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Oracle OpenWorld 2012 and JavaOne 2012: Call for Papers
Registration Now Open
Oracle has issued a call for papers for two events, The Oracle OpenWorld 2012 and JavaOne 2012, both scheduled for San Francisco, September 30 - October 4, 2012. Oracle OpenWorld will be held at the Moscone Center, and JavaOne will be held at the Zone (Hilton Union Square, Hotel Nikko, and Parc 55 Wyndham). Details and submission guidelines are available on the Oracle OpenWorld Call for Papers and the JavaOne Call for Papers websites. Registration for both Oracle OpenWorld 2012 and JavaOne 2012 is now available.
COLLABORATE 12 in Las Vegas
Presentations from the User-driven, User-run Oracle Conference
Oracle professionals took over the Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas for the only user-driven and user-run Oracle conference, COLLABORATE 12, a week of education sessions, networking opportunities and more, as announced in a post by Anand Akela.
Managing Power Consumption (and Costs) on SPARC Servers
Bruce Evans, Julia Harper, and Terry Whatley Illustrate the Use of CLI, BUI, SNMP and IPMI Tools
The SPARC T-Series systems have power-saving features designed into the hardware and software that allow users to reduce server power consumption, resulting in a cost reduction for environmental cooling and reduced power usage by other infrastructure components. The SPARC T-Series power management (PM) interfaces make it easy to manage these PM features. Bruce Evans, Julia Harper and Terry Whatley have produced an article that shows how to manage power policies, power capping, and the power of idle devices on SPARC CMT Servers with the firmware CLI and BUI, as well as SNMP and IPMI tools.
Oracle VM VirtualBox 4.1.10
Now Released and Available for Download
The Fat Bloke announces the release of Oracle VM VirtualBox 4.1.10 at both the was just released at the community or Oracle download sites. FB explains that this release is a maintenance release containing bug fixes and stability improvements. Further information is at the ChangeLog.
Deploy Oracle RAC in Minutes with Oracle VM Templates
Webcast Replay
Ronen Kofman and Markus Michalewicz team up for an on-demand webcast on Simplify Oracle RAC Deployment with Oracle VM that shows how to use Oracle VM to accelerate the enterprise application deployment and management of virtualized enterprise workloads. Using Oracle VM pre-built templates shortens complex application deployments, updates and upgrades dramatically, including the deployment of Oracle (Real Application Clusters (RAC)) Database environments. Objectives of the webcast are:

  • Deploy an Oracle (RAC) Database environment in minutes
  • Create, deploy or convert existing systems into highly available cluster environments
  • Respond instantly to changing demand by relocating resources between servers
IT - Storage
DLP: Magic Pill or Myth?
InformationWeek March 24, 2012
"Data Loss Prevention Software Suites or DLP as it’s commonly called, hit the global markets in a big way much less than a decade back with a few niche vendors like Vontu, Websense, Vericept leading the market. Global organizations especially Fortune 500 organizations have implemented Data Loss Prevention (DLP), Digital Rights Management (DRM/IRM), Identity and Access Management (IAM) in some form or other due to their innate continental spread and increased legal / regulatory risk position ..."
IT - Technology
IBM Watson to Assist Cancer Doctors
TechWorld March 26, 2012
"IBM's Watson supercomputer is gathering a working resume that any oncologist would envy. In its latest project, the supercomputer will be used to to assist physicians at Memorial Sloan-Kettering hospital cancer centre in diagnosing and treating patients ..."
How to Install Solaris 11 Automated Install Server
Method Considers Live Text Installer and LiveMedia Installer as well

Unixman has written a post that reviews the methods available for installing Solaris 11 Automated Install Server. These include:

  • A Text installer
  • A LiveMedia installer
  • An Automated Installer (successor to JumpStart

The post focuses on the last method. In the most basic of scenarios the roles required to complete the elements needed for the setup of an Automated Install server would be performed by the following services: a DHCP server; an Automated Install server; and an Image Packaging System (IPS) repository server. When creating Automated Install services, a bundled ISC DHCP server is instantiated automatically

