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Oracle Solaris Binary Application Guarantee Extended to Solaris 11
Program Offers Investment Protection
Applications developed on earlier releases of Oracle Solaris will run without difficulty on subsequent versions, enabling customers to purchase new systems or upgrade the OS on older systems without concern for investment protection. With the Oracle Solaris Binary Application Guarantee applications that run on an OS release of Oracle Solaris 2.6 or later, including their initial release and all updates, will run the latest releases of Oracle Solaris. Oracle offers an Preflight Application Checker tool for Solaris 11 that checks an application for compatibility with Oracle Solaris 11. The Oracle Solaris Guarantee Program is valid through December 31, 2013.
Most Popular Oracle Tech Network Articles of 2011
Java Reader Interest Dominates
Each year Oracle Tech Network picks 10 of its top articles for the year. This year OTN chose 20. Entirely at random, here are a few of the top articles:

  • Fork and Join: Java Can Excel at Painless Parallel Programming Too! (Julien Ponge)
  • Neural Networks on the NetBeans Platform (Zoran Sevarac)
  • Oracle Senior VP Steve Harris on Oracle’s Vision of Java (Janice J. Heiss)
  • How I Simplified Oracle Database Installation on Oracle Linux (Ginny Henningsen)
  • Integration Testing for Java EE (Adam Bien)
  • Using Transitions for Animation in Oracle's JavaFX 2.0 (James L. Weaver)

OTN is the world's largest interactive community of developers, DBAs, sysadmins, and architects using Oracle products along with industry-standard technologies.

OTN Architect Day Presentations: Phoenix, AZ - December 14, 2011
Resoures for the Architect Community
Presentations from OTN Architect Day Phoenix are on Slideshare:

  • Engineered Systems: Oracle's Vision for the Future with Ralf Dossmann
  • Cloud Computing Industry Trends and Directions with Ron Batra
  • Cloud Computing: Making IT Simple with Scott Mattoon
  • Innovations in Grid Computing with Oracle Coherence with Randy Stafford
  • Rationalization and Defense in Depth: Two Steps Closer to the Cloud with Dave Chappelle
  • Oracle Enterprise Manager with Adeesh Fulay
  • Oracle VM Consolidation and Path to the Cloud with Ronen Kofman
  • Oracle Cloud Reference Architecture with Anbu Krishnaswamy
  • 21st Century SOA with Jeff Davies
Asiana Airlines Improves Efficiency with Exadata Database Machine, Oracle Business Intelligence 11g
Just-In-Time Customer and Revenue Analysis Deliver 60x Performance Efficiency
Oracle Exadata Database Machine and Oracle Business Intelligence 11g enable Asiana Airlines to perform just-in-time customer and revenue analysis. Asiana IDT, a subsidiary of Asiana Airlines and the airline's IT service provider, selected Oracle Exadata Database Machine to deploy a high-speed BIS integrating and processing more than 12TB of airline reservation, ticket issuance and shipping data from various operational systems. The integrated solution enabled Asiana Airlines to improve its business agility by speeding up data analysis processes from 10 hours to less than 10 minutes – a 60x improvement - and to reduce batch processing time by over five hours.
Oracle VM 3.0.3 Released to General Availability
Includes Oracle VM Server for x86 and Oracle VM Manager
Oracle has announced the release to general availability of Oracle VM 3.0.3, including Oracle VM Server for x86 and Oracle VM Manager, delivering improved usability, manageability and security. Further details on the enhancements in this release are to be found in "What's New." Downloads of the software are available at Oracle Software Delivery Cloud, where users can select a Product Pack (Oracle VM) and Platform (x86 64-bit).
Oracle VM VirtualBox Version 4.1.8
Latest Maintenance release
Oracle VM VirtualBox 4.1.8 (a maintenance release) is out on the streets and ready for download. The issues that have been fixed are shown in the ChangeLog.
Oracle Virtual Desktop Client for iPad 1.1
Adds External Keyboard Support
There is a new version of he Oracle Virtual Desktop Client (OVDC) for iPad in the iPad App Store. With OVDC for iPad you can connect from the iPad to your hosted virtual desktop in the data-center infrastructure. See my blog article OVDC for iPad in action with an explanation and sample use-cases.

