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TimesTen and In-Memory Database Cache
Changes in TimesTen Automatically Recorded in Oracle Database
Blogger Sam Drake takes a look at how one might simultaneously exploit the fast memory-centric performance of TimesTen, and the large capacity and familiarity of the Oracle Database. He suggests using IMDB Database Cache (TimesTen) on the application server configured to cache tables from the Oracle Database. Thus, changes made by the application in TimesTen are automatically reflected in the Oracle Database. When a user logs off, data stored in TimesTen is erased, freeing RAM space for the next user, Drake writes, leaving the bulk of the database workload of your site handled in RAM, by the TimesTen database.
Oracle Communications Billing and Revenue Management
Processes 1 Billion LTE Event Records per Hour
Performance testing has revealed that Oracle Communications Billing and Revenue Management (BRM) running on Oracle Exalogic Elastic Cloud, and three Oracle Exadata Database Machine racks, all running Oracle Linux, achieved processing speeds of 926 million event detail records (EDRs) per hour, almost doubling expected performance requirements and far exceeding LTE processing requirements of the largest service providers. Extrapolated results demonstrate that, " ... if all seven billion people on earth made any combination of phone calls, texts or content downloads, Oracle Communications Billing and Revenue Management could process them all in a single day," Oracle claims.
IT - Storage
Deletion Is An Option
IT Knowledge Exchange (December 9, 2011)
"I’ve attended two conferences recently where a speaker talked about storage efficiency and the growing capacity demand problem. The speaker said that a part of the problem is we don’t throw data away. That blunt statement suggests that we should throw data away. ..."

Enough is enough, companies need to understand that every single byte of data does not have to be stored forever. Companies need to ask "Why We Keep Data" that is no longer required by regulation or litigation or accessed.

    Comparing FCoE to iSCSI
    IT World (December 13, 2011)
    "I’ve attended two conferences recently where a speaker talked about storage efficiency and the growing capacity demand problem. The speaker said that a part of the problem is we don’t throw data away. That blunt statement suggests that we should throw data away ..."

    While the article is biased towards FCoE there is benefit into learning how FCoE is different that iSCSI. Under the guise of "Converging SAN Traffic In the Data Center", a Cisco solutions architect provides very good insight into how FCoE solves business problems associated with SANs and iSCSI. Just remember that no one technology is the panacea for all data storage, access and backup issues.

    A Wide View of Past, Present and Future
    Enterprise Systems Journal (December 12, 2011)
    "From islands of storage to the consumerization of storage, IT storage administrators had their hands full this year. What challenges will they face in 2012? ..."

    Our good friend and defacto storage authority Jon Toigo looks at the "Storage Year in Review and a Preview of 2012". You may not always like what Jon has to say but the insights and breadth he brings to the table makes his articles interesting and he never beats around the bush much to the chagrin of many vendors.

      Free and Open Source S/W
      Using NexentaStor ZFS storage appliance with vSphere
      Community Edition Has Deduplication, Compression, Snapshots and Moe
      Last year, Tomi Hakala wrote an article describing how to use NexentaStor to create an NFS share on a commodity x86 box and make that share available to vSphere. Those steps with version 3.0 are still the same with version 3.1:

      • Install NexentaStor; obtain a unique key; enter key
      • Create a ZFS volume
      • Create a folder
      • Configure NFS Server (use NFS v3)
      • Note the mount point in which folder is available to NFS client
      • Open vSphere Client and mount NAS datastore

      NexentaStor 3.x is a major release, with many new features, improved hardware support, and many bug fixes over the older Developer Edition including:

      • In-line deduplication for primary storage and backup
      • Free for up to 18 TB of overall raw storage capacity (i.e. sum of all ("raw") disks sizes, excepting logs, caches and spares)
      • Supports easy upgrade to future Community Edition releases and to Enterprise Edition licenses
      • Support for user and group quotas
      • The ability to automatically expand pools

      NexentaStor 3.x Community ISO CD images can be installed on "bare-metal" x86/64 hardware. VM installed images are also available.

      Creating Oracle Solaris Zones in Oracle Solaris 11
      Shows Users How to Create, Install, Boot, and Configure an Oracle Solaris Zone
      To familiarize users with the basic operations of Oracle Solaris Zone configuration and management in Oracle Solaris 11, blogger Duncan Hardie has written a post that explains how to create, install, boot, and configure an Oracle Solaris Zone. This makes it possible to clone the zone so you can roll out multiple, duplicate resource-controlled environments quickly and easily. The procedure demonstrates how a ZFS data set is automatically created and how the networking is set up automatically. In addition, Hardie shows how to add an application to an Oracle Solaris zone using IPS and then clone that zone.
      Cloud Computing
      Doorway to the Cloud: Oracle WebLogic Server 12c
      #1 Application Server for Conventional and Cloud Environments
      WSJ's MarketWatch reported the release to general availability of Oracle WebLogic Server 12c, which it describes as, " ... the Number 1 application server for conventional systems, engineered systems and cloud environments," with considerable enthusiasm. Market Watch celebrated the innovative new capabilities of Oracle WebLogic Server 12c for building, deploying and running Java Platform, Enterprise Edition Java EE) applications and the capability to leverage Java Platform Standard Edition (Java SE7) features in the creation of cleaner, more easily maintainable code.
      IT - CxO
      Gifts that Keep on Giving
      Baseline (December 12, 2011)
      "As the holiday season approaches, people are making wish lists ... In the corporate world, executives and users are looking at around their businesses and thinking of things they’d like to get from the IT department ..."

