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Oracle Database 11g Delivers Significant Savings over Microsoft SQL Server
ORC International Study
A new ORC International study, "Database Manageability and Productivity Cost Comparison Study Oracle Database 11g Release 2 vs. Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Release 2," finds that Oracle Database 11g Release 2 took half the amount of time and effort to complete four routine database administrator (DBA) tasks compared to Microsoft. The study measured typical tasks such as initial database setup, routine daily administrative tasks, and backup and recovery, as well as performance and tuning tasks.
The Distinction Between a Standard and a Preferred Vendor
They Are Not the Same Thing

In his post on "The Difference Between a Standard and a Preferred Vendor" Constantin Gonzalez makes some important distinctions between the two terms. A standard is not, he contends, a processor architecture, a hypervisor implementation, nor an operating system. x86, VMware, and Linux are not standards; J2EE is. Gonzalez includes some recommendations concerning building clouds and establishing standards:

  • Standardize on one thing only: the interface between you and your service suppliers, customers, and service consumers
  • Do not accept any standardization below the level of the interface you provide
  • Distinguish between standardization and choosing a preferred vendor
Live Migration Uses Oracle VM for SPARC (LDoms)
Oracle Database 11g Release 2 Runs Throughout
The authors tested the Oracle Database 11g Release 2 on a SPARC T4 while migrating the guest domain from one SPARC T4 server to another without shutting down the Oracle DB. Testing used the Swingbench OrderEntry workload that ships with Oracle 11g to generate workload. The scenario includes a 30GB DB disk size with 18GB SGA size and 50 workload users; the time between actions taken by each user was 100 ms. The paper shows the complete configuration process, including the creation and configuration of guest domains using the ldm command.
Solaris and SPARC Virtualization Management Features of Oracle Enterprise Manager Ops Center
Video Demonstrates Migration of One LDOM Guest from One Physical Host to Another
Leon Shaner's blog post, Solaris and SPARC virtualization management features of Oracle Enterprise Manager Ops Center including Live Migration, includes a link to a 4:22 video that demonstrates the live migration of one LDOM guest from one physical host to another within a server pool using Oracle Enterprise Manager Ops Center.
IT - Storage
10 Questions Enterprises Should Ask About Deduplication
eWeek February 14th, 2012
"Only a few years ago, data deduplication was a separate feature made available as an option for enterprise storage systems, mostly in the backup and archiving sectors. Subsequently, it has found new uses in cloud gateways, pairing down unnecessary blocks of data before it even gets to an array or virtual tape library. Now, as it becomes a taken-for-granted pre-integrated feature of unified computing systems, added awareness about how this can be most efficiently used is needed ..."
Airport Parking, Tiered Storage and Latency
ToolBox January 27, 2012
"Ok, so what do airport parking, tiered storage and latency have in common? Based on some recent travel experience I will assert that there is quite a bit in common, or at a minimum an analogy. What got me thinking about this was recently I could not get a parking spot at the airport primary parking ramp adjacent to the terminal (either a reasonable walk or short tram ride) which offers quick access to the departure gate ..."
    IT, Keep Your Hands Off My Cloud Storage
    InfoWorld February 17, 2012
    "What does IT have against information workers, anyhow? This week, two events showed me how many IT organizations not only not get it, but actively endanger their companies by trying to block information workers from using the very information they need. They're not called information workers for nothing, you know.

    The first event was the inevitable hue and cry from security and file-sharing vendors about the dangers of cloud storage ..."

    RAID Relevance Revisited
    ToolBox February 16, 2012
    "Following up from some previous posts on the topic, a continued discussion point in the data storage industry is the relevance (or lack there) of RAID (Redundant Array of Independent Disks).

    These discussions tend to evolve around how RAID is dead due to its lack of real or perceived ability to continue scaling in terms of performance, availability, capacity, economies or energy capabilities needed or when compared to those of newer techniques, technologies or products ..."

