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ExalogicTV Channel on YouTube
Fourteen Videos at Present
There is now a YouTube channel hosting ExalogicTV, Cristobal Sota blogs on Currently there are 14 offerings, among them:
  • Extreme Performance Industrial SOA on Exalogic
  • Why Exalogic?
  • Oracle Public Cloud Built on Exalogic
  • Oracle Tuxedo on Exalogic
  • Java & Coherence on Exalogic
  • Oracle Weblogic Optimized
  • How Oracle Exalogic and Coherence Fit
  • Oracle Exalogic and Real World Examples
  • What Is Oracle Exalogic?

The listings are dynamic and grow in number almost weekly.

ODA (Oracle Database Appliance) Resources Summary
Useful Links to Various Kinds of Documentation

Readers will find a convenient compilation of useful links to resources on the Oracle Database Appliance in a recent eSTEP Blog. The links include a datasheet, a white paper, FAQs, a 3-D demo, the ODA Handbook and ODA documentation manuals, along with three presentations on ODA. Registration and log in are required for certain of these links.

Engineered Systems Deliver Performance and Management Advantages
Oracle Captures the Edge with Integrated Approach to Design
Oracle's shift to what blogger Jeff Savit terms "engineered systems" marks a pronounced shift in the direction of convenience for customers, he argues, because these are " ... designed to be optimal for a particular workload class, validated and proven by [Oracle] to be reliable, simple to purchase, configure and manage, and have dramatically superior performance for their target purpose. At the same time, these systems are built on industry-standard components rather than rare or exotic chips, in order to take advantage of price/performance advances.
The Growth Prospects for Tape vs. HDD and NAND as a Storage Device
2014: 6Tb-12Tb Disks; 1.2Tb-2Tb SSDs; 6Tb-15Tb Tapes
"Tape Based Magnetic Recording: Technology Landscape Comparisons with Hard Disk Drive and Flash Roadmaps," a paper by IBM's Robert E. Fontana, Jr., Steven R. Hetzler, and Gary Decad, describes the areal density (bits per unit area) roadmap goals for tape-based magnetic recording to show that current volumetric densities (bits per unit volume) for tape, HDD and NAND are similar and that lithographic requirements for tape are less challenging than those for NAND and HDD. As a result the potential for sustained annual areal density increase rates for tape is greater by far than that for both NAND and HDD.
Solaris 11 OS: What's Under the Hood
Come to the Launch Party on November 9, 2011
In an eloquent post, Constantin Gonzalez both introduces the new and compelling features of Solaris 11 and issues an invitation to the launch on November 9. Those new features that Gonzalez writes about include a new package manager, boot environments, and an automated installer. The migration issues of the past can, with Solaris 11, remain in the past, as one can now use Solaris 10 Containers to import Solaris 10 installations into Solaris 11 as a branded zone: the essence of management simplicity. And, with Project Crossbow, Gonzalez continues, Solaris 11 allows users to enjoy limitless network virtualization.
Happy 10th Birthday, ZFS
And Happy Halloween as Well
There has always been a connection between ZFS and Halloween, even if it is only chronological. Still, as Matt Ahrens points out in his post ZFS 10 Year Anniversary, laying out Halloween by Halloween the history of ZFS's development, the connection is real. He even peers into the ghosts and goblins future, concluding his post with remarks on ZFS Feature Flags, which he writes are designed to allow the evolution of the ZFS on-disk format in a flexible way, with multiple independent developers contributing changes.
Cloud Computing
Inside the Oracle Database Cloud Service
RESTful Web Service, APEX, and Productivity Applications

In his blog post Inside the Oracle Database Cloud Service Rick Greenwald summarizes the introduction of the Oracle Public Cloud, which was a major event at Oracle OpenWorld 2011. In his summary Greenwald touches in such features of the Oracle Database Service as RESTful Web services, Application Express (APEX) and the suite of productivity applications that enable users to track events on a shared calendar or manage projects in the cloud.

Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c
A Solution for Conveniently and ProductivelyManaging the Enterprise Cloud

The cloud, the issues, and Oracle's solution: Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c, which Oracle describes in its white paper entitled "Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c: Complete, Integrated and Business-Drive Cloud Management" are among the items of interest that Anand Akela brings to the attention of readers in his blog post on The white paper argues that Oracle is uniquely positioned to enable enterprise IT organizations to transform themselves into departments that allow users to consume IT services on demand, without needless complexity and in a fashion that manages IT from a business perspective.

Metalogix Increases Speed of SharePoint Migrations and Upgrades
1000% Performance Increase Results from Multithreading Approach

It isn't often that a solution improves performance by a factor of 1000%, but that is exactly what has happened with the release of Metalogix Migration Manager for SharePoint 5.0, which, according to a post in, " ... speeds site migrations and upgrades from days to minutes non-disruptively ... with a 1000% performance improvement achieved by leveraging multithreading techniques." In addition, performance enhanced job timing automation reduces Binary Large Objects (BLOB) externalization processing time up to 50%.

Top Ten Articles for last few Issues
Vol 164 Issues 1, 2, 3 and 4; Vol 163 Issues1, 2, 3 and 4
We track how frequently each article is viewed on the web site to determine which the readers consider the most important. For last week, the top 10 articles were:

  • November 9th, Oracle Solaris 11 Launch, New York City
  • T4: The Next Generation SPARC Processor
  • SPARC Strategy: An Introduction to the SPARC T4 Processor and the T4 Server Line
  • Oracle's SPARC T4 Prices Mask Improved Value
  • Oracle Public Cloud and Its Parts: Java, Database, Social Network, Fusion CRM, Fusion HCM
  • Oracle Solaris and Data Center Management
  • Oracle NoSQL Database Available for Download
  • Shadow Migration: ZFSSA's Way of Transferring Data from or to a non-7000 Storage System
  • Solving the Tape Storage Space Problem
  • Oracle Restores Confidence in its Stewardship of Java

The longer version of this article has list of top ten articles for the last 8 weeks.

    LibreOffice Adopts ODF 1.2 as an OASIS Standard
    OASIS Approval Is Expected
    The Document Foundation (TDF) announces the adoption by LibreOffice of ODF 1.2 as an OASIS standard. A formal announcement of this development by OASIS is anticipated. Standard document formats, the blog continues, are key for liberating the user from the lock in of proprietary formats. ODF has been developed by OASIS based on OOo document format, and is now supported by most personal productivity software and many other computer programs. TDF is committed to supporting ODF and contribute to its development. ODF will be one of four main topics at the upcoming LibreOffice Conference in Paris.
    Free and Open Source S/W
    Getting PostgreSQL HA to Work in vFabric Data Director
    A How-to that Avoids the DBA (in most cases)
    How to set up a one-click HA setting in PostgreSQL's vFabric Data Director is illustrated in Jignesh Shah's post. In some cases the PostgreSQL monitor can correctly diagnose the situation and restart the database. In others the virtual machine itself will need to be shut down, enabling the vCenter Server to start the database on another server. In this instance, DHCP addresses may well be affected, which Shah solves by relying on the virtual hosts format to allow users to find their intended database without regard for which server it is running on.
    Java Technology
    Java Spotlight Episode 53: Mark Reinhold, Chief Architect of the Java Platform Group
    A Discussion of Java 7 and the Future of Java SE
    In Episode 53 of Java Spotlight Mark Reinhold, chief architect of the Java Platform Group, discusses Java 7 and the future of Java SE. Reinhold currently leads the Jigsaw and JDK 7 Projects in the OpenJDK Community. Seated this week on the Java All Star Developer Panel are Dalibor Topic, Java Free and Open Source Software Ambassador, and Alexis Moussine-Pouchkine, Java EE Developer Advocate.
    Mac OS X JavaFX 2.0 Preview and Tutorial: Download now
    NetBeans 7.1 Beta for OS X also Available for Download
    A significant announcement at JavaOne, Terrence Barr reminds readers of his blog, was the news that JavaFX 2.0 is available for MacOS X as a developer preview, along with NetBeans 7.1 Beta, which includes full support for JavaFX 2.0 as well as Java 7. Barr provides links to these downloads as well as to FAQs on JavaFX 2.0. A further link leads to a tutorial on JavaFX 2.0 that deals with getting started, creating a user interface, effects, animation and media, application logic, API reference and deployment.
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