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Swift Transportation Selects Oracle Transportation Management
Leading Logistics Provider Embraces a Best-In-Class Logistics Solution
Swift Transportation Company of Arizona is now using Oracle Transportation Management (TMS) in the operations of its Swift Logistics Division. Swift Logistics plans to use Oracle Transportation Management to provide integrated and streamlined transportation planning and execution, as well as freight payment for multiple transportation modes on a single platform. Swift believes that, with the implementation of the new TMS, the company will be better equipped to optimize transportation planning and execution while providing customers and carriers with transparency into each transaction, including the ability to transmit alerts to mobile devices.
Oracle Broadens Range of Information Centers to Cover Many Products
Each Home Page a Digest of Product Attributes

Oracle has expanded its Oracle Sun System Handbook concept to provide a home page listing all a product's attributes on a single page to a wide range of Oracle Solaris, Systems, and Storage products. The Information Center for each product covers areas such as: Overview, Hot Topics, Patching and Maintenance. The Information Center pages are dynamically generated each night to ensure the latest content is available. Readers can view all the currently listed pages at the link above.

The Single UNIX Specification: Keeps UNIX Vital
Open Source Movement Contributes to OS Acceptance
UNIX, now in its 43rd year of existence, has proven itself a durable, reliable OS that has been widely adopted for many purposes. Responsible in large measure for the integrity and popularity of UNIX is the Single UNIX Specification, a standard of The Open Group. This, according to Andrew Josey, Director of Standards at The Open Group, ensures compatibility across all platforms by providing a level of openness and enabling applications written to the standard to be easily moved across a wide range of platforms because the standard establishes a baseline of core functionality above which suppliers can innovate.
Procter & Gamble Speeds Up Point-of-Sale Data Queries by 30x
Reduces IT Costs, Improves Insight with Oracle Exadata Database Machine X2-2, X2-8
Proctor and Gamble's Global Business Services (GBS) organization has implemented the Oracle Exadata Database Machine X2-2 and X2-8 machines to consolidate its customer point-of-sale data into one repository, enhancing control over information assets and extending visibility. With Oracle Exadata GBS can complete some queries up to 30 times faster. One periodic end-user query formerly required upwards of 20 hours to complete and sometimes failed to complete the cycle entirely. With Oracle Exadata, that query takes three minutes. The expanded analytical capabilities possible with Oracle Exadata enable P&G to enhance business agility and scalability in support of continued innovation and growth.
Dutch Insurer ZLM Verzekeringen Improves Customer Service with Integrated Back-Office Environment
Oracle Exadata Database Machine Cuts Time to Report Customer History by 3x
The Dutch nonprofit mutual insurance association ZLM Versekeringen has deployed Oracle Exadata Database Machine X2-2 to support its aquila software in operations for customer relations, policies, losses and accounts receivable, making customer information available through an integrated, easy-to-use screen linked to the company’s financial system. ZLM Versekeringen has slashed the time necessary by a factor of three to present complete customer information in a single, unified screen view with connections from internal processes to external systems, enabling staff to provide customers complete information and support. Operations can be done within 30 minutes compared to the previous average of three days.
7000 appliance VM in VirtualBox
Setting up port forwarding

In a recent post, Jeremy Uejio outlines the steps he used to set up networking on the 7000 ZFS Storage Appliance VM, for which he used the VirtualBox CLI rather than the GUI. From his starting point, which was to download the VM image, to the end point, which was to discover that, except for hostname and password, the rest of the defaults set by VirtualBox seemed to work fine, Uejio implies that his "very brief" procedure successfully liberated him from having to rely on other willing souls for this outcome.

