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Exactly What Is Big Data?
Some Insights from Oracle's Sales Consulting Director Antony Wildey
In a three-minute video, Antony Wildey, Sales Consulting Director, Oracle Retail, explains just what Big Data is and how Oracle can help retailers gain actionable insight into the improvement of their business. Wildey discusses the use of data from social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter, and of sentiment analysis to provide seamless insight on product demand.
SPARC T4 Servers Find Favor with Telecommunications Service Providers
Ten of World's Top 10 Providers Adopt SPARC T4 Servers

Ten of the top 10 telecommunications providers worldwide have adopted SPARC T4 servers with Oracle Solaris, including Motorola Solutions, Portugal Telecom, Qualcomm, SkyOnline, Telefonica de Espana, United Telephone Mutual Aid Corporation, and Ziggo BV. Oracle recently announced its NEBS Level-3 certified Netra SPARC T4 servers, ideal for next generation telecommunications, providing the performance, scalability and efficiency required for 4G network infrastructures and cloud-based deployments. Oracle Solaris 11 enables telcom customers to take advantage of compelling features, including virtualization of the entire stack, secure, fail-safe boot environments, safe roll-backs, 4x faster upgrades and 2.5x faster system re-boots.

SPARC T4 Server Momentum Expands Demand for SPARC System
SPARC T4 Servers Adopted By Customers Across All Industries, Regions
Oracle’s SPARC T4 enterprise servers and complete software stack are engineered to enable customers to consolidate multiple application tiers onto a single server, reduce system complexity, and improve utilization. Oracle credits the SPARC T4 with driving midrange server volume that can power enterprise and mission-critical applications on Oracle Solaris 10 or 11, with guaranteed full binary compatibility back to Oracle Solaris 2.6. SPARC T4 server customers who use Solaris 11 can take advantage of cloud-scale life cycle management with secure, fail-safe boot environments, safe roll-backs, 4x faster upgrades and 2.5x faster system re-boots.
Oracle Utilities Meter-to-Cash Applications Process One Billion Records in Eight Hours
System Prepares 500,000 Customer Bills

Within an eight-hour window Oracle used Oracle Utilities Customer Care and Billing, Oracle Utilities Meter Data Management and Oracle Utilities Smart Grid Gateway – integrated using Oracle Application Integration Architecture and running on Oracle Exadata Database Machine X2-2 and Oracle Exalogic Elastic Cloud X2-2, of processing more than one billion records and generating 500,000 customer bills. Data were extracted from 30 billion interval meter reads, one month of historical meter data (30 billion meter readings), and a six-month billing history (60 million bills). The test billed each account using three different rates (simulating “peak,” “shoulder” and “off-peak” rates).