The improvements in the new release:

  • External Keyboard Support
  • Improved On-Screen Keyboard Language Support
  • New on-screen button icons
  • iPad Settings
  • New Gesture

With OVDC for iPad you can connect from the iPad to your hosted virtual desktop in the data-center infrastructure. See the blog article "OVDC for iPad in action" with an explanation and sample use-cases.

IT - Storage
Conservative is the Keyword
Search Storage (October 7, 2011)
"In the last few years we've seen advances in storage technology that have tremendous potential for IT customers. Some of these are enabled by investments made in developing flash solid-state drive (SSD) technology and adapting it to enterprise storage systems ..."

Go back to the early days of RAID and you find lots of pushback from the storage admins and upper management. "Storage Technology Adoption Is A Slow Process", the problem is that storage technology is not. These two conflicting points can cause a serious delay in adoption, especially these days in determining the value of data.

Batter Up for Big Data
ComputerWorld (October 25, 2011)
"With big data being hyped as the next big strategic initiative for business, it's time for IT to lay the groundwork ..."

There's good news and bad news on the horizon for big data; The good news is that the C Levels are starting to hear about big data; the bad news is that the C Level is hearing about big data. Here are "5 Things You Should Do Now" to get ready for the impact of big data on the data center and to have answers ready when the question comes down from above.

IT - Technology
The Game Changes with BYOD
InformationWeek (September 21, 2011)
"Progressive CIOs and their organizations can realize big benefits, but tread carefully ..."

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) is not the panacea that most people outside of IT would lead us to believe. While there are some real benefits of employees bringing their own devices inside the henhouse there are risks. Is "Allowing Personal Devices At Work A Faustian Bargain?" Not if you take the suggestions at the end of the article as policy basics.

A Stop-gap Measure for Archive Creation and Recovery in Oracle Solaris 11
Until Flash Archive Installation Functionality Is Added

In the absence of a Flash Archive Installation (FLAR) in Oracle Solaris 11, jbutler draws readers' attention to a set of steps that can be utilized to create re-deployable archives of installed systems. FLAR, Butler writes, was initially meant to simplify patch deployment, a notably difficult process in patching a Solaris system. FLAR allows a system administrator to patch up a system and then create an archive of it, which can be used to install subsequent systems. One side effect of this is that a full archive of the given system is created, which can be utilized to restore the system in case of catastrophic failure. In this way, many admins have utilized FLAR as an element of their disaster recovery plan. The remedy Butler cites is "How to Perform System Archival and Recovery Procedures with Oracle Solaris 11." Butler describes this document as containing " ... a set of operations which can be scripted if required. Otherwise, the manual steps described therein may be utilized as a stop-gap until some of the functionality finds its way into Solaris 11."

Obituary for Java on Ubuntu Is Premature
The Word from Simon Phipps

With the advent of OpenJDK as the reference implementation of Java 7, it was thought reasonable, if alarmist, to assume that Java as a part of Ubuntu was history. Not so, writes Simon Phipps in "Why Java Isn't Dead on Ubuntu." This is simply housekeeping, he assures panicked readers, not withdrawal by Oracle of support for Java in Ubuntu. The Distro License for Java (DLJ) -- which OpenJDK supplants -- was never more than a stop-gap measure, Phipps argues, instituted to promote Java adoption on Linux while the inevitable announcement of true open source Java was fermenting.

IT - Cloud
The Cloud Turns into Thunderstorms
InfoWorld (September 1, 2011)
"Google App Engine's price hikes and VMforce's quiet death give enterprise cloud developers and CIOs reasons to tread carefully ..."