IT - Storage
SSD IOPS Arms Race: Does It Matter?
Enterprise Storage Forum April 12, 2012
"If you are running an application and make a system call I/O request, how long does it take to make the request if all the cores are running all the threads that are supported by the core type and are running user applications? What if all the cores are not running user applications and the kernel is running in a core? ..."
    The Sound of Silence: Installing an SSD Drive
    CIO Today April 18, 2012
    "SSDs are significantly quieter, faster and more stable than standard drives, leaving a system moving faster and quieter without paying a lot for expensive storage space for applications. But there are potential pitfalls. Each individual storage block of an SSD can only be overwritten a certain number of times, meaning they have limited lifespans..."
    How to Implement Next-Generation Storage Infrastructure for Big Data
    ComputerWorld April 16, 2012
    "Everyone is talking about Big Data analytics and associated business intelligence marvels these days, but before organizations will be able to leverage the data, they'll have to figure out how to store it. Managing larger data stores--at the petabyte scale and larger--is fundamentally different from managing traditional large-scale data sets. Just ask Shutterfly ..."
    Protect Your Organization from Storage Hyperbole -- Why Vendors Over-Promise and Under-Deliver
    Enterprise Storage Forum April 18, 2012
    "Someone I work with was giving me a hard time about how I write about technology and always talk about how good things are, but I never address the reality of the situation: Often, the actual products we deal with on a daily basis do not work ..."
      Java Technology
      Sample Chapter from 'Java EE 6 with GlassFish 3 Application Server'
      Explains How to Configure JMS and Message Queues in GlassFish.
      Arun Gupta draws attention to the release by publisher PackPub of a sample chapter from David Heffelfinger's book "Java EE 6 with GlassFish 3 Application Server," which Gupta describes as " ... a user-friendly, practical guide to install and configure the GlassFish 3 Application Server and develop and deploy Java EE 6 applications on this server." The sample chapter explains how to configure JMS and message queues in GlassFish.
      Java Spotlight Episode 79: Dr Fujio Maruyama on Japanese Java User Community
      Arun Gupta Joins Java All Star Developer Panel
      In Episode 79 of the Java Spotlight, host Roger Brinkley discusses the Japanese Java User Community with Dr. Fujio Maruyama. Seated on the Java All Star Developer Panel is Arun Gupta.
      IT - Technology
      MIT And Others Launch A Tech Education Revolution
      NetworkWorld April 19, 2012
      "MIT's free online course, 6.002x: Circuits and Electronics, is a hit. The course, which began in March and ends on June 8, prompted 120,000 registrations.

      This online course is no different than the circuits and electronics course taught to undergrads on campus, said Anant Agarwal, director of MIT's Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, who leads 6.002x. The class is part of an open education program called MITx..."

        Titanic Was High-Tech Marvel Of Its Time
        ComputerWorld April 13, 2012
        "When the RMS Titanic set sail on her maiden voyage from Southampton, England, to New York, on April 10, 1912, she was considered the ultimate passenger liner -- unparalleled in luxury, size and technology..."
          Updating Oracle Solaris 11 Systems Using Support Repository Updates
          Letting the Image Packaging System Do the Work It Was Designed to Do

          In a lengthy, detailed procedure for updating an Oracle Solaris 11 system with software packages provided by an active Oracle support agreement, Glynn Foster also includes information on how to determine whether the update is both successful and safe. Image Packaging System is a new package management system in Oracle Solaris 11 that provides a much-improved and automated way of maintaining system software across the data center. IPS integrates package and patch management into a single interface and provides for safe system upgrades by utilizing boot environments and ZFS snapshot and clone capabilities coupled with a support agreement.

