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White Paper An ArchitectÂs Guide to Big Data
Authors Dr. Helen Sun and Peter Heller Focus on Old and New Aspects of Big Data and Its Integration with Current Practice
The Oracle white paper "Oracle Information Architecture: An Architect's Guide to Big Data focuses on providing an understanding of the nature of big data both in terms of how it differs from past practices and also in how it can be efficiently integrated into such legacy systems as database and BI architecture to IT tools and end user applications. The paper includes sections on big data architecture and how best to make decisions around big data architecture. A section on best practices is also included.
Oracle Big Data Online Forum Replay and Q&As
Transcripts Now Available Online

The Oracle Big Data Online Forum presentations are now available for on-demand replay and download. During the Forum, Oracle experts fielded a lot of good questions. Many were answered live, but they just couldn't get to all of them so the transcripts of the Q&A chat and uploads of all the chats are now available.

IDC Analysts Find Midrange Server Market Shrinking
Sales in all Sectors Decline in 4Q11 but Midrange Declines Most
Basing his conclusion on a recent IDC report, Timothy Prickett Morgan contends that the midrange server is endangered, increasingly outpaced in terms of adoption and revenue by both volume and high-end servers. IDC recorded revenue declines in all three segments of the server market for the last quarter of 2011, Prickett Morgan notes, but these were most pronounced in the midrange sector. For example, according to IDC's findings IBM whose market share was 64 percent high-end and 36 percent midrange some 21 years ago, has now shifted to 26 percent high-end, 62 percent volume, and less than 13 percent midrange.
Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c Widens User Choice
Transforms IT into a Cloud-Based, Business-Driven Engine of Growth
The analogy is a humble one but it might fairly be said that Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c has the capability to turn an IT department into something resembling a cafeteria, if not in terms of food, at least in terms of services. Oracle's executive brief on Enterprise Manager 12c explains its capabilities. According to the brief, Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c delivers a unique foundation for a truly self-service IT organization, enabling your business users to satisfy whatever IT needs they have immediately, on demand, improving the overall quality of an experience that the IT department itself controls.
EnerNOC Gains 5X Performance Factor on Exadata
Sees Improvements in I/O Efficiency, Consolidated Workloads, and Storage Costs
This Oracle Database podcast features an interview with host Levi Norman and Per Gilstrom, Chief Product Manager at EnerNOC, and Stephanie Smith, Senior Manager of DB Architecture at EnerNOC, who discuss how EnerNOC uses Oracle Exadata Database Machine to boost OLTP and data warehouse performance, maximize I/O efficiency, consolidate mixed workloads onto a single platform, and create storage cost controls. EnerNOC has been able to realize a 5x boost in performance of its real-time demand response database, while lowering I/O resource utilization by 50 percent. EnerNOC sees Oracle Exadata as the strategic component to its growth formula and TCO equation.
The Business Value of Engineered Systems
Constantin Gonzalez on the Intrinsic Value of Oracle's Integrated Systems
In a recent blog Constantin Gonzalez posts about exactly how customers can learn to appreciate the value intrinsic in Oracle's solutions. Because as much as three-quarters of a corporate IT budget goes to implementing and operating the infrastructure -- as opposed to acquiring it -- Gonzalez asserts that purchasing an Oracle system that has been engineered from the ground up to work as a single entity is easily a better purchase than a system that involves solutions from multiple vendors and then requires staff time to get all these elements to operate harmoniously.
Create Solaris 10 Branded Zones on Exalogic
How-to Enables Running Multiple Versions of Solaris OS Simultaneously
Because users often find it desirable to run more than one version of Solaris, and, further, because Solaris 11 Express enables the creation of branded zones on Exalogic inside which one might run different versions of Solaris simultaneously, the how-to Leo Yuen has written for creating a Solaris 10 branded zone on Exalogic should have wide appeal. The procedure is relatively straightforward (nine steps only), well worth the effort if the result is being able to continue running applications that only certified on older versions of the OS.
IT - Storage
The Truth About SLC vs. MLC
Search Solid State Storage March 9, 2012
"This tip will compare single-level cell and multi-level cell flash memory, or SLC vs. MLC. Before the comparison starts, it helps to start with a little background. SSDs should be part of any storage acquisition discussion in 2012 for some very compelling reasons that are shared by SLC and MLC flash storage -- performance, power efficiency, and reliability …"
What Is the Next Big Thing in Storage
InfoStor March 13, 2012
"The next big thing: It's a subject that keeps analysts, entrepreneurs and computer science majors up at night. But what on earth is it going to be? For every one that captures the popular imagination and generates a new crop of billionaires, hundreds of others fall by the wayside.

