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Oracle Solaris 10 Jumpstart Server Setup Tutorial
Installation via Network on x86 Machines
August 25, 2011,
Volume 162, Issue 4

In his tutorial Oracle Solaris 10 Jumpstart Server Setup Brian Leonard is careful to caution readers that the material does not apply to Solaris 11, which has a different mechanism for bulk installations over the network. The procedure focuses on Solaris 10, Update 9 for x86 machines. Leonard clarifies the point as well that the procedure deals with initial installation here, not a live upgrade, even though Live upgrade can be done via Jumpstart. Jumpstart is a method to install Solaris on many machines (clients), whether SPARC or x86, over the network, Leonard explains. Jumpstart assumes there is a server running specific services (namely, DHCP, BOOTP, TFTP, NFS, DNS), and the server provides an access to Solaris installation media over NFS. The installation media is a part of Jumpstart server. In the subject example Leonard writes that he assumes all clients have the same hardware configuration, and the task is to configure Solaris 10 on them similarly. Leonard provides all the code necessary to complete the 11-step procedure in his article.

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Installing Oracle Solaris 10 Using JumpStart on an Oracle Solaris 11 Express Server

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