    Java Technology
    Java SE 7 Update 3; Java SE 6 Update 31 ; JavaFX 2.0.3
    Updates Focus on Security
    Updates are available for Java SE 7 (Update 3); Java SE 6 (Update 31); and JavaFX (2.0.3). The announcement from The Java Source also contains links to downloads for each of the updates, along with information about new URLs for both the Java Language Specification and Java VM Specification. The emphasis on each of the updates is security, the release note reports.
    Java Spotlight Episode 69: The Java Champions Live at Jfokus
    Plus Java All Star Developer Panel
    Java Spotlight Episode 69 features an appearance by Java Champions at Jfokus, including Jonas Boner, Bert Ertman, Fabiane Nardon, Chris Richardson, Mattias Karlsson, and Stephan Janssen. Sitting on the Java All Star Developer Panel are Dalibor Topic, Java Free and Open Source Software Ambassador, and Arun Gupta, Java EE Guy.
    Java Spotlight Episode 70: Kotlin, Live at #Jfokus
    JetBrains' Lead Language Designer Andrey Breslev Is Interviewed

    In Java Spotlight Episode 70, host Roger Brinkley interviews Andrey Breslev, lead language designer at JetBrains on Project Kotlin, a statically typed programming language compiled to JVM byte code and JavaScript.

    IT - Technology
    Truth About the March 8 Internet Doomsday
    IT World February 20, 2012
    "Heard the one about the FBI shutting down the Internet next month? Like many memes before it, this dire warning is floating around blogs and sites. It even names a date: March 8 as the day the FBI might "shut down the Internet." But relax, that's not really the case.

    While yes, an untold number of people may lose their Internet connection in less than three weeks, if they do they only have nefarious web criminals to blame and certainly not the FBI ..."

      Oracle Linux Support Lifecycle Extended to 10 Years
      Follows Extension of Ksplice Support for Red Hat Enterprise Linux

      Oracle has not only covered the extension of Ksplice support for Red Hat Enterprise Linux but also extended the Oracle Linux Support lifecycle to cover a time frame of 10 years. With this announcement, Oracle is bringing its Linux support policy in line with the already existing support periods for Oracle Solaris. Existing customers can continue to run the same release of Oracle Linux 5 and 6 for two additional years.

      IT - Cloud
      Cloud Computing Is Still In Its Adolescence
      Cloud Computing February 21, 2012
      "The cloud is one of those amorphous technologies that gets trotted out as the answer to all of our woes, usually by people who don't think all that deeply about IT and its challenges. We hate to puncture anyone's bubble with a dose of reality, but at a macro level, adoption of all public cloud services except software as a service is going pretty darned slow.

      For the past five years as part of our annual cloud survey, InformationWeek Reports has asked a simple question: What are your company's plans for cloud computing? The response we watch most closely is: We're receiving services today from a cloud provider. In 2008, 16% of survey respondents chose that option. In 2009, it was 21%, then 22% in 2010. It jumped to 31% last year, and to 33% this year ..."

      Cloud Security: No Guarantees!
      NetworkComputing February 17, 2012
      "The decision to shift storage and compute resources to the cloud is about more than the bottom line, and it's almost never a slam dunk, but it can pay big dividends, according to a new InformationWeek report, Fundamentals: Cloud vs. In-House IT: Spend Smart in 2012. According to eBay, if it could increase its data center utilization rate while using cloud services to handle spikes, a cloud provider could charge as much as four times the internal computation unit rate and eBay would still save money ..."
        "May You Live in Interesting Time" - The Impact of Cloud Computing
        ITSM Review January 31, 2012
        "It’s not often that most people get to experience a true paradigm shift, even in IT where change is endemic and part of the lifeblood of the industry. However there is no doubt that cloud computing and the commoditization of processor power and storage represent a true metamorphosis in the way we think about and structure IT services.

        Cloud computing is actually the next step in a long series of IT developments which have promoted the decentralization of computing in businesses. The gradual decentralization of corporate IT can be tracked from highly centralized mainframes with their bespoke software, through the development of client server computing, the commoditization of software and finally, with cloud computing, the commoditization of processor power. This shift will have dramatic implications for how and where IT professionals will carry out their roles in future ..."

