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Gartner Names Oracle ATG in Leaders Quadrant for E-Commerce
Praises Oracle's Corporate Vision
Oracle ATG Web Commerce Suite, a comprehensive and scalable commerce software platform, aids enterprises in the delivery of a personalized customer buying experience across multiple customer touchpoints, including the web, contact center, mobile devices, social media, and physical stores. Gartner has named the solution to its Leaders Quadrant in the 2011 Magic Quadrant for E-commerce. Technology providers in the Leaders Quadrant are recognized for demonstrating an optimal blend of insight, innovation, execution in their corporate vision.
Automated Diagnosis for Sun SPARC Servers Offered by My Oracle Support
Users Must Upload Oracle Explorer to Access this Feature

Oracle Sun SPARC T-Series servers now feature automated diagnosis as part of the My Oracle Support services. Users are strongly urged to upload an Oracle Explorer when asked in the Service Request (SR) creation process in My Oracle Support (MOS), which will allow the SR to be handled by Automated Diagnosis and speed up the service process significantly. By not uploading an Explorer during SR creation or shortly afterwards Service Requests will follow the normal process. Automated Diagnosis will not be used on P1 Service requests or Accounts that have special handling instructions.

The Oracle Big Data Appliance
Also Releases Oracle Big Data Connectors to Help Unlock the Value of Enterprise Big Data
Oracle has announced the availability of Oracle Big Data Appliance, an engineered system of hardware and software that incorporates Cloudera’s Distribution, Including Apache Hadoop with Cloudera Manager, plus an open source distribution of R. Big Data Appliance, which runs on Oracle Linux, also features Oracle NoSQL Database Community Edition and Oracle HotSpot Java Virtual Machine. In addition, Oracle simultaneously announced the availability of Oracle Big Data Connectors, a software product that helps customers easily integrate data stored in Hadoop and Oracle NoSQL Database with Oracle Database 11g. This system scales by connecting multiple racks together via an InfiniBand network.
2012 Virtualization Review Reader's Choice Awards
Includes Comprehensive Buyers' Guide
Virtualization Review has published its 2012 Readers' Choice Award and Buyers' Guide. A number of Oracle solutions appear in several categories. Each category has an overall winner, a preferred product plus a new category, ISV winner, created to highlight some of the smaller vendors who are cranking out really cool and innovative products. There is a link to a PDF that includes the complete 2012 Comprehensive Buyers' Guide.
IT - Storage
A Sign of Future Announcements
InfoWorld (January 9, 2012)
"Seagate and Western Digital are cutting hard drive warranties from five years to one in some cases ..."

Seagate and Western Digital "Slash Hard Drive Warranties" from five years to one for popular PC drives. Other drives were cut from three year to two. Could enterprise drives face warranty cuts that will have to be passed on to users in terms of higher maintenance fees and shortened system warranties?

No End in Sight for Data Growth
eWeek (January 5, 2012)
"Data Storage: Storage Management: 10 Business Factors That Will Impact IT Pros in 2012 ..."

Along with this exponential data growth at "10 Business Factors That Will Impact Storage Pros In 2012" and all of them are related to storage. The big issues will be cost, budgets and staff. Same problems as the past, the data growth just adds fuel to the fire.

IT - Technology
Bringing Games to Business
IT Business Edge (January 11, 2012)
", as well as young adults, are attracted to video games like flies are attracted to light ... the kids are paving the way for business training and IT’s role in tomorrow’s companies ..."

We don’t mean the actual games but the thought process that makes games so addictive to anyone under 30. The future will demand that you understand "How 'Kids’ Games Transform Business". This series of slides addresses the ideas that have made games so popular and can do the same for business. These under 30 people will be with us for a long time; they will use technology that makes the feel comfortable.

    Oracle Database Firewall Extended to Support MySQL
    Enhanced Reporting Capabilities also Included in Latest Release

    Several important new features are included in the latest release of Oracle Database Firewsall. Among them is protection against data breaches extended to MySQL databases. In addition, there are now various reporting capabilities that include 10 new out-of-the-box reports to further help organizations comply with privacy and regulatory mandates, and a new reporting infrastructure for running and modifying the layout of existing reports. Oracle Business Intelligence Publisher customers will now be able to take advantage of all capabilities offered for authoring, managing, and delivering highly formatted documents that can be designed using familiar desktop products.

    More Information

    MySQL Enterprise Edition Produces 65% Cost Cuts at
    Unburdens IT Staff for Other Tasks
    Using MySQL Enterprise Edition improved the performance and scalability of its web portal while improving flexibility and reducing costs by 65%. set up a copy of MySQL Workbench in DBA’s computers, ensuring autonomy for data modeling. The company also adopted a decentralized server architecture, freeing the IT team from its previous efforts at balancing network load. This structure enabled to accommodate large traffic spikes without compromising site performance, such as 9.8 million Web visits and 31.5 million page views in one day during the 2010 World Cup.
    IT - Cloud
    Cloud and disaster recovery: Load-balanced data centers not a perfect solution
    InfoWorld (January 11, 2012)
    "With multisite load balancing, the lack of centralized control of application and infrastructure configurations can lead to trouble at both sites ..."

