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7 Feb 2011
WealthEngine Selects Oracle Exadata to Advance Prospect Research Services
Benchmarks Demonstrate Data Loading Gains Up to 240x and Response Times Up by 18-35x

WealthEngine is one of the most recent adopters of Oracle Exadata Database Machine, which it uses in the operation of its FindWealth research service for customers of its wealth identification and information-based fundraising solutions. The solution has obviously exceeded the expectations of WealthEngine, judging from the comment of Silas Matteson, SVP of Products and IT with the firm, who says, “When testing Oracle Exadata Database Machine with our data in the lab, we tried to find what the limits of the system were. We issued queries that we would never think of doing—massive joins across different, large tables and we got results back in incredible response times. We saw first-hand the power of conducting non-index searches and what that could mean to our product and customers and how it could potentially transform our business.” WealthEngine's 2,400 customers and 6,000 users access WealthEngine through its Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) application as well as through integrations with specialized CRM systems or Donor Management Systems (DMS) via APIs.
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8 Feb 2011
Tape The Digital Curator of the Information Age
Don't Count Tape Out, Writes Fred Moore of Horison, Inc.: It's Not Even Down

While disk storage has stolen away a good measure of the backup/recovery market that was once dominated by tape, a significant role for that older technology has emerged in the form of Tier 3 applications such as fixed content, compliance and archive. "Tape isn't going away as its role is in transition, expanding from a pure backup solution to that of a premier long-term storage technology and archive," writes Horison Inc. President Fred Moore in "Tape: The Digital Curator of the Information Age." Moore suggests that the big question for tape is when vendors will begin to capitalize on the new prospects for tape in the current market. Moore sees this as a golden opportunity for tape vendors in his discussion of tape technology at this exciting time.
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