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Oracle Announces Exalytics In-Memory Machine, Business Intelligence Foundation Suite
Coupled with Times Ten In-Memory Database In-Memory Proves a Powerful Tool
Oracle Exalytics In-Memory Machine and Oracle Business Intelligence Foundation Suite are now available. Oracle Exalytics features Oracle’s Sun Fire server with 1 Terabyte of RAM, powered by the Intel Xeon processor E7-4800 with 40 processing cores, 40 Gb/s InfiniBand, 10 Gb/s Ethernet connectivity, and Integrated Lights Out Management. BI Foundation Suite features 87 new product capabilities and enhancements including visualizations, contextual interactions, performance and scale improvements, optimizations for Oracle Exalytics, and simplification for end users, developers and administrators. Oracle Exalytics is suited for use in heterogeneous IT environments, and can access and analyze data from Oracle or third-party data sources.
A New and Improved Exalogic Elastic Cloud Software Released as Version 2.0
Includes Application Isolation, Layer 7 App Traffic Management, Improved Exabus Implementation

There are several important improvements featured in Exalogic Elastic Cloud Software Version 2 that Cristobal Soto draws attention to in his post. These include:

  • Layer 7 application traffic management software component called Oracle Traffic Director
  • Support for secure application isolation using InfiniBand Partitions
  • Improved Exabus implementation

Soto observes that, as of February 16, 2012, customers running existing Exalogic X2-2 systems at any previous EECS patch level will also be able to update their systems to EECS 2.0 via an upgrade kit expected to be released shortly.

New Commercial License for Oracle VM VirtualBox
Comes in Per User and Per Socket Versions
Oracle has introduced commercial licenses and support for Oracle VM VirtualBox designed for customers interested in using a fully supported version that can be rolled out across their enterprises. Oracle VM VirtualBox Enterprise - Named User Plus includes standard Named User Plus licensing, $50 per named user with a minimum of 100 users. Oracle VM VirtualBox Enterprise - Per Socket offers standard processing at $1,000 per socket with a minimum of one socket. Support for both schemes is available at Oracle's standard support pricing rates. Oracle VM VirtualBox continues to be free for personal use.
IT - Storage
6 Data Recovery Tools for SD Cards, USB Drives and More
class2=IT World March 5, 2012
"As USB thumb drives and memory cards get larger and cheaper, it's getting easier to trust much more of your data to them. It's also much easier to mistakenly erase data or have them hiccup on you. And if you're in the habit of holding on to that data for too long -- for example, not transferring photos from your camera's memory card -- disaster is almost guaranteed to strike at some point. What happens then? ..."
    Hard Drive Shortage: Lessons Learned
    Enterprise Systems Journal March 5, 2012
    "Any infrastructure administrator takes pride in introducing as many separation layers and failure domains as possible into a design. As we have learned from the recent hard-drive shortage due to the flooding in Thailand, we cannot design or plan for a redundant supply chain.

    It is difficult to buy any storage at all right now, and even if one is lucky enough to find some hardware for sale, it will be very expensive. Recent reports from Western Digital, for example, state that hard-drive unit sales are down by 51 percent and that their selling prices for those that have shipped is up 50 percent. As IT professionals, we need to be ready to go with new solutions to tackle this challenge ..."

    Securing Data In the Cloud
    Baseline February 29, 2012
    "While cloud computing may reduce costs, it introduces new layers of complexity that must be managed by your company’s IT, legal and executive personnel.

    When it comes to data security and cloud computing, many companies indulge in magical thinking: They envision the cloud as a single type of computing platform guarded by service providers that secure the data and think through the tough issues. In fact, while cloud computing may reduce costs, it introduces new layers of complexity that must be managed by your company’s IT, legal and executive personnel ..."

    Storage Sales Growth Slows, Perhaps Because of Cloud, Dedupe
    IT Knowledge Exchange March 5, 2012
    "Although storage systems revenue grew during the fourth quarter of 2011 and for the entire year, that growth slowed compared to previous periods.

    According to IDC’s worldwide quarterly disk storage systems tracker, external disk systems (networked storage) increased 7.7% year-over-year to $6.6 billion in the last quarter of 2011. That compares to 16.2% year-over-year growth in the fourth quarter of 2010, and 10.8% growth in the third quarter of 2011.

