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DD EMC Data Domain Boost - Oracle RMAN Integration
Using EMC Data Domain systems to deduplicate Oracle database backups
Coupling EMC Data Domain's DD Boost with Oracle's native Recovery Manager (RMAN) utility is enabling DBAs to achieve advanced integration between EMC Data Domain deduplication storage systems and Oracle RMAN for faster, more efficient backup and recovery, writes Jerome M. Wendt in Using the solutions together eliminates the isolated storage islands that can result from using Oracle RMAN alone, Wendt contends, adding that, while Oracle RMAN could already backup directly to Data Domain systems using CIFS or NFS protocols, using DD Boost as the transport protocol instead of these protocols results in backups that are up to 50% faster.
GREE Selects Oracle for Data Analysis
Sun ZFS Storage Appliance, Oracle Solaris 11 on Sun x86 Server
GREE, Inc., a global mobile social gaming company, is using Oracle's Sun ZFS Storage 7420 appliance and Sun Fire X4170 M2 server with Oracle Solaris 11 to support their social network data analysis.

GREE currently uses Oracle products to build the data analysis service for its Japanese social network, which combines social mobile games with a variety of social media services, worldwide. GREE collects terabytes of log data every day to analyze traffic and service patterns in its effort to continuously improve customer service.

KyivStar, JSC Reduces Legacy Environment Storage Volumes by 85%, Boosts Performance 300-500%
Ukrainian Telco Implements Oracle Exadata Database Machine, Oracle Active Data Guard 11g
By implementing Oracle Exadata Database Machine and Oracle Active Data Guard 11g KyivStar, JSC, Ukraine's foremost mobile communications and mobile internet provider, reduced storage volume to merely 15% of its legacy environment—from 444 terabytes to 70 terabytes. KyivStar also increased its financial and analytical calculation performance by 300% to 500%. This implementation has enabled the company to effectively monitor revenues and margins, apply taxes correctly and quickly, and detect data losses due to errors or fraud by consolidating all key subsystems, such as financial reporting services or online services for subscribers, all within a year of the implementation.
Oracle Exadata Database Machine Triples GfK Group Retail and Technology Reporting Performance
Fifty Distributed Data Marts Get Consolidated onto a Single Oracle Exadata System
GfK, whose retail sales tracking solution offers powerful insights into the consumer goods market with data from the world's largest retail network, implemented Oracle Exadata Database Machine, ensuring business intelligence self-service efficiency for customers for the next two years with its highly scalable, reliable, and stable data infrastructure. Oracle Exadata Database Machine has tripled performance while maintaining low TCO by enabling the consolidation of 50 distributed data marts into one Oracle Exadata system. GfK is now able to generate its global reports at an accelerated pace and to implement reporting on mobile internet usage despite extremely large data requirements.
The Register Reports on Aggressive SPARC Upgrade Program
Oacle Offers up to $4,000 per Controller on Older SPARC Hardware

Writing in the The Register, Timothy Prickett Morgan draws attention to Oracle's Trade In, Trade Up offer on the SPARC SuperCluster T4-4, Enterprise M8000, and Enterprise M9000 hardware. Oracle's installed base can receive up to $4,000 per processor as a trade-in on SPARC and SPARC x64 machines that have been in service for the three months prior to accepting the deal. Oracle is also extending the offer to Fujitsu users. Prickett Morgan speculates that Oracle's sales force will concentrate its efforts on the SPARC SuperCluster T4-4 setups running Solaris 11 and able to support application server and database workloads.

Enhanced Sun ZFS Storage 7420 Appliance Beats NetApp Results on SPECsfs2008 NFS Benchmark
Sets Two-Node World Record

The enhanced Sun ZFS Storage 7420 Appliance can support up to 64x more memory and up to 10x more cores than a NetApp FAS3270 controller. With the Oracle VM Storage Connect Plug-in, customers can provision and manage Sun ZFS Storage Appliance LUNs, executing advanced data protection features directly from the Oracle VM Storage Connect Console. Using the Sun ZFS Storage Appliance Plug-in, customers can pass data on system performance, health and configuration to the Oracle Enterprise Manager console from a single pane of glass. The Sun ZFS Storage Appliances now offer larger three Terabyte (TB) capacity-optimized SAS-2 hard disk drives.

