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Oracle Database 11g Delivers Significant Savings over Microsoft SQL Server
ORC International Study
A new ORC International study, "Database Manageability and Productivity Cost Comparison Study Oracle Database 11g Release 2 vs. Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Release 2," finds that Oracle Database 11g Release 2 took half the amount of time and effort to complete four routine database administrator (DBA) tasks compared to Microsoft. The study measured typical tasks such as initial database setup, routine daily administrative tasks, and backup and recovery, as well as performance and tuning tasks.
The Distinction Between a Standard and a Preferred Vendor
They Are Not the Same Thing

In his post on "The Difference Between a Standard and a Preferred Vendor" Constantin Gonzalez makes some important distinctions between the two terms. A standard is not, he contends, a processor architecture, a hypervisor implementation, nor an operating system. x86, VMware, and Linux are not standards; J2EE is. Gonzalez includes some recommendations concerning building clouds and establishing standards:

  • Standardize on one thing only: the interface between you and your service suppliers, customers, and service consumers
  • Do not accept any standardization below the level of the interface you provide
  • Distinguish between standardization and choosing a preferred vendor
Mac OS X Gets ZFS from Ten's Complement
Silver Edition Available; Gold and Platinum Forthcoming
Apple devotees need not despair over Apple's decision not to pursue ZFS for Mac OS X. The reason? Ten's Complement has released Zevo Silver Edition, ZFS for Mac OS X. While not a complete version of ZFS, Zevo Silver nevertheless does a commendable job, Stephen Shankland writes. The forthcoming Zevo Gold and Platinum Editions will both add features that will deliver additional functionality to the user of OS X.
Resizing a Mirror with ZFS
Doubling Capacity from 4X250B to 4X500GB on a VDI

Doubling the capacity of the four 250GB disks in his VDI setup running Solaris 10 proved relatively easy, Daniel Cifuentes posts. It came to be that 11 Windows XP desktops, 5 Ubuntu desktops and 3 Windows 7 desktops were a bit too much for the 250GB capacity. So, in spite of cautions that his goals was not attainable, Cifuentes proceeded with the series of commands (which he includes in the post) required to realize this doubling of capacity. Summing up his experience, Cifuentes writes, " ... mirrored, replaced and upgraded, disk capacity expanded, downtime required: ZERO.

Oracle Linux Support Lifecycle Extended to 10 Years
Follows Extension of Ksplice Support for Red Hat Enterprise Linux

Oracle has not only covered the extension of Ksplice support for Red Hat Enterprise Linux but also extended the Oracle Linux Support lifecycle to cover a time frame of 10 years. With this announcement, Oracle is bringing its Linux support policy in line with the already existing support periods for Oracle Solaris. Existing customers can continue to run the same release of Oracle Linux 5 and 6 for two additional years.

Live Migration Uses Oracle VM for SPARC (LDoms)
Oracle Database 11g Release 2 Runs Throughout
The authors tested the Oracle Database 11g Release 2 on a SPARC T4 while migrating the guest domain from one SPARC T4 server to another without shutting down the Oracle DB. Testing used the Swingbench OrderEntry workload that ships with Oracle 11g to generate workload. The scenario includes a 30GB DB disk size with 18GB SGA size and 50 workload users; the time between actions taken by each user was 100 ms. The paper shows the complete configuration process, including the creation and configuration of guest domains using the ldm command.
Oracle Posts SPEC SFS Benchmark
Crushes Netapp Comparable
Oracle scored another triumph in its campaign to dominate OpenStorage with its SPC-1 benchmark result that was 2X faster at half the cost of NetApp. The systems involved were Oracle's 7320 and two NetApp systems, 3270 and 3160. Blogger Darius Zanganeh attributes this level of performance to Oracle's superior engineering and its use of the Hybrid Storage Pool in the ZFS Storage Appliance.
Top Ten Articles for last few Issues
Vol 168 Issues 1, 2 and 3; Vol 167 Issues 1,2,3 and 4; Vol 166 Issues 4
We track how frequently each article is viewed on the web site to determine which the readers consider the most important. For last week, the top 10 articles were:

  • Java Still Clearly Alive and Kicking
  • A Primer on InfiniBand
  • LibreOffice 3.5
  • Upgrade Your Skills To Oracle Solaris 11
  • How to Script Oracle Solaris 11 Zones Creation for a Network-In-a-Box Configuration
  • A Look at the Switches Inside Oracle's Engineered Systems
  • Solaris and VirtualBox with No Heads
  • Making Use of NFS v4 and LDAP for Shared Authentication
  • MySQL Cluster 7.2: High Write Scalability, Very Low Latency
  • Brian Madden Group Explores Oracle VDI

The longer version of this article has list of top ten articles for the last 8 weeks.