          New MySQL 5.6 Development Milestone Release
          Delivers new replication features
          Oracle has released MySQL 5.6, focusing on improved availability, performance and manageability for web, cloud and embedded applications. Oracle is simultaneously providing early access to features under development for community testing and feedback. These include online operations for ADD index and NoSQL access to InnoDB via the Memcached protocol. The new MySQL 5.6 delivers enhanced high availability with new replication features; new optimizer features for better throughput of complex queries; and an improved PERFORMANCE_SCHEMA. Oracle also seeks feedback on these features: online Operations for ADD Index; high performance NoSQL access to InnoDB from Memcached; and performance improvements on modern hardware.
          MySQL Workbench 5.2.39 Released to GA
          Includes Data Modeling, New Query and Administation Features
          MySQL Workbench 5.2.39 has been released to General Availability. This is a maintenance release that contains MySQL Utilities 1.0.5, a set of command line Python utilities for helping to perform and script various administration tasks for MySQL. In this release one will find Data Modeling; Query, which replaces the old MySQL Query Browser; and Administration, which replaces the old MySQL Administrator. Version 5.2 also features improved stability and performance – especially in Windows, where OpenGL support has been enhanced and the UI was optimized to offer better responsiveness. The release also includes improvements to the scripting capabilities of the SQL Editor.
          IT - Cloud
          2 Lessons Learned Managing Big Data In Cloud
          InformationWeek April 17, 2012
          "Human language constantly changes. In fact, it changes so quickly that Wordnik has had to push the limits of database and cloud technology just to keep pace. Here are the two key lessons Wordnik learned managing big data with MongoDB and running on Amazon's EC2 cloud..."
          3 Issues the Cloud Can't Solve For You
          InfoWorld April 17, 2012
          "Cloud computing is a step in the right direction for many enterprises and government agencies, with strong patterns of success that demonstrate its value. But given the hype these days, you'd think that the cloud can do anything. Clearly, cloud computing can't fix everything, and it's worthwhile to review that "can't fix" list before you begin your journey to the cloud..."
          Get Ready for the Everything-As-A-Service World
          Washington Technology April 12, 2012
          "You might not have Eucalyptus bookmarked. But if you plan on selling software and software services to the federal government, it’s the kind of thing with which you need to become familiar. What is it? Eucalyptus is open-source software that lets developers use industry standard application programming interfaces to build private clouds or hybrid clouds that draw from internal and external, or public, cloud resources..."
            How To Negotiate A Contract With A Cloud Or SaaS Provider
            NetworkWorld April 12, 2012
            "Cloud and SaaS services are rapidly gaining traction with enterprises and SMBs -- yet IT, which is usually responsible for negotiating contracts with these service providers, may fall short in critical areas of contract negotiation and legal skills. The stakes are high. In a worst case scenario, you can simply realize that you made a mistake, and that you must get out of a contract..."
            Speed, Agility, Not Cost Reduction, Drive Cloud
            NetworkWorld April 13, 2012
            "Large enterprises that have moved toward a virtualized network infrastructure are now beginning to look at adopting private clouds, a trend that is moving from hype to actual deployments this year, says Tom Bittman, a VP and analyst with Gartner Research..."
            What Makes A Cloud A Cloud? 5 Defining Characteristics
            IT World April 12, 2012
            "Let's step through these of these concepts individually.

            First, "broad network access." Access to resources in the cloud is available over multiple device types. This not only includes the most common devices (laptops, workstations, etc.) but also this includes mobile phones, thin clients and so on. Contrast "broad network access" with access to compute and network resources during the mainframe era..."

              What Should Cloud Providers Know About Their Customers?
              NetworkWorld April 11, 2012
              "When customers sign up for an infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) plan from one of the number of vendors in the market, usually a name and credit card is needed before data is stored in the provider's cloud. But just what are public cloud providers doing with that information? ..."
              IT - CxO
              6 Ways To Beat IT Career Burnout
              InformationWeek April 17, 2012
              "More and more IT professionals are getting fed up with their jobs and the constant pressure of having to perform miracles with increasingly limited funds, pay, and accolades...

              Fortunately, career burnout doesn't have to lead to server room temper tantrums and a one-way ticket to unemployment. Russell offers six tips for IT career rejuvenation and getting yourself back in tip-top shape..."

                Data Discovery: Oft-Forgotten Step Can Save Team Time, Trouble
                IT Business Edge April 13, 2012
                "There’s one question you should teach your data integration team to always ask business people, says William Sharp, a product manager at Informatica and author of the blog The Data Quality Chronicle.

                They should ask it even if the business user has an outline of data they want you to use, and it should certainly be asked before the team writes one line of code for the ETL ..."