Oracle Exadata Database Machine Delivers Promising Performance Improvements to Novation
Health Care Supplier Expects Major Gains in Service Delivery Times
Novation, the supply contracting company for some 65,000 members and affiliates of VHA Inc., UHC and Provista, has implemented a pair of Oracle Exadata Database Machine X2-2 systems to help customers manage and reduce supply costs. Proof of concept figures suggest Novation can expect gains of up to 41x; Oracle Exadata Hybrid Columnar Compression is expected to help Novation realize 10x compression rates in storage savings; and customer on-ramp time to analytic services is expected top drop from a 20-day average to hours, allowing customers to retrieve information on spending habits and cost saving opportunities in a timely manner.
Webcast Covers Oracle Maximum Availability Architecture and Oracle Exadata
Learn how to Achieve High Availability at Low Cost and Complexity
Director of Product Management for Database High Availability in Oracle Server Development Joe Meeks explains in this webcast how Oracle’s maximum availability architecture for Oracle Exadata Database Machine will help protect a company's systems from unplanned outages enabling the delivery of both high availability and data protection at the lowest cost and complexity. Viewers will learn how to achieve the highest levels of database availability at the lowest cost and risk; implement the industry’s most-stringent data protection solutions; and adopt MAA post deployment operational best practices for Oracle Exadata. Registration and log-in are required.
Oracle Sun Ray 3 Series Clients Capture 2011 Good Design Award
Recognizes New, Visionary, Innovative Product Concepts
Oracle's Sun Ray 3 Series Clients garnered the 2011 GOOD DESIGN Award given annually for advancing new, visionary, and innovative product concepts, invention and originality. With no moving parts and no local operating system to manage, Oracle Sun Ray 3 Series Clients reduce many of the problems associated with desktop deployments by providing a cost-effective, highly functional thin client alternative to desktop and laptop computers. Part of Oracle's comprehensive desktop virtualization portfolio, the Oracle Sun Ray 3 Series Clients offer ease of administration, higher security, and better access than traditional desktop architectures.
Oracle Secure Global Desktop Allows Simplified, Anywhere, Access to Applications
One Less Headache for the Accommodating Sys Admin
How do you manage staff idiosyncrasies within the purview of a system administrator? You could allow access to all of your applications (from Oracle or other vendors) through Oracle Secure Global Desktop, which allows you to host the client side of the applications on dedicated Application Servers in the data center, which are tightly controlled and managed by IT. And Oracle Secure Global Desktop provides a simple, web-browser based way for users to access those applications remotely from Windows, Mac OS, Linux, and Solaris. Users don't have to be concerned about installing any client bits or complicated VPN software.
IT - Storage
Which Storage Conferences Are Worth Attending?
InfoStor February 1 , 2012
"I got a call from someone asking me what storage conference he should attend in 2012. I thought it might be interesting to list some of the lesser-known conferences and why they are interesting. First, there's the USENIX Conference and File and Storage Technologies Fast12. Take a quick look at the technical sessions and the tutorials. Clearly, you see that this is a highly technical conference that also has a significant research bent, and it clearly has significant industry representation from almost all of the major storage vendors ..."
    Solid State Can Save You Money
    InformationWeek January 26, 2012
    "When most IT professionals think of solid state storage, the first thought to come to their minds is the cost of the medium. Are the benefits worth the premium? That is a fair exercise, and one that you should definitely go through, but when you do, make sure to look at the other side of the equation: How SSDs can save you money, too ..."
      Poisoning the Data Well
      Dark Reading February 1, 2012
      "Forrester Research released a new report written by analyst John Kindervag called 'Killing Data,' which claims that security professionals don't do enough to make data stores undesirable to thieves looking to fence that information on the black market.

      Control placement is often flawed and security pros frequently leave toxic data, data associated with legal or compliance mandates, and certain types of intellectual property unprotected and vulnerable. Traditionally, security pros have not stored email addresses in an encrypted format — because they don’t view them as toxic or sensitive data," the report read. "In order to properly protect data, security professionals must put a value on it based on how much the data is worth on the open market ..."