    For the full year, external disk storage revenue increased 10.6% in 2011 compared to 18.3% growth in 2010 ..."

    IT - Technology
    IBM Takes Watson Supercomputer to the Bank
    CIO Insight March 6, 2012
    "With health care as the first major vertical market IBM has taken its Watson question-answering technology to, Big Blue has now entered into an agreement with Citigroup to explore the use of Watson in financial services, particularly the banking industry.

    On March 5, Citigroup announced it had entered into an agreement with IBM to explore possible uses for IBM Watson ..."

    MySQL Performance
    Meet The MySQL Experts Podcast
    Dimitri Kravtchuk talks to us about MySQL Performance. He covers improvements made over the past few years, including in MySQL 5.5, as well as MySQL Enterprise Scalability, the new MySQL 5.6 features improving performance and more.
    Oracle Linux 5.8 Released to General Availability
    ISO Installation Images Coming Soon
    Oracle Linux 5 Update 8 is in general availability. This distribution includes the latest release of the Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel Release 1 (version 2.6.32-300.10.1, based on mainline Linux 2.6.32), which includes a number of important bug fixes and driver updates. RPM packages for direct installation/upgrade are available for Oracle Linux Support Customers from the Unbreakable Linux Network, and individual packages of the initial release are also available for download from the public yum repository, Lenz Grimmer posts. ISO installation images of the distribution will be available for download from the Oracle Software Delivery Cloud shortly or through external mirror sites.
    IT - Cloud
    Are Community Cloud Services the Next Hot Thing?
    InfoWorld March 1, 2012
    "When Matthew Lodge, senior director of cloud services for VMware, looks out over the cloud landscape and envisions how it will continue to evolve, he sees community clouds playing a big role. And he's not the only one.

    Community clouds can be thought of as subset of public clouds that are tailored to a specific vertical industry, such as government, healthcare or finance, offering a range of services, including infrastructure, software, or platform as a service ..."

    Calling BS on Cloud Hype: Prediction That Cloud Will Create 14 Million New Jobs is Misleading
    IT World March 5, 2012
    "More than half will be overseas; few will be in IT or even in cloud services ... Microsoft and IDC teamed up this morning to announce a miracle: Cloud computing, by automating much of the manual work of maintaining large computing infrastructures and making more efficient use of existing resources, will actually increase the number of IT jobs in the U.S. rather than reduce it, as every other successful effort to automate human labor has done ..."
    E-Discovery In the Cloud? Not So Easy
    class2=IT World March 6, 2012
    "Your company is embroiled in a lawsuit, and your general counsel has come to IT for help in conducting e-discovery on a batch of data. You easily gather some of the information from storage in your data center, but some of it is sitting in the cloud. Easy enough, you think, to get that data as well.

    You may be in for a rude awakening ..."

      Securing Data In the Cloud
      Baseline February 29, 2012
      "When it comes to data security and cloud computing, many companies indulge in magical thinking: They envision the cloud as a single type of computing platform guarded by service providers that secure the data and think through the tough issues. In fact, while cloud computing may reduce costs, it introduces new layers of complexity that must be managed by your company’s IT, legal and executive personnel ..."
      Tips for a Successful PaaS Rollout
      NetworkWorld February 27, 2012
      "Any corporate application developer hoping to make the journey to the cloud with the help of a Platform as a Service implementation is wise to listen to those who have already ventured down that path.

      Be prepared to clearly articulate where you want to go and why you want to go there to the decision makers in your company ..."

        Why IT Shouldn't Buy Into the 'Subscription Economy'
        InfoWorld March 7, 2012
        "In case you hadn't heard, ownership is out. Instead, it's all about the 'subscription economy' -- if the latest in a long line of extrapolations from a very small number of data points is to be believed.

        The theory is simple. Whereas before we liked to own things, we don't anymore. What we want instead is to pay less money right now in exchange for the right to pay again next month -- or not, at which point whatever it was we used to need goes away ..."