    LibreOffice Foundation Symbolises Maturity
    Finally established as an independent entity
    Simon Phipps celebrates the evolution of both LibreOffice and The Document Foundation in his post LibreOffice Foundation Symbolizes Maturity. He points to several indications of advancing stages in this evolution, including:
    • Release of LibreOffice 3.5
    • Survey results showing increasing diversity in the participant community
    • Announcement of the next LibreOffice Conference
    • Opening of Ask LibreOffice, a StackOverflow-style community support site To Phipps' eye, all of these developments clearly reveal " ... a refreshing story of community triumphing over adversity."
    InfiniBand Building Blocks
    Understanding the Configuration of Harware and Software in Oracle's Engineered Systems
    The InfiniBand technology underlying Oracle's Engineered Systems prompts a post from Neeraj Gupta, who focuses on the configuration inside a rack involving two servers interconnected by InfiniBand leaf switches. He also discusses the IB software, especially Subnet Manager, that the configuration calls for. Gupta illustrates his post with screen shots and code samples.
    Solaris and SPARC Virtualization Management Features of Oracle Enterprise Manager Ops Center
    Video Demonstrates Migration of One LDOM Guest from One Physical Host to Another
    Leon Shaner's blog post, Solaris and SPARC virtualization management features of Oracle Enterprise Manager Ops Center including Live Migration, includes a link to a 4:22 video that demonstrates the live migration of one LDOM guest from one physical host to another within a server pool using Oracle Enterprise Manager Ops Center.
    Java Technology
    Java SE 7 Update 3; Java SE 6 Update 31 ; JavaFX 2.0.3
    Updates Focus on Security
    Updates are available for Java SE 7 (Update 3); Java SE 6 (Update 31); and JavaFX (2.0.3). The announcement from The Java Source also contains links to downloads for each of the updates, along with information about new URLs for both the Java Language Specification and Java VM Specification. The emphasis on each of the updates is security, the release note reports.
    Java Spotlight Episode 69: The Java Champions Live at Jfokus
    Plus Java All Star Developer Panel
    Java Spotlight Episode 69 features an appearance by Java Champions at Jfokus, including Jonas Boner, Bert Ertman, Fabiane Nardon, Chris Richardson, Mattias Karlsson, and Stephan Janssen. Sitting on the Java All Star Developer Panel are Dalibor Topic, Java Free and Open Source Software Ambassador, and Arun Gupta, Java EE Guy.
    Java Spotlight Episode 70: Kotlin, Live at #Jfokus
    JetBrains' Lead Language Designer Andrey Breslev Is Interviewed

    In Java Spotlight Episode 70, host Roger Brinkley interviews Andrey Breslev, lead language designer at JetBrains on Project Kotlin, a statically typed programming language compiled to JVM byte code and JavaScript.

    'Murbach's Java Programming' Gets Thumbs Up from Geertjan
    Readers Also Chiming in with High Praise
    There is high praise for "Murach's Java Programming" in Geertjan Wielenga's recent post, where he writes, "The book is really driven via NetBeans IDE 7 and uses Java 7, so you'll be using the latest version of Java, together with the tools created to support it. With 23 chapters, 802 pages, 340 illustrations... it seems like a very worthwhile book to buy. I know I'm going to get it and will report back on my findings soon!"
    JavaFX 2 Gains in Popularity with the Developer Community
    Several Measures Indicate Growing Favor
    Based on a number of considerations, JavaFX is growing in popularity. Such metrics as the number of JavaFX SDK downloads, the number of JavaFX session attendees at JavaOne, or even the results of informal polls, such as the one posted by Kevin Farrell on (Will you use JavaFX for development once it's fully ported to Mac and Linux platforms?) strongly suggest the increasing favor JavaFX is finding in the developer community.
    Oracle Security Inside Out Newsletter
    January Edition
    The January 2012 issue of the Oracle Security Inside Out newsletter is available and includes stories on several important topics, including:
    • Healthcare Organizations Find Help in Oracle Security Solutions
    • Enterprise Single Sign-On: Drive Rapid ROI, Slash Password-Related Support Calls Up to 80 Percent
    • IDC Report: Database Security Is Keystone of Effective Data Leak Prevention Links to webcasts on Identity Management and Database Security are also part of the issue.

    Blogger Troy Kitch provides a link to the newsletter in his post.

    Enterprise Single Sign-on ROI Calculator
    Try It; Know Your Costs
    A post by Naresh Persaud demonstrates the use of an Enterprise Single Sign-on ROI Calculator, that uses aspects of end-user information and help desk information to calculate the actual ROI of employing ESSO. The post has a link to the ROI calculator the enables readers to plug in their own data for a demonstration of their respective costs.
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