      In Memory Computing Is Big DataÂs Best Friend, At Least for Some Enterprises
      Smarter Technology January 30, 2012
      "While in-memory technology makes analysis faster all around, it's an expensive proposition... A new report from Aberdeen Research offers up more than a few interesting nuggets on Big Data, the challenges in processing and analyzing today's growing data loads, and how in-memory computing can play a critical role in speeding up the collecting, managing and sharing of data in the enterprise. At least for those enterprises than can afford its cost ..."
      Are There Too many Storage Solutions?
      InformationWeek January 30, 2012
      "It's a challenge to sort through the maze of storage products to find a solution to your problem--but it's better than not having choices ... When I speak to storage administrators, IT managers, and CIOs, the most common topic of discussion is how to navigate through all the different solutions to solve their storage problems. This is not only a "too many vendors" problem, but it also stems from the fact that there are multiple ways to solve almost every storage problem. Sorting through this maze can be a challenge ..."
        Java Technology
        Java Spotlight Episode 66: Java User Group Leaders Live at the IOUG
        Five Continents Represented
        Java Spotlight Episode 66, recorded live at the International Oracle User Group Summit in Redwood Shores, CA, features JUG leaders from five continents (Frank Greco, Daniel deOliveira, Ben Evans, Raj Hegde, Badr El Houari, and John Yeary), experts on everything related to JUGS. Dalibor Topic, Java Free and Open Source Software Ambassador, and Alexis Moussine-Pouchkine, Java EE Developer Advocate, assume their customary seats on the Java All Star Developer Panel.
        Sun ZFS Storage Appliances Earn Highest Ratings for Enterprise and Midrange NAS Systems
        Oracle Beats NetApp and EMC in Storage Magazine Quality Awards for NAS
        Storage magazine has awarded top honors to Sun ZFS Storage Appliance solutions for both enterprise and midrange NAS. EMC and NetApp received lesser marks for their storage technologies. Oracle outperformed its rivals in terms of initial product quality, features, reliability, technical support and sales force competence. More than 3.000 customers have discovered that Oracle’s Sun ZFS Storage Appliances, the only NAS products engineered together with Oracle Applications, Oracle Fusion Middleware, Oracle Database, and Oracle’s SPARC SuperCluster T4-4, and optimized for Oracle VM and the Oracle Exadata Database Machine, run fastest and most efficiently on Oracle storage.
        Migrating from SUSE Linux to Oracle Linux 5.5
        Dell Undertakes the Shift on Worldwide Basis
        In June 2010, Dell was operating some 1700 servers in various worldwide locations on SuSE Linux when it decided to migrate to Oracle Linux 5.5, leaving the hardware and application layers unchanged. Dell found sufficient capacity on some existing MegaGrid implementations to allow the applications and databases to be migrated to the grid and the SUSE Linux server powered down and decommissioned. Although Oracle does not support heterogeneous Oracle RAC clusters, Dell experienced no issues during the transition with nodes running SUSE Linux interoperating with nodes running Oracle Linux. Dell expects to complete the migration in June 2012.
        IT - Cloud
        Cloud Appliances: The Cloud That IsnÂt the Cloud
        InfoWorld January 31, 2012
        "Last week let it be known that it has launched a public beta test of Amazon Storage Gateway -- my colleague Matt Prigge has done an in-depth, hands-on look of it. This software appliance stores data on local hardware and uploads backup instances to Amazon Web Services' S3 (Simple Storage Service). The idea is to provide low-latency access to local data while keeping snapshots of that data in the AWS cloud ..."
        Cloud Apps: The Seven Deadly Sins