Yet the folks quoted below have gone out on a limb and shared their thoughts on that elusive next big thing. Don't be too hard on them …"

    Java Technology
    Java technology roadmap
    Oracle's two-year plan, Java SE Embedded
    The whereabouts of Java technology on the Java Roadmap is updated in the link Hinkmond Wong provides to Oracle's Java tech roadmap. Wong says to expect the merger of Java ME CDC with Java SE on schedule as the Java SE 8 Embedded plan emerges. He also provides a quote from the site: "This release is set to feature convergence of Java SE and Java CDC (Connected Device Configuration) technology, which is geared to devices. Oracle also plans a subsequent release of Java ME, now termed release 8."
    Oracle Academy Augments Curriculum with New Java Offerings
    Academy Provides Services to 1.5M Students in 95 Countries
    The Oracle Academy will shortly include in its expanded curriculum a Java technology offering designed to provide graduates with a competitive advantage as they prepare to enter the workforce. Oracle Academy institutions may integrate Oracle technology, curriculum, and certification resources into their computer science and business curricula. The Oracle Academy's Java offerings will include Java Fundamentals and Java Programming courses; a comprehensive portfolio of Java courses for four-year colleges and universities; training that supports teachers/faculty to deliver the Oracle Academy’s Java curriculum; and Java competitions that help students develop and showcase their technology skills.
    Java Tutorials Now Available as eBooks
    Readable on Both Kindle and on Readers that Support ePub Format
    Most of the JavaTutorials are now available as eBooks in two new formats:

    • mobi ebook files for Kindle

    • ePub ebook files for iPad, Nook, and other eReaders that support the ePub format

    Each ebook contains a single trail that can be downloaded via the link in the "In Book Form" box on the tutorial's front page. The Preparation for Java Programmer Language Certification lesson has been completely reworked. Now the objectives for each Java SE 7 certification exam are listed and links are provided to tutorial pages. The Internationalization of Network Resources lesson has also been updated.

    IT - Technology
    Robot Cars Get the Green Light in Nevada
    GCN February 28, 2012
    "Nevada residents may see robot cars on their streets in a couple of days. On March 1, self-driving — aka 'autonomous' — cars will be able to drive on the state’s roads.

    The state's Legislative Commission approved the new regulations Feb. 15, Nevada’s Department of Motor Vehicles said …"