    Apparently a light has gone on in the heads of DR planning that the cloud may be the answer; one primary and one hot site i.e. the cloud. Looking at this solution we may find that "Load-Balanced Data Centers Are Not a Perfect Solution" for a variety and very important reasons.

    IT - CxO
    Cold Calls
    InformationWeek (January 10, 2012)
    "I pity the vendor who wastes my time. But if you try to dodge all of those sales phone calls and emails, you're missing an opportunity ..."

    Sales people sometimes look like sharks circling around a potential target; on the other hand sales people have valuable information…sometimes. The trick is sorting the wheat from the chaff. Here are "Four Tips to Get More From IT Vendor Salespeople". Sales people can consume all your time if you don’t control the process; by not interacting with sales people you run the risk of missing an important emerging technology.

    Keeping Staff
    Channel Insider (January 10, 2012)
    "Here's a look at why employee benefits matter and how you can provide them even if your company bank account is tight ..."

    The economy is starting to grow again and that does not bode well for keeping employees. Many companies are not aware of the disconnect with their employees until they give their notice. While this article was written for the sales channel, the ideas and insights of "Providing the Perks to Retain Your Best Employees" will help you keep the best instead of losing the best.

      Making Peace with Marketing
      InformationWeek (January 9, 2012)
      "IT and marketing too often work at cross purposes. Here's how to end bad behavior and drive more revenue ..."

      Why do companies suffer from infighting between departments when everyone is supposed to be on the same side? A couple of the most common battle are Sales vs. Accounting and IT vs. Marketing. Here are "5 Rules to Help CIOs and CMOs Be Smart Partners". Number 2 is a no brainer that is rarely implemented.

        When Build Out is Not An Option
        InfoWorld (January 8, 2012)
        "How to grow your data center with colocation: Some enterprises find it's quicker and a lot less expensive than building your own facility ..."

        For a variety of reasons, location, power, zoning, networks, cost, etc. you may not be able to build a new data center. Here’s "How to Grow Your Data Center With Colocation". The process is not without issues and problems but if you do your homework, understand your requirements and read the contract with a fine tooth comb the results could be pleasing to management and users.

        IT - DR
        Is Planning an Important Function
        Emergency Management (January 6, 2012)
        "A culture of planning has many facets. One of those facets is how the organization views and executes the task of planning ..."

        Many companies address disaster recovery planning based on what has happened in the past; much to their dismay when the unexpected happens. Companies need to develop "A Culture of Planning" in order to effectively account for all possibilities. These 10 characteristics of a planning culture will help you decide if the shoe fits.

        IT - Operations
        Hope for the Best; Plan for the Worst
        InfoWorld (January 8, 2012)
        "How to move a data center without having a heart attack: Before the event, consider everything that can go wrong, make contingency plans, exploit opportunities to upgrade, and label everything ..."

        Any move requires planning, planning and more planning coupled with hard work, good staff and crossed fingers. Here are some tips on "How To Move a Data Center Without Having a Heart Attack". Did we mention that planning is a key part of the process?

        IT - Security
        Still the Best Solution
        NetworkWorld (January 9, 2012)
        "Some think it is past time to retire passwords, for what they say is the obvious reason: They don't protect users, since they are so easily hacked ..."

        There is a lot of talk about killing off the use of passwords in favor of two factor authentication, biometrics, etc. The problem isn’t the passwords per se but there use and administration. So "Passwords Aren’t Dead, Though Maybe Yours Should Be" takes a look at what makes a formidable barrier to the bad guys looking for a chink in the armor.

        Only the Faces Change
        Enterprise Systems Journal (January 9, 2012)
        "Three Trends Driving Data Security Strategies in 2012: In 2012, businesses must align data security with customer value ..."

        The security problems we faced last year are still here but with different focuses. There "Three Trends Driving Data Security Strategies in 2012" are the same ones that have always been around: data protection, compliance, audit, etc. but the areas that are affected are changing.

        Cyber Security Insurance Is in Your Future
        InformationWeek (January 11, 2012)
        "More Patient Data Risks, Lawsuits Predicted In 2012: The new year promises to bring greater patient data risks as healthcare organizations increase their use of mobile technology and social media sites ..."

        With more and more companies exposing sensitive information through various mistakes and errors the number of litigious actions will increase with health care at the forefront. A recent report indicates that "More Patient Data Risks, Lawsuits Predicted for 2012". You don’t need a crystal ball to see the fallout; every company that handles sensitive information is a target for legal action.

        IT - Careers
        Eight Things You Should Never Say In a Job Interview
        Baseline (January 5, 2012)
        "'Hiring for Attitude' is a book intended for recruiters, but in its pages author Mark Murphy reveals the game within the game that applicants need to understand to make the best possible impression in an interview ..."

        Sooner or later everyone goes on an interview; even if you with your existing company forever. The opportunity to make a good or bad impression usually occurs during a memory lapse; here are "Eight Things You Should Never Say In a Job Interview". Is this a complete list? No, but you get the idea. Take the time to understand your strengths and weaknesses and the company you are talking with and always be on your a game.

