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Upgrade Your Skills To Oracle Solaris 11
Training and Certification Opportunities
Getting the most of an implementation of Oracle Solaris 11 requires, not surprisingly, an upgrade in administrative skills. Markus Weber writes a post that provides links to the variety of training materials and opportunities for users of Oracle Solaris 11. There are links to documentation, marketing and technical assets (webcast, podcasts, whitepapers, etc.), and training and certifications. In addition, the post includes a link to the podcast "Oracle Solaris 11: Upgrade Your Skills."
Oracle VM Server 3.0.3 SDK Released
How-to Build Third-party Device Drivers
Because the Oracle VM dom0 (management domain) contains only a minimum set of packages, none of which provides the additional development packages required for building modules, Oracle has released the Oracle VM Server 3.0.3 SDK (delivered as Oracle VM Templates), which provides an environment for third party drivers to be built for the Oracle VM Server for x86. A post by Honglin Su asserts that it is easy to build a device driver for Oracle VM Server 3.0.3 with Oracle VM Server SDK and then proceeds to outline a five-step process to accomplish that end.
Brian Madden Group Explores Oracle VDI
From Setup through Provisioning to the User Experience
Assisted by John Renko of Oracle, the Brian Madden group developed a day-long exploration of Oracle's VDI Solution that begins with a video in which Renko summarizes the components necessary for the solution and then describes the connection workflow. Preparing and provisioning desktops comes next. The actual user experience was limited to a LAN scenario, which prompted the comment from Knuth that, because of the way the system handles acceleration, the "feel" was not as comfortable as in some competitive protocols.
Solaris and VirtualBox with No Heads
Using the CLI to Display the Virtual Console on a Local System
Running Solaris in a virtualized environment on a laptop has some definite limitations, and running it remotely from a server onto a laptop entails some performance degradation. One solution posted on involves using the VirtualBox CLI, which allows one to work in a terminal window on the server and display the virtual console on a local system, bypassing the GUI. Only two commands are involved: VBoxManage and VBoxHeadless. The post presents details on how to automate the creation of a Solaris virtual machine.
IT - Storage
All Firms in De-Dupe
Storage Newsletter February 12, 2012
"In data reduction, first technology was and continues to be lossless compression used at least since 1990 for tape, HDD or LAN/WAN transmission with software or chips to reduce the size of the files. Then de-dupe from 2000 .... In the de-dupe process, unique chunks of data, or byte patterns, are identified and stored during a process of analysis. It may occur in-line, as data is flowing, or post-process after it has been written on disk. The operation can be done on blocks or files, through software or faster through a dedicated hardware appliance ..."
Hard Drive Shortage Expected to Last Deep into 2012
V3 co uk February 11, 2012
"The global shortage in hard disk drives (HDD) brought about by flooding in Thailand in 2011 is expected to last through much of the year, according to IHS researchers.

The analyst firm's latest projections suggest that the drive shortage will continue to plague vendors in the first months of the year as manufacturers work to rebuild their inventories and resume production following the 2011 floods that devastated much of Thailand's factories ..."

    SSDs Have a 'Bleak' Future, Researchers Say
    ComputerWorld February 16, 2012
    "As the circuitry of NAND flash-based, solid-state drives shrinks, performance drops precipitously -- meaning the technology could be doomed, according to new research.

    Speaking to about 500 attendees at the 10th Usenix Conference on File and Storage Technologies here this week, Laura Grupp, a graduate student at the University of California, San Diego, said that as NAND flash densities increase, so do issues such as read and write latency and data errors.

    While the density of SSDs grows and the cost per gigabyte shrinks, 'everything else about them is poised to get worse,' Grupp said ..."

    Tips for Replicating Data In the Cloud
    GCN February 9, 2012
    "In a recent request for information, the Social Security Administration asked how a private cloud might be used to provide enterprise disk storage for the agency’s entire data storage needs.

    Providing storage across an enterprise as complex and multi-faceted as SSA’s would mean replicating data across nests of different offices and IT environments. SSA said, for example, that it had applications running on a host of operating systems, including Hewlett-Packard Unix, IBM mainframes, Linux, Microsoft Windows, Solaris and VMware ..."

