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Price Comparison for Big Data Appliances
Oracle BDA Comes Out Far Ahead of a DIY Assembly
A cost comparative exercise by Jean-Pierre Dijcks involving the Oracle Big Data Appliance (BDA) and a DIY system built using HP solutions and Cloudera reveals a big price point advantage for BDA. Dijcks costs out the DIY system at US$ 762,849 at all list prices, which includes neither the costs of cabling the system, installing the OS, JVM and other base components nor installing and configuring the Hadoop stack software to get to a production system. Oracle BDA, on the other hand, comes in at US$ 450,000, according to Dijcks's analysis.
How to Deploy Oracle RAC On Zone Clusters
Enables Ability to Run Multiple Versions of an Oracle Database Simultaneously
In a lengthy how-to on deploying Oracle RAC on zone clusters Vinh Tran explains that by installing Oracle RAC inside a zone cluster, you can run multiple instances of an Oracle database simultaneously, allowing you to have separate database versions or separate deployments of the same database (for example, one for production and one for development). This architecture enables the deployment of different parts of a multitiered solution into different virtual zone clusters, in turn allowing users to isolate tiers and administrative domains from each other, while taking advantage of the simplified administration provided by Oracle Solaris Cluster.
How to Set Up a Cluster of x86 Servers with Oracle VM 3
Creates a Cluster of HA Sun x86 Servers.
Kris Bakke and Jeffrey Kiely have written a how-to that walks users through setting up a cluster configuration of Oracle VM 3 using Oracle's Sun x86 systems. The primary design goal for this cluster configuration is high availability (HA). Server redundancy is inherent in the virtualized architecture, the authors remind readers, so the design also utilizes multiple networks with bonded ports. This enables redundant network connections between the virtualized servers in the Oracle VM server pool and the management server, they write, thus giving Oracle VM Manager continuous access to the servers in the event of a failure.
Oracle VM 3.1
Oracle VM Server for x86 is a free server virtualization solution
Oracle VM Server for x86 Release 3.1, the latest release of Oracle’s server virtualization solution, is available. The solution's enhanced user interface is designed to significantly simplify ease of use for virtualization administrators and help reduce deployment times. Key new capabilities improve storage availability and backup support and hardware compatibility. Three new pre-built, pre-configured Oracle VM Templates for the Oracle E-Business Suite 12.1.3; Oracle PeopleSoft Financials and Supply Chain Management 9.1; and Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c add to the more than 100 available templates that enable faster application deployment.
IT - Storage
Big Data Fail: Five Principles to Save Your BI Butt
CIO Insight May 14, 2012
"Much of the great promise of business intelligence (BI) goes unrealized because decision makers aren’t using the decision support systems in any meaningful way. The vast majority of big data and business analytics projects implemented by normal companies suffer from chronic underuse.

Big data. Magical business analytics. Such topics are all the rage these days.

I hate to be the one pointing out the fact that the emperor has no clothes (well, not really, I kinda like that role actually)..."

Top 15 Cloud Storage Tips and Tasks
NetworkWorld May 8, 2012
"Because not all cloud storage providers are created equal, we looked at current offerings from Amazon Cloud Drive, Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft SkyDrive, and SugarSync, pinpointing the services with the best attributes for accomplishing specific tasks. Along the way we assembled tips and hints for performing advanced cloud storage tasks such as merging multiple free cloud services into one massive free megacloud..."
IT - Technology
Hybrid Memory Cube Takes RAM to the Third Dimension
NetworkComputing May 14, 2012
"As Intel and AMD pack six, eight or more cores into each processor, servers are once again struggling to move data from main memory in and out of those cores fast enough to keep them fully occupied. The Hybrid Memory Cube Consortium, led by Micron, Samsung and Intel, has come up with a memory package that promises higher CPU-to-memory bandwidth by extending integrated circuit technology to the third dimension..."
The ABCs of Camera Phone Technology
ComputerWorld May 11, 2012
"Camera phones have come a long way since the first sub-megapixel models of the late 1990s and early 2000s. Aside from being more broadly available -- there's barely a phone sold today that doesn't have a camera -- they've also become much less of a novelty and much more useful as cameras.

