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Java Spotlight Episode 16 - Richar Bair
Java FX 2.0 Early Access Release
February 16, 2011,
Volume 156, Issue 3

Java Spotlight Episode 16 features Richard Bair, Java Client Architect and Alexis Moussine-Pouchkine, Java EE evangelist, in a discussion about Java FX 2.0 Early Access Release. Bair gives some insights into the Java FX 2.0 Early Access Release, which is open to Java FX Partners, Java Champions, and Java User Groups. If you qualify and would like to participate in the Early Access and Beta program sign up here. The biggest difference between Java FX 2.0 and Java FX 1.3, according to Bair, is that the emphasis is strongly on Java and making certain it is amenable to Java developers. Listen to the mp3 file for the whole story.

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Java FX 2.0 Planned for Third Quarter of 2011

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