    IT - Technology
    Want IT Flexibility? Demand Jailbreaking Be Legal
    InformationWeek February 9, 2012
    "Why should CIOs care about the DMCA's jailbreaking rules? Despite Pollyanna assurances that locking down a box will make everybody more secure, that's just not true--and it decreases choice.

    How do you boil a frog? That's the classic thought experiment. The answer: slowly. If you throw the frog into the boiling water, he'll jump out. But turn up the heat slowly, and it's curtains ..."

      MySQL Cluster 7.2: High Write Scalability, Very Low Latency
      Ideal for for Highly Demanding Web-based and Communications Products and Services.
      Oracle's MySQL Cluster 7.2 is designed to deliver cost-effective 99.999% availability, high write scalability and very low latency for highly demanding Web-based and communications products and services. Featuring both SQL and NoSQL access through a new Memcached API, MySQL Cluster represents a “best of both worlds” solution allowing key value operations and complex SQL queries within the same database. Oracle points out as well that, with MySQL Cluster 7.2, users can gain up to a 70x increase in performance on complex queries, and enhanced multi-data center scalability. Also released to general availability is the MySQL Cluster Manager, version 1.1.4.
      Meet The MySQL Experts Podcast: MySQL & PHP
      How PHP Developers can Use MySQL
      On the latest episode of the Meet The MySQL Experts podcast focuses on MySQL & PHP and features Andrey Hristov and Johannes Schlüter from the MySQL Connectors Team talk who discuss the various ways PHP developers can use MySQL, and also how they can leverage the MySQL Query Analyzer to optimize queries.
      Control Groups as a Tool in Oracle Linux 6 for Managing System Resources
      Gives Sys Admins Fine Grained Control Over Resource Allocation
      How well the cgroups (or control groups) in Oracle Linux 6 with the Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel (UEK) work toward resource allocation is the subject of the article by Ginny Henningsen and Lenz Grimmer, who contend that the new features in Oracle Linux 6, cgroups in particular, give administrators fine-grained control over resource allocations, making sure that applications get what they need to deliver consistent response times and adequate performance. On large systems, they write, kernel resource controllers—known as control groups (or cgroups)—can be especially useful to help strategic applications get the resources they need while limiting resources for other applications.
      IT - Cloud
      45% of European IT Decision Makers View Security and SLAs as Leading Barriers to Cloud
      Dark Reading February 16, 2012
      "A leading European provider of carrier-neutral colocation data centre services, .. announced the results of its cloud computing survey, which found that 45% of European IT decision makers view a lack of security and service level agreements (SLAs) as top concerns for moving to the cloud. Created with service providers (SPs) and system integrators (SIs) in mind – two of the key groups supporting companies’ transition to the cloud – the survey results aim to provide a clear understanding of how organizations are using the cloud today and plan to be using the cloud tomorrow ..."
      20 Steps to an Iron-Clad SaaS Contract
      ComputerWorld February 14, 2012
      "During my discussions with Guardian Life Insurance Co. for this week’s feature story, Best practices for scaling up SaaS, I asked the executive team what their secrets were to successfully implementing 20 large-scale SaaS contracts ... What follows is a summarization of their tips and best practices."
      Defining Cloud Storage: The Most Popular Cloud Terms
      Search Cloud Storage February 14, 2012
      "If you're an IT pro who will be advocating for cloud storage project funding, or if you just want to get a head start on understanding the technology, these cloud storage definitions will help you gain a solid understanding of the fundamentals. These cloud terms cover everything from service-level agreements (SLAs) to the nuts and bolts of a cloud storage infrastructure, and they can help you sound like a cloud storage professional when talking to team members, your chief information officer and your vendor ..."
      Forget Public Cloud or Private Cloud, It's All About Hyper-Hybrid
      NetworkWorld February 10, 2012
      "Cloud computing has gone from being a promising technology to a reality that brings a unique set of challenges along with benefits. To fully leverage the disruptive potential of cloud without getting trapped in a web of integration complexity, CIOs and their IT organizations need to focus on what it means to rethink their business as a collection of services."
      Making CFO Cloud Decisions? Focus On Details
      ComputerWorld February 15, 2012
      "The cloud is everywhere, of course, and business is booming. The market's set to hit $143 billion in 2013, according to H-P. This means huge amount of work is taking place to create new and integrated solutions for enterprise users.