MySQL Enterprise Backup 3.7.1
With Automatic Incremental Backup
The MySQL Enterprise Backup (MEB) Team announces the release of MEB 3.7.1, a maintenance release version that includes bug fixes and enhancements to some of the existing features. Team member Hema Sridharan writes that Automatic Incremental Backup is the most important feature introduced in this release, making the performance of automatic incremental backups easier than before. Binaries for the release are available in My Oracle Support, under the Patches & Updates tab, which takes one to the Product or Family (Advanced Search) feature.
Cloud Computing
Demands of Handling Big Data Whet Appetite for the Cloud Among Western European Utilities
IDC Energy Insights Survey of IT Decision Makers Finds Greater Acceptance for New Technologies
An IDC Energy Insights survey of Western European utilities on the nature of current cloud environments, future plans for cloud deployments, industry-specific drivers and inhibitors for cloud investments, and delivery model and cloud service type preferences revealed that 46.2% of the respondents are confident that the cloud will prove equal to meeting their IT demands. The survey discovered a subtle shift in attitude toward acceptance of new technologies, including cloud computing. Roberta Bigliani, head of EMEA, IDC Energy Insights summed up the information by observing, "Cloud computing, together with mobile, Big Data, and analytics, is transforming the utilities IT landscape."
Optimal Cloud Computing: The Secret Is not to Mix and Match
Oracle Delivers the Complete Package from a Single Source
Relying on multiple vendors for a corporation's numerous uses of cloud computing robs that entity of the efficiencies available from a single vendor, Oracle, for example, who can provide the infrastructure required for all the needs of a business and also deliver ample cost savings and efficiencies. This is the argument advanced in the recent Oracle Executive Strategy Brief: Enterprise-Grade Cloud Applications. The brief cites a Symantec survey that found only 47% of corporations enjoying the greater IT agility promised by their several vendors. Optimal use of the cloud, Oracle contends, stems from implementing an infrastructure from a single vendor.
Read the Oracle Linux Newsletter
March 2012 Edition Now Available
The March 2012 edition of the Oracle Linux Newsletter is ready for readers. Its contents include articles on:

  • 30-day free trial of Ksplice for Red Hat Enterprise Linux customers
  • Oracle Linux Online Forum, March 27, 2012
  • Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel Release 2 details
  • Why and how Dell IT migrated from SUSE Linux to Oracle Linux
  • Technical articles

(registration required to access the Linux newsletter)

News About Oracle Linux 6 and the Unbreakable Kenel: Wim Coekaerts Reports
New Certifications, Including RHEL Compatible Kernel
In a recent post Wim Coekaerts brings attention to three significant news items announced by Oracle concerning Linux 6 and its Unbreakable Kernel. The items are:

  • Certification of Linux 6 with the Unbreakable Kernel with Oracle Database 11gR2 and Oracle Fusion Middleware
  • Imminent certification of Oracle Linux 6 with the Red Hat Compatible Kernel
  • Free access to OL6 binaries and source code is now augmented by the release of all bugfix and security updates

The errata streams (both binary and source code) for OL4, 5 and 6 are now free for download and use, Coekaerts reports.

IT - Cloud
3 Ways to Avoid Cloud Project Failure
Enterprise Systems Journal March 26, 2012
"Cloud computing is all the rage within the enterprise. Enterprises are migrating data, systems, and infrastructure to cloud computing services. They are also building private clouds internally. In this torrent of activity, there are cloud projects that will do whatever it takes to succeed, and thus they make common mistakes that will cause them to fail.

Let's try to stop the insanity. Here are three common reasons why cloud computing projects fail, and how to avoid them ..."

All You Need to Know About Cloud Data Transfers
InfoWorld March 23, 2012
"What is it with data-transfer cloud computing performance? Some people think cloud services provide great performance, and some think they don't perform well at all. The reality is that both beliefs are true, depending on how you use cloud services and the cloud providers themselves.

There are a few basic, core patterns that define data-transfer performance: ..."

Cloud Computing Becoming Pervasive, and IT Needs to Take Control Now
IT Director March 22, 2012
"Cloud computing may be taking the business world by storm, but its success could mean a 'perfect storm' that endangers the role of IT.

As a result, IT needs to step up now and change its approach to cloud services. This includes building trust with the lines of business, beginning to manage public cloud services, and pursuing increased automation for service provisioning and operations ..."

Cloud Cost Calculators: Helpful or More Cloud Hype?
InfoWorld March 26, 2012
the vendor booths to hear the marketing and sales pitches. Great, you've figured out that infrastructure as a service has merit, and you've finally overcome the buzzwordiness of "cloud," "public cloud," and "IaaS."

