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Using the sysconfig Command to Configure Oracle Solaris 11
Procedure Covers Four Examples
December 1, 2011,
Volume 165, Issue 5

In an OTN post, Art Beckman explains How to Configure Oracle Solaris 11 Using the sysconfig command. He writes that the Oracle Solaris 11 sysconfig command replaces the Oracle Solaris 10 sys-unconfig command and enables you to configure, unconfigure, and reconfigure systems. It also lets you generate system configuration profiles for use with the Automated Installer or with sysconfig itself. Beckman's article provides four examples of how to use the new Oracle Solaris 11 sysconfig command to unconfigure a system, configure a system, interactively reconfigure a system without a full reboot, and generate a configuration profile and use that profile to noninteractively reconfigure a system.

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