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28 Sep 2011
Exadata Storage on Demand
License Only What You Need

For those purchasers of Oracle Exadata Database Machine who anticipate future growth in storage demands, blogger Andy Colvin suggests purchasing the hardware up front but licensing only what is needed at the moment. Working with a half rack that was only licensed for a 1/4 rack, saved $480,000 in licensing costs. Come time for expansion, Colvin continues, cells 5 through 7 were removed one at a time with a rebalance performed in between setting the DISK_REPAIR_TIME attribute for each diskgroup to 1 minute through sqlplus. No downtime necessary.
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29 Sep 2011
Oracle Utilities Meter Data Management on Exadata, Oracle Exalogic Elastic Cloud Demonstrates Extreme Performance
Processes One Billion Meter Reads per Hour

The Smart Grid's "Data Deluge" is no match for Oracle Utilities Meter Data Management 2.0.1, running with Oracle Exadata Database Machine X2-2 and Oracle Exalogic Elastic Cloud X2-2, processed 1 billion meter reads per hour. This configuration also responded to 19.3 million requests for bill determinants per hour, with each request requiring the calculation of four bill determinants, equating to 77.2 million bill determinants calculated per hour. The test used data from 5.5 million smart meters measuring consumption in 15-minute intervals.
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