Thanks to general advances in camera technology, which benefited both standalone cameras and phones, a good camera phone today takes pictures that are on a par with a previous generation of point-and-shoots..."

    Why Even the Least Geeky Are Hot For Solid-State Drives
    IT World May 15, 2012
    "A survey of 10,000 customers published today by Paragon Software Group highlights two interesting things about hard-drive maintenance developers and their customers.

    The first is that utility vendors know hard-drive maintenance sounds much less exciting than security, so they'll pitch HDD maintenance surveys as being about 'personal data security' instead..."

    Cloud Providers Touting Multi-Hypervisor Support
    IT World May 9, 2012
    "When Tata Communications, the Indian telecommunications company, rolls out its infrastructure as a service cloud offering in America in the coming months, company officials want to claim differentiating features in the products. And one they're hoping to include is support for multiple hypervisors..."
    Oracle Solaris Zones Preflight System Checker
    Evaluate a Solaris 10 host for migration into a Solaris Zone
    Duncan Hardie posts about Oracle Solaris Zones Preflight System Checker, which is built into Solaris 11 and to which Hardie provides a download link for Solaris 10 users. Using Oracle Solaris Zones Preflight System Checker, according to Hardie, enables migrations to an Oracle Solaris Zone on both Solaris 10 and 11. In addition, the following capabilities become available:

    • Analysis of the Oracle Solaris configuration, including networking, storage, and Oracle Solaris Operating system features in use and of application binaries and running applications.
    • Generation of a template Oracle Solaris Zone configuration to use on the target host.
    MySQL Workbench 5.2 GA; Includes 28 Bug Fixes
    Improves Stability and Performance in Windows
    The MySQL Developer Tools team has released MySQL Workbench version 5.2.40, the next maintenance release of its flagship product, which contains more than 28 bug fixes applied over version 5.2.39. The team reports that, in addition to the new Query/SQL Development and Administration modules, version 5.2 features improved stability and performance – especially in Windows, where OpenGL support has been enhanced, and the UI was optimized to offer better responsiveness. Sources and binary packages for several platforms, including Windows, Mac OS X and Linux are available as downloads.
    PHP & MySQL: Novice to Ninja, 5th Edition
    Includes Reference Guide to PHP and MySQL
    "PHP and MySQL: Novice to Ninja, 5th Edition," Kevin Yank's book that covers everything from installing PHP & MySQL under Windows, Linux, and Mac through to building a live web-based content management system, has been released by SitePoint. The book is written for beginners but nevertheless covers more advanced topics such as the storage of binary data in MySQL, and cookies and sessions in PHP. It comes complete with a set of handy reference guides for PHP & MySQL that include:

    • MySQL syntax
    • MySQL functions
    • MysQL column types
    • PHP functions for working with MySQL
    IT - Cloud
    Enterprise Cloud Strategy: An 8-Step Action Plan
    CIO Insight May 14, 2012
    "Cloud computing has been a useful tool as CIOs look to help transform business and leverage IT for business success, but many organizations have blazed a cloud trail without a cohesive strategy in place. A report from Forrester Research, 'Achieve Cloud Economics for Operations and Services', can help you take your ad hoc deployments and create a plan for action that aligns IT and business..."
    How Regulators Learn To Stop Worrying and Love The Cloud
    ComputerWorld May 4, 2012
    "In my last two articles, the context has been the opportunities and challenges that financial institutions (FIs) have with implementing private clouds successfully. However what about public clouds? What are the opportunities and challenges for FIs in public clouds? In this article I will discuss what I see as the long term opportunity for FIs and why the financial regulators need to embrace public clouds..."
      Managing File Transfers in the Cloud: 10 Points to Demystify the Process
      eWeek May 9, 2012
      "Managed file transfer is a well-accepted way for organizations to share business files point-to-point, quickly, reliably and securely. This is a subject that requires attention, especially when it comes to thorny issues, such as enterprise security and compliance. MFT uses different types of applications to securely transfer data from one computer to another..."
      Open Certification Framework for Cloud Providers
      HelpNet Security May 11, 2012
      "The Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) announced the CSA Open Certification Framework, an industry initiative to allow global, trusted certification of cloud providers.