        IT Business Edge February 1, 2012
        "A highly optimized infrastructure — no matter how state of the art - is meaningless without the apps. Applications are the heart and soul of winning new cloud business, securing recurring revenue and ensuring customer satisfaction. So, how can private cloud providers ensure delivery of an application cloud rather than an infrastructure cloud? rPath has identified the seven deadly sins of cloud apps and best practices for avoiding them ..."
        Cloud Security, Costs Concern Federal IT Pros
        InformationWeek January 31, 2012
        "As White House continues to push cloud computing, federal IT managers still worry about security and costs, Ponemon survey finds ... Federal IT managers are working to adopt cloud computing technologies and comply with White House cloud computing initiatives, but aren't yet sold on cloud computing's cost savings or security, according to a recent survey ..."
        Feds Plan to Destroy MegaUpload Data
        Fierce Content Management February 1, 2012
        "Word came out this week that U.S. prosecutors in the MegaUpload case plan to destroy all of the data stored on the company's servers by the end of this week -- in spite of the fact that there is plenty of legitimate content mixed in with some of the allegedly stolen stuff. If my data were on there I would be mad as hell ..."
          Is the Cloud Really Cheaper?
          InfoWorld February 2 , 2012
          "If your company is thinking of saving money by migrating to the cloud, don't forget to look to the long-term return, a Gartner study suggests ... That there is growing company demand for cloud or software-as-a-service solutions should come as no surprise ... Finance and IT professionals, facing the need for greater computing power for everything from operational management to hedge accounting are understandably tempted by SaaS, given the cloud's relatively low startup costs and the fact they may lack the skills needed to build their own analytic solutions ..."
          IT - CxO
          10 Business Lessons from the Super Bowl
          Baseline January 30, 2012
          "Super Bowl XLVI is nearly upon us, but there’s still time for a list of X lessons for business and IT derived from previous iterations of the big game. The event itself represents a major business success: More than 110 million Americans tuned in last year, and ads go for $3.5 million each."
            10 Ways To Build Lean, Agile Teams
            CIO Insight January 27, 2012
            "You know that doing more with less has become par for the course as you run your IT organization. And with increasing pressure from your C-Suite colleagues to help drive the business forward, you sometimes feel like your hands are tied. The book 'Lean but Agile: Rethink Workforce Planning and Gain a True Competitive Edge' (Amazon/available now), can show you how -- with some careful planning and execution -- it is possible to create a lean, agile workforce that can meet your goals."
            How Proctor and Gamble Maximizes Business Analytics
            CIO Insight January 30, 2012
            "Procter & Gamble’s CIO Filippo Passerini is determined to push forward a democratization of data for the consumer products giant. Here, he outlines how a series of in-house innovations is empowering decision-makers via real-time access to intelligence and insight to deliver clear business benefits ..."
            How to Make IT Irreplaceable
            NetworkWorld January 26, 2012
            "We all know that, given the availability of hosted software and cloud options, going around IT is easier than ever. So how can we make sure that our IT service customers become our biggest fans and start to think of IT as irreplaceable? ..."
              Time to Shut Up About the Death of The CIO
     January 27, 2012
              "The idea that the CIOs will no longer be needed in a decade is absurd and it's time for IT leaders to fight back, argues's chief reporter Nick Heath

