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24 Oct 2011
T4: The Next Generation SPARC Processor
An In-Depth Technical Review (36-Slide Presentation)

The pdf of a slide presentation by Rick Hetherington and Greg Grohoski of Oracle introduces the Next Generation SPARC Processor: An In-Depth Technical Review. The following topics:

  • Attributes of Commercial Workloads
  • Introduction of the T4
  • Overview of the T4 Processor
  • Focus on Core S3
  • SPARC T4 Systems
  • Performance

are covered in the presentation.
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24 Oct 2011
SPARC Strategy: An Introduction to the SPARC T4 Processor and the T4 Server Line
Masood Heydari, Senior Vice President, SPARC Systems Development

SPARC Strategy, a 58-page slide desk assembled by Masood Heydari, SVP, SPARC Systems Development, Oracle, introduces the SPARC T4 processor and the T4 Server line, along with the Solaris 11 OS, and shows how the integrated applications-to-disk management approach to the design of these solutions can enable users to employ complete stack management. In less than 60 pages Heydari familiarizes his audiences with all the salient features of Oracle's next-generation approach to hardware and software solutions.
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24 Oct 2011
Oracle's SPARC T4 Prices Mask Improved Value
Prickett Morgan Hauls Out His Magnifying Glass

Writing for The Register, Timothy Prickett Morgan provides a rather undramatic assessment of Oracle's new SPARC T4 Processors which, he claims "offer slightly better performance [than the T3] on jobs that like threads (like database processing or Java serving), so for the same or a little less money, you get beefier memory and disk configurations." This, Morgan asserts, amounts to a fudge factor in that it is workloads that like threads on which the performance of the SPARC T4 is most dramatic.
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