The recent price increase from Google indicate that uncertainty about cloud pricing may put a damper on activity. We use the word 'may'' so you can "Beware The Bait and Switch in the Public Cloud". Again as we have often stated, forewarned is forearmed.

Delivering vs. Promises
Channel Insider (September 30, 2011)
"Can you depend on the cloud to be reliable, available and secure? Probably not if you are depending on the public internet to deliver your services ..."

All to often providers of any service, shall we say, embellish their products just a tad…OK, a lot. The Cloud is no different and for the success "Cloud Computing Needs Better Quality Assurance" in the areas of availability, performance and security. When these three are up to par, the Cloud will truly be Enterprise ready.

Don't Do the Cloud To Save Money (September 30, 2011)
"Cloud computing is often sold as a way for companies to cut their tech bill by only paying for the IT they use ..."

Moving to the cloud just to reduce expenses is an ROI that will bite you. If you "Think Cloud Computing Will Save You Money? Forget It" is an interesting article that comes from a senior CIO that looks at the cloud, mobile devices and social media. Interesting thoughts on all three.

Be Aware of These Security Threats
NetworkWorld (October 10, 2011)
"Cloud security threats come in all shapes and sizes ... cloud security panelists believe that these threats can be addressed ..."

Security threats are in the eyes of the beholder, some real high priority and some not; gaining insight into the difference is extremely important. Eight "Experts Explain the Greatest Threats to Cloud Security" so that you might have a basis to prioritize the top threats from the lesser threats. Also remember that even a minor threat can become a major threat in your shop.

Coding Problems
InfoWorld (October 24, 2011)
"Coding and system modification strategies can weaken your cloud apps over time, so keep these steps in mind to keep your code functioning"

Putting applications into the cloud could be an issue if you don't pay attention to the details. Here are 16 tips on "How to Head Off Coding Errors in the Cloud". The proof of the pudding is in the details, miss one and big trouble may lie ahead.

    IT - CxO
    Decision Making
    IT Business Edge (August 24, 2011)
    Being the leader in business is much like being a battlefield commander; decisions have to be made in the best interest of all and quickly. The CEO of OfficeMax, Michael Feuer, lists the qualities of The Benevolent Dictator: Keys to Successful Decision-Making with insights that do not make the title seem like an oxymoron.
      IT Leaders are Made Not Born
      InfoWorld (August 31, 2011)
      "Leading an IT organization is one of the toughest jobs in the world. Responsibilities are complex, most executives consider it a necessary evil, and everyone in it knows more than you do ..."

      No one is born a leader, maybe rich, smart or good looking but not a leader, that's a learned skill. Our good friend Bob Lewis gives insight with The "8 Essential Habits of Highly Effective IT Leaders". If you are like me you quickly realize that these skills are not relegated to IT.

      Fix Faulty Data At the Source
      IT Business Edge (September 23, 2011)
      The rant in "Three Ways IT Can Fix Data Quality, Even if Business Users Won't" certainly hits home. So many companies are stuck in the past on data entry that errors are absolutely going to happen and get passed down the food chain. Lets fix the problem and the beginning of the food chain where the cost is minimal not at the end where the cost is enormous.
        Security Actions Speak Louder Than Words
        NetworkWorld (September 28, 2011)
        "There's been no shortage of high-profile and damaging data breaches in the past year. And the targets are widely varied-they include security firms RSA Security and HBGary Federal, defense contractors Lockheed Martin and Northrop Grumman, entertainment giant Sony ..."

        In a recent study of 9,600 companies, 43% of respondents indicated they were security leaders. Something is wrong as indicated by the number of breaches, data loss etc. over the past year. The question then becomes "Are CIOs Too Cocky About Security?" The answer is three fold, they don't understand the nature of the problem, they don't care or there are other items on the list with higher priority.

        Bad to Worse in 9 Steps
        NetworkWorld (October 3, 2011)
        "Spend enough time in the tech industry, and you'll eventually find yourself in IT hell -- one not unlike the underworld described by Dante in his 'Divine Comedy' ..."