Now what? What cloud vendor or provider do you look at? ..."

Why NIST's Cloud Definition is Fatally Flawed
GCN March 22, 2012
"I recently sat through a briefing on cloud security in which the presenter incorrectly defined platform as a service and then asserted that 'PaaS is going away.'

Given that PaaS incarnations such as Hadoop are the mainstay of big data, that would imply that big data is going away -- and that is patently wrong ..."

Private Cloud
InfoWorld March 23, 2012
"If you build it, they will come" may be a line from a baseball fantasy, but it describes what really happened in the world of cloud computing. One late summer day in 2006, online bookseller quietly made a portion of its excess data center capacity available to curious developers over the Web.

Within hours, hundreds of developers had jumped at the chance to spin up some servers simply by opening their browsers and typing in their credit card numbers. Today, Amazon's Elastic Compute Cloud is the foundation for countless tech startups, and Amazon counts its business customers in the hundreds of thousands ..."

IT - CxO
7 Habits of Innovative IT Leaders
InformationWeek March 29, 2012
"There's no manual for innovation, but consider these expert best practices and reader lessons learned ...

Writing about innovation is a lot like writing about politics or the environment: The subject matter is so broad and complex that it defies tidy overviews and prescriptions. So with that qualifier in mind, allow me to proceed with a handful of takeaways from the "Innovative CIO" program I attended recently at Stanford University, as well as from readers who responded to my recent column 'Innovation Doesn't Happen By Chance.' ..."

Four Must-Dos for CIOs Networking Online
IT World March 27, 2012
"Executives exploring options outside their current company are often in need of job search etiquette tips. Especially since the immediacy and transparency of today's technology can easily create an uncomfortable situation. So how can you avoid being 'that guy' while still incorporating social networking tools into your job hunt? ..."
    How To Collaborate Effectively With Lawyers During a Crisis
    Emergency Management March 12, 2012
    "Stafford Act disasters, like other forms of crises, place inhumanly difficult demands on people. Leaders are forced to make some of the most critical choices of their careers, all too often with lives and livelihoods hanging in the balance, under the most difficult imaginable circumstances.

    Traditionally journalists and scholars alike have tended to put leaders in the spotlight and examine the extent to which they rise to the challenge, or crash and burn, in the decisive moment. In recent years, however, there has been an increasing realization that a key determinant of success or failure in crisis stems from the interdependent relationship between leaders and their advisers ..."

      Management Tips, Traps and Trends: How to Stay Current
      Federal Computer Week March 26, 2012
      "Old habits die hard, but amid morale problems, pay freezes and anti-government rhetoric, Bruce Tulgan has a suggestion for government managers: Skip the chitchat already.

      'Have an ongoing dialog, spend time with your employees but don’t just shoot the breeze,' said Tulgan, a management and workplace expert who’s written several best-selling books on leadership and management. 'You don't have to be their best friend or therapist, but what you have to do is provide them support, guidance and direction and set them up for success ..."

      vBeers West Palm Beach: After the April 3rd VMUG Conference
      Tuesday, April 3rd, 2012: 5pm to 9pm
      There will be two South Florida vBeers events this April. One will follow the VMUG conference which will be held at the Palm Beach County Convention Center.

      The second will be on Thursday April 19th in Ft. Lauderdale at Beach Hotel or the Hard Rock. Details to follow.

      I expect that many people from the conference will come to this vBeers event. This is a great opportunity to meet with other virtualization enthusiasts and professionals and enjoy discussing all things virtualization, and in fact anything else that comes up in conversation.

      Don’t rush - arrive and depart at your convenience - people will be networking from 5pm to 9pm.

      South Florida VMUG User Conference
      All Day, Tuesday April 3rd, West Palm Beach
      Join your fellow VMware users at this full-day event for in-depth technical sessions, demonstrations and exhibits. This is a great opportunity to meet with your peers to discuss virtualization trends, best practices, and the latest technology! VMUG is pleased to offer top notch education at our user conferences.

      KeyNote from Symantec - The Road to Resilient Storage Starts with the VMware Pluggable Storage Architecture and Multi-Path Plugin

      Many vendor sponsors including Nexenta System (stop by their booth to learn how an Open Storage Solution from Nexenta supported the 2012 Vega VMworld hands-on-lab for $400k while the two other vendor solutions cost $1.5m+)

      IT - DR
      Disaster Recovery on Double Duty
      ComputerWorld March 26, 2012
      "At Ingram Micro, executive president and CIO Mario Leone doesn't think about how much he will spend on disaster recovery.