      The CSA Open Certification Framework is a program for flexible, incremental and multi-layered cloud provider certification according to the Cloud Security Alliance's industry leading security guidance and control objectives. The program will support popular third-party assessment and attestation statements developed within the public accounting community..."

      Public-Sector Cloud Computing: The Good, The Bad And The Ugly
      IT World May 9, 2012
      "When the second-in-command of one of the most technologically advanced states in the country slams public-sector computing -- publicly -- it's a resounding wake-up call.

      "Don't underestimate how far local, state and federal government is behind [in computing]," said California Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom at a tech conference in Silicon Valley earlier this year. "We have to wake up to the new reality...."

        Still Striving for IaaS, PaaS in the Cloud
        IT Business Edge May 7, 2012
        "Deciding to move select storage applications and resources to the cloud is a relatively easy decision. Most cloud services can accommodate leading enterprise environments and architectures, essentially providing valuable support for legacy infrastructure.

        Once you start looking past simple storage, however, say into more advanced PaaS and IaaS architectures, things get a bit more complicated. The higher up the stack you go, integration with internal systems is even more crucial given that the needs of cloud architectures will very likely start to influence what happens on your home turf..."

        Where Did 'Cloud' Come From?
        IT World May 14, 2012
        "It has only been six years since the 2006 conference appearance in which Google's Eric Schmidt's reference to Google services as belonging "in a cloud somewhere," introduced the term in to common use and got Schmidt credit for coining it..."
        Cloud, BYOD Increases Need for Automated IAM Systems
        ComputerWorld May 12, 2012
        "Increased adoption of cloud services, combined with the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) phenomenon, is causing identities and access rights to proliferate throughout the enterprise, putting ever-greater stress on organizations to go beyond perimeter defenses to secure access to sensitive information.

        According to a survey conducted by Symantec and the Cloud Security Alliance at the CSA Summit this past winter, 90 percent of organizations consider control of who can access which cloud applications to be one of the most important factors affecting cloud adoption..."

        IT - CxO
        3 Lessons from Yahoo's Meltdown, From an Insider
        InformationWeek May 11, 2012
        "Big company meltdowns always happen in slow motion. And if you've done business with the company, invested in it, or, heaven forbid, worked for it, it's especially like watching a 10-car pileup at a frame per second. No matter how gruesome it gets, you can't turn your head.

        The most recent wreck I've been observing has been Yahoo, the dawn-of-the-Internet-Age icon that suffered yet another setback this week when Scott Thompson, the latest of its four CEOs in five years, was accused of fudging his resume..."

          5 Ways IT Leaders Can Get More Staff Feedback
          InformationWeek May 17, 2012
          "Most IT leaders are accustomed to dishing out constructive criticism to employees. But how many employees would feel comfortable criticizing their boss for an ill-conceived product launch or a poorly executed deployment? Many workers fear that rubbing a manager or CIO the wrong way could mean a poor annual performance review or a withheld bonus--or at least dirty looks..."
          5 Ways to Lose A Malicious Insider Lawsuit
          InformationWeek May 16, 2012
          "When the worst-case scenario strikes and a malicious insider does damage to an organization, be it by theft or sabotage, legal recourse may be in order. But if IT doesn't prepare in advance to cooperate with human resources and legal, the civil or criminal case against a bad former employee may be doomed from the start.

          According to security and legal experts, failing to cover your legal bases before presenting your case to judge and jury can effectively give the defendant that proverbial "get-out-of-jail-free card" and leave your organization without much leverage at all..."

          10 Predictions for What the CIO Role Will Look Like in 2020
          CIO May 3, 2012
          "What will the job of CIO be like in the year 2020? In many ways, the answer is already clear: The IT leader will still be the nucleus of any company, working closely with business executives and strategizing about future technology directions, leading a staff of highly trained professionals and championing streamlined technical operations. The position will still require a mix of analytical foresight and management prowess over the next decade..."
          The CIO Wears Two Hats: Isn't IT Enough?
          InformationWeek May 10, 2012
          "Rick Roy, CIO of CUNA Mutual Group, sees several similarities between running the IT and procurement departments, both of which he's in charge of for the financial services company. For starters, your team's help isn't universally welcomed.

