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10 Feb 2011
Solaris 2.6 and 7 Apps - Urban myth or IT nightmare?
By Greg O'Connor

The jury’s still out on the Loch Ness monster and alien abductions, but I can personally testify to the existence of Solaris 2.6 and 7 applications. They are very real -- the stuff of IT nightmares. Why? Because, undocumented by app dev owners long since departed, these applications are chugging away on antiquated hardware that can not be replaced at any cost - when they fail.

And that’s the key point here: when they fail. In this case, "if" is an exercise in delusion and denial.

I have the answer for apps that go bump in the night. AppZero virtualizes legacy Solaris applications without re-compiling or change so that they can quickly and easily run in supported environments on current hardware. Fast. Painless. Inexpensive. Effective ...
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