      That's because the global electronics distributor weaves its disaster recovery requirements into its broader business objectives and its service-level agreements (SLA) with its 15,000 users ..."

      IT - Networks
      Figuring Out the Data Center Fabric Maze
      NetworkWorld March 22, 2012
      "Despite vendor pledges to support existing or developing industry standards, users are expected to deploy single-vendor data center and cloud switching fabrics from their primary suppliers.

      Standards such as Transparent Interconnect of Lots of Links (TRILL), Shortest Path Bridging and Multi-Chassis Link Aggregation will be embraced by those vendors looking to dent Cisco's dominance in data center switching. The standards support will soothe customers looking to avoid vendor lock-in, but it's unlikely IT shops will mix and match multivendor switches within and between data centers ..."

      The 2012 State of the Network Report
      NetworkWorld March 23, 2012
      "For the past five years, Network Instruments, the network and applications performance monitoring vendor, has surveyed network managers to get a sense of how emerging technologies will impact service delivery and IT operations management. The results were recently published in the Fifth Annual State of the Network Global Study ..."
      Tips for Buying A Three-Stream Access Point
      NetworkWorld March 26, 2012
      "The decision to buy a three-stream access point (or likely, a whole lot of these) in an enterprise environment is more complex than throughput alone. You need to begin with overall IT requirements, objectives, planning cycles, and operational strategies.

      So, starting at the beginning, the greatest value of advanced Wi-Fi technologies is in their ability to handle the increasing number of both users and wireless clients, as well as the increasingly number of applications on the corporate LAN, including those requiring time-bounded services ..."

        What You Need To Know About 802.11ac
        NetworkWorld March 26, 2012
        "A question we're hearing with increasing frequency concerns the upcoming 802.11ac standard, which promises to do to 802.11n what .11n did to .11g. While the IEEE 802.11ac standard likely won't be completely finished before the end of 2013, and, while the Wi-Fi Alliance similarly has issued no interoperability criteria for 802.11ac, consumer-grade products claiming compliance with the aforementioned 802.11ac standard could be on store shelves as soon as the middle of 2012 ..."
          IT - Operations
          13 Common ERP Mistakes and How to Avoid Making Them
          NetworkWorld March 28, 2012
          "Costing anywhere from hundreds of thousands of dollars to millions of dollars, and requiring hundreds of man hours to implement, enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems are huge investments of money, resources and time. And while a successful ERP implementation can help your organization streamline workflow and cut costs, a poorly planned and implemented ERP rollout can severely cost organizations, in terms of lost productivity and delays.

          To help ensure your ERP implementation is a success, or at least to minimize potential problems, surveyed dozens of ERP experts ..."

          An Inside Look At A State-of-the-Art Green Data Center
          Enterprise Systems Journal March 26, 2012
          "IT is trying to cut costs any way it can. A popular approach is to outsource data center tasks. From security advantages to cutting floor space and energy consumption (especially when expansion is no longer possible), there are many advantages of moving some of your data center tasks off-site. We spoke Nick Razey, the CEO of Europe’s largest data center management provider (and the fourth largest in the world), NGD, to learn what state-of-the-art features enterprises are looking for (and why) in remote data centers and how NGD’s investments in renewable resources are paying off ..."
          Putting the Excellence in Operations
          Baseline March 22, 2012
          "Operational excellence gives managers the ability to continuously improve an organization’s decision, investment and asset performance; its service delivery; and its human resources capabilities.

          Historically, operational excellence has been associated mainly with optimizing business processes, generally related to production and manufacturing. Gauging its success was based predominantly on an ability to satisfy customer demand, improve quality, and bolster overall productivity and efficiency ..."

          Space Weather: What Emergency Managers Need to Know
          Emergency Management March 26, 2012
          "When FEMA Administrator Craig Fugate tweets about space weather warnings, people sometimes reply and ask if they should don aluminum hats. Although the thought of severe weather in space might sound like a plot from a science fiction novel, the threat is real — and could potentially cause widespread blackouts and shut down the electric power grid for an extended period of time ..."
            IT - Security
            Keep Your Friends Close, Especially If They Anonymous
            Dark Reading March 22, 2012
            "Hindsight is 20/20. It must be, since it seems no one was surprised by the big reveal that a main player in LulzSec and Anonymous, a fellow code-named 'Sabu,' had been working with the FBI and ratted on some of his partners in crime -- except maybe those said partners, as they were being led out of their hovels by federal agents.

