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26 Sep 2011
Security Trumps Scale
NetworkWorld (September 26, 2011)

A study has found that "SMBs Just Aren’t Into the Cloud". SMBs recognize the benefits of the cloud, the problem is that their necks are on the line and if for any reason, yours, mine or an Act of God, it the cloud doesn't protect my data and perform as promised I'm the one on the street.
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    28 Sep 2011
    Some Winners in Cloud Services
    NetworkComputing (September 28, 2011)

    The cloud is still in the infancy stage and yet some MSPs are finding the key to success while others are still searching for answers on both the provider and user sides. The cloud must "Is It Time to Reinvent the Cloud? Not necessarily if you leverage what you do best in a vertical market. One cloud solution can't be everything to everyone but to someone the cloud can be everything.
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