          IT - CxO
          Moral Leadership By Example
          Baseline March 2, 2012
          "Today’s market environment is based on meeting short-term expectations rather than long-term performance. Shareholders, investors and boards often have unrealistic expectations for executives, sending company leaders into survival mode... This behavior manifests itself as a focus on short-term financial gain—rather than the company’s long -- term health—as the executives strive to increase company value and preserve their own careers ..."
          15 New Rules For IT to Live By
          InformationWeek March 5, 2012
          "No one's going to complain about winning new business, but a recent deal to do contract unit repair work from more than 2,000 locations across North America posed a huge challenge for Flextronics' IT team. The customer was in a hurry to get started, and Flextronics had to first set up its IT systems that track products as they move through the product-repair process ..."
            Five Leadership Lessons From James T. Kirk
            Forbes March 5, 2012
            "Captain James T. Kirk is one of the most famous Captains in the history of Starfleet. There’s a good reason for that. He saved the planet Earth several times, stopped the Doomsday Machine, helped negotiate peace with the Klingon Empire, kept the balance of power between the Federation and the Romulan Empire, and even managed to fight Nazis ... Kirk’s success was no fluke, either. His style of command demonstrates a keen understanding of leadership and how to maintain a team that succeeds time and time again, regardless of the dangers faced ..."
              One Enterprise Architecture to Rule Them All
              Baseline March 1, 2012
              "Chubb’s 10-year journey toward the use of enterprise architecture has been predicated on common sense and built thoughtfully to ensure business and IT buy-in at each step of the process ...

              Like many large financial services organizations, Chubb Insurance, the 11th largest property and casualty insurer in the United States, was quick to leverage enterprise technologies as they came to prominence in the early part of the 21st century. Yet, also like many enterprises at the time, the approach was more ad hoc than guided by an overall vision ..."

                vBeers Miami: Doral Golf Resort & SPA
                Wednesday, March 21st, 2012
                Meet with local Virtualization enthusiasts and talk about technology, theory, politics of the industry or whatever else gets your propeller spinning. This month’s meeting will be a the world-famous Doral Resort.

                The March vBeers networking event is being held in conjunction with the South Florida Chapter of HDI.

                A group of people involving with starting a South Florida chapter of the Cloud Security Alliance will be meeting at 5pm.

                This is a great opportunity to meet with other senior IT professionals and enjoy discussing all things virtualization, and in fact anything else that comes up in conversation… Come and network with your peers!

                Don’t rush - arrive and depart at your convenience - people will be networking from 6pm to 9pm.

                IT - Networks
                Networks Offer Best Security for BYOD, Consumerization of IT
                CIO Insight March 2, 2012
                "Christopher Young, head of security at Cisco, emphasized the importance and power of the network in his keynote speech on the second day of the RSA Conference.

                Information security professionals are faced with two difficult questions when trying to secure the network. They can either lock down the network, or free up the technology, according to Cisco's newly appointed head of security.

                The Bring Your Own Device trend and the consumerization of IT pose significant challenges to the enterprise ..."

                Should You Allow Inbound E-Mail Over IPv6?
                NetworkWorld March 4, 2012
                "Federal organizations are aiming for September 2012 mandate to IPv6-enable their Internet perimeter applications. This not only includes IPv6-enabling web servers, but also IPv6-enabling e-mail servers. Therefore e-mail servers would be allowing inbound SMTP (TCP port 25) connections over IPv4 and IPv6. However, most e-mail content filtering companies only have defensive capabilities for IPv4. Do organizations really want to allow IPv6 e-mail if it is less secure than IPv4? ..."
                IT - Operations
                The Top 10 People Success Factors For IT Service Management
                Forbes December 15, 2011
                "In a previous blog (The ABC Of ICT - The Top 10 People Issues), Paul Wilkinson of GamingWorks and I shared how the “ABC of ICT” (the Attitude, Behavior, and Culture issues), or the 'people factor,' is a critical success or fail factor in IT, and particularly IT service management (ITSM), operational and improvement initiatives.

                In this blog, we want to move on from the 'resistance areas' and share the top 10 critical success factors for dealing with the ABC of ICT ..."