                  Mac OS X Security: 7 Factors Every CIO Should Know
                  CIO Insight March 7, 2012
                  "There's a common belief out there that if you run Apple’s Mac OS X operating system, you won't need to worry as much about security as you would if you were running Windows OS. Apple has reportedly used "sandboxing" and other security techniques to ensure that malicious hackers and cybercriminals don't make their way into the operating system and steal sensitive information. However, some security experts say that Mac OS X is just as vulnerable to exploits as any other OS. In fact, a new Mac OS X Trojan was spotted in the wild in late February. Here’s what you need to know about Mac OS X security ..."
                  Ten Project Management Pitfalls to Avoid
                  Baseline April 16, 2012
                  "Managers often find themselves placed in the role of project managers (PMs), but they don't have the right skills to succeed at the job. Sometimes they miss critical steps because they lack insight into PM methodology. In the book "Project Management for Non-Project Managers", author Jack Ferraro provides insight to guide individuals who are managing projects without PM training find their way ..."
                  Ten Ways to Get Positive Customer Feedback
                  Baseline April 17, 2012
                  "There is no greater testimony to a company’s worth than honest word-of-mouth feedback from the public. However, unlike paid ads and promotions, you can’t control what people say about your products or services. Or can you? While no one can script public sentiment, companies can take steps to increase the likelihood that online comments remain positive..."
                    What You Can Learn From Southwest Airlines' Culture
                    Washington Post April 18, 2012
                    "A consciously developed customer-centered culture is a business advantage that will serve you for years - and inoculate you against competitive inroads. Consider for a minute Southwest Airlines and the lengthy list of would-be category killers that have tried to imitate it ..."
                      When Big Brother Watches IT
                      IT World April 13, 2012
                      "The Wall Street Journal recently published an article on how IT departments are coping these days with the biggest threat to data security -- namely, employees in the IT department.

                      That the "enemy within" is the biggest threat to an enterprise is nothing new, but buried in the article was something that struck me as, well, Orwellian..."

                      IT - Networks
                      The Sorry State Of Federal IPv6 Support
                      NetworkWorld April 18, 2012
                      "U.S. federal government agencies must meet an aggressive deadline of Sept. 30, 2012, to deploy IPv6 on their public-facing websites, under an Obama administration initiative. But with less than five months to go, more than 99% of federal websites aren't supporting the next-gen Internet Protocol on their DNS, email and Web services..."
                        IT - Operations
                        The Next Stop In Outsourcing: Accountability
                        NetworkWorld April 16, 2012
                        "With the nation's focus on the need to create jobs, the habit of outsourcers to cite the traditional value of cheap labor will no longer be of adequate value for an increasingly sophisticated clientele.

                        This is forcing outsourcers into a new age of value-based solutions and accountability..."

                          Trust Me, I'm A Consultant
                          InfoWorld April 18, 2012
                          "That tech expert you hired to advise you on your data center upgrade may have your best interests in mind after all ...

                          To customers looking to upgrade their technology, a piece of advice: It's OK to be cheap. But if you pay a consultant good money for their expertise, you'll save yourself time and aggravation in the long run by heeding their recommendations..."

                            IT - Security
                            Europe's Data Security Laws Clear Some Clouds, Muddle Others
                            Dark Reading April 8, 2012
                            "The European Commission (EC)'s plan to rewrite the European Union's data privacy directive and update regulations to account for the increasing amount of personal data online in social networks and cloud services has some U.S. cloud providers on alert.

                            Critics in the U.S. have charged that the proposed law would throw up competitive road blocks for cloud providers..."

                              Five Web Application Security Myths
                              IT Business Edge April 18, 2012
                              "Protecting your website from hackers is tough. The battle between the good guys (you) and the bad guys (the hackers) is an ever escalating war where a misstep on your part may mean a breached site... Click through for five Web security myths, identified by Alan Wlasuk, managing partner at 403 Web Security, a subsidiary of WDDinc...."
                              Spoiler Alert: Your TV Will Be Hacked
                              InfoWorld April 17, 2012
                              "Last week you may have read a headline that blared "100 million TVs will be Web-connected by 2016." Regular readers of this blog know I'm always on the lookout for new threats, so the question naturally arises: Will Internet TVs will be hacked as successfully as previous generations of digital devices?

                              Of course they will!..."

                                The Benefits Of Top-Down Security
                                Dark Reading April 18, 2012
                                "While enterprise-level breaches often get the attention of C-level suite executives and the members of their IT staff, industry research shows it actually falls to rank-and-file employees to apply best practices and exercise sound judgment in order to properly contain them ..."
                                  The Most Mortifying Moments in IT Security History
                                  NetworkWorld April 17, 2012
                                  "It might be a data breach or some other failure, but sometimes someone has to stand up and tell it like it is. Here we take a look at some of the most mortifying security gaffes over the past few years..."
                                  IT - Careers
                                  How To Nail The Technical Job Interview
                                  NetworkWorld April 13, 2012
                                  "Interviewing for a job is a stressful experience for just about anyone who's not being aggressively recruited, and thus fairly certain about getting an offer.