            Sabu acted to save himself, as it seems someone who outwardly cared about no one did care ..."

              Tips for Creating Strong Passwords
              IT Business Edge March 28, 2012
              "Check Point Software ... announced the findings of a ZoneAlarm survey, which revealed that 79% of consumers use risky password construction practices, such as including personal information and words. The survey also revealed that 26% of respondents reuse the same password for important accounts such as e-mail, banking or shopping and social networking sites ..."
                The Good and Bad About Internet Security
                eWeek March 26, 2012
                "IT security professionals are doing a better job than in the past at dealing with the numerous Internet threats that are out there, according to IBM’s 'X-Force 2011 Trend and Risk Report,' which the company officially released March 22. The amount of spam email dropped in 2011 from 2010, and Big Blue saw significant improvements in vulnerability patching and software application code ..."
                16 Ultimate SSH Hacks
                IT World March 23, 2012
                "So you think you know OpenSSH inside and out? Test your chops against this hit parade of 16 expert tips and tricks, from identifying monkey-in-the-middle attacks to road warrior security to attaching remote screen sessions. Follow the countdown to the all-time best OpenSSH command!"
                How To Make Information Security Everyone's Problem
                InformationWeek March 26, 2012
                "Use self-interest and propaganda to change employees' attitudes about endpoint security ...

                IT pros tend to focus solely on technology to solve endpoint security problems. After all, if malicious software is the poison, it's logical to look to signatures, heuristics, and cutting-edge detection for the antidote. But that's a mistake. Human vulnerabilities -- ignorance, inattention, gullibility -- are just as exploitable as software vulnerabilities, if not more so ..."

                Internet Security Showing Progress
                Smarter Technology March 28, 2012
                "A new report claims Internet security improvements in spam, plugging application vulnerabilities, and cross-site scripting, but the bad guys are adapting ...

                As the cyberwar against malicious online attacks continues, a few bright spots appeared in 2011, according to IBM's annual X-Force Trend and Risk Report. The good news is that email spam is down dramatically ..."

                What to Monitor to Stop Hacker and Malware Attacks
                InfoWorld March 27, 2012
                "Most organizations under attack have no clue they're being targeted. Here are security events to look for in case of a breach ...

                The 2012 Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report released last week continues to reverberate. The stats that jumped out at me: 96 percent of data breaches were relatively easy for attackers to pull off, and 97 percent of those attacks were easily avoidable.

                Want to protect yourself against malicious hackers and malware? ..."

                Minimizing the Attack Surface Area A Key to Security
                Dark Reading March 23, 2012
                "While many security experts lament the death of the network perimeter, the concept of attack surface area is still very much alive ...

                Attackers looking for way into a company's network have a lot of options: Port scans, phishing attacks, and SQL injection have all been used to identify security weaknesses that can be exploited ..."

                Top Five Tips for Enabling A Self-Defining Endpoint
                IT Business Edge March 29, 2012
                "In this increasingly mobile world, today’s endpoint rarely remains confined in the office and behind the corporate firewall. The modern endpoint is moving. Whether it’s a laptop, tablet or a smaller device, they connect to corporate networks after plugging into ho­tel computers and coffee shop wireless connections. What’s more, these very mobile devices generally contain more sensitive, corporate data than ever ..."
                  IT - Careers
                  10 Ways to Elevate Your Professional Presence
                  CIO Insight March 26, 2012
                  "Steve Jobs had it. Bill Gates has it. What is it? Charisma. That intangible quality that makes people take notice. And the greater your personal presence in the workplace, the greater the impact you’ll have. As mysterious as this quality remains, it's commonly boosted by your communications style, appearance, relationship skills, overall performance and other factors. Two recent books explore the charisma question and offer advice ..."
                  IT - Social Media
                  Facebook Warn Employers Not To Ask Job Applicants for Log-In Credentials
                  NetworkWorld March 23, 2012
                  "In recent months, Facebook has seen a 'distressing increase' of reports about employers trying to access user accounts in the U.S., Erin Egan, Facebook's chief privacy officer, said in a post. 'The most alarming of these practices is the reported incidences of employers asking prospective or actual employees to reveal their passwords.' ... A user should never be forced to share private information just to get a job, she added ..."
                    Ten Ways to Get the Most Out of Social Networking
                    eWeek March 23, 2012
                    "We know that networking plays a critical role in our future success. But how often do we invest hours at live events or social sites such as LinkedIn, and end up with little to show for it? How can we make our professional networking pay off? The book 'Wicked Success Is Inside Every Woman' ... takes a look at what kind of networking activities pay off – and what kinds don’t ..."
                      IT - Virtualization
                      How to Wrangle Your Virtual Machines
                      NetworkWorld March 28, 2012
                      "Virtualization cuts hardware, power and real estate costs by combining multiple servers, networks and storage arrays into virtual pools. But for users like Pat O'Day, chief technology officer at hosting and managed services provider BlueLock LLC, managing those resource pools means wrestling with multiple applications.