                Why Are My Projects Struggling? Six Basics You Must Never Forget
                Project Smart March 5, 2012
                "Lately, I've noticed that my projects are getting more complicated and status review meetings are focusing mostly on issues and complaints. In fact, all projects on the dashboard are struggling, which made me ask myself, 'What is going wrong in an otherwise well-oiled project management machine?' After reviewing the projects and reflecting on our project management practices of late, I gained some valuable insight into what has changed ..."
                IT - Security
                40% of Uk Businesses Breached Due To Spam
                HelpNet Security March 2, 2012
                "Businesses are still struggling to deal with the problems caused by spam, and nearly half of them have experienced a data breach as a result of employees clicking on malicious links or files within spam emails ... The independent blind survey of 201 IT decision makers in UK organizations with between 5 and 1,000 employees commissioned by GFI Software reveals their opinions about the level of spam entering their organization’s network ..."
                  How to Catch an Internet Cyber Thief
                  NetworkWorld March 1, 2012
                  "They're out there, says security researchers: the Chinese hackers attempting to break into U.S. enterprises, and jihadist terrorists that brazenly post videos of sniper killings, while stealing credit-cards to launder money for funding nefarious campaigns in Mideast or Caucasus hot spots ... It's just a matter of finding them, and Dell SecureWorks researcher Joe Stewart described at the RSA Conference this week how he caught one by laboriously collecting information related to a Chinese hacker ..."
                  Insider Security Threats: 10 Tactics To Stop These Data Breaches
                  eWeek March 5, 2012
                  "The full version of 2012 Verizon Data Breach Investigation Report is being released soon. However, the report's preliminary findings show that a vast majority of data breaches in 2011 were the result of outsiders trying to break in for malicious purposes. With those kinds of numbers, it is very easy to forget that insider attacks are often as equally devastating as, if not more devastating than, external threats. Insider attacks are very common and can happen to anyone ..."
                    Protect Intellectual Property and Trade Secrets
                    Baseline March 5, 2012
                    "Who will figure out how to provide food and clean water for a world population that soon will reach 7 billion people? Who will develop drugs to treat devastating diseases? Who will market the next generation of energy-saving solutions? And who will introduce the next big thing in information technology?

                    These questions spur on governments, entrepreneurs, scientists and engineers—all hoping to strike it big or advance the cause of humankind ..."

                      Security Budgets Increase Due To EU Data Protection Laws
                      HelpNet Security March 5, 2012
                      "Tufin announced the results of a survey assessing how the recently announced updates to EU Data Protection legislation will impact IT compliance efforts ... 42% of the 100 network security managers sampled by the firewall management software provider said the proposed changes led to increased risk awareness within their organization ..."
                      IT - Virtualization
                      Virtualizing Demanding Applications, Part I
                      Virtualization Review February 27, 2012
                      "While many organizations have gone down the route of server virtualization, many have also shied away from tier-1 applications for many reasons. Some still have pre-conceived opinions dating back to the early days of server virtualization where the technology was not ready to tackle these types of workloads. And then there are those organizations that have attempted to virtualize tier-1 applications and have been unsuccessful for the simple reason of not possessing the right knowledge to do so ..."
                        IT - Compliance
                        Don't Let Data Drive Your Compliance Efforts
                        Dark Reading March 5, 2012
                        "Compliance continues to be a driver for many security programs, but not necessarily for the right reason, says former NSA analyst and current Accuvant GRC guru Doug Landoll in an interview at the RSA Conference ... Last week Dark Reading had a chance to catch up with governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) expert Doug Landoll at the RSA Conference to talk about trends he's seeing from customers, partners, and prospects as they navigate new challenges in 2012 ..."
                        New Hardware for the Sun ZFS Storage 7420 Appliance
                        Larger CPUs, More DRAM Capacity
                        Improvements to the Sun ZFS Storage 7420 Appliance that Steve Tunstall highlights include 10-core CPUs enabling users to have 40 cores in each controller. Also, users can now also go to a huge 1TB of DRAM for the L1ARC in each controller. Oracle plans to discontinue the 2 x CPU models and the 6-core CPUs, leaving customers the choice between 4 x 8-core or 4 x 10-core models. It is also possible to order either 8GB or 16GB modules, meaning that the minimum amount of memory is now 128GB, and can go to 1TB in each controller.
                        How to Use FC Storage with Sun ZFS Appliance
                        Procedure Uses FC Initiator Stack in Oracle Solaris 10 and 11 OS

                        In his post Andrew Ness provides a procedure for configuring Fibre Channel LUNs in Oracle's Sun ZFS Storage Appliance and integrating them into an Oracle Solaris 10 or Oracle Solaris 11 environment. Ness demonstrates -- with code samples and screen shots -- how one can employ the browser user interface and the Fibre Channel initiator stack that comes with Oracle Solaris 10 and 11 to accomplish this configuration.

