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From the Executive Suite: Oracle's Q4 2011 Results
Earnings Call Transcript: Q & A Sections Provides Insights
Oracle's Q4 2011 looks good to the company's top brass, CEO Larry Ellison; President and CFO Safra Katz; and President Mark Hurd as revealed in a conference call moderated by Ken Bond, Vice President of Investor Relations for Oracle. Katz reported that non-GAAP earnings per share for the year were $2.22, well above the earlier consensus estimate of $1.88 without reducing share count. Q4 was Oracle's first $10 billion quarter.

A transcript of the company's recent earnings conference call with analysts is now online.

Oracle Virtual Desktop Client App for iPad
Enables Secure Access to Virtual Desktops Managed by Sun Ray Software and Oracle Virtual Desktop Infrastructure
There's an app for that, "that" being the [Oracle Virtual Desktop Client App for iPad, a recent addition to Oracle's desktop-to-datacenter virtualization portfolio, which is now available on the App Store. The Oracle Virtual Desktop Client App enables users to gain secure access to virtual desktops managed by Oracle’s Sun Ray Software and Oracle Virtual Desktop Infrastructure, providing support through Oracle desktop virtualization, bringing full “session mobility” if iPad Users. The Oracle Virtual Desktop Client App supports a broad range of enterprise applications, including network-intensive applications and those requiring full desktop browsers, Oracle reports. For example, Oracle Virtual Desktop Client App provides high performance, mobile computing environment for users of Oracle’s Siebel CRM. Compact and convenient, the Oracle Virtual Desktop Client App allows customers to efficiently and easily virtualize and manage their full software and hardware stack, from applications to disk.
Oracle Sun Ray 3 Series Clients Honored by the Industrial Designers Society of America
Receives 2011 Silver International Design Excellence Award
Oracle was granted the 2011 Silver International Design Excellence Award (IDEA) for Computer Equipment by the Industrial Designers Society of America (IDSA). According to the Oracle press release, the IDEA is considered the "Oscar" for industrial design and is awarded to foster business and public understanding about the impact of design excellence on the quality of life and the economy. The award was made for Oracle's Sun Ray 3 Series Clients, simple, low-cost devices that are ideal for displaying server-hosted virtual desktops and whose manufacture employs the 'concept-through-production' focus on eco-friendliness in the design, materials, packaging, power consumption, weight/shipping, and carbon footprint; human factors like no moving parts, such as the touch-sensitive power switch; and the consistency of features throughout the product line, Oracle notes.
Frank Summary of HP/Oracle Dispute By Oracle Lawyers
15-Page Motion in Opposition to HP's Motion to Seal Records
Oracle has made public a motion filed by its lawyers, Latham & Watkins LLP, in response to HP's petition to the court to seal the records of its proceeding against Oracle in connection with support of Itanium technology. Oracle contends that it has no contractual obligation to port its database software to HP-UX microprocessors in contrast to HP's contention that the amicable resolution of the litigation over Oracle's employment of former HP executive Mark Hurd by implication represents an obligation to that end on Oracle's part. Oracle's lawyers also include in their motion the effect on the supposed partnership between HP and Oracle of naming as CEO Leo Apotheker, ex-CEO of SAP, against whom Oracle had won a case for theft of intellectual property. They mention as well the altered posture that HP adopted at once on hearing the news of Oracle's purchase of Sun Microsystems. A number of precedents supporting the need for a civil proceeding such as this one by HP against Oracle to be conducted in public are also cited.
Oracle Exadata Database Machine Deployments Meet Expectations and Drive Interest
Gartner Survey Reveals High Level of Satisfaction with Exadata Performance

A recent Gartner Research Note dealing with the Oracle Exadata Database Machine reports that early adopters are finding the solution meets expectations for the promised database appliance value proposition, particularly with respect to performance and data compression. Gartner recommends that prospective users of a database appliance make a comprehensive assessment of their database needs and allow adequate time for deployment and testing in order to assure the shortest time-to-value. Gartner also recommends Oracle's Start-Up Pack services for ease in administering updates and patches. Finally, the note observes, customers should keep in mind that the tasks associated with maintenance, tuning and scaling are not eliminated with appliances.

'Virtualization: A Manager's Guide'
O'Reilly Media - June 2011 - 72 Pages
"Virtualization: A Manager's Guide" is a new title from O'Reilly Media that covers the role of virtualization in network operations. Author Dan Kusnetzky's book provides an overview of the five main types of virtualization technology, along with information on security, management, and modern use cases.