                                  Technology professionals are no different. No matter how confident you may be about your tech chops, you never know what questions you'll be asked, what skills you'll be required to demonstrate, or how you'll relate to the people conducting the interview. On top of that, you usually have no idea how you stack up against other applicants ..."

                                    Texting Can Heal Broken Hearts, Raspy Lungs Or Cranky Clients
                                    IT World April 11, 2012
                                    "Psychologists, sociologists, career advisors and etiquette gurus give short shrift to the dozens of ways the Internet savvy can "talk" and even develop lasting, effective relationships without ever being in the same room or even holding a conversation in real time with the other person..."
                                      IT - Social Media
                                      The Fallacy Of Business Social Networking
                                      InfoWorld April 13, 2012
                                      "What if you threw a party and nobody came? That's what seems to be happening in the world of business social networking. In our personal lives, nearly everyone is on Facebook, and lots of us are on Twitter and Pinterest. In our professional lives, many of us use LinkedIn to stay in touch with colleagues and associates -- in case we need a new job or are hiring. But the use of social networking within the office appears to be small, despite the constant noise by vendors and management about trial efforts..."
                                      IT - Virtualization
                                      Top Ten Desktop Virtualization Myths
                                      IT Business Edge April 19, 2012
                                      "Desktop virtualization has continued to make headlines in IT, but despite the focus on the topic, there are a number of myths that remain. The root cause is that there are actually many flavors of desktop virtualization and what’s true for one type is not always true for another. Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI), which hosts virtual desktops in a data center, is one of many ways to virtualize desktops, and the one that has sparked a lot of these myths, but VDI is not the only way to virtualize the desktop."
                                      Virtualization Performance Management: Myths And Realities
                                      NetworkWorld April 16, 2012
                                      "Performance management has become the key element in maximizing any virtualization initiative, but many myths have emerged that, left unchecked, can stall an entire virtualization initiative. Here are the biggest myths and the corresponding realities to enable IT to chart an informed path forward and successfully scale deployments..."
                                      IT - Compliance
                                      Compliance Isn't Security, But Companies Still Pretend It Is, According To Survey
                                      NetworkWorld April 18, 2012
                                      "It has become a cliche in information security: Compliance is not security.

                                      But there is still an unsettling amount of denial out there, based on a recent study from HIMSS Analytics and Kroll Advisory Solutions..."

                                      Your Compliance Is Decaying Every Day
                                      Dark Reading April 16, 2012
                                      "As soon as you train staff, implement new technology, and make business process changes to become (or remain) compliant, the next day you are already less compliant. People's habits are hard to break, and what we are taught begins to fade within hours...."
                                        Sun ZFS 7420 Storage Appliance Outdoes IBM on SPC-2 Benchmark Throughput Performance
                                        Also Turns in Higher Price Performance Figures
                                        Oracle's Sun ZFS Storage 7420 appliance bested IBM's current highest SPC-2 result, based on throughput performance. The 7420 delivered 10,703.69 SPC-2 MBPS and SPC-2 Price-Performance of $35.24. The 7420's results were:

                                        • 43 percent higher than IBM's XIV at 7,467.99 SPC-2 MBPS with 4.3x better price-performance at $152.34
                                        • 242 percent higher than IBM's V7000 at 3,132.87 SPC-2 MBPS with over 2x better price-performance at $71.32
                                        • 10 percent higher than IBM's DS8800 at 9,705.74 SPC-2 MBPS with 7.7x better price-performance at $270.38

                                        The SPC-2 benchmark comprises three workloads: large file processing, large database queries and video on demand.