        We've all been there, that slippery slope in IT that no matter what you do, things get worse. The "Nine Circles of IT Hell" take us through the IT Inferno that we've all experienced in one way or another.

          The Winds of Change
          TechRepublic (October 25, 2011)
          "Gartner analyst Ken McGee has a radical assessment of IT and what CIOs need to do about. Read his principles of the 'new CIO manifesto.' ... "

          IT is no longer a bastion of skills sets that supports the business, IT must become an enable of business strategies. To that end, one Gartner analyst has "15 IT Best Practices to Kill" in order to facilitate this change. Some of these have been around a long time and will meet resistance; never the less, changes are afoot.

          Which IO Option for Which Server?
          Cross Platform IO Support
          If you need to know which IO option cards are available for which server, there is now a new portal on

          This wiki contains a full list of IO options, ordered by server, and maintained for all current systems. Also included is the number of cards supported on each system.

          The same information, for all current as well as for all older models, is available in the "Systems Handbook", the ultimate answerbook for all hardware questions.

          IT - DR
          FUD As a Selling Tool to Executives
          Continuity Central (September 2, 2011)
          "Nick Johnson, CBCP, discusses the pros and cons of using a 'fear-based' approach to getting business continuity buy-in. ..."

          Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt (FUD) is a powerful tool in selling an idea. The problem is that we need to ask "Are We Fear-Mongers? Business Continuity and the Boy Who Cried Wolf" looks at using fear judiciously when present BC concepts, solutions, and results.

          In the Wake of Hurricane Irene
          Bank Systems and Technology (August 26, 2011)
          "In the aftermath of Hurricane Irene, it's never too late to review and implement these business continuity best practices ..."

          Hurricanes are unique from a DR standpoint; you get advance warning. Unfortunately there are companies that don't heed the warnings and suffer accordingly. Here are "10 Things you Should Do Today to Minimize the Impact of a Disaster". DR is not a one time knee jerk reaction; DR along with Business Continuity is an ongoing part of an effective IT strategy.

          IT - Networks
          Is IPv6 a PandoraÂs Box?
          "We definitely see these attacks, we just can't say where we are seeing them -- Lisa Donnan, who leads Salient's Cyber Security Center of Excellence ..."

          Like any technology IPv6 has many good points but there are also some chinks in the armor that the bad guys will exploit. The "Scariest IPv6 Attack Scenarios" are just the tip of the iceberg and as more companies implement IPv6 other scenarios are sure to appear.

          IPv6 Action Items
          NetworkWorld (August 29, 2011)
          "With the official exhaustion of IPv4 open-pool addresses in February, the long migration path to IPv6 has passed another important milestone ..."

          With IPv4 addresses gone the option of moving to IPv6 is gather steam; albeit slower than expected. Here's "What You Need to Do Now" to get ready for IPv6. If you wait till the last minute everything will cost more, take more staff, take longer and the project will still be in trouble.

            The Ultimate I/O Solutions Going Slowly
            NetworkWorld (September 26, 2011)
            "So if converging the I/O infrastructure in data centers is all the rage, what's taking IT shops so long to do it? ..."

            Can you imagine one connection through which all the I/O passes? These "Six Factors Slowing Adoption of Converged I/O" will get addressed but the process is expensive and time consuming. Ethernet is the backbone of the entire process and that the old saying of you can have Ethernet fast, functional or cheap but you get to have two of the three at any one time.

            Views Into the Morass
            InfoWorld (October 7, 2011)
            "... some high-quality network management tools based on open source and available at little or no cost ..."

            Morass may be too strong of a word, but complicated and confusing may fit. With decreasing resources available for a growing list of problems across the board; here are "26 Helpful Open Source Network Management Tools" for little or no cost. If only one bears fruit you are way ahead.

            IT - Operations
            Not Your Granddads Data Center
            Baseline (October 6, 2011)
            "Data centers are beginning to look quite different from the energy-guzzling, inflexible server farms of the past ..."