      Companies don't look to IT for flash in the pan headline grabbers; they want ideas, projects and solutions that add to the business. Here are "10 Things that Business Wants from IT This Christmas" and all year round. IT is an important part of any companyís success and our success depends on every other department being successful.

      Silos No Longer a Necessity
      InfoWorld (December 12, 2011) )
      "One size fits all is a bad idea for IT -- so we have to find new ways to split the difference between build and buy ..."

      Back in the good ole days, companies had legions of support staff that were specialist in a given area. Companies bought hardware and built solutions. That is no longer the case with "Homegrown Solutions: The Good and the Bad." Companies are forced into buying solutions and then trying to make all the pieces work.

        Made Not Born
        CIO Insight (December 12, 2011) )
        "This guide will help you bring out the qualities within that will allow you to emerge as an organizational agenda-driver. ..."

        No one is born being a leader; and like every other skill you have to pay your dues and learn from your mistakes. Here are "10 Ways to Stand Out as a Leader"; and remember, just because you don't yet have the title or responsibility doesn't mean you aren't a leader.

        IT - DR
        Not Your GrandmotherÂs DR
        Enterprise Systems Journal (December 12, 2011)
        "Disaster recovery is a growing part of IT's budget, but IT still needs quicker, more efficient, and more affordable backup and recovery solutions into one seamless process ..."

        Over the last 40 years DR has been relatively stable in terms of DR execution. Now "Disaster Recovery is Driven By Tight Budgets and New Technology". The Cloud, CDP and constant replication are all solutions that companies are looking to implement.

        IT - Networks
        Google Finds That IPv6 Supported Does Not Mean Complete
        NetworkWorld (December 9, 2011) )
        "In a project that has taken longer than company engineers anticipated, Google is rolling out IPv6 across its entire internal employee network ..."

        Trailblazers in one way or another get the arrows from leading the way. This was especially true as "Google Deploys IPv6 for Internal Network" use. There is no turning back for any company moving from the old protocol to the new; the only question is how painless can you make the process.

        Free Help for WI-FI Analysis
        NetworkWorld (December 2, 2011)
        "Even if you have an enterprise-level Wi-Fi spectrum analyzer, like Wi-Spy or AirMagnet, free Wi-Fi tools can also come in handy ..."

        Any one tool does not do everything regardless of what the vendors say. Here are "8 Free WI-FI Security Tools" that provide stumbling and surveying solutions for large or small shops.

        IT - Security
        Learning to Work with Security
        Dark Reading (December 9, 2011) )
        "Many organizations see database security projects arrive DOA because the DBA is not on board ..."

        Certain groups don't seem to work well together; sales and accounting; marketing and product design and now security and DBAs. Can "Security Teams and DBAs Play Nicely", left to there own, probably not. The issue is not the players but the team and the players must put aside their dominions and work together for the common good.

        The Bad Guys Don't Rely on Technology
        Net Security (December 2011)
        "How do you protect against a sophisticated, motivated criminal? A professional spy who has targeted your company’s trade secrets? A skilled insider with a specific purpose in mind? These types of people know that information comes in many forms, not just electronic, and they are trained to exploit any vulnerability ..."

        Technology is a part of their bag of tricks but technology is outsourced, innovation isn't. The bad guys are bad but far from stupid. You have to be on your toes 100% of the time, they only need to find a small crack. The "Multiple Dimensions of Corporate Espionage" takes a look at the broad range of techniques that the bad guys use to peel back the layers of you company to get to the gold.

        Mitigating DDoS Attacks
        InfoWorld (December 13, 2011)
        "Over the past couple of years, DDoS attacks haven't just become more sophisticated -- they've gone mainstream to the point that attackers aren't shy about using them brazenly in the name of social and political activism. Perpetrators rarely face any form of punishment, and it doesn't help that some judges have deemed the practice legal. ..."

        The bad guys are getting better; you need to perfect every time, the bad guys have to be successful once. These six suggestions on "How to Deny DDoS Attacks" may not make you bullet proof but may provide enough resistance for the bad guys to find easier targets.

        Learning to Work with DBAs
        Dark Reading (December 9, 2011)
        "Many organizations see database security projects arrive DOA because the DBA is not on board ..."

        Certain groups don't seem to work well together; sales and accounting; marketing and product design and now security and DBAs. Can "Security Teams and DBAs Play Nicely", left to there own, probably not. The issue is not the players but the team and the players must put aside their dominions and work together for the common good.

        IT - Careers
        Nothing is Ever Off the Record
        TechRepublic (December 13, 2011)
        "However fair or unfair, strategic networking at holiday office parties can be a career boon ..."

