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The Radicati Group Ranks Oracle Communications Unified Communications Suite Number One
Leads Among Email Platforms for Service Providers Market
Oracle Communications Unified Communications Suite has been acclaimed by The Radicati Group as "the leading email platform for service providers," with expectations for strong growth in a market segment that Radicati predicts will grow by a 15 percent compound average annual rate over the next four years. Radicati credits the reliability and scalability of Oracle's solutions for delivering a low total cost of ownership as demonstrated further by the company’s significant experience in unified communications, noting successful large deployments at major Tier 1 and Tier 2 service providers.
OmniOS - New Addition to the illumos Familiy
With containers, crossbow, DTrace and ZFS
At the DTrace Conference, OmniTI announced OmniOS, an open source operating system for application developers in the Solaris community looking for reliable, innovative, data-intensive application deployment.

OmniTI joins a number of other distributions and projects built on the illumos kernel:

  • illumian
  • napp-it
  • NexentaStor
  • OmniOS
  • OpenIndiana
  • SmartOS
  • StormOS

The key technologies of illumos that bring significant business advantage to customers: Solaris containers, Crossbow, ZFS file system and DTrace

April 25th Online Forum -- Oracle Solaris 11
What's New Since the Launch
Oracle Solaris 11 since the launch is the subject of an online forum, featuring Markus Flierl, the VP for Solaris core engineering, as well as engineers, customers and partners. During the forum, Markus and his crew will give an update on the release, recap Oracle's OS strategy, and give you a peek at what the engineers are working on for future updates. Once again, that's April 25, 2012, 9:00 a.m. PDT to 11:30 a.m. PDT. Registration is required.
dtrace.conf 2012: Brian Cantrill's DTrace State of the Union Keynote
A Brief History and a Survey of the Important Work to Be Done
The dtrace.conf 2012 opened with a state of the union delivered by Brian Cantrill. He first points out that since dtrace.conf 2008, the development curve for DTrace was essentially flat, as the focus was on integrating DTrace with other solutions. In the last year, however, the development curve began climbing once again. The current focus among DTrace developers is addressing such problems as implementing dynamic translators; instrumenting hardware-virtualized guests from the host; creating support for dynamic USDT providers; integrating with user-level CTF; providing support for user-level postmortem DTrace; creating transparent instrumentation of multiple processes; and developing a better instrumentation up-stack.
Webinar on MySQL & NoSQL Prompts Fruitful Q&A Session
Questions Delve into Auto-sharding and Cross-shard JOINs, Rreplication, Performance, Client Libraries
The Q&A prompted by a webinar on the demands of next generation web services and how blending the best of relational and NoSQL technologies enables developers and architects to deliver the agility, performance and availability needed to be successful. Mat Keep posted these Q&As and three resources pertinent to the topic on Oracle's MySQL blog:
  • Slides used during the webinar
  • Guide to MySQL and NoSQL whitepaper
  • MySQL Cluster demo

The exchange between attendees and the MySQL developers was particularly fruitful, Keep observes, dealing as they did with such areas as auto-sharding and cross-shard JOINs, replication, performance, and client libraries.

MySQL 5.5 Available on Oracle Linux 6 and RHEL 6
Downloads are Available

MySQL 5.5 is now available on both Oracle Linux 6 with the Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel and on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 (RHEL 6) and Oracle Linux 6 with the Red Hat compatible kernel Bertrand Matthelié reports. Users can download MySQL 5.5 Community Edition binaries for Oracle Linux and Red Hat Linux 6. Matthelié's post adds that MySQL customers can rely on Oracle Premier Support for MySQL when using the MySQL database on either Oracle Linux or Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 and confirms that, in addition to offering direct Linux support to customers running RHEL6, Oracle Linux 6, or a combination of both, Oracle also provides Oracle Linux 6 binaries, update and erratas for free from Oracle's Public Yum Server.

Setting up Oracle Linux 6 with Public-yum for all Updates
Post by Wim Coekaerts Shows How Easy It Is

Ever the evangelist for Oracle Linux, Wim Coekaerts posts on getting started with Version 6 and using the recently released updates. He provides screen shots that illustrate the installation of Oracle Linux from the ISO or DVD image and on downloading the yum repo file. This done, he writes, users can just run yum update and any time there is a release of new security errata or bugfix errata for OL6, you will automatically receive it.