                        IT - Big Data
                        Big Data Meets Virtualization
                        Enterprise Systems Journal March 5, 2012
                        "Cloud is no longer the biggest buzz around the IT water cooler, at least not directly. The tech term that is all the rage now is Big Data. What is Big Data and what does that have to do with virtualization and private clouds? The best place to start is with some definitions ..."
                        Can Big Data Nab Network Invaders?
                        ComputerWorld March 7, 2012
                        "The buzz in security circles about "big data" goes something like this: If the enterprise could only unite its security-related event data with a warehouse of business information, it could analyze this Big Data to catch intruders trying to steal sensitive information ..."
                        IT - Mobile
                        4 BYOD Security Strategies
                        InformationWeek March 3, 2012
                        "Your network might be hosting a BYOD (bring your own device) party even if you don't realize it. It doesn't matter whether your company actually allows employees to use their personal mobile devices for business purposes: Those smartphones and tablets are still inside the corporate walls ..."
                        9 Powerful Business Uses for Tablet Computers
                        InformationWeek February 10, 2012
                        "From the warehouse to the sales floor, see how companies creatively use iPads and other tablets to save time and money, sell more, and delight customers. Tablets may even find a home on garbage trucks ... There are now three hardware platforms for personal business computing: PCs, smartphones, and tablets. The tablet's still a newcomer, but the iPad's popularity kicked off a wave of experiments in companies to learn where tablets can make employees more efficient or customers happier ..."
                          BYOD: A World of Pain Awaits IT
                          InfoWorld March 6, 2012
                          "Seasoned IT pros discuss the slings and arrows IT must endure to embrace bring-your-own-device policies ... Want to let your employees use the device of their own choice for business duties? Then be prepared for risks and pain, says a prominent IT official steeped in the practice of supporting BYOD (bring your own device) policies in the enterprise ..."
                          IT's 6-Step Guide to Adopting Consumerization
                          ComputerWorld March 5, 2012
                          "If your IT department is resisting the 'consumerization' trend, it's in the minority. Recent research shows that most enterprises are proactively addressing this trend and the new relationship between IT and users that often accompanies a consumer IT strategy. What do they know that you don't? ..."
                            Top Ten Articles for last few Issues
                            Vol 168 Issues 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5; Vol 167 Issues 2,3 and 4;
                            We track how frequently each article is viewed on the web site to determine which the readers consider the most important. For last week, the top 10 articles were:

                            • Shall I Use Zones or LDOMs?
                            • CIFS Sharing on Solaris 11 to Enable Windows Clients to Access Files
                            • Destination: SPARC
                            • ZFS Shadow Migration: Migrating Files in the Background
                            • The bright future of LibreOffice
                            • Solaris 11 Automated Installer Quick Setup Guide in a Zone
                            • Procedure for an Automated Install without Network Boot for Solaris 11
                            • Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c Newsletter
                            • Virtualization and Cloud Deployments of Oracle E-Business Suite
                            • Coverity Study Find Open Source Holds Its Own Against Proprietary Code

                            The longer version of this article has list of top ten articles for the last 8 weeks.

                              Cheatsheet for Configuring the Networking in Solaris 11
                              No More Editing Files; Just Use CLI-based Tools
                              Joerg Moellenkamp shares a cheatsheet for configuring the networking in Solaris 11 in a recent post. In doing so he remarks that improvements in Solaris 11 have made network configuration easier since one need no longer edit files but instead can use CLI-based tools to change file parameters. Further, he writes, the use of SMF makes determining when changes become active clear. Step by step, then, he shows the code involved in configuring networking in the OS, and he shows how it can be done both manually and automatically.
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