            A person that hasn't visited a data center in the last five years would be confused at the "Extreme Makeover For Data Centers" that has occurred. Technologies such as Virtualization, going green and the cloud have really had an impact.

            Simplifying Complexity
            TechRepublic (October 6, 2011)
            "Wouldn’t it be great if you could focus on supporting critical business initiatives instead of just keeping the lights on? ..."

            The IT environment is getting so complex that staying on top is a losing battle. Today’s airliners are a paragon of automation, letting pilots focus on what’s important. The same is true for data centers; here are "10 Ways to Automate the Mundane". Take a look at the comments, especially Tip 11 espousing practicality and common sense when looking at any global project.

              IT - Security
              Must Haves for Security Effectiveness
              NetworkWorld (October 4, 2011)
              "The ideal information security environment is different depending on who you talk to. Your typical security engineer may say it must have firewalls, intrusion detection or any number of security focused technologies ..."

              Security is like herding cats, no matter what you do; one of those little creatures seems to always be a step ahead. Understanding the "10 Security Essentials for the Networked Enterprise" will go along way in making sure that you've got the obvious holes covered. Remember, the bad guys are just bad, not stupid.

              Social Media Risks Are Real
              Dark Reading (October 6, 2011)
              "Enterprises are allowing employees to log onto social networks from the workplace, but they might be paying a price to offer the privilege ..."

              52% of companies that allow employees to use social media at work have reported infections. The end result is that "Most Enterprises Face Increased Malware Risk" from Social Media and things are not going to get better. Social media couple with social engineering means that the bad guys are getting closer and closer to a mother lode of valuable information.

              IT - Careers
              Staying Off the Pink List
              NetworkWorld (September 30, 2011)
              "Unemployment is hovering around 4% compared to a national unemployment average of about 9% across all industries. Nonetheless, job security still feels elusive for many ..."

              Rumors of layoffs, downsizing, rightsizing or whatever the name-du-jour is these days, getting laid off, fired and let go is painful. Keeping you job is tough and these "5 Ways for IT Pros to Become Indispensable" will give you a leg up on staying off THE LIST.

              The Hallmark of Greatness  Steve Jobs
              ComputerWorld (October 6, 2011)
              "As I sat stunned by the news that Apple Chairman Steve Jobs -- technology visionary, founder of two computer companies and master marketer -- had died, I couldn't help but think about his life and career, both at Apple and during his time away at NeXT and Pixar ..."

              The footprints someone leaves behind if often a key into the person. Such is the case in "Lessons From Steve Jobs". Here was man that made footsteps in the world that won't be soon forgotten if ever. The world has lost one of the true great innovators and leaders.

                IT - Database
                Do It Right Or DonÂt Encrypt
                Dark Reading (October 5, 2011)
                "Poor encryption deployments risk too much critical information within databases ..."

                Protecting databases is critical and encryption is the right solution. Unfortunately, these "Five Worst Practices In Database Encryption" are far too common. Check how many your company is at fault.

                Ten OpenStorage Predictions for 2012
                By Evan Powel of Nexenta Systems
                Nexenta's Evan Powell offers 10 open storage predictions for 2012 and, in a commendable mood of candor, grades himself on predictions for 2011. One A+ mark involves his prediction that growth and demand for storage capacity would be exponential. He sees the same for 2012. Powell offers his A+ view that hardware commoditization will play an ever bigger role and awards an A+ for the prediction that sales in the server channel will increase, as he expects them to do in 2012. One last A+, and that is for predicting that Nexenta is the fastest growing storage company ever.
                OpenStorage Summit Evokes Interest in Alternatives to Conventional Storage Technologies
                Nexenta, Symantec Products Attract Attention
                Reporting from the recent OpenStorage Summit, 451 Group analyst Dave Simpson notes a healthy degree of interest in open source alternatives to traditional storage systems. The economies that open source storage technologies such as Nexenta offer have apparently proven sufficiently compelling that Korea Telecom, for example, Asia's largest public cloud provider, has implemented those technologies and offers its services to customers at considerably reduced rates. Simpson also mentions new products from both Nexenta and Symantec, which have attracted considerable interest in the industry. These include NexentaStor 3.1.2 and Symantec's OpenStorage APIs.
                IT - Mobile
                BYOD Consumeration Fears
       (September 26, 2011)
                "Increasingly it is staff - and not the IT department - who are calling the shots when it comes to what technology they should use at work ... "