                      How VM sprawl can be prevented? ..."

                        Plan Ahead To Make Virtualization Work
                        The Register March 28, 2012
                        "The road to hell, they say, is paved with good intentions, and never more so than when it comes to virtualisation. Many companies embark on virtualisation because they think it will make IT better, cheaper and faster. There is no denying that it helps initially, reducing costs through consolidating servers and making other areas such as rebuilds and backup easier.

                        But our research shows that unless steps are taken early on to manage the shift that accompanies virtualisation, then the outcome can actually be a more complex and fragile infrastructure that doesn’t respond well to change."

                        IT - Compliance
                        European Commission Locks Horns With Germany Over Data Retention Law
                        ComputerWorld March 23, 2012
                        "European Union regulators have warned Germany that it must implement the controversial Data Retention Directive within one month or face legal action and possible fines ..."
                          It's A Matter of Record
                          IT Director March 21, 2012
                          "Can you remember what you agreed on the phone at 10:30am on Wednesday November 9th last year? Probably not, but there’s a growing demand for precise, detailed records of work-related phone conversations; especially calls that relate to any type of transaction.

                          Organisations such as call centres, recruitment consultants, insurance brokers, stockbrokers, lawyers, even betting shops are under increasing pressure to deploy call recording technology ..."

                            WW Disk Systems in 2011 Up 8% to $31 Billion
                            IDC Survey Finds 4Q11 3.5% Better than 4Q10
                   Newsletter reports on the results of an IDC Worldwide Quarterly Disk Storage Systems Tracker survey that has found the total disk storage systems market grew to just over $8.5 billion in revenues, representing 3.5% growth from the prior year's fourth quarter. "Total disk storage systems capacity shipped reach 6,279 petabytes," the report continues, "growing 22.4% year over year." IDC found further that worldwide external disk storage systems factory revenues posted year-over-year growth of 7.7%, totaling just under $6.6 billion, in 4Q11. The winner here: EMC; the loser: HP.
                            OpenStorage Product NexentaStor 3.1 Runner up in 'New Product of the Year category
                            Nexenta Most Improved Company of the Year
                            Nexenta Systems, a leading provider of OpenStorage solutions for the enterprise, has won "Most Improved Company of the Year" at the Network Computing Awards. It also was runner up in the "New Product of the Year" category with its flagship OpenStorage platform NexentaStor 3.1.

                            Now in its fifth year, the awards, which are hosted by the UK’s Network Computing Magazine, were presented at a ceremony on 22nd March at Hotel Russell, London.The awards recognize the hardware, software, services, and the companies behind them, which have most impressed the readers of the UK’s longest established computer networking publication.

                            IT - Big Data
                            Big Data Expertise of San Diego Supercomputer Center
                            Storage Newsletter March 27, 2012
                            "The San Diego Supercomputer Center (SDSC) at the University of California, San Diego, has in the last three years undergone a major reboot, remaking itself into a center of expertise on all aspects of big data research including genomics, one of the fastest growing areas of scientific study... 'Our real expertise is now in all aspects of 'big data', which includes data integration, performance modeling, data mining, software development, workflow automation, and more. We believe that data-enabled science is the beginning of a new scientific era ..."
                            Can You Handle Big Data?
                            InfoWorld March 27, 2012
                            "Big Data is the latest industry buzzword. It's just another way of saying you as a network manager are being inundated with data and you better figure out a way to manage, secure, and analyze it.