Oracle Enterprise Manager Ops Center 12c Introduced
Also Available: Ops Center Everywhere Program
Oracle has introduced Oracle Enterprise Manager Ops Center 12c, which delivers complete, centralized management for Oracle Engineered Systems, Oracle’s SPARC servers, Oracle’s x86 servers, Oracle Solaris, Oracle Linux, Oracle’s Sun ZFS Storage Appliance, Sun Server Networking, and Oracle Virtualization (including Oracle VM for SPARC, Oracle VM for x86 and Oracle Solaris Zones). Oracle Enterprise Manager Ops Center 12c provides the best solution for managing Oracle systems deployed in traditional, virtualized and cloud environments. Oracle also introduced the Ops Center Everywhere Program through which customers can use Oracle Enterprise Manager Ops Center to manage their Oracle systems at no additional cost.
MySQL Connect Conference in San Francisco September 29 and 30, 2012
Preview the Event by Participating in MySQL Innovation Day, June 5, 2012

Oracle has scheduled the MySQL Connect Conference for September 29 and 30, 2012, in San Francisco. The conference will include six tracks: Performance and Scalability, High Availability, Cloud Computing, Architecture and Design, Database Administration, and Application Development. Registration and the call for papers will open on April 16, 2012 for approximately three weeks. On June 5, 2012, a MySQL Innovation Day is being hosted at Oracle’s Conference Center in Redwood Shores, California that will feature multiple talks by Oracle’s MySQL Engineers, providing MySQL users an opportunity to preview some of the content that will be delivered during MySQL Connect.

Talend Enterprise Data Integration Solution, Oracle SPARC T4 Deliver Impressive Performance
T4 Demonstrates Superior Single-threaded Throughput
Oracle has returned the SPARC T microprocessor to contention in the single-threaded workload market segment with the release of the new SPARC T4 processor, which delivers a 5x better single-thread performance over previous generations Amir Javanshir posts. Testing with the Talend Enterprise Data Integration solution that concentrated on single-thread performance of the new SPARC T4 processor compared to an older SPARC T2+ processor and on overall throughput of the SPARC T4-1 server using multiple threads revealed the T4 is between 5.4 to 7 times faster than the T2+.
Oracle Database 11gR2 Certified with E-Business Suite on Windows
Certification on Microsoft Windows x64 (64-bit) Is in Progress
Oracle Database 11g Release 2 ( is now certified with Oracle E-Business Suite Release 11i and Release 12 on several Microsoft Windows operating systems. Blogger John Abraham explains that certain of these OSes are 'database tier only' or 'split tier configuration' platforms where the application tier must be on a fully certified E-Business Suite platform. Others, he adds are 'database tier only' platforms for Release 11i. For 12.1.1 or higher, it is also supported on the application tier via the migration process outlined in My Oracle Support Document 1188535.1. Split Tier Certification on Microsoft Windows x64 (64-bit)is in progress.
Sun Tape
Oracle Magazine Feature on Enterprise Tape Storage
Storage Technology VP Expresses Optimism on the Medium
Tom Haunert, editor of Oracle Magazine, interviews Jim Cates, vice president of storage technology at Oracle, about the past, present, and future of enterprise tape technology in this webcast. Cates discusses the evolution of tape storage from a mainframe storage technology to its backup role, then to open systems, backup and recovery and a multi-tier storage paradigm. Current uses in long-term digital archiving find a tape solution the method of choice, he says. With the advent of Big Data, tape will come to play an even larger role, he suggests.
USC Shoah Foundation Institute Upgrades to StorageTek T10000C
Project Digitizes Over 100,000 Hours of Holocaust Testimony
The USC Shoah Foundation Institute has selected Oracle’s StorageTek T10000C Tape Drives to support its ongoing project to catalogue and preserve visual testimonies from Holocaust survivors and witnesses. At 5 TB uncompressed, the StorageTek T10000C Tape Drive is the world’s highest capacity drive and enables customers to boost capacity and performance while maintaining their existing footprint. The Oracle solution, which also includes Oracle’s Sun x86 servers with Oracle Solaris and Oracle disk arrays, digitizes approximately 80 TB of data per month and is on track to finish digitization in 2013.
OpenStorage Summit EMEA 2012
22 - 24 MAY, 2012; 8:30 AM - 5:00 PM ; AMSTERDAM, THE NETHERLANDS
The second-annual OpenStorage Summit will be held in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Much like last year's EMEA User Conference, this year's event will feature a who's who in the OpenStorage industry participating in panels, case studies and technical vendor presentations. Three Reasons Why You Should Attend

  • In-depth look at OpenStorage — See the future of OpenStorage through the eyes of industry leaders from Intel, Arista, Juniper, KT, Nexenta, and more.

  • Nexenta Certification and Free Conference — Attendees coming to get certified on Nexenta products will get free admission to OpenStorage Summit.

  • Top-Class Speakers and Exhibitors

Location: Hotel Mercure Amsterdam aan de Amstel, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Top Ten Articles for last few Issues
Vol 169 Issues 1, 2,3 and 4; Vol 168 Issues 2, 3, 4 and 5
We track how frequently each article is viewed on the web site to determine which the readers consider the most important. For last week, the top 10 articles were:

  • ZFS Resources
  • How to Install Solaris 11 Automated Install Server
  • Oracle VM VirtualBox 4.1.10
  • DTrace: Dynamic Tracing in Oracle Solaris, Mac OS X, and FreeBSD
  • Tape at 60: Long Live the Tape
  • illumos FAQs
  • Deploy Oracle RAC in Minutes with Oracle VM Templates
  • The Prospects for the Big Data Industry
  • Demands of Handling Big Data Whet Appetite for the Cloud Among Western European Utilities
  • Optimal Cloud Computing: The Secret Is not to Mix and Match

The longer version of this article has list of top ten articles for the last 8 weeks.

