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The Radicati Group Ranks Oracle Communications Unified Communications Suite Number One
Leads Among Email Platforms for Service Providers Market
Oracle Communications Unified Communications Suite has been acclaimed by The Radicati Group as "the leading email platform for service providers," with expectations for strong growth in a market segment that Radicati predicts will grow by a 15 percent compound average annual rate over the next four years. Radicati credits the reliability and scalability of Oracle's solutions for delivering a low total cost of ownership as demonstrated further by the company’s significant experience in unified communications, noting successful large deployments at major Tier 1 and Tier 2 service providers.
Talend Enterprise Data Integration Solution, Oracle SPARC T4 Deliver Impressive Performance
T4 Demonstrates Superior Single-threaded Throughput
Oracle has returned the SPARC T microprocessor to contention in the single-threaded workload market segment with the release of the new SPARC T4 processor, which delivers a 5x better single-thread performance over previous generations Amir Javanshir posts. Testing with the Talend Enterprise Data Integration solution that concentrated on single-thread performance of the new SPARC T4 processor compared to an older SPARC T2+ processor and on overall throughput of the SPARC T4-1 server using multiple threads revealed the T4 is between 5.4 to 7 times faster than the T2+.
IT - Storage
Storage Industry Takes Steps to Avoid PCIe SSD Fragmentation
TechWorld April 2, 2012
"Fifty industry representatives have signed on to a task force created to address interoperability issues related to a plethora of form factors and connectivity issues for PCIe solid-state drives (SSDs).

The Solid State Storage Initiative (SSSI) PCIe SSD Task Force, which is being organised under the Storage Networking Industry Association (SNIA), will deal with current standards, any standards gaps that need to be filled and end user concerns over interoperability between products..."

IT-Business Disconnect: Will The Cloud Bridge The Gap, or Widen It?
CIOInsight March 29, 2012
"As business technology demands escalate, CIOs and other top-level IT executives often face a disconnect between their infrastructure requirements and the needs of business leaders who are trying to maximize revenue and increase efficiency. The dual trends of IT consumerization and BYOD are adding further pressure to the roles of IT leaders. In a study commissioned by BMC Software and conducted by Forrester Research, the significant divide between IT and business is fully illustrated ..."
Storage brand leaders according to IT Brand Pulse
StorageNewsletter April 5, 2012
"IT Brand Pulse, a source of data and analysis about IT infrastructure, announced the results of the March 2012 Brand Leader Awards survey.

In this survey, respondents were asked which vendors they perceive as the leader in eight storage categories: FC HBA, FC Switch, Tape Library, Backup Software, Unified storage, Cloud Backup, HPC storage and IO Virtualization/PCI Sharing.

For each category, respondents chose the brand leader in market, price, performance, reliability, service & support, and innovation..."

Java Technology
Java Spotlight Episode 77: Donald Smith on OpenJDK and Java
Oracle Director of Product Management
In Episode 77 of the Java Spotlight Donald Smith discusses Java and OpenJDK with host Roger Brinkley. Smith is Director of Product Management for Oracle and has worldwide enterprise software experience, ranging from small "dot-com" through Fortune 500 companies. Joining the Java All Star Developer Panel for this episode are Dalibor Topic, Java Free and Open Source Software Ambassador and Arun Gupta, Java EE aficionado.
IT - Technology
Critics Say FTC, Obama Privacy Plans Would Lead to Major Regulation
ComputerWorld March 29, 2012
"Recent online privacy proposals by the White House and the Federal Trade Commission could lead to new regulations that stifle innovation on the Internet, some lawmakers and other critics said Thursday.

The proposals "would encompass a massive expansion of the government," U.S. Rep. Marsha Blackburn (R-Tenn.) said during a hearing.

Both proposals are largely focused on voluntary steps Web companies can take to protect customers' privacy..."

