes, adding that this is a useful improvement, especially for users trying to Jumpstart multiple servers with SAS2.0-based HBAs. With the WWN embedded in the cXtYdZsN name, the post explains, it is difficult to guess what that will be until you've booted the server.

                                          Procedure for Setting Up a Load-Balanced Application Across Two Oracle Solaris Zones
                                          Uses Apache Tomcat Server Instance as Example
                                          Integrated Load Balancer (ILB) can e combined with Oracle Solaris Zones and the new network virtualization capabilities of Oracle Solaris 11 to set up a virtual server on a single system."] The Oracle Tech Network post includes an introductory overview of ILB and follows with an 11-step procedure for setting up a virtual half-NAT mode Apache Tomcat server instance, which means that as traffic hits the ILB, the ILB re-writes the destination IP address of the real server; the source IP address is preserved. Readers will need a basic knowledge of Oracle Solaris Zones and networking administration.
                                          Centrify Suite 2012 Enables Centralized Management of Windows Accounts
                                          Delivers Secure, Unified Access Spanning Mobile Devices to Mainframes
                                          Centrify Corporation has released Centrify Suite 2012 security and compliance solution with Active Directory for the latest Linux operating systems running on IBM Z Series. This new platform support, coupled with Centrify's recently introduced mobile and additional Linux and UNIX platform support, extends Centrify's unified auditing and access management capabilities to more than 375 operating system platforms. Marketwire reports that Active Directory provides a central repository for Windows accounts, while authentication and user entitlements for other systems often reside in disparate identity silos or are managed locally system by system.
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