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26 Sep 2011
Oracle Launches Next Generation SPARC T4 Servers
New SPARC T4 Servers Outperform IBM 780, HP Superdome

Oracle's newly introduced SPARC T4 server line excels on mission-critical single threaded and highly concurrent workloads, enabling customers to consolidate multiple application tiers onto a single server, reducing system complexity and improving utilization. The end-to-end SPARC T4-4-based solution has proven itself 2.4x faster per socket than an all-IBM solution and 5.7x more performant than HP's Superdome 2 with 16 Itanium processors. The SPARC T4-4 server features build-in virtualization with live migration; on-chip cryptographic acceleration; and dynamic threads.
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30 Sep 2011
Oracle Takes Aggressive Stance Against IBM with Its SPARC T4 Processor -- The Register
New, Speedier Processor to Support Four New Servers

Oracle is mounting a full court press against Unix market leader IBM with its SPARC T4-based server line, writes Timothy Prickett Morgan in "The Register," where he notes, among other strong selling points of the new processor, its speed, which at 2.85 Gigahertz (GHz) and 3GHz is 73 and 82 per cent faster respectively than the previous 16-core SPARC T3 processors, which ran at a much slower 1.65GHz. The SPARC T4 is also capable, Prickett Morgan writes, of switching on the fly between thread hogging and normal modes of resource management.
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