    Five Common Website Mistakes That Businesses Need to Avoid
    TechWorld April 8, 2011
    "Websites that have been up and running for a while tend to get tinkered with by well-intentioned marketing and technical staffs. Although businesses should encourage innovation, many common website practices can, if implemented in the wrong way, invite legal problems. Here's a rundown on five common website mistakes..."
      I'm Your Customer, Not Your QA Department!
      NetworkComputing April 2, 2012
      "Bugs happen. It's a fact of life. We accept them. We plan for them. We find them. We escalate them to vendors. Then we workaround. We hack. We patch. And we hope that we can mitigate the impact. Bugs are operational failures by vendors and that not only wastes company's time tracking down, but has the long term impact of stopping companies from adopting new products and features for the sake of reliability. Here are 4 misconceptions vendors tell themselves, and us, about software bugs ..."
      Free and Open Source S/W
      Red Hat Has $1 Billion Plus in BY 2012
      As Customers Buy in to Software Freedom, Red Hat Prospers
      Red Hat had a billion dollar plus year in FY2012, and that revenue came not just from selling software, argues Simon Phipps in his InfoWorld piece but from selling Software Freedom as well. Red Hat customers are liberated from the bonds imposed on them by vendors of proprietary software, given the freedom to experiment with open source code and to use the product for any purpose. All of this makes for an enriched business atmosphere with community members making improvements to the code even as they use it. Software freedom has put money in the bank for Red Hat.
      April 25th Online Forum -- Oracle Solaris 11
      What's New Since the Launch
      Oracle Solaris 11 since the launch is the subject of an online forum, featuring Markus Flierl, the VP for Solaris core engineering, as well as engineers, customers and partners. During the forum, Markus and his crew will give an update on the release, recap Oracle's OS strategy, and give you a peek at what the engineers are working on for future updates. Once again, that's April 25, 2012, 9:00 a.m. PDT to 11:30 a.m. PDT. Registration is required.
      Webinar on MySQL & NoSQL Prompts Fruitful Q&A Session
      Questions Delve into Auto-sharding and Cross-shard JOINs, Rreplication, Performance, Client Libraries
      The Q&A prompted by a webinar on the demands of next generation web services and how blending the best of relational and NoSQL technologies enables developers and architects to deliver the agility, performance and availability needed to be successful. Mat Keep posted these Q&As and three resources pertinent to the topic on Oracle's MySQL blog:
      • Slides used during the webinar
      • Guide to MySQL and NoSQL whitepaper
      • MySQL Cluster demo

      The exchange between attendees and the MySQL developers was particularly fruitful, Keep observes, dealing as they did with such areas as auto-sharding and cross-shard JOINs, replication, performance, and client libraries.

      MySQL 5.5 Available on Oracle Linux 6 and RHEL 6
      Downloads are Available

      MySQL 5.5 is now available on both Oracle Linux 6 with the Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel and on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 (RHEL 6) and Oracle Linux 6 with the Red Hat compatible kernel Bertrand Matthelié reports. Users can download MySQL 5.5 Community Edition binaries for Oracle Linux and Red Hat Linux 6. Matthelié's post adds that MySQL customers can rely on Oracle Premier Support for MySQL when using the MySQL database on either Oracle Linux or Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 and confirms that, in addition to offering direct Linux support to customers running RHEL6, Oracle Linux 6, or a combination of both, Oracle also provides Oracle Linux 6 binaries, update and erratas for free from Oracle's Public Yum Server.

      Setting up Oracle Linux 6 with Public-yum for all Updates
      Post by Wim Coekaerts Shows How Easy It Is

      Ever the evangelist for Oracle Linux, Wim Coekaerts posts on getting started with Version 6 and using the recently released updates. He provides screen shots that illustrate the installation of Oracle Linux from the ISO or DVD image and on downloading the yum repo file. This done, he writes, users can just run yum update and any time there is a release of new security errata or bugfix errata for OL6, you will automatically receive it.

      IT - Cloud
      3 Best Practices For Your Cloud Computing First-Timers
      InfoWorld April 3, 2012
      "As enterprises continue to move to cloud computing, blunders will occur, but we'll also see success with the cloud. Now is a good time to survey what works -- that is, the best practices around cloud deployment. Here is my initial list, but it will evolve over the next few years.

      Note: These are mainly management concepts dealing with the people aspect of cloud computing. The best practices around the use of the technology are emerging, but the most common breakdowns seem to be reside within brains, not servers..."

      3 Reasons To Consider A Private Cloud
      InformationWeek April 4, 2012
      "Balasubramanian Somasundaram from Microsoft highlights three key business scenarios where private clouds can add significant business value

      There have been a wide range of discussions and opinions over private clouds on the blogosphere. Some call the term 'Private Cloud' itself as an Oxymoron, claiming cloud can't be private. If it's private, it's just not cloud. It's a trendy name for optimized data center..."

        CIOs To The Cloud: Let's Not Rush Into Things
        FederalComputer Week April 4, 2012
        "The federal government's migration to cloud computing is no longer in question. But that doesn’t mean agencies will rush into it and treat every situation as a foregone conclusion.

        In some ways, the decision-making process has gotten more complicated as federal CIOs learn about the nuances of cloud computing.

        For example, in the early days of the cloud, it was a question of go or no-go. Now agencies must decide which model is most appropriate for them: private (government only), public (commercially available) or hybrid..."

        Cloud Can't Substitute For Records Management
        FederalComputer Week April 5, 2012
        "A lawyer who represented a medical facility found out during cross-examination that his client had moved its important information into a cloud environment. So far, it sounds like a typical cloud migration.

        But it was only later that the client learned the cloud provider was deleting all data every 60 days. Lacking the evidence that would have been in those records, the client had no choice but to settle the case.

        John Facciola, a magistrate judge in the U.S. District Court, told that story while speaking at the FOSE Conference and Expo in Washington, D.C., on April 5 ..."

