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Sun Blade Servers Provide Foundation for Red Sky/Red Mesa Supercomputer
Sandia National Labs Achieves Tenfold Increase in Computational Capacity, Cuts Energy Consumption, Cost by 77 Percent
April 28, 2011,
Volume 158, Issue 4

RedSky/Red Mesa one of the world's fastest and most energy efficient supercomputers, housed at Sandia National Laboratories, is powered by Oracle's Sun Servers that include Sun Blade Modular Systems that employ the Sun Cooling Door System and Oracle's network fabric as foundational technologies. With this architecture in its supercomputer datacenter, Sandia has realized reductions in energy consumption and cost by 77 percent and achieved a peak performance of more than 500 trillion mathematical operations per second. The Sun Cooling Door removes 90 percent of the heat load on servers and saves 5 million gallons of water per year. Using the Lustre file system running on Sun storage servers and on Sun disk arrays, Sandia increased their storage capacity and IO performance using an Infiniband connected file system with over 6PB in capacity that delivers more than 20GB/Sec in throughput.

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