      What's Up With These Solar Storms?
      NetworkWorld March 9, 2012
      "The Sun has received and will likely get even more attention in the coming weeks as one of the busiest solar weather patterns blasts away at Earth. While the geomagnetic and radiation storms bombard space, little if any major problems have bothered us here on the ground so far. Of course there is always that chance that one of these solar flares could damage electrical grids or satellites, experts warn …"
        Considering Oracle Solaris 11?
        Blogger Marshals Arguments in Favor
        It would require some effort to argue, in the face of the numerous points Marius Sholtz catalogs (most of them in links) for implementing Oracle Solaris 11. The synergistic combination of Solaris 11 and Oracle's SPARC systems is but one of the several reasons Sholtz offers, which range from ROI to investment protection, to virtualization in support of his contention that Solaris 11 is a solution that is entirely deserving of serious attention from CTOs and other IT professionals.
        Solaris Automated Install and Repository on One Image
        Procedure and Code from Andrew Watkins
        Andrew Watkins shares the steps and the code he used to enable Solaris 11 Automated Install with no network (Standalone), along with his subsequent creation of a new 6.7GB ISO that can boot a VirtualBox client and install Solaris 11 with NO network. With Solaris Automated Install and Repository now combined on one image, he writes, the next effort is to get it all onto an 8GB USB stick.
        Mobile Tornado Adopts Oracle Solaris Cluster, ZFS File System, Solaris Zones
        Improves RAS and TCO
        The adoption by Mobile Tornado, a provider of instant communication services for mobile devices of Oracle Solaris Cluster, the ZFS file system and Solaris Zones enabled the company to improve the high availability of its application, provide better workload distribution for scaling the application and reduce its application's TCO on the Oracle hardware and software stack, Frederic Pariente posts. "The usage of Solaris Zones in combination with advanced SPARC T4 CPUs allows Mobile Tornado to consolidate its IPRS PTT server and Oracle database in same machines, reducing TCO with higher level of performance," says Mobile Tornado R&D Manager Shlomo Birman.
        Compilation of Links to Solaris 11 Resources
        Includes Numerous Developer Resources
        In addition to links to several aspects of the release of Oracle Solaris 11, readers will also find links to Oracle Solaris 11 Developer Resources, as of March 2012, all of which Eric Reid has assembled in a single post.
        Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel Release 2 Now Available
        Provides Upgrades to both Oracle Linux 5.8 and Oracle Linux 6.2
        Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel Release 2 is now available, reports Lenz Grimmer in a recent blog post. This kernel can be installed on both Oracle Linux 5.8 and newer as well as Oracle Linux 6.2 and newer. By simply updating the Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel, Oracle Linux customers can benefit from the latest improvements that have taken place in mainline Linux, without having to re-install their distribution or applications. The RPM packages are now available from the Unbreakable Linux Network and the public yum repositories, he continues.
        IT - Cloud
        5 Signs That You've Lost Control Over Your Cloud Apps
        ComputerWorld March 12, 2012
        "CIOs are waking up to the reality that they've lost control over access to data stored in software-as-a-service applications purchased by other departments.

        'By the time an organization buys its sixth or eighth SaaS application, it's in trouble,' says Jackie Gilbert, vice president and cofounder of SailPoint, which sells software for bringing these applications back into compliance with company policy. 'We're poised to see more auditor attention and more security directed at this problem.' …"

        Cloud Storage Prices Drop, but Experts and Users Say Hidden Fees Exist
        Search Cloud Computing March 12, 2012
        "Even if your company has policies against using personal devices on the corporate network, chances are several of your colleagues are doing it anyway, according to a recent survey from Cisco Systems. The bring your own device (BYOD) phenomenon has caught on at all levels of the enterprise, and tech managers say its raising serious concerns when it comes to network and information security. They also say that managing these mobile devices and the issues BYOD employees cause is distracting them from their 'real jobs'.

        However, those that are able to meet the challenge successfully will position their companies – and themselves – to continue to thrive. 'Mobile workers and virtual workspaces are here to stay,' says Tom Puorro, director of product management, IPCBU, Cisco Systems. 'But so are the demands on IT to continue to ensure enterprise-grade security, manageability and interoperability. IT leaders are a critical component in unleashing innovation and enabling organizations to take advantage of the next wave of business growth and opportunity.' …"

        Think You're Not Using the Cloudproduct=Your Sys Admin May Know Differently
        TechRepublic March 9, 2012
        "CIOs who think they aren't using cloud computing might want to check out their team’s corporate credit cards

        There are plenty of reasons why a CIO might think they don't want to use the cloud, such as security and reliability, or simply because they like to be able to go down to the basement and chat to the servers every so often.