          Cloud-Integrated Enterprise Storage: Real Cloud for Real Data
          InfoStor March 30, 2012
          "cloud-integrated enterprise storage, or CES ... is a new blend of cloud and primary storage that will create radical simplification in the practice of storage and drastically alter the on going costs of storing every piece of data a business ever creates. It almost sounds too good to be true, but after several years of watching this technology evolve and gain real world use, we have little doubt that cloud-integrated enterprise Storage is a force to be reckoned with. It is here, and it is here to stay..."
            Cloud Services Face Taxing Dilemma
            IT World March 28, 2012
            "States are having a hard time keeping up with the cloud, especially when it comes to taxing it.

            There have been a bevy of rulings by various states in the past few years related to how cloud services are taxed, but a recent ruling in Utah could be one of the furthest reaching decisions on the topic to date. And experts say it could begin a wave of more states looking to expand their policies of how taxes are collected on the fast-growing adoption of cloud services ..."

              Cloud Vulnerability a Suspect in Payments Breach
              InternetEvolution April 2, 2012
              "There's been a lot of discussion about cloud security, and the conclusion has generally been that we'd see a major exploitation of cloud vulnerabilities sooner rather than later.

              It may have already happened.

              Last month, Atlanta-based Global Payments Inc., one of the world's largest processors of Mastercard and Visa payments, discovered that up to one and a half million credit card numbers may have been exported by hackers who had access to its network ..."

              EU Offers Guide For Ensuring Cloud Security
              ComputerWorld April 3, 2012
              "Users need to become better at asking cloud providers questions about the finer points of availability and vulnerability management in contracts, according to a new guide from the European Network and Information Security Agency (ENISA).

              ENISA's goal is to improve the public sector's understanding of the security of cloud services and the potential indicators and methods that can be used during service delivery, the authors said..."

              IT - CxO
              An Offer You Can't Refuse: Leadership Lessons from 'The Godfather'
              FastCompany April 2, 2012
              "What does a real-life CEO have in common with the central figures of a fictitious Mafia crime family in The Godfather? According to Justin Moore, CEO and founder of Axcient, plenty.

              Moore is a serial entrepreneur, early-stage advisor, and angel investor. He's currently at the helm of Axcient, a company he founded that provides backup, business continuity, and disaster recovery services to the small and mid-sized business (SMB) market ..."

              International Speedway: Where the CIO Runs Marketing
              CIOInsight March 7, 2012
              "The ultimate proof that the functions of the CIO increasingly overlap those of the CMO (and vice versa) would be an IT chief who switches careers to marketing. Time will tell if that'll ever happen, but the next best thing can be found at International Speedway Corp ..."
              IT Investments Deliver Profits, Study Finds
              InfoWorld April 4, 2012
              "Investing in IT departments can have a big impact on a firm's profits, more so than similar spending on R&D and some marketing endeavors, according to a team of university reasearchers.

              The researchers reached their conclusions after examining the IT investments and financial data of about 450 companies in an effort to draw a link between IT spending and profits.

              The work, published in the journal, MIS Quarterly, led to several key conclusions ..."

                What Tech CFOs Expect in 2012
                CIOInsight March 23, 2012
                "Given the tightknit relationship you probably have with your company's CFO, having your finger on the financial pulse of your organization as it plots its next moves is key for CIOs. And it's not all smooth sailing ahead. While the vast majority of tech-industry CFOs predicts revenue growth, they're anticipating less of it than they did a year ago, according to the most recent Technology Outlook Survey from BDO USA, LLP. At the same time, mergers and acquisitions, and IPO activity is expected to heat up over the next 12 months..."
                  Why CIOs Must Be More Social
                  InformationWeek April 5, 2012
                  "Kimberly-Clark CIO Ramon Baez, an enthusiast for social media both internally and externally, thinks that makes perfect sense. "If I wasn't a user of it, I would have a tougher time selling to the business leaders why this was a powerful tool," Baez said.

                  Baez is personally active on social media and has also embraced Chatter for corporate collaboration. He ranks #7 on the list of Top 25 Most Social CIOs ..."

                  IT - Wireless
                  4G LTE Technology: 10 Things Enterprises Should Consider
                  eWeek March 29, 2012
                  "If you’re an IT manager or administrator who follows the mobile space, you know that when it comes to networking, 4G Long-Term Evolution (LTE) is all the rage right now. The ultra-high-speed network, which is capable of up to 100M bps download speeds, is rapidly being rolled out across the United States. In addition, there appears to be a relatively good chance in the coming years that it will be nearly ubiquitous no matter where you go ..."
                    IETF Engineers Re-Engineer Their Hotel's Wi-Fi Network
                    NetworkWorld March 28, 2012
                    "What happens when a bunch of IETF super nerds show up in Paris for a major conference and discover their hotel's Wi-Fi network has imploded? They give it an Extreme Wi-Fi Makeover.

                    The Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF), which sets a range of Internet standards, gathers for its 83rd meeting this week in Paris. The jam-packed agenda is filled with reports, presentations, and meetings of working groups, researchers, and birds-of-a-feather confabs. Among the topics: Multiparty Multimedia Session Control; Operational Security Capabilities for IP Network Infrastructure; and Worthwhile Extensible Internet Registration Data Service .."

