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MySQL Enterprise Backup 3.6: Free Download, 30-day Trial
New Backup Streaming, Integration with Oracle Secure Backup, Other Common Backup Media Solutions
July 20, 2011,
Volume 161, Issue 3

MySQL Enterprise Backup 3.6 got the attention of blogger Rob Young who posts that MySQL Enterprise Backup (MEB) performs high performant, online "hot" backups for MySQL databases and provides all of the backup/recovery features and functionality from a scriptable command line interface. Young is especially gratified to find Single File Streaming, which allows DBAs to offload the footprint of backup images to a different server or storage device without an intermediate "save" step on the local MySQL database server. He is also enthusiastic about the inclusion of support for SBT interface, which enables the DBA to generate and stream MySQL backup images directly to advanced enterprise backup media management solutions (Oracle Secure Backup, Symantec Netbackup, most others) that are already deployed within an environment. MEB 3.6 is available for free download and 30-day trial at Oracle eDelivery.

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