              It's a perennial question, is the role of the CIO doomed? And yet, like the paper-less office, the obsolescence of the CIO seems to forever be 10 years away.

              The question of the CIO's lifespan was once again raised at The CIO Event conference in Wales this week, prompting Kevin O'Connor, CIO for the technologies division of NYSE Euronext, to say that the time has come for people to shut up about the death of the CIO..."

              IT - Networks
              IPv6 Firewall Security: Fixing Issues Introduced by the New Protocol
              Search Enterprise WAN February 2, 2012
              "As IPv6 gets rolled out on enterprise wide area networks (WANs), so will IPv6 firewalls. This article discusses some security issues introduced by IPv6 and what IT professionals should consider when deploying and operating an IPv6 firewall ... The first line of defense of most enterprise networks is a firewall that aims to prevent attacks from the public Internet to the enterprise network, and limits how local users can access the public Internet. As IPv6 is rolled out on enterprise networks, IPv6 firewalls will be deployed so that the same security policies that are currently being enforced in IPv4 are enforced in IPv6 ..."
              Correcting Network Packet Loss
              No Jitter January 31, 2012
              "When more and more video joins the network, and it is prioritized above data traffic, the data will begin to suffer from more congestion loss. That affects all productivity apps, and thus productivity suffers ... I've written blog posts about some of the problems and the resolution of each. However, I've not put all the information in one place, which I intend to address with this blog ..."
                IT - Operations
                Ten Ways to Master Metrics
                Baseline January 18, 2012
                "Hard numbers can be hard to find, but data-driven arguments are the best way to support a business case for your project or strategic initiative. The book, Metrics: How to Improve Key Business Results (Apress/available now) seeks to clarify this murky topic. Author Martin Klubeck presents theories and practical advice on filtering out distractions and zeroing in on what you really need ..."
                  Perform A Data Center Overhaul
                  Processor January 27, 2012
                  "So you’re thinking of rebuilding your data center. Whether it’s a complete overhaul, a revamp, or a reconfiguration, the setup doesn’t come until after doing a data center analysis and shopping for the right equipment. Enterprises are overhauling their data centers for many reasons, whether it’s to make better use of server efficiencies, to get rid of outdated servers, to upgrade to the latest virtual technology unavailable during the last overhaul, or to take many applications into the cloud, says Peter Blau, president and chief executive officer at IT consulting firm IT Data Inc. Enterprises are usually looking to protect applications, consolidate server space, and cut data center operating costs ..."
                    More of the WorldÂs Coolest Data Centers
                    NetworkWorld January 25, 2012
                    "It’s been more than a year since we’ve taken a look at some of the standout data centers from around the globe that draw attention because of their energy efficiency, unique locations or innovative designs. In the meantime businesses have found unique designs to promote inexpensive cooling and taken over existing facilities built to withstand nuclear attacks. Here’s a glimpse of a few that caught our eye ..."
                      Do You Need a Security Operations Center?
                      Dark Reading January 28, 2012
                      "When a company starts to worry about losing data to attack, it could be time to create a simple SOC. Following are the most important steps to evaluating the need for an effective operations center ... Seven years ago, European communications provider Colt Telecom Services embarked on a project to build its own operations center to manage the company's security and that of its clients ... Up until that point, the company did not have good visibility into the security of its systems because several internal groups had at least some responsibility for security, says Nicolas Fischbach, director of network strategy and architecture for Colt's infrastructure services unit ..."
                      DARPA Takes Aim at ÂAchilles Heel of Advanced Computing; Power
                      NetworkWorld January 27, 2012
                      "The power required to increase computing performance, especially in embedded or sensor systems has become a serious constraint and is restricting the potential of future systems ... Technologists from the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency are looking for an ambitious answer to the problem and will next month detail a new program it expects will develop power technologies that could bolster system power output from today's 1 GFLOPS/watt to 75 GFLOPS/watt ..."
                      IT - Security
                      Survey: Majority of IT Pros Not Encrypting Customer Data
                      CRN January 25, 2012
                      "A majority of IT professionals whose companies had customer data lost or stolen said the information was not encrypted, a survey released Wednesday found ... Examples of the types of data lost included e-mail, credit card or bank payment information and social security numbers, according to the study conducted by the Ponemon Institute and sponsored by credit-checking company Experian. The most common cause of the breach was a negligent person inside of the company. Outsourcing to a third-party was cited as another main cause, followed by a malicious insider ..."
                      Three Steps to Properly Protect Your Personal Data
                      CSO Online February 1, 2012
                      "Even encryption can give you a false sense of security. Here's a layered approach to truly keep your data private ... With groups like Anonymous actively looking to embarrass your company, laptops thefts occurring every second, and the recent poor US District Court ruling on fifth amendment password protection rights, it is time you actually encrypt your data properly ..."
                      The Mechanics of Breach Notification
                      Dark Reading January 27, 2012