      Forrester principal analyst Stefan Reid says that within two years people will be using more applications out of the cloud than they will be using among applications hosted on the PCs in their workplace."

        IT - CxO
        6 Key Skills New IT Grads Are Lacking
        ComputerWorld February 13, 2012
        "The CIO of U.S. Gas & Electric in North Miami Beach recently hired four new staffers and was looking to add 11 more people to his team of 20. His list of open positions included an EDI programmer, a risk management programmer, a CRM programmer, a business analyst and an assistant IT manager.

        Taffet says he doubts any new college grad could easily fill any of those roles. Undergraduate and graduate schools aren't able to keep up with the needs of enterprise IT shops, he says."

        Best Practices for Online Banking Security
        HelpNet Security February 13, 2012
        "There are two common misconceptions about online banking security which are holding financial institutions back from offering their customers the best services possible.

        Hilding Arrehed, Director Worldwide Professional Services at ActivIdentit provides suggestions on how to use advanced security technologies of today to build an online banking system that offers strong security, whilst maintaining high convenience and access to as many services as you want to make available"

        Good Bosses v. Bad Bosses: Know the Difference
        Baseline February 15, 2012
        "Very few people in this world answer to no one, and knowing who you're working for can make the difference between having a positive work experience and wanting to quit for good at quitting time. How can you tell if you've got a micromanager or a genuine team leader who's interested in the success of his or her team? In "Real Leaders Don’t Boss: Inspire, Motivate and Earn Respect from Employees and Watch Your Organization Soar" (Career Press/available now), author Ritch K. Eich outlines ten “good boss/bad boss” scenarios, many of which you probably recognize from bygone gigs ..."
          Surveys Shed Light on IT Salary and Skill Trends
          Internet Evolution February 9, 2012
          "As an IT professional, are you pleased with your pay? If not, do you have the skills to move up or to another area of enterprise IT? What are the hottest IT jobs right now?

          Attempting to address these questions, the change management software vendor Evolven recently aggregated some IT salary surveys from various publications. The picture that emerges from this compendium of results is informative and perhaps surprising.

          About pay, most IT pros are seeing flat or slightly improved compensation. Though budgets remain tight, there is a glimmer of optimism about economic conditions overall. For instance, in its survey of 19,798 technology workers, the career site Dice reports that roughly half received a salary increase this year, albeit a very small one (less than 1 percent). Dice also notes, however, that starting salaries for technology workers have dropped overall. "

          Test Your Financial Smarts
          Baseline February 14, 2012
          "We know that even an informal conversation with your CFO can make your head spin – given all of the finance jargon that your top money man likes to sprinkle into even casual chats. (Do you think they do this on purpose?) Still, given that you must work closely with your company’s finance execs – and may even directly report to the CFO – a firm command of financial terms can only benefit your career. With this in mind, we present these ten quiz questions to test your knowledge about balance sheets ..."
            Things that Make Your CEO Nervous
            Baseline February 6, 2012
            "What worries the big boss? A significant number of CEOs expect the world economy to get worse this year, and a shrinking minority anticipates revenue to grow at their own companies during that time, according to research from PwC. But CEOs can’t just hide under their desks. They’re revising strategies to take advantage of shifting opportunities, via mergers and acquisitions and other forms of restructuring, and are committed to improving the way they recruit talent. They’re also looking to reduce risk and increase their investment in green strategies. More than 1,250 CEOs took part in the research that supported most of these findings ..."
              vBeers  South Florida: MurphyÂs@Hard Rock, Hollywood: 6pm-9pm
              Wednesday, February 22nd, 2012; Cloud Security Alliance Meeting Starts at 5pm
              Join us for the next South Florida vBeers!

              Meet with local Virtualization enthusiasts and talk about technology, theory, politics of the industry or whatever else gets your propeller spinning.

              NO marketing blather, NO Sponsors, and NO PowerPoint but you do have to buy your own drinks!

              This is a great opportunity to meet with other virtualization enthusiasts and professionals and enjoy discussing all things virtualization, and in fact anything else that comes up in conversation ..

