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Optimizing GlassFish Server Performance
Tuning Involves Tweeking Deployment and Server Configuration Settings
January 16, 2012,
Volume 167, Issue 3

How to optimize the performance of the GlassFish Server is the topic under discussion in Rene van Wijk's post on Middleware Magic. He shows how to improve server performance by adjusting a few deployment and server configuration settings. Choosing throughput optimization as the method, van Wijk also shows how to optimize performance of the JVM. He demonstrates as well how to avoid performance constraints imposed by operating system restrictions. In this section he addresses such issues as packet loss minimization; determining the maximum number of open file descriptors; adjusting the default value of the time-wait interval; choosing the optimal time source; and configuring the network card at it maximum link speed and at full duplex. The post concludes with a test regime.

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