iBridge Selects OracleÂ’s Pillar Axiom 600 Storage System
Cuts Costs by up to 70%, Greatly Expands Storage Capacity
iBridge, an information management and data services company in the legal, healthcare, manufacturing, government and financial services sectors, has implemented OracleÂ’s Pillar Axiom 600 Storage System as the foundation of its new data center. The implementation has enabled iBridge to reduce administrative overhead costs by up to 70 percent compared to legacy storage environments in its other data centers. Exploiting the ability of the Pillar Axiom 600-based storage environment to scale rapidly and cost effectively to 1.6 Petabytes (PB) of capacity and up to eight controllers for performance, iBridge has also gained the flexibility to rapidly respond to customer needs.
Top Ten Articles for last few Issues
Vol 170 Issues1, 2 and 3 Vol 169 Issues 1, 2,3 and 4; Vol 168 Issue 5
We track how frequently each article is viewed on the web site to determine which the readers consider the most important. For last week, the top 10 articles were:

  • The Single UNIX Specification: Keeps UNIX Vital
  • Updating Oracle Solaris 11 Systems Using Support Repository Updates
  • Sun ZFS 7420 Storage Appliance Outdoes IBM on SPC-2 Benchmark Throughput Performance
  • 7000 appliance VM in VirtualBox
  • Sun Fire X4270 M3 Server Achieved 8,320 SAP SD Benchmark Users
  • Oracle's StorageTek Tape Analytics Software Automates Tape Management Operations
  • New MySQL 5.6 Development Milestone Release
  • Best Practices for JavaFX 2.0 Enterprise Applications
  • Sample Chapter from 'Java EE 6 with GlassFish 3 Application Server'
  • Java Spotlight Episode 79: Dr Fujio Maruyama on Japanese Java User Community

The longer version of this article has list of top ten articles for the last 8 weeks.

    Free and Open Source S/W
    Support for FOSS Components in Oracle Solaris
    Available Through Oracle Premier Support for Systems
    A post on points readers to a My Oracle Support knowledge article that provides background information concerning support of FOSS packages delivered with Oracle Solaris 11 and older Oracle Solaris releases. A subset of FOSS components delivered in Oracle Solaris are supported in terms of Oracle Premier Support for Systems. New version of a FOSS component will be delivered in Oracle Solaris 10 either as a patch or an update release, a new version of a FOSS component will be delivered in Oracle Solaris 11 either as part of a Support Repository Update (SRU) or in an update release.
    Simplify Software Development with Solaris 11 Zones, ZFS etc
    Webinar from Oracle's Solaris 11 Developer Webinar Series
    Oracle University has made a replay available of Matthew Hosanee's webinar "Simplify Software Development with Solaris 11 Zones, ZFS, etc." The replay is free to all OTN members as part of Oracle University's Oracle Solaris 11 Developer Webinar Series.
    Modern Software Packaging For Enterprise Developers (IPS)
    From Oracle's Solaris 11 Developer Webinar Series
    A replay of Eric Reid's webinar "Modern Software Packaging for Enterprise Developers (IPS)" is available from Oracle University and is free to OTN members. Registration and log in are required. On April 24, Matthew Hosanee presented the webinar "Managing Application Services, Using SMF Manifests in Oracle Solaris 11." Here is a link to the Oracle Solaris 11 Developer Webinar Series.
    7420 SPEC SFS Outperforms EMC/Isilon, Netapp, HDS Solutions
    Superior Performance at a Lower Price Point
    Comparing the Oracle 7420 ZFSSA against Netapp, EMC/Isilon and HDS solutions, Darius Zanganeh has found the 7420 to be dramatically faster (and at a lower price point) than the competition on the SPEC SFS benchmark. In fact, the 7420 delivered 40% more performance than the Netapp 6240, he writes. Even in terms of latency, Zanganeh explains further, the 7420 demonstrated a response rate over 2X faster than the 6240.
    Java Technology
    JavaOne Russia Demo Grounds
    Java Spotlight Episode 80
    In this week's podcast on the Java All Star Developer Panel is Dalibor Topic, Java Free and Open Source Software Ambassador. Spotlight Podcast Notes #80

    • News
    • JDK8 New Build Infrastructure
    • Expression Language 3.0/JSR 341 Early Draft Now Available
    • Websockets and JavaEE 7: JSR 356 starting up
    • Rolling Upgrades with GlassFish Server
    • Events

    While at JavaOne Russia we were able to talk a number of participants in the demo grounds. Featured in this interview is Emedded Java on both JavaSE and JavaME, Java Card, JavaFX and JavaEE.

    Oracle Optimized Solution for Oracle Unified Directory
    A Way to Faster, More Secure Approach to Application Tuning
    The Oracle Optimized Solution for Oracle Unified Directory implements Oracle Unified Directory software on Oracle's SPARC T4 servers to provide highly available and extremely high performance directory services for the entire enterprise infrastructure and applications, posts Mark Wilcox of Oracle's Optimized Solutions team. This solution, more than a simple generic tuning guide, has been run through the tuning steps and the configuration has been tested, resulting in faster, simpler deployment as a result of the reduced time it takes to run a tuning exercise from scratch.
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