              Location: Murphy’s Law Irish Bar

              Address: 1 Seminole Way, Hollywood, FL 33314 USA

              There will be in informal meeting from 5pm to 6pm, also at Murphy's, of a group of people who are organizing a local chapter of the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA). If you are interesting organizing or joining CSA South Florida, please come a little early.

              IT - DR
              4 Disaster Recovery Tips for SMBs
              InformationWeek February 14, 2012
              "For some SMBs, that mix means cutting corners on things that have a blurrier link to the bottom line, like disaster recovery (DR) planning. Yet Snodgrass keeps DR top of mind because, well, he has to -- Granite Rock operates on the San Andreas Fault, where an earthquake isn't just possible -- it's probable. 'One of the challenges for us as a company is to have a disaster recovery plan that works and is affordable,' ..."
              IT - Networks
              Deploying Dual-Stack IPv4 and IPv6 Networks
              NetworkComputing February 10, 2012
              "Doing an IPv6 implementation project does not involve tearing down an aging IPv4 network and replacing it with a new IPv6-enabled network. Instead, the IPv4 and IPv6 networks will run in parallel in what the industry calls a "dual-stack" network. But IPv4 and IPv6 are so significantly different in design that network management tools designed for an IPv4 network may not work the same in an IPv6 environment.

              In this second installment of a three-part series on IPv6 implementation, Network Computing looks at the issues involved in deploying an IPv6 network alongside an IPv4 network ..."

              6 Defenses Against Drive-By Downloads
              InfoWorld February 13, 2012
              "In the first quarter of 2011, enterprise users encountered an average of 274 Web-based malware attacks, a 103 percent increase over 2010, according to research from Cisco ScanSafe. Why the dramatic increase? One major cause is the growing number of drive-by download attacks. Drive-by downloads are an especially pernicious method cyber criminals use to install viruses and spyware, and otherwise take control of unsuspecting end-users' computers.

              Drive-by downloads are particularly dangerous because they're so stealthy: As their name suggests, they automatically install software on end-users' computers without them knowing ..."

              The Good, Bad and Ugly of 802,11ac
              NetworkWorld February 13, 2012
              "Imagine a world where family members can stream their favorite HD content to different rooms, all while your teenage son uploads his latest HD video 'project' to YouTube. Well, with new wireless LAN technology based on 802.11ac quickly approaching -- possibly in one or two years -- this digital home network paradise could become a reality.

              802.11ac leverages and learns from the advances offered with 802.11n, providing even greater throughput, simultaneous delivery of high-bandwidth data to multiple users, and better interoperability in the presence of existing commercial wireless devices and neighboring WLANs ..."

                IT - Operations
                Why Aren't We Finally Rid of Patch Cables?
                InfoWorld February 13, 2012
                "Few tasks are more annoying than wrestling with data center patch cables. It's high time we drastically reduce their number.

                Here we are in a world with tiny connectors like Micro USB and Thunderbolt, yet we're still trying to shoehorn hundreds of RJ45 cables into our aggregation switching. It seems rather Paleolithic.

                Although many aren't aware of this, you can still buy RJ21 switches and switching modules for many popular modular switches. The only connectors on the front are the four 24-pin RJ21 ports, each handling 12 Ethernet interfaces running at a maximum of 100 megabits. You drop those into the switch, run a cable to the patch panel, and directly punch down the bare ends ..."

                Five Data Recovery Tools That Could Save the Day
                TechRepublic February 13, 2012
                "As IT pros, we've all gotten those panicky phone calls from friends and family members who want us to save their data after a hard drive crash. Since there never seems to be a backup, we have to reach for a recovery tool and hope we can salvage the data. Here's a look at some good choices ..."
                  Troubleshoot Backups
                  Processor February 10, 2012
                  "Inevitably, the time will come when IT must put on its troubleshooting hat to troubleshoot a backup-related problem due to server bottleneck, disk failure, unforeseen physical disaster, or another snafu. As Patrick Jobin of Storagepipe ( says, when such a time arises, IT should be positioned to only have to troubleshoot the backup problem, not its emergency procedure. 'You should have it planned, practiced, and rehearsed before you ever need it,' he says. With that in mind, consider the following tips for troubleshooting backups ..."
                    Bring New IT Staff Into the Fold -- Fast
                    InfoWorld February 13, 2012
                    "The last few years haven't been kind to many IT departments. While the downturn hasn't hit IT as hard as other industries, staffing has been been flat or down in "nonstrategic" areas related to infrastructure (you know, the jobs that make things run). No surprise, really, that few businesses were interested in adding positions in the midst of terrible economic times -- or that those who have jobs would be inclined to stick with what they have.