                      "Organizations need to know what constitutes a breach of identity data according to state laws and how to respond ... The vast majority of states and territories in the U.S. have rules requiring organizations managing personal information to notify affected parties if their private information has been breached. In my previous blog, I summarized the similarities and differences between what constitutes personal information in various states and which laws apply. In this post, I'll talk about what a breach is and what needs to happen when a breach occurs ..."
                        Security Best Practices Pay Off
                        Baseline February 1, 2012
                        "Well-prepared companies fare significantly better than their competitors when faced with IT security threats ... IT security concerns never go out of style ... The recent data breach at—in which 24 million customers had personal information stolen—is just the latest in a seemingly endless series of reminders that a comprehensive and multi-layered security strategy is essential to any business ..."
                        How to Prevent Thumb Drive Security Disasters
                        NetworkWorld January 27, 2012
                        "For such a small device, the plastic, handheld USB flash drive can cause big security headaches. Even if you have robust end-point security and establish rigid policies about employee use of these drives, employees still find a way to copy financial reports and business plans for use at home. While other security breaches are more traceable, a flash drive is more difficult to monitor, especially after the employee leaves work ... Some security professionals suggest a radical approach to locking down USB flash drives. Sean Greene, a security consultant at Evidence Solutions, advises his clients to use a clear silicone caulk and fill every USB port on every PC to prevent USB attachments. He says the only way employees can transmit sensitive business documents is by email, a method that his clients can easily monitor ..."
                        Cybersecurity Report: All Countries Lag Behind the Bad Guys
                        ComputerWorld January 30, 2012
                        "The new report from McAfee and SDA ranks Finland, Sweden and Israel as the countries most prepared for cyber-threats ... The U.S. and U.K. are relatively well prepared for cyberattacks, compared to many other developed nations, but everyone has more work to do, according to a new cybersecurity study from McAfee and Security & Defence Agenda (SDA) ..."
                        10 Tips for Offsite Meeting Security
                        CSO Online February 1, 2012
                        "Keeping attendees safe, and ensuring proprietary information stays out of the public domain must be part of any solid strategy for an offsite meeting or event ... When an organization hosts an offsite event, whether it is a small meeting, or a massive industry conference, it also presents an opportunity for the security department ..."
                        10 SharePoint Security Mistakes You Probably Make
                        InformationWeek January 31, 2012
                        "Bradley Manning allegedly stole sensitive government cables destined for WikiLeaks from a SharePoint server. Are your information security controls tighter than the Army's were? ... How important is it to secure and monitor Microsoft SharePoint? ... Consider the case of Bradley Manning, the Army intelligence analyst who's accused of leaking 250,000 government cables to WikiLeaks. According to an Army investigator who testified at a hearing to determine if Manning should face a court martial, one of Manning's laptops contained an Excel spreadsheet, containing a tab with multiple Wget scripts ..."
                        IT - Careers
                        Why Bully IT Bosses Lose the Game
                        InformationWeek January 26, 2012
                        "Short-term thinkers will pressure you to dismiss anything but scorched-earth personnel management tactics as soft, or a waste of money. But IT is a service business where nice guys win ... I love it when academic research confirms what you kind of already knew. When dealing with IT human resource management--something that I've focused on in the last decade--it's important to have that academic, impartial, third-party backup. That's because frequently, you will run into pressure from short-term bottom-line thinkers to dismiss anything but scorched-earth personnel management tactics as soft, weak, or a waste of money. Nothing could be further from the truth. IT is a service business, and being a "nice" boss is the only way to create excellent IT services in the long term ..."
                        Nine Tips to Help You Work Smarter and Avoid Workplace Overload
                        IT Business Edge January 27, 2012
                        "The year has barely begun, but you probably already feel like you’ve fallen behind in accomplishing what you need to accomplish this year. In many cases rampant layoffs have created enormous workloads for those who still have jobs. But regardless of the reasons for your burgeoning workload, knowing how to make more efficient use of your time is becoming a prized skill ..."
                          10 Things IT Pros Do That Lead To Burnout
                          TechRepublic January 28, 2012
                          "I’d be willing to bet that there isn’t one of you out there who hasn’t violated some basic work/life principles at least once in your career. I can say with certainty that at various times, I have committed some cardinal sins when it comes to getting burned out. Looking back on my career from a slightly different viewpoint these days, I can see where I went wrong. And fortunately, I can learn from those mistakes so that I’ll remain happy, healthy, and productive (in that order) throughout the remainder of my career ..."
                            IT - Virtualization
                            The Rise of Virtualization Coexistence
                            Enterprise Systems Journal January 30, 2012
                            "Increasingly, Hyper-V and vSphere will operate in the same data center. What does that mean for IT? Determining 2012’s top virtualization trend in is a no-brainer. It’s the rise of virtualization coexistence. Clearly, VMware and Microsoft are delivering the needed features to IT environments and this is not going to stop any time soon. Microsoft has arrived in the data center, and yes, for some, Hyper-V is ready for prime time.