          IT - Email
          Innocent Looking Storage
          HelpNet Security (January 9, 2012)
          "Managing storage continues to be one of the most significant challenges for email management, but the right tools can change this from a daily headache to an easy win ..."

          Email can be one of the more storage consuming applications that IT has to contend with every day. Here are "6 Reason to Enforce Email Monitoring"; of course if you have lots of footprint, lots of power, plenty of staff and the budget to keep buying LOTS of disk you don’t really have to read this.

          Nexenta Trashes Win8 Storage Spaces
          'Just Not Enterprise Class'
          Microsoft's Storage Spaces may well be fine for storing family photos and other personal memorabilia but as an enterprise storage tool? Not so much, contends Nexenta CEO Evan Powell in The Register article by Chris Mellor, noting the absence of such features as double and triple parity RAID, the ability to snapshot and replicate data, and the cryptographic-strength 256 bit checksums of ZFS-based solutions found in NexentaStor, which provide end-to-end data integrity. In addition, Powell points out the 16 Terabyte (16 TB) limit in the capacity of Storage Spaces. "It just isn't enterprise class," Powell asserts.
          IT - Mobile
          A Voice of Reason for Security
          InfoWorld (January 9, 2012)
          "Surveys show IT's unfounded mobile security fears. In their attempts to scare enterprises, security companies have failed to produce any smoking guns ..."

          BYOD security is the talk of the C-Level based on what’s being reported. Recent Surveys Show IT’s Unfounded Mobile Security Fears to be more self serving by vendors that reality indicates. There are problems no doubt with all devices including BYOD’s, but the sky is not falling just because vendors point out one acorn.

          Who Knows What Danger Lurks
          InfoWorld (January 11, 2012)
          "The hidden danger of touchscreens: Smartphones, tablets, and now touchscreen PCs all can lead to stress-related injuries of your hands, arms, back, and eyes -- unless you use them right ..."

          We all know about the dangers of using mobile devices when driving; but do you know of The Hidden Dangers of Touchscreens? As these devices become even more popular the physical strain of using touchscreens will become evident with damage to finger and wrist joints and eyestrain.

          Top Ten Articles for last few Issues
          Vol 167 Issue 1; Vol 166 Issues 1, 2, 3 and 4; Vol 165 Issue 3, 4 and 5
          We track how frequently each article is viewed on the web site to determine which the readers consider the most important. For last week, the top 10 articles were:

          • Oracle Storage Eye charts
          • 5 reasons it will be hard for Microsoft 'win' the future desktop/tablet/Win8 race
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          • Illumos User Group Meetup - Menlo Park, Tuesday, January 10, 2012, 7:00 PM
          • 2011 International Magnetic Tape Storage Applications & Systems Roadmap
          • Oracle On-line Analytic Processing (OLAP) - Exadata Performance Demonstration White Paper
          • Igloo Enjoys Cool Implementation with Oracle Sun SPARC T-Series Servers
          • The Definitive Guide to NetBeans Platform 7
          • GlassFish Open Source and Commercial Editions
          • Deploying a Java EE 6 Application Using WebLogic 12c, NetBeans, and MySQL

          The longer version of this article has list of top ten articles for the last 8 weeks.

            Anatomizing an Oracle Solaris Binary File
            The Tools and Techniques You Will Need
            When application object files and executable binary files become unhandily large, it is helpful to be able to see inside such files. In order to do that it is necessary to know what tools are called for in such an inquiry and which parts can be reduced in size. In her post Miriam Blatt discusses these issues, reviewing the contents of binaries and the tools that are available to read, extract and delete sections. She concludes with a discussion of the effect on binary file size of compiler flags and how to reduce the size of the executable.
            How to Use Oracle Solaris 11 Network Virtualization and Resource Management
            Restricting Application Network Traffidc
            Users can now monitor, control, guarantee, and reconfigure network infrastructure to provide applications with the required data connections using Oracle Solaris 11 Network Virtualization and Resource Management. Duncan Hardie's post on Oracle tech network showing how to apply bandwidth limits to both data links and user-defined flows to manage network traffic. Hardie also shows how data link bandwidth limits all traffic through that data link, whereas bandwidth limits applied to flows can be based on network packet characteristics. These technologies allow users to create a flexible and controlled environment to meet all their network resource management needs.
            Oracle Security Inside Out Dramatizes Data Security Issues
            Oracle Users Group Data Security Survey: 60% Fear a Data Breach
            A recent Independent Oracle Users Group Data Security Survey found 60% expect the likelihood of a data breach or at least are not sure what to expect over the next 12 months. Oracle's Security Inside Out site has posted a video on data security that illustrates the different ways organizations are susceptible to security breaches that Oracle can help mitigate. The video features actors portraying an oil company CEO and an Eastern Block exfiltrator in a scenario suggesting that major infiltrations are easier than one might assume. Oracle Audit Vault is offered as a safeguard against such damage.
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