                More and more companies are allowing their employees to Bring Their Own Devices to the office; like companies have a choice. Here are "Five Ways to Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway". This consumeration of IT is not going away and to fight the flow is a losing battle, so you might as well learn to live with them and secure your company as best as possible.

                  Risks Associated with BYOD
                  Dark Reading (October 7, 2011)
                  "Mobile device management and a new spin on user awareness training are essential to the enterprise mobile explosion ..."

                  CISOs are caught between a rock and a hard place; letting BYOD run free or draconian measures to stop all BYODs. Either way will not work; nevertheless, "Smartphones Are the New Lost and Stolen Laptops of Data Breaches". CISOs need to become aware quickly of what options are available to protect the company and increase productivity of the users.

                  Top Ten Articles for last few Issues
                  Vol 166 Issues 1, 2 and 3; Vol 165 Issue 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5
                  We track how frequently each article is viewed on the web site to determine which the readers consider the most important. For last week, the top 10 articles were:

                  • Video: The Rise & Development of Illumos
                  • Oracle Solaris Studio 12.3 Released
                  • Oracle Linux 6 .2 Released to General Availability
                  • Using dTrace to Troubleshoot a cp-r Hang
                  • Oracle's Q2 Earnings: Operating Cash Flow Up 45%
                  • Names the 10 Best Open-Source Products Of 2011
                  • Iowa Network Services Gains Performance Efficiencies with SPARC T-Series Implementation
                  • Explaining a Big Data Implementation and its Components
                  • Design Proposal for Hosted Virtual Desktops Based on Full Oracle Stack
                  • New Release of Oracle Tuxedo 11g

                  The longer version of this article has list of top ten articles for the last 8 weeks.

                    Top 100 Recent Of 2011
                    Most Popular Based On Reader Views

                    The 10 most popular articles published in this newsletter in 2011 were:

                    • Illumos in the Cloud: What is Joyent Up to? (2011-04-01)
                    • Comparing Solaris, RHEL, and AIX (2011-03-02)
                    • How Many Admins Does it Take to Change a Lightbulb? (2011-05-13)
                    • Define and compare: Virtualization technologies for Solaris (2011-03-11)
                    • Larry Ellison's 10-Point Plan For World Domination (2011-01-04)
                    • Move your mess for less; Solaris Modernization (2011-04-01)
                    • Packt Publishes 'Open AM' (2011-01-25)
                    • SATA Group Creates New High-speed Storage Spec (2011-08-18)
                    • Linux Offerings: Oracle Linux and Oracle VM; RedHat Enterprise Linux; and SuSE Linux (2011-03-28)
                    • SPARC T3-1 beats IBM Power7 by 25% on JD Edwards Benchmark (2011-02-21)

                    The longer version of this article has the list of the top 100 articles.

                      The Document Foundation
                      2011 was full of activity, especially for LibreOffice
                      The paragraph below from the Document Foundation Blog handily summarizes the year's achievements: "2011 was the year of our first stable release. ... Today, over 30 million people use LibreOffice in 109 languages, a software developed by 40 core developers and over 300 active developers plus 280 localizers. ... 230 of those developers are totally new, have never been contributing code to the free office suite before, and were attracted by our open, transparent, meritocratic and inclusive community. Over 16.000 mailing list subscribers are on our 100 mailing lists, and TDF now counts 138 members.
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                      Vol 235, Issue 3
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