        Despite much discussion over the past couple of years, most cloud computing is still in the early-adopter phase, with many CIOs limiting themselves to using the cloud for non-critical applications. Or so they think …"

        IT - CxO
        Why CFOs and Cloud Computing Have A Love-Hate Relationship
        CIO March 13, 2012
        "Cloud computing offers a value proposition that can be both appealing and unsettling to the CFO. However, columnist Bernard Golden explains why freeing up capital investment should more than make up for the uncertainty of variable monthly pricing … cloud computing promises both greater IT agility and reduced costs. No one disputes the agility issue. Compared to traditional resource deployment that can drag on for weeks or months, cloud computing offers the enormous improvement of a timetable measured in minutes …"
        vBeers Miami: Doral Golf Resort & SPA
        Wednesday, March 21st, 2012
        Meet with local Virtualization enthusiasts and talk about technology, theory, politics of the industry or whatever else gets your propeller spinning. This month’s meeting will be a the world-famous Doral Resort.

        The March vBeers networking event is being held in conjunction with the South Florida Chapter of HDI.

        A group of people involving with starting a South Florida chapter of the Cloud Security Alliance will be meeting at 5pm.

        This is a great opportunity to meet with other senior IT professionals and enjoy discussing all things virtualization, and in fact anything else that comes up in conversation… Come and network with your peers!

        Don’t rush - arrive and depart at your convenience - people will be networking from 6pm to 9pm.

        IT - DR
        Does My Company Need Business Continuity Software?
        CSO Online March 8, 2012
        "Should your organization build its own business continuity tools from existing resources, or invest in an outside software package? Business continuity expert Stieven Weidner explains the pros and cons from personal experience. … it might first be helpful to ask, what exactly is business continuity software? It can be many things actually. Some packages are very integrated and provide solutions for a multitude of business continuity objectives, while others are very subject-matter or industry specific. Likewise, some programs are easier to use than others, while several collect information that might be excessive for an emergency, but advantageous during audits …"
        IT - Networks
        Controlling Your March Madness Traffic Outbreak
        NetworkWorld March 8, 2012
        "As the NCAA men's college basketball tournament begins to unfold, March Madness takes on a more literal meaning for those tasked with controlling activity on the enterprise network.

        With 68 teams playing 36 games in the first seven days of the tournament, the NCAA is forced to schedule many of its most attractive broadcasts between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. on workdays. To the lament of the NCAA and some of its most passionate fans, this has long meant that many who are stuck in a cubicle during those hours miss out on the live action. Then the advent of online streaming came along and made everyone happy …"

          March Madness: Will IT Bother to Block NCAA Tournament Traffic?
          InfoWorld March 14, 2012
          "Survey shows 65% of IT pros take some sort of action to block, throttle, or ban streaming of non-work content … Every year when March rolls around, so, too do the dire predictions of network-clogging effects from employees who stream NCAA tournament games at work. But do CIOs and IT managers really care if college basketball lovers sneak a peek using company resources?

          It turns out they do, according to survey data from IT staffing firm Modis …"

            Network Security Breaches: 10 Things to Do Immediately After
            eWeek March 7, 2012
            "No enterprise is immune to data security breaches. Governments and corporations alike need to have contingency plans in place to perform network forensics once a breach occurs. Network security is mostly designed to prevent attacks, said Jay Botelho, director of product marketing at WildPackets, which makes network performance management, application, and voice over IP (VOIP) analysis products …"
            IT - Operations
            10 Ways to Avoid Organizational Dysfunction
            CIO Insight March 8, 2012
            "If you’re lucky, you already work for a healthy organization. If you don’t, here’s what you need to look for in your next gig. In a healthy organization, goals are clearly communicated and efficiently executed. Personal agendas and resentments are put aside for the good of the collective whole. People work there because they really believe in a unified set of core values, as opposed to simply earning a paycheck ..."
              Is Your Outsourcer Agile Enough?
              ComputerWorld March 12, 2012
              "More companies are choosing agile development to create user-friendly, quickly evolving enterprise apps. Here's how to decide if your outsourcer is up to the task …

              …experts believe that the best way to create a pure agile methodology is to keep all development work in-house …"

                IT - Security
                5 Big Security Mistakes You're Probably Making
                InfoWorld March 13, 2012
                "Companies get hacked so often you'd think it was magic, but it really stems from chronic inability to follow basic security …

                How vulnerable are most companies to hacking? So vulnerable that hackers claim they can point their systems at pretty much any target and be guaranteed of breaking in fairly quickly. Most run-of-the-mill vulnerability testers I know can break into a company in a few hours or less. It must be child's play for professional criminals.