                    But that seems to be changing quickly. Dramatically increased project load, changing skill set requirements brought about by rapidly evolving technology, and the thawing of the economy (however slight it may yet be) are starting to incur turnover among many of the IT departments I work with. Long-needed new positions are being created and filled -- and on the flip side, there's a scramble to fill unexpected vacancies as staffers leave for greener pastures ..."

                    Patch the Holes
                    Processor February 10, 2012
                    "Life would be grand if every company could afford state-of-the-art data center space stocked with energy-efficient equipment. Countless companies, however, must get by with legacy cooling and power equipment situated in space that’s far from optimal energy-wise.

                    Jim Hall, Staco Energy ( marketing manager, says a surprisingly large number of small businesses' network closets are literally closets in which IT equipment resides with cleaning supplies, toilet paper, pens, paper clips, and stored holiday decorations. Even in such circumstances there are means of improving energy efficiency in legacy data centers, as the following tips detail ..."

                      IT - Security
                      Advanced Persistent Threats Get More Respect
                      InformationWeek February 9, 2012
                      "Typically, such attacks eschew technical sophistication for careful reconnaissance and taking a low-and-slow approach that's difficult to detect, but which has a high likelihood of success. Attackers only need to trick a single employee into opening a piece of malware that exploits a zero-day vulnerability, thus giving them access to not just the employee's PC, but potentially the entire corporate network ..."
                        13 Security Myths
                        NetworkWorld February 13, 2012
                        "Some generally-assumed and oft-repeated notions about security may not necessarily be true and we asked security experts to tell us their favorite “Security Myths” and what they think of them. "
                        CIA Website Hacked, Struggles To Recover
                        InformationWeek February 13, 2012
                        "An Anonymous-related Twitter channel claimed Friday that the group had successfully taken down the CIA's public-facing website.

                        The CIA website reportedly remained inaccessible several hours after the attack, then appeared to be offline intermittently for the rest of the weekend, as well as on Monday, in the face of what appeared to be a distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack. Anonymous had previously been making a habit of targeting the FBI on Fridays ..."

                          DDoS Attacks: If Money's Not the Motivator Anymore, What Is?
                          CRN February 13, 2012
                          "Money used to be the driving force behind Distributed Denial-of-Service attacks, which often were launched for competitive reasons or outright extortion.

                          Not anymore.

                          The pursuit of profit has been replaced by ideology as the single biggest reason for groups or individuals to try to take down an organization's or government agency's Web site. Any organization can become a target, as a plethora of DDoS attack tools are readily available on the Web. 'What we saw in 2011 was the democratization of DDoS,' said Roland Dobbins, solutions architect for security vendor Arbor Networks ..."

                          Five Tactical Security Metrics to Watch
                          Dark Reading February 10, 2012
                          "Ask security professionals for a list of important metrics, and expect to get a long list with much debate. Yet information security managers need a way to keep track of their progress on securing the network while watching out for potential threatening situations.

                          Good metrics can help define the fight. While many professionals might argue that it's better to have as much information on the security of their networks as possible, too much information can blind practitioners to what is going on ..."

                          Security Falling Short When It Comes to Dealing with Growing Cyber Attacks
                          NetworkComputing February 10, 2012
                          "The total number of network breaches are on the rise, although data loss from cyber attacks has decreased significantly, according to two new security studies. Verizon's 2011 Data Breach Investigations Report finds that while data losses declined in 2010, the total number of breaches was 'higher than ever.' The second study, the Trustwave Global Security Report, analyzed data breach investigations in 2011 and found that customer records continue to be a primary target for attackers, comprising 89% of breached data investigated ..."
                          Could NSA's Whitelisting Approach to Security Catch On In Government?
                          GCN February 13, 2012
                          "The National Security Agency aims to improve security on military networks by focusing on allowing approved software applications rather than trying to block malicious apps, NextGov reports.