        That's especially true for office parties; we have all said things at gatherings that was not in our best interest. "Make the Most of Office Holiday Parties with These 12 Tips" and while these are aimed at this season they make sense for any get together, seminar, presentation, conference or networking event.

          The Mouse is 43 Years Old
          NetworkWorld (December 9, 2011)
          "On December 9, 1968 Douglas Engelbart stepped to the podium at what was called the Fall Joint Computer Conference in San Francisco and showed off the world's first mouse ..."

          Hard to believe that the ubiquitous mouse has been around so long. On the 43rd Anniversary of the "Mother of All Demos", the first mouse has withstood the ravages of time and technology. Take a few minutes and look at the slide show at the end on 25 other watershed technology moments.

          Overused and Outdated Terms
          Baseline (December 13, 2011)
          "Phrases that once sounded clever have been reduced to clichés. Some of them actually are rooted in real business concepts. Others are fluff that somehow became part of the corporate lexicon. Either way, like that annoying song that stays stuck in your head, they must be ignored, erased, or replaced. ..."

          We all use them and we should all get rid of them. Here are "10 Business Phrases That Must Die Now"; and the sooner the better. Take a look at any of your presentations, proposals or business plans to see if any of these terms or other overworked and meaningless term appears.

          IT - Social Media
          There's A Right Way and a Wrong Way
          Baseline (December 12, 2011) )
          "Lowe's, the big home-improvement chain, decided to use Facebook to explain its decision to pull ads from the television series All-Amerian Muslim ..."

          Using social media of any kind to explain a corporate position is at best a risky situation. Lowe's "Social Media Fall" is a prime example of unintended consequences. Before anyone uses social media as a corporate message board take a hard look at the end goal and consider what will happen if the ball goes the other way.

            IT - Virtualization
            The Future of the Locomotive
            NetworkWorld (December 13, 2011)
            "The world of hypervisors is complicated by the fact that there are proprietary and open source tools and the latter are often pressed into service in different ways, say nothing of the fact that the whole market is evolving quickly ..."

            There is no doubt that the hypervisor is what leads the train of virtualization solutions. So "What's Next with Hypervisors?" Several experts take a look at open and proprietary hypervisors, vendors, clouds, mixed environments and other areas of interest.

            Know What You Want
            ComputerWorld (December 9, 2011) )
            "The proliferation of large-scale data sets is just beginning to change business and science around the world, but enterprises need to prepare in order to gain the most advantage from their information, panelists said at a Silicon Valley event this week. ..."

            Companies are filling every nook and cranny with data in all forms. There is gold in that data; "Big Data Has Potential But Requires Care" as companies are putting the cart before the horse. Companies must decide first what they need before deciding on how to get there.

            Top Ten Articles for last few Issues
            Vol 166 Issue 1; Vol 165 Issue 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5; Vol 164 Issues 3 and 4
            We track how frequently each article is viewed on the web site to determine which the readers consider the most important. For last week, the top 10 articles were:

            • The Rise & Development of illumos
            • Oracle Releases Oracle Solaris Cluster 4.0
            • Magic Quadrant for Midrange and High-End Modular Disk Arrays
            • SPARC T4-4 Beats 8-CPU IBM POWER7
            • Three Important Enhancements to the 7000 ZFS Storage Appliance
            • Oracle Enterprise Manager Screenwatch Demos Series
            • Oracle Solaris 11 Launch Videos: Engineering and Customer Panels
            • SPARC T4-4 Processor:: Foundation of Oracle SPARC Supercluster
            • Oracle Database Appliance; Oracle Database 11g; and Linux
            • IDC Finds 11% Growth in 3Q11 for External Disk Systems Worldwide

            The longer version of this article has list of top ten articles for the last 8 weeks.

              Oracle Solaris Studio 12.3 Released
              Accelerates Performance by Up to 300 Percent on Oracle Systems
              Oracle Solaris Studio 12.3, Oracle's advanced C, C++ and Fortran development tool suite, delivers accelerated application performance of up to 300% on Oracle Systems. The release provides extreme application observability and enhances developer productivity. Oracle Solaris Studio 12.3 is optimized for Oracle Solaris, Oracle Linux, and Red Hat Enterprise Linux operating systems to deliver up to 300% faster SPARC T4 and up to 150% faster x86-based applications with Oracle Solaris Studio C, C++ and Fortran compilers, Terri Wischmann blogs. Users can perform remote development of server-applications from any Oracle Solaris, Linux, Microsoft Windows or Mac OS desktop.
              Integration of LDoms Networking with Networking Enhancements in Solaris 11
              Focus on Behavior of LDoms Virtual in a Solaris 11 Service Domain
              The network stack for Oracle Solaris 11 has been substantially re-architected in an effort known as Project Crossbow, a main goal of which is to virtualize the hard NICs into Virtual NICs (VNICs) to provide more effective sharing of networking resources. Raghuram Kothakota blogs on how LDoms networking is integrated with all the networking enhancements in S11, mainly with project Crossbow. His post is a high-level view of how LDoms virtual switch in an S11 service domain and LDoms virtual network device in an S11 Guest domain.
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