                                        IT - Database
                                        Three Security Snags That Expose the Database
                                        Dark Reading April 19, 2012
                                        " ... database security may be incomplete without database activity monitoring or encryption technology in place. But most security practitioners worth their salt know that more often than not, the effectiveness of a database security program rests just as much outside of a database environment as within ..."
                                        Using Reverse Proxies To Secure Databases
                                        Dark Reading April 12, 2012
                                        "Vendors are bundling in new features that both expand the reach beyond relational databases as well as incorporate new techniques to analyze transactions. But the really interesting stuff is the new methods of security policy enforcement, all of which are predicated on a 'reverse proxy' deployment model..."
                                        IT - Big Data
                                        7 Top Tools For Taming Big Data
                                        InfoWorld April 18, 2012
                                        "The floods that devastated the hard disk industry in Thailand are now half a year old, and the prices per terabyte are finally dropping once again. That means data will start piling up and people around the office will wonder what can be done with it. Perhaps there are some insights in those log files? ..."
                                          IT - BYOD
                                          BYOD Battle: A Tale Of Two Opposing IT Viewpoints
                                          NetworkWorld April 19, 2012
                                          "EdSouth is a bank holding company active in the student-loan arena, and Arrow Container Corp. manufactures cartons and containers. Their ideas about letting employees use their own mobile devices at work for business - what's often called "Bring Your Own Device" (BYOD) - couldn't be more different..."
                                          BYOD Continues To Challenge Agencies Struggling To Develop Policy
                                          Federal Computer Week April 18, 2012
                                          "Many federal agencies currently lack policies and procedures to manage personal mobile devices on their networks, which adds to the challenges associated with the growing “bring your own device” trend in government.

                                          Nearly 60% of public-sector agencies allow all personal mobile devices to connect to the enterprise networks, according to a survey by IT publication Network World and SolarWinds, an IT management software provider. But the same percentage also said their agency didn’t have the appropriate tools to handle non agency-issued mobile devices on the network...."

                                          BYOD: 'The Inmates Of The Asylum Have Control'
                                          NetworkWorld April 17, 2012
                                          "Mobile devices are multiplying and -- sanctioned or unsanctioned -- finding their way onto corporate networks. For IT pros, the influx of personal mobile devices to the corporate network is raising security concerns, creating management challenges, and swamping the help desk with support calls.

                                          In a survey of 400 IT pros jointly conducted by Network World and SolarWinds, respondents shared a wide range of tactics for handling the mobile device management challenge..."

                                          Steer Clear of These BYOD Boondoggles
                                          InfoWorld April 17, 2012
                                          "The carpetbaggers are coming! As most companies have now opened up their environments to mobile devices beyond the BlackBerry -- indeed, the BlackBerry is fast disappearing as the corporate mobile standard -- vendors, consultants, and some media outlets are preying on IT pros not sure how to deal with the heterogeneity of devices and users' insistence that IT not get in their way..."
                                            Top Ten Articles for last few Issues
                                            Vol 170 Issues1 and 2; Vol 169 Issues 1, 2,3 and 4; Vol 168 Issues 4 and 5
                                            We track how frequently each article is viewed on the web site to determine which the readers consider the most important. For last week, the top 10 articles were:

                                            • Oracle Launches Five New Sun x86 Servers
                                            • Traffic on Oracle's SPARC Roadmap Is Accelerating
                                            • Bring KVM to illumos
                                            • Trade-in Older SPARC Servers, Get a $4,000 per CPU Allowance
                                            • Oracle Makes Enterprise Manager Ops Center 12c Free for Existing Customers
                                            • DTrace Now Available for Oracle Linux
                                            • The Document Foundation Releases LibreOffice 3.5.2
                                            • Speculations on the Performance Impact of Zones
                                            • Using Throughput Latency 'Gaps' to Optimize Performance
                                            • Summary of the Program at dtrace.conf(12)

                                            The longer version of this article has list of top ten articles for the last 8 weeks.

                                              NetBeans Podcast #60
                                              NetBeans Community News with Geertjan and Tinu
                                              In the 43 minutes of NetBeans Podcast #60 listeners will hear Tinu and Geertjan discuss the latest news on NetBeans 7.1 and hear Joel Murach, author of Murach's Java Programming, now in its fourth edition, explain his preference for NetBeans IDE as a tool for teaching developers how to create programs in Java. In contrast to most other texts on Java programming, Murach opts for the IDE rather than the CLI because NetBeans itself, he feels, is more intuitive for beginning programmers to use. Guest Martin Janicek also appears to discuss his work on Groovy support in NetBeans IDE.
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                                              Vol 234, Issue 2
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