                          The practice, application whitelisting, isn’t new, but NSA’s approach is unique in establishing where a downloaded app is allowed to launch, and that it can be launched but not installed, according to NextGov.

                          In essence, the plan is to require administrator approval before any application can run, and block all others ..."

                          IT - Careers
                          10 Business Skills Every IT Pro Must Master
                          NetworkWorld February 9, 2012
                          "It’s like a broken record: IT pros must “develop business skills” to succeed. But what we aren’t told is which business skills to develop.

                          The plain fact is, not all business skills are important for IT, which is just as well, because if we needed them all, we wouldn’t be IT professionals anymore. We’d be too busy learning to be accountants, copywriters, sales reps, recruiters, and purchasing agents."

                            IT's Worst Addictions (and How to Cure Them)
                            InfoWorld February 13, 2012
                            "Are you a jargon junkie? Got an insatiable appetite for information? Do you rule over your company's systems with an iron fist, unwilling to yield control until someone pries the keyboard from your cold, dead hands?

                            You're going to have to face it -- you're addicted to tech. It's not an uncommon problem, but it can lead to bad decisions, lost productivity, wasted money, and data breaches, to name just a few downsides."

                              IT - Compliance
                              CJIS Rules Not Impossible To Comply With, But It'll Cost Ya
                              Dark Reading February 8, 2012
                              "Even as some municipal technology leaders are complaining of chafing from policies laid out by the FBI's Criminal Justice Information Systems (CJIS) rules for securing systems containing CJIS database information, the FBI has gone public this week in restating its commitment to applying those rules to cloud deployments for law enforcement agencies. According to database security and encryption experts, the requirements are hardly unreasonable for protecting the nation's most sensitive police information ..."
                              IT - Email
                              The 10 Most Important Things to Teach Your Outlook Users
                              TechRepublic February 11, 2012
                              "Outlook is complex enough to confuse your users and create support headaches. These basic concepts will give them a better grasp of how things work.

                              Training users on Outlook is often as simple as showing them how to download their mail. But some users push Outlook to extremes and need to know quite a bit more than that. If you want well-informed users, be sure they understand these key concepts ..."

                                IT - Database
                                Bad Password Management Exposes Critical Databases
                                Dark Reading February 15, 2012
                                "As security experts analyze the ramifications of the nearly decade-long Nortel breach, one of the clearest lessons bubbling to the surface is that all of the encryption and vulnerability management in the world won't keep hackers out if they already have credentials to access sensitive databases. According to many experts, poor password management practices can cause a ripple effect that puts some of an enterprise’s most sensitive databases at risk.

                                In the case of Nortel, Chinese hackers were able to access sensitive data stores over the course of eight years after stealing passwords from a handful of top executives, including the company's CEO ..."

                                How To Defend Your Database From Malicious Insiders
                                Dark Reading February 13, 2012
                                "The insider threat is by no means the only—or, for some firms, even the principal—danger to data. However, when it comes to databases, the techniques used by external hackers will result in exactly the same behavior as that of a rogue insider. Likewise, the methods used to detect an attack and limit damage are essentially the same, regardless of where the attack originates.

                                Where things get tricky is that insider threat protection has the dual responsibility of protecting data while minimizing the impact on legitimate data access ..."

                                  IT - Mobile
                                  Four Keys to Successful BYOD
                                  NetworkWorld February 14, 2012
                                  "The bring your own device (BYOD) movement formally advocates use of personal equipment for work and obligates IT to ensure jobs can be performed with an acceptable level of security, but how can risks be addressed given the range of devices used and the fact that you lack control of the end point?

                                  Companies looking to embrace BYOD -- 44% of firms surveyed by Citrix say they have a BYOD policy in place and 94% plan to implement BYOD by 2013 -- need to address four key areas: 1) standardization of service, not device, 2) common delivery methods, 3) intelligent access controls and 4) data containment ..."