                    Arrogant Admin Exposed By Rogue Routers
                    InfoWorld April 4, 2012 Security
                    "A brash IT pro lands a job as a senior network admin, but soon his errors cause problems for the top execs ..

                    Not that long ago in an enterprise not very far away, I had the displeasure of working with an IT person we will call Eric. For a couple of years, we worked side by side on the desktop support team for the North American world headquarters of this company.

                    Self-confidence was never a problem for this brash, arrogant young man. More than once, he had been reported to HR for behavior that employees are warned about in those harassment prevention seminars. He was also a compulsive know-it-all. Cooking a steak? His recipe was better than yours. Working out? His routine was better. Trying to fix an issue on a user PC? His solution was best..."

                      Oracle Enterprise Manager Ops Center 12c Introduced
                      Also Available: Ops Center Everywhere Program
                      Oracle has introduced Oracle Enterprise Manager Ops Center 12c, which delivers complete, centralized management for Oracle Engineered Systems, Oracle’s SPARC servers, Oracle’s x86 servers, Oracle Solaris, Oracle Linux, Oracle’s Sun ZFS Storage Appliance, Sun Server Networking, and Oracle Virtualization (including Oracle VM for SPARC, Oracle VM for x86 and Oracle Solaris Zones). Oracle Enterprise Manager Ops Center 12c provides the best solution for managing Oracle systems deployed in traditional, virtualized and cloud environments. Oracle also introduced the Ops Center Everywhere Program through which customers can use Oracle Enterprise Manager Ops Center to manage their Oracle systems at no additional cost.
                      IT - DR
                      4 Critical Trends In IT Business Continuity
                      NetworkWorld April 2, 2012
                      "In IT, failure is not an option. Not surprisingly, organizations have made it a high priority to develop and implement reliable business continuity plans to ensure that IT services are always available to internal users and outside customers.

                      But recent technology developments and trends, most notably server and desktop virtualization, cloud computing, the emergence of mobile devices in the workforce and social networks, are having an impact on how enterprises handle IT business continuity planning and testing..."

                      MySQL Connect Conference in San Francisco September 29 and 30, 2012
                      Preview the Event by Participating in MySQL Innovation Day, June 5, 2012

                      Oracle has scheduled the MySQL Connect Conference for September 29 and 30, 2012, in San Francisco. The conference will include six tracks: Performance and Scalability, High Availability, Cloud Computing, Architecture and Design, Database Administration, and Application Development. Registration and the call for papers will open on April 16, 2012 for approximately three weeks. On June 5, 2012, a MySQL Innovation Day is being hosted at Oracle’s Conference Center in Redwood Shores, California that will feature multiple talks by Oracle’s MySQL Engineers, providing MySQL users an opportunity to preview some of the content that will be delivered during MySQL Connect.

                      IT - Networks
                      A Next-Generation Enterprise WAN Architecture
                      NetworkWorld March 26, 2012
                      "Enterprise WANs have changed very little in the last 15 or so years. While price/bit for the Enterprise WAN has improved somewhat over that time, it hasn’t increased with Moore’s Law as has computing, storage, Internet access, LAN switching … and pretty much everything else associated with IT. And while Internet connections have seen Moore's Law bring about quantum improvements in price/bit, the unaided public Internet is still not reliable enough ..."
                        Cool Old Ethernet Paraphernalia
                        NetworkWorld April 2, 2012
                        See one of many diagrams sketched by Ethernet inventor Bob Metcalfe proposing in 1972 a network connecting computers, printers and files over coaxial cable. At the time, Metcalfe called the connectivity scheme an Ether Network. Also see one of Digital's first Ethernet transceivers, using a "vampire clamp" to connect with an Ethernet coaxial cable. Thicknet was eventually supplanted by 10BASE2 "thinnet" cabling then 10BASE-T for twisted pair.
                          IT - Operations
                          5 Annoying Help Desk Calls -- And How To Banish Them
                          ComputerWorld April 3, 2012
                          "Despite the average person's growing technical acumen, workers still rely on corporate help when systems crash, applications bewilder and any number of other tech-related mishaps occur.

                          In fact, reliance on the help desk is actually increasing. HDI, the IT service and technical support association, reported in its 2011 Support Center Practices & Salary Report that 68% of support centers saw an increase in ticket volume in 2011.

                          What those figures don't show are the number of calls that could be handled better..."

                            Green IT Projects Struggle For Green Light
                            InfoWorld April 3, 2012
                            "IT admins charged with cutting energy costs find it easier to buy greener gear than to get high-ROI green initiatives approved

                            If you're an IT professional, there's a good chance you've been charged by the powers on high to cut energy costs at your organization -- without much in the way of incentive, guidance, budget, or other support. Fortunately, the green IT movement has been around long enough that you can learn from your brethren's experiences regarding not only which green-tech initiatives have the highest return but are the easiest to get approved and be deployed ..."