                It doesn't have to be this way …"

                Getting A Good Metrics Program Off the Ground
                Dark Reading March 9, 2012
                "Metrics experts say that motivating a company with data requires getting away from the planning and collecting the information as soon as possible …

                To see why a good metrics program is essential, Andrew Jaquith, chief technology officer of Perimeter e-Security, points to a recent meeting with a major -- and, of course, unnamed -- client …"

                ISACA Sets Six Principles for Cloud Rollout
                IT World March 11, 2012
                "Global information security managers' association ISACA has announced the six key considerations it feels are necessary when rolling out enterprise cloud computing strategies.

                ISACA says the growing shift to cloud computing can deliver "significant value" but that most enterprises have little knowledge of the "perils" of transferring IT decision-making away from technology specialists to business unit leaders.

                It says eliminating oversight and governance from cloud computing decisions can create 'significant risk' to organisations, effectively undermining any benefits of moving to the cloud and, at the same time, potentially creating 'serious issues' for organisations …"

                IT - Careers
                How to Turn Awful Meetings Into Awesome Meetings
                Baseline March 14, 2012
                "We're spending too much of our time at meetings, and many of us feel like that's not time well spent, recent studies show. Workers today spend an average of 5.6 hours a week attending meetings, and a whopping 71 percent of them feel like it's not a productive use of their time, a Microsoft report indicates.

                To address the root causes of ineffective meetings, recently surveyed 1,600 people with a simple question: 'What frustrates you most about meetings at work?' You may recognize some of their answers …"

                  IT - Social Media
                  Can an Employer Ask for Your Facebook Login and Password?
                  TechRepublic March 13, 2012
                  "Another case that is attempting to define privacy in a world that is enamored of social media.

                  The next time you’re asked in an interview to name your greatest weakness, remember that it could be worse: Job seekers applying to Maryland’s Department of Corrections were asked for their Facebook logins and passwords …"

                    IT - Virtualization
                    3 Key Issues for Secure Virtualization
                    CSO Online March 7, 2012
                    "Deal with these three main security concerns to improve your virtualized IT environment, says Bernard Golden … Virtualization represents a sea change in IT practices. Bound for years by the 'one application, one server' rule, IT infrastructure was over capacity, underused and not cost-effective.

                    With the advent of virtualization and the associated move to hosting multiple virtual machines on a single server, many of these problems disappeared.

                    Because multiple virtual machines can be placed on a single server, IT organizations can ensure that the machine's processing power is portioned out to many applications. Utilization, often measured in single digits, can be increased to 70 percent or more, ensuring that far less capital is wasted on high-cost, little-used servers …"

                    IT - Compliance
                    Five Tips for Easier Data Governance
                    IT Business Edge March 15, 2012
                    "Recently, Loraine Lawson wrote why she believes data governance is key to self-serve IT. But to be honest, she says she can see why you'd be tempted to procrastinate on data governance. It sounds intimidating. "Governance" conjures up all kinds of images, from guys in white wigs using Old English pronouns, to a room full of exhausted business people debating data minutiae ala '12 Angry Men.'

                    Data or information governance — the difference seems to be that information governance focuses more on legal compliance — may not involve balloons and cupcakes, but it doesn’t have to be a punishing ordeal, either. Here are five steps you can take to ease the trauma of starting data governance …"

                      Keeping Compliance Costs Down with Data Classification
                      Dark Reading March 12, 2012
                      "As organizations develop their data management policies, IT departments need to improve practices to properly classify data not just for operations’ sake but to also better manage risk and keep compliance costs in check. According to security experts, enterprises are still only doing a middling job at discovering, classifying and managing their data so they can apply risk-centric protections according to data sensitivity and regulatory requirements …"
                      PCI Compliance: The Risks Banks Can Miss
                      Bank Systems and Technology March 11, 2012
                      "Banks that outsource merchant services typically have given little thought to PCI compliance -- but times are changing, and all banks need to start taking action now to manage their risks related to payment cards …

