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illumos at the Beginning and Now at Nearly Two
Garrett D'Amore at SCALE 10X, January 2012
At SCALE 10x Garrett D'Amore spoke about the genesis of open standard illumos. It had been the hope that the creators of illumos could continue to work with Oracle but the decision to kill Open Solaris frustrated that plan, D'Amore said. Given that, he continued, it became important to cultivate the enthusiasm that once resided in the Open Solaris community and winning its members over to illumos. The attraction of illumos proved sufficient to create the community necessary to develop a new open source OS. illumos is drawing positive comments at events, D'Amore attested, indicating healthy community interest.
Advice on Which Exadata Storage Drive to Choose
High Performance vs. High Capacity Drives
An post provides measures enabling Exadata users to decide between high performance 600 GM 15K RPM SAS drives or high capacity 3 TB 7.2K RPM SAS drives. The post suggests using throughput or IOPS drive the choice rather than capacity alone. The post discusses the results of using the RunCalibrate command on both throughput in MB per second and IOPS. High capacity drives showed slightly over 100MBPs per drive, while the high performance drives come in around the 150MBPs mark. High capacity drives deliver under 200 IOPS per drive while high performance drives delivered over 400 IOPS.
vBeers  South Florida: MurphyÂs@Hard Rock, Hollywood
Wednesday, February 22nd, 2012
Join us for the next South Florida vBeers!

Meet with local Virtualization enthusiasts and talk about technology, theory, politics of the industry or whatever else gets your propeller spinning.

NO marketing blather, NO Sponsors, and NO PowerPoint but you do have to buy your own drinks!

This is a great opportunity to meet with other virtualization enthusiasts and professionals and enjoy discussing all things virtualization, and in fact anything else that comes up in conversation ..

Location: Murphy’s Law Irish Bar

Address: 1 Seminole Way, Hollywood, FL 33314 USA

Date:Wednesday, January 22nd

Time: 6pm to 9pm — arrive and depart any time

Free parking. Enter parking from State Rd 7. Park as far to the west as you can. Elevators will drop you off right next to Murphy’s.

    Sun System Software Stacks
    Get the Latest OS, Software, Firmware, Middleware, Drivers and Apps for Your Servers
    In the interests of enabling its customers keep their respective software stacks current, Oracle has put together "The Software Stack and How to Keep Your Oracle Sun Server System Up to Date With the Latest Software," which displays the most recent versions of operating systems, software, firmware, middleware, drivers and applications for the several server series Oracle produces.

    These are: SPARC T-Series Servers, SPARC Enterprise M-Series Servers, Sun Blade Systems and Sun Netra Carrier-Grade Servers

    Oracle's SPARC T4-1B Server Module
    For Sun Blade 6000 Infrastructure
    Oracle's SPARC T4-1B Server Module runs Oracle Solaris on the Oracle Sun Blade 6000 chassis to provide an integrated platform that delivers deployment flexibility and high performance for single- and multi-threaded enterprise and mission-critical applications. The SPARC T4-1B features up to 10 single-socket SPARC T4-1B blades, enabling it to deliver extreme compute density and deliver a 5x increase in single-thread performance and 7x increase in floating point performance over previous generation. 10 Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) is part of the package. In addition, the SPARC T4-1B features 100% Oracle SPARC/Solaris binary compatibility for easy migration and ongoing investment protection.
    Oracle Server Finder: New Tool for Sys Admins
    Lets You Choose the System that's Right for You
    Oracle has developed the Oracle Server Finder, a compilation by system category of the various server offerings available from Oracle. The categories include:
    • Oracle Engineered Systems
    • SPARC Enterprise M-Series Servers
    • Sun Fire x86 Servers
    • SPARC T-Series Servers
    • Blade Servers and Chassis
    • Sun Netra Carrier-Grade Servers

    Each category has a link that leads to the configurations within. This tool reveals just the right amount of information about Sun servers. Three clicks and you'll have all the info you need.