                              Keeping Up With Your Network Requires Consistent Care And Feeding
                              InfoWorld April 2, 2012
                              "As your infrastructure evolves, so should your network and system monitoring. Open source Observium provides a fine example ...

                              Few items in IT are more critical and less appreciated than network and system monitoring frameworks. These (almost) set-and-forget systems deliver tremendous value to any organization; they're critical to a healthy, stable infrastructure. Yet troubleshooting them may require that you navigate a tangle of legacy configurations and one-off modifications -- a crufty endeavor nobody really wants to endure. That's why it's a good idea to overhaul your monitoring and trending systems every few years ..."

                              IT - Security
                              Anonymous Vs. DNS System: Lessons For Enterprise IT
                              InformationWeek April 4, 2012
                              "The Internet didn't go dark on Sunday.

                              A threat, first made in mid-February, had warned that the chaos-loving hacktivist collective Anonymous would take down the Internet for April Fool's Day under the banner of "Operation Blackout." The stated plan was to overwhelm the world's 13 domain name system (DNS) root servers with junk traffic, preventing Web users from reaching most websites..."

                                Bad Tech Habits: 8 Things Employees Don't Want You to Know
                                CIOInsight April 3, 2012
                                "You work overtime making sure that your company's data and networks remain safe and secure. The ugly truth is that your users are probably the weakest link in your defenses. Whether driven by malfeasance or sheer frustration, it's not uncommon for your employees to circumvent or ignore the many safeguards and best practices you’ve put in place. Based on conversations with IT executives, a review of recent research, and our own observations of workplace behavior, we've compiled this list of the 8 most egregious tech behaviors you’ll want to look out for ..."
                                  Complex Security Architectures and Innovation
                                  HelpNet Security March 29, 2012
                                  "A myriad of new security technologies appeared in the past decade. Regardless, the rapid evolution and increasing sophistication of the threat landscape ensured a never-ending battle with the bad guys, often with millions of dollars as collateral damage. What can the information security industry do to truly innovate, not just follow the tactics of cybercriminals and, ultimately, act as a giant band aid? ..."
                                  If You Do The Cyber Crime, Expect To Do The Time
                                  InfoWorld April 3, 2012
                                  "As I read the latest cyber crime news -- at least 1.5 million Visa and MasterCard accounts have been compromised, perhaps many millions more -- for once I don't feel disheartened. There's a decent chance that the criminals who pulled off this heist will go to jail.

                                  Every public speaker and writer likes a good catchphrase or refrain that will grab the audience's attention. One of mine: Whenever you read that a superhacker has been arrested, it's never the superhacker. Even when we know who the superhackers are, we can't arrest them. They operate with near impunity. Why stop if you can never be caught? ..."

                                    More Security Breaches: Denial Not An Option!
                                    NetworkComputing April 2, 2012
                                    "It has happened again. Another breach. Another report of millions of credit card numbers at risk. Another round of media coverage. Another reminder that despite all the sophisticated technology that enterprises have deployed to protect computer networks, these breaches still happen. But despite the negative publicity that comes from continuing reports of such breaches, the need to be vigilant about thwarting such attacks remains, says Steve Durbin, global vice president of the Information Security Forum (ISF)..."
                                    Penetration Testing Tips, Tricks And Unusual Situations
                                    NetSecurity April 2, 2012
                                    "Raul Siles is a senior security analyst with more than 10 years of expertise performing advanced security services. He is a SANS Institute author and instructor of penetration testing courses ... In this interview, Raul talks about unusual and interesting situations he encountered while working as a penetration tester, outlines practical tips for those interested in a penetration testing career, lists his favorite tools, profiles his upcoming training workshop at SANS Secure Europe 2012, and more ..."
                                    Prevent Any Security Breach By Just Following 10 Best Practices
                                    InformationWeek April 5, 2012
                                    "On a daily basis, hundreds of organizations get their networks compromised and their confidential data is leaked. When some of the best names in the industry with formidable security policies have got hacked, what can organizations do to prevent themselves from being hacked? Satish Warrier, CISO, Godrej Industries, shares a list of ten best practices that every organization must follow to minimize their chances of getting hacked ..."
                                    Researchers Smash Kelihos Botnet With Dose Of Its Own Medicine
                                    ComputerWorld March 29, 2012
                                    "Security researchers from four different organizations last week brought down a botnet by turning a supposed strength of the criminals' spamming network into a fatal weakness.

                                    Experts from CrowdStrike, Dell SecureWorks, the Honeynet Project and Kaspersky Lab crippled the second-coming of the Kelihos botnet on March 21 by "sinkholing" about 118,000 bot-infected computers using the hackers' own peer-to-peer network ..."

                                    The PCI Effect - For Better or Worse - Following Fresh Breach of Master Card, VISA
                                    ComputerWorld March 30, 2012
                                    "The latest data security breach to strike MasterCard and VISA has security experts focusing anew on the good and bad of PCI DSS. On one hand, the standard offers a clear blueprint on how to handle such a breach. On the other hand, compliance is usually not the cure, as this latest incident demonstrates.