                      When it comes to safeguarding credit cardholders' data, some financial institutions have fallen down on the job and failed to implement and maintain effective risk programs that comply with the data security standards of the Payment Card Industry (PCI). This failure often stems from the institutions' lack of understanding of how their operations fall within the scope of the standards …"

                      Sun Storage 7320 Appliance Outperforms NetApp in Midrange Systems on SPECsfs2008 NFS Benchmark
                      Half the Rack Space, Less Than One Fifth the Cost
                      Oracle's Sun Storage 7320 Appliance has beaten the NetApp FAS3270 on the SPECsfs2008_nfs benchmark with 32 percent higher throughput and 9 percent faster Overall Response Time (ORT). The 7320 achieved this record -- delivering 134,140 SPEC SFS2008_nfs ops/sec at an Overall Response Time of 1.51 milliseconds for file serving in a mixed workload environment -- using less than half the rack space and at less than one-fifth the list price of the NetApp FAS3270 test configuration.
                      Two Dozen Papers and Links for the ZFSSA
                      Steve Tunstall Has Done the Legwork

                      There is an even two dozen papers and links for the ZFSSA conveniently collected in a single post by Steve Tunstall. For good measure he throws in a couple links dealing with ZFS in general rather than the ZFSSA that he nevertheless finds useful for the light they shed on how ZFS functions.

                      IT - Mobile
                      ISPs and Mobile Operators Regularly Throttle Traffic, Report Finds
                      V3 co uk March 12, 2012
                      "Internet service providers (ISPs) and mobile operators regularly use traffic management policies such as blocking or throttling to restrict access to certain services, according to a new report by the Body of European Regulators for Electronic Communications (BEREC).

                      The European ISP watchdog announced the findings after a three-month investigation in conjunction with the European Commission (EC) that involved discussions with some 400 operators on how they handle large demands placed on their networks …"

                      BYOD Movement Challenges IT
                      Baseline March 7, 2012
                      "Even if your company has policies against using personal devices on the corporate network, chances are several of your colleagues are doing it anyway, according to a recent survey from Cisco Systems. The bring your own device (BYOD) phenomenon has caught on at all levels of the enterprise, and tech managers say its raising serious concerns when it comes to network and information security. They also say that managing these mobile devices and the issues BYOD employees cause is distracting them from their 'real jobs'.

                      However, those that are able to meet the challenge successfully will position their companies – and themselves – to continue to thrive. 'Mobile workers and virtual workspaces are here to stay,' says Tom Puorro, director of product management, IPCBU, Cisco Systems. 'But so are the demands on IT to continue to ensure enterprise-grade security, manageability and interoperability. IT leaders are a critical component in unleashing innovation and enabling organizations to take advantage of the next wave of business growth and opportunity.' …"

                      Security Managers Split on BYOD, Skeptical of Android Devices
                      IT World March 14, 2012
                      "CSOs, CISOs and other security managers are not embracing the bring-your-own-device movement set into motion by demanding employees, but they aren't refusing to allow user-owned smartphones and tablets into the work place either.

                      Results of a polled conducted by Wisegate, a private, invitation-only community of senior information technology professionals, found their members are divided on what strategies to employ when it comes to securing user-owned technology, and even whether or not to allow the devices at all ..."

                      IT - Big Data
                      5 Ways to Prepare for Big Data with Scale-Out NAS
                      NetworkWorld March 12, 2012
                      "As enterprises seek to move into the big data world--digitizing paper documents and saving email communications, Word docs, Excel files and all sorts of other unstructured data with the hopes of mining them for actionable business intelligence--they need to address a big problem up front: storage.

                      One possibility is to scale vertically (scale up). The idea is to make your existing storage nodes larger, faster and/or more powerful by replacing your existing storage devices with new, higher-capacity devices. Consolidating storage infrastructure in such a way is attractive, since it simplifies management and reduces the amount of floor space and power consumed. But it's not without problems …"

                      The Promise of Big Data
                      InfoWorld March 15, 2012
                      "Organizations are finding that big data technologies can find the needle in the haystack, fast …

                      For Twitter, making sense of its mountains of user data was big enough of a problem that it purchased another company just to help get the job done.