          If a department's leaders are happily buying, say, temp services from one vendor, they're not necessarily excited to hear that they need to start buying through a centralized group--even if they understand that having one contract probably means leverage to get a better price. That's a lot like the conversations around shadow IT..."

          IT - PM
          Top 10 Reasons Darth Vader Was a Great Project Manager
          eSoftware Professionals January 12, 2012
          "Important note: The Sith Lord Darth Vader is actually a fictional character from the Star Wars saga. He was not real. Still, his character clearly showed brilliance for project management. And now, for your entertainment, the Top 10 Reason’s Darth Vader Was a Great Project Manager ..."
          The 14 Most Common Mistakes IT Departments Make
          CIO July 23, 2008
          "Nearly 70 percent of IT projects are dogged by cost-overruns or aren't completed on schedule due to poor planning, poor communication or poor resource allocation. This story assess the impact of the 14 most common project management mistakes and offers ways IT groups can avoid them...."
          IT - Networks
          Enterprise IPv6 Deployment Stories at Summit a Refreshing Change
          Network Computing May 11, 2012
          "I recently attended the 2012 North American IPv6 Summit in Denver. I was surprised to see so many presentations on IPv6 in the enterprise--many other IPv6 events that I've attended have included mostly presentations from service providers. Listening to presentations on enterprise IPv6 was refreshing..."
            The Firestorm over Firewalls
            InfoWorld May 17, 2012
            "I love offering opinions that generate comment after comment about how dumb I am, as my post "Why you don't need a firewall" has achieved. Little do these detractors know that my family and classmates said much meaner things as I was growing up, so it's like water sliding off a duck's back. I appreciate most of the comments -- because many were valid..."
              WAN Virtualization Is the Next-Generation Complement to WAN Optimization
              NetworkWorld May 11, 2012
              "Fellow Network World blogger Zeus Kerravala, wrote an interesting post in his Network World blog last month about the need for a different type of WAN Optimization from branch to the cloud. He also wrote another piece here about the need for 'next-generation WAN Optimization.'

              While we'll get into the details through the course of this column, let me start with the punch line: WAN Virtualization is the next-generation complement to WAN Optimization..."

                IT - Security
                4 Ways to Identify The Real Threats to Your Organization
                Dark Reading May 14, 2012
                "If there was ever a time when threat intelligence could be put on autopilot, that time is over. With the increase in advanced, multidimensional threats, organizations can no longer depend solely on existing gateway tools to weed out nefarious activity. More and more organizations are considering development of an in-house threat intelligence program, dedicating staff and other resources to deep inspection and correlation of network and application data and activity. In this report, we will examine the drivers for implementing an in-house threat intelligence program, the issues around staffing and costs, and the tools necessary to do the job effectively..."
                  Data Protection: The Secret Expense You Don't Want to Face?
                  CIO Insight May 9, 2012
                  "If there's anything that defines the current state of the enterprise, it's the rapidly increasing volume of data that companies are dealing with. Each month, more and more data is being loaded onto company storage solutions and networks. Responsibility falls to you and your team to the company’s data is properly safeguarded. A study commissioned by Evault and conducted by research firm Vanson Bourne makes it clear just how important data storage has become in the corporate world..."
                    Delete Data to Delete Risk
                    Dark Reading May 16, 2012
                    "Earlier this month, a Missouri state senator led a filibuster to block the vote on the creation of a new prescription-tracking database within the state -- on the grounds that should a breach occur to expose this database, it would expose embarrassing information about citizens..."
                      Five Tips to Brave the BYOD Boom
                      IT Business Edge May 16, 2012
                      "When it comes to IT security – it's frightening how the glaringly obvious for some, are shocking moments of truth for others. The most recent Harris Interactive poll about data security in the workplace is proof that bad things can happen even when you're sure you've thought of everything..."
                      What a Psychopath Can Teach Us About Information Security
                      NetworkWorld May 10, 2012
                      "In David Mamet’s 1992 film 'Glengarry Glen Ross,' Alec Baldwin’s character Blake – sent by the firm’s owners Mitch and Murray to lay down some tough love on the salesmen at a remote office of their real estate agency – uses as one of his motivational tools the acronym 'AIDA' It stands for "Attention, Interest, Decision, Action." ... interpret those four words for his audience in a manner similar to this:"
                        Why You Don't Need a Firewall
                        InfoWorld May 15, 2012
                        "Firewalls need to go away. I'm just saying what we all already know. Firewalls have always been problematic, and today there is almost no reason to have one.