                                    "While the scope and details of the attack are not yet known, it shows three years after the Heartland Payment Systems breach of 130 million credit card numbers that credit card data is still vulnerable," said Neil Roiter, research director at Corero Network Security..."

                                    The Top 9 Most Costly Financial Services Data Breaches
                                    WallStreet Technology April 2, 2012
                                    "Data breaches are no joke. Just ask any chief security officer. In addition to the bad headlines, customer churn and regulatory headaches associated with data breaches, the monetary costs can add up quickly. Until the Mastercard and Visa hack, the most recent high-profile data breaches have hit largely outside of the financial services industry, with Sony, Michael’s Stores and RSA (which cost parent company EMC close to $66 million) grabbing most of the headlines ..."
                                    Threat of Bullet In the Face Keeping Cybercrooks Cautious
                                    NetworkWorld March 29, 2012
                                    "Scott Borg, director of a cybersecurity research institute, kicked off the SecureWorld Expo Boston with an uplifting talk about the end of the cybersecurity world as we know it. Sure, more sophisticated threats are on the way, but those in cybersecurity also have new opportunities to defend threats and even enable economic growth.

                                    But it was the head of the U.S. Cyber Consequences Unit's take on why cybercriminals are actually more conservative than you might think that got the biggest reaction from the audience of IT security industry professionals. In fact, Borg say his organization has sometimes been off on its predictions because cybercrime trends have taken longer to emerge than expected..."

                                    IT - Social Media
                                    IT Execs Must Deal Soon With Worker Use of Social Tools
                                    ComputerWorld March 29, 2012
                                    Workers push for IT adoption of social networking tools like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, video and Foursquare ...

                                    IT execs are forever concerned about the growing number of gadgets workers are bringing from home for use in the enterprise.

                                    Now, they must also start dealing with the increasing use of consumer social networking tools like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and video chat sites on the job ..."

                                      Millennials Aren't The Villains Or Drivers In Consumerization
                                      InfoWorld March 30, 2012
                                      "It's a claim repeated casually in consultant white papers, news stories, and opinion columns: The consumerization-of-IT phenomenon is driven by Gen Y, now entering the workforce in large numbers. More important, the business and tech strategy around the technology you use and allow will be shaped by this new demographic wave.

                                      Baloney -- the millennials certainly bring their own habits and expectations to the workplace and the greater technology realm, but if you plan for the myths about this group, you'll end up with a nonsensical technology portfolio and strategy ..."

                                        Think Through Your Social Policy - Or Live to Regret It
                                        InternetEvolution April 3, 2012
                                        "Every company is affected by social media today -- meaning any sharing of thoughts, ideas, or conversation online via some sort of media sharing site (YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, et al.) -- even if management doesn’t know it.

                                        A company may block access to many of those sites, yet its employees use them at home and likely refer to company issues. Therefore, I think it's vital to have an internal company conversation about what the potential impact could be and what sort of 'message guidance' you feel is appropriate to give to employees. This may or may not become a formal policy, but it should at least be a company communication..."

                                        Why Companies Could Get In Trouble For Accessing Your Facebook Page
                                        BusinessInsider March 31, 2012
                                        "Lately, there's been a lot of buzz on the legality of employers asking prospective employees for their Facebook passwords. According to Lori Adelson, a labor and employment attorney and partner with law firm Arnstein & Lehr, password snooping is legal, although she "would advise employers not to do it."

                                        "From an employers' perspective, they want to check for conducts like disorderly behavior or drunkeness," Adelson, who represents HR, told us. 'But there are better ways of doing this.' ..."

                                          IT - Backup
                                          The Dangers of Uncoordinated Backup Practices
                                          HelpNet Security March 30, 2012
                                          "One-third of SMBs allow employees to select their own method of backup for their data at work – essentially passing the buck when it comes to data protection, according to Mozy. This is concerning because companies that don't provide formal policies instead rely on uncoordinated backup practices that can leave business owners susceptible to significant risks in the event of data loss.

                                          World Backup Day is an excellent opportunity for SMBs to reevaluate their company backup policies ..."

                                            OpenStorage Summit EMEA 2012
                                            22 - 24 MAY, 2012; 8:30 AM - 5:00 PM ; AMSTERDAM, THE NETHERLANDS
                                            The second-annual OpenStorage Summit will be held in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Much like last year's EMEA User Conference, this year's event will feature a who's who in the OpenStorage industry participating in panels, case studies and technical vendor presentations. Three Reasons Why You Should Attend

                                            • In-depth look at OpenStorage — See the future of OpenStorage through the eyes of industry leaders from Intel, Arista, Juniper, KT, Nexenta, and more.

                                            • Nexenta Certification and Free Conference — Attendees coming to get certified on Nexenta products will get free admission to OpenStorage Summit.