        What Your CEO Needs to Know About the Cloud
        CIO Insight February 21, 2012
        "The cloud services agreement is a complex issue in today’s environment. Many such agreements are effectively nonnegotiable, and you should use caution trusting vendors with mission-critical functions or sensitive company data ... most CEOs already know quite a bit about the potential benefits and pitfalls of cloud services. Consider an application service provider (ASP) transaction circa 2000. Even back then, cost, flexibility and the promise of eliminating at least some of a company’s IT infrastructure argued in favor of the ASP solution. Service level agreements (SLAs) were entering our lexicon. Information security was nascent. One of the overarching concerns was relinquishing control to the vendor, especially for mission-critical applications. That general concern, however, probably found its genesis in the mid-1980s, with the advent of outsourcing arrangements ..."
        Why Is IT So Bad At Cloud Computing?
        IT World February 17, 2012
        "Cloud computing is such an attractive, all-encompassing integrated enterprise, data-center-quality, dynamic computing paradigm that every company seems to want to jump on board.

        They're doing it, to be sure, but not nearly as quickly or enthusiastically as most analysts expected even a year ago (when adoption rates were, similarly, a disappointment from the previous year).

        The issue isn't how big or complicated the company or its IT is. In a report comparing spending on software by SMBs vs. enterprise (big) companies, Gartner estimated SMBs are adopting cloud at a higher rate than enterprises. About 34% of SMB software budgets go for cloud-based apps or services; only 27% of enterprise budgets swing that way ..."

        IT - CxO
        How To Manage a Distributed Development Team
        NetworkWorld February 16, 2012
        "Despite what you may have heard about distributed development, it's not cheaper, it's much harder, but it's also worth it. That's the message passed on by Zack Urlocker at the Monki Gras conference held in London earler this month. Urlocker's talk, "12 Practical Tips for Managing Distributed Development" combines his experience with the experiences of a number of other managers who work with developers.

        Urlocker is currently the COO of Zendesk and formerly executive vice president of products for MySQL. With MySQL and at Zendesk, Urlocker has no small amount of experience with working with distributed development teams ..."

        What Can IT Do To Bridge The Chasm with The Business? February 14, 2012
        "IT departments have a number of options to combat the perception that they are no more than non-strategic suppliers of technical services, says Clive Longbottom. Organisations have been making small but valuable datacentre investments, which have resulted in more responsive, highly-available technology for the businesses, according to two cycles of global research by Quocirca in 2011.

        However, the research shows that the chasm between IT departments and the businesses they serve is not decreasing much ..."

          IT - DR
          Toigo: Keep Tape In Your Disaster Recovery Policy
          Search Disaster Recovery February 21, 2012
          "Jon Toigo, founder and CEO of Toigo Partners International, is a frequent speaker at our Storage Decisions seminars and conferences -- and he’s also a big proponent of keeping tape in your organization's disaster recovery policy. This week, we discussed tape’s role in backup and DR today, how tape is evolving, and whether cloud storage will replace tape for long-term data retention.

          'The most compelling development in tape is growing capacities,' he said. 'It won’t be long before you are going to be looking at LTO cartridges that can store up to 32 terabytes of data,' said Toigo, referring to the published LTO roadmap.

          Currently, LTO-5 tapes offer native capacity of 1.5 TB (3.0 TB compressed). However, the LTO Ultrium roadmap indicates that LTO-6, which will be released later this year, will offer 3.2 TB (8.0 TB compressed) ..."

          IT - Networks
          Flexibility Key to Next-Gen Networks
          NetworkComputing February 16, 2012
          "Enterprises have entered into a state of 'data center networking discontinuity,' concludes a new report from the Enterprise Strategy Group. Data centers are being built at massive scales to achieve consolidation and prepare for cloud computing, but legacy data center networking equipment, operations processes, and management tools can no longer meet business and IT requirements ..."
          One Simple Step To Better Network Security
          InfoWorld February 21, 2012
          "If you're like most companies that hire security consultants, you're reading this blog for advice you'll never use. You'll tell me that security is a priority, but your inaction will say otherwise. You'll be like the guy who joins the gym in January and quits by March, or the woman who consults with her nutritionist in the morning, then has pizza for lunch. Or like the recent college grad I've been mentoring, who tells me she has done 'everything' to get a better job. Everything? ..."
          IT - Operations
          Datacenter In A Box - Containers Are Not Just for Storage
          NetworkWorld February 19, 2012
          "I'm used to thinking of data centers in the form of a large room, with racks, raised floor and neon lights. But there are other ways ... You dont have to be google to build a datacenter based on containers, the deployement can be based on a single container, parked in your parking lot, powered by generator and powerfull as your brick-and-mortar based one ..."
          IT - Security
          Building A SOC, From Outsourcing to DIY
          Dark Reading January 22, 2012
          "Building blocks for developing the most effective security operations center ...