    Update on Oracle Premier Support News for Solaris, Storage and Systems
    Patching with Product Search

    Miriam's Get Proactive Systems Blog provides some helpful corrective advice on using Product (Advanced) search which is driven off the Product Name to find such things as an e 1000g Enternet Driver. The post refers readers to both a 90sec video and a 7 minute Video using Firefox/chrome that shows searching for individual patches, Solaris, Firmware and similar items of interest.

    Free and Open Source S/W
    Red Hat Has $1 Billion Plus in BY 2012
    As Customers Buy in to Software Freedom, Red Hat Prospers
    Red Hat had a billion dollar plus year in FY2012, and that revenue came not just from selling software, argues Simon Phipps in his InfoWorld piece but from selling Software Freedom as well. Red Hat customers are liberated from the bonds imposed on them by vendors of proprietary software, given the freedom to experiment with open source code and to use the product for any purpose. All of this makes for an enriched business atmosphere with community members making improvements to the code even as they use it. Software freedom has put money in the bank for Red Hat.
    Sun Fire X4800 M2 Posts World Record x86 SPECjEnterprise2010 Result
    Outperforms IBM p780 by 63%
    Oracle's Sun Fire X4800 M2 using the Intel Xeon E7-8870 processor (running the application tier) and Sun Fire X4470 M2 using the Intel Xeon E7-4870 processor (running the database tier) produced a record single application server benchmark result of 27,150.05 SPECjEnterprise2010 EjOPS. The Sun Fire X4800 M2 server demonstrated 63% better performance than the IBM P780 server at 16,646.34 SPECjEnterprise2010 EjOPS. The Sun Fire X4800 M2 server demonstrated 4% better performance than the Cisco UCS B440 M2 result, using the same number of processors. Oracle WebLogic Server 12c, Java HotSpot(TM) 64-Bit Server 1.7.0_02, and Oracle Database 11g were used.
    Configuring an NTP Client in Solaris 11
    Moellenkamp's How-to Shows How Easily It's Done

    Joerg Moellenkamp shows how to configure an NTP client on a plain standard Solaris 11 in a recent blog post. His method includes a certain redundancy as he uses four time servers, thereby ensuring that at least one will be operational at all times. He also uses ntpdate to force a time synchronization rather than the ntp daemon, which does not provide a time synch. At the outset Moellenkamp characterizes the procedure as a simple one: The brevity and relatively uncomplicated nature of his procedure suggest that he is correct.

    Why VDI? (Five Reasons People Really Use VDI)
    Cost Reduction and Making Desktops Easier to Manage Are not Among Them
    In two earlier posts Brian Madden has argued that VDI is not about saving money nor about making desktops easier to manage. He does find a number of viable uses of VDI, however, which he puts forward to absolve himself of being labeled a "VDI hater." These uses alone, Madden writes, are not in and of themselves sufficient reason to run out and move all your users to VDI but he concedes that every company can use some VDI—just like every company can use some laptops and some desktops.
    Java Technology
    Java Spotlight Episode 77: Donald Smith on OpenJDK and Java
    Oracle Director of Product Management
    In Episode 77 of the Java Spotlight Donald Smith discusses Java and OpenJDK with host Roger Brinkley. Smith is Director of Product Management for Oracle and has worldwide enterprise software experience, ranging from small "dot-com" through Fortune 500 companies. Joining the Java All Star Developer Panel for this episode are Dalibor Topic, Java Free and Open Source Software Ambassador and Arun Gupta, Java EE aficionado.
    16 Ultimate SSH Hacks
    IT World Writer Challenges the Security-minded
    Carla Schroder challenges her readers to test their mettle against 16 ultimate SSH hacks that she identifies in her IT World article of that title. These are expert tips and tricks, she writes, from identifying monkey-in-the-middle attacks to road warrior security to attaching remote screen sessions. The comments posted make for spirited reading, as one might expect on such a subject.
    Gartner Analysts Name Oracle Communications "Very Strong" in Survey
    Oracle Receives Gartner's Highest Possible Rating
    Gartner has bestowed its highest possible rating, "Very Strong," on Oracle Communications in its Market Insight: Next-Generation Service Delivery Platform Market Overview and Strategic Scorecard for Vendors, 2012 report. The report evaluates capabilities of the leading next-generation (NG) service delivery platform (SDP) vendors on the market and is based on an in-depth study, which explores key issues related to seven SDP criteria: product and service, market understanding, product strategy, sales strategy, geographic strategy, market responsiveness and viability. In addition to its “Very Strong” overall score, Oracle received “Very Strong” ratings in the product or service strategy and geographic strategy categories.
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