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Important Oracle Database Product Update
Interactive Webcast on September 21; Registration Required

Oracle plans to part the curtain on a new database product that will enable customers to optimize their use of Oracle Database 11g. Appearing on the interactive webcast on September 21, 2011 are Oracle executives Mark Hurd, Andrew Mendelsohn, and Judson Althoff. Oracle customers and partners will have the opportunity to join the discussion regarding OracleÂ’s new database product. Registration for this webcast is required.

OpenIndiana 151a Release
Downloads Available for both Server and Desktop Versions
OpenIndiana, its home page explains, is " ... a robust enterprise operating system, based on the illumos kernel" that is open source, free to use, community developed, and suitable for servers and desktops. OpenIndiana build 151a is available for 32- and 64-bit x86 systems. Blogger Trochej announces the release. Downloads are available for both server and desktop versions.
With Project Crossbow, Creating an IPMP Group on Solaris 11 Is Simple
imadm Makes It all Happen Without the Old Headaches
Among the many useful networking features available in Project Crossbow is the capability to create IP multipath groups with a single new command -- ipadm -- that eliminates the fuss and bother that was once involved in setting up IPMP. Blogger unixben alerts users to this feature in his blog, where he adds the comment that, if you felt there was no compelling reason to upgrade to Solaris 11, Project Crossbow changes all that.
Solaris 11 Available for Early Adopters
Be Among the First to Download
An update to Oracle Solaris 11 Express that contains all the features expected to be part of Solaris 11 is now available to download on the Oracle Tech Network, blogger Constantin Gonzalez writes. Users will need to accept the special OTN Early Adopter License and join the OTN program, according to Gonzalez, who writes that the release notes cover known issues, numerous ways of installation, and a list of obsolete packages and new packages since Solaris 11 Express 2010.11.
New MySQL Installer for Windows is GA
Oracle Certifies Windows Failover Clustering, Expands Range of Available HA Solutions

As reported elsewhere in this issue of System News, MySQL Installer for Windows has been released to General Availability, according to Bertrand Matthelie's blog. MySQL Installer for Windows takes only a few minutes from downloading the MySQL Installer to having a ready-to-use MySQL system on your machine, radically simplifying the installation process for all MySQL users on the Windows platform. Oracle's certification for Windows Failover Clustering expands the range of High-Availability solutions available for MySQL on Windows, which previously included replication and MySQL Cluster.

MySQL Quickstart Fundamentals On Demand Webcast
WhatÂ’s New in MySQL 5.5; How to Configure MySQL Server Easily
In this On Demand webcast, Ron Soltani, a Principal Instructor at Oracle University, explains whatÂ’s new in MySQL 5.5 and how to configure MySQL Server easily. Soltani's presentation topic include introduction of InnoDB as MySQLÂ’s default Storage Engine Management; improved availability and usability; and steps to configure and setup MySQL server easily. Registration and log in are required.
Cloud Computing
Joyent's Cloud Has Designs on Amazon EC2
Claim Is that SmartOS VMs Outpace Amazon Instances by a Factor of 14
Joyent's "infrastructure cloud," which now welcomes Linux and Windows applications, is in a good position, writes Cade Metz in The Register, to take on Amazon's EC2 with its Solaris-based SmartOS. With the KVM hypervisor ported from Linux to SmartOS the Joyent Cloud delivers a readily scalable computing resource that includes both power and storage, as well as D-Trace and ZFS. Joyent has also changed its pricing model from subscription to a charge-by-the hour structure. Joyent claims that its SmartOS VMs are up to 14 times faster than Amazon's comparable server instances.
Client Solid State Storage (SSS) Performance Test Specification (PTS) Released to Public
Enables Fair Testing of Disparate Storage Implementations
According to the Solid State Storage Initiative (SSSI) of the Storage Networking Industry Association (SNIA) has released the Client Solid State Storage (SSS) Performance Test Specification (PTS) to the public. The Client PTS comprises a suite of tests and test methodologies necessary to enable comparative testing of individual SSS client device performance. The SSS PTS itself includes a Reference Test Platform (RTP) that ensures the comparison of results on a true 'apples-to-apples' basis across multiple testers,
Pillar Axiom Release 5 Storage System Software
Now Available for Pillar Axiom 600 Storage Systems
Pillar Axiom Release 5 Storage System Software is now available for Pillar Axiom 600 Storage Systems and is also compatible with Pillar Axiom 500 and 300 storage systems. The software provides incomparable, upgradeable investment protection for all current Axiom customers. The enhancements in Pillar Axiom Release 5 Software include: Pillar Axiom Storage Domains allow disparate customer, application, or workload data to be securely separated physically in drive groups in a single storage array, while maintaining full data accessibility; Pillar Axiom MaxMan enables management of multiple Axiom storage systems anywhere from a single Java-based interface; Pillar Axiom MaxRep simplifies data mobility and migration.
Top Ten Articles for last few Issues
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We track how frequently each article is viewed on the web site to determine which the readers consider the most important. For last week, the top 10 articles were:

  • Patching Oracle Solaris Using Advanced Oracle Solaris Live Upgrade
  • Determining the Costs of Using Dedup with ZFS
  • Oracle Virtual Desktop Client on iPad in Action
  • Oracle Linux Podcast on Btrfs
  • Video Vignettes for My Oracle Support: Featuring User-driven Innovations
  • Two New Offerings in Updated Oracle Solaris Cluster Content
  • Three-fold Focus in Oracle Solaris Studio 12.3 Beta Program
  • NetBeans Announces 1,000,000 Active Users
  • Top 5 Docs to Introduce You to JavaFX
  • Java Spotlight Episode 40

The longer version of this article has list of top ten articles for the last 8 weeks.

    Oracle Sun Fire X4800 M2 Server Sets World-Record Result Against IBM Power 795
    134,080 Users on SAP Sales and Distribution-Parallel Standard Application Benchmark
    Oracle has announced that its Oracle Database 11g Release 2 and Oracle Real Application Clusters running on a six-node cluster of OracleÂ’s Sun Fire X4800 M2 servers, each equipped with eight Intel Xeon E7-8870-processors and Oracle Solaris, set a record of 134,080 users on the two-tier SAP Sales and Distribution-Parallel benchmark, well above the 126,063 user mark attained by an IBM Power 795 Server with DB2 database. This superior level of performance demonstrates the power and value of Oracle's integrated systems approach to its portfolio.
    Java Technology
    Java Spotlight Episode 47: JavaOne 2011 San Francisco
    What's on Tap for the Next Java Gathering
    JavaOne is just around the corner, as host Roger Brinkley reminds his audience by inviting Alvina O'Neal, the JavaOne Conference Lead, and Sharat Chander, the JavaOne Program Chair, to discuss what attending developers can expect for JavaOne 2011 San Francisco with regards to the programming and logistics for the event in Episode 47 of Java Spotlight. As usual, Dalibor Topic, Java Free and Open Source Software Ambassador, takes his customary place on the Java All Star Developer Panel.
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