                        Computer firewalls have been with us since the 1980s. Even early on it was pretty clear that they didn't really work; if they did, we would have defeated malicious hackers and malware a long time ago. But at least back in the day there was a decent reason to need them..."

                        IT - Careers
                        Courts Quash Copyright Trolls; Recognize IP Address Is Not A Person
                        IT World May 16, 2012
                        "The U.S. Supreme Court may consider corporations to be people, but three federal judges in three states have ruled that an IP address is not a person, throwing into question charges against hundreds of thousands in the U.S. accused of copyright violations, child porn, hacking and other online crimes..."
                          Kids and Technology: 10 Reasons They Should Never Meet
                          CIO Insight May 15, 2012
                          "Our children help us remember not to take life too seriously and to live in the moment. They often bring us joy at the end of a long day, and help us remember why we work as hard as we do. In many ways, kids are the cure for many of life's pains. That is, until they get a hold of your laptop, tablet or smartphone..."
                            Utility Hires Outsourcer -- But Keeps IT Staff
                            ComputerWorld May 14, 2012
                            "Consumers Energy, a large utility in Michigan, has hired an offshore outsourcing firm to take over some of its IT operations. But instead of cutting its internal IT employees, it is retraining them for new types of work.

                            The utility, which supplies natural gas and electric power to more than 6 million in the state, plans to enable employees and customers to access "any content, from any device, anywhere, anytime," ...

                              IT - Social Media
                              Facebook File-Sharing Could Be Security, Piracy Nightmare
                              InfoWorld May 11, 2012
                              "Facebook has started to roll out a new file-sharing capability -- and Dropbox shouldn't be the only worried party. The addition of a low-security file-sharing tool to the world's most popular social networking site could open a world of security pain on businesses and home users alike.

                              Facebook's new file-sharing feature enables members of Facebook Groups to upload and download files as large as 25MB, with only two file-type restrictions ..."

                              Training Workers to Be Cyber Safe
                              NetworkWorld May 11, 2012
                              "An article posted to Barracuda Labs Internet Security Blog warns that scammers are now tailoring their phishing messages to prey on people who commonly use their Facebook, Google or Yahoo accounts to login to other websites via OpenID. People who fall for the scam unwittingly give up their login credentials to a thief, and these credentials can then be used for all sorts of nefarious deeds..."
                              Why You Should Block Facebook Access At The Office
                              InfoWorld May 16, 2012
                              "There's no doubt about it -- Facebook has people's attention this week. With an IPO going live and public stock trading due by Friday, it's no wonder everyone is getting ready for one of the most exciting public offerings to date. A hot IPO doesn't ultimately matter to IT, but the implications of Facebook's business model do..."
                                IT - Compliance
                                Time to Deploy the FUD Weapon?
                                Dark Reading May 16, 2012
                                "Folks who run companies need to make decisions every day about resource allocation, and the compliance hammer doesn't always work to secure funding for security projects -- not when it's competing for resources to keep the business running. But that doesn't help you, the security professional, does it? ..."
                                IT - Database
                                10 Essential Performance Tips for MySQL
                                NetworkWorld May 14, 2012
                                "As with all relational databases, MySQL can prove to be a complicated beast, one that can crawl to a halt at a moment's notice, leaving your applications in the lurch and your business on the line.

                                The truth is, common mistakes underlie most MySQL performance problems. To ensure your MySQL server hums along at top speed, providing stable and consistent performance, it is important to eliminate these mistakes, which are often obscured by some subtlety in your workload or a configuration trap..."

                                IT - Big Data
                                Five Things CIOs Should Know About Big Data
                                NetworkWorld May 14, 2012
                                "Big data analysis got its start from the large Web service providers such as Google, Yahoo and Twitter, which all needed to make the most of their user generated data. But enterprises will big data analysis to stay competitive, and relevant, as well..."
                                Defining 'Big Data' Depends On Who's Doing The Defining
                                ComputerWorld May 16, 2012
                                "Big data is an IT buzzword nowadays, but what does it really mean? When does data become big?