                                  Get Expert Advice on Building an Effective BYOD Strategy
                                  NetworkWorld February 3, 2012
                                  "Is your organization struggling with the task of creating a 'bring your own device' (BYOD) strategy to deal with all those iPhones, iPads, Android devices and Windows Phones your coworkers are clutching? If so, you certainly aren’t alone. This is a top-of-mind issue for many IT and security professionals who want to give their colleagues mobile network and application access in a controlled manner that doesn’t invite risk and vulnerabilities ..."
                                  Skyrocket? Maybe the Word for Mobile Data Growth is Exa-Rocket
                                  NetworkWorld February 14, 2012
                                  "Mobile data traffic from smartphones and tablets over the Internet is skyrocketing, and Cisco has come up with a forecast that is downright staggering.

                                  Mobile data globally is expected to grow 18-fold by 2016, Cisco said in the forecast update to its Visual Networking Index. Smartphone traffic alone will grow to 50 times more than it is today ..."

                                  Top Ten Articles for last few Issues
                                  Vol 168 Issues 1 and 2; Vol 167 Issues 1,2,3 and 4; Vol 166 Issues 3 and 4
                                  We track how frequently each article is viewed on the web site to determine which the readers consider the most important. For last week, the top 10 articles were:

                                  • Support Coverage for Hardware and Operating Systems
                                  • Oracle Server Finder: New Tool for Sys Admins
                                  • illumos at the Beginning and Now at Nearly Two
                                  • Procedure for Installing and Configuring Oracle Solaris Cluster 4.0 in a Two-Node Cluster
                                  • Sun System Software Stacks
                                  • Advice on Which Exadata Storage Drive to Choose
                                  • Oracle Virtual Desktop Infrastructure: A Design Proposal for Hosted Virtual Desktops
                                  • Quick Start Guide for the VirtualBox Template for Oracle VM Manager
                                  • Oracle's SPARC T4-1B Server Module
                                  • Java EE 6 Samples in the SDK

                                  The longer version of this article has list of top ten articles for the last 8 weeks.

                                    LibreOffice 3.5
                                    the best free office suite ever
                                    The Document Foundation announces LibreOffice 3.5, the third major release of "the best free office suite ever", which shows to end users the improvements derived from the development strategy adopted since September 2010. LibreOffice 3.5 derives from the combined effort of full time hackers - the largest group of experienced OOo code developers - and volunteer hackers, coordinated by the Engineering Steering Committee.
                                    A Primer on InfiniBand
                                    Leaves Ethernet in the Dust
                                    Neeraj Gupta posts a primer on InfiniBand which he compares with Ethernet, noting how InfiniBand exceeds Ethernet in both bandwidth and latency, allowing InfiniBand to eliminate bottlenecks with its superior ability to enable computers to exchange data. Gupta assures his readers that, despite requiring specialized components such as Host Channel Adapters and InfiniBand Switches and special cables using InfiniBand does not require a re-write of applications since InfiniBand observes the same Open Systems Interconnect as Ethernet, enabling hardware to view InfiniBand in very much the same light as it sees Ethernet. Ergo, no re-writes necessary.
                                    How to Script Oracle Solaris 11 Zones Creation for a Network-In-a-Box Configuration
                                    Virtualize Entire Network Topologies of Servers, Routers, Switches, and Firewalls
                                    Oracle Solaris 11 provides new networking features for network virtualization, writes Jeff McMeekin in his post on network virtualization, showing how to take server virtualization to the next level by providing the ability to virtualize entire network topologies of servers, routers, switches, and firewalls all running on a single platform and requiring no additional investment in networking hardware. According to McMeekin network virtualization can be used for a variety of purposes, from prototyping, to developing and testing, to service deployment. The author focuses on scripting the creation of Oracle Solaris Zones with an emphasis on network configuration.
                                    A Look at the Switches Inside Oracle's Engineered Systems
                                    Both InfiniBand and Ethernet
                                    The switches typically inside Oracle integrated engineered systems are the subject of a post by Neeraj Gupta, who provides a detailed look at both the InfiniBand switches (Sun Oracle 36-port InfiniBand Switch and Sun Oracle InfiniBand Gateway Switch) and the Cisco Catalyst 4948 Switch. He further discusses the varieties of InfiniBand switches -- spine and leaf switches -- noting the applications each can be put to. Gupta next considers the build out of InfiniBand connectivity and topology and concludes with a brief consideration of overall network design.
                                    Trending in
                                    Vol 235, Issue 2
                                    Trending IT Articles