                            A survey by LogLogic showed that 49% of organizations that responded were somewhat or very concerned about managing big data, with another 38 percent not even sure what big data is. One expert said the key to controlling the data is log management ..."

                            This Interactive Wind Map Is A Big Data Lava Lamp
                            The Register March 29, 2012
                            "If you're reading El Reg you're obviously taking a little break from your workday ... and if you want to amuse yourself with how a big data set with proper visualization can not only change your understanding of that data but also turn out to be absolutely hypnotic, then you need to check out the wind map ..."
                            IT - Mobile
                            How Consumerization is Changing IT
                            CIO Insight March 26, 2012
                            "SAP CIO Oliver Bussman has deployed more than 8,000 iPhones, 17,000 BlackBerry handsets and 14,000 iPads. In this exclusive interview with CIO Insight, he talks about how supporting the devices that employees want to use actually creates a more secure enterprise, attracts young talent, and drives innovation, efficiency and employee loyalty ..."
                            Top Ten Articles for last few Issues
                            Vol 169 Issues 1, 2 and 3; Vol 168 Issues 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5
                            We track how frequently each article is viewed on the web site to determine which the readers consider the most important. For last week, the top 10 articles were:

                            • Joerg Moellenkamp's Oracle Solaris 11 Cheatsheet
                            • Download the ZFS Storage Appliance Simulator
                            • illumos and the Google Summer of Code
                            • Solaris 10 Features in Common with Solaris 11 Ease Migration
                            • Top 10 Tips to Accelerate Oracle VM Deployments
                            • How Memory Allocation Affects Performance in Multithreaded Programs
                            • Transitioning Existing Oracle Solaris 10 Applications to Oracle Solaris 11
                            • dtrace.conf 2012 in San Francisco, Tuesday, April 3rd
                            • Oracle Reports Q3 GAAP EPS Up 20% to 49 Cents
                            • Oracle Database and Oracle Fusion Middleware Certified on Oracle Linux 6Certified on Oracle Linux 6

                            The longer version of this article has list of top ten articles for the last 8 weeks.

                              IT - Encryption
                              Who Holds the Encryption Keys?
                              ComputerWorld March 26, 2012
                              "Encryption isn't bulletproof if keys and digital rights are left out in the open. Here's how to lock down stored data ..

                              Encryption can make up for a litany of security snafus -- from a bad firewall to an unrelenting hacker to a lost laptop. Once data is encrypted, criminals can't use or sell it. Plus, if encrypted data goes missing, companies are protected from disclosure requirements in most states ..."

                              IT - Tape
                              As 60th Anniversary Nears , Tape Reinvents Itself
                              ComputerWorld March 29, 2012
                              "Streaming media, the cloud and Big Data will play important roles in tape's future ...

                              The 60th anniversary of IBM's digital tape is coming up in May. Oh yeah, and tape is dead. Or so industry pundits have declared, echoing similar prognostications for the mainframe.

                              But in reality, tape has a long life ahead of it. At 60, in many ways, it's just getting started ..."

                              Tape Density, LTO and Enterprises
                              InfoStor March 25, 2012
                              "It has been over a year since Oracle announced T10000C, and not many months later IBM announced TS-1140. Both have huge densities over LTO-5. (Uncompressed density of 5TB for T10000C and 4 TB for TS-1140.) LTO-5 is still at 1.5 TB, and LTO-6 is still unannounced as far as I know. My understanding based on official statementsis that LTO-6 will offer a storage capacity of up to 8.0 terabytes compressed, or 3.2 TB native.

                              Let's assume LTO-6 comes out at 3.2 TB, and let's assume this happens in 2013, as there have been no official announcements about LTO-6 so far in 2012 ..."

                              TDF Announces LibreOffice 3.4.6
                              Last in the 3.4 Series; Solves Security Issues, Adds Bug Fixes
                              The Document Foundation has released LibreOffice 3.4.6, the last planned release in the 3.4 series. TDF intends to concentrate its future efforts on the development of LibreOffice 3.5. Interested parties may download 3.4.6 immediately. LibreOffice 3.4.6 solves a potential security problem and a number of program bugs.
                              Trending in
                              Vol 235, Issue 2
                              Trending IT Articles