                                At a recent Big Data and High Performance Computing Summit in Boston hosted by Amazon Web Services (AWS), data scientist John Rauser mentioned a simple definition: Any amount of data that's too big to be handled by one computer..."

                                How To Avoid Big Data Spending Pitfalls
                                InfoWorld May 14, 2012
                                "Big data is a powerful lure, promising to turn the massive and ever-increasing volumes of data inside an organization into a pool of intelligence that promises deep, actionable insight into every aspect of a business. However, that lure can lead you into an expensive trap if you don't plan carefully..."
                                IT - Mobile
                                9 Keys to Making BYOD Work
                                GCN May 10, 2012
                                "A slew of recent surveys has confirmed what everyone knew — that people use their personal mobile devices on the job, often regardless of whether their organization has a formal 'bring your own device' policy.

                                One survey found that 81 percent of the people polled use their smart phones or tablets for work. Another put it closer to 90 percent. And the trend has extended to government, though at a lower rate because of some agency restrictions..."

                                  BYOD: If You Can't Beat 'Em, Secure 'Em
                                  InfoWorld May 9, 2012
                                  "The trend towards bring-your-own computing is being driven by executives who not only insist on connecting their personal devices to the company network -- but refuse to hand over control of those devices to security managers despite exhortations that it's necessary to ensure data integrity. Faced with an explosion in mobile devices and already hurtling towards the cloud, what's a humble IT security specialist to do? ..."
                                  Is Your BYOD Policy Out-Of-Date?
                                  NetworkWorld May 14, 2012
                                  "As consumerization continues to spread throughout the enterprise, IT decision makers must remain on their toes, tracking and anticipating end user behavior and deploying technology to protect against productivity losses and data breaches, one researcher says..."
                                    Who Owns What When Employees Use Their Own Tech
                                    InfoWorld May 11, 2012
                                    "Who owns the phone number for a BYOD item? Who owns the Twitter handle when an employee tweets? My first reaction was, 'Why is this even a question? The employee owns the number or handle if it's his or her account.' Upon reflection, I'm sticking with that answer..."
                                    Top Ten Articles for last few Issues
                                    Vol 171 Issues 1 and 2; Vol 170 Issues1, 2 ,3 and 4; Vol 169 Issues 3 and 4
                                    We track how frequently each article is viewed on the web site to determine which the readers consider the most important. For last week, the top 10 articles were:

                                    • How to Size Main Memory for ZFS Deduplication
                                    • Oracle Offers SPARC T4 Servers Interactive e-Book.
                                    • A Linux Command Line Primer
                                    • illumos Hardware Compatibility List
                                    • IOPS, Capacity, Bandwidth: Finding the Right Balance
                                    • T4 Crypto Cheat Sheet
                                    • Oracle Improves Its Desktop Virtualization Portfolio
                                    • Building an Appliance? Oracle Enterpise Linux is the OS of Choice
                                    • LibreOffice 3.4 Writer Guide
                                    • Oracle Updates Its Publication on Oracle Solutions Certified for SAP

                                    The longer version of this article has list of top ten articles for the last 8 weeks.

                                      Making Hybrid PDFs with Libre Office
                                      Simon Phipps Shows How It's Done
                                      In a two minute video, Simon Phipps demonstrates how to create a hybrid (or editable) PDF using LibreOffice. Phipps explains that a hybrid PDF is a normal PDF file, but with the Open Document Foundation source of the document embedded so that anyone with LibreOffice is also able to open and edit it. Both ODF and PDF are open standards, so you can be sure that there’s a choice of free and open source software for editing and viewing them that will remain accessible in perpetuity, Phipps assures viewers.
                                      Solaris and IPv6: Is Solaris Compliant?
                                      UNH Testing Results Indicate Yes
                                      While he concedes the impossibility of knowing the status of all Oracle products, Jim Laurent points out that it is a matter of record that Solaris 10 and 11 have undergone testing by UNH Interoperability IPv6 test facility. The results are posted at theUNH site. UNH has also tested Oracle Linux and found it fully compatible with Red Hat Linux 5 and 6, which have also been tested by UNH, according to Laurent.
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