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Oracle Grid Engine: Changes for a Bright Future at Oracle
Open Grid Scheduler Project Takes Over Maintaining Open Source Code Base
January 6, 2011,
Volume 155, Issue 1

With the coming of the new year, a new chapter is opening in Oracle Grid Engine’s life. Oracle is handing off maintenance of the open source code base to the Open Grid Scheduler project hosted on SourceForge. Dan Templeton reports that the transition will allow the Oracle Grid Engine engineering team to focus their efforts more directly on enhancing the product. During the transition, Oracle will provide the open source community with the following services:

  • As of December 31st, 2010, the information on the open source project began a transition to Oracle Technology Network’s home page for Oracle Grid Engine. This site will ultimately contain the resources currently available on the open source site, as well as a wealth of additional product resources, Templeton writes.

- In addition, the Oracle Grid Engine engineering team will be available to answer questions and provide guidance regarding the open source project and Oracle Grid Engine via the online product forum.

  • The Open Grid Scheduler project will continue the tradition of the Grid Engine open source project, simultaneously remaining independent of the Oracle Grid Engine product while enjoying the support of the Oracle team, which plans to make available artifacts from the original Grid Engine open source project.

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