          Today's security professionals need to have accurate information accessible to them at a moment's notice. That accessibility is critical in order for them to respond to security incidents efficiently and effectively. Pulling all of that information together can be difficult since it has to be collected from all corners of the enterprise. Yet, difficult or not, it's necessary so that triage can be performed quickly ..."

          Five Immutable Laws for Security Fragility
          CIO Insight February 17, 2012
          "Organizations must recognize that 'secure' systems will continue to fail in the face of out-of-context attacks, says security chief Hugh Thompson in his keynote at RSA Conference Europe... During his speech on October 11, Thompson presented the following five immutable laws of security fragility. Here's our analysis of what these laws indicate for CIOs and other IT leaders ..."
          Network Security Isolationism Must Die
          CSO Online February 8, 2012
          "You can't solve broad business problems when you're locked in the wiring closet ... In our February Special Report, we take a look at the many facets of securing intellectual property (IP)—via legal safeguards, timely data destruction, social engineering prevention and more. IP protection is a broad business goal and a perfect illustration of why isolationist thinking doesn't work in security. Network defenses are a critical part of the puzzle, but only one part ..."
          The 15 Worst Data Security Breaches of the 21st Century
          NetworkWorld February 16, 2012
          "Data security breaches happen daily in too many places at once to keep count. But what constitutes a huge breach versus a small one? For some perspective, we take a look at 15 of the biggest incidents in recent memory. Helping us out are security practitioners from a variety of industries, including more than a dozen members of LinkedIn's Information Security Community, who provided nominations for the list ..."
          What is ISO 27001? (Video 6:28)
          HelpNet Security February 20, 2012
          "Learn about every step in your ISO 27001 project and make sure you won't finish in a dead end with your Information Security Management System implementation.

          Dejan Kosutic, one of the leading ISO 27001 experts, will explain you all important aspects of ISMS implementation in series of video tutorials but also show you how to document each step in your implementation using the real documentation templates ..."

          When is a Cybercrime and Act of Cyberwar?
          IT World February 21, 2012
          "With no consensus on clearly defining the terms, it's easy to get confused by the array of labels available for a given cyber attack ... There is growing talk of cyberwar, as opposed to run-of-the-mill cybercrime. There are also terms that lies somewhere in the middle called cyber espionage, and cyber hacktivism -- which is sort of like cyber terrorism for good guys. At the heart of the debate is an attempt to define the scope of an appropriate response to each type of threat ..."
            Strengthening Third-Party Contracts to Lower Breach Risk
            Dark Reading February 22, 2012
            "FTC breach, contract deficiencies highlight importance of including security provisions within technology contracts

            Details emerged this week that showed that recent Anonymous hacks of Federal Trade Commission (FTC) websites could potentially have been prevented had the FTC not dispensed with security provisions in a contract with the third-party vendors who hosted the sites. As organizations continue to divide labor in IT—particularly in development of public-facing websites—the incident could prove a good lesson in the importance of shoring up contract language and SLAs to ensure third parties are not adding undue risks of data breaches in the future ..."

            IT - Careers
            12 Tips On Acing Your Next Phone Interview
            Business Insider February 22, 2012
            "Phone interviews can be nerve-racking, but you have to get through them if you want to get to the next level. Since the interviewer can't actually see you, they are judging you solely on your voice, answers and any other sounds that come through during the conversation.

            According to Bailo, the stakes are higher today than ever before. More job candidates make initial contact with prospective employers via the telephone and the first 15 seconds either make or break the interview ..."

              Tech 'Firsts' That Made A Presidents Day
              NetworkWorld February 16, 2012
              "From the first presidential steamboat ride to the introduction of electricity in the White House to Obama's famous BlackBerry, our nation's commanders in chief have always enjoyed the privilege of being exposed to technology's cutting edge -- even if they haven't always embraced the opportunities. So in honor of Monday's celebration of Presidents' Day, here's a look at some of the more notable -- and controversial -- presidential first encounters with the leading technologies of their days ..."
                IT - Virtualization
                Virtual Backup Challenges Enterprise IT
                NetworkComputing February 21, 2012
                "Organizations remain challenged when it comes to ensuring data is adequately protected and recoverable, even though advances have been made in backup and data protection technology, industry observers say. Among the reasons cited are that data protection processes don't get reviewed frequently enough, there are few SLA requirements, and there is a lack of visibility into the results of data protection activities ..."
                  Storage Challenges in Virtualized Server Environments
                  Search Virtual Storage February 21, 2012
                  "Managing storage in a virtual server environment comes with challenges in the areas of efficiency, deployment time and complexity. You have to navigate your way through virtual server sprawl, end user expectations and storage networking choices.