                                            • Top-Class Speakers and Exhibitors

                                            Location: Hotel Mercure Amsterdam aan de Amstel, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

                                            IT - Mobile
                                            53% of Organizations Experience Data Breaches Due to Insecure Mobile Devices
                                            Information Week March 29, 2012
                                            "A recent study conducted by security firm, Websense, and Ponemon Institute has revealed several interesting insights on why the mobile platform is one of the weakest security links in an enterprise today. The study says that insecure mobile devices—including laptops, smartphones, USB devices, and tablets—increase rates of malware infections ..."
                                            IT - Big Data
                                            5 Things To Know About Big Data
                                            Wall Street Technology March 29, 2012
                                            "Big data is to 2012 what the Cloud was in 2010. If you haven’t heard the term, you must still be using a dial-up modem. As a matter of fact, Google searches for ‘big data’ have gone up 1200% in the last 12 months, according to Andrew Sheppard at Fountainhead, a consulting firm specializing in HPC and GPU for financial services.

                                            As we prepare our May issue on How Big Data Is Transforming Wall Street, here are the first five things I’ve gleaned that you have to know about big data: ..."

                                            Big Data: A Little Less Conversation, A Little More Action
                                            Wall Street Technology March 29, 2012
                                            "While Big Data is a hot topic on Wall Street, most financial firms don't have the right systems in place to manage it and make it actionable, argues Microgen's SVP North America Tom Crawford.

                                            As one industry expert recently observed, on Wall Street, "It’s all about the data." But for financial companies to win the "faster, smarter, dirtier" game of Big Data, they must make data more actionable. That is, financial firms have to be able to put data to work in a way that informs smarter business decisions that help the business change and grow ..."

                                            Big Data Poses Big Challenge for Military Intelligence
                                            Defense Systems March 29, 2012
                                            "The number of sensors deployed on the ground or aloft on unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) and satellites continues to soar, as does the ability to keep this asset in place for longer periods. As they generate enormous volumes of data, Defense Department planners are struggling with techniques that ensure that the data remains useful for warfighters.

                                            The volume of data being gathered for intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) is already huge. In Afghanistan, ISR acquisition systems gather more than 53 terabytes of data every day ..."

                                              Big Data's Target: Users
                                              GCN March 29, 2012
                                              "Government is amassing data at an accelerating rate, and it even has tools available to process and analyze it. But to get real value from all that information, the government must put it into the hands of users, the General Services Administration’s Dave McClure told a Washington audience.

                                              'The challenge is, what do we do with all the data that we are using? How do we sort it, analyze it and get value within the business owner’s context?' McClure, associate administrator with GSA’s Office of Citizen Services and Innovative Technologies, asked March 28 in a keynote address at AFCEA Bethesda Chapter’s Big Data Technology Symposium held in Washington, D.C. ..."

                                              Confused about Big Data and Cloud? So's Everyone
                                              Federal Computer Week March 30, 2012
                                              "If you think "big data" and "cloud" are confusing terms, you are not alone.

                                              A new analytical study from an Austin, Texas research firm puts those terms on its 2012 list of "Most confusing technology buzzwords of the decade."

                                              The Global Language Monitor compiled the most recent list of popular yet fuzzy tech terms for a period spanning 2010, 2011 and 2012. The company releases an annual update on the list each spring..."

                                              WallStreet Scratches Its Head Over Big Data Challenge
                                              Wall Street Technology April 3, 2012
                                              "The data challenge is a juggernaut, and Wall Street firms whose budgets are virtually flat these days, are scrambling to figure out how to deal with it.

                                              An effective strategy will recognize the importance of big data and include an investigation of the requirements to ingest, index and integrate structured and unstructured, streaming and static data from a variety of sources, Robert Desautels, CEO, President and Founder, Harvard Research Group, said at yesterday's High Performance Computing Linux for Wall Street conference..."

                                              IT - BYOD
                                              BYOD and The Hidden Risk Of IT Security
                                              InfoWorld April 4, 2012
                                              "Ben Franklin made the point, although with more commas than the AP stylebook would endorse: "Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety."

                                              Over 250 years old, this epigram may still be germane to our ongoing discussion of BYOD (bring your own device): how IT should balance the "liberty" of the BYOD school of thought with the "safety" of needing to minimize corporate exposure to security threats..."

                                              How IBM Manages 80,000 Bring Your Own Devices
                                              InfoWorld March 30, 2012
                                              "IBM CIO Jeanette Horan has plenty of IT projects and systems to worry about, but perhaps one of the most pressing and timely is Big Blue's ongoing BYOD (bring your own device) rollout, which is aimed at including all of the company's 440,000 employees over time.

                                              The IBM workforce is "hugely mobile," with many working at client sites, home offices, and other locations outside corporate buildings, Horan said in a recent interview at IBM's office in Cambridge, Mass. IBM has long had a corporate managed mobile phone plan that historically has focused on BlackBerrys, she said ..."