                            Even though the coexistence trend is really no big surprise, many are wondering how it all happened. VMware has always been a virtualization market leader. This success is due to its first-to-market innovations, its richest feature set, and its quick ROI, which many customers have leveraged time and time again ..."

                            IT - Email
                            Five Ways to Protect Your Email At Work
                            IT World January 30, 2012
                            "Hackers can exploit email to hack into your work accounts. But these simple techniques can help protect your email account and company data ... Despite the popularity of real-time communications like instant messaging, as well as updates via Facebook and Twitter, most workplaces still use and rely on email. As handy as email can be, it can also be dangerous. Attachments can contain viruses, and email messages can hide phishing links that lead you to fake websites in an attempt to steal your login information.

                            Tech giants including Google and Facebook aim to establish a new standard called DMARC to reduce these threats in the future. For now, however, there are five things you can do to help secure your email ..."

                            IT - Database
                            Virtualization, Cloud Having Little Impact on Databases
                            NetworkComputing January 29, 2012
                            "Cloud computing has taken center stage during the last two years as the hot enterprise technology, but in the database realm, the public cloud and off-site hosted database services still represent too many unknown factors to truly have mass adoption. According to the co-author of the InformationWeek 'State of Database Technology' report, the public cloud is so far having very little impact on enterprise databases ..."
                            IT - Mobile
                            Mobile Revolution Threatens IT Security
                            Baseline January 25, 2012
                            "The more mobile devices that enter an enterprise, the worse its information security gets. A study by the security firm Check Point shows the rising risks imposed on companies by a flood of iPhones, iPads, and other smart devices. Part of the problem lies with the security of the devices themselves, part with their portable nature, and part with the habits and focus of users ..."
                            Managing Mobility in the Enterprise
                            CIO Insight January 31, 2012
                            "Increasing demand for mobile computing capabilities is forcing IT executives to fret about everything from device support and application development strategies to a whole new set of security concerns, with huge rewards awaiting those who tackle these issues most effectively ..."
                            Lesson Learned from a Bring Your Own Device Project
                            No Jitter January 30, 2012
                            "I spent a lot of last summer working with a large enterprise IT department on their transition from company-owned Blackberry devices to employee-owned devices. This was a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) project much like many companies are now considering. Being involved in the real-life execution of the strategy is, to say the least, a learning experience. This article is titled "Lessons Learned," but it does not include every lesson learned. That would be too much reading! Instead, I have listed some key points that are likely to apply to most enterprises considering a BYOD plan ..."
                            BYOD: User Policy Considerations
                            IT Business Edge February 2, 2012
                            "As more companies embrace the broad usage of individually-owned mobile devices for access to corporate applications and data, Good Technology is often asked for guidance on the establishment of an associated device usage policy. This slideshow, as outlined by Good Technology, is intended to provide guidance on questions that companies should ask themselves when establishing their own policies and related considerations ..."
                              Top Ten Articles for last few Issues
                              Vol 167 Issues 1,2,3 and 4; Vol 166 Issues 1, 2, 3 and 4
                              We track how frequently each article is viewed on the web site to determine which the readers consider the most important. For last week, the top 10 articles were:

                              • Simplified Administration with ZFS
                              • Documentation for Common Sysadmin Tasks
                              • Oracle Certified Associate (OCA), Oracle Solaris 11 System Administrator
                              • Solaris 10 OS and ZFS Cut Costs, Boost Uptime as Alternative to RAID
                              • MySQL: An Introduction for Oracle DBAs
                              • illumos Meetup at FOSDEM
                              • Linux Adoption Trends 2012: A Survey of Enterprise End Users
                              • MySQL 5.0 and 5.1 available on Solaris 11
                              • World Record x86 TPC-C Result
                              • Java Spotlight Episode 65: Deployment & Plugin

                              The longer version of this article has list of top ten articles for the last 8 weeks.

                                Building a Secure Cloud with Identity Management
                                Webcast Covers IM Resources of SaskTel
                                The summary of a webcast on Building a Secure Cloud with Identity Management provides links to the archived webcast itself. Brian Baird of SaskTel points out how customers can employ the SaskTel architectural model, which makes it simple to consume Identity Management as a service from the SaskTel cloud. SaskTel also makes it simple to bring cloud services back in house, he adds. In addition, Baird suggests that the SaskTel Identity Management Center of Excellence is designed to make it easy to consume critical capabilities offered by the Oracle Identity Management stack such as workflows, self service provisioning etc.
                                Trending in
                                Vol 234, Issue 3
                                Trending IT Articles