                  In this podcast interview, Andrew Reichman, principal analyst for Forrester Research, talks about the processes and tools to use to overcome these storage challenges ..."

                  IT - Compliance
                  European Court of Justice Rules Out Automated Internet Censorship for Social Networking Sites
                  ComputerWeekly February 17, 2012
                  "Social networking sites such as Facebook cannot be compelled to install anti-piracy filtering systems because it would contravene users' rights to freedom of business and information, the European Court of Justice has ruled.

                  The ruling comes after Belgian music royalty-collecting firm SABAM asked a Belgian court to force social network Netlog to stop members sharing copyrighted content.

                  The ruling is a blow to content owners putting pressure on internet groups to take greater responsibility for policing copyright infringement on their networks ..."

                    Oracle Posts SPEC SFS Benchmark
                    Crushes Netapp Comparable
                    Oracle scored another triumph in its campaign to dominate OpenStorage with its SPC-1 benchmark result that was 2X faster at half the cost of NetApp. The systems involved were Oracle's 7320 and two NetApp systems, 3270 and 3160. Blogger Darius Zanganeh attributes this level of performance to Oracle's superior engineering and its use of the Hybrid Storage Pool in the ZFS Storage Appliance.
                    IT - Mobile
                    7 Ways to Toughen Enterprise Mobile Device Security
                    InformationWeek February 21, 2012
                    "Smartphones extend the network perimeter like never before, but also give potential attackers new entry routes. Consider these get-tough strategies. What's the best way to secure mobile devices used in the enterprise?

                    Start by realizing that employee-owned mobile devices, in the wrong hands, could provide anytime, anywhere access to corporate secrets. Accordingly, they must be secured, and your business secured against their potential misuse. Here's where to start ..."

                      Enterprise Mobility: A Fresh Perspective
                      CIO Insight February 16, 2012
                      "Let’s assume, for a moment, that the carriers will solve their three greatest current challenges: reliable and universal coverage; adequate bandwidth for rich data services; and affordable pricing for those services. What could we really do with mobility? ..."
                        IT - Big Data
                        'Big Data' Analytics Projects Easier Said Than Done - But Doable
                        Search Business Analytics February 21, 2012
                        "Big data has become one of the most talked-about trends -- and yes, buzzwords -- within the business intelligence (BI), analytics and data management markets. A growing number of organizations are looking to BI and analytics vendors to help them answer business questions in big data environments. Unfortunately, gaining visibility into pools of big data is easier said than done. And with vendors marketing a wide variety of technology offerings aimed at addressing the challenges of big data analytics projects, businesses may be hard-pressed to identify the one that best meets their needs ..."
                        Big Data and the Cloud: A Far from Perfect Fit
                        InfoWorld February 17, 2012
                        "Although big data and cloud computing are linked, there are technical reasons you shouldn't combine them by default ... Big data seems to be all the rage these days. It's big, it's new, it's Hadoop-related, and it's typically in the public cloud. New startups and cloud offerings show up weekly, promising they'll finally get your data issues under control. They all promote the same idea: the migration to huge petabyte databases with almost "unlimited scalability" through the elasticity of the public cloud ..."
                        Top Ten Articles for last few Issues
                        Vol 168 Issues 1, 2 and 3; Vol 167 Issues 1,2,3 and 4; Vol 166 Issues 4
                        We track how frequently each article is viewed on the web site to determine which the readers consider the most important. For last week, the top 10 articles were:

                        • Java Still Clearly Alive and Kicking
                        • A Primer on InfiniBand
                        • LibreOffice 3.5
                        • Upgrade Your Skills To Oracle Solaris 11
                        • How to Script Oracle Solaris 11 Zones Creation for a Network-In-a-Box Configuration
                        • A Look at the Switches Inside Oracle's Engineered Systems
                        • Solaris and VirtualBox with No Heads
                        • Making Use of NFS v4 and LDAP for Shared Authentication
                        • MySQL Cluster 7.2: High Write Scalability, Very Low Latency
                        • Brian Madden Group Explores Oracle VDI

                        The longer version of this article has list of top ten articles for the last 8 weeks.