                      Twitter's success is dependent entirely on how well it exploits the data its users generate. And it has a lot of data to work with: It hosts more than 200 million accounts, which generate 230 million Twitter messages a day.

                      Last July, the social networking giant purchased BackType, a company with software called Storm that could parse live data streams, such as millions of Twitter feeds. After the acquisition, Twitter released the source code of Storm, having no interest in commercializing the product itself …"

                      The Myth of Big Data
                      InformationWeek March 8, 2012
                      "McKinsey has just written a 143-page report, 'Big Data: The Next Frontier.'/ Oracle has a long white paper on the subject. So does IBM. These people are going to strain something jumping on a moving bandwagon … We're going to have a feeding frenzy. Every group is going to get into the act, and we'll buy two of everything. Then we'll have three years of chaos and people tripping over one another. Then …"
                      Top Ten Articles for last few Issues
                      Vol 169 Issue 1; Vol 168 Issues 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5; Vol 167 Issues 3 and 4;
                      We track how frequently each article is viewed on the web site to determine which the readers consider the most important. For last week, the top 10 articles were:

                      • Cheatsheet for Configuring the Networking in Solaris 11
                      • New Hardware for the Sun ZFS Storage 7420 Appliance
                      • How to Use FC Storage with Sun ZFS Appliance
                      • New illumos-Based Distro, illumian, Is Available
                      • Patching Solaris Systems with Oracle Enterprise Manager Ops Center
                      • Benchmarks Using Oracle Solaris 11
                      • IDC Analyzes Oracle's All Out Assault on the Big Data Market
                      • Oracle Announces Exalytics In-Memory Machine, Business Intelligence Foundation Suite
                      • Elegance and Security: Sparse Encrypted ZFS Pools
                      • Oracle Linux 5.8 Released to General Availability

                      The longer version of this article has list of top ten articles for the last 8 weeks.

                        IT - Encryption
                        Mobile's Cryptography Conundrums
                        Dark Reading March 8, 2012
                        "Two RSA presentations -- one by NSA and the other by Cryptography Research experts -- show lack of maturity in mobile ecosystem

                        Immaturity in mobile-device hardware and operating-system environments is holding back organizations' deployments of strong cryptographic protections around mobile applications, according to a pair of unrelated presentations at last week's RSA Conference …"

                        Ron Was Wrong, Whit is Right, And What You Need to Know
                        Dark Reading March 12, 2012
                        "Clarifying the technical findings on a weakness in RSA crypto keys and some recommendations on how to prepare and protect your assets from the next inevitable crypto weakness discovery …"
                          Solaris Fingerprint Database Returns to Solaris
                          Image Packaging System Improvements Deliver Added Benefits

                          Users who lamented the demise of the Solaris Fingerprint Database along with sunsolve can now be encouraged by the inclusion of an improved version in Solaris 11, Stefan Hinker posts. There are now both automatic and manual means in the IPS for verifying the integrity of installed software. Hinker outlines the procedure for using the command "pkg verify", which enables users to employ the IPS to verify each and every installed package against the repository it was installed from. The capability of the IPS to fix individual packages is one of the most important improvements that Hinker identifies.

                          NetBeans 7.1.1 - Made for GlassFish 3.1.2
                          Use Either Patch Install or Fresh Update
                          The release of GlassFish 3.1.2 and NetBeans 7.1.1 presents users with a powerful combination, given that NetBeans probably has the best Java EE 6 out-of-the-box support and this 7.1.1 release fully supports GlassFish 3.1.2, posts Alexis Moussine-Pouchkine, adding that since this NetBeans release is also available as a patch update to 7.1, you need to either download GlassFish 3.1.2 separately or do a fresh install of a 7.1.1 bundle which includes GlassFish ("Java" or "All").
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                          Vol 234, Issue 2
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