    Top Ten Articles for last few Issues
    Vol 168 Issue 1; Vol 167 Issues 1,2,3 and 4; Vol 166 Issues 2, 3 and 4
    We track how frequently each article is viewed on the web site to determine which the readers consider the most important. For last week, the top 10 articles were:

    • Sun ZFS Storage Appliances Earn Highest Ratings for Enterprise and Midrange NAS Systems
    • SPARC T4 Server Momentum Expands Demand for SPARC System
    • Oracle Sun Ray 3 Series Clients Capture 2011 Good Design Award
    • SPARC T4 Servers Find Favor with Telecommunications Service Providers
    • How to Manage the ZFS Storage Appliance with JavaScript: Three Approaches
    • Oracle Ships Over 1 Exabyte of Media for StorageTek T10000C Tape Drives
    • Exactly What Is Big Data?
    • Building a Secure Cloud with Identity Management
    • Oracle Secure Global Desktop Allows Simplified, Anywhere, Access to Applications
    • Migrating from SUSE Linux to Oracle Linux 5.5

    The longer version of this article has list of top ten articles for the last 8 weeks.

      Support Coverage for Hardware and Operating Systems
      Includes Many Older Sun Products Nearing End of Sustaining Support
      Oracle has produced a 25-page pdf that lists the Support Coverage for Hardware and Operating Systems, many of which are older Sun products that will reach the end of Sustaining Support in 2012-02.
      Procedure for Installing and Configuring Oracle Solaris Cluster 4.0 in a Two-Node Cluster
      Using Interactive, Menu-drive scinstall Utility
      "Using Oracle Solaris Cluster 4.0 on Oracle Solaris 11" by Subarna Ganguly and Jonathan Mellors details a step-by-step process for using the interactive, menu-driven scinstall utility to install and configure Oracle Solaris Cluster software for two nodes, including the configuration of a quorum device. Their procedure does not cover the configuration of highly available services, the authors note. An important element of the procedure is the inclusion of a means of verifying that the cluster is behaving correctly by creating and running two resources on one node and then switching over those resources to the secondary node.
      Quick Start Guide for the VirtualBox Template for Oracle VM Manager
      for Oracle VM Manager
      The "Quick Start Guide for the VirtualBox Template for Oracle VM Manager" deals with the following software components:

      • Oracle Linux 5 update 7 with the Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel (2.6.32)
      • Oracle VM Manager 3.0.3 demo installation
      • Oracle WebLogic Server 10.3
      • Oracle Database 11g Express Edition

      The screen shots and code samples involved with this guide are included.

      Oracle Virtual Desktop Infrastructure: A Design Proposal for Hosted Virtual Desktops
      White Paper Considers Design Proposal to Host and Deliver 500, 1000, and 1500 User Windows 7 Desktops
      "Oracle Virtual Desktop Infrastructure: A Design Proposal for Hosted Virtual Desktops," an 18-page Oracle white paper, outlines and discusses a design proposal to host and deliver Windows 7 virtual desktops to 500, 1000, and 1500 users based on Oracle Virtual Desktop Infrastructure software. The paper considers the design's high level architecture, explains capacity planning and discusses design decisions involving scalability, availability, and security, and then suggests some performance optimizations. The paper explains three aspects of Oracle Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (complete, open and integrated) and how these elements fit in the proposed implementation.
      Java Technology
      Java EE 6 Samples in the SDK
      A Comprehensive List
      Arun Gupta has conveniently provided a comprehensive list of Java EE 6 samples in Java EE 6 SDK in a recent post. The samples are arranged by types, which are as follows:
      • Enterprise Java Beans
      • Servlet 3.0
      • Web Services
      • Java API for RESTful Web Services
      • JSF 2.0
      • Contexts & Dependency Injection (CDI)
      • Security
      • Java EE Connector Architecture 1.6
      • Java Persistence API 2.0
      • Container Features
      • Session Persistence

      Gupta also provides a graphic that helpfully illustrates the difference between oracle GlassFish and Java EE 6 SDK from the packaging perspective.

      Java Spotlight Episode 67: Pascal Bleser on FOSDEM
      Contributor to OpenSUSE for 15 Years
      In Java Spotlight Episode 67 Pascal Bleser, a Belgian contributor to the openSUSE project for around 15 years and has been elected on the project board several times, including for the current period. He discusses the upcoming FOSDEM Conference in Brussels. Bleser has been involved in planning for FOSDEM for some eight years and is responsible for managing the developer rooms, the main program and speakers, press and promotion, artwork, technical infrastructure. Appearing on the Java All Star Developer Panel are Dalibor Topic, Java Free and Open Source Software Ambassador, and Alexis Moussine-Pouchkine, Java EE Developer Advocate.
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