                          IT - Encryption
                          Cryptographers Discover Public Key Infrastructure Flaw
                          InformationWeek February 15, 2012
                          "Today's public key infrastructure used to secure HTTPS has security shortcomings that, in some cases, could help attackers steal data and attack servers ... That finding comes from a paper due to be presented at the Crypto 2012 conference in August in Santa Barbara, Calif. The paper was written by a team of European and American mathematicians and cryptographers, led by Dutch mathematician Arjen K. Lenstra at the Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne (EPFL) in Switzerland. The researchers published their paper early, given the severity of the vulnerabilities they discovered ..."
                          Researchers Crack Online Encryption System
                          ComputerWorld February 15, 2012
                          "An online encryption method widely used to protect banking, email, e-commerce and other sensitive Internet transactions is not as secure as assumed, according to a report issued by a team of U.S and European cryptanalysts.

                          The researchers reviewed millions of public keys used by websites to encrypt online transactions and found a small but significant number to be vulnerable to compromise ..."

                          IT - Server
                          Top 50 Universal UNIX Commands
                          Search Data Center February 23, 2012
                          "Several years ago, I wrote a tip introducing the top Linux commands and utilities and also contributed to TechTarget's effort identifying and describing the commands. During this go-around, we'll do the same with Unix. Some of you not as familiar with Unix, might ask the question, 'isn't Unix and Linux basically the same thing?' The short answer is, 'No.' ... Disclaimer: The 50 Unix commands presented here will only discuss commands that are available on all flavors ..."
                          LibreOffice Foundation Symbolises Maturity
                          Finally established as an independent entity
                          Simon Phipps celebrates the evolution of both LibreOffice and The Document Foundation in his post LibreOffice Foundation Symbolizes Maturity. He points to several indications of advancing stages in this evolution, including:
                          • Release of LibreOffice 3.5
                          • Survey results showing increasing diversity in the participant community
                          • Announcement of the next LibreOffice Conference
                          • Opening of Ask LibreOffice, a StackOverflow-style community support site To Phipps' eye, all of these developments clearly reveal " ... a refreshing story of community triumphing over adversity."
                          InfiniBand Building Blocks
                          Understanding the Configuration of Harware and Software in Oracle's Engineered Systems
                          The InfiniBand technology underlying Oracle's Engineered Systems prompts a post from Neeraj Gupta, who focuses on the configuration inside a rack involving two servers interconnected by InfiniBand leaf switches. He also discusses the IB software, especially Subnet Manager, that the configuration calls for. Gupta illustrates his post with screen shots and code samples.
                          'Murbach's Java Programming' Gets Thumbs Up from Geertjan
                          Readers Also Chiming in with High Praise
                          There is high praise for "Murach's Java Programming" in Geertjan Wielenga's recent post, where he writes, "The book is really driven via NetBeans IDE 7 and uses Java 7, so you'll be using the latest version of Java, together with the tools created to support it. With 23 chapters, 802 pages, 340 illustrations... it seems like a very worthwhile book to buy. I know I'm going to get it and will report back on my findings soon!"
                          Oracle Security Inside Out Newsletter
                          January Edition
                          The January 2012 issue of the Oracle Security Inside Out newsletter is available and includes stories on several important topics, including:
                          • Healthcare Organizations Find Help in Oracle Security Solutions
                          • Enterprise Single Sign-On: Drive Rapid ROI, Slash Password-Related Support Calls Up to 80 Percent
                          • IDC Report: Database Security Is Keystone of Effective Data Leak Prevention Links to webcasts on Identity Management and Database Security are also part of the issue.

                          Blogger Troy Kitch provides a link to the newsletter in his post.

                          Enterprise Single Sign-on ROI Calculator
                          Try It; Know Your Costs
                          A post by Naresh Persaud demonstrates the use of an Enterprise Single Sign-on ROI Calculator, that uses aspects of end-user information and help desk information to calculate the actual ROI of employing ESSO. The post has a link to the ROI calculator the enables readers to plug in their own data for a demonstration of their respective costs.
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