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7 Feb 2011
Lowering Storage Costs with the World's Fastest Tape Drive
An Oracle White Paper on the StorageTek T10000C

A welcome entry on the tape storage stage is the Oracle StorageTek T10000C Tape Drive, which features native capacity of five terabytes and native throughput of 240 MB per second. Given the relentless pressures on administrators to provide cost-effective archival and backup solutions, the T10000C has arrived just in time. "Lowering Storage Costs with the World's Fastest Tape Drive," an Oracle white paper, calls the StorageTek T10000C " ... the world's fastest, highest capacity enterprise tape drive," capable of delivering the lowest total cost of ownership.
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8 Feb 2011
Measuring the TCO of Tape Storage Solutions
An Oracle White Paper March 2010 (PFD, 29 Pages)

"Measuring the TCO of Tape Storage Solutions" is a tutorial that presents a framework and financial methodology to use in determining whether to adopt a proposed tape storage approach to enterprise storage needs, replacing the legacy tape systems still in place in so many installations.

Both the framework and methodology are illustrated by reference to an illustrative business case that considers each of the value drivers contributing to the cost of the legacy implementation. The examination then uses aggregate analysis of the value drivers to calculate the discounted total cost of ownership (TCO) savings: the difference in TCO between the status quo and proposed solutions. And, finally, additional financial measures further evaluate whether it is in the enterprise’s financial interest to replace the status quo solution with a proposed tape storage solution.
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