Chapters include: Access Virtualization, Application Virtualization, Network Virtualization, Storage Virtualization, and Chapter 8: Management for Virtual Environments.

Oracle VM VirtualBox 4.0.10
Maintenance Update Release Improves Stability, Fixes Regressions
Fat Bloke posts a blog declaring "Oracle VM VirtualBox 4.0.10 Released!" This maintenance update release of Oracle VM VirtualBox improves stability, fixes regressions and prepares the way for Mac OS X Lion hosts, the blog reports. The download is available and readers can learn about the changes in the ChangeLog.
Cloud Computing
Oracle's Cloud Offering - Summary View
A Graphical Representation by Ron Batra
Imagine the Oracle cloud in graphical form. Blogger Ron Batra did, producing a summary to illustrate his observation that Oracle has employed Oracle Enterprise Manager as the foundation for its system management in the cloud. This, he contends, will keep the installed base happy as they amble toward their respective private clouds.
Extracting Value from Chaos
WW Data More Than Doubling Every Two Years
The comments in on the IDC study "Extracting Value from Chaos" present some food for thought. The title alone, "WW Data More than Doubling Every Two Years" leaves one wondering where and how to store it all securely and accessibly, given that at 1.8 zettabytes (ZB) created and replicated in 2011 alone -- a rate of growth faster than Moore's Law -- it would fill 57.5 billion 32 gigabyte (GB) Apple iPads that could build a wall over 4,000 miles long and 61 feet high. The implications (and there are several) are serious. For example, the article notes, even though 75% of the information in the digital universe is created by individuals, enterprises will find themselves liable for some 80% of that information at some point; metadata will become a saving grace for those charged with making sense of this accumulated data; ditto cloud computing solutions, public and private; only about half of the information in the digital universe that should be protected actually is protected. And so on.
More Storage for Enterprise Apps Will Ship in the Next 2 Years than in the Preceding 20
Transition from 3.5". to 2.5" Drives Complete by 2012; Price per GB to Decline by 25% to 30% per Year
Shipments of hard disk drive (HDD) terabyte (TB) products is predicted by Storage to increase from 40.5 million unites in 2009 to 52.6 million units in 2014, according to research by International Data Corporation. Furthermore, the HDD industry will ship more PB units in the next two years than it has in the preceding 20, delivering more than 300,000 PB of storage capacity over the next five years. This product will reflect an industry shift from higher cost performance-optimized HDDs to less expensive capacity-optimized solutions and solid state drives that complement HDDs in storage systems. Despite the production volume in storage capacity, HDD revenue derived from enterprise markets is predicted to grow at only a 1.7% CAGR during this period. Another trend in the HDD market is that the transition from 3.5 inch to 3.5 inch performance form factor HDDs will be completed by 2012. Furthermore, the price per gigabyte (GB) of performance-optimized HDD storage will continue to decline at a rate of some 25% to 30% per year.
Top Ten Articles for last few Issues
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  • Oracle Buys Pillar Data Systems
  • How Pillar Fits Into Oracle Storage Portolio
  • Unix Server Vendor Preference Survey: Virtualization and the Cloud
  • Java 7 Launch Webcast
  • Configuring Oracle Solaris Cluster Software With Oracle RAC/CRS and Sun ZFS Storage Appliance 7000 Systems
  • Video Illustrates Use of uptime(1) Performance Tool
  • 1,000th Installation of Oracle Exadata Database Machine
  • Gabriel Consulting Group Survey Finds Unix Server Use Growing in Enterprise
  • Oracle VM Template for MySQL Enterprise Edition Released

The longer version of this article has list of top ten articles for the last 8 weeks.

    Document Foundation Releases LibreOffice 3.4.1
    Solution Is Approved for Production Uses
    The Document Foundation has announced the release of LibreOffice 3.4.1, which it declares safe for production settings. The announcement includes the recommendation that large enterprises planning to deploy LibreOffice on desktop PCs deploy version 3.3.3 and, in doing so, to avail themselves of the help of professional support services. Also announced is the imminent release of LibreOffice 3.4.2. due at the end of July 2011. This release will target enterprise deployments. The Document Foundation has determined to provide two different versions of the software in order to cater to the needs of power users looking for the latest enhancements while still providing a solution tailored to the priorities of more-prudent users who prefer stability over availability of new features.
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