                                              Mobile Device Security Reality
                                              NetworkWorld March 30, 2012
                                              "You've heard the same things I have: "You can't control mobile device proliferation." "Most large organizations are being forced to create BYOD programs." "You need to let new employees work with their own devices and use social networking sites if you want to recruit them."

                                              Poppycock, Rubbish, Nonsense, I say.

                                              In fact you can reject BYOD (financial services firms do) and if you decide to support BYOD, you can control mobile device use. As for recruiting new employees, let me reply with one word -- Really? ..."

                                              Organizations In Dark As Employees Party On With BYOD
                                              GCN April 5, 2012
                                              "Organizations know that employee' personal mobile devices are sometimes getting onto their networks, but the extent of the problem could be worse than they thought.

                                              A new study by the SANS Institute found that only 9 percent of organizations surveyed were 'fully aware' of the devices accessing their networks, and only 50 percent were 'vaguely or fairly' aware.

                                              Meanwhile, organizations are scrambling to manage the risk, pursuing everything from user education and mobile device management to Network Access Control and monitoring, SANS said in announcing the study ..."

                                              The Ten Commandments of BYOD
                                              Baseline April 3, 2012
                                              "IT departments dealing with the BYOD (bring your own device) challenge are facing tough decisions on how to manage the array of devices and operating systems that employees want. The vast majority of tech managers say the trend is causing 'huge problems' when it comes to network access and lost and stolen devices, and they want new rules to ensure IT security. A new report from Janco Associates explores the BYOD phenomenon and gives IT teams a set of proposed policies and procedures that will help minimize risk and potential operational disruptions..."
                                              Top Ten Articles for last few Issues
                                              Vol 169 Issues 1, 2,3 and 4; Vol 168 Issues 2, 3, 4 and 5
                                              We track how frequently each article is viewed on the web site to determine which the readers consider the most important. For last week, the top 10 articles were:

                                              • ZFS Resources
                                              • How to Install Solaris 11 Automated Install Server
                                              • Oracle VM VirtualBox 4.1.10
                                              • DTrace: Dynamic Tracing in Oracle Solaris, Mac OS X, and FreeBSD
                                              • Tape at 60: Long Live the Tape
                                              • illumos FAQs
                                              • Deploy Oracle RAC in Minutes with Oracle VM Templates
                                              • The Prospects for the Big Data Industry
                                              • Demands of Handling Big Data Whet Appetite for the Cloud Among Western European Utilities
                                              • Optimal Cloud Computing: The Secret Is not to Mix and Match

                                              The longer version of this article has list of top ten articles for the last 8 weeks.

                                                IT - Server
                                                IT Departments Stymied by Server Management, Troubleshooting
                                                CIOInsight March 30, 2012
                                                "The way the cloud and managed hosting market is maturing represents a challenge to users and cloud and managed hosting service providers.

                                                IT teams from midsized U.K. and U.S. businesses polled still spend more than half (56 percent) their time on server management and troubleshooting in a typical month, and only 28 percent on strategic, "value-added" activities, according to a survey released by cloud computing specialist Rackspace Hosting ..."

                                                IT - Tape
                                                Emotion vs. Logic: The Modern Role of Tape
                                                InformationWeek March 19, 2012
                                                People love to hate tape. But tape today provides highly cost-effective and reliable answers to certain data storage challenges. ... the passion, deep-seated emotion and even vitriol that surfaces at the mere mention of tape--yes, tape--is a matter of mystery to me. In case you ever needed proof that all-too-often it's the misconceptions, perceptions and emotional biases that rule our superficially pragmatic--staid even--business, just try mentioning these four letters: T.A.P.E. ..."
                                                Will Tape Replace the Hard Drive?
                                                InformationWeek March 5, 2012
                                                "I'm heading off to California this weekend to participate in the second annual Tape Summit. It may be surprising to many that not only is tape not dead, it even has its own summit! I had a cloud storage startup ask me the other day: Who still uses tape? My quick answer was more organizations than they think and then, to really send them over the edge, I stated: 'Tape will eventually replace the hard drive.' ..."
                                                Configuring an NTP Client in Solaris 11
                                                Moellenkamp's How-to Shows How Easily It's Done

                                                Joerg Moellenkamp shows how to configure an NTP client on a plain standard Solaris 11 in a recent blog post. His method includes a certain redundancy as he uses four time servers, thereby ensuring that at least one will be operational at all times. He also uses ntpdate to force a time synchronization rather than the ntp daemon, which does not provide a time synch. At the outset Moellenkamp characterizes the procedure as a simple one: The brevity and relatively uncomplicated nature of his procedure suggest that he is correct.

                                                16 Ultimate SSH Hacks
                                                IT World Writer Challenges the Security-minded
                                                Carla Schroder challenges her readers to test their mettle against 16 ultimate SSH hacks that she identifies in her IT World article of that title. These are expert tips and tricks, she writes, from identifying monkey-in-the-middle attacks to road warrior security to attaching remote screen sessions. The comments posted make for spirited reading, as one might expect on such a subject.
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